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Mrt. Well of Petersburg
Tells How.
Petersburg, Va. "For two year
my daughter suffered from a weakness
. anu pains in oer
right tide; at times
she was so bad she
could not do any
work. For two
years she was at
tended by the best
physicians here, and
both agreed that
she would have to
-be operated on. I
suggested Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound, and
at first she refused
to take it, but finally consented. '. From
the very beginning it helped her, and
now she is entirely well, and telling
everybody bow much good it has done
BerZ-Mrs. W. D. Wells, 226 North
Adams Street, Petersburg, Va.
If every girl who suiters as Miss
Wells did, or from irregularities, painful
periods, backache, eiileache, dragging
down pains, inflammation or ulceration
would only give this famous root and
. herb remedy a trial they would soon
find relief from such suffering.
For special advice women are asked to
write the Lydia . Finkham Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass. The result of forty
years experience is at your service.
Washington, Nov. 22. Sick and
wounded of the American expedition
ary, forr.es brought home for the week
ending November 15, totalled 1040, the
surgeon general announced today. These
men were immediately sent to army
hospitals for physical reconstruction.
ijiaoe a comoexan tiat
f , jh's afujays prvseniaSfe-
I IML now possible lor every
' M.I WC
woman through use of
Phantom Powder
Immediately gives skin appear
tmct of beauty then really
beautifwa It. Unrlvafai beauty builder
lor face, neck and hands. Doesn't rub
orwashoff. Splrndidioreveningmake
up. Your mirror will prove its merit,
123 N, High St
I ll ' f t. .. i I . .' 1 . . I f 1
The little oval picture above shows the dense
black smoke produced by many coal fires.
The large picture shows the absence of
smoke where
Is used for fuel.
This is due to the oils and coal dust having
been removed from the coke in the process of
Freed A&d Holland Newspa
pers Are Becoming Uneasy
ConceriiinHis Presence.
Amstkrtaio, Npv. 22. The .former
kaiser is believed constantly ia com
munication with Germany. It is report
ed that a -wireless station has been
erected on top of Count Von Ben
tinck's castle and that German air
planes frequently fly over the estate,
dropping messages.
Tamps Advises Holland
Paris, Nov. 22. Allied action toward
I inflicting punishment oa tho kaiser is
I daily becoming more probable,
j ' The Twmps ay: "Franee particu
larly has the most cordial sentiments
toward Holland, therefore, it, m sin
cere friendship, advisee the quickest
possible elimination of tho kaiser as
an irritating problem. A Hague jurist
has rendered an opinion tlutt the Dutch
law does not permit 'extradition. We
do not hazard a contrary opinion, but
we suggest a much simpler solution,
namely expulsion as an undesirable. If
put aboard a snip or conducted to the
Belgian frontier, the allies will see
what disposition is to be made of his
ease. If conducted to Germany the Ber
lin government will be in a position
to show the measure of its republican
ism by its ardor in punishing the Au
thor of the war."
Dutch are Uneasy
London, Nov. 22. (British admiral
ty wiroleas.) Home of the Dutch new
paperg have, boon dealing of late with
the presence of the' formor liaisor and
crown iprimseaVn Tho Netherlands. The
Tolograf and some other journals
would erpnl him. Others take a more
moderate view, at the same time admit
ting that it might bring Holland into
The Niouws San Den Teg, a ,vory
moderate (paper, publishes an article on
the subject which shows tho uneasi
ness prevailing in various Dutch Cir
cles about the presence of the Hohen
zollerns. German Propaganda Is
Still Active In Mexico
; Washington, Nov. 22. For some un
explained reason, German propagand
ists are' still vory active in -Mexico, it
was learned hero .today. Their latest
efforts are to spread reports of scrions
disorders iu England and France, and
stories that humiliating demands are
on route to General Carranza from
Washington. '
. Rome, Nov, 22 At tho opening 7
the parliament today it wns decided
t.lmfc nrniytiijillv tl hnhii-n Miomhur
would go to Paris to greet President
Wilson upon his arrival.
2U Sari
' -
Sa!em Would Then Becofe A
Battalion Headquarters
Military Men Approve.
A move is on foot to organize a sec
end Oregon National Guard company
in Salem and at the drill, this evening
of Company H Oregon Guard, B. W.
Sinieral, captain, action will be taken
as to who of the company are disposed
to join the National Guard.
