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PEE-THAXKSGnIXq. ' festivities
will hold full sway oiHght among
the clubs and societies of both
rollege environs an the social regime
of the eity. In foot the club life of
Helem held full tight of way this wek,
society submerging individual func
tions to a great extent tha' the long
delayed and postponed events of club
dom might usher in their winter act
ivities with an impetus of gnyety that
laid well for the brilliance of the sea
oa's calendar, tt'or without the dubs,
lodges and kindred organizations, so
ciety would indeed droop and languish,
beverel of tho most elaborate dances
of the coming week will be under the
ttsprces of a few of the select clubs
-of (Salem society, looming large among
'Which will be the dance at the Coun
try club Thanksgiving eve, and the
party t be given Monday evening by
the Monday Night Dancing elub.
The thoroughly delightful assem
blies of the Merry-Go-Hound club.
which met Tuesday evening nt the res
idence df Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bpences
and the Thursday Afternoon elub en
(rtained by Mrs. Fred Stewart and
Mrs. Frank Spencer this week, were
amonz the most notable of the week's
event A. number df needlework societ
ies, inchidine the Priseilla, Leisure
Hour and Sweet Briar eluhj also serv
ed, to add a gay note of color to the
youp-gotherings of the past fow days.
College jollities are being resumed
- with an eventful rusn, now mat ins
influenza ban is a shadow of the dim
past and with the promise of univer
sity students returning home for the
Thanksgiving recess, a whirl of merri
ment is presaged for the younger set
aext week,
V Distinctive in, every detail was the
, -afternoon arranged for tae matrons of
the Thursday Afternoon club by Mrs.
W. Bpencer and Mrs. Fred Stewurt,
at the regular meeting of the dub,
which was held- this month nt the home
f Mrs. Spencer, 287 NorthvThirteentb.
street. Beautiful yellow and pink
' chrysanthemums graced the drawing
tmois, while- an artistic bowl of mag
aificent white chrysanthemums center
ed the table in the dining room. The
guest circled a number of small tables
at the refreshment hour. .
r A feature contributing to the morri
went of the occasion was a guessing
contest, in which photographs of the
members, taken when children were
passed around .by the hostess, and the
person guessing tho correct identity of
the largest number of pictures - was
warded the prize, which in this case
proved to be Mrs. A. N. Moores.
, .The members comprising tho Thurs
day Afternoon elub number- Mrs. Alice
. IKidd, Mr. A. N. Moores, Mr 0.
J. Bishop, Mrs. William Brown, Mrs.
M. M. Chapman, Mrs. J. D. Sutherland,
Mrs. Ceorjio J. Burnett, Mrs. W. H.
Kldridge, Mrs. B. C. MOles, Mrs. Russell
4!atlln, Mrs. George J. Pearcn, Mrs. J.
H. Albert, Mrs. A. N. Bush, Mrs. B. B.
Wcming, Mrs. C. A. Park, Mrs. 0. K.
Spaulding, Mrs. H. IB. Thielsen, Mrs.
V. IL Raymond, Mrs. K. .T. Hendricks,
Mrs. W. A. Cusick, Mrs. Henry J.' Beau
Mrs. Fred S. Stewart, Mrs. F. W. Spen
cer, ...
. t - t
Mrs. B. M. Hofer was liostcis at a
fesudtmHr appointed little dinner
Thursday evening- at the Hofer home
785 Booth Commercial street. DelUnte
pink begonias formed an exquisite een
terpiece for the table, while clusters
at yellow chrysanthemums further
adorned the rooms.
Covers were arranged for Mr. and
Mrs. D. W. Eyre, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Burghardt, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.
Frederick ThieUea and Mr, and Mrs.
Mrs. Martha Wright Evans was the
guest of honor at a charming little
luncheon given by Mrs. George H. Al
lien yesterday at the Alden residence
on North Liberty street. Mrs. Evans,
whose home i situated in Ohio, as
customarily passed her winters in Flor
ida, but following a visit in Salem last
spring, as the guest of her niece, Mrs.
