Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 15, 1918, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Sore TiijMi- Cuius
QuIcMy Relieved Ey Ht!.:t!n's
Wizard Cil
. Hamlin's Wizard Oil is a simple
and effective treatment for sore
throat and chtst coUs. Use-! as a
yargi for sore throat it brings cjicle !
relief. Rubbed on the che t it will I
often loosen up a hard, deep seated j
cold in one niht- ,
rlow often sprain, bruises, cut3 I
and burns orcur in every family, as
well as little troubles like earache,
toothache, cold sores, canker sores,
ftifi neck, and tired achine feet.
toothing, healing Wizard Oil will al- ,
wars bring quick relief. '
Get it from druggists for 30 cent3. J
If not satisfied return the bottle and
yet your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? Just try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30
cents. Guaranteed
Marion County Has Twenty
; . Ferccnt Of W.S.S. Quota
Yet To Raise.
VVur savings stamps to the value (if
" t7.?,S.iT have In en purchased in Mari
hi I'nuiity, or T9y2 per cent of tho
u iota. With a total quota of $971,808
ti he purchased by the county by Jan
, wary of 1010, there iH yet l8.44 that
iiniM be bought by the people of the.
c ii ui:tv before the closo of the year if
M.-i-mi is to be honored ns onu of the
in;1. Men that has gone over tho top.
,' '.figure nro (iccordinj,' to the
atu-Uuieut of W.- M. Smith, In chari
, i .0 suviujgs jstauipsi eninpiiiyn in the
Hie report is brought up to Oetohet
i" utid thin givjs the county twn
n.i.ii tlm in which to buy th? required
I8.9-H. During the liist two weeks
n..l..l.,... dl,l,iiibl 1 1
wt . v,c.u-. nine I'lUlTllilXHI.
. 'With tho coining of the hnliiliij' season,
when many will make their Via i,
presents in the practical form of war
livings stumps, it is thmight t tint the
county will make good.
I'olk county with a quoin of 4321,100,
hud raised up tu October 81, 80 per cent
(it its quota. Li ii it I'onntv, with its
; quota of 312,i12. hiul r!d' up to Oclu
1.,'r 31, the sum of fV :,H(2, which ,
M per cent of. Its q uitii. I.ano county
mis well nlniig with it amount, hav
i:ig niUed l5 pe. I'cut of iu quota.
Among the counties that have jjoue
over are the following: Clatsop with
. li8 p!r eont; Coos, with 10H per cent;
.Kcli ,on. with 1-3 per cent; Tillamook,
wi:U 102 per eeut; Bilker, with 102 pe)
v iik, hiiri Hiuii, wuii, x.it (irr1 cvm, .ami
' 1i'hoeler, with 110 er rent.
State headquarters have not us yel i
' KiiL'uOHted uDv nhin hv which the ilnlir. I
quern. counting win mnnngn to pun
. torough, but with the holiday season
CAiniing ou-aml the fact well known that
; wnr pavings stumps are the most ideal
V nristmns nrcsents. lUiirlun coinitv nniv
oiiuuge tu finally raise its quota for
Xli:' Vi::r.
,M GrasdiE; I'jcBt -Vegetable
For Constipation
Liver mid Howe! remcdie.i come and
r:, but Or. Carter's l. nnd B. Ten
w hich your grumliu ulier knew all about
Si now more popular tlinn ever.
Many families have uwid this tea for
years, brewing it lit home, nnd find it.
(.he best and least expensive remedy
tliey can get.
Vmir pharwticist will sell you a
niiiall .package, which will Inst ft lung
It's a splendid drink for constipa
Lon, acts surely and giMit'y, and for a
sluggish liver," sick hcnclucV), smluw
Hi; in and dinzinoijs, iniiny thousand: of
women use it. fcWe.ly n:nl bliswful re
lief is guaranteed to all who think Or.
Carter's K. and B. Tea, and don't for
got that lt' simply fine for children.
In the battles covering the period
from October 2 to November 4 the
Italians took 420,774 prisoners and cap
tured (into guns.
The Journal Job IVpartinent
will print you any'liing if the
stationery line do ,i right aud
save yju real money.
- i
f x--f3 SK
mr n'-fj:
Magnified Results
Try one of Our
Wonderful Uttle
Want Ads 'And
Kratcb the Result
Ladies' all Black Button Shoes, Medium
narrow plain toes", French heels; $5.00 qual
ity at special price of
jfk sma kacHes' GuitJUetal lace and button,
" 71&ssi&sr Heavy shoes, some cloth tops, all heavy soles; small
." " and large sizes only, but are worth today from $4.00
.fty " ' to $5.50; are specially priced at
" m': . ' $2.85 . .
