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    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1918.
The Government requests that you
In preparation for Christmas, and that your shopping be confined to useful
articles. You will find us prepared with useful gifts, and will find them
priced the J. C. Penny Way, that is the lowest price possible. ,
4, llrflVVlUUitf
.. ... ,n I
FljinrTOe Rags ... - .... . vh , . j
! Washington. 29-fcfir- ! ; ' A Sfov ' .VBfe U SOL II
; wation of reports that German ; ! f A JSS i 'l?0!V0' i
; U-boats with white flags hoist- ;,' f f rQ- tfvv W I "XVp i It
; ed had been seen heading for J ; 1 U j - So YCTHP V r ' JPT '
: ! Kiel came to the state depart- ; ! HV I! dp ., U V V"kw t$fU '
; nient in Danish advices thu ; 1 Ull .- 1 ' J OJV 0 IF
j ! afternoon. i 1 lb'vll IV - ' Asxi.' f C. ' '
j ; ; j Pi I ; i
Per Box of 3 to 4
, 15c, 19c, 25c, 39c, 49c, 59c, and
Silk Bloomers, $2.49
' Silk Vests, $1.98
Silk Union Suits, $3.98 '
Serpentine Crepe Kimonas
$1.49, $1.98, $2.49, $2.98 and $3.98
Flannelette Kimonas
$1.98, $2.49, $2.98 and $3.98
,'. Fine Beacon Bath Robes
$3.49, $3.98 and $4.98
. I
i All Annind Town
: a:GEYEiTrs f i
v-.. ,
Nor. 5. Election flay.
yr ,
"TM (oneral oantiful."WlH ft
fRoagli Co. tf
U ail ; on eu do whsa
CU Webb donga Co.
rth comes.
H-tiOM 120.
Word was reoeived this morning Of
the di'Rth in Portland of Clarence
Corey. He was the on of It. H. Cony
f the Public Service Coiumissiou.
- o
Will ship all khida of livestock next
Wednesday, October 80. See me before
too sell vour Thanksirivina turkeys.
0. W. Eyre. . 2206M. 10-S8
Dr. O. Hartley, dentist, Moor build
Jug, 407 Court 8t. Painless filling and
Two boys by the names of Watkins
end Conners were out yesterday in the
south part of the city with air rifles
and as man on a truck passed by,
the boys shot at him, striking him on I
the head. The police hate the air rifles
and will probably take action against
the boys.
. -, . : " o ,.
Doe to shortage of labor, beginning
November 1, Vlck Bros, garage will
tose at T p. m. and open at a, m.
This will do away with the night shift
nd savo several men for day work,
which i most essential, as all business
nd commercial cars ere usually thru
with their day's work by that time.
' ; 0 .
A tniMTiage license yae issued yester
day to Bernard Goldsmith age 21 of
Woodburn s farmer, and Lorotta Bert
ram!, 2, a housekeeper, of Woodburn.
They will be married Nov. 4, at the
some of the groom.
Dr. fichenk has now returned from
his vacation end he extends a cordial
IsviUtion to his patrons and friends
to visit hi institution.
Vote fof Percy M. Varney, candidate
inr citv marshall. - tf
Highest cash price paid for fresh
Midirftt Market. tf
Too rim ros over a foot last night
duo to some of the heavy nuns last
Sunday around Albany and Corvalhs.
. . , , i Qi....-, .
Tho hop marJaet continue active and
according to reports, 0 eeuts i boing
freelv offered. The market ramer inai
Cfttcs that some English buyers think
t5 war "will t ' mon a"a ttMe
-sn t-hinoinv facilities before the
next ep i harvested.
V-t 4CX aaric K. Xb for connty
independent. Eevere tires;
Clark's tire house, 319 North Commer
cial street,' Saleim (PM ) ; ll '
Nice line of wash and silk waists that
please. ' -
Lawn And Voile Waists
98c, $1.49, $1.98 Each
Georgette and Crepe de Chine Waists
$2.98, $4.98 and $5.90
In very neat Colors and trimmings
25c, 35c, 49c and 79c
Satin and of Heatherbloom at
98c, $1.69 and $1.98
Silk Petticoats at - !
