Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 30, 1918, Page SIX, Image 6

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"From Over There
General Pershing's Official Report
The following casualties are report
ed by the commanding general of the
American expeditionary forces.
Killed in action .". , 3
Ded of wound ...... - 0
lied of aecideut and other, cause t
Died of disease . ,.... IS
Wounded severely 30
Wounded, degree, undetermined 74
Wounded slightly 73
Missing in action ,.. 8
Total .'. 210
TM casualties from Oregon today arg
James C Sr-eeky, Bedmond, wounded
In action
Hugh E Gibson, La Grande, wound
. el in action
Killed in Action
Conp Virgil 0 Pentz, Dorchester
Centre Mass . '
Ijoui Hayeox, Aneuna 111
Walter A 0 Hoff, Chicago
Died of Wounds
Oapt Oscar T Falk, Menominee Mich
M Lawrence 11 Evans, Ncphi Utah
Sgt Whiter A Monaulh, Miami 1'la
Corp Warren L McIntiiT, Hnwler I)
Douglas E Curnmings, Benehmont
cxuztt, PEA930V CO.. INC. makcm
Monarch 'Nevor-Slip' Tractor
.... rf
at.. ..)
r -v
pi " T:
Jh " 'ill
p f nr. m .f- -i it -' t
Edward Duffy, Chicago
D.ei from Accident and Other Causes
Lt Harry A (irons, Chicago
Pvt Ambrious K Christensen, Dag
nir .- Mjnt
Died of Disease
St Root B Marshall, Bourbon Miss
Chat W Hafcr, Circleville 0
Alfred J Hartwick, Winamac Ind
DoAphus Herring, Glennville (!
Wiley Hines, Crentlo Tena
William A Hirzel, Cleveland O
Marion K Houston, Mahl Texas
... Girret Kershbehgcn, Rockvalley La
Alfred B Kipling, Brooklyn
Fred Lazenby, Thompson Oa
Sam McLaughlin, Mnxon N C
Srad Pu;rh, i'ort Mitchell Ala
' Wounded Severely
William O Morgan, Highland Park
111 .
He ward F Ross, (Blnnchester O
Frank V Cillie, Towanda N V
Charles Fletcher, Ka'iamazoo Mich
Clifford T Biirtt. Twin'Falls Iduho
Marshall C Fowler, Hamlet N C
Joseph Kelly, Philadelphia
William A Reilly, New York
William H Chase Jr, Nantucket Mass
Wen C Allen, .Sidney Mont
Noah Bikr, Yoe Pa
Louis P Brandau, Detroit Mich
Angelo Cataldi, Layton Pa
Kex N Crarrett, Cherokee la
David Ciineburgh, New York
.Tames E Hill, ChateauRay NY
Oscar Mack, W'eying Water Neb
June L Parks, Sea Grove N C
Peter Poiigon,.Clee L'liu Wash
Donnld A Pullen, Hnmden 0 ,
JaniPs W Rnnrk, Ronnoko Va
Hubert R Rtippecht, Adams Muss
Frank V Ryan, Boston Mass .
Peter B Spanglur, New Bavaria 0
Harry E Thames, Brooklyn
Harry J Cnrny, SharowMich
Hernnrd J Cosby, Midsnthaiii Va
Works on hills, side-hills and
on soft ground. Practically
anywhere, any time.
JSizest 12-20 (2 furrows)
18-30 (3 furrows)
344 E. Morrison St.,
We have secured the agency for the
Victor Talking Machine and Victor
Records and henceforth will be able
to show a complete line of VICTRO
LAS together with the largest selec
tion of Victor records in Salem. -
The Victor and Pathe are the two
best talking machines on the market
and the agency for these machines
will enable us to suit every taste and
every pocketbook.
Trade in
The good man is always
are made of good things.
Good tobacco, perfectly
blended pure mais paper
.to wrap it and a mouth-,
piece to cool the smoke of
it. A cigarette manufac
tured to excel.
Albert Fritz, Berlin Wis
Giis Hollenback, Nanticoke Pa
Otis E Hovt, Haver Hill Mass
Wounded, Degree Undetermined
Lt Joseph G C Conrad, Libby Mont j
Pvt Elvis Rosseli, Petaluma Cal .
Pvt Frank K Rjmisp. Colorado Snrins?s !
Killed in action 4
Died of wounds , 1 1
Died from accident and otheT causes 6
Died of disease 22
Wounded severely - 27
Wounded, degree undetermined 67
Wounded slightly 67
Missings in action - 9
Killed in Action
Privates -
Henry H Dnlrymple, Shreveport La
George C Edwards, Brooklyn, .