Carl Gregg Doney, was so., delighted
with Oregon, that much to the pleas
ure ef her Salem friends she decided
to spend this winter in the Capital
city. Mrs. Evaas is domiciled at the
residence of Mrs. W. C. Voung, 461
North High street.
The dainty luncheon tab'e wag cir
cled yesterday by Mrs. Evans, Mrs.'
Donev, Mrs. Alice H. Dodd, Mrs. Wil
liam 'E. Kirk, Miss Prances M. Rich
ards and Mrs. A'lden.-
Society is anticipating with much
pleasure the visit of Mrs. Robert Kin
ney (Althea Moores) and small son,
Robert, Jr., of Astoria,-who are expect
ed in alera the fore part of nert week.
Mrs. Kinney will be the guest of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Moores,
during her sojourn in Salera. She will
be joined over Thanksgiving by Mr.
Kinney- This is the first return of Mrs.
Kinney to her home in Salem since the
arrival of Robert, Jr., and her girlhood
friends are eagerly awaiting the oppor
tunity of an introduction to the new
member of the family.
vS Bi In tha akin a delicately ckar.
S surly white ampluioa- Hi mm. tuck It
iUHmoolli ipunnimof youth. KttulU
M are tatUot and fcapetvmuint ewnHiitt,
I Couraud's
iOrkntal Groan
A multitude of friends are deploring
the decision- of Mr. and Mrs. George
W. Lewis to change their place of res
idence to Portland. They eipect to
leave Salem within ten day and will
make their home in the attractive res
idence districts of Kings Heights.
.Mr. nd Mrs. Lewis have lived in
Salem for several years and have made
an extensive circle of acquaintances in
tho city during their residence b,
havina been actively identified with
the social life of Salem. Mr. Lewis is
a well known hop buyer and will con
tinue in he same business in xvrv
,snl1- ... '
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis will be accom
panied to Portland by thei- small i son
and daughter, Jack and Mary. Their
present home, 892 South Twelfth etroot
will be temporarily elosed. Mrs. Lewis
u wnmnlimpnled with numerous
pretty social affairs prior to her departure.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. F. W.
Spencer, 287 North Thirteenth street
1 t 1 i.-. 41. main.
was oienca xuesuay muv t wu .
Wr of the Merry-Go-Kound club, ho
led for their initial weoting of
the year. Chrysanthemums n tne pas
tel shaacs were tasteiuny
the rooms. .
Seven tables of "500" were eirciea
by tho players. The high scores were
captured by Mrs. Will Thielsen and
Max O. Buren. In accordance with club
custom the prize money was turned
over to the Red Cross. Later samplo re
freshments were served. Dr. 3. N. Smith
u elwitud as uresident for this year.
The next hosts will be Mr. and Mrs.
'A. K. Moores.
The club members number: Dr. and
Mrs. C. H. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs.
Rnllin K. Paeo. Dr. and Mrs. J. M.
ISmith, Mr. and Mr A. W. Moores, Mr.
and Mrs. T. B. Kay, Mr. and Mrs. Max
XX Buren, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Fleming,
Mr. and Mra. Russell C'atun, rar. aim
Mis. John McNary, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Thiplanii. Mr. and Mrs. William Brown,
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben P. Boise, Ml. and
Mrs. John I. HutJnerland ana Mr. ana
Mrs. F. W. Speaccr.
A few friends of Mrs. A. Iu Johnson
met at her home on State street yes
terday, for an informal afternoon over
the card tables, five hundred being
played for the most part
High Class ladies' Tailoring
Choice Serge Bolta $60 and up
474 Court Street
To spend your i
j Tine Oregon
The girl, of the Philodosian' society
of Willamette university entertained
a jcoterie of the new girls of the col
lege, this afternoon at a charming tea;
given at the home of Mrs. Earl Fie
gel (Barbara Steiner), a former Wil
lamette student and Philodosian. A
handsome yellow eolor scheme prevail
ed in the decorations, masses. of beau
tiful deep yellow chrysanthemums
making a brilliant foil to the dainty
gowns of the co-ed guests.