$3.98, $4.98 and $5.90
wav? -iforh-
cy j cs y$jr oa ty. i
Thersi Is no change In tho creamery!
being paid but in Salem it ia only tho
top price. 68 jCentg for creamery but
ter and 7 for butterfat.
i o
The tounty is now doing a lot of
work on the road between Salem and
Tumor using both the Austin and the
new nine room sramier. im m-xv
work to be done by the county will
be on tho Inberty road soutn of eniem, I
.... . - . .l
said to be at present one of the worst
roads in the eounty.
o '
The women folks of Marion county
have just two more days in which to
biidIv to C. M. Lockwood, "county food
administrator. ' for the limit of 10
pounds of sugar to finish the canning m" cn.Kir-n. vl 1
V...... V..Lm . fc ihninni.,iloff in tho census is also thought to
November 1.
The city made good busiueM deal
" u . Zrt - i!.7r -o,,tv
its paving plant, at the rate of 1V, "'any boys and girls just under
cents a superficial square yard. The the ego of 21 who are working else
plant originally cost the city . $1500 where than in Salem this year and in
L0lll.tv"f " tho ,180 ( tho plant this
....1 auoit .- tk. v;u in , hv ttm
fall after the city was through with
its summer paving. The county paved
Vo r r,u (i .,- 1
r i
IV, " ' F l" r 7.
ton road, going as far as Tud-
river, the county paved 30,000
,, m !...'
1 " ' o ' ' "' JJd
n.n. n affl from Oreeon
. t...i th. -FimArnl irvice of
his friend John L. Busn, tne car wiucu
Krn S Pf kta. was .iriving wa, run'
into by a Southern Vacifie train, in-
' ' i.Tii: u:... iri.. h.. c Mr
sianuy k.uu.js ...m. ... .vv. .
I'erk ns was a tue city ettenaing ira,
Bush funeral services when she was lu-
formed of her son's sudden death. The
csr in which Mr. Perkin ws driving
at the time of hie death had belonged
to John U Busn, wnose tunerai no
coming to attend. ,
o '
On account of the delay in the send
ing of labels by the soldiers aeioss tlio
sea, the date for the sending of pres
ents to soldiers has been extended from
Nov. 15 until Nov. 20. The mails are
rather alow even when coming this
way from France and for this reason
very few people in the city who have
soldiers in France have received the
label that entitles the soldier to re
ceive the regulation Christmas lox.
Without the label, no'present may be
sent. When the label is received it
must be taken to Bed Cross headquart
ers in Salem as evidence that the sol
dier is entitled to receive enough Christ
mas presents to fill one of the small
cartons, 3 by hy inches.
OoL George S. Young of Portland has
beeu assigned a eommanaaiw oy mo
war department at Willamette univer
sity. He succeeds Captain O. N. Tyler
who has been ordered to report at las
adena, Calif. Colonel Young had been
assigned to Forest Grove but as th
college there had sot made arrange
ments for the training of soldiers, he
was ordered to Willamette university.
Col. Young is a, West Point graduate
and has seen active service for the past
30 years. A few years ago after tor
in,., illness, he had been retired from
the service but went again into active
work at the beginumg or tne present
war. . .. N .
The Salem Indian school at Chemawa
has been having a pretty serious time
with the Spanish influenza. With an at
tendance of 600 or more, there has been
reported during the pasi two weeks,
250 cases of which 16 were fatal. How
ever, today things are roported greatly
improved as only two are in tho hos-
Pital 8nf 1,0 now eases. For the past
hold the regular school sessions- Every
one of the 55 employed at tho school
has been giving attention to thoso yho
have been ill. Superintendent Hall re
ports that all have had the best of care
and that with no new cases developing
today he feols the worst is over.
