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Ill 11
Science sayik that old age begins with ,
weakened kidneys and digestive oriani
This being true, it is eay to believe j
tliat by keeping the kidney and di
gestive organs cleansed and in proper j
orking order, c!d age fan be deter-1
red and life prolonged far beyond that i
eajoved bv the average person. I
For over 200 year GOLD MEDaU
Haarlem Oil hai been relieving the j
weakness arid disability due to ad- j
Trancing years. It is a standard old- j
time home remeilr and needs so intra-!
auction. GOM MKDAL, Haarlem Oil!
in inclosed in odorless, tatseless cap- j
pules containing about 5 drops each.
Take them a you would a pill, with a
BmaU swallow of water. The oil stimu
lates the kidney action and enables tht
organs to throw off the poisons whieh
iaue premature old age. New life and
strength increase as you continue the
treatment. When completely restored
continue taking a capsule or two eae'
day. GOLD MKDAL Haarlem Oil Cap
sules will keep you in healtu ua vigor
and prevent a return of the disease.
Do not wait uutil old age and disease
have settled down for good. Go to your
druggist and get a bor of GOLD MED
AL Haarlem Oil Capsules. Money re
funded if thev do not help you. Three
sizes. But remember to ask for the orig
inal imported GOLD MEDAL brand, -a
sealed packages.
and that 10,000 deaths might result. A
war time shortage f medical men ag
gravate conditions, authorities said.
MovK-g aud theatres were instructed
to bar amusement seekers who showed
signs of the disease.
Schools Are Closed
Washington, Oct. 2. All the public
schools in the District of Columbia to
day were ordered closed for an lnaen
nilv period because of Spanish lultu
enza. This decision was reached following
a conference between commissioner of
the district and school superintendent.
Vaccine Discovered
day. They were wearing tbv anti-Spanish
tnfhipnza mask a tecom mended bv the
Say Health Offidab A.-l'Sia ...
... . . o tnr i j. aid physicians in predictng the epi-
Chicago Oc . 2.- areni veils" were d . ,d reach l mo m Chicagoans
affected by Chicago "white winga" to-
To Control Influent.
Xew York, Oct. 2. The United States
government was advised todar that Dr.
W. H Parker of the New York health
department had discovered a vaccine
whieh he declared will prevent Spanish
influenza. The vaccine is being pre
pared for immvdiate use in large quantities.
Southern Pacific From Red
ding North Put Out Of
I have a rendezvous with death-
I have a rendezvous with death
At some disputed barricade,
When Spring comes back with rustling shade
And apple-blossoms fill the air
I have a rendezvous with death
When Spring brings back blue days and fair.
It may be he shall take my hand
And lead me into his dark land,
And close my eyes and quench my breath.
It may be I shall pass him still
(Killed la action July S, 1916)
O-0aarlae Scrlbmr toaa
nPHIS American did not fail that rendez
- vous and death did not pass him by.
When he died the world lost a true poet. His
death brings out in sharp relief how much one
soldier who is lost to usone man killed may
mean to the world.
So let us keep our rendezvous at home our rendez
vous with life. Let us look into our lives, our households,1
and see that they are mobilized for war. Let us save
our money to save' these men who daily have rendezvous
with death. Let us keep our rendezvous with life and
help them to win through and to come back to sunshine
and happiness and home with victory on their banners.
Buy Bonds to Your Utmost!
kWl0 Ph Spact Confri6ufrf (o JKflnnjr A War by
Salem Is Falling D
And if we do not come tip and do our part, raise our share of
this Fourth Liberty Loan, what will our boys over there think'
All the letters received from our boys at the front Speak- in
praise of Salem and Oregon. They are PROUD of Salem and
Oregon. .Let us all come forward and put this loan over the top
so when our boys come back we can face them with the feeling
that we did our duty and backed them to the limit.
Salem will go over the top, and we, each of us personally
will have a hand in putting the Fourth Liberty Loan over the top.
This space subscribed to winning the war by
Ked line. Calif., Oct. 3. A storm of
unprecedented ferocity atruck northern
California late yesterday, and early to
day had practically wrecked all "eom
muicationj and tied up railroads north
of Bedding.
Thre northbound Southern Pacifie
passenger trains are tied up in Bedding
with little prospwt of getting away
soon. Nine landslides and two wash
outs are reported from the Shasta
division of the Southern Pacific lines.
