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We have these useful articles for you yet at old time low prices, which you will
be sure to appreciate: ,
FACE TOWELS .12c, 15c 18c and 25c each
WHITE BATH TOWELS ; 12 l-2c, 20c and 25c each
FANCY BATH TOWELS 25c, 35c, 49c, 59c and 69c each
BATH SETS-which make exceptionally GOOD USEFUL GIFTS. There are
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a ...
4 . ' . j, - . a. J. l
: personals' :
B. W. Macy who has beon in San
Francisco on legal business will re.urn
linno Sunday evening.
Miss Eva M. Cox and Mrs. Frank Bj
erly of Falls City were Salom visitor
J. W. McDonald of Bond is registered;
t the Bligh. .
Mrs. C. E. Knowland and daughtor
re visiting in Albany
, . a i ,
, Joe Bhigwald is, in Franco with
Company F( 9th' depot battalion signal
orps. In a letter addressed to his
truthcr and sister hero he tells of his
exporienevs in crossing the Atlan.io. He
Write ti.at for the first day ho felt fine
tut that a little later be leaned over
Mi ruling with all tli0 rest of the boys.
AIm . ilk, others, he niissed several
In regard to tho work of the V. At.
C. A.) ho writes; "Some people do not
uphold the Y. M. C. A. but lot m0 tvll
you the Y. M. C. A. and K. of C. are
ear Mainly doing the great est social work
Hut van be done hero and I urge each
f yon to back them up. . Tho Y. M. 0.
A. and K. of C. work toeother hore as
Iho Y M. C, A. permit? priosts to say!
piass in tlivij- buildings."
John Howard Payne, immortalized himself in his song,
it is stud he wrote the words, while he was dying, far from home and friends.
The environment of home, appealed to him, as it has to others, with a strong
yearning under those circumstances. Even death's sorrows are mitigated by
the refined surroundings of "Hdme."
We are absolutely the only ones in Salem who"of f er such inducements. A
. special Guest Room for man or woman, compelled to remain over night, for
' which no charge is made. And those entrusted to our care are absolutely never
left alone. Mrs. Terwilliger gives her personal care to all ladies and child
ren and we assure you that, , when entrusted to us they will have all the at
tention and care that they would receive in a private home; v
1 envilfiger Fune:
770 Chemeketa Street, Salem, Oregon. ' - '
License No. 172 - License No. 270 .
Final Effort This Evening
To Complete Salem's Quota
One final effort will be made this
evening to secure pledges whereby Ha
lorn will have the honor of going over
tho top.
In order to aid those who wish to
increase their subscriptions as well as
those who have been negligent and
put it off to the last minute, all banks
in the city will, be open this evening
from six until eight o'clock for the
purpose only of receiving liberty loan
, The executive committee announces
that no effort will bo mado to secure
more than Salem's quota. There is a
fooling that with the city now within
'4),000 of tho mark-,-that enough pa
triotic citizen will rally this evening
to save the name of the capital city.
The time for soliciing has passed and
now wjth but a ftw hours before the
limit when subscriptions may be ro;
ccivod, tho workers, have passed it up
to the people.
. There is a fooling of confidence that
tho people of Salom this evening will
do the right thing and that the city
will have the honor of having its name
inscribed with those that went over
tho top in the fourth liberty loan, .
Borne, Oct. 18.-1- Fresldont Wilson's
reply to Germany completely agreis
wi.li Italian views, it was officially an
nounced today. ' ,
- i . ' , i ,ivi-.
ft! f
KAPLI. Mrs. Laura Es.ella Kapli
died Oct. 9, 1918, at Gainesville, Fla.
Mrs. Kapll was known in and around
I Salem as Miss LauraSavago,sho was born
in 1898, at tho time of her death she was
twonty ymars and one month old. She
came . to Oregon - at the age of one
month win the parents and had spent
tho greater.' part of her life in and
around Snlem. She was the daughter
of Mrs. Jessie Knapke and grandchild
of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Gosncr who reside
six niilCf) east of Salem. Miss Savage
was married to Charley L. Kapli Dec. 8,
1017, In Columbia, S. C. She leaves be
sides ' a sorrowing husband a mother,
father, Harry L. Savage brother, Ray
mond L, Savage, two little half-brothers
and a half-sister; uncles, aunts, and
hosts of frronds she had made through
hor sunny disposition to mourn her loss.