There are In Salem today 3,306 chil
dren of school age, according to the
school census compiettd lust week. One
year k r.wuaus Biiuwru iimv oji
,? , . . -.. I
xv v .1 . 1 i o n o
low of 601! is Attributed largely to
the fact that so many families have
moved to Portland or Astoria to en
gage in the ship yard works and it is
these families that had Jthe largest
be due to the fact that many did not
understand that a report must be made
of every one in the family between the
axes of four and 21 years. There are
ii tn iiy laiiLiiirn mcao vnv nui, iiwicii)
although their actual home was in i?a-
"-m. , . .
On account of the Spanish influenza,
n " 1 3-Ti!. T
of Salem have decided to close
their school until further notice. A hen
it is deemod advisable to open tho
the directors of the Liberty school
school, duo notice will be given in the
Capttal Journal,
M - ,
The funerai serCes of taance E.
Mi es, who d ed Oct 21 at Port Sill,
Oklahoma, will be held at the Webb &
tnmnn mnPi The
-k- - ---
services will be conducted by he Eev
H. N. Aldrich and burial will be in
the Ctv Viewcemcterv.
the proper thina te camn out within
the city limits durinj this colli sap.
Last night an Australian by the came
of Jackson wes caught in trio act ot
building s little camp fire out towards
the Southern Pacific depot, lhe- can
opy of heaven is not considered by the
Salem police as a sufficient covering
these chilly anil rainy evenings and tne
Australian was taken to the city jail
to continue his slumbers. .
Tim automobile blue book to be pub
lished this winter in Chicago will eon
tain the information that Salem is a
citv of IS.dOO and that it is 19d feet
above the sea level. Also that it was
founded in 1842 and was fbrinerty
known as Chemeketa Mills. Also that
in Salem is located an imposing state
canital bnildine. Regarding the far
famed civic center of the city the book
will says "It has a splendid civic
center one of the best in the west and
an interestinir feature is the rare col
lection of trees and shrubs which draw
many visitors to the city annually.
O. B. Gingrich reported to the po
lice yesterdav the loss of new Oool
rich automobile tire. He thinks it was
taken Oct, 25 although he did not take
notice of his loss until Oct. 2S.
Posters of the 'Victory Boy" and
also the "Victory Girl" will -soon be
on display in everv school house in
the county. A "Victory boy or girl is,
one who signs pledj to earn and
R. H. Barer left this morning for
Taconia over the Oregon ilectnc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nessner left this
mornine for Seattle.
A. G. Howard or Vancouver tiarracKB
is reiristered at the Blieh-
Col. W. C. North of Portland was in
the eity yesterday just on friendly
visit. He is commander of the first
regiment Oregon Guard' of which the
Salem regiment is a part.
give money to aid the county in rais
ing its $42,000 qnota for the coming
United War Fund, drive, to Degin inov
11. The quota for the boys and girls
of the county is $2,10O. Posters will
soon be issued to be given to the home
where a boy or girl has signed the
'Victory' card. The payments that
the Victory boy or girl pledges are to
be made before March 1, lvl).
Ernest Baker, who has been ill of
pneumonia for the past ten days at
Camn Lewis is reported today to De im
proving. He has been moved into the
convalescent ward. Just before his ill
ness he had been advanced to the rank
of sergeant.
