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. October 29, 1918
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I The latest dispatches from Berlin are to the effect
that General Ludendorff has resigned, and the emperor
has accepted his resignation. That he was the brains of
the German armies. is generally conceded although Hin
denburg has posed in that capacity. This is looked upon
as a necessary preliminary to further peace negotiations,
and may be such. However, it remains to be seen whether
, the allies will consider the present German government
as anything other than a piece of very thin camouflage.
While Dr. Solf speaking for the new government insists
it is supreme, there is absolutely nothing to prove this.
There has been no meeting of the German people to adopt
. a government, arid the present so-called government is the
creature of those in authority, the reichstag and the kai
ser, yet it is evident the kaiser is still supreme. It is to
him General Ludendorff tenders his resignation, and by
him that it is accepted. This shows he is still, the head
of the government and that it is subject to his will. Should
the terms finally offered by the allies, if they are offered,
prove too drastic to suit the kaiser is there anything to
' prevent him resuming his full powers, and dictating the
course Germany shall take? '
It is noted, too, that in allowing General Ludendorff
to resign that the kaiser takes pams to pay him honor by
ordering that the old regiment formerly commanded by
Ludendorff shall bear his name. It may be the present
make-shift government in Germany has some standing
with the German people but it is certainly not ot their
creation. It was formed under and by direction of tbe
kaiser, and must have a more substantial foundation be
fore the allies are justified in dealing with it. " It must be
known that the kaiser is powerless to set aside any agree
ment before any should be made with the dummy gov
ernment now representing or claiming tothe German
people. . . " .;, ...' .-"r.'--' 1 ." . -' ,- ' ;
the Oreeons. the pen of biddies entered in the egg-lay
ing contest at. Storrs, Connecticut, by Professor Dryden
of 0. A. C, has broken all records and carried off the
honors in competition with ,000 of the best laying s'trains
in me umcea otaies. m nxiy weens uieir recum is'o
for the average or 2,278 eggs for the ten hens in that time.
The record before that was held by a pen belonging to
Obed C. Knight with 2.2G5 eggs in fifty two weeks. The
Oregoss have a lead of 13 eggs with two working weeks
to go yet. The pen is now 171 eggs ahead of the second
pen in the contest. There is no one field of endeavor
along food producing lines that has shown such progress
as that of poultry and especially of the production of
eggs, as the last decade has shown. Under the old plan
of raising just chickens, the average yield per hen was
small. But a few years ago the estimate was placed at
from sixty to eighty eggs to the hen. Professor Dryden's
liens have produced more than three times this. True, he
has not yet brought the standard of his hens up to that
' of the biddy that laid an egg every day and two on Sun
days, but he has increased the output from an average of
three eggs in two weeks to two eggs in three days. Yearly,
more and more attention is being paid to poultry and it is
preeminently right that this is so. For one thing the poul
try offers the one speedy remedy for meat shortage, for
the supply can be increased indefinitely in six or eight
months, while to build up anyother meat production, even
that of the prolific porker, is a matter of years.
Speaking of partisanship we believe it is absolutely
true that not an appointment made by Governor Withy-
combe to any place even care-taker of the lawn or barn
i i - jmi , i ji a. t a! r . J . J";
nas Deen iwea wim a democrat. ii uie uregoman ana
a lot of pin-headed politicians are correct in their criticism
of the president for wanting a democratic congress elect
ed, then Withycombe, the republican governor of this
state, is trying to make out that only the republicans of
this state are patriotic. N6 others are appointed to any
position, and in fact any recommended for appointment
are turned down instantly when it becomes known they
are democrats.
In a certain eastern city where the serpent flu raised
its head, the question of closing the school, as a prevent
ative measure, was discussed. Whereupon a school offi
cial gravely announced that he doubted the necessity of
closing the schools, except in case of the absence of 10
per cent of the pupils. This statement, being given to the
press, went broadcast through the city and with what re
sult? Was there an absence of ten percent? Can a duck
swim? ' : .
Judging from the vacant seats the next day, the Ger
mans still have something to learn about evacuation. The
children cannot be blamed, they took a natural advantage
of the stupidity of their elders: For the man himself, the
blunder was two-fold. First the failure properly to esti
mate the wit of the children for whose welfare he was
responsible, and second the-failure to recognize the value
of the closed sthool as a means of education.
. Putting children out into the light and air as a pre
ventive of infection gives them the best idea in the world
of the value of these' two great germ-killers.
. . Children dismissed from school because disease breeds
faster, and is more easily spread in crowds, are learning
one of the most valuable lessons in safeguarding the pub
lic health.
