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anteed by the Audit Bureaa of
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Orcs-ia: Tonight
and Friday fair;
continued ra
Friday interior; "7. tJ-".
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French Reach Coucy Forest Near St Gobian Woods, Consid
ered Greatest Defensive Position on West Front-British
Hold Entire West Bank of Somme.- Combles Captured
With Many Field Guns.-Few Prisoners Being Taken.- AH
Bridges Except One Have Been Smashed.
By John DeGandt
(United Press Staff Correspondent) -
Paris, Aug. :0. French and American troops attack
ing north of Soissons are approaching the westward side
of the Soissons table land. Ten fresh .German divisions
(120,000 men) have been rushed up to oppose this ad
vance, which seriously threatens the whole western por
tion of the enemy's Aisne-Vesle line.
Beyond Noyon the French are i-ushing toward Guis
card and Chauny. The Germans are offering conclusive
resistance in the heights southwest and. northwest .of
Noyon and along the Crozat canal.
In the Ailette region, the French have reached the
t borders of Coucy forest, which merges into St. Gobain
forest, generally regarded as one of the greatest defen
sive positions on the west front.
Road Rons From Independ
ence To Monmouth And
WfllB trapped.
I. Samuels of Salem and L. Rrun-
ston of Portland are no the ownera eif tends from Arleux-Kn-Gohcllo (two
the llirschbcig railroad running from I"ilt's l,n', na,f suth nd east of Vimv
Independence to Monmouth the nuu-hssei f of,U'''' " 'i'"6 V"S ,q1f';'
having been madP early in the week, jl" ' of Arleux-hii-Gohell..) ,
While the road is s ill in operation 'I," c , tmS .(wv?" an J
it i- ii.o t .1. 1 T lnal southeast of Arras) aud south of
j. is iw ,uiiihioii 01 tne new owners to Bulleconrt. Vl mil Itaimiiittii rhn lii.a
scrap it, beginning early in September
They expect to rut on a fore, of .
f.ft.. .j .!;...;.
I , r u-i" vi au ne
........K . lr a momn.
Thp nlltnv cf....lr rxf 4, - J..1 J
en-t and Monmouth railroad with a to-. ' I . T"' Wi" l",y f"'
tal mileage of three mile, eon,!,,, of! Across tha Souxm,.. L .L. A 1 T ""r",".'
tnree locomotive, ,. lhree roaches Iondon. Aug. 30.-(4:!t p. m. -The I ,' . , V
1h, .ails are of 45 an.l .10 pounj weight British have established three p! sts 1 TJT r ' "y 'I
According to Mr. K-imuel, the piice paid roS the Somme, of which two are north J".," in t e JZ, ' ?'
t the road wa, close t 20.000. :f Ktnrpigny (south of Peronne) an.l!,- ' ,u,,B.h' f v
Ihis is th, second railroad that h'Bia.hes (wlst of I'eronne). Mooli,, ! " ,H' dT" "., "Wn l"2-
len bought and junked by Mr. Sam-Znei
nels ;,nd his partner. It was August of1
1917 that Mr. Samuels bought The
Dalle,, id Olelilo railroad of fourteen!
miles for 5.iH)0, bidding against sever-
al Portland firms. The firm had succeed
ed in disnosinir entirely of th. r..,i
nnd its rolling stock before buying the!
jn'iepeniicnee and Monmouth road.
Boston, Mass., Aug. HO. The
Rid Sox won the .mcn-ai
l"g"e ehamjiionship re this
afternoon when they defeated
Philadelphia Athletic 12 to 0
in the first game of a double
header. Mays pitched the game,
allowing tli. Athletics nine hits.
