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The Valley Motor Co.
Front and State Streets
t H t
! Hints for the Motorist
; By Albert L. Clough Eeview of Eeviewi
Copyright, 1917, by The International Syndicate.
The Temperature Regulating Thermostat.
CHE THERMOSTAT USED In these water temperature regulating de
vices U usually of the vapor type and consists of a small vessel partly
filled with gasoline or some other volatile liquid, which is closed
vapor tight, by a flexible diaphragm. This vessel Is exposed to the
circulating water, either by being placed In the water space over the
cylinders or in a by-pass to the radiator which allows a small but free cur
rent of the" hottest water to flow around it.- So long as the water tem
perature surrounding the thermostat is below the boiling point of the
liquid within it very little vapor is formed and there is practically no vapor
pressure exerted upon the diaphragm to distort it. When, however, the
' water temperature reaches the boiling point of the Uquid in the thermostat, .
vapor is rapidly formed and pressure begins to act upon (he diaphragm to
an extent increasing with the temperature rise, distorting the diaphragm,
the movement of which is communicated to a rod, the motion of which can
be utilized to open or to close a valve, as conditions may require, or to
open the' slats of a shutter typo of radiator shield. The elasticity e the
diaphragm returns it to its original position upon the cessation of vapor
pressure occasioned by the cooling of the jacket water and performs the
reverse action upon the valve or the radiator shutter. By using liquids rf
various bolllng'polnts in the thermostat, the temperature at which It begins
to act can be altered.
O. M, Ii. writes: I am covering a
milk route with a Ford car and have
(0 to 60 deliveries to make on each
trip. Several dealers are 'urging nvb
to trade in my car and buy one of
theirs, but all of these have sliding
gear transmissions, with the opera
tion of which I am unfamiliar.
Would the three speed sliding gear
prove a benefit or a drawback in my
Answer!- If jour roulo Includes
many grades or crowded tralHc eon
' dtlions, which force you to use the
low goar of your present car for con
siderable distances, you might nave
some time by using Instead the sec
ond speed of, a three t.peed car, but
as to siurting, after making; your
numerous stops, your present car re
quires many less control motions
than would a three speed car. At
each start, with your present car,
owe . motion of the hand and two
with the foot are required whllo,
with a three speed car, to put it into
high gear would require four hand
motions and six foot motions, if all
'the gears wore gone through. At
very (stop, with yuur present car,
ne act ot the hand and one of the
OMcifion 0 general interest to molurlnts mill be answered in this
column, space permitting. Address Albert L. Clough, care of thie office.
Mr. Business
Ao t mtfnM -C ' . ... ..m...
j I. .1 ' 1 l in th North End i honoveombed with tight to recover for the benefit of the
SilOUlCI COnSUlt the JOUrnal SiU and caverns, which. wake it school children of the state large hold
. . . . (practically impossible to unearth the iims of land which he has evidence to
Inh Dpnrrn-ionf Vof rr. r1sinrr !men ccnd'uctiivf the lotteries. This was show were obtained from the state
IOO ICparirneni UerOre piaCing ("h0 first the pi.lie knew ,.f an under-1 through fraud, when the chief execu
your printing-we are satisfying
Salem's leading firms put us
en your calling list. Phone 8 1
Gars for D
We still have a few new Overland cars for immed
iate delivery, but the supply is limited.
Also have new trucks in 1-ton, 2-ton, 3 1-2-ton and 5
ton capacities See them now on the floor.
Used Tractors
We have a few used tractors as good as new that
will be sold at liberal reductions. Have a Sampson in
A-l shape also a Russell tractor just overhauled.
Fordson tractors scarce and
foot are required while, with a three
speed car, two acts of the hand and
one of the foot are necessary.
Whether the additional fatlque upon
yourself, the extra wear and tear
upon the transmission and the lose
of time Involved in getting on to the
regular running speed, with the slid
ing gear' car, would more than offset
the advantages which three speeds
would afford, In your particular
case, we do not know.
W, R. M. usk.si After about how
many miles service Bhould the rear
tires be changed to the front wheels
and vice versa? 1 find that most
motorists do this. Wine is a now
car with the original tires on It,
Answer: No rigid rule can be
given. When the non-skid rubber o
tho rear ,U res has pretty well worn
away and the treads are beginning
to become thin, it Is a good time to
make the change as, by giving the
rear tires n chnngo to the easier
service met with at front, the com
plete wearing through of their treads
and tho exposure of the fabric to
road wear will be somewhat de
terred. .'
UI CWUUUlUy VUU!R.iir'e to.lnv explained that Chinatown
hard to get
Elbert Thompson, Mgc
Shipworkers Have Indorsed
Pierce For Governor
Walter M. Pierce .was indorsed as a
candidate for governor by the Paciric
Coast Marino District council, which in
cludes all wooden shipworkers, at H
meeting held Saturday night. The an
nouncement was niado Tuesday after'
noon. . rue council adopted the following
slogan to bo used in its campaign for
tho election of Pierce "Unless the work
ers put Pierce iu for governor oor gov
ernor will put in a pierce for tho work
ers. - '
Portland, Or., Oct. 26. Two chorus
girls and a chorus man stranded by
the influenza epidemic today occupy
frte rooms in the county jail.
