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and After
Tfce Cld Reliable
Sound Package
(Continued, from page one) -
fTkii U" true of lt poUUclaja, Jt it
at true of toe people."
Kent gives General Pershing credit
for taking steps that forced the allied
offensive that began July 18 and y
f that Itorahhiff nan nevar. heon nonulnr
with, the British and French high com
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-be sura and tnontion the Salem Capital
The SiWerton Tribune dovoted about
half column last weok in eulogy to
one Walter L. Tooxc, chairnan of the
Marion county republican committee.
. Editor, Brow a not only slobber and
wep over Toosio's great management,
lut state ha should be the chairman
in 11)20. He states that Toore kept up
the standard of republican enthusiasm
which was tuccesgful and fortunate.
In. this, it was exuetly optwsifco. He
also state that the "Bull dozer" con
ducted the campaign in an unquestion
ed and honnrt manner. Ajraiin editor
Drown prevaricates, tho "Bull doior"
resorted- ta every conceivable mannor
(and some of his methods were very
dirty to defeat Senator La'Follott,
Now what has Walter Tooze accom
plished a chairman of the republican
veniity eommitteef Nothing, absolutely
" tieHiing, Ho lost Marlion county for
Wilhyoombe; ho lout out on Olson for
-aupreaia jadge and Bam Brown for
Mate eonator. We are reliably inform
ed that before the primnries, Tooze was
iot against MuNary'a nomination,
Since Mr. Toosie was elevated to the
position of county chairmen he has
edine more than dozon men toward
injuring the republican organisation in
Marion county. He has lied, hlasphcm
it and- condemned one of the truest
republicans of the rouivty. He resorted
t every conceivable dirty trick im--agioable
to defeat Mr. Lafollett. If
ii is the type of a man to rcp.-racnt
the organization in trit county,
'twould, ba better to disband and don
mckeloth in disgrace.
Mr. Walter Tooae must never be per
anittoil to act as nhaiiman during tho
1920 mnrpaign, From what we learn,
will not be allowed to do so. Many
rammittoemea over the coitntv were
-ashanud of the method Tooae promul
gated in order to defeat LaFollctt.
They don't stand for such methods in
Keck precinct committeeman of the
eounty will be placed on record a to
hi choice for chairman in 1420. That
mmitleeman will be rcKpuiimblo to
lis precinct for his acts. It 1 known
how Turner precinct stands.
We are done with Toor.e "the Bull
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J Court House News
II. L. Btiff has brought suit against
F. F. Bichter. In the complaint he al
leges that he entered into contract
with Bichter to manage a second hand
store at 341 North Commercial street
on the plan that he was to furnish
the good and everything and that
Kiohter was to manage the store. Ac
cording to the contract Bichter was to
have 10 per cent of the cost of tho
goods, he sold and if thig did not. figure
up to tlOO a month, he was to draw
that amount ag a monthly salary.
Mr. Stiff alleges that Bichter is not
giving proport attention to the busi
ness and is even running one of his
own in the same building and inter
fering with the regular business. That
Bichter won't quit a it happens that
Bichtor'a name was included in the
lease as a matter of convenience, Mr.
Btiff asks cancellation of his contract
and that Mr. Bichter be enjoined from
interfering with the business.
Miss Mattie F. Beatty invested 11000
in city warrants, buying from tho Clark
Ilenory Construction company its city
warrants dated Nov. 2. To protect
herself against the statutes of limita
tion, gho has brought suit against tho
citv for the amount. J. O. Moore found
himself in the gume fix and also has
entered suit against the city for the
$ICW0 worth of warrants he hold. Suits
amounting to $3000 havo been brought
against the city on the South Twelfth
streot improvement warrants, as not
enough money hag been paid in from
tha South Twelfth street assessments
the warrants havo not been paid.