Mra Flegel was assisted at the serv
ing hour by Mrs. Allan By bob (Flor
ence Hofer) and Miss Mary Parouna
gian, president of the Philodosian
An informal program was enjoyed
during the afternoon. Miss Laura Areni
gave several pleasing piano numbers,
and Mrs. -Richard Robertson (Louise
Benson) of Portland sang a group of
sones with her old time charm. Misa
Anna Packiagham also gave a most en.
terrnininfr readiniT.
Calling between the hours of three
. .. r t .. 1 TJl,. V,
and live, were: miss bumu
ford. M,if Blanche Steinieer. Miss Mil
dred Stevens, Miss Faye McKenneth,
Miss Grace Collins, Miss Genevieve
Sevy, Miss Leisla Rubey, Miss Ruth
Austen, Miss Mabel Stanford, Miss
Eunice Kush, Miss Marjorie Brown,
Mliss Vivian Islam, Miss Pearl Ander
son, Miss Lucile Tucker, Miss Ruth
Rush. Misn Doris Sikes. Miss Carmen
Wnwnrd. Miss Rubev Ledbetter, Misa
Pnvlar. Misa Eva Roberts, Miss Helen
Flnti.W. Misa Emma Shanesett, Miss
Helen Hlis.
The W. H. Lytlee and W. 8. Waltons
were the sponsors of a gay little lin
ner party Thursday night in honor of
the seventeenth wedding anniversary
of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Locke. Tho din
ner was served at the Locke apartments
and formed one of a series of game
dinners, as a eulmination to several
hunting trips, which the men of the
oartv have taken lately. The one of
Thursday night proved to be a snipe
dinner. Circling the festive table wore
Mr. and Mrs. LocKo, Mr. and airs, mi
inn Mr. and! Mrs. Lvtle and Mr. -and
Mrs. wuliam ijercnen. imping in "i
or for the evening were Mr. and Mrs.
Wijliam Burghardt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Lnflar were
hosts last night nt a jolly "500" par
ty at their residence, 1190 South Lib
erty street. Five tables of cards were
arranged for the players, the high
scores falling to Mrs. W. F. Buehner
and K. U. iiunter.
Quantities of multi-hued chrysanthe-
mums furnished effective decoration in
tho rooms. The finale of the evening's
jollification enme in the form of an
invitinar ovster supper.
Those bidden were. Mr. and Mrs.
Gerald Volk. Mr. and Mr?. W. W.
Moore, and Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Wood,
Mr. and Mm 8. M. Endicott, Mr. and
Mrs. 8. S. East, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Buehner, Mr. and Mrs. K. . Marster,
Me. and Mrs. B. C. Hunter, Dr. and
Mrs. O. L. Scott. Mr. and Mrs George
Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Foisal, Miss
Caroline East, Miss Grace Brcckin
Mrs. Harold Jonoe and son, Whit
son, of 'Boston were entortaired the lat
ter part of tho week in Salem, as the
giiet. of Clyde B. Clancey. The visit
ors have been touring California our
ing the summer and fall, and were en
route to Washington, having left this
morning for Morth Yakiina. Mrs. Jones
husband is a commander in the United
States navy. Mr. Clancey entertained
a fow friend at dinner last eveniug
in their honor, at his apaitnienta ou
North Liberty street,
A maequerado progressive dinner par-
vt Droved to e one or no most im
portant social eVonts of the past week.