. jtmioriM. and have reached l'aplin l receives is rent '' rents, a total of
London. Aug. . A majortiy of tie "court. They are threatening envelop-, 322.50. And count r Koadmas'er W
mftropobtan police here struck at mil went of Autrecoort weo. and the tal.lejJ. Culver sars the plant ia ia ju-..t
B jjht asking higher y and reeogntion laod northeast of Xoyon. eoaditio'n nrw as it wns before the
their anion. Only fonr station re-1 countr rented it, and that he espects to
fused to go out. Constable have been' German Attack Tail return the: plant to the city ia go.d
'"d to replace the striking pohce.l fans, Aug. M. (12:13 p. .) !er condit: m 4 that the eily should be
' ; man conatcr atta U northwest of .!!-(a! cp ns whatever in the way
Laacaster. Pa., Aug. 3d Jam! JJc--'"" were repulsed last night, the of repnirs.
flona!J Cameron, aged f,trnjr Unit r'rer.ch war offi.e anaouo-d today. J At the time the titr rented the plant
... -..ir, -na-or ana seerciary or w-;
in President Grant's term died ia si ;
ome in il I HetowB, near here, esrlri
te-Hy. - ' j
Lr .dn, Aug. 30. (1:08 p. tu.) The
British advanced 2D00 yards (more than
!a mile) en a front of seven miles be
tween Bulleconrt and the Scarpe today
nnd are now within a mile of Quennt
, (the juuetian of Wotan and Siegfried
section of the Hindenburg line), it wa
.'learned today. They have captured
Kieneourt (two miles southeast of Ba
jpaume). ! he allies now hold German Snmnie
line from Huscurt to Noyon, of which
they have captured the northern and
eastern suburbs.
The French have capture, Quigniiiy,
Ron Le Grande. Roy Ie Petit. La fan
ueterie anil Ferine Des Fonds-C.oiiiet..
The British line this morninir ex-
Bullecourt. Kioui Bapaume the tiiie
.,. II. I. U....1 ... :i
IZX l'r " " "
me cut; .uorvai (a mile
an, a HUT north f ( oinbles and east
of .Mamcpas (a mile and
n ,
half south
has b.-ea captured. '
T"' heaviest fighting is proceeding
!o"8 t,le Arras-Cambrai road.
B7 ,ohn DeOndt
ii iiiic i r reww srair corresponiienti
Paris. Aug. 30.-
p. ru.) American
troops, attacking with the French
! north and cast of Soissons, engage in
th. ir firs: battle with IIhikii ..,!.
i today. The enemy hurle.i a large body'
lof n.iunted troops against the Franco-,'
.'American forces in an effort to break I
up their advance. The attack en-1
jtire!y uasuceewful and the allies eon- j
tmuc.l their steady progress in furi- j
ous f igntmg. ! west and nortb of the deiKit, to amount
j The priucipal roads to St. Queatinlto fully 1,H(hj square yards. The South-
are ranidly fat ing into the control of
the allies.
i Northeast of Xele
the French are!
outflanking th? North
canal section.
of the Somme.
: -ortb of oyon, French troops are
.progressing along the road to Ham, via
ocre wr. no caange in vnamt a:ol
Ninth cr:al n i,;ons.
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- If
a" Mf NVWIIWH 1 J v
To St .Qiicntin.
By J. W. T. Mason
(I'nited I'ress war exH'rt)
Xew Vork, Aug. 30. Entrance of Asa
erkau troops in the fighting north of
Soissons is for the purpose of squeiz
iug the salient which Marshal l'otii has
created to the west of German positions
along the eole.
Tiiis o'X'ialioi! is iudeiieiideut of th
strong KrcncU and British pressure be
tween Novon and Bapaume, before
which the Germans nrt retiring to the
old Hindenburg line. The two drives how
ever hare a common strategic purpose
to throw on Hindenburg into contua
ion concerning the disposition of his
The I rauco-American operations are
threatening to outflank the Cheimu-rJes-Dames
defenses and bring about a dia
ast rotis retreat of the Germans along
the Vcale.
r.ventually the enle line must be
evacuated anyway, in conformity with
the pressing necessity .of - nhortcning
tho German front
Today's retirement of the" Germans
in the vicinity of IV ion no is sufficient
ly precipitate to suggest that Von Hiu-
deubiirg will try to stabilize hi fro'it
temporarily elsewhere while he n.ovcs
bin army of the fcou.nu eastward iu the
general direction of St. uentin
Doubt no longer exists that St. Quentin
is in fact the main objective Von iiin-dt-nburg'a
beaten armies are now trying
to reach.