The estate of N. C. Llston is apprais
ed at (16,473.50. Included in this
amount is investments of $1470 in Lib
erty bonds and $130 in war savings
stamps. 160 acres in Grant county,
Washington wore not included in the
nppraisuicnt. The appraiser were Ed
B. Aduins, M. O. Oundorson and Faye
Annual Tax Report Of
Although the county ig supposed to
bo experiencing extra good times, the
annual tax statement of Sheriff. W. I
Noodhnm show that the amount of do
linquout taxes ig the sum of (64,988.83,
compared to about $50,000 one year ago
Tho annual report of the sheriff is
ntodu to the county court of Marion
county and for tho tax roll of the year
tun, was completed this morning. It
is as follows:
Total tax a charged on tax
roll $985,058.18
t'oualty interest collected 1,122.62
Sheriff's assessment 681.41
Sheriff separations 3,235.66
Total . $989,997.87
Amount of taxes co)lected....$917,370.97
Error tt double assessment 3,802.41
Separations 8,239.68
Curront delinquent b,yS8.83
Error in amount of fire pa
trol tax as delivered to
sheriff and tax collector 600.00
1 1 1 i -
Total $980,997.87
Oolda Cause Grip and Influensa
lots remove tho cause. There is only
ono "Bromo Quinine." E. W, 0-BOVE8
signature on tho box. 30c.
Paris, Nov. 28.-The arrival of King
George, the lrince of Wale, Prince
Albert and their suite here today was
mai-rcd by a dismal drizz'o of rain,
which cOnUnuod from early morning.
lJ. I.
. i SUNhtTAL r;
", OBJ
i" I
. Eacloao J If II . A I
wm aav your y J V
SIXjai a Thanksgiving a it has been I
Such a one a to inspire the tru
est kind of Thanksgiving spirit!
Such a one as our very first Thanks
giving, when tha eause for thankful-
nee arose from a gratitude comparable
only to ours of today, and akin in tht
depth and sincerity of its promptings!
These have been the fet lings, umf
versa!, which have been voiced on the
Up, and felt in the heart of all, who
strove with a seat to make the day oa
long to be remembered and through the
medium of the hospitable latchkey and
the festive board to do justice to the
occasion, which haa so happily heralded
the dawn of peae. The dianers were
many, the friend wero many, and the
happy homo were many times many.
Coming with tha significance of a
Thanksgiving gift; was. tho news re
ceived by Governor and Mr, Jame
Withy combe yeeterday announcing the
arrival of their, first little grand
daughter, who made her advent at the
home of their eldest eon and wife, Mr.
and Mrs, Harry Wifhycombo of Havre,
Montana, yesterday, morning.
Uovernor and Mrs. withycomoe are
also tho grandparents of a small grand
son, Robert, Jr., the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Wirhyconibe of Union,
Ureigon, all of whom are passing
Thanksgiving in Salem at the Withy
combe home on Chemeketa, street. An
other son, Earl Withycombo, is now. in
wash'in'irton, V. J., having recently r-.
turned to the service after a several
months furlough due to illness.
The family dinner table was circled
today by Governor and Mrs. Withy-
combe, Mis Mabel Withy.'ombe, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Withycombe and son,
Robert Junior, and Mr. and Mra. J. H.
Schulderman and children.
Ono of the most delightful of the
many family Thanksgiving dinner par
ties participated in today )va that en
joyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Milton L. Meyer, on Court street, when
a handsomely appointed table, decked
with lovely yellow chrysanthemums,
was circled by a gala gathering. The
dinner guest included Mr G. Steiner.
Ir. and Mrs. R. E. Lee Stciner, Mr.
Dan J. Fry, Jr., Mr. Earl Flegel, Mil
ton Bteiner, Mr. and Mrs, w, J. Ker
ron of Portland, Mr. and Mis. Waiter
Denton, Miss bvelyn Cathey and Mr.
and Mrs. Meyers.
. a '
Mrs. Frank Myers entortnined at an
elaborate dinner party today at the
Myers residence on Soutli Commercial
street, the honor guest of the occasion
being Lieutenant CTiftoiu Allen of
Mineupohs, the house guest of Mr. end
Mrs. Myers.
