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j As Our Boys
If we want to go "over the top" in the UNITED WAR WORK DRIVE if we want to raise Salem's quota,
we must give more freely than we have.
Let Us
Reports to date show that we have subscribed but half our quotoa, and those qualified to judge state
that In order to raise the amount required we must contribute at least one-tenth of our monthly income. v
If you have not given this much- give again. Don't wait to be coaxed os solicited, but do If voluntarily,
and do it now. v ' .
Show the boys who wear Uncle Sam's uniform that we appreciate their sacrifices and that we want to
I furnish them with all the comforts and pleasures the seven worthy organizations for whom this fund is be
ing collected are able to provide. Give for your boy's comfort and for mine. Give to the United War Work
Fund. Give one tenth of your month's pay. -,.
Classes In Swimming And
Physical Culture Wffl Be
... .' '
The Young Women's Christian Asso
ciation lias begun active fall work, now
that tho ban lias been lifted, and the
young women of Salem seem to be in
terested in taking, up different bran
ches of work.
Many have been the Inquiries con-
ceding the physical culture class,
which of necessity, has been postponed
umu now. jlhu xymunoiuux wiu dvjui-
From Suffering by Getting
Her Lydia E. Pmkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Pittsburgh, Pa. "For many months
1 was not able to do my work owing to
, a Tveakness wnicp
caused backache
and headaches. A
friend called m y
attention to one of
your newspaper
advertisements and
immediately my
husband bought
three bottles of
Lydia E. Pinkham's,
V egetabie Com
pound for me
After taking two
bottles I felt fine
and my trouble caused by that weak
ness are thing of the past. All women
who suffer as 1 did should try Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. "
Mrs. Jas. Eohrberg, 620 Knapp St,
N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Women who suffer from any form of
weakness, as indicated by displacements,
inflammation, ulceration, irregularities,
L"irr.. -.,n ni:
"the blues," should accept Mrs. Rohr- were able to be of real service in M
berVs suggestion and give Lydia E. j hospitals and homes, under the supef
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a vision of doctors and trained nurses,
thorough trial ' I Tnc clai nsiBt ef 15 lessor atl
For over forty years it has been not more than 20 women can be aceom
eorrecting such ailments. - If you have modated. The organization meeting
mysterious complications write for will be held on Thursday evening at
advice to Lvdia E. Pinkh&m Medicine 7 o'clock at the Y. W. C. A., and all
Co., Lynn, Mass. interested are invited to come and hear
Give ONE-Tent
Our Month
Solicitor Will Call Upon YOU Again
Be Prepared To Give
United War Work
ming classes, under the supervision of
the physical culture committee, Mrs.
Geo. Brown, chairman, will begin on
Wednesday, November 20th. The classes
will bo held as follows;
Gill's' gym and swim class, Wednes
day, 4:Ju p. m.
Women's swim class, Wednesday,
7:3(1 p. m.
Women's swim and gym class, Wed'
ncsday, 7: 30 p. m.
The fee for the classes will be $7 for
adults, including the Y. W. C. A. -inn--
bcrship of $1, and fur girls fifteen
years of ago and under, tho foe will be
fo.oO. Junigr membership included
These regulations do not effect those
who have paid in advance ,and they
may continue until tho expiration of
the year for which they have paid, at
the old rate. The classes will meet
promptly, and all fpes are payable in
jon. .;ioto
irud( and for thoge who do not bHnf?
certificatC8 from their own physicians,
Dr. Mary Rowland will examine for
payment of 50c. No class will bo form
ed unless there is a registration of 15
or more members. Tho physical culture
committee includes Mrs. Goorgo G.'
Brown, chairman; Mrs. A. F. Marcus,
Mrs. John 1'arrar, Mrs. T. Wclboru and
Miss Odd Chapman. - -
-The. religious, work" committee are
planning vesper sorvices each Sunday
afternoon at 4:30 o'clock beginning
November the twenty-fourth. The firs:
service will be a memorial service for
Mrs. B. 8. Wallace and Mrs. Chauncey
Bishop, who have passed away during
the year. Both .women were interested
workers, in the association, and will be
greatly missed in the organization.