There is an impression, or rather a
eonvictios that the time' has passed
when the Oregon Guard will be need
ed. Yet many men who have become
interested in military affairs are anx
ious to- continue their drilling and it
is felt that from the four Oregon Guard
companies there will be lounti men
enough to organize an Oregon National
guard company should the' Oregon
guard bo disbanded, ,
Hhould -ft second company of Oregon
National guard be organized in Salem
this will make the city a battalion head
quarters. Hence to bring matters to
a focus, at tho drills next week of the
four companies of the Oregon guard,
the proposition' will be put squarely
before the men as to how many will
enlist with the Oregon National guard.
Among men who have become inter
ested in military affairs, it is felt that
fsalura should have two Oregon Nation
al guard companies, especially as there
is a general feeling that the mergency
that called for the Oregon guard has
In an Oregon National guard, a com
pany must include' 100 men and three
officers. Military men of the city say
the armory will easily care for the work
of two companies. When the genotal
staff was in the city a few days ago
it was shown through the armory and
attention was called to the need of put
ting it in propert condition tot mili
tary purposes.
Stockholm, Nov. 22. According to
fin' nirriuiinnnl ixnfororl between Ger
many, end Great Britain, five Gorman
SU'-'iiaiines interned in owenisn waters
will' leave soon for England, it was an
nounced' today.
Washiiicton, Nov. 22. Extra hours
of labor in tho mechanical shops Of rail
way lines were abolished in orders issu
ed late todav by Director General Me
Adoo. On November 25 a nine-hour
dav will prevail where a- groater num
ber is now being worked. On and aft
er December 9, the basic eight hour
day will follow. .
Thousands of Families brew it at home
and keep welL
Sick headache, nervousness sallow
skin and drowsiness aro nearly always
caused by constipation and can onsily
bo conquered by tho use of Dr. Carter's
K. niul B. Tea.
Brow it at homo tho snnio as you
would the regular mealtime tea and
drink a cupful just befuro you go to
A small package will last a long
tiino and any drugRist will tell you
that lio has been soiling it for years
and that many people swear by it.
Drink it for innetivo liver and clogged
up bowols. You'll liko it.
Being pureiy vegetable and gentlo in
action, it is f ino for children am nearly
all of them like it. ' '
Grandma's Recipe Of Sage
Tea And Sulphur Darkens
So Naturally Tkt Nobody
Can Tell.
lluir that lose its color ard lustre
or when it fudes, ttin:s gray, dull unit
lifeless, is caused by a lark of sulphur
iu the hair. Our grandmother made up
a mixture of Sago Tea and Sulphur to
seep her locks durk ai d lieauiuu, ami
thousands of women niul .nien who vnl
uo that even color, that benutiful dark
ohadu of hair which is so uttractivc,
use only this old time r"cipe
Nowadays we get thi fninnis mix
tore Improved bv the addition of other
ingredients by ashing at anv drug
store tor a ;( cent hottle of "Wyeth s
Sage and Sulphur Compound,' which
darkens the hair so naturally, so even
ly, that, nobody can posibly t;ll it has.
own applied. ou just itampj'i a sponge
or Holt brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time. l!y morning the gray
hair disappears; but what delights the
ludn'ji with nyeth s Huge and Sulphur!
Compound ig that, beanies beautifully
darkening the hair alter a few appli
cations it aim brings bai'k the gloss
aud lustre and gises it an appearance
of avbumlance.
WvTth'o Sage and Sulphur Compound
iMightful toilet requisite to im
Uurt color and a youthful appearance
to tho huir. It is not intended for the
cure, mitigation or prevention of uis-j
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get
at the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substi
tute for calomel, act gently on the bowels
and positively do the work.
People efflicted with bad breath find
quick relief through Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets, The pleasant sugar
coated tablets tve taken for bad breath
by all who know thsm.
Dr. Edwardaf Olivo Tablets act gently
but firmly on the bowels and liver,
stimulating them to natural action,
clearing the blood and gently purifying
the entire system. They do that which
dangerous; calomel does without any
of the bad after effects.
All tho benefits of nasty," sickening,
griping cathartics are derived from Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets without griping,
pain or any disagreeable effects.
Dr. F. M. Edwards discovered the
formula after seventeen years of prac
tice among patients afflicted with
bowel and liver complaint, with the
attendant bad breath.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are rarely
. i , - J ! :.t. i:
color. Take one or two every nignr. ior
a week and note the effect. 10c and 25c
per box. All druggists.
Edinburgh, Nov. 22. British
officers who Inspected the late
German fleet report utter de
jnoralrzation. The ships were filthy, the
crews unkempt, seamen failed
to salute and shored their own
officers aside. Many of the
sailors wore red" armlets and
lounged about the decks, sniok
ing cigarettes, sullenly indif
ferent toward the British ot-
When Constipated Or Bilious
Give ''California Syrup
Of figs."
..... - j., ..
- . - ...'