Cost $4500 Has Earned In
Rentals $3,022.50 Be
, sides Its City Work.
The mvinjr i,liit of tlw, u...
lem ha been nnitn rA,.,- ."0i,.
... ' ' "
,ne " ? "' since it hn been
rentci by
the county. In fm't. it bus
rioinir so well for llm mi d,..t
within tit- past four months the rents
nTe "'J?''1,??' r'",""1
Since the
by the county
Mem laiil down .".O.vIO superficial
square yards of paving on the Silver
Ion r.jad for which the euunty paid
rent at the rate of rents a suuare
r.. -.1.1:.: .1
ii oiMnnin in me tnree ami one
half mil-s of paving on the Silver
ton road, half a mile lis-s been laid on
the River road be!r, the fionr farm, the
final work to be done tomorrow. This
4"re yards at
7'4 cen
fjuare yard.
VrinK of the new bridge re
'firni ii wtuate yard and t the
Southern Pacific depot there is some
surfacing to be done on the grounds
pars the eonnty for this
ba-is of cost and 19 per
The M(,l amonnt that the plant will
jdo this summer nd early fall mil fig
jure 4"3iO superficial mpiare yard
j And for every sjusre yard, the city
to te urtv, an effort wi. m,ir to
boon the- rental price tu Id cats a
ii iiiiiu y
SI.111WJ 111
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Kaiser Madly Seeking
New Military Leader
To Inspire Confidence
Washington, Aug. 10,-
. The kaiser Is
seeking widelr Xor hew military load
er to inspire confute ike in the German
armies ami th,. German people, entente
military experts ay. '
A high entente authority expressed
the opinion today that the allied victor
ies do not so much mean the collapse
of the German military machine uor a
shortage of men and (iipplies in the ene
my 'a camp, a it doe point to the no
iess serious loss of the, Teuton morale.
"Hiudeuburg and Ludendorft both
were believed omnipotent by the Ger
man people," the expert declared, "aud
have failed. They hare made mistakes;
.they have been beaten by the allies and
the German people re in confusion.
Referring to the recent Germau col
lapse, the National Zeitung at Basle tie-
dares, according to diplomatic rubles,
that the secret of the German military
success has been the Germau belief that
thev are uubiatable.
Have Ten Machine Guns And
Inflict Heavy Losses Also
Suffer Them
London, Aug. 30. German troops en
gaged in an iudecisive battle with 1-00
1 krainisn peasants in the Dymera
district according to a wireless dis
patch received from I'etmgrad toilay.
The Geruuns declared the district in
a state of siege and asked for reinforce
inents. When these arrived from Kieff
in two steamers, the Germans attack
ed the peasants. The latter, who "are
armel with ten machine gnus, beat off
the attack.
There was heavy losses on both sides
Mutiny on Worships
Washington, Aug. .'In t'sccho-Slovak
soldier on Austro Hungarian warships
in the Adriatic evidently inspired bv
the Czeehoeilovak successes in Russia
ami Siberia have revolted according to
ailviees from Heme. Czech lcputy
Souk up, (s declared to have left I'rague
for ( attaro to defend the mutineers
before the naval court martial.
Sorlits Tke Eoalyat
Zuriib , Aug. 30. Soviet forces have
capture! Kossiysk, together with a num
ber of town in the northern Caucasus
area, according to a- Kieff dispatch.
Heavy fighting is proceeding near
8aneuoff Is Winner
liatibia, Trans Haikalia, Aug. H,
General Seiiienl'f hni recaptured Iau-
bia. His vanguards nre now eighty
miles from the Onon river which the
bolshevik fnrci are fortifying.
Kiev ia btarrtng.