A Biblo class for young women is
being organized, conducted by Mis"s
Nina McNary. The class will mecet
each Monday evening at 6 o'clock for
a twenty-cent bupper, and the Bible
study follows immediately at 6:30, ad
journing in time for the Bed Cross class
in surgical dressings at the postoffice
at 7:30.
Mrs. Charle A. Park's Bible study
class will not meet until after the first
of the year. The religious work com
mittee includes Mrs. Nina McNary,,
chairman, Mrs. K. I. Porter, Mrs. P. K.
Graber and Miss Mina Gile.
The "educational committee, Mrs.
Alice H. Dodd, chairman, is planning
some practical courses for the winter
work. Miss Mina Cook will direct a
class in "home care of the sick," under
the Bed Cross. The class is practical
n www wmie. many or inosc nav.ng
taken the course before the epidemic
V Salary
Increases weight and strength of thin,
delicate, nervous Deoijle. It Is the
only dljjesrHile form of phosphate thnt
fe:l the nerves direct, the chemically
pure form 01 pnospnate naturally
fou:;d In -brain and nerve cells.
Sold nv dniinists under a runrnn-
tee of satisfaction or money back. De
mand (he genuine BiTKU-rnoRpnaie,
the kind tlit physicians prescribe
For Thin People
J. O. PERKY, Druggist
definitely the plan of work. Miss. Cook
has been appointed home defense nurse
by the American Bed Cross in Wash
ington, and is considered most efficient
as an instructor in this course.
' A class in French, under the direc
tiort of Mrs. Alice H. Dofttl,'1 will meet
on Tuesday night at 7:15 for organ
ization. Probably a large number of
women and girls will be glad to avail
themselves of the opportunity of study
ing French under Mrs. Dodd.
Another interesting laas to be or
gaiiizcd will be a class in English
literature, which will include study of
some of -the best modern books. Ar
rangements are being made to secure a
splendid teacher, and further announce
ment of the class will be made later.
A class in telegraphr is being con
templated, conducted by Arthur Wil
son of the Postal Telegraph. Several
girls who have taken the course before
have become competent telgraphors .and
have been able to take position in dif
ferent parts of the country afterward.
Further information can be obtained at
the Y. W. C. A.
Must Provide Protection
For Our Merchant Marine
Washington, Nov. 18. America must
provide protection for her merchant
marine if she is to compete success
fully with other nations, Director Gd-i
oral Schwab of the Emergency Fleet
corporation declared in a statement
"The whok pconle must pay for the
privilege of a merchant marine, not the
few who own the ships," Schwab said.
"It will U necessary for the nation to
provide protection for this merchant
marine, which we are now building.
Whether it will be a form- of subsidy
or complete government ownership, 1
do 'not know. But protection must be
devised to enable our ships to compete
with the ships of other countries. They
cannot do So under the present law and
conditions .
h of
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'' "HI " "i
Queen Elizabeth ia now. scheduled for
next Saturday. ' ' -
. Railway Centers Taken. -Bufnc,
Nov. 17. (DeUycd.) In com
pliance with tho arniistice provisions,
Italian troops havw occupied the main
Austtiun railway centers and passes to
ward the German frontier.
Headquarters in Turkey.
Constantinople, Nov. 18. Lieutenant
General Sir S. Wilson, commander in
chref of thcallied forces on the Bos
phoroug and the Dardanelles, today es
tablished his headquarters at the Brit
ish embassy here.
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If the teacher feels that the limits
in the essential subjects cannot be cov
ered in this way he suggests that the
co-operation of the pupils, parents and
teachers be secured to hold school each
Saturday morning until the work has
been made up.
Attention is called to the fact, how
ever, that teachers cannot bo compelled
to teach on Saturday; neither can pu
pils be compelled to attend school on
-Saturday. Therefore, thiB part of the
plan cannot be carried out without
the full acquiescence of the pupils
parents and teachers.
Mr. Churchill emphasizes -the point
that no good can be accomplished by
loading the pupils down with more
work than they can do because of the
closing of the schools.
