Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 22, 1918, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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If AG 5
Ve continue to give you merchan
dise of the BEST QUALITY at the
Our old customers know this to be a fact. Just a
little investigation will convince any one that it is
right ;
It is to your interest to prove it.
Percales , . . . . . ............ 17c, 20c, and 29c Yard
Ginghams . . ....... . . . 25c, 29c, 35c and 39c Yard
Kiddie cloth -29c Yard
Outing Flannel . ...... - -29c Yard
naneiette . ....... . v.. ... i ............ 29c Yard
Cheviot Shirtings . . '. . '. . ... i ... A ...... . -29c Yard
Cretonnes ........ 25c, 29c, 45c, 49c, and 65c Yard
Siikoiines -25c Yard
Yon Should Not Overlook Our Shoes
: FHsoriALs ; :
p - .
E. A. McCornaok,- U.,8. Q. M. .0., ia
tegistcred at the Bligh from JEugoue.
; W. S. Burnett of Pondloton is in the
pity; -
, W, M. Smith, superintendent of coun
ty school, end W. I. Htaley are today
organizing towns and certain' school
districts in the county for ithe coming
Vnlted'war fund drive.
, II, A. Wood a nulla merchant, was
In tho city yesterday. , .
, Mrs. M. h. Fulkcrson, school super
visor, is at Gold Beach attending a
teachers Institute.
' Mrs. Charles M. Foskc'tt' of Chicago,
kfltor a visit of several day liere and
at Cottage Grovo, left yostorduy for
her home, expectinjf to stop in Salom
nd'Bpokano for visits with friends.
Bhe'was accompanied to Salem by Mrs.
Laura Paine. Mrs, Foskett was former
ly Mrs. W. H. Abrams. Eugene Hog
iater. Felix Qouled, a Now Yorker army con
tractor, hag been found guilty of en
Raging in a conspiracy to defraud the
government. ' ' .'s..- ; "
liuveiuur and Mr it. J. Manning of South Carolina have just added another
service star to thetr flag making" a total of six Five are "already in France
and the sixth, the youngest, has just J .ined the colors
Your Eyes
ii I -J
- I
- .'
LI A. LIcCULLOCH, Optcsctrist,
Bank of Commerce Bldg.
.1 MIX
Salem Soldiers Express
Thanks For Tohacco
Those who co-operated with the Cap
ital Journal several . months ego in
sending kits of tobacco to the boys in
Franco, may feel that their efforts
were well appreciated. 1
Tentorday three cards were received
from the boys who happened to be for
tunate in receiving .the tobacco, each
thanking thoir friends for tho romom
branco. Ralph B. Baird, a member of tho lo
cal Elks lodgo writes: 'Must a few
linos to,, express ( appreciation and
thanks for the kit of tobacco sent our
force through, the Capitol Journal It
was a great treat as no tobacco can be
purchased. The boys are certainly en
joying it." ' " -
Arthur S. Cole, another1 Salem Elk
writes: ' fTthank you for your gift and
appreciate your kindness. This is the
grandest gift I have over received."
Harry Tucker, also an Elk writes. '"I
thank you very much for the tobacco
kit, It In very much appreciated- It
i helps make life more pleasant in the
trenches ' -
Journal Want Ads Pay
May or may not be alike.
You may and you may
not need glasses. The
only way to find out is
to nave them Carefully
examined. Then if you
need glasses buy them;
If you don't you'll be
frankly told so. In any
event you will be fairly
All Around Town I
Oct. 23. Election of Directors
Willamette Chapter, Bed Cross. "
Oet 27- Bun day. At night,
torn the time back one hour.
Nov. 6. Election day.
"Toe funeral oeautifnl."Webl ft
dough Co. tf
'The best'
death cornea.
Phone 120.
Is Q yon can bo when
Call Webb Clough Co
it. o
The postal receipts of tbs Salem post
office for September were 112,745.50.
for the county outside of Salem the
receipts were $11,197.82.
Dr. C. Hartley, dentist, Moore build
ing, 407 Court St. Painless filling and
extractdn. Pyorrhea. tf
' ' 0 "
Dr. Bete iik has now returned from
hit vacation, and he extends a cordial
invitation to his patrons end friends
to visit his institution. tf
A marriage licenoj Was issued yes
terday to Joseph George Hatter of
Bcottg Mills, age 24, a laborer, and
Miss Kuth At. Kobinson, age 18. a stu
dent of Scotts Mills.
L 0. Dawson, who had his leg broken
whilo loading stoel from the old
bridge about the first of the month,
and who has been in Willamette sani
tarium, has so far recovered that he
has been able to return to his home at
Public stenographer. Patricia Graf,
first door south of Salem Bank of
Commerce, 124 South Liberty street.
Phone 937.
