Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 18, 1918, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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j:j quickly to Sloan's mm
-Are you tormented by Neuralgia, .
Lumbago, Sciatica or any of those
ches that require a counter-irritant f
Then let the soothing, warming appli
cation of Sloan's Liniment stop the
pain by drawing the blood away from
the congested part. r. j -
It is the pressure on the corves by
the blood rushing to the inflamed
, muscle or joint that makes you ache.
So when Sloan' Liniment relieves the
swollen blood vessels by getting up a
coumer-nrnarrt on rne Miriare, the
loll of fmtorji
"From Over There"
General Pershing's Official Report jb
. - 1 The following casualties are reported
hy the commanding general of theAih
- ricau expeditionary forces.
'Killed iu. action y . 31
' Missing ia action .. ........ 14
Wounded severely 65
. lied from wounds . .. 6
Died of disease : 7
Wounded, degree undetermined 52
Killed In Action
' lit Wm B.Merseli, Jr. Pasiac N J
v Sergeants -
' Joe E Bailey, Holdenville Okla '
Laurence- B Poyton, Denver
v . Corporals
Joel. M Brooks, Lubbock Tex
Hary S .Puffer, Pavenna O
Wagoner Edw E Brooks Milesburg
v.. ..- '. Privates
F.mil Both, Jersey City
Robert L Brightntan, Tiverton E I
... Cleo V Farr, Locust Grovo Okla
Albert O Goldsby,-Fairfield Va .
-..Harlie S Hazen, Hammond K IS"
1 Jonas B Herring, Pickwick Miss
John T McCarthy, Boston -Charles
O McConnell, Altoonu Pa
Gerald MacDonfcld, Gadsden Ala
Clarence F Miers, Towanda Kan
. James B Milstead, Acton Ala
Attilio B Minervin, New York '
I'etcr Montana, Lawrenco Mass
- Jesse August Moonier, Perry villo Mo
- John Murphy, Salem-Mass
Levi B Owens, Cabinet Okla
"- Walter Piotris; Pohtiac Mich 'J .
Dolbert D Powell, Miniature Neb '"' ,
-John J Purccll, Pylcsvillo Md
Chester Bomotowski, Saginaw Mich
John Smikil, Buffalo N Y ;
Roland Smith, Saco Me "
Erastus B Sunny, Pleastvillo la
f Williamson F Harran,- Highwood
George I Wingert, Penng Grove N J
DAsd of Wounds
1 Bgt Geo A PotcL Walford N 1 v
Corp Lee Brown, Echols. Ky
Arthur W Rock, St Paul Minn
Wagoner Geo Fulton," Jersey City
Jno Falvey, Springfield' Mass
.:. Ivan L Felt, Chicago
Died of Disease
Corpora's -Ray
B Moore, Scranlon Pa -Joseph
A Steele, lake Forest III
Private- -
John G Cain. Ft White Fla
V. John E DonleV. Hiehmrafil Va
Chas M Eaton Benton juo
John G. Fogarty, Hartford Conn
" Wounded Severely
i Ijt Eldon Breeden, Hertford Okla
Geo W Beattie, Pittsburg Pa
Harry P Bruhn, Cedar Hurst. N I '
Carl 'B' Gibson, Dolgevillc NY
Floyd W Patterson;- Waynosburg Pa.
Charles L Smith, lirooklyno Mass
Oscar H Spratlin, Atlanta Ga ..
Corporals -Jno
Edclbrock, Eudora Kan
When Constipated Or Bilious
Give ''California Syrup
Offfes." . -
Look at the tongue, motter! If coat-'
ed, it is a sure sign that your little
no's stomach, liver and bowels need
a gentle, thorough cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep doesn't eat or act natur
ally, or is feverish, stomach sour,
brtath bad; has stomachache, sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of eold, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup ot
; Pis," and in a few hours all the foul,
constipated waste, undigested foed und
sour bile gently moves out of its' little
bowels without griping, and you have
, a well, playful child again.
You needn't eoax siek children to
taiut this harmless "fruit laxative,"
" th"jr love its delicious taste, and it al
ways makes them feel splendid. "
' Ask your druggist for a bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which has
direetionj for babies children of all
age and grown ups plainly on the bot-
- tie. Be wore of counterfeits sold here.
