Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 01, 1918, Page SIX, Image 6

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1 ''' , ZT.TisjZz3 Ccuncfl Of Defense
i "Suspends Its Order ; 1 - '
Ocsiiig AH Stores: O Jfa 1
- T!"' resolution of the State f ounej; ! 7 hN A X- I
of Defense rioting all . mercantile ' k f I i3 7 Al
storos on Sunday aud week davs at 6 f A Ti v -tCT i J '
oVlock in the evening i4 meeting with I , VX. i j$fr jrfC '
-sw ,nus vigorous protest in Salem. Un-! J f"- , MV' V '-.. J . '
l JT 1 l'fpnt eonditionj especially in 8a-jf fcf '- ii NSL J wf f '
I Jf Km it is felt that there is no need of1! TE. -, -igl , F--i..ifr Hi,, i - . i
i f mjf J dr such a drastic law Fr,i w Rtn.inff if ; I ' - a!
j it i
r y . . ? J
t i j r
f w ' -f
? "I
ST "03
!Uil'UIUithliiilililUUUI a
'4 A
The Hun
His Mark!
Ub ( J
1 1
. There is a plain
fact that every Amer
ican business man
must face. This war
is not a, dollar war.
It is a war for iustice.
for truth, for right,
and for human de-
cency. Its financial I
aspects are minor
aspects when mea
sured against terms
of human suffering
and bloodshed.
But still the question must be asked and must be answered
by American men: "Shall the German mark conquer the Amer
ican dollar?"
What the Dollar Stands For
The American dollar stands for a business world of square deaiinj, of
equal opportunity to all people, of free commercial intercourse ail over
the world.
: You know what the German mark stands for a commercial system as an
acuvc instrument of foul plotting, espionage, and Prussian propaganda.
. Enlist Your Dollars
Every American dollar must be enlisted in the great army that it now
being mobilized against the Potsdam autocracjT the great army of tho
fourth Liberty Loan.
Enlist your dollars to win a world in which fair dealing and an equal
, opportunity for all shall be the guiding principles.
, Buy all the Liberty Bonds you can. Every bond you buy safeguards yout
home, your business all you possess, and all you hope to have.
If the Hun Wins
If the Hun wins this war what would your American dollar be worth? What
would your property be worth?
You know what became of the Confederate money during our Civil war. You
' could buy a wagon loan of Confederate dollars for ie cents. Well this would
also be the case if the Huns should. win.
Our Last Dollar
We will lend the government our last dollar if need be, before we will let
that blot fall upon this free and glorious land of ours.
Don't wait to be asked, but go to the Liberty Loan Headquarters and sub
scribe your limit to the Fourth Liberty Loan.
Salem Woolen Mills Store
The resolution of the Stat Counei;
of Defense rlosing all . mert-aatile
storos on Sunday aud week dav at fi
oVhxk in the evening it meeting with
a most vigorous nrotesr in Salem V.
'r present rendition, esneeiallv in R.
leui it is felt that there is no need of
sueh a drastie law. Freil w Kteu!f,ff
hairman of the Marion pnuntv fnnn.'
cil of Defense, has rereired no notice
or the resolution passed lv the Portland
luvn who wish to elo all the stores in
that city under the plea that man pow
er Willie conserved. I
Aeeordine to the latest report fromj
Portland, W. F. Woodward, rh.lirmfln
of the State Couneil of Defense, has!
agreed that the ruling shall be tempor-1
amy suspvnuea until Uetober 7. Hence
store, in Salem may eontiuue their us
ual hours of business until some action
is taken, especially ginee then has been
forwarded so strong a protest. V. F.
Woodwarj is quoted as saviutr: "The
act lvsts on no law whatever. Von n
disregard it or obey it as you will."
However, he was emphatic in saying
that the State Council of Defense
would do all it eould to bring its rul
ing into ertect.
Wifl Issue Emergency
Certificates To Teach
To Supply Deficiency
The war is makinff such inroads nnnn
tho available supply of hii?li sehonl ten.
thvrs that J. A. Churchill, superintend
ent Of public instruction, tins annnnneod
that next June he will issue emergency
war certmcates to applicants whn dn
not come up to requirements heretofore I
prescribed for teachers ill stnnrlflT-rl '
high schools. I
I This announcement was made in a:
InU.. 111 V.. 1 ' ' . . !
.moi nuiini uv ouperintenoent Chur
chill to H. D. Sheldon nf the TTi.Wor.
sity of Oregon.
Owing to scarcity of teachers this
yoar," says Mr. Churchill, "I am led
to belivvo that next year it will ha al
most impossible to secure teacher, for
me mgn scnoois of the state."