A t A a. J. J a, A A A A A A A A A AAA a. A A
jThe 'Wife!;
EVDD & BUSH, Bankers
c.72 receiving subscriptions now
JNo wonder Jf resident Wilson wants a congress in
harmony with his administration policies! While he has
been forcing the common enemy and has prosecuted a
war that has brought the Central Empires almost to their
knees in less time than it was generally supposed by the
world that it would take to organize for war, republican
senators, like Poindexter, Lodge, Sherman, Smoot and
Penrose have been seeking to discredit his acts and un
dermine his influence with the allied nations. Republican
newspapers of the Oregonian stripe which do not think
the country is worth saving unless it is ruled bv repub
licans, and smi-lunatics like Roosevelt, nave encouraged
these senatorsta their campaign of villification and abuse
of the president and obstruction of the prosecution of the
war. The president has, accordingly, appealed to the
people' openly (just as he always does), and has asked
them to stand by him in the. elections and sen,d men to
congress who will aid in the work of winning the. war
and meeting honestly and fairly the problems of recon
struction to follow the conclusion of peace. They will do
it, too.; ... . ... ;,
American guns are firing twenty-five miles on" the
Meuse'lineso Correspondent Ferguson says in his special
cable dispatches to the Capital Journal, today. They are
bigger caliber than the boche guns which fired on Pans,
so we can well understand why the Germans are not anx
ious to have the Yankees get any , nearer their borders.
We may not know how to make war, are the "kids" among
the allies, but just the same we already have the biggest
cannon, strongest airplanes and most effective machine
guns ever employed in war. By the, second anniversary
of our entrance into the war if it continues America
will have the largest effective fighting force on the west
ern front. His military advisers and also Teddy Roose
velt and Senators Chamberlain, Lodge and Poindexter
all told the kaiser that Secretaries Baker and Daniels
couldn't do it but they have.
Everv resident of Salem, who has business ororoDer-
ty interests here, should take out a membership in the
Commercial club and take an interest in making it an
effective instrument in the advancement of all the nat
ural interests of the city. It is doing good work now and
is the center of all our civic and war time activities, but
it can do much more and become a stronger and much
better organization in every respect if all those interest
ed in the city's welfare will help. The present campaign
for members presents a splendid opportunity for those
who have hitherto been identified with the Commercial
club to come in and do their part toward making a big
ger and better capital city. . :t
Governor Withycombe has won fame as a state execu
tive, anyway, and should have a permanent place in his
tory. His administration has spent more money and cre
ated more deficiencies than any other since Oregon was
admitted to the union. He ha3 also made a record in the
management of the state prison, the soldiers home and
flax growing experiment, that the advocates of the gov
ernor's re-election are very loath to discuss.-'
Henry McGinn says he "now knows President Wil
son is a narrow' minded and biased partisan." This, com
ing from Henry, calls to mind the old story about the pot
calling the kettle a black-face. Everyone who knows
Henry is aware that his views are so concentrated that
he can look through a keyhole with both eyes at once
and never disarrange the focus for either. ... '
Undoubtedly whatever the terms of an armistice may
be it is certain to include the withdrawal of all German
troops from Russia and Rufania. It should also provide
that Trotsky and Lenine be forbidden to leave Russian
territory. The Russian people should have some say as
to what is to be done with the betrayers of their nation.
i i i I,
Texas is short of Quinine and so is Mexico. This
handicaps the doctors in dealing with the influenza, and
in consequence it is spreading rapidly throughout Mexico.
At Saltillo 30,000 cases are reported in a population of
' By JaiM Phelps.
Life is habit. Nothing more or less.
Brian Haekett had formed the habit
of considering himself of paramount
importanee. His pleasure, hig comfort,
his entertainment. 80 that when he
vowed to behave himself and eat at
homo, "e felt as if he were a martyr
like those of old. - That there was no
one to appreeiato Ma sacrifice, to toil
him how good he was, took all the zest
from the action.
. He wanted to be patted on the back,
not figuratively, but literally. He
wanted to hear the 'well done" he felt
he deserved. So, altho he wont home
to the delicious dinner Euth had or
dered and Rachel prepared for him, it
was ashes in his moutn. aiu had
finished ,ho smoked a eignr. That too
did not taste right. Perhaps because
Ruth had not lighted-it for him.
Then ho tried to read.
" Trash 1M he muttered, a9 he turned
thejeaves of a late magazine, "How
people expect a fellow to spend aid
time readiug auch stuff, I can't imag
ine." ,
Finally he decided he would take a
walk. That his steps led to the drive,
and that a Washington Square bus hap
pened that moment to pass him, Was
simply a coincident. .
It would kill the time to ride down
and back. Of course he would not got
off the bus. It was a beautiful night
and it would be hard to secure a scat.
Someway the eigar tastod all , right
now, and he puffed away contentedly.
When the bus stopped at the end of the
route, without any conacidus object in
view, almost without volition, he - got
down with the rest of the people.
i wonder if Molhe is at homeT"
ho said to himself, looking in the direc
tion of her studio. Of. course, had ho
intended to see her, he would have
called from the house and found out if
she were at home. But no such thought
had come to him. iiut now that he was
so near it would be a pity not to run
in and see her for jnst a few minutes.