,. To be sure jon get the genuine, ask to
see that it is made by the "California
ri yrup Company." Refuse any oth
r kind with eontempt.
circulation is equalized, sympathetic
nerves, all soothed, and soreness -or
lameness disappears.
Sloan's Liniment is probably the
counter-irritant most widely used to
overcome painful inflammation Is
cases - of neuralgia, sore - muscles,
wrenched joints, strains, bruises, gout.
Rubbing is not required. This clear,
clean liquid is easily applied as it doe
not stain the skin.
Generous sire bottles at your
Charles J Ederer, Lebanon N Y
John B Everts, Hancock Md
Glenn W Goodnow, Cranesvillc Pa
Henry J Gosseiin, New' Bedford Mas
John Gregor, Hites, Pa ' '.
Jno L Vanhoutan, Parncll Mp
Max A Schulman, Brooklyn N X
Charles J Young, .Newark N J
Musician Harry C Baish, New Ken
sington Pa
Mech Leo F Guenthner, Antigo Wis
. Cook Edgar . 0 Wcntworth, Brown
field Me ; .
Max Alport, Watertown N Y
Edward J Arrighi, Pawtucket B I
Olivor Bickhart, Phocnixville Pa
Howard H Bingay, Munhall Pa,
George Bond, Smokerun,. Ta
.lames. Braswell, Alvora Ala
, Carpenter F W Buck, Winona Minn
Osborn Danclson, Craigsville W Va '
Lorenzo P Dangelo, Rochester N Y
James W Doery, Garrtct Hill Pa '
Leonardo Donofrio, Newark N J - ;
Colggia Drago, New York .'
William Dunbar, Braddock Pa,
Glen H Earles, Hillsdale Ind
LcKoy B Enyery, Flint Mich
Fred- A Engle, Rochester NY
Niel Esher, Philadelphia Pa ,
Carl B Evans, Chicago
Raymond 0 Exoll, Poolcville N Y
William M Fey, Brooklyn NT;
Vergil R Gaston, Newark Tex
Charles A Giles New Brunswick N J
Clyde E Gray, Normal 111
Luther Harniou, Aujficr Ky ' , ..
James Herron, Carnegie Pa
'" Arnold .THoff man, Melutyre la"
Edgar Hopkins, Philadelphia Pa
Joseph A Howard, Carbondale Pa '.
. Myer Kaish, Hurleyvillc NY ,
James Kastakltis, Girardville Pa
Waiter Kester, Dubois Pa
Jno McCarthy, Ponca Neb
Joseph M Nicholas, Merry ville La
Durham Nichols,. Merryville La
Bruce E Evans, Terre Hayte lud -Ralph
Eyer, Chambcrsbirrg Pa
Andrew T Fcrrcll, DcKalk 111
John C Frye, Purduchill Ala .
Kmil Jensen, ftreshen Neb
William II Jones, Conwav S C
John J Kelly, Jr, Illion NY; '
Luther B Livingston, Commerce Okla
Hurlburt McCulhuu, New York
Ga7,away Moccabee, Columbus 0
The following 'casualties are reportod
by tho Commanding Goneral of the
American Expeditionary Forces:
Killed in action....... . 22
Missing in action "'.
Wounded severely J , 05
Died of accident and other causes.... 2
Died of wounds 6
Died of disease 8
Wounded, degree undetermined C2
Killed in Action.
Lieutenants Nelson A Miller, Wash
ington DC
Henry Thomas Boss, Brunswick Ga
Sergeant Arthur Venon Fowlor, Bay
City Mich . ' - ,
Corporals Bichard Victor Brophy,
Bosscville NY
Henry C Oliver, Kief or Okla
. Alexander Bogacki, Nateona Pa
Privates Sol Barnes, Skip Ky
Nicholas Bliforc, Rutland Vt
Clarence Bnckalew, Chester Pa
John Aloysius Harn, Bayonne N T
Martin F Kearns, Sheepshcad Bay N Y
John E Kerr, Nova Scotia .