A gorgeous centerpiece of yellow
chrysanthemums adorned the festal
board, which was circled by Lieuten
ant Allen, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hidden
(Beulah Myers) and two children of
Portland, Mrs. Clara Myora, Miss Bir
deno Myers, Mib Alta Johnson, Oliver
Myers, Mrs. Forrest Tieusli, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Brown and son of Dallas.
Mr. and MrsAj. D. Uiddinga, Marine
Myers, Darrell Myer and M.-, and Mrs.
Mr. and Mr. Ieaae Lee Patterson
left this morning for Clackamae for a
few day visit as the guests of Mr.
and Mra. John Minto at the latter'
oountry home.
Mrs. M. A Goff and Mr and Mrs.
Chester F. Goff of Portland are being
entertained over Thanksgiving ag the
guests of Dr. and Mrs. T. (J. Smith,
Jr., at thoir homo, 539 North Winter
street. Mrs. Goff is the mother and
Mr. Goff a brother of Mrs. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilson went to
Portland to enjoy the Thanksgiving
Mrs. W. C, Knighton went to Por
tland the first of the week to join Mr.
Knighton for Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Robert and two
daughters, Mildred and Helen are
spending tho day in Silverton, joining
in the Thanksgiving festivities at the
homo of Mrs, Roberts' brother, Claude
Mr. and Mr. John H. Albert were
dinner hosts today at theii attractive
residence, 670 South Winter street, bid
ding a their guente, Rev. and Mrs.
T. 8. Anderson, Mr. and MrwC. A.
Park, Mr. and Mrs. E. it Croisan, Mr,
and Mr J. II. Scott.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Spaulding
and little daughter, Jean, came up from
Ne where today to attend the family
dinner given at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. Roy K. Mills, Cvurt
A merry xnanksgiving L'rty was
that presided over by Mre. S. 8. East
at the East Residence on Ccurt street.
a. seasonal centerpiece ot yellow chrys
anthemums, enlivened by a gay note
of rod contributed brilliantly to the
table decorations.
Covers wore laid for Mr. and Mrs. G.
W. Laflar, Miss Gertrude East, Miss
Caroline East, Hugh W. Kyle, a mem
ber of th 8, A. T. C. at fhe Oregon
Agricultural college, Sergeant Byrne-
way of the Yaquina spruce division
and Mr. and Mrs, East.
Mr. and Mra. Melvin Plimpton mo
tored down to Portland thi morning.
They were accompanied by the two
children, Charlotte and- Sheimau, and
plan to remain in portl&nd several
Miss Harriett Griffith cam down
from Portland last night to spend
Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Irwin Griffith at their resilience,
32 North Capitol street. Miss Grif
fith is attending Mia Catlin'i school
in Portland.
Among the Willamette girls at ?h
Dew Drop ,'nn wao are pacing Thank
giving day ia their various hnme towns
are: Mig Leila Buby and Miss Grace
ColKna of Portland, Miss Ruth Austen
of Woodbura aad Miss Genevieve Sie
vey of Oorvaliia.
The girls remaining at th? Inn and
the other university student ia town
will make merry tonight at a college
jolly-up at, tJb. Willamette ovmnajium.
i. . ' " i . a
' Miss Mabel Oarrett, who is teaching
in the Woodburn high schotd this year,
is the guest of her mothe-, Mrs. -Ids
Garrett, for, the day.
Mas. Margaret Garrison, a teacher
in one of the Portland high schools, i
visiting" her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J,
M. Garrison today.
Mr. and Mrs. George 8: Chambers
arrived from Portland the first of the
week to enjoy the Thanksgiving gay-cties-wita
Mrs. Chamber's parents, Mr.
and Mra. W. H. Bteusloff.
. a.
Judge and Mrs. Henry L. Bean are
Portland visitors today, being enter
tained as the guests- of their daugh
ter, Mis Grace Bean.
