Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 11, 1918, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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1)C Smb)il Ifouruol
You Can Preserve
The Spirit of Christmas
This year by selecting practical gifts, such as this
company has ready now. Our low prices add the
possibility of extreme economy.
For instance makes one
appreciated gifts
Crepe de Chine $1.49
Messaline 83c, $1.49 and $1.98
Silk Poplin $1.25 and $2.25
Taffeta, Plain and Fancy- .$1.98
f s
4 . .
; All Around Town I
, Nov. J 1-1 8 United War fund
drive. Marion county quota
$02,000. Quota for Salem 37,
SOU. "TH funeral oeutlfuV'Webb
dough Co. tf
Highest cash price
ggs. Midgot Market.
for fresh
Special notice. Foresters of America
will moot tomorrow (Tues. Nov. 12th)
Important business. 11-12
B,'JTb( teat" Ii all yon can do when
ceatu wimj.. Call Webb k Olough Co
tPfcone 120. tf.
Better dentistry without pain. Two
pu.it graduate course in puinlus den
tistry. Dr. Hartley. Phone 114. tf
Extra Big dance tonight at the Co
tillion hall, music by Hunt's orches
tra. Jitney dance. Admittance 10c.
' Dr. O. Hartley, dentist, Moore build
ing, 407 Court St. Painless filling and
extracting. Pyorrhea. Phone 114. tf
A letter hag bean received from Cant
6. Bluff stating that the ship on which
he sailed had arrived sntely at an Eu
ropean port. He is with base hospital
No. V.i.
Con you read
this typo
clearly and
with the same p .ir
of glasies tee dis
tant objects )
Can you ri-ad
JH this typo
Py? clearly and 3
Twitb the same p .ir IT
of glasies tee dis.
DR. A. McCULLOCH, Optometrist,
204-5 Bank of Commerce Bldg.
IK L. BRYANT, Manager
of the most practical, and
that you can pick.
ncoroorated 1 ?
w-w , - - - -m m v v v V W V W V V
' . t
Dr. fichenk has now returned from
hia vacation and he extendi a cordial
Invitation to hia patrons and friends
to visit hi institution. tf
Miss Lena Belle Tartar, teacher of
tho old Italian Method of Bulging.
Studio lfi2 Liberty St. N. For appoint
ments pnone 334.
Public stenographer, Patricia Graf,
first door south of Salem Bank of
commerco, 121 South Liberty street.
Phono 937. . tf
A strong man la officer Mariels. The
police record this morning roads: "Of
ficer Mariels picked up a small Jer
sey eow on North Front stroot and
put her in a feed shed on Center stroet
Tho owner was notified,"
Now is the time to place your orders
for rosebushes, shrubbery, fruit, walnut
and ornamental trees for immediate
planting, -with the Capital Citv-Nur-
sory uo., 1U30 cnom. tst. i"hone 70. 11-31
Notice New garage now ' open for
btiRinesw storago and repair specialists,
expert mechanics. Service 's our motto.
Motor inn Garage, opposite Marion
hotol, formerly Halvorsen & Burns.
, . 1120
Mayor Walter E. Keyes with tho fire
department and a dozen or so automu-
'biles had a parade all to themselves
lust night about 1 o clock whon the
news came ovet the wiro that an ar
mistice had been signed.
. o
A telogram was received this morn
ing from Karl Hingca staling that he
Let us make you comfortable
for long evenings of reading
and knitting by supplying
Stop that burning and smart
ing of the eyes under artificial
light. Isn't. it worth while?
n mil
Herbert Hoover and Secretary
. Baker Putting Mammoth
Program Into Effect
Washington, Nov. 11. An enormous
food reserve will be collected in franee
under direction .of the .quartermaster
general of the army, Herbert Hoover,
announced toduy. Hoover and Secre
tary of War Baker will put into imme
diate effect a mammoth program for
sending to Europe quantities of food to
meet the dire needs. When armistice
negotiations are sufficiently carried out
to permit distribution, Serbia. Southern
Austria, Montenegro and other sections,
wucro mere is a distressing need, will
uo miypiicu irom tue quartermaster
general's stock.
Hoover announced that he will sail
for Belgium Friday to be in charge ol
Belgian relief and reconstruction work
tor tno Amorican Bovernment. Robert
j n a i ' "anowcu
and Dr. AIodz0 Taylor will assompany
Chairman Hurley of the United
States shipping board will leave at the
same time for Belgium. The purpose of
his trip has not been made public.
ihad been ordered to an .officers train
ing school at Camp Lee, Virginia. He
has been stationed at i'ew Brunswick,
N. J.
From Vladivostok, Siberia, Private
Earl LeBoy Jenks of Co., B, 31st in
fantry writes, ''Have been in this army
little over five months and am now
located at Vladivostok, Siberia. Have
nisi ocuu uiuu or japan, But beliove
me there js no place like the old U.
S. A."
Chauncey Bishon was confined t.n
his home today by a slight cold. In
quiry at his home -made . late this af
ternoon said there was nothimr ser
ious, merely one of tho colds that i
usual at this time of tho vear.