Oscar Leo, Poughkeepsio NY
Btiric G McCormick, Pig-.on Creek Al
aJmes Mahonoy, Buffalo N Y
Mcrrit Montgomery, Grove City Ta
Ferdinand W Ott, Brooklyn N Y
Teddy Owens,. Jane Va- '.
Algoa Petroecra, Morristown N J '
Wm Ziedcnburg, New York
Tracy Bprowls, Noble Okla
Bnlph Yorks, Golden alsridge N Y
. .. . Died of Wounds ,
Privates Jvsse L Fleming, Rockdale
Texas ; '' -
Peter Andrew Madsen, Iron Wis
Mike O Montello, Omaha Neb
Willis G Nixmi, Mediciae Lodge Kas
John Siles, Phiiadelphia Pa
Paul Vances, Turner Mich .
Died of Disease.
Privat-js Lorcnza D Flint, Canana
W Va
Linfnrd B Gentzent, Spring Mount
Harry J Grant, Chester Pa
Oliver Nyhus, Hatton N D
Curti, Orr, Hazel Kv
Howard W HouthallGay W Va
William J Thomas, Burlington Vt
Frank Wileor, Luzerne Co., Pa
Died from Accident and Other Cuases.
Corporals Alfred Chralcs Bishel,
Darlington Wis
Private Allen G Poster, New Hart
in Conn -
Wounded Severely.
Lieatenants Richard 8 Jannopoulo,
Kew lork
. Hans A Poulson, Chicago HI
Serjeant4 Arthur Le Can, Chaumont
Abraham' B Gildenberg;- New York
John L Miller, Pittsburgh Pa
Corporal Ivan N Coffer, Cloud Chief
Okla? - .----oc .
Bug Wm, R' Jones, Bayonne N J
Musician James F Beach, Dubois Pa
Privates Harry Adams, Pittsburgh
Arthur Akr, Fort Wayne, Ind
Benj Alexander, Jfew Yoik
Cniifieppe D Ambrosia, Chester Pa .
-William J Bakd Lowellville Ohio
Charles M Bakely, Chester Pa
Harold Birch, Cliaudloj-svillp Ohio
James L Coaa, Elwood Ind.
Thomas E Coffman, Horton Kans ,
Raymond 8 Condit, E Orange N J
Bruce Crider, Norman Station Ind;
James O Deer, Carney Okla
Joseph Dobner, Eldred Pa
Lee W Dollar, Paris Texas
Durwird Roy Duncan, Washington
wnio " j;
Hughie P "Morgan, Sylaeauga Ala
Wm J Mulligan, Dubuqne Iowa -Anthony
A Nigro, Newark N J t
Ross B Newlin, Sharptown- Md '
Charles A Packard, Welaka Fla
- Leo C Bettke, Almo Kas
Howard J Scheib, Denver Colo
Fred J Sehweighart,- Postuma II --'
Clark M Shoemaker, Rosston. Ind
Walter N Sullivan, Sommerville Mass
Kaymond Whitctxfad, Elwood Ind
James E Williams Burleson Te -
Samuel W Woalfe, Dorchester Mass
. Joseph h zerwas, Waukesha Wis
Frank Zito, Nichols NY- '
Mortimer F Orvis, Port Huron Mich
Otey C ldgct, Legneleburg Va '
Wayne A Peppk, Phoenixville Pa
James Potter, South Meridian Conn
' Jas H Raylins, Austin Tex
Thurston G Reynolds, Bonsteel S I)
Vn Rhode's, Ne'w York . V
Robert P Eichmards, Lowen Ga
Charlie Richardsou, Taloette leiqt
Louie Kidder, Manon, La
. TIiob P Koche, Chicago 111 y
' Gilbert Rossill New York
Owen Eowo White Plains N Y '
Davhl M- Sandcll, Aurora I1T - n.
Gustavus A Schultx, Providence S I
. Boji E Sogman,' Brooklyn N Y ;
Fred Shipton, Grove City Pa ;
Dave Singer, Minnesota Lata Minu
Win A Sprague, Minneapolis Minn
Dan Stone, Glon Ellen 111 v
Oliver B Tullor, eGnova Idaho
Edward F Undormaik, Ballston Sjhi,
Boscoe F Vernier, , Arehi&old" Ohio
James T Wall, San Francisco Calif
: ' Allen Whitakre, Eiehmond Ky
Elmor C Wfonbar, Wendell Minn ..