Look at th.tongue, mother! If coat
ed, it is a ur' sign that your little
one's stomach, liver and bowels need
a gentlo, thorough cleansing at once.
Whoa peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't Bleep doesn't eat or act natur
ally, or is feverish, stomach sour,
breath bad; has stomachache,' sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup ot
Pigs," and in a few hours all the foul,
constipated waste, undigested food and
sour bilo gently moves out of its little
bowels without griping, and you have
a well, playful child again.
You needn't coax sick children to
take this harmless "fruit laxative,"
they love its delicious taste, and it al
ways makes them feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which has
directions for babies children of all
ages and grown ups plainly on the bot
tle. Weware of countcrteits sold nere.
To bo suro you get tho genuine, ask to
see that it is made by tho "California
g Syrup Company." Kehise any oth
or kind with contempt'.
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 2?. German
helmets, common, wore quoted at $V
315. on tho St. Louis Exchange today.
The ono block of stock offered by W.
II. Dauforth was taken at tho market
pi'iao by George Marsh, Danforth will
turn tho money over to the United War
work campaign.
Copenhagen, Nov. 22. Three Russion
warships carrying the red flag of the
Krnnstadt revolutionists, violently
bombarded Vitikalla, Finland, for throe
hours on Wvdnesdav.
Notice is hereby given, that the un
dorsigncd executrix of the estate of
Mary Payton, deceased, has filed in
the county court for Marion county,
Oregon, her final account in settlement
of said estate, and said court has fix
ed the 2.1th day of November, 1918, at
11 a. m., at the county court room in
the court house at Salem, as tha time
and place for hearing any objections
that mav be filed to the same.
Dated" this 24th day of October, 1918
Executrix of the sstate of Mary Pay
ton, deceased. 11-22
SPRINGTEX is the underwear
with a million little springs in iu
fabric which "give and take"
with every movement of the
body, and preserve the shape of
the garment despite long wear
and hard washings.
j It i the ycu-around underwrar, lifht,
5 inrdiuin or ht ivy weight, u you like.
2 'Remember to Buy It
J Y3'!l Kariet You Mar It Oa"
I SriM Roar.: 350 traawtajr, Rn Tora
yTrC SKim Eluding the construction of ir-
New State Engineer Recog
nizes Need Of Comprehen
sive Conslmtion Han.
Percy A. Cupper today received from
Governor Withycombe his certificate
of appointment as state engineer to
fill the. vacancy caused by the resigna
tion of State Engineer Lewis.
"It seems probable that we are on
the eve of a groat development of our
national resources throughout tho en
tire nation," said Cupper, when com
menting on the -work ho is now taking
up. " UnKlou'btedly the federal govern'
ment will adopt a comprehensive pro-
ngation, drainage and power projects
and the reclamation of logged off
"One Of the problems of the state
of Oregon in this connection- is to fore
see what form the national develop
ment program will take and theu au
just conditions in this state, through
legislation and otherwise to place . it
in a position to recoive the benefits
from this national program of develop
ment. Not that all development will
be done by the national government,
but the government's program will in
fluence to a very large extent develop
ment by other agencies. Oregon is par
ticularly fortunate in having had a
thorough investigation maiic of many
of her important irrigation projects in
cooperation with the fedeial govern
ment which investigation now forms
an excellent basis for further coopera
tion and also in that Oregon ha what.
i9 nrohablv the best irrigation district
law in tho United States. The good ef
fect of this' statuto has ooen Known- in
the past 18 months in the sale ot more
than $2,000,000 for Oregon irrigation
districit bonds, while for several years
previous no irrigation securities afc all
were disposed of.
'It will ba the policy of this office
to cultivate the present tendency to
wards a closer relation with the water
users of the state to the end that the
public interest as well as the interest
of the individual water user may be
best served.
"Tho time seems particularly oppor
tune to combine the duties of the su
perintendent of water division No. 1
with those of the state engineer as the
water rights on many of the import
ant streams in this division havo "been
adjusted and tho work can doubtless
now be handled more economically by
one official, thus saving to the state
the salary of thp superintendent of wa
ter division' No.' 1 at this time when
economy in all lineB is so essential.
"In taking' up tne worK wueio f.
Lewis laid it down after 14 years of
successful administration, I realize that
I have a large order to fill, particular
ly s the near future promises to be an
era of important development of our
water ' resources. "
Japanese Emperor Confers
Honor On U. S. Generals
Washington, Nov. 22. The emperor
of Japan has conferred the grand cor
don of the order of the Rising .Sun up
on Chief of Staff March and upon Gen
eral Tasker H. Bliss and the grand cor
don of the order of Paouwnia on Gen
eral Pershing.
