Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 25, 1918, Page THREE, Image 3

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V 5.
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Thinks Backbone Of
Epidemic Is Broken
Chicago, f-pt. 25. Captain Moffctt,
eoimnandcnt. of the Great Lakes naval
training station, believes today that the
'backbone nf tho Spanish influenza epi
demic at ti e station has been broken.
In an official staten.vnt, Captain
Moffett said that the recent deaths
thore were among men taken to the
hopital some days ago.
There havo btvn 8,218 cases at tho
station. During the last 24 hours there
wcr0 369 now cases and C8 deaths.
The total numbor of deaths was not
announced. The percentage of doaths
was comparatively small, Captain. Mof
fett said.
celebration of Saleui day at the Ore
gon state fair.
But Salem did not do it alone. Th
fine weather has brought in big erowdi
from far and near throughout the Wil
lamette valley, and the result is that
the fair grounds are densely thronged
Aad it is a good day to be at i-o
fair because a tip-top' racing program
is being held on a track that is at its
best. - -
Besides the races many good features
are on the program for today, and to
night the Oregon Pure Bred Livestock
association will hold its annual meet
ing, at the fair grounds, with W. A.
McKcrrow of St. Paul, Minn., and C. C
Chapman of Portland as the speakers.
In the educational pavilion, Mrs.'
Wm. MacMasters, head of the North
west Y. W, C. A. war council, will giv
an address tonight at 8 o'clock, and
in connection with the usual band eon
cert will be a vocal solo by Anna Max
well Powell, and a violin ensemble
composed of students of Miss Eliza
beth Levy of Salem.
Judging bf tho livestock will be
practically completed today. It was on
full awing yesterday, with interest
centering jpa5rtjfeu)lafrly 4n the dairy
herds. m
i . Some Prize Winners
The grand championship ribbon for
the best Jersey cow at the fair went
to " Noble Countess of Oaklands," own
ed by G. H. Dammcier of Gresham. She
is a daughter of the $15,0CHi bull J
B. Hagan imported trom the Island of
Jersey. Her record as t72 pounds of
butter fat in one year.
Her closest competitor was a young
heifer, not yet a year old, owned by
Frank Laughry of Monmouth. The lit
tle heifer is a beauty, but what her
milk production is of course proble
matical. "Merman of Ticrra Alton," owned
bf Congdon & Battles of Yakima, Wn.,
was awarded the grand championship
as the best bull of the Aberdeen An
gus breod.
". Village Excelsior," owned by the
Washington State college at Pullman,
is the senior grand champion Short
horn bull.
Between Lane and Linn
In itho J;;ricultural pavilion Lane
and Linn counties seem to be the prin
cipal rivals for first prize fc the best
county exhibit. But other counties
have fine exhibits and one of them"
may bo picked as the winner. Union
county is well represented, as in addi
tion to its exhibit of products showing
the resources of the county it has an
intensely interesting exhibit of bouvo
nirs from Chateau Thierry and othel
battle fields. i
These souvenirs were gatherod by
members of the field hospital corps
which was recruited in Union county
and was sent over to France with tho
Kainbow division, being one of the
first fioldlospital units to go over.
The exhibit is in charge of Mrs. C. N.
Palmer, whose son is in the corps. One
of the German gas masks and a German-helmet
with a bullet hole through
it, showing where the Hun "got his,"
was sent by her son. Tho hospital unit
has been in actual service since March
1 and Union-county is very proud of
their boys.
Other counties which have good ex
hibits include Morrow, Washington,
Clatsop, Tillamook, Marion and Wasco.
Salem is All Theire
It is Salem day. Bright sunshine with
enough fleecy clouds to make the tem
perature just right, an ideal day fof
Spent All He Had In Search
For Health Tanlac
- Brings Relief.
"T inAnt Avprvthina T hs.,1 ilurino- mv
- -I - - - - 9 a
fiftepn rears of sickness, and never I
found anything to help me as much as
Tanlac has in the past three weeks,"
declared Elmer E. Thomas, a well
known employe of the Orepon Ship
Lumber Mills, living at 47 East 9th
St., Portland, recently.
"If I should tell all the trouble. 1
have had from bad health," he contin
ued, "it would take hours to write it
down. My first illness was a very stub
born spell of typhoid fever, which left
my stomach in such a bad fix that I
could hardly digest anything. Most of
the time my food would just lay in my
stomach like rocks gml ferment, and
the gas from it,' would press on iny
heart, and cause it to beat like a trip
hammer. One time I was operated on
for appendicitis, and I also suffered
from intestinal trouble, and disorder
ed kidneys. I also had rheumatism,
which seemed to affect my wholo body.
My joints and muscles especially were
swollen and extremely painful. I often
had headaches, which were so bad at
times I could hardly see. I wa8 unable
to work so long, that I had to give up
my home, and spend everything I had
for medicines and other expenses.