Hugh F Wilson, Dixon Ky
Wounded In Action (degree undcter-.
- ..:.-'- mined)." ' ..-: '
Lieutenants H O 'Brien, Scranton Pa
Charles P. Simpson, Woodlawn Pa
Sergeants' Wiley L. Bolden, Jr. Bir
mingham, Ala.
Arthur Clark, Pittsburgh, Pa, ' ' '
John C. Ferguson, Abbeyville, & G.
Lawrenco E. Moore, Mon'ossen, Pa.
Percy' B. Sheotzo, Conscllsville, Pa.
Corporals William B...Altman Hobo
ken, Pa.- - i - i
Victor A. jPraig, Philadelphia, Pa.'
; Fred. C. Gault, Chicago, V
George Lipkc, Elizabeth, N. J. f f '
Ivan E, Newberry, St, Louis, Mo.C
Bailey Williams, New Yerk. ;
Bugler Robert G. Capes, Pittsburgh,
,Privatea Morris AdaniskyV New York
Jno, Alexander, No emergency ad
dress given. . 1
Joopch Baga, Iron Mountain, Mich.
Tony Banta, Summit, N. J,
Stephen Bartek,. Homestead, Pa.
Horace D. Beakley, Dullas, Texas.?
Arthur Behling, Milwaukee, Wis. -Harry
Arthur Bennett. Brooklvn. N.
Y. : .. "
Oscar G. Berbcrrich. Perrysville, Pa.
William P. Berg, Duluth, Minn.
Robert Bivens, Marvin, N. C. i -Erwin
C. Boyer, Allentown, Pa- '
Albert Braun, Dorchester, Pa.
Clyde P. Brumback, Capo Birardcan.
Mo. . , ;
Howard E. Case, Doylestown, Pa. "
John Chonea, Titusville, Pa: . ":
Theodore E. Loving, Albert City, Iowa
Nobody Can Tell When You
Darken Gray, Faded Hair
With Sage Tea.
Almost cvervnne known, tliot Rt,
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, br intra back th ratiinl mln, inii
lustre to the hair when faded, streak-
ea or gray. lears ago the only way to
get this mixture was to make it at
home, which is ranssy and troublesome.
owanays, By asking at any drug store
for "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Com
pound," you will get a large bottle of
this famous old reeipe, improved by
the addition of other .ingredients, -for
about 50 cents. f
Don't stay gray! Try it! No one can
possibly tell that you. darkened yonr
hair, as it does it so naturally and cv-
eillv. YOU damnen innnoa nr .nfl
- r .r..ft v.- ' - -
oruh with it and draw tins through
Vour hair, taking ona amnll trnnrl t
a time: bv morninf the btky hair riiwl
nppi-ars, ana arier anotner application
vt 1 no, your nair Dceomea beautifully
dark, glossy and attractive.
"Wveth's Sa? tsnA Snh.linl- Com.
pound is a delightful toilet requisite
iur iooe woo ueire oark Hair and a
youthful BDnearance. It ia tint intend
I ed for the cure, mitigation or preven
tion of disease. ' '
1 a 1 - -
Persons Weak And Ran Down
Easy Yictias Fortify
Yonrself Against It By
; Taking Tanlac
. According to late reports issued by
state and federal health authorities
the Spanish influenza epidemic is rap
idly spreading to all jarts of the
country, and it now seems that prac
tically every state in the union will
bo seriously affeeted before it runs
its course.
It has tiot only become a great and
terrifying menace to the public, health
bat unless checked, it is apt to ser
iously affect the progress of war work
in all its various departments. Alreadj
the shipping board has announced that
ten per cent of its workers have been
The disease has made its greatest pro
gress in the east where it has claimed
its victims by the thousands. Reports
from other sections, Tiowever, are equal
ly alarming; and both eivil and mili
tary authorities have warned the pub
lic to take every precaution to pre
vent its further spread. In many cit
ies schools, churches and theaters have
been closed and public gatherings of
all kinds forbidden.