Asleep in Jesus blessed sloep from
whiclnone over wake to weep. .
London, Oct. 19. Advices
Bolgian sources tonight declared
Brussels has been "military eva
cuated" by the Gormans.
"Home Sweet Home."
if Rl M
.: - v :;- , :
All Around Town!
Oct 19. Last day of regis
tering for city election.
Oct. 23. Election of Directors
Willamette Chapter, Bed Cross.
Oet 27 Sunday. At night,
turn the time back one hour.
Nov. 6. Election day.
"Taa funeral
Clough Co.
.Webb ft
'The best'
death comes.
Phone 129.
la all j cm can do when
Call Webb Clough Co.
Dr. C. Hartley, dentist, Moors build
ing, 407 Court St. Painless filling and
extractin. Pyorrhea. tf
Wanted We need 100 women to
work in the preparatory department.
Good wages and steady work all win
ter. Apply at once Salem King's fro
ducts Co., Front St. 10-19
Will ship all Mnds of livestock Tues
day, October 22. Will pay the highest
market price possible. Phone G. W.
Eyre, 2206JI evenings. t 10-19
-o- -
Will sell at a bargain property on
5th and Hood. Inquire ef A. G. Carl,
424 18th St. or at R. D. Gilbert & Co.
o- "
Dr. Bchenk has now returned from
his vacation and he extends a cordial
invitation to his patrons and friends
to visit his institution. tf
Wood Special For 10 days only be
ginning Oct. 8 wo will sell 10 loads 16
inch mill' wood at' $2.50 per load;
prompt delivery. , Spaulding Logging
eompany. i tt
- o
Snxlal meeting of Salem
lodge No. 4. A. F. & A. M. to
morrow at2 p. m. To attend
the funeral of our late Bro,
Thomas A.,Townsend. Visiting
brethren wcicome.
A marriage license was isued yester-
day to Tnomas in. .vnapun, age a io, oi.
Salem, and Mathilda Buchner, aged 77
years, also of Salem.
r 0 r-
The funeral services for Kenneth 0.
Crosson. who died at Portsmou.jh, Va-
will be held Sunday afternoon from the
Biedon chapel and will be conducted by
the Bov. H. N. AJdrich of the Leslie
M. E. church. Burial will be made in
the City View cemetery
Fool and billiard playing as well as
card games are now permitted by Ae
health officers. ,;t- -
Olen Ackerman.is now sergeant, ma
jor, according to a letter recently re
ceived by his mother, Mrs. J. J. Acker-
man. He recently returned from Borne,
Italy, where ho had; been Bent on otri
cial business. He i8 now stationed at
headquarter at Aix-le-Bains in south
ern France. . - ', ,
As the city cbuncilmen sit far apart
in ' the council room with the desks
strung around them on both sides of
the council chamber, Mayor Walter
Keyes foels there would be no special
danger from a keal.h standpoint to the
city if tho councilinen should meet
Monday evoning and discuss city af
fairs. Hence tbera will be tho regula
tion Monday evenina to permit the
councilinen care for the city.
Lee Gilbert, the Elgin distributor, and
E. W. Hazard, cashier of the United
States Bank, aio home from a fishing
and hunting trip above Blue river on
tho McKenzie. They claim to hare
caught a lot of fish and brought back
a big consignment of bear meat, hav
ing had a 'splendid ..(rip. Incidentally
Mr. Gilbert remarks that "the !,'E1g'n
Six" noyet bucked a minute.
A- very flto phonograph made by the
Brunswick Balko Collendar company is
now being sold in- Salem. This phono
graph plays all makes of records by the
aid of a combination reproducer which
ig especially arranged for each kind of
rocord. The machines are being shown
by tho C. 8. Hamilton Furniture store.