He then outline the rcrmirement. fnr
applicants for emerceoev wni- arHt;.
cates. One of these requiremants is that
mo applicant must have had at least
two years of colleee work. Bur) ihn tan.
"D lie ant mnt hnva hn
t .viuiimitjmuUUll
ot iuo neaa or the ilejwrtment of edu
canon in tno school he has attended.
Whether tho one-year omertrenKir
tificateg shall bo renewed, nftf thfl tin.
plicant has taught one jvar, will depend
uu wuutner ine war ontinaes and the
urgency of tho high schools for teachers,
yoiuis oui xur. tnurchill.
Albert Ward Bsloncrs To
Regiment Of Six Footers
Mis. M. Ward, of 2378 Manle Aw
r, , , , I
oaiom, is in receipt of a. letter from
Albert Ward now stationed nt fomn
Meade. He tells of the hard drill gin
mo coys Oy ornccrs who have servod
in France and of th cold weather along
wiu Auuiuic coast.
Mr.. Ward is one of the men whn lion.
pen to be. assigned to the famous 63rd
regimont in which all rn six fnntm..
They went to Philadelphia to take part
in a parade.
Military life is pretty strict at Camp
.ri.uup, ne writes, a3 o Mian is permit
ted to leave camp without a pass and
a pass is pretty hard to .get.
wiui uuuse notes
. .
The criminal case of th stato hf Ore-
Sou against Dolbert Rium was dismiss
ed today in tlx? circuit 'court on motion
of the district attorney for tho reason
that the prosecution is beyond the jur
isdiction of tho court. '
School Began Yesterday
And in Your Mind's Eye you can see the Youngsters Running, Jumping Play
ing and Happy. Last spring they were Glad for their Vacation, now most of
them are ready and anxious to get back to school and school f riendsjts all fine
But They All Need Shoes
Here's where we come in for we have all kinds of them. For growing girls,
sizes 2 to 7, in low heels, fine Brown Kid with cloth top, very dressy at. . .55
Fine Black all kid, light, serviceable, dressy at ; rc
Fine Brown Calf, Cloth Top, extra good wear at
The great Dr. Sommers Health Shoe, tbe,Elk Skin, Neolin Soles keep the foot
F' tj 13 the blSgest seller we had last season. We sold 250 pairs. They
should bring $8, but we sell for $6, and guarantee the satisfaction.
Othr lines we have at ft j4
Sizes 11 to2
The Playhouse Shoes in. kid, calf and white bear, the highest grade Misses
shoes at cjo-
Then we have fine kid or elks in several lines at -$3 35
And other lines down to $2.95 with smaller sizes in proportionately low prices
The Army Jr is of course first choice at $3.75, $4, and $4.50 I
The Boy Scouts in all sizes at $3.65 and $395
And other lines as low as $2.95 and $2.65
We Are Prepared to SHOW YOU
7'r7 ,-ZZ3i-i'. v. I."""'"";..:...:" .",1".""" '"''"''
estate of John W. Meredith presented
his petition for a final settlement and
discharge ns administrator. The county
court aet October 4 as the date for the
final hearing. Tho estate is valued at
$12,790.60, and there are two heirs,
Jeanettc i.ockhart and Frank Merc
county court as appraisers of the estate
of I-ai Yeo Sun, deceased.
V. J. Culver. Mark 8. Skiff nn,l .T IT
Dunlap wore appointed today by the
W. I. Staley, gs administrator of the
No Internal mndiclne will tore Ram. Only
by the application o( CRANOLKNE. the treat
.xternal rermyjy, enn the Kroema mierohe ba
deatroveH. Protrathla ltat.in.nt for yoiirMH
Mouraapaaa.. Write fnr free ti-t treat
ment; iliiro.a Mills Chemical Co., Dent. D
"SlMpa Ilka a PUm Boy"
I offered for a yi-.ru with Ecaema In Its
CKANOLtNE left m.-r.a fino as white mil,
and I sleep like a plow bov."-J. McCracken,
At all drug stores. 85c and $1.
Ma y PaalMvaly Raturaad M Not 5.tl.n.d
BaaBaaal Sold and Guarateed bjaaBaaataTM
Walter Reynolds, administrator of the
estato of Silas Reynolds reported to the
county court tho sale of lots 5, 6, 12 and
13 of Sunnyside Fruit farms No. 8 to E.