Medical authorities agree that peo
ple who are weak and rundown are the
earliest victims of tho influenza jpi
domic If you find yourself tired, weak
and losing flesh, or if you are in a
generally run down condition, or if you
catch cold easily this warning should
be heeded promptly. You are really in
greet danger because the germ of this
disease is very catching and you are!
apt to fall an easy victim if you come
in contact with the germs. People who
are well and strong are not likely to
contract the disease because "they are
able to throw it off. The common sense
way to keep from taking it is to fortify
the system against attack by building
up the constituton.
In other words to use the old adage,
"An ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure." And if you are in
sub-normal condition the proper thing
to do is to begin immediately to build
up your powers of resistance. To ac
complish this, nothing on earth will
strengthen you and build you up. like
Tanlae, the powerful reconstructive ton
ic, which contains tho .., very, elements
needed by the system to give you fight
ing strength and ward off the influ
enza germ.
First of all Tanlac begins its action
by creating a good healthy appetite for
wholesome, nourishing food, and assists
every organ of the body to pertorm
its natural functions, thus helping to
build up health and strength in tho
natural way.'
Tanlac is also the ideal strengthen
ing tonic for persons wh6 are sufforing
from the after effects' of ' inftaenza,
grippe or bronchial troubles and hun
dreds of thousands aTe using if daily
with tho most gratifying results.
In -connection with tho Tanlae treat
ment, it is necessary to keep tha bow
els' open by taking Tanlac Laxative
Tablets, samples of which are includ
ed' with every bottle of Tanlac. It is
also important ; that the " every day
rules ot hygiene be observed; that is,
sleep in well ventifatcd-j rooms, get
plenty of fresh air and exercise and
Keep away from crowds.
Taalao is sold in flubbard by Hub
bard Drug Co., in Mt. Angel by, liea
Gooch, in Gervais by John Kelly, in
Turner by H.. P. Cornelius, in Wood
burn by Lyman H. Shorey. in Salem
by Dr. S. C. Stone, in Silverton by Geo.
A. Steelhammer, in Gates by Mrs. J.
P. McCurdy and in. Stayton by U. A.
Beauehamp, in Aurora' by "Aurora Drug
Store. (Adv.)
Archibald McAllister, Punmore, Pa.
Garvin D. Cacie, Pittsburgh, Pa.
George M. Miller, JHtate College, Pa.
Jesse M. Miller, W. Chester, Pa. .
Phillip Roth, New York;
Otto M Schalla; VesfeT, Wyo.
Nichola Shutt, Philadelphia, Pa.
Andrew D. Bhaw, Louiviwlle, Kas.
- Elliott E. Shedd, Pittsburgh, Pa. .
Alban Edward bholonski, Wilkesbarre
Anthany Seganti, Denver, Colo.
Raymond S. Lokus, Gary, lud.
Bonra-s S. Smith, West Chesetr, Pa.
William Smith, Pittsburgh Pa
Harry SchoJl, Chicago.
Harry F, gtup, Baltimore, Md.
Frank Trokey, St, Louis, Mo.
Walter F. Wilkinson, Brooklyn, N Y.
Herbert M. Wilson, Jd., Sweickly, Pa.
Daniel W. Wingard, Kittaning, Pa..
George F. Woomer, Newcastle. Pa. .
Missing Ia Action V
Corporals George Maruscak, Braden
ville, Pa.
Lewis B. Showers, Latrobe, Pa.
I'rivates OeoTge F. Albert, Jr., New
rascpal G. Albiller, Mesilla, N. Mex.
Is els Bakken, Minneapolis, Minn.
Lwald H- Brandau, Detroit, Mich.',
Charles J. Brinker,- Loyalhanna, Pa.
William L. Connrtl, Rochester, Ind.
Leonard D: Englcs, Philadelphia, Pa.
'a CMimo Filippono, New- York. -Juan
Guiterrez, Las Vegas; N. Mcx.
-WUforl Jeno, Lonsdale, Minn-., , .
. James-B. McDuffie, Mila,' Ga.
Robert F. Maloney, Grcendale, Mass.
Henry W. Moellor, Clymouth, Neb.