Dr. O. B. Miles, city health officer,
roports nothing especially new in the
inf luonza situation in the city. Thore
are a few new cases and about an
equal number that have recovered from
slight attacks. No serious cases are re
ported. , . : (,, ,
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Sproed of
Cherry Ave. wish to express their great
appreciation to the kind friends and
neighbor! who have, assisted them in
the sickness and death of their son,
John. , ' ,
Marriage licenses may only be issued
iu-tho eounty in which the prospective
bride lives. About every so often Miss
McOee, who issues the licenses in the
couutv clerks offico is obliged to dis
appoint folks and this was true this
morning whon an expectant Portland
couple stopped up to the desk and
made the all important announcement
that a license was wanted. After learn
ing that tho birdo lives in Portland,
all she could do was to advise then to
return to Multnomah county to se
cure the lieense. They did. ;
It seems that women who have had
experience in nursing are a little back
ward about sending in thoir names to
Miss Grace Taylor, at Red Cross head
quarters in the U. 8. National bank.
The government has asked a census of
nurses who have cither graduated or
have had experience not for army soir
vice,' but 'for local needs such eg tho
present. All work will be paid for.tt'his
is not an appeal for froe sorvice but
jiiat an etrort to get we names oi an
nurses in aho two counties. Signing the
questionnaire does not imply govern
mont service of auy kind.
Mrs. H. .J. Wenderoth received , I
(ublesram this morning from her broth
ir, Cnptain Phil. J. Kcizcr, in Fiance
that road ns follows: "Well. Report
mistake. Everything fine.' This
cablegram was most wolcome newg to
Mrs. Wenderoth as on Sept. 8 te govern
ment, reported that .Captain Keizor had
been killed in action July 23. He is
with the 301,i Euginoors' gas and flame
regiment ,onlisting from Marshfield. Ho
was woth .lie first gas and flame rogi
mont that left this country for France.
Lieutenant Paul Wallace has been
slightly wounded whilo in action at teh
front. A cablegram wa8 received yester
day by relatives from Lieutenant Wal
lace with thig information and also .ihe
fact that there was no need of worry.
It road: "Stigtly wounded. Don't
woory." Ho left with Company M over
r i o
The barracks in the science build
ing of Willamette universiity are fully
equipped and all members of the S. A.
T. 0. are now being taken care of in
the barracks. Just at present, during
the influenza, no soldiers are permit
tod to go off the campus, and to date,
none are suffering from the "flu."
After the danger is over, the young
soldiers will be on regulation army
hours which means arising at 6:30 and
in the barracks at 7.15 in the evening,
unless they have a pass and even then
they must be in by 10 o'clock. Satur
day evening the boys are permitted
a "little more liberty and if they live
in Salem may pass the night ait home
o a special pass. Tho hour for getting
in Saturday nightu is 11 o'clock, ,
Dr. D. A. Timiesi, of Pendleton,
member of the Salem Elks lodgo, wrl.s
his friends hero that he has recently
been given a commission as captain in
the medical corps and that h0 would
shortly leavo for Camp Lewis. Dr. Ta-
micst u well know,, in Salem as for sev
eral year8 ho was with the Oregan State
hospital befor0 being transferred 4 the
stato hospital at Pendleton. He also en
closed a check for his Elk dues but it
was returned to hm as all dues of mem-
bers in the service have been remitted! ty may do its share, W. M. Smith eoun has resigned, according to Vienna news
until af er the close of te war, ej superintendent, has made arrange- -papers. -
Edmund Aldrich is now in oversea
service having safely arrived on the
otlrer side. He is the son of he $cv.
and Mrs. H. N. Aldrich and i8 with
Company K of the Fourth Engineers.
. 0
James McClelland Jr. has recently
been transferred from Camp Dick, Tex.,
to Augusta, Oa. He is in the aviation
o -
last night the mercury in the gov
ernment's official thermometer dropped
down to the 37 notch, the coldest since
the night of April 26. At 8 o'clock .hi,
morning it had only reached 38. With
a maximum of 58 yesterday, it was the
coldest day since May 20.
All those who were loaned flags by
Paul Stege for Elks day at the state
fair are requested to return them to Mr.
S ege as he has been individually
charged with every flag that he loaned
for the occasion.
No word was received today regard
ing th0 condition of E. E. Baker who is
ill of pneumonia at Camp Lewis. Mr.
r. , ...... . . :
rsancr icit eaiem several months ago
as a private and has recently been pro
moted t0 sergcanr.
Just as a matter of time economy In
the post offico, the public has Men
asked to purchase the larger denomi
nations of stamps in sending letters
and packages. That is, do not use three
ones in sending a lettor nor several
stamps for a package that requires a
ten cent stamp. This is asked just as
a matter or economy.