Extra crews and railroad workers have
been ff.;nt np the Sacramento canyon
to clear the slides and open the tracks.
During the night 4.80 inches of rain
fell in Redding. The storm was accom
panied by thunder and lightning. Bain
continued to fall this morning.
Lightning struck the Columbia house
a large two-story Italian hotel belong
ing to A. Rofvlia, at 3 o'clock in the
: morning. The resultant fire completely
destroyed the building and contents
'AH the occupants escaped without in
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S Court House News t
In the case of O. E. Fletcher against
the Corvallis Flouring mills, the defend
ant answers the complaint where it al
leged that O. E. Fletcher bought 1,000
barrels of flour on a contract dated
July 24, 1916. at $4.40 a barrel and that
the mills tailed to deliver but 358 bar
rels. Tbv defendant,, claim in their an
swer that thev were willinz to fulfil
I their contract but that the plaintiff
did not pay for the first two carloads
shipped. That demand was made for
the payment and aa offer made to ship
the remaining part of the contract.
In the ease of the state of Oregon
against S. 8. Howard, the district at
torney and attorney for Mr. Howard
agreed that all exhibits in evidence at
the trial should b withdrawan.
The Pacific Building and Loan asso
ciation has sued Carrie and George
R. Kiggs on a note of $3,666.88 dated
April 4, 1917, on which but $167.90
has bven paid, acording to the com
plaint. The association asks for a
judgment with attorneys fees and the
foreclosure of a mortgage on all of
lot W, block 11, of Parrish addition
B to Salem.
dun, Oct. 3. The Americans have now
advanced from seven to eight kilome
ters (four to four and a half miles)
I through the tangled Argonne forest
'since the start of their offensive.
This forward movement has been ac
complished by smothering machine gun
nests, bridging great masses of barbed
'wire entanglements and dragging up
artillery and wagons by hand.
American aviators are continuing
their remarkable work, observing and
regulating artillery firo, fighting off
German planes and strafing intantry
and transports. In the latter some of
the planes fly as low as 50 yards abov
tne trees.
In the region of Fresnes, east of
Verdun on the Mets front, a Franco
American raid resulted in the taking
of 50 Austrian prisoners.
I Lieutenant Ward of California and
'Lieutenant Alsaf of Newark, N. J.,
Had a thrilling experience yesterday
afternoon, their motor going dead just
as they dropped a load of bombs on
Urandpre. A boihe plane then attack
ed the. They couldn't fight back arid
were compelled to glide down, landing
in a field which they thought sure was
German-held territory, but the sight of
some doughboys reassured them. They
were picked up in the United Press
car and returned to their field head
Fraicb. Push Ahead
Paris, Oct. 3. French forces continue
to udvunce in the Champaguo and
Vesle regions, tho war office announc
ed today.
Challerango (a mile and a half east
ot Montpois) was captured yesterday
evening. North of Rheims, the French
tooK LiOivro.
The French attack was resumed at
daybreak this morning.
"On the front north of the Vesle,
the French Continuing their advance
took Loivre, (six miles north of Rheims
the communiuqe said.
"In the region of La Neuvillctte (a
mile and a half northwest of Rheims)
a violent German counter attack was
unsuccessful. .
"In the Champagne the fighting
continued yesterday afternoon and ev
ening. The French took Challeranec.
The Germans made a powerful effort
to eject us from the wood southwest
of Orfeuil (six miles west of C'halle-
sange) where he penetrated. Three
times, their assault brought against
our lines. All our gains were maintain
ed and heavy losses inflicted upon the
enemy. Tho number of prisoners was
still further increased during the fight
"The attack was renewed this morn
ing at daybreak."
In the county eourt the estate of Ar
chie Ray Gibbens was appraised at
$1!83.00. The appraisers were J. M. V.
Bonner, John Dinwoodie and Joe Nib-ler.
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. Germans Apply Torch
Faris, Oct. 3. (12.13 p. m.) The
Germans have get fire to the Belgian
city of Roulers,
Roulers, which was one of the prin
cipal objectives of the previous Brit
ish drives in Flanders has been practic
ally surrounded by Belgian and Brit
ish troops. It .is about 12 miles north
east of Ypres.