Some of the teachers feel that thev
must cover the limits end are giving
, liaber Up Quickly Under the Soothing, I
Penetrating Application of
Hamlin's Wizard Oil
In cases of rheumatism and lame
back it penetrates quickly, drives out
soreness, and limbers up stiff, aching
joints and muscles.
Wizard Oil is an absolutely reli
able, antiseptic application for cuts,
burns, bites, and stings. Sprains and
bruises heal readily under its sooth
ing, penetrating qualities.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents
If not satisfied return the bottle and
get your money back. .
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? Just try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30
cents. Guaranteed.
Three Quarters Of Million
Were Engaged In Ar
gonne Operations.
Paris, Nov. 18. -Out of the confu
sion and daze of the crowding mili
tary events on the western battle line
since late in September, when battle
followed battle until from Flanders to
Verdun there was ceaseless action, it
is now permissible to outline to a cer
tain extent the part played by the
American Armies in the final deceive
battle ef the war, which ended with
the armistice of last Monday.
Military reasons heretofore have pre
vented 'accentuating the accomplish
ments of the Americans, except in a
most general manner. The aispatehes
from tho field have been necessarily
fragmentary and possibly were over
shadowed by the accounts of the more
dramatic operations over the historic
battle fronts to tho west.
But it may now bo stated that 21
American divisions totalling moro
than 750,000 American Combat troops
participated in the action beginning
September 26 and lasting 20 days,
known variously, as the buttle of the
Argonne and the battle of the Mouse,
but which history may call Sedan
the battle that brought Germany .to her
knees, and as far as human foresight
igoes, ended the world's bloodiest and
costliest war.
In order to understand the military
situation which mado the Argonne op
erations the crux of the war, it is nec
essary to go back to the reduction of
the St. Hihiel salient in the middle of
This brilliant American accomplish
ment is -still fresh in history, It cut off
at one stroke a menacing enemy pro
jection toward Verdun and weakened
the enemy 's defensive by threatening
Metz, one of Germany's two greatest
advance railway centers for distribut
ing troops and supplies along tho Mont'
Medy-Sedan lino.
Metz also was the pivot on which the
enemy swung through Belgium into
France Tind, therefore, obviously it was
the pivot on which his retirement must
hinge. The Argonne, tho next step be'
low here, threatened the great railway
arteries running westward from Metz.
A recuperative diet in influenza.
Uorlick's Malted Milk, verv digestible
.Washington, Nov. 48. The recent.
epidemic of influenza in the Unitod
States cansod more deaths than oc
curred among the American expedition
ary forces from all causes from the
time tho first unit landed in -trance
until hostilities ceased. This announce
ment today by the census bureau was
based on unofficial estimates of the
total casualties among the overseas
forces and reports from 40 cities hav
ing a combined population of 23,000,
000 ,whieh showed 82,308 deaths from
influenza and pneumonia from Septem
ber 9 to November 9.
"Total , casualties, in the American
expeditionary forces," -said the an
nouncement, "have rocon tly been un
officially estimated .at 100,000."
We Pay Cash for
and HOGS.
Write hi Prim ud Tin.
Hazelwood Co., Front and Ankeny Sts.
their pupils much longer lessons than
they can possibly recite or prepare,"
he said. "In an articulated subject,
such as algebra or Latin, it will bo
necesary tor the teachers to require
more work and the pupils to do 111 or 0
werk in order that the years' work be
covered. But in all subjects that are
not articulated tho amount of work re
quired of the pupil should be reduced
in tho proportion that the term is
shortened " 1 N
The Original
malted Milk
For Infants and Invalids
For Marion County, Oregon
In the matter of the estate of Aim
Kay, deceased, citation.
To Thomas B. Kay and Cora Kuv.
his wife, C. P. Bishop, Libby Coshow
and O. P. Coshow, her husbund, Bertha
Kay Fisher, Lenore Koberts and C. T.