Theodore H Bhomberg, Dubuque, Ia.
dermone Hamick, Marys, Pa.
I Court Hosse Hews J
In the ease of Carrie Mendelsohn
against Dr. M. P.' Mendelsohn in tte
circuit court. Dr. Mendelsohn has inert
his answer, lie. states tiat before their
divorec, they -entered;. into an agree
ment whereby their property rights
were mutually settled- That by te
agreement, he promised and agreed to
pay her $500 in cash, IO00 shares of
stork" in the Rose Bush mining com
pany and all the cut glass, linen and
bedding and pictures. Also the further
Ihlfca Ileetm Co, Uasooie Temple,
TON Osteopathic physicians and
aervs epenialists. Graduates of Am
erican school of Osteopathy. Kirk
ville, Mo. Post graduate and spee
laliied in nervous diseases at Los
Angeles College. Office 505-508 Nat.
Bank Bldg. Phone 85j. v Besidenee,
1620 Court Phone 2215. 'Dr. White
Res. Phone 469.
413-114 Bank of Commeroe building.
At hi8 home 598 North 21st stivet, Oct.
17, 1918, P. A. Shipley, at the age of
6-1 years.
Besides his wife, he is-survived by a
son living ia California and an adopted
son, Earl Ryan, who is now in the sor-
vico. Also by a brother in Cashmere,
Tho fumwal services will bcfor Im
mediate friends and relatives only and
will be held at 2 o'clock Saturday af
ternoon at the Bungalow Christian
church on 17th street, uar Court. They
will bo conducted by the Bov. Frank
E. Jodvs and burial will bo in the City
View cemetery.
sum of $o00 to be paid in monthly in
stallments of $50 each beginning De
cember of 1917.
That he did pay her tho $500 in
cash and that the stock and cut glass,
linen and bedding were doliverod to
the plaintiff. That Oct. 5, 1917, it was
agreed that the defendant should pay
the plaintiff $100 in cash and turn ov
er to her a .Victrola and one half of
Lthe silverware in his Salem home and
that these should bo accepted in liou of
tho payment of $500. That he did do-
liver the $100 and Victrola and other
1 articles as agreed and that ho hag her
receipt showing the delivery of same,
in payment of all claims whatsoever
against him and his reloaBe from fur
ther financial claims.
N. j. 'Van Patten has: entered' suit
against, Henry J. ' Powell and others
for the payment of'a note for $S00 and
the foreclosure of a mortgage on a lot
in block 3 of George Jones addition to
Salem. Tha complaint states that- the
prc'perty in question has boen sold. to
O, H. Sellars.
Roy'Burton, E, B. Millard and Ches
ter Cox were appointed appraisers of
tho estate of E. T. Moores, .
A notice of appeal hasbecn filed in
the caso of M. S. Langagainst Clifford
J. Taylor,' involving a land ejectment
near Choimwa, At tho late term of
tho circuit court, the jury decided in
favor of Mr. Lang and the appeal is
made by Mr, Taylor.
F. W. Stcusloff left this morning
for a business trip to Buffalo, New
York.. He will be away about three
Miss Harriet. Rigdon is home from
Newport and will remain until the in
fluenza scare is over. She is a toachor
in the Newport high school.
Miss Agnes Nodstra left this nforn-.
ing over the Oregon Electric for Seat
tle. S. K. Hartsoch, a druggist of Corva-I-lis,
is in the city, the guest of Frank S.
Ward.' i- .!- , - ' - - ' '
- Mrs. J. H. Albert has been appointed
by Governor Withycombe as a member
of the state council of defenso. The
woman's division of- the council has
been consolidated with the council of
defense, the council to tncludo eight
men and, three women instead of the
eight men as formerly." Mrs. William
latfc Pains
A safe, harmless and effective
preparation to relieve the pains of
Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lame Back
and Lumbago is Hamlin's Wizard
Oil. It contains no chloroform or
other dangerous drugs but is com
posed of the most -expensive of "
healing oils. It penetrates quickly,
drives out the soreness, and lim
bers up the stiff, aching joints and
Wizard Oil is a good, dependable
preparation to keep in the medicine
chest for first aid when the doctor
may be far away. You will find al
most daily uses for it in cases of
sudden mishaps or accidents such
as sprains, bruises, cuts, burns,
bites and stings. Just as reliable,
too. for earache, toothache, croup
and colic.