The girls trlatiys Valles and Mild
red Fitzhonry are- crarged with rob
bing Mike Markich of $1000 worth of
postal savings certificates. Steve Val
lanie i charged with failing to regis
ter. . Ti
The girls admi tted taking Markich 'a
suitcase from a room adjoining theirs
in a hotel and cutting it open, They
said they did it to get money to send
Vallanie to San Francisco.
Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 20. Officers at
Camp Lewis expressed great regret to
day over the death of Major Alexander
Cronklute, who accidentally shot
himself through the heart while at
target practice yesterday. Death came
almost immediately after a bullet from
45 caliber automatic pistol entered
his breast, . ,
Major Cronkhite was a son of Ma
jor Gejierul A. (Jronkhite, in command
of the 80th division in France, tie
was with the 213th engineers.' '
Knn Francisco, Oct. 20 The Twelfth
federal reserve district has oversub
scribed its liberty loan quota by about
$25,000,000, those in charge of the dis
trict campaign said today.
Every town and county in the dis
trict went over the ton. Exact totals
are not yet compiled.
Oakland, Citl., Oct. 26. Resumption
of work on the Liberty shipyards in
Alameda is not likely, said Rear Ad
miral H. 11. Rousseau, I'. S. N., who is,
here today on an inspection trip.
Work on O'e shipyards, whieh were
designed to build army transports, was
stopped several days ago nfter -the
government had spent $',300,000.
L. J. fltapin, representing the Salem
King Products C o., was aerc Friday
Tin stated Unit tho Marion County Coin
HlmuMu ill li held t Hnlem. thn second
week iu-December, under the auspices
of the Salem Commercial Club. In spite
Lf !.., ,ir.. ,. the cm-,, viebi.
V and HualHy of Marion county 1, , the
;bet ever, and the show will bo ike -
j............ , ..... v ; the expenses of the litiKiitton and was
the sao a3 lust year. Cora products' doiug all he COuld t0 keep the case
will all have a prominent place in tho,frnm bejng S(luelched tbe governor
i premium list. If you are interested,
write I.. J. t Itapin, Miiem, uregon.
Aurora Observer.
Lotteries Flourish In
Portland Police Assert
I'ortland, Or., Oct. 26. Faced with
the 'assertion that two dozen lottery
I samoa are flourishing in Portland, the
te-round V IllliatOWll. " "
I ..... . . :J
Hhtyai woracrs, i 1 on-
SueudW their readv money 011 the' h.uij uw iUIiib 01 urrBon hi
lotteries, where thousand,, of dollars!1? tnte wttr cf proposed coasoll-
iehauge hands weekly. Chinatown .-here
ivers an-area about" ten blocks square
Journal Wast Ads Pay
.-- ; - I
Portland, Ore. Not only would the
state' consolidation commission, ap
pointed by Governor Withycombe, and
which recently made public Its report,
make the office ef Secretary of State
appointive by .the' governor, but it.
would also deprive the voters of the
privilege of electing a State Treas
urer, a Superintendent of Public In
struction and an Attorney-General.
The only offices which would be left
elective are those ot Governor and
State Auditor, a new office to be cre
ated. All others would be made ap
pointive. Before these changes could be made,
it is pointed out, the constitution
would have to be amended. But the
commission finds that the state con
stitution is very much antiquated and
recommends that, In the near future,
a constitutional convention should be
called "in order that a systematic over
hauling of the framework of the state
government may be made."
When all the elective offices are
abolished and the governor Is given'
power to fill them by appointment, the
commission also recommends that he
should have authority to remove any
official at his pleasure without cause.
I: This recommendation. Is made, the
' commission points out, so that the
governor might have political control
at all times.
; "Heads of the principal state ad
ministrative' departments and possibly
one chief deputy In each department,"
says the report, "should be subject to
political control through removal at
any time without cause, in accordance
with Oregon laws of 1915, Chapter
834." ,
The chief reason assigned for want
ing to make all the state offices ap
pointive is given as follows: 1
j i "It would relieve the voter of a bur
, den which be is not qualified to bear."
' Those who give the least thought to
the commission's recommendations,
also see where, if they were adopted,
they would place in the hands of the
governor power to build the prettiest
political machine that was ever seen
in this state, which In the past has
had experience with some rather fancy
political machines.
Other far reaching effects might be
expected to follow if .all state officials
were made answerable to the governor
instead of to the people. The experi
ence of Attorney-General Brown in
power case is cited as an illustration. '
That case had been carried on appeal
t0." 8 V. t6.d ,Stat.e9 8UP.reme. ou.rt'
The issue was clearly one in which the
great water power interests were on
one side and the rights of the publlo
on the other! i
Governor. WithycoiSbe ordered Attorney-General
Brown to intervene in
behalf of thV water power Interests.