Word was received in the city this
morning of the death of Mrs. George
Steele of Portland. She was the tiaugh
ter-in-law of Mrs. N. Steele and the
sister in law of Mrs. C. C. Kays and
Mrs. E. J. Younji of Salem,
' -- "O- -
Cecil frist, son of Mr. and Mrs. Char
les Nist of 1432 North 10th stTect, Ha
lem, has received the appointment to
the (IT. 8. nulitary school at West Point,
The aDDointment was mado direct by
Senator McIMary.. Accompanied Dy nis
father vouna Nist will leave in a few
days for the east.: Ho is a graduate or
tho Salem high school class of 1918
and a member el the Student's Army
Training -corps of Willamette Univer
sity. The appointment moans that tho
young man will' receive his military
education at the expense of the Unite
Mates and after' four years of etudy
will be given a commission as second
lieutenant. " ' '''i
The telephone rang and the man at
the other end of the line from the
Capital Journal ;''6ff ice excitedly ex
claimed. "Take out my advertisement
and do not under, any circumstances
run it HBaim" The man wasn't mad
His only trouble Was that for a couple
of 'days he had advertised for a Bel
gian hare doe and after one issue of
the paper business picked up to such
an extent that the next day most of
his time wa3 taken in -answering his
advertisement. Moral If you want any
thing, advertise in tho Capital Journal
The Sproed family has been espec
ially -unfortunate during the past two
weeks. The 18 year old eon Johm died
of influenza Oet 21. and a lew dayi
later. tlu"Th other, -Mrs. Louis Sproed
died at the hospital last Friday from
an operation. Othmer members of the
family were sick, at tne tune or tnc
mother's death. v
A complete baby's outfit is wanted
bv the Home Service Section of the
Red Cross. Tho call lfl urgent, mere
is a war baby that, is in need of the.
proper woolen clothing and as tho case
is most urgent, the Home Service Sta
tion is sending out this call tor neip.
Those who feci interested enough to
help this war baby are asked to call or
telephone to the Home Service Sec
tion of the Bed Cross. ' '
Eggs are retailing for eight and one-
third cents each in San rrancisco ana
hn nnnnlo dnwn there when they ap
pear on the streets are obliged? to wear
flu masks All of which goes to show
ther are some compensations in liv
ing in -the Willamette" valley where
eggs are now selling at about 70 cents
s dozen and so one but Wilsamotte sol
diers wear the -masks.
The armory will be absolutely closed
on orders of Col. A. T. Woolpert, cus
todian. The orders are as follows: "In
compliance with psragraptt 2, general
Election Not 6, 1918
(Paid Adv)
L ArJS rl V I aJUbtijIiT ! fa
A New Shipment Direct from New York, Showing AH the LatesOIodels
$3.69 $4.45 $5.75
Our Prices Always the Lowest,
Commercial and Court Sts. Formerly Chicago Store
Vote for
Percy M. Varney -
. Candidate for
City Marshal
(Paid, Adv.)
orders 52,. the Salem state armory is
hereby closed and will remain so until
f nrthef orders and nil congregating for
assemblies "or meetings for any purpose
whotsocver, either' official or other
wise are in the meantime prohibited."
-f o
Business at the office of the county
recorder continues to show that releases
of mortgages are coming in fast. Last
Saturday five releases were filed, two
mortgages and four deeds. Yesterday
was a busy day as six mortgage re
leases were filed, four mortgages placed
on record and seven deeds ottered for
filing. .
After a canvass) of one day the so-
HVHors working for Commercial club
memberships reported pledges t an.
Today about ten teams are continuing
their worn ana it is tnougnt wirn iair
success the necessary number of mem
bers should be secured by thi even
ing. No return of today's work had
been made to the Commercial club at a
late hour this afternoon.
o , ,
Word was received this afternoon of
the death of Mat Smith at Woodburn,
at the home of his mother, Mrs. T. T.
Souls. Burial will be in the Odd Fel
low's cemetery of Salem. Wednesday
Court House Notes
Two divorces were granted yester
day in Judge Bingham's court. Edith
M. Franklin was given a divorce from
her husband Lee Franklin. She
claimed he -as a bootlegger. Edward
Furrer was given a divorce from his
wife who lives in Switzerland. The di
vorce case of Mamie Blanchard against
C. H. Blanchard was taken by Judge
Bingham under advisement.. She
ment. . .....