A large gathering of relatives and a
few outside guests shared to hospital
ity of Mr, and Mrs. William McGil
christ, Jr., at the dinner hour today,
when about 15 guests assembled at the
McGilehrist residence on (North Sum
mer street ta celebrate Thanksgiving
with tha customary holiday good eheer
and merriment. A brilliant red color
scheme prevailed in the tabic decora
tions, waich, were exceeding'y attract
ive. Out of tow members of the fam
ily were M& Ethel McGilehrist from
Eugene and George McGilehrist.
Mrs, B. Cooke Patton was hostess at
a charming little dinner party today at
I- .nwnA "r. i 'l.,, V, . .a... An
IW1 KMllii lfl,llHl VM I V.l I 0b,vv,
artistie yellow color scheme prevailed
in the table appointments, the center
piece consisting of a cluster of magnif
icent yellow chrysanthemums. Circling
the table war Miss Blossom Redman,
Warner Gars joj Woodburnj; Charles
E. Wilson, Mis Luella Patton and Mr.
and 'Mr. Patton.
Miss Constance Cartwright arrived
last night from Forest Grove to pass
the Thanksgiving recess in Salem with
her parents, Dr, and Mrs. R, Cartwright
at their home on Ferry Etreet. Miss
Cartwright is a member rof the facul
ty at Paeifie university. She will re
main ever until, Sunlay evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Rollin K Page were
the guests of Dr, and Mrs. J. N, Smith
for the day. .14 1
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Krau motored
down from, Portland yesterday to par
ticipate in the family Thanksgiving
celebration at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph. Albert on North Winter
Btreet, They wers accompanied by thoir
nioeeMiss Mary) Jane Albert, who i
attcnffing Miss Oatlin 's school at Port-'
lent this winter. Other guests at the
Albert home today were Mrs, i. C.
Griffith and sons, Lewis, John and
Wallaee. Lewis Griffith is stationed
at Camp Fremont, California, and is
enjoying, hia Thanksgiving furlough in
Salem. Misa Albeit will return to Port
land Sunday,
; A prett pre-Thanksgiving atten
tion was that igiven B. J. Miles, when
gel observance was made of his birth
day anniversary Tuesday by the mem-,
ber ot the Miles family at their res-idenee-on
Kalem Heights, his daughter
and husband, Mr. and Mrs. W. -A.
Knight of Portland motoring down for
the event. The Knights returned the
same evening. .
Today Mr. and Mrs. Mile celebrated
Thanksgiving with, a pleasurable din
ner. Those, forming the party included
Mr. and Mrs, Roderick Mile of Port
land, Donald Mile and small son,
Brakteton, Mrs, Mary Aahby Long,
Mrs. Claude- D. Ranch and children,
Claude, Jr., and Mary Ashby and Mr.
and Xra, J. B. Mile
! Mia Dorothy BocTiner, a well known
O. A C. student, is spending her
Thanksgiving vacation in Salem with
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Buck
ncr. Miss- Buchner has been recently
elected- to Mask and Dagger the dra
matic society at O. A. C. ,
Miss Ada Rons, an instructor in th
MeMinnvilla high school, is spending
the day in Salem at tho Kos.i residence
54 Chemeketa street. Her sister, Miss
laura Ross, expects to return to The
Dalle tha first of next wek to re
sume her position as instructor in the
local high school, which has been eVos
ed for Borne time oa, account of the
influenzat conditions,
Judge and Mr. George H. Burnett
entertained a their Thanksgiving
guests today. Judge and Mrs. H. Belt
of Delta, Mra. .-Josephin Belt and
daughter, Mis Emma Belt, of Ha'yes
ville. -
Mr. and Mrs Labas Steeve o Port
land are wUiiong the Salem vis-tors in
town today. . Thev ere the guests of
Dr. and Mrs, B. L. Sleeves, who were
hosts for tha family dinner today at
their reaidrwee on North Ckutch street
Covers were arranged for Mi and Mrs.