'.Hello, Uriani" Molhe herself op
ened the door. "AIiksIh away again! "
the asked with a comical looknd ac
''i'es, went this afternoon. Up state
somewhere, Whyt,"
Oh , when, the cat's away the
mouse' will pluy. And look up another
mouse to play with him."
"Don't fool yourself." Brian re
plied smiling at her nonsense. "I only
came out tor a rido. I am going
right back.- But I thought if you wera
in, you might feel hurt if I wore io
near and didn't coma in."
"You are pleased to be facetious to
night." r '
"I follow in your lead, fair lady."
80 they chaffed and laughed with,
and at, each other, ' Brian enjoying
himself hugely. Once or twice during
ing the long, short to' him, hours he
spent in the studio, he thought regret
fully of Euth. She wag a good girl
and he was hardly fair. Especially
when he kissed Mollie. But who ceroid
help it? Bhe lookod so provokingly
pretty with hor big checked apron on,
washing' up the- dishca she had made
in preparing a welch rarebit for him.
- He somehow wished Buth would
wear a checked apron and cook thingB
for him at midnight. It would bo ter
ribly jolly. Then he straightway for
got that Buth existed, while Mollie en
tertained him with the gossip of the
village and her own plans for the com
ing fall and winter.
It was after ens' o'clock when he
rose to go.
"I shall have 110 shred of reputation
left if you stay so late," she had. said
to him. "But it is good to have you."
' "And. it is good to come."
Biian really meant it. Mollie had
given him just the adulation for which
his soul hungered. When he described
his lonely dinner with only old Bachel
in the house she condoned with him as
if he had no dinner at all instead of a
delicious one. Who ft he told of the
lonely home to which ho was doomed to
go, she potted him and told him it was
a shame that a domcstie man should
have married a Woman who cared noth
ing for a home.
80 that when Brian again mounted
the bus. he wag in a beatific mood. The
time hud , flown, he had been enter-1
tnined, fussed over, praised and con
soled. What more eould man askf Ar
rived at home, he found Kuth's tohv
"If it wasn't so late I'd send her an
answer," he yawned sleepily. "I'll do
it in the morning, " .then went to bed
to dream of Mollie in a -ehecked apron
making rarebits which cavorted ail
over the table, and which he vainly
trid to eatch.' While, in a hotel, Buth
tossed and torn Wed, sleepless, wonder
ing if he .had received her wire and if
he had spnt the evening at home, or
wjfh Mollie King. '
Tomorrow Brian and Mollie Are
Uuconscions That They Are Watched.
Berger And Associates
Are Oat Oa Bends
Milwauke Wis. Oct. 29. Victor L.
Berger socialist and five other Wiacon
sinsin wirty leads under indictment bv
the federal grand jury ea charge of
violations of the enriionage law were to
day at liberty following , posting of
bonfla with Judge P. A. Geiger I'nited
States district court. Burger furnished
l6f00 bond and the others $5000. 1
Their trial will probably be held dur
ing November, v
" tvisJi it trot hossible fnr erervnttt itikn
( I
suffers from constipation to know about Dr.
CaldweWs 'Syrup PepstK "'It is pleasant to.
the taste, docs not gripe, arid the result is
surer ( From a letter to Dr. Caldwell writ
ten by Mr. R. Laney, Alexandria, La.
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is a com
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quickly, without griping or strain, and is a y
standard family, remedy.
Syrup Pepsin
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by Walt Mason
The Bulgars, slow and stately, consider haste a crime:;
and so it jars them greatly, the way they're making time.
There horror on their faces, there's anguish in their
souls; they hit the higher places, in search of hiding holes.
To men who look on hurry as being tinhorn goods, it
brings a lot of worry to hustle to the'woods. I seem te
hear them yapping in 'dire distress of mind, 1 hear -their
coat tails flappingiid seethe smoke behind.3 The'Turks
are lazy critters, they loathe 'all exercise; they are such
shirks and quitters they will not swat the flies. They
like to sit 'round joshing, in some nice shady spot;; the
while their wives take washing, that garlic may be bought
But, like the Bulgars, lately, they're bulging for the
brush, and oh, it jolts them greatly,-this mad, unseemly
rush! No more the foe they're facing they're tired of ,
that, I guess; they're loping and they're paciner like Dex
ter or Maud S. The .words they use are tinting the aif
around them blue, as they go sprinting, sprinting, the
mountain passes through. Why- doesn't Wilhelm chide
them for such indecent haste, denounce them and deride
them, for showing such poor taste? He has no heart for
preaching to Turks or horse marines; his Huns are alse
leaching the world what sprinting means. "
. With the British in possession of Aleppo they are
getting very near the back door of Constantinople. It is
high time the Turk began throwing up his hands and
shouting the Turkish equivalent for "kamerad", if there
is such an equivalent.
News comes from Switzerland" that "Austria's reply
to President Wilson's note is ready." This may be con-"
sidered a sort of voice from the tombs a national corpse
still speaking. . . ,
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