Mrs. 8. J. Dorsey, who has handed in
her resignation as police matron to take
cffec'.l Nov. 1, is now taking hor two
weeks vacation. No one has been ap
pointed to servo in her place and it
seems .o be a question as to whether the
council will appoint a police matron be
fore tho first of tho year. The salary
of $50 a month appears to be rathor un
attractive as there has been no applica
tion for tho position.
' ' . o
E. E. Baker, tho attorney 01 Salem,
who is jll of pneumonia t Camp Lewis,
is no better today but holding his own.
according to a telegram received this
morning by his parents; Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Baker of 1445 Oak street ,
Developments are rather alow with the
prune packers. Although there are
plenty of promises and orders in sight,
no positive shipping instruction have
been received, There has been so many
delay....s and unusual eonditaons thrown
In the way of immediate shipmen.n that
the packers are now simply waiting,
wondering what official can think of
somethin gelset to delay matters. One
of tho latest was the order from tiho
British authorities i Washington re-
ouirinsr that everv box. even tho 25
pound one, should be iron strapped. Af
ter a few days delay the order as to iron
straps so unusual in the prune business,
was cancelled. ' Within few day con
tracts will be received for the shipment
from Salem of half a million pounds
and if there is no inker inserted, an ae-
Jtual shipment will be made within the
If the grocer happens to deliver sev
eral articles unwrapped, do not blame
him. He is just trying to carry out one
of the many instructions issued by Ae
U. S. Food Administration. W. A. Den
ton, state secretary of the Oregon retail
grocers and merchants association, re
ceived this morning instructions to is
sue to the grocers as follows: "Wrap no
food except those that have to be
wrapped for sanitary reasons and then
use as light a paper and as small an
mount as practicable. Encourage the
use of marker baskets.'' j
Misa Lena Belle Tartar, teacher of
the old Italian Method Vf singing,
Studio 162 Liberty St. N. For appoint
ments phone 334. ' .
. After breaking the record of the
past generation for a low stage, the
river is now rapidly rising and this
morning was above the low water mark,
the highest since June 18. During the
las.; week of September tho river was
two feet below the low water mark,
breaking the low record even of last
year when there wasn't a drop of rain
fall during the month of October.
For Bent Bedroom with private
bath Mrs. Peck, Vick's garage.
On the first day of the fourth liberty
loan drive in Salem, the Associated
Oil company subscribed $3,000 through
its local agent R. 0. Snelling. Having
been informed by Mr. Snelling that the
city was having a pretty fierce smuggle
to get oyer the top, the company this
morning 'wired its agent to subscribe
another $3,000. " " .
After a week will be back buying
stock. Phone evonings 2357J. G. D. Bur
diek. A pro-German who had no use what
ever for this counHry and who expressed
his desire to return to Germany was
brought down town last evening by E.
E. Lavallcur and constable Percy Var
ney. Mr. Varney had been asked to
accompany the solicitor to the home
of the pro-German and even with .pie
two witnesses the man who wanted to
go back to Germany declared that this
country had no business in getting into
,:his war and that no one could make
him subscribe to any loan. Nor had he
ever subscribed for any of the Bed
Cross drives, aeeording to his own
statement. After thinking it over, he
was let off with a $50 subscription.
The man is making about $135 a month
but claimed & have no money in tho
bank. ., : . .
Just to help in making sure that Sa
lem soourcd its quota for the fourth lib
erty loan, D. A. Whito & Song today
subscribed $1,000. Their first subscrip
tion for this loon was $5,000, pledged
on I'lie first day of the campaign.
The Salem Heights Sunday school is
among those that will not meet until
the-ban has been Temoved from meet
ings ol aff kind.
Fred A. Derenleau died yesterday at
Camp Kearney,-Calif., from pneumonia
roiiowmg an attack of the influenza.