Wilson Amazed
At Invention
Vj aslnngton, Jov. zz. rrcsiuenc ana
Mrs. Wilson today talked by radio telo-lffo,
pnone to a squauron oi airpianro n.y
mg far overhead somo two miles from
the White House. Tho president ex
pressed amazement at the wonderful in
vention. -
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softens the severe
rheumatic ache
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30c. 60c, K2
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?Maa 1
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by the me of "AnowsmiuS" Artificial Limbs, walk wjth movement to easy and natural
bat both wearer and friends toon forget the deficiency. They HKrease eanune power,
bsove the hcalm and appearmc a pkrare and No needto leave
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b! aaioM Atk Your
WHAT is there in commun
ity life that the payroll .
dollar doesn't do? It buys baby .
clothes raises the children while
they go to school sustains them
in turn when they reach the
working age. '
Thrift is a war time lesson.
There can be no thrift without
industry no industry without
industries. Whether the indus
tries of Oregon grow rapidly or
slowly depends on the 'people of
Will YOU "use home products"?
Home Industry League of Oregon
Many Have Not Received
Labels For Overseas Box
Get the 6enuine(fCfr
y&&pl0n Every Cake
v. ...... if" i"."8'" iwu, (from your pharmacist about tour ounc-
Cross headouarsers yesterday at tholes of .lad Raits: take a table snoonl'ul
Portland Railway Light and Power of-
au yvilling to subscribe to the
statement that each had a soldier in
France and tha.t each was the nearest
living relative, in order to sccuro one
of the mailing labels and, cartons, with
out which no present may be mailed to
a soldier across seas.
As the Bed Cro,ss had received but
50 of the labels, these were exhausted
before the close of the day and those
who are really ontitled'to send a Christ
mas present to France will have to wait
a day or so until an additional supply
of lnbels are received from Seattle.
Before being issued a label and car
ton, the applicant must sign a state
ment setting, forth that he or she is
the nearest liviyg relative of tho re
cipient and that no other Christmas
picsent have been mailed.
Propaganda Having No
Basis Spread In East
Washington, Nov. 22. Propaganda
having no basis in fact is breaking out
in some portions of the countrv to dis
turb the families of soldiers- Stories of
whole units being wiped, out in the last
days of the war are being circulated,
but like the German lies of other days
these stories find no substantiation
At Toledo, Ohio, and Camden, N. J.,
rumors of units having been wiped
out. lack verification here today. Chief
of Waff March's of ice said today there
was absolutely no support or the stor
ics circulated to the distress of many
families in those cities.
Lester Marlon Kendall, who was
taken sick in Portland and removed by
his brother Elmore to the latter 's home
east of Woodbnrn, died November 15.
He wifs born August 28. 1S92, and liv
ed most of his live iu this, section,
where he was well known and much
liked the funeral was Saturday last,
services being conducted at the broth
er 's.home, Bcv. C. E. -.Johnson officiat
ing. Interment was at Bollc Passi. De
ceased leaves a widow and a brother.
Woodbnrn Independent.
Agent Wantti .
n1 aernti. M.ka
Shoe Dealer
Take A Class Of Salts Before
Breakfast If Your Back
Hurts Or Bladder Both
ers You.
"when your kidneys.
OF lead:
Tho American men and women must
guard constantly against kidney trou
ble, becauso wo eat too much and all
our food is rich. Our blood- is filled
with uric acid which the kidneys strive
to filter out, they weaken from over
work, become sluggish; the eleminative
tissues clog and the result is kidney
tfbuble, bladder weakness and a geu
oral decline in health.
When your kidneys feel like lumps
of lead; yotir back hurts or the urine
is cloudy, full of' sediment or you are
obliged to seek relief two or three
times during the night; if you suffer
with sick heailaehe or dizzy, nervous
spells, acid stomach, or you havo rheu-
in a glass of water before breakfast
for a few days and your kidneys will
then act fine. This famous salts is made.
from tho acid of . grapes and lemon
juice, combined with lithia, and has
been used for generations to flush and
stimulate clogged kidneys; to neutral
ize the acids in the urine so it no long
er is a source of irritation, thus ending
bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in
jure, makes a delightful effervescent
lithia-water beverage and belongs iu
every home, because nobody can mak.9
a mistako by having a good kidney
flushing any time.-
Chicago," Nov. 22.-lOffice and full
time employes at Swift and company's,
packing plants hcrG today wore given
a bonus of 10 per cent of their annual
salaries. The bonuses will total $750,
000. .
Get busy with a bottle of
Dr. King's New Discovery
at once
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oua aftermaths unless checked in time.
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