Peter V Farley, Whitebouse Sta N J
Joseph F Pctrik, Fairflaxvla
Died from Wounds
Lieutenants -(i
O Burrell, New Lexington O
Ulcnn D Ransom, Hamilton Ind
Corp B J Sheehan, New York
Roger T Brumfiold, Kansas City Kan
Joseph P flarcia, Albuququerqiie NM
Oliver R Hardeman, Augusta Oa
Lester LVHnrman, Winchester Ind
William O Hefliii, West Union W Va
Hurry Leuer, New York r "
Abiiiiham V Martin, Lancaster Pa
Joseph F Webb, Roff Okla
Died from Accident and Olher Causes
Surf Dnniel T.nnhv. Tfliintnn Mas
Corn Pnur R Rauknecht, Reading Pa!
1 Privates
Oim J H Oahre, Wilson Kan
William B Hensley, Martinvillo Pa
Joe Kubat, Philadelphia
Elone J Snow, Leonminster Mass
Stiff &
your old machine
Died of Disease
Cap Bobt M Gibson, Houston Tex
Leonard B Armstrong, Oklahoma
John J Golden, Philadelphia
Corp Fred E Moriu, Konta Colo
Roy Dowell, Irvington Ky
Page M Dunphy, Towson Md
Lewis D Emerson, Weston W Va
Charles H Fairbrotlier, Melvin la
Victor Fortier, St Louis, Mis
Leuis Gilbert, Sndy La - -Columbus
Lee, Baltimore Md
Fred VV F Mueller, Chicago
Clarence 1 Neu, Desmct S D
Ammoa N Reshcr, Penaryt Pa
Raymond M Sheffield, Statham Ga
Donald S Spenker. Modesto Cal
Edw F Stille, Edwardsville 111
Frederick J Sutter, Conneaut O
George C Trask, Salem Mass
William H Tucker, Madoek Ga
Ivory Whitefield, Anding Miss
Wounded Severely
Lt Frederick B Stokes, New York
Sgt Martin R Peterson, St Tanl Minn
Frank Adams, Phi.adelphia
Fred W Feurstock, Bay City Mich
.Albert F Woerther, New York
Walter E Spooner. Climax Neb
Herbert Dewitt, Ohoopce Ga
Eric F Wei8sborn, Glendive Mont
Talmadgc B Allen, Luna La
Jessie Barber, Cord Ark
Joseph E Bell, Jackson Ala
John H Bradshaw"; Messick Va i
Paul F Eichenlaub, Perrysville Pa
Clarence J Pouget, Detroit Mich
John Bilardo, Cleveland O
John P Conlon, Brooklyn N Y
William F Farr, Fruitport Mich
Peter J Gainiari, Springfield Mass
Do the right thing at tho right time.
Act quickly in time of danger.
In time of kidney dange, Doan's
Kidney Pills are most effective.
Plenty of Salem evidence of their
W. C. Johnston, gardener, 1021 Mill-
street, SalQm says: "Taking cold ami
over exerting myself brought on kid
ney trouble. For two years I suffered
with pain in the small of my back, right
across my kidneys. My back ached at
night and in the morning I felt tired
and lame. I was languid and nervous
also. Headaches and dizzy spells both
ered me and my sight blurred. The kid
ney secretions didn't pass often enough
and they contained sediment. Finally I
heard cf DoanV Kidney Pills and af
ter taking them, was greatly relieved.
Doan's sure arc fine." (Statement giv
en March 30, 190H).
On April 11, 1916, Mr- Johnston d
ded: 'I couldn't recommend anything
eoual to Doan's Kidney Pills for kidney
disorder and lame back. What 1 have
said in my former recommendation
i ill hold-j good. It has been nearly two
years since I have had any occasion to
I take a kidney medieinf, thanks to
j Doan's Kidney Pills."
I 60c at all dealers. Foster Milburn
Co., Mfgrs.,, Buffalo, N. Y.
Momsouth Schools Closed
By Health Board Order
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Monmouth, Or., Oct. 29. Monmouth
High school and the Training school
closed last Tuesday evening, by ordei
of Dr. McCalluni of Dallas, county
health officer. There are only a few
light eases of influenza in town, the
situation being much improved over
last week. The Normal school has not
been closed, .but gplecial precautions
are being taken and no cases have de
veloped at the dormitory or among the
-The committee for the United War
Work at the normal has been appoint
ed as follows: Prof. Butler, campaign
manager; Miss Brauiberg, treasurer
Miss Parrott, publicity chairman and
speaker's bureau chairman. Aetive
work will be started very soon.
With the beginning of the next,
or second ten-weeks term, Normal stu
dents will be given the opportunity to
study French. Now the most popular
and important of the foreign languages
Mrs. Gilbert P. McGregor of Dallas,1
a graduate of Vassar Colleg has been
engaged as instructor.