' 'I tell you 1 must have a cast iron
constitution or I would have been dead
long ago, and when I look back now
on what I went through, I don't see
how I stood it t all. But Tanlac has
put me back on my feet, and has aston
ished mo as well as all who knew my
awful condition. Actually I don 't have
an ache or pain, and you may know 1
feel like a brand new man. My appe
tite is bo big I can hardly pet enough
to cat, and everything seems to agree
with me perfectly. Before I geban on
Tanlac, I was almost-a nervous wreck,
and would lay awake for three or four
nights at a time without sleeping a
wink, but now I sloep like a log. My
kidneys and bladder don't bother me
any more, and every sign of the rheu
matism is gone. By the aid of Tanlae
Tablets I have been relieved almost
entirely from constipation and I novcr
havo a headache.. My friends who have
watched .mo for the past tew years,
and knew my condition are now asking
mo what I have been taking or doinp
to make such a big change. I am now
putting in full time. 1 gladly recom
mend Tanlac to everybody.'? .
Tanlac is sold in flubbard by Hub
bard Drug Co., in Mt. Angei ty Ben
Gooch, in Gervaia by John Kelly, in
Turner by H. P. Cornelius, in Wood
burn by . Lyman H. Shorcy, in Salem
by Dr. S. C. Stone, in Silverton by Geo.
A. Bteelhammer, in uaiss ny mn. o
P. McCurdy and in Stayton by C, A,
Bcauchamp, in Aurora by. Aflraro urug
Store. f .- (Adv.)
an ideal crowa, ana tne trowa to
sure there. From an early hour train
of strest cars wero loaded, to the last
strap-hanging possibility, and by 1(1
o'clock the grounds were a great ka
lcidoscope of living, changing coiorruj
crowds. A splendid program had been
arranged and was carried out w.ithoul
hitch. '
The stock judging is still under way,
but will be completed perhaps by to-
nieht. The keen interest tauen is one
of tho features of tho fair.
In the crowds at tho judging grounds
BIG- . ' 'J.-' '
BILL:.", .j
is - .. ' f - I
Al . 1 v J'
his sj'; ; kt-
in , . ,
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4 -.;
wero many women, and the qmcK reatf
zation of fino points in tne animals oy
them, which were, generally anticipa
tory of the judges' decisions suoweu
they had rend deeply on the subject
and profited by it and their experience.
Tho interest in tho dairy cattle was es
pecially marked, which is a hopeful
sign for that badly handicapped in
Solid Tilings Attract
It was noticablo that tho utilitar
ian things were those attracting the
keenest interest. This was observable
not only at the stock exhibits but in
the paviiion- Thito wer inteiref.ted
crowds around the fino county exhib
its and it was easily seen the good
housewife was fa more deeply inter
ested in corn and Deans, cabbage- and
fmita intlier than roses and Diossoms
to war, conditions, and tho urgent de
mand for every able-bodied person on
the farm. Tomorrow, is to bo Hlk8 Day
and to Bay that it will K-iul all others
is simply to stato a donblo verity.
Race Results
Tho summary of tho races yester
day was:
2:24 trot, purso (600; -three 1-mile
heats, every heat a race Cavalier
Gale, r. n. (Woodcock), 1 1; Ked Star,
b. h, (Stewart,), 2 3 2.
'Pfeister'g Lynwood, c. g. (Ward), 3
S 3; Him Tire, b. (Wilbourn), 4 5 4;
Beauty B (Bull), 5 4 15; U and M, b.
m. (Mauiscy); 6 dis- Timo, 2, 11; 2,
1414; 2, 10; 2, 24.
l'ace, purBO, $750; three 1-mile lieats,
every hrat a raco Helen AliBtletoo, r.
n. m. (Woodcock), 8 4 -; Hemlock,
b. it. (Todil), i J 1 Z: Iva. jinn, b, m,
Ms I rK
generally. In fact it was piaimy eviuum ( rMartin) j 4 3 2; Joe McKay, b . s.
that the uay 01 tne sioiuuch u . mih), 3 a zj xeddy nam, d. s. uick
In His Latest Artcraf t
fatty T
ilninnndi rather than tuo estneue re-
qnirement.3 of the mind, has come, and
perhaps come to stay. Soaring prices
cf the usual foodstuffs has turned at
tention to the long list of vegetables
more or less neglected heretofore, and
tho lowly spud holds a prominent place
with ail just because it is tho one
faithful old stand by that remains
steadily within reach of the most mea
ger pocketbook.
Plenty of Autos
"rT'iook into the big colliseum dis
5iW that, there can ho a
scarcity of autos. There is an acre or
two of them, sleek and glossy as a
prize Jersey heifer, and around each
make is a crowd cf admirers dim-uss-ing
the fine points of their favorite
'machines. Looking at the big array 01
machines and at the crowd of prospect
ive buyers, makes ono wonder why the
liberty loan drags, but then the auto
has attractions' that 'seem to bo super
ior to patriotism.