Italians Attack Austria na
Washington. .Oct. 3. The Italian
army in Albania has launched an of
fensive against the Atistrinns there,
cables to the Italian embassy stated
today, ,
Tho purpose of the offensive is to
demoralize and destroy tho Austrian
armies in Albania with a view to facil
itating the expected surrender of Tur
key, tho cable explained. General Scr
rere, operating three columns in advane
ing victoriously with the object of af
fecting a junction with the left wing
uuaer uonernl Kspcri. ine Austrian
are resisting vigorously aiming to hold
tfce allies in check at all cost9 until re
inforcements arrive.
The advances already made by the
Italians in the south, following closely
uixin he heels of the retreating Aus
trian armies is threatening the latter
with Isolation from the north.
Belgians Take Towns
Havre, Oct. 2. (Delayed) "Our lo
al niiHhea at different points have im
proved our positions," tho Belgiaa war
office announced toiiay. "Mritisn
trnnna havn cantured Gheluwe. LeB&i-
set and LaFlancejue , farms. (Gheluwe
is less thnn two mitpa nnrthweat of Me
nin, Lnliispt and LaFlancque farm are
about a mile north of Armentieres.)
British airmen destroyed nine ene
my machines and two balloons,"
Captured 1500
London, Oct. 3 "Australian troops
Free Pilo Remedy
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Small Tract Of Land
Travels' In Court;
. Becomes High Priced
A dispute regarding the ownership
of a tritle more than a quarter acre
or land valuod at about $25 will occu
py the attention of the circuit court
this week, probably beginning tomor
row. . i
It is the famous case of John S. Dun
lavy ngainst Britt Aspinwall wherein
the ownership of .31 of an acre is in
dispute. It has traveled to the supreme
court where Judge William Galloway
was reversed and is now ready for a
general rehearnig in the circuit court,
ludge Jvelly presiding.
Mr. Dunlavy and Mr. Aspinwall are
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night now any time will surely save
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ness; but what will please you most
will be after just a few weeks' use,
when you will actually see a lot of
fine, downy hail- new hair rowinf
all over the -scalp.
neighbors and it seems that where
their land adjoins, there was an un
certainty in the description. According
to the complaint originally filed, Air.
AspnwaU took the benefit of the doubt
and also the long narrow strip.
In the complaint filed by Mr. Dun
lavy, dated Jan. 5, 1915, he alleges that
for sevn years Mr, Aspinwall had un
lawfully held possession of the land.
Senior High School
Class Elects Officers
At a meeting held yesterday of the
senior class of the 8a1em high school,
the following officers were elected:
Elvin Lantis, president.
Ford McQuinn, vice president.
Helen Lovell, secretary,
Maxine Burcn, treasurer.
Mis Edna Sterling, faculty adviser.
' Bernard Nutting, athletic manager.
Hugh Latham, Aniory Gill, Mary
Bayne and Milton Grallap, members,
of tho student council.
The junior class of the high school
elected the following.
Ralph Wils-m, president.
Avery Hick, vice president.
Margaret Griffith, secretary.
Donald Davidson, treasurer.
Katrerine Gibbard, Ruth Barnes,
Earl Shafor and Don Griffith, member
of" the student body council. .
of Review and Equa'izatiOTl of Assess
ment Roll
The State Tax commission will at
tend as a board of equalization at the
capitoLin Salem, Oregon, on the third
Monday in October, 1918, and public
ly examine the assessment roll by it
made, and review the same, and cor-
rect all errors in valuation, description
quantities or qualities of property by
it assessable and in apportionments of
assessments made by it; and it shall .
be the duty of the persons and eompan .
ies interested to appear at tho time
and place appointed.
Petitions or applications for the re
duction or change of "apportionments
of a particular assessment shall b ""'
made in writing, verified by the oata.
of the applicant, its president, s?ere
tary, managing agent or attorney in
fact, and be filed with the commission
during the first week it is by law re
quired to be in session, and any peti
tion or application not so made, veri
fied and filed ghall not be considered
or acted upon by the eommission.
By Frank K. Lovell, Secretary. 10-17
For Marlon County, Oregon
In the matter of the estate of A.
Olingvr, deceased. Notice of final set- "
. Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has filed his final account as
administrator of the above entitled
estate, and that the county court has
duly set Monday, the Hth day of Octo
ber, at fen o'clock a. m. thereof at tho
court honse in Salem, Oregon, as tho
time and place for hearing any nd all
objections thereto. .
Dated at Salem, Oregon, this 9th day
of September, 1918.