Ordinarily it is the womaft wh0 sues
for a divorce. In the case of Downer
Halferty ngainst Axie , Halferty, 'the
situation is reversed as it is the hus
band who is asking fof a legal separa
tion. In his complaint he stntes they
were married May 3, 1918, and. that
within a week after their marriage she
Household goods, harness, wag
ons, tools, ranges, heaters, cook
stoves, farm machinery, etc I
pay cask or will sell on eommis
. 8ka from stocks sales conducted
anywhere. Phone 510 or ' 611
Woodry, the Auctioneer.
accused him of running arouwi oo
much and ehasing evory woman he saw.
He also alleges that she would not
cook or wash the dishes and that-het
conduct towards him was prettj- frigid.
L. M. Travis has entered suit against
Bobcrt Murphy for $231.30. Of this
amount $163.00 fs for professional serv
ices of Dis. Barth and Ncal of Eugene.
The account had been assigned to Mr.
The admiuistracios of the estate of
JoTin L; Stocton will be discharged
from their duties as soon as Mrs. Ame
lia E. -Stockton files a receipt showing
sho has "received her share of each of
the Stockton partnerships, according
to an order issued by Judge Bushey.
Mrs. Bertha Schricbcr has been ap
pointed Euardian of Mildred Rose Gar-
ber, a minor. Appriscrs appointed by
Judge Bushey wcre Harry Hawkins, B.
W Potter.and C. Bi Webb. .. ,
Florian Von Eschen, administrator
of the estate of Abbit B. Von Eschen
filed his, final papers as administrator
and was exhonoratcd from all further
liability bythe county court, i
The ' final account of Josephine
Parker, administratrix of the estate of
Eliza Parker was allowed by eho coun
ty court and the administratrix, cxhorr
orated from further liability and dis
charged by the county court.
George F. Gucrne was appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Charles
Guerne. The estate is valued at about
$2,700.00. The court appointed John
Gerandin, J. N. Robertson and E. 0
Coates as appraisers.
We wish to thank our many friends,
neighbors for their kindness and beau
tiful floral offerings during our re
cent bereavement in tho death of our
loved one. Mrs. R. P. Bradford, Mr.
and Mrs. L. E. Bradford, F. W. Ams
pokcr, Mr. and Mrs. DcHarpport.
We wish to thank our many friends,
neighbors for their kindness and beau
tiful floral offerings during our recent
bereavement in the death of our loved
one. J. F. Purvinc, Mr. and Mrs! L.
E.' Bradford and family, Mr. and Mrs.
C. DcHarpport, "Mrs. R. P. Bradford.
We wish to express our appreciation
and thanks for the loving kindness
shown and the ninny beautiful flow
ers given, during the illness and death
of our son and brother, John, and wife
and mother, Mrs. Sproed. Father, chil
dren. .
Hemstitching and Picot edge
We do this work in 'he bes
work guaranteed.
Singer Sewing Macbiss Co
Phone 441
337 State Street
ears of . J
Tick So ToEg :
Chinese Medicine and Te Os. '
Has medicine which will ears
ny knows disease.
Open Bunders from 10 a, a.
mntS 8 p. bl .
153 Boutk High Bt.
Bslesi, Oregon. Phcs 181
! !
In the matter of the estate of Mary
Pratt Parmenter, the county court or
dered that Nellie M. and Anna B. Par
mentor should have share and 'share
alike of the real and personal property
and that tho final report of the admin
istratrix should be approved.
' Toot Specialist
Without Blood or Pain or Causing
Soreness or Other Inconvenience.
Chilblains and All Diseases of the Feet
Special Attention to Antiseptics there
by Preventing Infection, '- ,
' ' Appointments by Phono.
Lady Assistant. "
.' i 518 U. S. Sfat. Bank Bldg. .
Plionc 118. . , . Balcin, Ore.
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Prices paid for Sacks.
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Only Hotel in Business District
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all kinds of second hund furniture,
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