Pet a Wottlo from ror Arrttnrtut lot
ZSe and use th mrdiclne. If not entirely
sutinod take th bottl back U aim mlA
k will retura roar mousy. W
If roa am troubled with eonatlpatton
r alck ha4ah try Huntllna Wlsaft
l.lvar whip. Jurt plaaaaot Itttta pink
SHU at drusgiata for 25e. Gaarantead
TaiepkoM .
127 North Hih
Mala 180
Men 's elotuea, shoes, bats, jewelry,
watches, tools, musie&l instruments,
bicycles, guns, rifles, revolvers, suit
eases, trunks, cameras, typewriters
and furniture. Capital Exchange 33T
Court street, Phone 493.
corner Commercial and Trade streets
Bills payable monthly in advance.
Phone 608.
On Good Real Estate Security
O.er Ladd k Bush bank; Salem Oregon
cent 34 years time. A. C, Bohrnstedt,
VU Masonic Temple. Balem, Oregon.
(OR SALE P50 acres, 100 in cultiva
tion balance in pasture and timber
Fine stream of water, good buildings
and good road. 3-4 mils from a live
ly saw mill town. Will take good
house and lot in Salem as part pay
ment. Price $60 per acre. Phone 470
Square Doal Realty Company.' U. 8.
Bank Building, Salem. 717
t can match you. C. W. Niemeyer, Real
Estate Agent, Canada Lands, S44 State
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of all
kinds removed on monthly contracts
at' reasonable rates. Yard and eesi
pools cleaned. Office phone, Main
2247. Residence Main 2272.
- ::M,.,, .
Wheat, soft white .. $1.A42
Wheat, lower grades on sample
.)nts .. . 90c$l
Hay, oats ................... $25
Barley, -ton $5062
Hay, cheat, new . $24
MacMa-iters of Portland was also ,ap
pointed on the eouncil. Mrs C. H. Cast
er is also a membor.
Is Used By Entire Families Be
cause It is Purely Veget
able, Does The Work
and Costs Very Little-
Why pay high prices for Liver and
Bowell remedies when none are better
than Ir. Carter's IC and B. Ten, which
is purely vegetable, can be browed at
home, and a small' package' will last a
long timet
' "Thousands of old poople will tell you
they liavo been drinking it for years,
ami after tho liver and bowels have
been put in fine condition in a few
days by a before bedtime, tup, that
only an occasional cup is afterwards
necessary to keep one feeling fit and
People who drink a cup of Dr. Car
ter's K. and B. Tea once in a while,
seldom, if ever, havo any bilious at
tacks, sick Jieadacke or. tallow skin.
It's gcod for boys and girls, especial
ly those who are peevish and fretful.
Druggists havo been selling it for
many years.
. The estate of Edith Darr was ap
praised at The appraisers were
W, G, .Morehouse, W. C, Window and
8. M. Endicott. .
T8hia afternoon Dr. O. B. Miles, city
health officer, reported 07 cases of in
fluunza. Only two cases are virulent,
eiKy. of them coming to the city yester
day from Portland.
' As the fruit interests require the help
o fBchool children and as there was
some chantv, of tha influenza, the Scott
Mills schools will not begin until next
Monday or fmsslbly later, On aceount
of the influenza, the Mt. Angel schools
have been dismissed and also two rural,
schools in that part of the county, Ha
zel Dell and Thomas.
- The price of butter and eggs la grad
ually climbing until it is almost as dif
ficult keeping track of the new prices
as it is attempting to find the villages
in Franco that have been recently cap
tured by the allies. Today the retail
price of butter is 75 cents a pound and
this allows a profit of only six cents
a pound' to' the retailer. ' Eggs are re
tailing at about five .cents each,
woon saw.
FOB A WOOD SAW Phone 1090-S
1255 N. Bummer St. Our prises are
right. W. M. Zander, proprietor. 9-li
TOE FIXIT SHOP Let is repair and
Sharpen your lawn mowers. 26 Court
Phone 1022. tf
50 years experience, Depot, National
and American fence.