The affair was planned in a very orig
inal manner, and was decidedly differ
ent from the usual gathering. Of the
many clever and unique costumes were
those of Hula girl, an impersonation of
Huckleberry Finn, Scotch Highlander,
polite Chinese girl, Robin Hood, pier-
Atta mil hnttcrflv.
Machines carried the suesta to and
from the homes of those entertaining.
Of the seven courses, the first was
served at the home of Miss Olga Gray,
11349 (lapitol street. The color scheme
'of pink was attractively curried thru
out the entire course by means of
blossoms and dainty Japanese favors.
The second course was at the home
of Miss Marie Marshall, 1010 Oak
atreet. A rather different floral deco
ration was used, in that c bunch of
eelery graced the center of the table,
flanked on both tide bv a lnrgo carrot
and a bunch of beets, the guests were
seated according to plaee cards which
nroveil to be shiDpinir bills and the
I soup was served in granite "cafeteria'
Miss Vivian Hargrove served the
third course at her home 484 Center
street, sevoral small tables were arrang
ed, each lighted by a brilliant candle,
s and several strips of lumber with
benches to correspond. Granite enps
and wooden plaee cards helped to car
ry out the idea. The guests aade merry
with dancing the remainder of tne ev
ening at the Spauldine home.
The party included Miss Mary Belle
Reinhart. Miss Nana Putnam, Miss
Marie Chittenden, Miss Reatha Hughes,
Miss Grace Holt, Miss Marie Marshall,
Miss Edna Howd. Miss Vivian liar
grove, Misa Da Spaulding. Miss Clara
Breitenstein, Miss Ethel Frnzier, Miss
Olga Gray.
The members of the Tuesday Music
al club met on Tuesday evening as the
guests of Sir. and Mrs. Milton Meyers
t their residence on Court street, a
highly enjoyable pro (tram forming the
thief interest ef the occasion. Claude
Debnssy and Mrs. H. H. A. Beach were
the composers studied, and interesting
sketches oi the former were read by
Mts. Walter' Denton of the latter by
Mrs. Bertha J. Darby. Miss Lena Belle
Tartar, with Miss Elnia. Weller at the
piano, sanz Debussy's exquisite "Ro
mance," and they had to repeat it be
fore their hearers were satisfied. ' ' Gol
liwogg's Cake Walk," by the same
composer, was played by F. E. Sanders,
"The Little Shepherd" being tne en
eore. All enjoyed Miss Dorothy Pearee 's
interpretation of Debussy's "Ara
besque," No. 1,-in E major. "The
Year's at the Spring," and, as a re
call number, "Where did you come
from, baby dearf " were charmingly
sunir by Misa Lucile Barton, T. S. Rob
erts playing, the accompaniments with
fine taste and sympathy. Miss Elma
Weller and Misa Isola Smith delighted
everyone with four beautiful piano du
ets, "The Brownies," "Robin Red-
(Breast." "Twilight" and "Taran-
telle," by the same composer.
Th next meeting of ,4he eluD -wall
take place on the evening of Tuesday,
December 3, at. the home ef Mrs.
Goorge reareej 207 -North Winter
street. ' ;,- ... '
The twelfth anniversary of the or
ganization of the Priscilla club, one of
the representative needlework clubs in
Salem society; wag most pleasurabXy
observed Thursday afternoon when, the
members were bidden to the residence
of Mrs. Dan J., Fry, Sr., for a social
afternoon. The club was named in com
pliment to the younger daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Fry, Miss Priscilla Fry,
who wag a wee maid at -the time the
Prisoilla elub. was formed. A matter of
justifiable pride on the part of tho
club, is the fact that one half of W
original member pstaU . belong - to the
club. - . ,:i;y " . -v-.. i ,
The rooms were decorated with mass
es of brilliant ' marigolds. The hours
were pleasantly passed with knitting
and needlework. Mrs. u. SI. jsppley
will entertain the club next month.