Roberts, her husband, and all others
interested or concerned in the estate
of Ann Kay, deceased:
In the name of tho state of Oregon:
You and each of you arc hereby cit
ed and required to appear in the coun
ty court of the state of Oregon for
Marion county, in the court room thore
of, in Salem, county of Marion, state
of Oregon, on the23d day of December,
11)18, at the hour of ten 0 Vlock a. m.
of that day, then" and there to show
cause, if any there be, why Fannie
Kay Bishop, as administrate of said
estate, should not be granted power,
authority and license to sell all of the
real property belonging to said estate
and described in her petition on f ils )
herein for the purpose of a plying the)
proceedj received therefrom in pay-!
ment of the cost of administration of
said estate, as prayed for id the peti
tion of said administratrix on file here
in. Witness tho Honorable W. M. Bnshey
judge of the eounty eourt of the Mate
of Oregon, for Marion county, with the
seal affixed this 14th day of, Novem
ber, isms.
Attest: U. O. BOYER,
Dee 16 County Clerk.
Burleson Is To Direct Oper
ation Of Lines. Effec
tive Kov. 2.
Washington, Nov. 18. Government
control of all marine cable systems, oP
ganized and existing under United
States laws was authorized by procla
mation or .President Wilson, it was of
ficially announced today.
Postmaster General Burleson is nam
ed to direet operation of the ijnes, ef
fective on and after midnight Nov. 2.
This action places under government
control the operation of all means of
communication, the express- companies
going under federal control at noon to
day alld the telegraph, telephone, rail
roads, wireless and mails being previ
ously under government control.
The president ia his proclamation
"I take possession and assume con
trol aud supervision of each and every
marine cable system and every part
thereof owned or controlled and oper
ated by any company or companies or
ganized and existing under the laws of
the United States or any stute thereof,
including all equipment thereof and ap
purtenancenances thereto whatsoever
and all materials and supplies."
At the postoffice department today
it was stated that the present wire con
trol officials wiJl probably direct oper
ations of tho cables.
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Pape's Diapepsin For In
stant Relief.
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digestion and stomach distress ends.
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Papo's Diapepsin always make sick, up
set stomachs feel fine at once and they
cost go littlo at drug stores. ,
Ships To Be Utilized In ;
Trade Between Americas
Washington, Nov. 18. Approximate
ly one third of the ships built and
building by tho United States shipping'
' IcleanI yrf'
Mil, k r .
What You Are Missing
-,-..' ' J.. .
In Comfort and Convenience If You Are
Not using Coke for Furnace or Heating
Stove Fuel j
Information gladly furnished upon re- j
quest regarding cost, etc. ;
Phone 85
Look At Tongue! Remove Poi
sons From Stomach, Lvier
Ani? Rnwpic
uta vviiviiji
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only look for the name California, on
the package, then you are sure your
child is liavinEr the best and mnirf. Wm
less laxative or physic for the little
stomaer, liver and Ipowels. Children
love its delicious fruity taste. Full di
rections for child 's dose on each bottle.
Give it without foar.
board will be utilized in trade between
the two Americas. It was leSrn,ed from
high official sources today of the 25,
000,000 top ship program, these ship
ping board plans to turn 8,000,000 Into
Latin-American trade channels.
Knowledge of shipping board plans
to take care of truffle between the
two continents Comes closely on the
heels of an announcement by the in
ternational high commission that 'com
mercial advance agents" will be sent
to South America us the connecting
link for business. It provides ujso a
clear outline of what the government
expects to do in bringing the nations
of tho two continents more closely to
gether commercially. ,-4
President Nominates Men
ror Important Positions
Washington, Nov. 18, President Wil,
son sent to tho jenalo tho following
John Wv Davis to be ambassador to
Great Britain.
Alexander C. King, 'Atlanta, to bo
solicitor general of tho United States,
succeeding Davi, .who. resigned to b
come envov to Lnmlim. , - - 1
(tyifnin Albert P. Nibhtcfc, to bo
feai-'admiral iaftlie navy. t .
Pairs. Nov.'- 18. netmnn ' m1ilii
have been rioting iii Motz since Novi
Id, according to a correspondent of Is
Mntin. whn went in flint i:!l.v in nwnit
Us restoration. Tho French are sched
uled to enter Mvtz tomorrow. '