Sizes 26 to 58 in high
Paints, oil and varnish, ete
Loganberry and hop hooks.
Salem Fence and Stove Works.
250 Court street. Phono 124-
McCornack hall on every Tuesday
at 8. P. Andresen. C. C. p. J. Kunta
K. R. & S. .
Oregon Cedar Camp No. 5246 meetis '
every 3rd and 4th Thur. eve, 8 o'clock
In Derby building, corner Court and
High streets. B. F. Day, V. C; F. A.
. Turner, clerk. r
Keoler, president; Mrs. Lou Tillson,
secretary. All eases of cruelty or ne
glect of dumb animals should' be re
ported to the secretay for investiga
"Oregon Grape Camp" No. 1300.
meets every Thursday evening ia
Derby building, Court and High Si,
Mrs. Pearl Ooursey, 214 Court St.
oracle; Mrs. Melissa Persons, record
er 1413 N. 4th St. Phone 143GM.
bly No. 84 meets first Thursday of
each month, at S p. m. in t O. O. F.
Hall. Norma L. Terwilliger, M. A.;
C. A. Vibbert, secretary, 34Q Owens
street. ,
Mill run ...... $3738
1 - Butteifat
Buttorfat .. ........... 69e
Creamery butter , C8o
Fork, Veal and Muttoa
Pork, on foot ... ; lOfte
Veal, fancy 18()10e
Steers ..........- 79s
Cows . . ... 40V4
Spring' lambs .i..........'V........ lie
Ewes.- .. .46e
T anibs, yearlings ., 07a
' " Egga and Poultry .,-
Eggs cash ...,,.. 52e
Hens! live .' 2022e
Old roosters .... .......- 15
Springs . El24e
Sweet potatoes $4.7J
Potatoes . 2.5
Onions, local ..........,..... I2.2i
Cabbage .......... 3s
Carrots JU I.7S
Tomatoes -. . $1
Turnips .., , i, t..,g . 2
Beets 2Vj
Cucumbers 1 ,. 2540e
Orapos &1.7S
Muskmelon .. (1.75
Green peppers 6ft
Casabas ..... .... 3
Parsnips .......... ., 3e
Egg plant .. , . 8t
Cranborrios, box ...... $4.2
Oranges - $1
Lemons, box $6.5()(j7
Bananas . 8f
Black figs, 25 25 lb .... 4.5
Figs, 4 oz packages ....
Figs, G oz, packages - $4.59
Figs, 8 ox. packages .. . - $3.5t
Pies, 10 lb. fancy . 2.25
Figs, 10 lb. ex. fancy... 2.5
Kexau mce
('reamery butter 7fie .
Flour, hard wheal 33.2S,
Country butter 0ie
Eggs, dozen 60(&)056
For sugar permits go to C. M. Ltrok-
wood, food administrator, 14 North
Commercial street.
No limit on purchases of flour.
Portland, Or,, Sept. 25, Butter, city
creamery oue
Eggs, selected loeai ex. ojijoc
Broilers 2730e
Geese 17(i)18e
- Cheese triplets 3538o
' Portland, Or, Oct. 18. Butter, clljr
creamery Ofic
Kencipts 71
Tone of market atrnrty; unchanged
Prime steers 12(1S
Choice to good steers 11(?12
Medium to good steers $l).75Cfill .
Fair to modium steers $8.25(fx)ti.25
Common to fair steers $C(;8
Choice cows and heifers $fi(a9
Medium to good cows and heifers $
Fair to medium cows and beifeTS $f
0. .
fanners $3a)4
Bulls $57
Calves $!Kil2
Stoekers and feeders (68
Receipts 80S
Tone of market steady, unchanged
Prime mixed 17.75(?n7.85
Medium mixed $17.:i5C)17.60
Rough heavies 15.73(3:13.85
Pigs 14.5015.50
Bulk 17.50(6;17.75
tRecoipts 210
:.Tose of market steady, unchanged
Prime lambs 1214
Fair to medium lambs tDU '
YearUngs MOfijll
Wethers $910
Ewes . .. . .