A delightful social eourtcsy was be
stowed on Mrs. Henry D. Kimball of
rasadena, California, on the eve of her
departure for California Monday night,
by a number of friends and members
of the faculty and stndenl body of
riimball college, who met f t the resi
dence of Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Talbott
quietly surprising Mrs, Kimball, who
was the guest of the Tarcotts. A re
ception to the new students of Kim
ball college and a farewell attention
to the prominent visitor were happily
combined in the one gala evening.
An informal social hour occnpied the
fore part of the evening, followed by
an impromptu and interesting program
in the upper assembly hall of Kimball
colleiged. Short talks in the nature of
impromptu toasts were given by vari
ous guests. Also a speech of welcome
to the new students by G. R. Abbot,
president of the student bodf of the
college with responses by Mrs. Kim
ball and Talbott.
Afterwards deucate refreshments
were served by Mts; Talbott.
As a final mark of appreciation tho
44 guests accompanied Mrs. Kimball to
the train at the hour of her departure
for the south. A pretty song service
was held at the station just preceding
the leave taxing.
The first of a series of receptions
to be tendered the students ef the 8.
A. T. C. orps of Willamette univer
sity by the ladies of the S. A. T. C.
club of the First Methodist church
will take place tonight at the church
parlors. It will be in the nature of a
Thanktattv&ng function, and will be
open to the student body of the univer
sity as well. Other invited guests will
include the members ef the Sunday!
school classes of the church, taught
by Mrs. C. C. Clark, Mrs. J. W. Todd,
Mrs. Curt Oreep Doney and Mra, tiit-
-The affair this month wi'l be under
the charge of the mothers "here" of
the boy "over there." oeveral uni
que features have been arranged in the
way of entertainment for tho evening.
The decorations will be of a patriotic
order. nt embrson several aovel touch
which afforded a most delightful ef- of a seasonable note. A large ag
f;t. Igregation of young people is planning
The members of the Sweet Briar elub
were enioyably entertained - Wednes
day afternoon by Mrs. C. C. Chaffee
at her home on the Wallace road. White
chrysanthemums were" used as attract
ive decoration in the rooms. The meet
ing culminated pleasantly with the
servinr hour. Mrs. Carrie Bunn will be
the next hostess.
In keeping with annual custom of
holding three evening gatherings thru
the year, the Sweet Briar club will
sponsor a social entertainment, which
will be. open to the men of the neigh
borhood en December third. This will
be the first evening series this season
and is to be given at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. James Imlah.
The gayeties of Thanksgiving week
will be auspiciously opened Monday
night with a brilliant dance to be giv
en by the Monday Night Dancing club
at the Moose hall. This will be the
first party given by the chib this
season and promises to rival the 4!ub
balls irf wis winters, which have long
held a reputation for-distinctive and
gala assemblies.
A recent business meeting of the
Monday Night elub was responsible for
J. V. Perry Being- eiectea presiueui.
Ellis Grier. secretary and Robert Dun
can treasurer. The personnel of club
membership, was also considerably en
larged by .the addition of a number of
new names to tne rosrer.
The decorations for the dance next
week, will be of a patriotie character
and suggetve of Thansgiving. in
decorating committee includes Mr. and
Mrs. John Brophey, m. anu Jirs. wo
Ver Bellinser. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bur
ton. Mr. and Mrs. George G. Brown
ing and Dr. and Mra. W. H. Darby.
A rtromressive undertaking in which
much interest is being evidenced by
those eoncerned is the formation of
the- Soutb Central Circle ef the First
Methodist church into a Red Cross or
ganisation for the purpose of studying
nursing. The members of the circle
consist, for the most part, of home-
keepers ana roomers, wno mmm a inn
er knowledge of the principles of pro
fesaional narsinz and a practical ex
perience, which will better enable them
Id ecpe with emergenclies "and prob
lems arising in their own homes.
