Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 11, 1918, Page THREE, Image 3

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London, Oct. 11. lighting was re
sumed this morning along the whole
front The allies carried on a terrific
bombardment which, was clearly aud
ible as far away as Amiens.
The American units fighting with
the British this morning faced a single
trench three or four yards wide guard
ed by heavy wire, behind Vaux and
Audigny. -
The present battle tyie from the
Searpe to the Jleuse river, covers be
tween 175 and 200 mile. All along this
front the enemy's front has been shat
tered by repeated British, French and
American and Italian attacks.
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fir v - tePpi
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I Ice Boxes on-Wheels. I
Refrigerator cars for carrying meat are ice boxes
traveling on wheels.
Most people in America-would have' to go without
fresh meat, or would have to pay more for what they
could get, if it were not for these traveling ice boxes.
Gustavus F. Swift, the first Swift in the packing industry, saw
the need of these traveling ice boxes before others.
He asked the railroads to build them. The railroads refused.
They were equipped, and preferred to haul cattle rattier than
dressed beef.
So Gustavus F. Swift had to make the cars himself. The first
one was a box car rigged up to hold ice. Now there aro 7,000 Swift
refrigerator cars. Each one is as fine an ice box as 3'ou have
in your home. , x
Day,and night, fair weather and foul, through heat and cold,
these 7,000 cars go rolling up and down the country, keeping meat
just right on its way to you.
Thus another phase of Swift & Company'3 activities has grown
to meet a need no one else could or would supply, in a way that
matched Swift & Company ideas cf being useful. ,
,. -When you see one of these Swift & Company cars in a train,
or on a siding, you will be reminded of what is being dons for you
as the fruit of experience and a desire to serve.
Lend the Way
They Fight
I MiVJ Rim I iharrhr tirrAr
1 '"HawHwwTcfHag)'ti wmm
Swift & Company,
U. S. A.
Berlin Official Report.
Berlin, Via London, Oct. 11. Can
adian troops advancing beyond Sailly
were thrown back, with heavy losses,"
the war office announced today. '
"Between St. Etienne and the Aisne
we withdrew according to plan and
undisturbed by the enemy to position
in the rear on 'both sides of Grand
Pre to the north bank of the Aire.
"On the east bank of the Meuse,
strong American attacks were deliver
ed all day between Sivry and Haumont
wood. All were beaten back by Bran
denburg and Saxon divisions after bit
ter fighting.
"Newly arrived troops are in fight
ing contact with the Serbians and
French south of Nish,'
-.: - '::1
Prune Situation Just a
Little More Encouraging
The life of the prune packer is not
a very liappy one, especially sifcice
there is such a demand by the grow
lers for their money while at the same
, time the packers have nothing but
promises or orders for shipping next
December or January. Everything has
foeen held ,up by the federal food ad
ministration that has been figuring
for . the .past four weeks how much
damage wag done. by rains in Califor-
As an example of conditions, the Dra
gej Fruit Co. received Sept. 25 a let
ter saying that an allotment would be
rushed through calling for the ship
ment of 1,000,000 pounds of Italians
and 320,000 pounds of Pctites and this
from an official. Today after waiting
more than three weeks for the orders
that was to be rushed, the Drager
Fruit Co. received an order not for
the 1,000,000 pounds of Italians but
for the 320,000 pound ordr of Pctites.
This looked at first encouraging, but
the order closed with instructions that
one half of the shipment was to be
made to a foreign, port in Dtceniber
and the othor half in January. An or
der good for two or three months in
the future does not relieve the present
A wire was received today by the
company to ship half a million pounds
of prunes in SO pound boxes to JSng
lnd, with the further information
that contracts and shipping instruc
tions would be mailed. It 'will be at
least ten days before those instruc
tions are received and of course the
order is held up until about Oct. 17.
A letter was received by Drager
from W. B. Ayer, state federal food
administrator, that the quartermast
er's department at Portland was in
structed to receive 10,000,000 pounds
of prunos from the growers in the
northwest and that shipments could be
made at once. This seemed quite en
couraging until this morning by tele
phone it was learned that the quarter
master's department in Portland claims
it has no authority to receive any such
Hence the life of the prune packer
is not a happy one.