I bas Steevea, Dr. and Mrs. M. C
Findley and family, Miss i Perrin
ger, Miss Muriel Steeves acd Dr. and
Mrs. Steeves.
Mr. G. W. Alien, wa a dinner hort
ess today at her residence on Oak
street. Beaked around the piettily ap
pointed table were. Mr. ai d Mrs. B.
C. Mile aad daughter, Miss Eva Miles
Mr. R, W. Barker of Cove, Wayne Al
len, Kenneth AUeq and Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mra, Charles U. Fishet west
down to Portland thi morning to par-
tieipate ia the genera celebration at
tendant upon Thanksgiving.
a a
Judge and Mra George Bingham ac
companied by their, daughter, Mrs.
Keith Powell, and her small son, Bing
ham, went to Lafayette today, where
they- wiU ba tho guest, of Mrs, Bing
ham 'a sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph. Watson of Fort
land are the house guests of Dr. and
Mra, H. & Olinger.
" Mrs. R. Ewkin and- daughter, Miss
Gertrude Eakin, went to Eugene yes
terdax to celebrate Thanksgiving with
Mr. and Mra. Calvin Hanno,
In the early days of our country
grandmother was thie druggist, and
her drugs consisted mostly of roots
and herbs gathered' from tha fields and
forests. There was peppermint for in
digestion, mullen. for eeugha, skullcap
for nervousness, tboroughwort for colds
wormwood for bruises and sprains and
so on. They were.sueeessful remedies,
too. It was from a combination of such
loots and herb, that Mn'. Lydia E.
Pinkham of Lynn, Mass., more than
forty years, ago, originated her now
famous Vegetable Compound; and oar
ing all these loay years no other rem
edy has ever been discovered to re
store health to ailing women a suc
cessfully as this good old, fashioned
root and herb, medicine.
Secretary Of Interior Lane Is
WYEg Attedica To Solu
tion Of Problem.
- That Secretary Lane of the depart
ment of the interior, who i administer
ing the war minerals bill, is fully con
versant with the chrome situation on
the Paeifie eoast and is studying tho
problem, with the idea, ot affording re
lief to those who have made invest
ments in chromo mines as. a means of
aidincr tho government' var program,
ig the assuranee contained i na message
received today by ' Attorney General
Brown, in reply to, a telegram he sent
to Secretary Lane. The reply says:
"Thia department is fully conversant
with the Pacific coast chrome situation
and is giving earnest and sympathetic
attention ta solution ot the problem."
Attorney. General Brown 's . message
to Secretary Lane was as follows:
."The chrome miners of the Pacific
coast have answered the patriotic ap
peal of tho government and have in'
vested largely in furnishing the gov
ernment - with the necessary chrome
during the war period. J, believe the
chromo miner should be protected from
loss- in thus getting behind the gov
ernment and that probably the war
minerals bill under your administration
ia tha only way, in which they can look
for, relief."
Has Painful Remembrance Of
The S-tlcrday Night Bath In
The Family Wash Tub.
Justice Henry L, Benson of the Ore
gon supreme court, in an address be
fore the Six O'clock, club of the First
Methodist church Tuesday evening of
this week, teltl el the trial ef the pi
enter minister in the northwest and
also of the trials of the children of
tha pioneer.. Justice Harris, said he felt
ha wa an- authority on. the subject as
his father was the Methodist pioneer
minister be had ia mind.
Hi earliest recollections he said were
of the mining eajnp. at Placerville in
northern California, or as it was then
called, " Haug Town," oa-account of
the various hangings the towa enjoved
Hi earliest recollections of his fath
er was that of a pioneer minister trav
eling most of the time and he acknowl
edged that at that time of his life his
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Relief from Eczema
Don't worrv about eczema or other
skin troubles. You can have a dear,
healthy skin by using a little zemo,
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liquid, neither sticky nor greasy and stains
nothing. It is easily applied and costs a
mere trifle for each application. It ia
always dependable.