Announcement is made again that
the limit on one issue of wa savings
stamps is $1000 and not the first limit
of $100. This information is given out
in order that thoee who wish to invest
in the 1919 issue may know that $1000
is the limit for one person.
Two Salem meiTare among those re
ported wounded at the front. Cap.flin
R. C. Wygant was severely wounded in
the leg during one of the late Ameri
can drives in France and is now in a
Red Cross hospital hear Paris. He was
oergeant in Company M whon on theanM- 108 court nolas tnM "e does not
Mexican border and lator was commis-l c?"ne VJ provisions of the em-
sioned captain or engineers. i'rancis
Marion Phelps, also a Salem man, was'
seriouslv wounded. His next of kin isl
Mrs. Lillie Phelps.
About 90 cases of influenza have de
veloped a4 tho State training school for
boys.. The handling of so many cases
is difficult on account of te scarcity of
nurses, onily four being on duty. All
but two of the regular officers of the
school ar0 ill. As yet none of the
cases hav developed into pneumonia,
Emanuel Northup Jr., age 18, Is dead
at Eugene of pneumonia. He was a
member of the Students Army Training
Corps and had been ill since Sept. 13
His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel
Northup, were at his bedside at the
time of his death. Mr. Northup is dean
of men and professor of mathematics at
McMmnvillo college.
.Because of the prevalence of Influ
enza, Q. G. Brown, dork of the state
land board, was given permission to
day by the board to postpone his trip
to San Francisco for 10 days or two
weeks. Ho expects to take to San Fran
cisco certain records of his office wkich
the attorneys for the Paelfu Livestock
company, defendant in a land fraud
suit brought by the state, wish to have
H. A. Curry, a general agent of the
Bradstreet's agency is in the city check
ing over ratings and especially taking
note of tho firms that have gone out
of business during the past year. It is
understood thore have been .but few
failures in the Willamette valley the
.past yar, but quite a number of small
business houses have gono out of bnsi
iness on account of changing conditions
and high markets.
The canning season is now over and
thofo who failed to put up ,'heir win
ter's fruit ar0 now barred from canning
as no sugar permits will hereafter be is
sued. Orders from the national food
administration said that all canning in
general (.iiuuld b8 over by Out. 20 and
(hat after that date, no sugar canning
permits would be issued. County food
administrator Lockwood did not receive
hig orders until this morning. Hence
those who applied yesterday were given
permits, 78 in number. Saturday last,
127 poruut8 were issued all or which in
dicates a loJ of people in tho county
will be disappointed. The food admin
istration as given no advance notice
that Oct. 20 would be the l8t "day for :
canning permits. I
W. S. Walton has received from his
brother, Major Leo A. Walton, a
large panoramlo picture of Camp;
Brooks, San Antonio, Texas. It ig now
on exhibition at Watt Bhipp's store.
Major Walton, who graduated .from;
West Point three years ago, ia now in
charge of to aviation branch of service
at Brooks' field, which has inado cnvi
abel record from the fact that but one
death from airplane accident has oc
curred there among the very largo
number of avia ors trained. Youiijj
Walton has had an active career, hav
ing seen service in Mexico with General
Pershing's expedition as cavalry officer
before the outbreak of the war with
Germany. Before his West Point days
as a Salem boy ho was employed by Jho
Watt Shipp company, and wag for a
time in Ladd & Bush's bank. -
"The war department must have BOO
tons of pits and nut shells each day
in order to meet the demands for gas
masks." This is the information being
sent out everywhere by the war do-
parhnent, Ia order that it an on eoun
Dr. M. L Poaeroy .
. Dies Ia Portland
- A telephone message was re-
ceived at 3 o'clock this after-
noon, by W. J. Kearth, of 720
iv'orth Commercial, with the sad
news of the death of Dr. M. E.
Pomerey this afternoon at St
Vincent', hospital in Portland
It was last week that Dr.
Pomeroy went to Portland to
attend the funeral services of
. her brother. The following day
she was stricken with an attack
of pneumonia. Saturday even-
ing her husband, C. T, Pomeroy
received work of her serious ill-
ness and left immediately. " .
' Tuesday afternoonv she was
thought to. be, recovering and
, Mr. Pomeroy, returned home. He "
ak had barely arrived here when
he received a message that his
wife's illness was again sen-
Besides her - husband, she is
survived by her son, Dr. Roy -
Pomeroy, who is in the navy
service in France, ,, with the
rank of lieutenant.
Award Of $20,000 Damages
Against Hardware Firms
Will Stand.
yerdict of the circuit court for Mult
nomah county awarding Thomas Malloy
a-judgment of $20,000 against the Marshall-Wells
Hardware company for in
juries he received while employed as
barn boss for the company waB affirm
ed .today in an opinion writtodvby-Justice
Harris and handed down "by the
supreme court. This is ther second time.
the court; has passed on the case and
f firmed the verdiot.