May Be Necessary to Engage
Secretary For Red Cross
For the benefit of those who are
still in doubt ns to the next meeting
of members of tWiJJamette chapter,
American Red Cross, headquarters iij
oaiem nas issued a letter giving the
Auiiuwiug miormanon:
Owisg to late instructions received
from Seattle headauarters. the at of
the annual meeting has been changed
loon, IS i- TtrJ. .
uth w io vTcanesuay, uct. 6,
at 2 o'clock in the Commercial club au
The rocent action of tho nominat
ing committee is null and void-as the
new regulations received just a few
uayg ago provide that a board of di
rectors of the chanter be electd thn
annual meeting. The first duty of the
t it f .... .
ooara or directors will be to elect an
executive committee.
Hence the Bed Cross situation is
that on the afternoon of Oct. 23 tho
board of directors will be elected and
a soon as possible the executive com
mittee will be elected and it is this
executive committct that will be re
sponsible for the affairs of Willam
ett echaptcr for the coming year.
One of the first things that will re
quire the attention of the executive
committee is that of securing a secre
tary or manager for headquarter in
the U. 8. National bank building.
The work requires a competent ex
ecutive that will give full time every
day from 8:30 in the morning until 5
or 6 o'clock in the evening and be re
sponsible for all the busrncss of the
Red Cross which includes the handling
of 300O a month.
At the eipenso of their health and
also their household duties, many wo
men have patriotically given their time
to the Red Cross for the past 19 months
But these , women who have so effi
ciently handled the work cannot con
tinue to. give their entire time. And
the same is true of the work of the
social service department. In both de
partments the work has become so
heavy that in order to eontinne the J
Italians Attack Line.
Borne, Oct. 11. Surprise attacks by
British, Italian and French uuits on the
Asiago plateau penetrated the Aus
trian, trenches in seven places, the war
office announced today.
'We inflicted heavy losses on the
enemy and took 400 prisoners. " . the
statement- added. .
Washington, Oct. 11. Princo Eitel
is prominently mentioned in Germany
as successor to the throne in case the
kaiser abdicates, diplomatic cables de
clare, . i. - jj .t'aJ,2!T2
Yield to Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound.
Hilly jKatat t"f.v II 111
N- . "
r o '
Kansas City, Kansas. "I suffered
from pains in my back and side caused
uy a lunctionai de
rangement, i was
nprvnna n n A h A
headaches nmnt nf
tiie time. So many
people recom
mended Lydia E,
Pinkhnm'a Vacra.
table Compound to
me, i iriea it ana
after taking six bot
tles T una wall. T rln
not think thn Voir a.
tableCompound c&W
man's ailments." Mrs. L.Timmekman,
3011 N. Hutchings St, Kansas City,
Kansas. ,
Women who suffer from headaches,
nervousness, backache, the blues and
othersymptomsof a functional derange
ment should give this famous toot and
herb remedy a trial.
For forty years It has been overcom
ing such ailments of women after other
medicines have failed.
If you want special suggestions In
regard to your condition, write Lydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
The result of long experience is at your
service, and your letter will be held in
strict confidence.
the past- it will be necessary to secure
competent help on a sulary basis.
Officer Wright Has a Hunch
And Arrests Auto Thieves
Two boys "of Portland were placed
in the city jail last evening charged
with stealing an automobile and their
adventures all the way from Portlnnd
to Salem reads more like a Nick Car
ter novol than the real tiuth.
Stealing a Dodgo car yesterday in
Portland, the boys headed south. Port
land officers started after them, in
the meantine notifying Oregon City
As the boys drove through Ore
gon City, six shots were fired at them,
one of the bullets passing through the
rear of the car.
The police department of Salem was
out after them covering the diflcrcnt
roads coming into Salem from the north
But the boys succoeded in evading the
wathcers and came into Salem, hiding
the car in a secluded place between
Marion and North Liberty street.
Officer J.. E. Wright found the car
about 1::30 o'clock this morning and
a short time later located the boys in
a rooming house at worth Commer
cial street. He arrested them and com
pelled the boys to get the car and
drive it to the police station where
they, were registered at 3:30 o'clock
this morning. A wire from Portland
instructed tho police officials here to
hold the boys until an officer arrived.
One of the boys is 16 years old and
the other 17. The 'theft of a Seattle
car located in Salem two days ago was
by a boy about 17 years old all -of
which incline the police to believe that
mo for almost all automobile thefts.
it is boys of this ago that are responsi
Ma don't havfe
to fix my lunch
and mc fix that
up together.