The chapel period on Wednesday was
very pleasantly and profitably taken
up by Miss Laura Taylor, head of the
Physical Education department, whe
took for her subject, H Schemes, Scales,
Scere Cards and Crusaders.'' Miss Tay
lor outlined several "schemes" which
have been adopted and are being used
to test the vitality of the men in mil-
i'ary life, and showed how these tests
have revealed to tho world the neett or
more careful attention to the physical
welfare of the child. She advocated the
use of the scales and score cards in
the schools as an aid to the formation
of good health habits. In conclusion
Miss Taylor told of the Modern Health
Crusaders, a children 's organization
which hag a membership of 1,000,000.
The purpose being to cultivate health
and physique.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ferguson and
family of Portland motored down for
a visit with Mrs. Furgeson's mother,
Mrs. Mary Alderson and brother Diciv.
John W Matney, King City Mo -William
E Nash, Detroit Mich
Harold J Nicholson, Charlestown
William J Nowak, 'Brooklyn
Charles C Perry, Belleplain N J
George R Robinson, Little Rock Ark
John J Shauohnessey, Roxbury Mass
Henry W Stnde, Chicago
Wounded, Degree Undetermined -Corp
Harold Sinclair, Baker Mont
Killed in action ,
Died cf wounds
Died cf disease ; -
Wounded severely :
Wound:d, degree undetermined
Missing in action .". -
In hands of enemy
Total -
Killed in Action ' ;
Pyt Hben Bilad'bury Jr, Newbury
Port Mass '
Died from Wounds
Maj Harold D McLachlen,vLos An
geles Lt Richard Boydston, BJoomington 111
Sec Lt Frank 8 La Gue, Philadelphia
Marine : Gunner Carl J Clementsen,
Grand Forks N D .
Sgt Ray T iBiagg, ban inego iai
Henry D Anderson, Pleasant Lake
Ind- '.-
W Mnrirnn. Austin Tex
Daniel O York, MeLeansboto 111
Cecil M Earnett, Durant Ok!a
Edwin Berg, Brandon Minn
Thomas L Bridges, Iverness Miss
James R Brighton. Salt Lake City
Chas W Coffey, Staunton Va
- Eugene R Durand, Br'istoW la
Early O Forrestnll, Eldorado Tex
George R Glnntz, Hamilton Md
Frances B Goudy, Cannon Fills Min
Louis Hallperin, Jersey City N J
Clair D Harbey, Nashville Mich
Joseph J Hoesch, Milford, la
Abner B Partin, Gonzales Tex
Win O Jarnigan, Bridgeport Tex
Jens J Jensen Winside Neb .
William G Jud'kins, Waco Tex :
David W Loper, Los Angeles
Ralph M-McAdama, New York
Chas P McClure, Fayette Miss
Wilson A Morris, Shelby la
Henry C Mantz, Philadelphia
Casper If Neiderhause, St Louis Mo
Thomas L Robbins, Eulid Ala
Jay E Roberts, Glen Elder Kan
Henry Schmidt, Cincinnati O
Edward he G Schiller. Wilcox Pa
Vlvsse R Set vat, LaFayette La
.Taines W Showers, Cynthiana Ind
Harrv S Smith, Sparta 111
John' M Sutton, Bell Buckle Tenn
Philip S Trilock, Koseburg Ky
William J Walsh, Chicago
Frank E Wolfkill, Philadelphia
Wounded Severely
Sgt Leo I. Liptae, Streator HI
Corp Fred A Bunting,. Norristown P
Wounded, Degree Undetermined
Pvt James A O'Brien, :ininnati O
Hissing in Action
Win L Calvert Mineral Wells Tex
Thomas F Ellis, Fall River Mass
Harold T Stov, Pocatcllo Ldnho
Walter A Bailey, Solon O
Francis S Bucklew, Kingwood W a
William F Burke, Udall Kan
James W Clift, Cincinnati O
Ralph Ccrder, Coshocton O.
Tromas J Corlctt, New York
Floyd Dobson, Akley Minn
Tony Tads, Mills Springs Mo
James M Fetters, Youngstown O
Harry Greenspan," Springfield Mass
John" E Griggs, Waco Ky
Percy A Stanton, Wadhamg N TT
George J R Vene, Greenfield Md
Bryan P Wells, Dewitt Ark
Orville D White, Kingwood W Va
Robert L Woodburn, Plain City O
In Hands of Enemy
Pvt Waynne J Colahan, Lewiston
Killed in action tircviously reported
severelv wounded:
Pvt William Lietz, Salt Lake City
Severely wounded in action previous
ly reported mining:
Fvt Jay f JKoe, oaunvuie j
In hands tjf enemy previously re
ported missing in action:
Pvt Fred H Doiuke, St Louis Mo
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common-sense chew for
men. lt is economical A
man gets his tobacco sat
isfaction out of a smaller
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The good Gravely taste
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Real Gravely Chewing Plug
10$ a pouch-anaf worth if
Mr. Furgeson is principal of ne of
the Portland schools.