Today's opinion, 'however, reverses
the lower court in that it dismisses
the action against R. A. Camp, who
was superintendent for the company
ana was named as one of the defend-
- r " , , ,
.""' J' "'jurea wnuo worung in
he.lt)ft .of th bar"' A.roP and tackle
broke, throwing him through an open
hatchway. '.
Justice. Burnett dissents from the
portion of the opinion relating to tho
form of a bill of exceptions, but he
concurs in the result reached by Jus
tice Harris, , . . . '
Other opinions were handed .down
as follows: , '
B. E. I. Brown, appellant vs. John
Sheecly; appoaled from Benton; action
in roplevin to recover possession of
87 head of cattlo; opinion by Justice
Burnett; Circuit Judge Skipworth af
firmed. ' .
St. Helens Lumber company, appel
lant vs P. T. Evans; appealed from
Columbia; suit to collect debt; opin
ion by Justice Olson; Circuit Judge
Eakin affirmed.
State vs. S. M. Moris, appellant;
appealed from'tJrook; appeal from con
viction of larceny of horse; opinion
by Chief Justice McBride; Circuit
Judge Duffey affirmed.
Emma A Smith and Mary J. Colo ap
pellants vs J; F. Booth, et al., appealed
from Multnomah; suit to recover real
property alleged to have been taken
through false pretenses; opinion by
Justice Benson; Circuit Judge Gatens
af if rmed. t
mcnts by which tho pits may be sent
to the schools in every rural district.
In Salem; they- may be sent to the
court house, to thi public library or
placed in the barrel at State and Lib
erty streets. The caution is given that
shells must be thoroughly dried and
washed. Moist shells may spoil a largo
The Home Service section of the Bed,
Cross has carevl for several cases the
past week that probably would have
not been properly handled had it not
been for the efforts of the women in
charge of this all important work.
Within tho past few days, a girl who
was driven from her home was placed
in congenial surroundings. The wife of
a man now in the service wa3 stranded
in Tacoma without funds. Her case
was taken up by the Home Service
section of Tacoma, brought to the at
tention of the local home service and
arrangements were mado by which she
is now with her paroivts near the city.
Work was obtained for the wives of
two soldiers in the service and in an
other ease, the home service section
made arrangements for the care of a
child while the mother worked. The hus
band is in the service. It was jusa a
few days ago that the wifo of an en
listed man was returned to her folks
in Indiana, And thus the work goes
on from day to day.
Victor Benson Goes
. Into Limited Service
Victor Benson, a man found at Sil-
verton with no final classification card
was today sent by Sheriff W. I. Need
hnm to Vancouver for limited service.
Benson figured out that as long as
he had his blue registration eard, that
he was all right as he was moving
around con-siderably. He had failed to
respond to tho order to report for a
physical examination, nor did he sign
and send in his questionaire. He felt
that as he wandered about the regis
tration card would save him. He did
not know that the old registration card
is of no avail now-a-days, but that
every man must have his final class
ification card, excepting those who reg
istered Sept. 12 of this year.
Baron Burian. tho Austrian nremicT.
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v . . . ,
PTJBVlNE. At her homo at the Lin
coin -road, about five miles from Sa
lem, Oct. 21, 1918, Mrs. J. Jr. Purvme.
Death was due to an attack of in
fluenza followed bv pneumonia.
cBsidcs her husband, sho is survived
by a son, Lovell.
Tho funeral sorvices . will be held
Wednesday morning from the chapel of
the Eigdon company.
DUNN. At vhe Deaconess Hospital,
Oct. 20, 1918, George W. Dunn, Jr., at
the age of 48 years. " His parents live
6n Howell Prairie. -
Th funoral services will be held en
Wednesday afternoon from the Bigdon
chapel. ; Burial will be in the Pioneer
cemetery. ' , ' '
Mr. Dunn had been in business for
several years in Oklahoma and having
recently disposed of his interests, de
cided to visit his parents. He had been'
home only two days when his death on-
curred, from an a'.itaek of pneumonia.
He had a slight attack before leaving
for the west. ' ' .
Plan For Recruiting
Officers Is Changed
Washington,' Oct. 22. Recruiting of
officers for the array hereafter will be
centralized. The new uprsoniiol branch
of the general s.iaff under General
Bishop will establish bureaus in all big
cities and through theso . all require
ments of the army will be filled.- -
This service will take care of all
branches and hereafter no direct appli
cations for commissions will be consi
dered through te staff corps. At the
sfeme fime, pressure in Washington will j
bo relieved.
Tho plan is meeting wilh some opposi
tion in tho various branches. Many of
ficers nold that each sectionof the army
should retain its own personnel section
as in the past, tholding that one central
ized bureau can not judge as thoroughly
of the needs of several bureaus and the
qualifications of men applying.
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