Autumn's Newest Creations
in High Grade
1 IT IT -
nmmea oats
Beginning Today, October 11th, at 10 a. m.
Salem's Greatest and Only Exclusive Women's Apparel Store will inaug
urate the most phenomenal sale of Young, Ladies' and Women's trimmed
Hats ever known in Salem. Clever new shapes of Velvets, Valours, Plush,
Beaver, etc., frequently combined with Satin Crepe and other fine mater
ials -French Felts, Tailored Effects, Turban, and large Velvet Hats aro
included, many are neatly trimmed with wings, Ostrich feathers, Eibbons
and new distinctive ornaments. The assortment include small, medium
and large shnnm. black mi, I nil l.i;.. ...i, . . ,
r..., .... ,w tiu.uug cuiuib uitr rt'preseineu. Anil
again we are prepared to make; the phenomenal offer at this time and so
Pflrlv 111 tllfl mknurtil. Knna.ian 1 .
... Uv.uu,., vwnuDU W4. ttu viiuimuuB purcnase maae or our JNew
York buvern to hn flisrtrilnt,l o,n,iu . , , I
I.. " . - - v ..6o. uui luiiuuo Biuit-s in an me lean
ing cities of Oregon and Washington. The Portland Cloak & Suit Company,
s ic-nit-i Bjjparci Biore, ana one or the latest and perhaps the
greatest addition to our chain of clonk and suit stores, will include for
this Croat event one hnnHrpil tint. .nlAifA , .
, , - wim Aiwiu irKumr biui'k, similar to
KOlllA Wft Rnlil nr. in 100 1, .l,;..l. 1 1.- j . .....
i v. j r v- v, .i ni.iv.ii no iibvo innrneu uown as art addition
al inducement to have you visit our store and become a regular custom
er of our hat shop.
To make selections easy we will arrange tho hat8 in two lots on our
tab es and showcases, but none of tho hats displayed in our show windows
will be removed or sold until after the sale begins at 10 a. m. Friday morn
ing. Come early for firBt and best choice.
Trimmed Hats, wrth regular. .$5.00 SALE PRICE
Trimmed Hats, worth regular. .$5.75 '
Trimmed Hats, worth regular. .$6.50 fC 95
Trimmed Hats, worth regular. .$7.00 " JJt5
?!S5!ar:-!I SALE PRICE
"lu ixawj, wuriu xeguiar. .ibo.zo
Trimmed Hats, Worth regular. .$9.50
Trimmed Hats, worth regular $10.50
Special Values In Wom
en's Fail Dresses
The season's most stylish models
away below present values tier,
ges, Silks, Georgttc, Satins, Vel
veteens, Jerseys, Silk and Serge,
and Silk and (icorgotto Combin
ations in fact dresses of every
description for every woman who
wishes to be well gowned, A most
fascinating collection in an al
most endless number of the sty
los most favored this full. The
new round neck models, some
braided, beaded and button trim
med. Somo have the vogish "bell"
sleeve that is so much admired.
A great number ofthe best of
apron panels with deep fringe
trimming, or embroidery and
braiding most effectively com
bined. Handsome tailored effects,
too in the most becoming styles
imaginable. Such colorings as
Hlack, Navy Blue, Taupe, I'oilu,
Biege, Steel Grey, Brown, White,
Rose, Lavender. Apricot etc
prices from $15.75 to $50
Women's and Misses'
Coats and Suits
Specially Priced $29.50
Here are coats and suits
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in a multitude of smart sty
les for street and dress oc
casions. Some are plain tail
ored models. Others in nov
elty styles. Many with large
collars trimmd with furs and
plush. Materials are trico
tine, serges, broadcloths,
burillas, velours, gabardines
Silvertone velour, Bollevia
and mixtures in prevailing
Friday and Saturday Special
I ml
Mezzanine Floor Where Lower
Women's And Misses New Coats $16.50
New Fall and Winter Coats, Kerseys,
Homespuns and mixtures, half or full
belted models, some with large collars
trimmed - with fur, special today
Prices Prevail Nothing Over $25
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Best of materials including Velours,
Kerseys, Velveteen, Homspun and Man
nish mixtures. Browns, Greys, Blues,
Taupes, Black, etc., principally plain
models made with belts extending all
the way. Special today. ....... $24.75
Salem's Greatest Woman's Apparel Store t
work as efficiently as it hag been in