I Mr. P. O. Powell was a business visit
j or in the capital city Wednesday.
I W. J. Mulkey has been transferred
(from Goat Island to Mare Island navy
iyard, where he is head baker for the
' jackies.
Max Bowcrsox returned Monday to
Corvallis to resume his studies at the
j college, after spending a period of ten
jdays with his parents, Dr. and Mrs
''Bowersox, during which time he was
recuperating from an attack of malaria
following influenza.
On Tuesday, November 5, the reg
ular city election will be held, this time
in the Norm theatre building,-A mayor
recorder and two councihnen are to be
elected for a term of one year and two
councilmen for a term of two years.
At a meeting of the city council Wed
nesday night it was decided to hold
tho nominating convention on Wednes.
day of this week in the city hall.
The First National Bank of Mon
mouth has recently purchased and in
stalled a new safe of the Ely patent,
manufactured by the York Company of
York, Penn. The "safe has an interior
capacity of six 'cubic feet, has a time
and combination lock and a covering
of manganese, making it bpth fire and
burglar proof. The increasing business
of the bank and the large number of
Liberty bonds entrusted to its care nec
essitated tho change, and will bo ap
preciated by the many patrons.
The farmers in Monmouth vicinity
arc progressive in the uso of modem
machinery. Four new tractors "Wat
erloo Boys" were sold recently by J.
E. Winognr, local hardware dealer; the
purchasers being Clctus Butler, Gen
tle &-Sohs, W. M- Meeker and Ernost
Riddell. . '
Mrs. Mina Cornelius and duughter
Helen, attended the funeral of Dr. Pom
eroy of Salem who .died lost week in
Portland of influenza. Mrs. Cornelius
is a sister-in-law of Dr. Pomeioy.
Mr. Kilen, the new cashier of the
bank here has moved into the Allen
Clark house. His father is living with
him and his wife is expected to arrive
soon from Portland, though at pres
ent she is at a sanitarium and not
well ermugh to travel
. The little son.of Mr. and Mrs. Rav
jAdams who is attending the Deaf and
Dumb school in Salem, has been very
ill of Spanish influenza. Mrs. Adams
has been at his bedside for the past
week and at present writing reports
tho boy's coudition to be improving a
little. .
Monmouth is at last well over the
top in the 4th Liberty loan drive. Tho
quota for the Monmouth and Airlie
districts was 4H,700 and the total
amount subscribed was $50,00 for the
two districts. According to the solicit
ors, there were no slackers, as every
cne who was at all able subscribed for
bonds. .
On Sunday, October 20, at the home
of her father, Mri C. H. Parker of
North Monmouth, Miss Gladys Parker
was united in niarriage to Mr. Carl
Biugmau of Independence. Tho wed
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aa gel tks gnJ taut of this dm .
ding was a very quiet one, only elosp
relatives of the contracting parties be
ing present- Rev. Victor P. Marris of
tho Christian church officiated. The
bride is a very charming and accom
plished young woman, and one who "will
bo greatly missed by her many friends
here. The groom has been accepted fos
Y. M. C. A. work, but at present is
attached to tho local draft board in
Dallas, where the couple will resido fpr
the time being. The best wishes Of all
go out to the young people for a happj
and useful life together.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Silver of Moro
Oregon, visited several days last wcV
with Mrs. Silver's sister, Mrs- - T. J.
Edwards and family. ' : '."".
Stanley Evans, formerly corporal in
3rd batallion, 162 infantry, has been
transferred to a headquarters provis
ional company. He says that Corporal
J. Norval Gaie3 is the only member of
Company L with him at presont. .
if mm
If Peevish, Feverish And Sick
Give "California Syruo
Mother!. Your child isn't, naturally
cross and peevish. See if tongue is
coated; this is a sure sign its little
stomach, liver and bowels need a
cleansing at once- - . -
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't '
cat, sleep or act naturally, a gentlo
liver and bowel cleansing should al
ways be the first treatment given. ,
Nothing equals ''California Syrup of
Figs" for children,? ills; give a tea
snoonful, and in a few hours all the
foul waste, sour bile and fermenting
food which is clogged in tho bowels
passes out of the system, and you have
a well and playful child again. AH
children love this harmless, delicious
"fruit laxative" and it never fails
to effect a good "inside" cleansing.
Directions for babies, children of all
ages and grown-ups are plainly cn the
I bottle. ; , .
Keep it handy in your home. A lit
! tie given today saves a sick child -to
I 1...4- vnl A air
druggist for a bottle' of ''California
'Syrup of Figs'' then look and see that
it is made by the "California Fig Sy
rup Company." - ,
For that
Boy I-
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