The attorney general did not approve
throwing th3 influence of his office
against the rights of the public and
In favor of a' great water power mon
opoly. But he bad been oVdered to in
tervene by the governor. So what did
he do? He merely filed in the United
States supreme court the governor's
letter to hint directing him to inter
vene. He filed no brief or petition
of his own writing, aud the court and
the public knew the attorney general
was not in sympathy with the gover
nor's stand. "
But if the attorney general, as the
governor's consolidation commission
proposes, had been an appointive crea
ture of the governor he would have
been compolled to resort to any tactics'
the governor requested to aid the
water power monopoly and defeat the
interests of the public iu the water
powers of the state.
The governor and attorney general
also were on opposite sides when the
governor stood with those who were
trying to block the government in its
tight to recover the Oregon & Califor
nia railroad grant lauds. The attorney
general stood on the side of the peo
ple and for recovering the millions of
acres which the railroad company had
held for years in violation of its cov
enant with the government.
But if he had been an appointive
creature of the governor, subject to
removal at the pleasure of the chief
executive without cause or for political
reasons, he could not be an independ
ent legal adviser of the state.
Similar influence from a chief exec
utive, who would stoop to use the
power of his office for political pur
poses or to serve private interests,
would alse have a baleful effect upon
other important state officials.
If the attorney general had been
subject to control by the governor, the
Pacific Livestock Company land fraud
case, in which 20.000 acres are in
volved, would undoubtedly have been
' ordered dismissed Ions aw. As It is
the attorney general feels confident!
fhat he will recover a" large body of
,anl whk'h wil1 rtch the state com-
! nrnpy '
, f.ghtlng for approprilltlou to pay
was seeking to have the case dis-
missed. The governor sought to have
the state land board order tbe case
dismissed. The board declined to take
action. . He then said he would order
it dismissed If Secretary of State Ol
cott would join with State Treasurer
Kay in giving a vote of approval. Ol
cott refused, and the case was Hot
dismissed. . .
Hut if the attorney general had been
1 an appointee of the governor be Would
have been in ncUosition to make a
I uumrau, uuiuuig, in
Irtlil . . .
uiu ip.n.nm uiwiius
l ", - - .
. i UH. C. J. SMITH.
. We are pleased to announce that we have a direct Factory Contract on Re
public Tires for Marion and Polk counties and part of Linn county. These
tires are guaranteed for 5000 miles and there is nothing better made today
in the tire industiy.
All replacements and adjustments are made by us. Our policy since.open- '
ing business in Salem has been on the lines of courteous treatment and lib
erality toward our customers, which has succeeded and we purpose carrying
out the same policies on Republic Tires. We want every car owner in our
territory to thoroughly investigate this HONEST built tire. We carry them
in all sizes and enlarging our stock every few days. Plain Treads, Rib Treads, '
Staggard Treads and Cords. , -
Salem Automobile Co.
Distributors for Republic Tires, Chevrolet and
San Francisco, Oct. 26. Six German
were destroyed by their crows in
I V, J J". , , l-i.- J
August following a series of allied sue-
cesses on tho western front, according
to Louig Falk, American editor, who,
reached San Francisco today from the
South American republic. South Am
erican Huns, he said, were - panicky
over German reverses. ; ' u v .
Revolt is Keported
-Basel, Switzerland, Oct. 26.Vienna
newspapers aro. publishing articles rel
ative to preparations for demobilizing
the army, Ono newspaper says, that
two infantry regiments stationed at
Karlowitz have revolted, Karlcwitz is
a village in Croatialavonia, Hungary
Letters To Soldiers
Just to make it clear as to'how 1-et-lors
should bo addressed to soldiers, the
following form is shown. This sample
address is sent out by the Washington
p'ostnl officials and approved by .army
authorities. Here is tho form for the
address and also tlvj return address:
From . '
Mrs. John Doe,
' 79 Bob Street,
Saloni, Oregon. ' - '
Sergeant John K. Doe,
Co. D, 93d Infantry,
American Expeditionary Force
Complaints are being received by
postal authorities that letters have not
boon delivered to soldiers. If the wri
ter would place tho .return address on
tliw upper left hand corner of the en
velope, then if. the soldier cannot be lo
cated, tha letter will bo returned to the
ships were destroyed by their crows in I If a a t . 4 4 . 4
Di - ifJ
I Wecanstopthatleak
and repair your punctured tires as good as new
" "'"' '"."vith.'dur' system of - r;"" "7r-
Increase the life of your tires by sending them to
us when they are in need of repairing.
We are able to guarantee our work because we know
from experience that it stands the test of wear. You
will be agreeably surprised with the result both as
to the workmanship and the price.
177 S. Comercial ,
Canita! journal Want Ads Will Get You What You Waal
Scripps Booth Cars.
Phone 428
Tire Shop
f (