The E. W. Rose Co.. Geveland. O.
acquaintance with his father was rath
er limited.
In those days a Methodist minister
wo not pormitted to Btay more than
thice yearn at one placo and that it
seems ais mother was always preparing
to iiiove to another town, getting ready
the l:ot.3ehold goods while the father
went to conference. In fact he thought
tlias about that time, the favorite hymn
was) "I'm But a Traveler Here Below
Heaven is My Home."
To coriect an impression that the pi
cmtr ministers were rough and ready
aid uncultivated, Justice Benson said
that his father was a graduate of As-
Liiry co-lege, now Dcpcw, of Greeneas-
tle, IudiOiia, and that all pioneer ruin
i st era were college graduates. s Thoy
came to the unsettled country as a
matter of conscience.
" One of the recollections that left a
painful impression on his mind was the
Saturday night bath, in which every
member of the family had to partici
pate. The family tub wood with m i
bands was also the family bath tub.
It was placed in the middle of the
kitchen floor and every Saturday eve
ning tho children were religiously giv
en a severe scrubbing, aud in winter
time it was a trifle chilly.
Another painful remembrance of
Justice Benson was the firmly estab
lished custom wherein he had to polish
the boots and shoes of the family every
Saturday evening. Of eourse n such
work could be done on the Sabbath. As
a boy, he regarded this Saturday pol
ishing as sort of a necessary evil, just
like the family bath. And while he did
thi work without remonstrating, he
really did kick when a visiting minis
ter stopped over Saturday and Sunday
and it became his duty to polish the
visitor's boots. The justice intimated
that the words he felt like saying on
such occasions would hardly pass mus
ter with the rest of the family.
Justice Benson paid a tender tribute
to his mother, who withstood the hard
ship of pioneer life and to her he gav
the credit of cheerfully doing her share
in life and caring for the children and
the various dutieR of the wife of a pi
oneer minister even when the well-worn
dress was plain evidence of their pov
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heatbums clean in
the combustion
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out with exhaust
fill tfaete requirements
perfectly. brcniM H im
vornHJr rc-Aned
cftwrf Cmhfamim ee-
R. II. CAMPBELL, Special
Way To Address
Letters To Soldiers
Just to make it clear as to how ret
tera should b0 addressed to soldiers, the
following lorm ig snown. xnis sample
address is .sent out by the Washington ...
postal officials and approved, by army
authorities. Here is the form for tha
address and also th return address:
From ' . ' '
Mrs. John Doe,
479 Roe Street, !
Salem, Oregon,
Sergeant John K. Doe,
Co. D, 93d Infantry,
American Expeditionary Force
Complaints are being received ly
postal authorities that letters have not
boon delivered to soldiers, If the wri
ter would place the return address on
the upper loft nand corner of the en
velope, then if the soldier cannot be lo
cated, the letter will be returned to the
. . , , ' , J u-
Former French Premier Gives
Thanksgiving Message To U.S.
Parie, Nov. 28. Paul' Pain-
leve, former premier, today
gave the United Press the fol-
lowing Thanksgiving Bay mes-
sage to the Amaricau people:
"American holidaya bynce- Vt
forth will be French, holidas.
4t With our whole hearts we .join 4c
in the thanksgiving celebfi
tioiis. :!s
'-The United States without
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"ZeroJene is the Best"
Say leading motor car distributors,
because the records of their service
departments show that ZEKOLENK,
correctly refined from selected Csli
fornia asphalt-base crude, gives per
fect lubrication with less wear and
lest carbon deposit. . . . ' -
Most cars are now lubricated with
ZEROLENE because their owners
have learned through experience that
there is no better oil.
ZEROLENK it the correct oil for all tract f
automobile engine. It it the correct wl for
ou automobile. Get ov lubrication chart
showing the correct couitteacy (or roar car.
M aWJert rnmy'whmrw ana? StmrHUrd Oil
Service Station. ,
The Standard Oil
for Motor Cars
Agt, Standard Oil Co., Salem