P""! wm"m P""W'"w,iB 'A mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm
Friday and Sa
turday, No
Owing to the extraordinary Conditions arising from the war and the "influ" epidemic trade has been quiet for the last two or three weeks, but our big stock of
Shoes has been coming in right along. Consequently our Shelves are Crowded and Bills are Coming too, so, to relieve both situations we will put a BAN ON HIGH
PRICES and make EXTRA INDUCEMENTS to shoe buyers.. Next year the government limits the colors tq Black, Dark Brown and White, but for the present
Mr. Baruch of the war industries board says, "It is r. Patriotic Duty to Buy the Fancy Grevs and Combinations of Colors that arc ahead? -in the Stores." and there
','.'...'!,.' ' '
is no limit to what you shall buy if it is already made.
Our pledge to our government is: We- in the Spirit of Loyalty and Patriotic Service to our Government in
meeting ail of the exigencies of the war, as applied to its Prosecution and Service of the People, Pledge Our
selves to follow all the Restrictions and Regulations to the Utmost Signed, THE BOOTERY, by J. B. Lit
tler, Manager.
As it was before, our prices on all grades have been lower than the Government Regulations. But in Addi
tion, for This Sale we will Make These c V
.Red iicti oris
I' ...
Ladies Fine
Dress Shoes
7.00 black kid vamp, grey cloth top, point
ed plain toe, "fine shaped French heel $4.65
$8.00 black kid or patent vamp, grey cloth top, fine grade
kid, plain toe, splendid style, French heels ...... . . .$5.35
$8.50 extra good black kid, tan or grey cloth top; an extra
fine welted shoe and a specially good bargain. . . . . .$5.65
$7.00 quality brown kid, cloth top to match- all sizes fine,
rich dark brown up to date last and French heel. . . .$5.65
$7.00 grade dark grey kid vamp, matched cloth top, all
sizes, the beautiful dark grey, plain, dressy toe, with
French heels $5.65
$7.00 black kid, black cloth top, dressy shoe .$5.95
Men's Heavy
Hard Surface
$5.50 grade, tan or black, to
close out ........ $4.15
$6.00 grade, tan or black, to
close out .$4.45
$7.00 grade, tan or black, to
close-out $5.20
$7.00 Army tan shoe, to close
out ... ... $5.85
$8.00 Army tan shoe, to close
out . , ............... $6.85
Just a few of the many
which we have
$8.00 men's fine calf blucher shoes, med
ium toes, fine heel-welted oak sole$5.95
$7.00 Men's calf, English lace, Neolin soles,nice shaped
last and an extra good bargain $5.65
$7.50 Men's Aristo kid blucher, medium round toe, very
easy last, arch supporting . $5.85r
$6.00 gun metal, English or round toes, Rinex soles, a very
satisfactory low priced shoe $4.45
$5.00 gun.metal, English, Neolin sole, rubber heels, just a
.few pairs in this lot .......... ...... ............ .$3.15
i UN W
Boys' Calf -Shoes
$4.50 grades, button or lace- Boy Scouts ............... .$3.65
$3.50 grade, button or blucher, sizes 3 to 5 ,$2.S0
$4.50 grade, heavy double soled blucher ............. . .$3.10
(Just a few pairs in sizes 3 to 4 1-2)
$6.00 value, heavy 10-inch top,' double sole . ............. $4.65
$5.00 value, heavy 10-inch top, black and tan '.$3.85
(Not all sizes in this small lot) " '
, -55- ; -
Misses' and Children's Shoes
In sizes 11 to 2, all prices from ..... .'$3.95 down to $2.65
In sizes 8 to 11, all prices from. . . . . .$3.65 down to $2.35
In sizes 5 to 8, all prices from. . . .". . .$2.95 down to $1.65
In sizes 2 to 5, all prices from. . . , . .$2.35 down; to 95c
EXTRA All black kid,
lace or button, French or
military heels; good lasts;
worth today's market
$5.50; most all sizes.
All black kid, plain toe,
button or lace, military,
rubber heels; all sizes; $5
grade while they . last
$3.85 :
This is but a glimpse of the
good things we have spec
cially marked, but it will
give you a little idea of
what we are doing to raise
money at once.
Spats And Overgaiters
We show fine lines in all
the new shades and styles
f roni $3.50 down tto
$1.65 ,
We can show you a fine
line of Chrismas Slippers,
and also have the best
stock of Rubbers in . the
city. - . fc
ijmmmsss'lii Mb E.a-ii.s s.