In mentioning the county exhibits
yesterday that of Clatsop was inadver
tently overlooked out. 1111s is !
I thing the visitors are not doing for tl;v
I booth attracts much attention, espec
j ially the diPlny of f ish- Thc Polk coun
ity folks put in a bid for the eh'ampion-
y , i, ll.iM morninir JV uuinnic m
Gibson among tlie exhibits, along with
a chair made ly him, to his own meas
ure. Some ineresing lecurcs, s0 many of
them in fact that special attention can
not be made of them, were delivered
during tl.u day, and these all drew large
and interested audiences.
Tarm Tractors Draw Crowds
Thc demonstration of farm tractors
which has been one of the most intor-1
estini? and profitable features of M10 1
fair continued today and was watched
by a dcv-ply interested crowd.
A look at the exhibit of the products
of tho farm at tho Feeble Minded In
stitution will forever dispel the idea
that Oregon cannot (row corn. Samplvs
of the crop from six or seven acres are
displayed and thcs8 are sure a wonder.
Tho stalks are fourteen feet in length
and the big vara are above the reach
of even the tallest man.
Thc old carnp ground is only tolerably
well occupied.- This is probably due
crson), 4 5 5; Bam Regent, blk. h.
(Brady), dis. Time. 3, .07; 2, .1114; 2,
.1)814; 2, 14.
Bpccial trot, purse $100; three l-inilc
heats, every heat a race Vesta Vern
on, blk. m. (Smith), 111; Kleanor
Stewart, b. m, (Stewart), 2 2 2; The
Maid, b. m. (Wheeler), 3 3 3; Henry
IIul b. e. (Squire), 4dis.; Biddy Bond,
j. m. (lickerson),vdis; Lou Hal, b. 111.
(Stri-ts), dis.
Women 's relay, 2 miles a day Miss
Donna Card, on tleorge Druinsellot 's
string, first; Mrs. Hertha Blancett, on
(Lewi Strang's string. Time: 4, .00.
I Men's relay Tace, 2 mile3 a day Mac
kiant, 011 Lewis Strang's string, first;
I A. Nelson, on tleoigo Drumsoller's
string, second. No tunc announced.
Tomorrow's Races,
2:12 Trot $2,000.00
1. rfvistcr'g Lynwood, Win. Howell,
'1225 W. 8. Ave,, Boise, Idaho.
2. Al Kadvr, A. II. Lea, Salem.
3. Beauty II, It. II. Ball, Seattle
4. Bon Fire, Frank McAlister, North
Bend, Ore.
5. llullio B, Mrs. L. W. Watts, Port
land, Ore.
(i. Halem Boy, lone Muuzcy, Salem.
7. Mountain Boy, J. I). Springer,
ButK, Idaho.
8. Bonarary T. L. Davidson, Salem.
9. Oicgano, T. L. Davidson, Sulem.
10. Senator H., Jr., V. V. Phillips,
Prescott, Wash.
11. True Kinney, Paul Welp, The
Dalles, Ore.
12. Tho Raisin Express, C. N. Clark,
Fresno, Culif.
13. -Grafton Boy, S. 8. Bailey, 546
Knxt lOti, St., N., Portland, Ore.
14. Irene Dudley, D. J. McDonald,
WFiiniii'.g, Canada.
15. Zeta Lucille, La Plaza Stables,
Sacramento, Calif.
16. Orpins, Fred Johnson, Calgary,
17. Morin Boy, Wales & Luchia, Leth
bridge, Canada.
18. Red Star, Mrs. Jas. Stewart, Cal
gary, Canada. .
4. ' Toddy' Ham, Mrs. E, J, Dicker
son, l'ortlunu.
5. Baron Rcgont, E, O. Kiikndall,
Baker, Ore,
6. Sister Norto, Win. Guinm, Spo
kane, Wash.
7. Hal Norte, Geo. Hopkinson, Se
attle, Wash.
8. Elfroda, Mrs. Fv H. Herman, Se
attle, Wash. .
9. Jim Do Oro, S. S. Bailey, Port
land. ' ' -
10. Bertio Bx-attle, C. P.' Stiles, Rear
don, Wash."
11. Hal May, 8. S. Bailey, Portland.
12. Eureka, D. W. Wallis, Los Banos.
13. Sis Archibald. Thos. McKay, Wil-
liston, N. Duk.
14. Helen Hal, Joo Carson, Winnipeg,
Canada. . '
15. Mark Huntley, Joe Carson, Win
nipeg, Canada.
10. Teddy Montana, Wales & Xucliia,
Lethbrido, Canada.
Handicap trot or
3()().00, Thursday.
pneo, mile dash,
2:19 Pace $750.00. .
1. Daisy D, C..A. Witt, ffcilem. -
2. Joe McKay, B, D. Babcr, Colfax
3. Elsie Johnson, David Dumas, Chil.
Keep the . stomach well,
the liver activ.e, the bowoU
regular, and the breath
will be sweet and healthy.
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