With this need in view, the South
KJentral Circle has been organized into
a virtual Red. Cross Auxiliary under tne
irTirftfttinn of Miss Grace Taylor. The
would-be domestic -nurses will devote
considerable time and Btudy to the
course given unde the instruction of
Mis Mina Cook, and will go through
the regular procedure of final examina
tions, in order that tney may auaiuy
if need be, as trained nurses.
The first lesson will be given Tues
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. John
'W. Todd, 345 Bellevue street and the
subject will be biology. There will be
fifteen lessons in the course.
A large portion of the dancing con
tingent are evincing much eagerness
i the dance to be sriven by the Jocal
Elk kitee Tuesday night December
third at the Elk Temple. This is the
first formal functioa sponsored by the
Elks this winter, and elaborate plans
are undee way for a program brim
ming, with, novel features. The danc
ing parties at the Elk lodge havw al
ways token rank among the most en
joyable of Salem's social affairs, aud
the dance for the members and their
invited guests next niontn,. will be no
To those who have had special sym
pathy- with the artists df the country,
who have unhesitatingly volunteered
their five on the Battle fields of the
grat war, the following fact will be
of timely interest:. ,
Mark Twain's homestead, --aiorm-fiekl,"
at Reading, Conn., has been do
nated by Clara Clemens, his daughter,
and After
The C!d Reliable
Round Package
on ""j
aw wtttB
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Very Nutritious, DlgestZMs K
The REAL Food-Drink, Instantly prepared.'
Made by the ORIGINAL Horlick process and
from carefully selected materials.
Used successfully over Va century -i
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St IlOrllCk'S The Criglnai
Tfos Avoiding Imitations
for the housing and care of convales-, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Rigdon wero
cejit soldiers from the artistic fields, hosts to the members of the Woman's
"Stormfield" during tnat penoa . Home Missionary society of the First
will be under control of Jhe Bewly.. . ... . ,h i,0h..w
formed "Artists' War Service Legue' "; .
Wednesday evening at ineir resiuvucu,
Slrt Xorth Winter street. The affain '
was in tne nature of an annual thanta '
offering meeting. A short business ses
sion was followed by a plcosurable so
cial hour, includling a varied program
and tho serving of simple refreshments.
Miss Lela Rigdon a daughter, and
Edith Libbey, a niece of the hostess
assisted her. .Tho rooms were prettily!
decorated with seasonal flowers.
A splendid iprogram was enjoyed. Dr
Avison led in the devotions, the les
son was very ably presented by Miss
Grace Smith,, J. W. Todd furnished;
the special music. Mjs. Martha Evans
gave a talk on the work of the society;
as she had been associated with it in
Ohio. A contest has been on for new
membors, forty have bcon secured.
About fifty guests were present.
headed by a committee of four leading
representatives df the arts;
The committee consists of John
Drew, dramatic; Enrico Caruso, mus
ic; Rudyard Kipling, literature, and
Daniel C. French, sculpture and paint-
Membership to the league is t o
sought, revenue from dues being em
ployed to pay the wartime expenses
of operating "Stormfield."
A memorial service for Mrs. Chaun-
cey Bishop and Mrs. R. 8. Wallace will
be held tomorrow afternoor at the Y.
W. C. A. rooms at 4:30. Both Mts. Bish.
op and and- Mrs. Wallace were very
;le voted and active workers in tne i.
W. C. A. and the service tomorrow,
comes in the nature of a high tribute
to their character and the esteem in
which they were held.
The program to De given win in
Hymn (Love Divine all Love Ex
Devotional, Mrs. t'Aas. a. f arK.
SoloWhen the Roses Bloom, Reich-
ardt. '
Tribute to Mra Wallace. Mr Alice
H. Dodd. . ;
Solo Come Ye Disconsolate, ' J. W.
Tribute to Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. it". A.
Solo Requiem, Stevenson. Tom Orde
man. -
Benediction Rev. Thos. Anderson.
Mrs. William Burahardt. Jr., will be
the accompanist.