Now that everything: is wlda onn
and the city has resumed its accustom
ed, ways, tho public library will again
open and closo at the usual hours. For
tne past week or so it has been ODea to
its patrons only in tho afternoons.
Saturday a marriage license was Is
sued to William Rnhnrt. l'nri-Ul. 51
logger of West Woodburn and Miss So-
phroma Viola Hoffman, 26, al:to of
vvooumirn. Today a license was issued
to David A. Stirlinff. 24. of Astoria and
Miss Josephine Kitchio, 22, of 491 North
vwnago atreet, Baicin.
Fred Mangis, prominent Elk and
Chorrian writes a8 follows from Camp
Pike, Ark., whero he is attending an of
ficers' training camp: "We are work
ing hard horo and hope to get across
before it is all over. More than 100,
OlM) are in the camp besides those in the
officers' training camp, 4000. The,
camp graduates a class every month.
More than 100 Oregon men are hero."
At a meeting of the vestry of St.
Paul's Episcopal church Saturaav ev-
oning, the Bov. C. H. Powell of La
Grande, Oregon, was chosen as rector.
According to tho rules of the church,
the bishop hns 80 days in which to con
firm the choice. It is hoped that ar
rangements can be ninde whereby Mr.
Powell will bo here for tho Thnnksgiv
in gduy services.
Now that the ban is off, social af
fairs are beginning to move along in
a natnrul way. Tho Swedish Aid soci
ety announces that a meeting will be
Held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o clock a
the homo of Mrs. Gus Anderson, 1840
i.nomi'Keta street.
As the state council of defense and
the fuel administration could not agree,
it seems that the flurry as to when
gasoline may bo sold is all over. Thru
the efforts of these two war bodies, an
effort was made to restrfct the snlo of
gasoline. But as they were not working
In concert, there seems to have been a
general mix up between the two and
the leading gasoline companies. As
the situation now stands, It seems to be
up to the denier as to whether he wants
to sell ou Sundnys'Tlnd after six o'clock
in the evenings.
Lawrence Koene, graduate of the Sa
lem high sehool and also a graduate of
the Oregon Agricultural college and
well known as an athlete, was drown
ed yesterday in High river, Alberta,
Canada. He is survived bv his mother,
Mrs. Sophia Keeue of 4ti2 North 21st
street, Salem, and a sister, Mrs. V. A.
Huirlies of 2t. North 20th street. Also
I!a brother Roy Koene, who went with
'company M to France. In the telegram
received today no particular? were giv
en as to how the accident happened.
fi 17 it-
Model t)f Famoas Liberty Bell
and Tank Were Unusual
Parade Features.
For the big demonstration this after
noon at 3 o'clock, Salem again demon
strated that it is good for all kinds of
celebrations. At 2:30 o'clock the
streets were lined solid with people
waiting for the big parade. And they
were not disappointed for never in the
history of the city was there such a
parade with so great a conglomeration
of noises.
One of the usual floats was that of a
tank, shootine savagely from a ifun in
the rear, only in this instance the big
gun happened to be a six-inch stove
Six staid citizens carritd a casket in
which the kaiser's remains were sup
posed to be resting The Loyal Legion
or ijumDermen and loggers were once
' nimin nrnminent with tt.pt. v.;.. ..
anu Dig noises. Judge Bingham of th i
circuit court carried a flag while the,
vminor lnf?v rnnnlnirAa n .l.n ..a.... 1nnnt
uasisieu in carrying a- large United
States emblem.
- - . . . .
The Elks wero there in number, fol
lowing the casket in which the remains
of tho kaiser were supposed to be rest
ing. It was a joyous occasion.
Among the enthusiastic marchors
were members f the Grand Army of
tho Republic. And then there was tlie
100 Stuyton boys all in uniform and
with them the float with a boll the size
of tho famous Liberty bell, and the
Htayton bell was proclaiming liberty as
did the famous bell of Bevolutionary
The kaiser fared bad a8 from several
floats he was found with a rope to his
neck. The fire department boys were
mi on nana as well as representatives
irom several business houses.
When it comes to celebrating, it
seems that Snlem can do the thing up
right and with the tw0 dayi already
colebrntod, it is said that Salem will be
in fine demonstrating Condition to prop
erly welcome tho boys when they come
home. .
Were Th
Money For The War Fund
Early this morning while the chill
was still in the air end the foi? had
barely lifted, two boys, ages five and
seven years, wero found at the cornei
of Court and Commercial streets wait.
ing for the doors to be unlocked that
they mieht be tho first to mihscrihn
for the United War Fund.
When the doors of the United Wai
Fund headquarters Were finally open
ed, the boys rushed in. One ran to the
counter and banged down a heavy
tin can with a slot in the cover. The
other showed up with; an equally hea
vy card board ibox' with the usual
money slot. '
They jerked the cover off their tem
porary banks exclaiming "We want to
pay our money for the soldiers who
are fighting for us in Franco " The
counter was covered with pennies,
dimes and nickles and after they hed
been counted it was found that one
of the boys had $5.18 and the other
Tho boys wore Eobert and Charles
Kay Bishop, sons oof Chauncey Bish
op. .
t m b Mate u U V
Exceptional Programs
Both Houses
Till 11 TTIH fl n . rr tt nn
BENEFIT $9,000
Will Of L .C. Lston Gives This
Amount For Benefit Of
Suffering Humanity.