He was tho son of Mr. and Mrs. Lucian
A. Doranleau of Polk couir.y. The body
will bo brought to Salem but the time
of arrival ia indefinite. He enlisted in
the regular army from the Salem re
cruiting station in April of 1917. Be
sides his parents he is survived by three
brothers, one of whom, Ar,hur J. Dcran
leau, ig now stationed at Camp Joseph
E. Johnson, Fla.
A pretty wedding occured at 'Jhe home
of Mrs. Gesinc Norduausen, Oct.9, when
her daughter Erica was united in mar
riage to Mr. OscaBolland. The bride
was becomingly dressed .in a gown of
white Gcoirgotte Crepe and earried a
bouquet of pink carnations and aspar
agus ferns. Tho groom wore a suit of
dark bluo serge.
Tlie bride's sisVr Sidonw was maid
of honor and wore a dress of blue crepe
dc chine. Tho groom's brother, Peter,
was groomsman. The wedding march
"Lolrengrin Bridal Chorus" was play
ed by Miss Johanna Yost. Miss Caro
line Nordhausen, attired in a blue crepe
gown, was bridesmaid. Her escort in
tho weeding march was Dick Nordiia
sea. Eov. Bruss of Aurora performed
aiu ceremony. .
After tla congratulations were over
and a bountiful ropast hod been served
to all, the happy couple loft for a short
wedding trip to Seattle. Aurora Ob
server. 1 1 - - '
Dr .Doney Is Opposed To
S. A. T.C Boys Dancing
In regard to the' proposed giving of
weekly dances by those interested in
the welfare of the Students Army
Training corps of Willamette Univer
sity, in an interview rtpday, Dr, Carl
Gregg Doney said: "In the matter of
the announcement that weekly dances
will be given for the entertainment of
the S. A. T. C. of Willamette University,
the universiiy states that it doe not
approve or sanction this form of enter-i
tainment and that dances will not take
place on the campus or anywhere within
the control of he institution."
A number of women are furnishing
the upper story of the Science building
to be used as a rest and entertainment
room for the boys of the university now
inducted in p the service and under
regulation army disciplin. As almost
all of the boys are away from home for
tho first time, those-interested in their
welfare are arranging . to entertain
Jhom with weekly dances to be given
, elsewhere
than on s'he Lniversity
Fresh Dairy Cows
Wednesday, Oct. 23, 1918
On the Clarence S. Bowne Farm, 2 Miles South of
Aumsville, Oregon.
100 Head Jerseys
40 cows fresh and coming fresh; 60 head choice young stockj 3 choice
registered Jersey bulls; 3 registered Poland China Boars; 18 head
pure bred Poland China hogs and pigs. Also a few beef cattle- The com
bined herds of J. B. Bowne and Clarence S. Bo ne, whose achievements
havo proven their value as high producers of milk and butterfat. They
are bred along the same lines and every one persistent milkers. Prac
tically all of the cows were sired by Hazel Fern Tormentor 80178, whose
daughters havo been uniformly high producer. Herd average for pro
duction under official test approximately $140.00 per year. Cows in
herd that have given 14o0 pounds milk per month. Entire herd average
test over 5 per cent. The herd is free from disease. No contagious ab
ortion. Herds tuberculin tested. No old cows in herd. Not an animal but
TERMS OF SALE One year's time
bearing 8 per cent interest- -
TIME Sale will start at 10 a. m. October 23, 1918.'
FBEE LUNCH served at noon. . .
State House Notes
In connection with the amalgama
tion of the worn of the men's and
women's sections of the state council
of defense, Governor Withycombe has
appointed Mrs. John H. Albert, of Sa
lem and Mrs. William MacMastors of
Portland as members of the state
council: Amalgamation of the work of
the two sections is being brought about
at the request of FranWin K. Lane,
chief of the field division of the na
tional council of defense.
Memorial services for the late Frank
A. Moore, justice of tho supreme court,
have been postponed because of the
precautions being taken against the
tedwerfe toTave Z2Vo
day. "No definite date is now fixed,1
but they will be hold later.