B. Carrier for a consideration, of $8.-
Bread will hereafter b 10c. fnr n m
pound and 15 cent., for H nik. atiii nrtn
half pound loaf. This ig according to
i no ruung oi the federal food adminis
tration and becomes effective October
1. These figures are based nn fn ot!.
mate that tho orw pound loaf will cost
tno aeaie,. svio and. the 1 pound loaf
12Vjc. Thus, the grocer is entitled to
IVic profit on a 1 nound loaf and !i
on the lai'cer she.
A number of our exchanges 'have
been speculating on what would hap
pen if the government took over the
newspapers. Well, the first thing tho
sunscription pneo would be raised
about 50 per cent and tho sheriff would
be kept busy chasing delinquents. Tho
noxts step would be to raise wages
about 25 per cent, and editors, who
hadn't had a cnt in six months they
""" mvir urtll, would DO plaCCll
on a salary. The merchant who fail
to get in their ad copy until press day
would bo liauled up before the council
o defense and our linotype man who
hired out for two weeks work and quit
his job in a week would be gent to
Leavenworth fnr nhniit. ton vr. o o
desortor. It looks like a good preposi
tion and we're for it The Fairbury
m "-''tt-pjpjip
A Caldum comoound, that will brtriir re
i . . ,,sn), acute and chronic cases,
rrov.cles la handltst form, a baalo rem
ray hiirhly recommenrled by aclence. Con
tains no harmful drugs. Try them today.
50 cents a box, including war tax
For RR by n dniitiHa '
Ltkman Laboratory, l'lilliulelphla
4 ( M H
(Continued liom page one)
down out. of control. Nineteen of our
Are Yea In Trouble?
The Problcnu of Life:
rr, Worries, Sorrowa, Love, Domet
tlo and Business Affairs, SOLVED;
Nsrvous, Mental and Psychical Dis
eases, TREATED; and
Your Natural "Place" Vocatten
a carta, found by the
l,"Ta-AlT and Vacation. Dlractor.
38-t Martaa BaaUiaw.
Writa ynor trouble, or wants. KncloaavS cant
Wsmp. Adrlr P. O. box Mr?. Portland. Oreiron.
Fail Tera Opess fotiitj, Septener 3ri
famril rwrnr .nit . IM ,., .. w u t ...
; ?d1,,,'ri..u, la t rates'and arm.
! ; A. T. WL. rraxM SQ Tiiiar, BM., Mai, On.
niat'hincs are missing. Thirty six tons
of bombs were dropped."
Misty weather and low clouds pro
venteJd extensive oponilidns Sunday,
said tho Paris communique. The state
ment also declared:
"In the course of fin'uiing in which
asceuilency wiij nmintniiied by tho
Kreni'li. we brouirht ' down ".T Imatiin
mui'hines and sot firo to two captive
oaiiuoiu. Uur boiiibanling squadrons
muppeu -o ions or projectiles ou ene
my ooiivojs. "
Body Of Archbishon
Irelasd Ling la State
8t. Paul, Minn., Oct. 1. The body of !
Archbishop .lohn Ireland was removed j
from the resilience tn tbl rathn.lenl In.
day to li in state until Inte today.
Funeral ftervirea will u b.l,l in
o'clock tomorrow morning, where scores
Of leading Churchmen from vaeinn.
part of the country will be here.
a - .1.1 . i . ' . . . .
ArcuoMuop james neane or Dubuque
Iowa. Conducted the ehildren.
tho cathedral today. Th
yeungsters took part in the mns
Mishap Thonms O'Uornian of Sioux
Fulls, 8. IX, will be celebrant of the
pontifical requiem mass at the funeral
tomorrow. Clinnting of the divine of
fice will be at 8 o'clock tonight.
"Terrible turn of Eriwma eontrvM when a
nrrs boy fbuirht duenw for Un years, with
a I rdoaen special i.ts. Both Icfnintcrriblecoif
Uiiiori, Allnoat a nerrr.ua wreck. It took just
7 his is tlis lute teatimony of a prominent
twwtpawr man. Ilia nuns and his remorksbas
jther cures with this mnrreloiu liquia wash
that w. rreilv "CZ..,V """
UDo UDo bd.
for Skin Disease
Get more work out of your clothes-
Clothes are like men, in the service they render sonn .u , m,,,.!, j j
well that they're cheap at $40; others are a waste at $25 lk d 11 80
' mMy-'t want wasteful cl; ,cs
Bishop All-Wool Suits
$20 to $40
Hart Schaffner & Marx
$25 to $50
because they're cheaper at he price; and we don't know of any better wav to hPln
yon to save when you need clothes tthan to offer you these they're all SSS
; wearing and guaranteed to satisfy you or your money back. y ' S
Salem Woolen Mills Store
The Journal classified atle ar !
great favorites with people who j
j ,
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