The sum of $9,000 has been bequeath
ed to the American Red Cross by the
will of N. C. Liston, who died at Bed
ding, Calif., November 5, 1918, on his
way to Southern California for his
health. Tho will is dated October 23
Mr. Liston was unmarried, but had
several brothers and sisters living in
the east. Being in ill health, he left
for Southern California early in No
vember but at Bedding his condition
was so. serious that he was removed
from the train. Shortly afterwards he
In his will he appoints F. E. Callls-
ter as executor, to serve without bond.
After making provision that all his
dcWa be paid, it is directed that the ex
ecutor use $5,000 as a fund to be held
in trust for the purpose or png
funeral expenses, providing for a suia-
able burial plot and a proper monument.
The third provision of the will is that
on account of past friendship, C. E.
Mcllwaine be given $1,000 and also that
F. E. Callister be given $1,000.
After theso bequests are carried out,
the executor is directed to pay all tho
balance of the estate of whatever kind
to tho American Bed Cross, tho sanio
to be used in alleviating the suffering
in the groat war an3 for tie benefit of
tho destitute in France and elgiurn,
The estate is valued at about $10,000.
Of this amount $4,000 is in roal estate
and $12,000 in personal property. Mar
garet Irvine Wishart and C. E. Ross
witnessed tho signature to the will. The
county court appointed as appraisers
Ed R. Adams, M. Gunderson and Fayc
Starr. .
With tho exception of three federal
aid jobs, which twill be continued dur
ing the winter, all highway work being
done uy tho state highway department
will be shut down within the next week
according to C. A. Dunn, construction
engineer of the highway department,
The three federal aid jobs are the
Union-Telocasct section of the Old Ore
gon trail, the Elgin-Minam road, both in
Union county, and the Three Rivers
project in Tillamook county.
Complain mndo to the public service
commission by residents of Rex, Che
halem, Sherwood and Newberg again3t
tho train servico of the Southern Pa
cific was dismissed today or o com
mission as none of tho complainants ap-
poarea wnen a date was set for hearing.
In tho meantimo the company has
changed its tram schedule.
Secretary Baker Urges
New Army Legisation
Washington, Nov. 11. New legisla
tion wui no necessary to obtain an
army of proper strength after tho peace
treaty. Secretary of War Baker said
GO YeLiberty
mm ma m s mm a - a a
-Ir lee to llofflse Ha
Let us give thanks for
)eace and victory and
)reathe a prayer for
those who have made
the supreme sacrifice for
PHONE 1072
Commercial and
Court Streets
To tho voters or Marlon county: I
sincerely thank the voters ofMarjon
county for the renewal of tho confi
dence reposed in me in selecting mo a
senator from Marion county.
I appreciate very much the spirit
which prompted you to recognize my
earnest efforts in your behalt in tne
different sessions of the legislature of
which I have been a member.
If it had not been that tho people of
Mirion county prior to my announce
ment as an independent candidate had
presented me with a potition of 2123
names of prominent citizens asking me
to run, 1 would not be your senator ro
dav. This petition was presented to me
without my hnowledge or solicitation,
on my part.
Will strive in the future to retain
your good will and approval.
All proper laws will be favored by
me. Those I deem contrary tfi the pub
lic good will be opposed.
I shall endeavor to protect the tax
payers and asiist in the passago of
laws favorable to good government.
today. Under tho present laws enlist
ments terminnto at the. conclusion of
Unless further legislation is obtained
the army will have to go back to its
pre-war strength.
The secretary did not indicate the na
ture of the legislation desired. Cargo
ships will continue movement abroad
without cessation of any sort, Bakei
said; Troops now loading are largely
medical and personal. '
Decision iu regard to demobilization
was being marc in Secretary of war
Baker's office today.
"n the conference were Secretary of
War Baker, ' Secretary " of tho Navy
Daniels, Chief of Staff March, Chair
man Hurley of the shipping board and
Felix Frankfurter of tho war labor poll
cies board.
To the many friends who so kindly
assisted during the sickness and death
of our beloved wife and daughter, and
those who donated so generously the
nmnv henmi.ru t nvn nttfivniffa -Wi
wish to extend our most heartfelt I
thuuks. Frank Stoddard, Mr. and
Mr John Shields and family, Mr. and
Mrs. H. Stoddard and family.
Stop at
"A Home Away from Home."
Strictly Modern $1 per Day
100 Booms of Solid Coffort
Only Hotel in Business District
ki g '
T r ! i' r
Foot Specialist '
Without Blood or Pain or Causing
Soreness or Other Inconvenience.
Chilblains' and All Diseases of the Feet
Special Attention to Antiseptics there
by Frevcuting lnftetion.
Appointments by Phono.
Lady Assistant.
518 U. S. Nat. Bank Bldg.
Phone 41(3. Salem. Ore.
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are of
Chinese Medicine and Tea Oa,
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any known disease.
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