. Administrator.
W. C. Winslow, Attorney. 10-10
Notice is hereby given, that the un
dersigned administratrix has filed her
final account as executor of the estate
of Loretta Ross, deceased, in the coun
ty court for Marion county, Oregon,
and said court has duly set the hearing
of any objections thereto and the final,
settlement thereof for Monday, Octo
ber 14, 1918, at the hour of 10 o'clock
a. m. of said day in the county court
room of said court in Salem in iaid
county and state.
Dated this 12th day of September,
Administratrix of the estate of Loret
ta Ross, deceased.
McNary, McNary & Eeycs, .
Attorneys for administratrix. 10-10
yestorday in the vicinity of Kubbeias
afir, 17 miles northwest of Damascus,
captured an enemy column, taking 1,-
000 prisoners, two guns and 40 ma
chine guns," it was announced in the
I alcstine communique received today.
By John De Gandt
(United Press staff correspondent)
Paris, Oct. 3. (10:15 a. m.) Gener
al Debeny, attacking on the fifteen
milo front between St. Quentin and La-
lere is nearing Berthcmeourt (on the
Oise, five mileg southeast of St. Quen
tin), and is rapidly outflanking La-
Fere, The latter town is the northern
outpost of the great St. Gobain massif.
.Between the Vesle, the Aisne ana
Aisne-Marne canal. General Berthelot
has cleared out all the German except
in a small area south of Berry -au-Bac
(on the north bank of the Aisne, 11
miles northwest of Rheims), where
French advanced elements are pro
gressing. ,1
Some American divisions arc sup
porting General Gouraud in the attack
he launched in the Champagne region
this morning. The "assault has won the
allies new positions on the front, wher
General Von Carlowitz'g army has re
sisted them the last few days. The bat
tle is reported to be developing favor
northwest of Khcims, the enemy has
abandoned the heights north of the
Chenay blockhouse and St. Thierry
Bavarians Tired of It
Washington, Oct. 3. -German desert
ers are escaping to Switzerland in large
numbers, French cables reported today
Because of the pressure in the west
German troops on the Swiss frontier
have been replaced by Bavrian land
strum. These have been lax in keeping
tho frontier eloged.
Bavarian officers declare German
morale is low and say they have had
enough fighting foi the king of Prus
If your children are subject to croup
get a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
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on be careful to follow the plain print
ed directions. You. will be surprised
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it An i Hon In Pnrt .1 Hlnnrla
f r:,.,-o TT.V,nit 'in nunliin 911(1 I
miles off tho Atlantic coast weie
brought here today by two merchant
vessels. Both vessels reported they re
ceived 8 0 8 calls which told them of
shcllings by a U-boat but neither was
able to catch the position or name of tht
vessel under attack. .
The state lime plant at Gold Hill is
now running and orders have been re
ceived by the state lime board for ap
proximately la carloads of lime, ac
cording to Warden Murphy of the
Magnified Results
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Wonderful Little
Want Ad and
watch the Results
In the justices court for Ralcm dis
trict, State jf Oregon, county of Ma- "f1
rion. E. H. Kennedy "doing business un
der the firm name and style of City
Cleaning Works, plaintff, against Her
man teaman, defendant.
To Herman Tcilman defendant above
named: In the name of the state of
Oregon you are hereby required to ap
pear and answer tho complaint filed
against you in the above entitled action
within six weeks from the date of this
publication and if you fail to appear
and answer or otherwise pleaij within
said time plaintiff will take judgment
against you for tho sum of one hundred
dollars and for his costs and disburs
ments incurred in this action. This
summons is served upon yon by publi
cation by order of the Hon. Daniel
Webstor, justice of the peace for Sa
lem "district, Marion county, Oregon,
said order dater the 18th day of Sep
tember, 1918.
Tho date of the first publication of
ths summons is Thursday, September
19th, and the date of the last publi
cation will be Thursday, October 31-st,
Attorney for plaintiff
D. Webster,
Justice of the peace. 10-31
state penitentiary, secretary of the
board. Delivery of the lime is to be
made soon, but Warden Murphy could .
not tell when the first carload woulil '
be ready. As lime is in the preferred
classification, the railroad will furn
ish all the cars needed. The lime is be
ing sold for $1.75 a ton f. o. b. Gold
Hill. Twenty two convicts arc now em
ployed at the lime plant. '
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