The Kia club held a' business meet
ing Wednesdav evening at tue home of
Miss Luella Fatten, 883 Court street.
MHss Eliza Nolan and Mifs Marie
Briees were voted iB as new members-,
TL. 1 Lt.n 9 ,lia Via liih '
1UB lULHUUeiMUir OA Ulfl v.w
ncludcs a coterie of the girls ol oa-
lem 's younger set.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C, Marvin were de
lightful dinner hosts this week, when
they entertained a .number of friends
successively on Tuesday and Wednes
day evenings at their home en JJorth
Church street. Guests were bidden in
formally to the number of eigh on
each occasion. The tables were attract
ively decked with chrysanthemums
The Wednesday Night Dancing elub
insngiirat'jt festivities for the winter
this week, when the members met at
Cotillion I jilL Wednesday ; evening for
a few hours of stepping. A number of
new steps were introduced by Mrs.
Ralph White, and proved decidedly
popular with the dancing enthusiasts.
Abont thirty eouples were present. A
near event of the holiday seawm is the
Xmas party to be given by the club
members. -
Miss Mary Talmadge of Portland is
a week end guest of Mr. and Mra
Warren Hunt at their res! dense, SCO
Onk- street. Miss Talmadge is studying
violin in Portland this whiter.
Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, accompanied! by
Miss Talraadge and MSse Pearl George
motored to McMinnville last night for
th elocay Elk dance, which was ene df
the - large social events of the early
Mrs. C. H. Castner, president of tlm
Oregon Federation of Women's clubs,
who came to Portland at '.the request
of W. B. Ayer, state federal food ad
ministrator, has announced that she is
making a special plea to county chair-
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iff I soitne dri1 I
i f I I ofSreatfood
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kMjjljj absolute :
"r purity. ff
- llffl
."Chocolate and cocoa add
flavor and energy giving
material to a diet and their
use will help in many ways
in the preparation of palat
able, nourishing dishes from
those foods of which there is
an abundance."
AeaJUsr or Choi's Rtclpt
Sent Frit.
EsublutMa 17N '
New Music
The guests were next entertained by
Mis. Clara Breitenstein, 230 South
Twelfth street. Dainty place eards and
delicate pink blooms were feature ot
the pretty decorations.
The fifth eoursa was served by Miss
Mario Chittenden at the home of Mra
SayrS on t'hemeketa street. She was
assisted by Miss Grace Holt. The dee
orations were decidedly patriotie with
red the dominating eolor. The eentet
piece being an immense bowl of red
Misa Marybelle Reinhart, HO South
Twenty Fourth street eutertUned with
the sixth eourse. The table was charm
ing In every detail aud lavendar was
the key note.
The last course was served by Mise
Ila Spaulding at her home on Court
to attend, and the event is being look
ed forward to as something varied and
original la the way ef college good
The respective committees follow:
decora tioa Mra I. L. Me Adams, eaair
maa, Mrs. B. L. Salmon, Mrs. P. B.
Gilbert, Misa Chapter; refreshment
Mrs. U. O." Holt, chairman, Mra. Wil
ls rd Prwtor, Mrs. Anna Walker, Mra
Jennie Tolmsn, Mrs. Ida McDaniels,
Mrs. W. H. Mtller, Mrs. & T. Randall,
Mra J. O. Reigetmaa, Mrs. J. L. Mat
thews, Mra Paine; entertainment
Mrs. A. A, ee, chairman, Jlrs. W. H.
Byars, Mra Ronald Glover, Mra W.
E. Violent, Mrs. George Aidea, Mrs.
Edwin Sherwood, Mra. J. B. CoxMra
Cecil Hawley, Mrs. O. i Day.
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Miss Clara G. Beott is the neet ef
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to which she led her guests was con-1'- Mrs. John H. Scott at thsir
-acted by means of two wwdea aors-'wmdenee Court street. Mia Scott
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