' Attorney General Brown has advised
Gilbert Hedges district attorney at
Oregon City, that under the law he
does not consider it necesasry for a
Voter to (place a cross before a name
which he may write upon tho general
election ballot as his choice for any
office. All he needs do is write in the
name in the blank pace provided for
that purpose. However, the attorney
general recommends that as the quse
tion may not be entirely free from
doiibt it would be better for voters to
be on the safe side and make the cross
in addition to writing in the name. This
is of particular interest in connection
with the election of a justice of the
supreme court to fill tho vacancy caus
ed by the death of Justice Moore as
there will be no names of candidates on
the ballot for that place. , ...
State Engineer John H. Lewis has
approved the application of James H.
Sturgis for tho appropriation of 50
second feet of water from the Uma
tilla river near Barnhart for the de
velopment of 284 horsepower to be
used for commercial purposes. , This
project will involve the construction of
a concrete dam 7 feet in height and
700 feet long, a ditch four miles long
together with other works at an ap
proximate cost of $20,00000. '
Leaders of the boys' and girls' indus-
Your Junk and give-you
a square business deal.
I always pay the highest
cash prices.
I buy all kinds of used
goods, 2nd hand furni
ture, rubber and junk.
Get . ray Prices Before
you sell. '
. Phone 398
The Square Deal House
271 Chemeketa Street
And All Kinds of 2nd Has
. ooda.
rail Market Price Special
- Prices paid for Sacks.
Got oar prices before yon cell.
171 R. Oom'l Bt Fnone 734
will be given on bankable notes. j
trial club work , in the state held a
conference in the office of J. A. Church
ill, superintendent of public instruc
tion, yesterday to outline the work for
next year. Some new projects probably
will be added to the club work. Thoso
attending the conferenco were O. D.
Center, director of the extension de
partment of O. A. O; H. C. Seymour,
state club leader; A. I. O'Bcilly, indus
trial club worker for the O. A. C; N.
C. Maris, and L. P. Harrington, indus
trial club workers for. tho department
of education and Superintendent
Churchill. . , , ..
C. D. Butler, head of the motor vo
hiele registration department in tho
Office of Secretary of Stato 'Olcott, has
enlisted in the navy and expects to
leave the last of this month' for train
ing. He went to Portland to take the
physical examination, which he success
fully passed. Mrs. Butler and baby boy
i will roturn to The Dalles to make their
A, S. Bennett, while Mr. Butler is away.
- - , . . .
A good send to the. traveling public
has taken place on tho Silwrton-Wood-burn
road in tho complde repair of the
Early last June Willis English,, as
overseer, started in to gravel thB road
from the Bethany corner to the Ab-
iqua bridge tho length of this district
Ho met with much difficulty in tho
way of help, but he stayed wi.h tho
job and had the satisfaction Tuesday
ewning of seeing his-part of the high
way gravoled and properly rolled. The
road from the bridge into Woodburn is
also gravoled and in shape for winter
travel. Mr. English i9 entitled ,o' milch
praise and credit for arcing the job
job through under such trying labor
conditions. Appeal. - ,-.,'.. . ;
' tare of .
Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine and Tea 0.
Has medicine' which will ear
any known disease.' . S ' ;
- ! Open Sundays from 10 a. a.
on til S p. m.
153 South High Si
Salem, Oregon. PhoBa 181
Dermatologist and Foot Specialist.
Specializes in removing snperflous
hair from face ,neck and arms. Facial
work for removal of blemishes. -'.
Also tho latest applinncos for treat
ment of tho feet.
Try Stanton's face cream, masssTjo
cream and freckle lotion the best that
money can buy.
Lady Assistant
Licensed Dermatologist,
518 United State, Bank Building.
, Phono 416.
Portland Furniture Dealer wants
all kinds of second bund furniture,
stoves, gas ranges, ete. Best price
paid. Phone 951. . , ,.
. Hemstitching and Picot edge
work. j
We do this work in 'is best -
Banner. -
All work guaranteed.
Suiger Sewing Machlns Co
Phone 441
Stato Street
j .,
next Vn days.