Trfindon. Aug.'SO. The popluation of
Kiev is ntarviug, according t a dia
patch received here from i'etrograd.
A tesolute struggle 'is proceeding a-
gainst the White Imards, declares a
ine-age from Moscow.
Carranza's Representative,
General Calies Has Situa
tion Under Control
N'ogules, Ariz., Aug. 30. Nogales lut
night had its first real good sleep for
Ihice days.
Tlier( wan not a liot fired nor were
any threatening movements reporUd
from this section of the border. Xogale-s
.ionora, seemed to have rt-suaied it
xart-fiil atmosphere and everjone, in
cluding military authorities, were fault
confident tht. disturbance were over.
tn-oeriil talles, Carranza's repreen
tativ,. at ogale. Honors, ordi red all
civilian having firearms to regiitei
I In-in with the military auliioiitie w it b
in "( hour. The order wa geni tuV.j
Calles ha a enniiiderablo force fit
cr.mmaud aud it ia believed he ha the
-itii.ni'U) -ntir.-iv (inder control,
Another conference between Calies
i!d Oeneral Catcll, Anieru-mt ommun
Ici, la'e ye.terday a followed by the
aunoiinci'iiii-nt that the agreement that
theie ou!. U n0 bostibtie-i had Inec
re afiiiuied.
Lurolon, Aug. 30. The Fkraine 4
a -it upriing routiiiuc . ri.,ui, j! a
a. m l hi e today. Cocflb t have re
i.ilti i i-h tiic AaMro-tierBians. The
.it?r ert- fn iling ji tcii!g d'iffiruily
i cu.-it' dimg ai.ij sploitii.g the eean
Liberty Motor Proves
Genuine Success;
Orders Filed
Washington, Aug. 80. The liberty
motor ia real success, according to
Aircraft Pireetor Ryan. To prove his
claims, he has pointed out that the al
lied government are clamoring for this
type of engine in quantities beyond Am
erica' present power of production.
However, Kyan says that engine pro
duction ia now booming and that order
for 13 cylinder liberty motor have
more than been doubled, standing now
at fiftr thousand.
Eight cylinder liberty motors and
Hi spa no -Suites are being constructed
also. The l'e Ilavilnnd plane of im
proved model has come to quantity
production but it has been found nec
essary to scrap the Bristol as unsafe
aud of small military advantage.
French aid is making it possible to
have three tvpe of planes using the
Liberty twelve. Italian aid is devising
new models.
Hun Officer Says He Shot Ten
Of His Own Men Trying
To Make Them fight
By Lowell Mellett.
(f nited Press Staff Correspondent.).
With The bulish Armies la r:anc
Aug. Sit. Walking calmly down the
Cambrai road i.ear llaurnurt dining tho
Canadian ndvance there, a solitary ei.
man met a uiiadinn patrol. He car-
led rations for two days, an extra shirt
and extra socks. Hi first ipieatiou of
the, CuiiniliiuiH was the way to the pris
oners cage.
"Thoy'ie hopeless wou't fight,"
said nn t.ff'cir recently taken from tin'
-Hth (let-man division. "The word
(Viauiau throws them in a panic." I f
a referring to hi own men. "I xiiol
ten,' he continued, "beennw they
wouldn't ii''h ut It was no se. I hac
to surrender ir.yself."
Much iiicui. i ts are piling up as tin
Hrlilsh ti ions i t toll forward, and prob
ably n- resrniinildc for the declaration
(Continued on pago two)
War Bills This Month
Total $1,621,000,000
Washington, Aug. 30. War
bills this month will apprnsi-
nte l,02l,nw,000, .nearly
twice the amount MTO,0('0,000
expended during August a
year ago.
Thus, the war toll is now
running ahout (iV2,fiiO,000 a ilay
or over f.'.OOO.OIMJ an hour a
slight Increase over duly.
August figure bring the to-
tul cost to America of the war
to .lute to over $l.),7uli,liU0,0)U
and the cost since January I,
this vi ar to over l(),,W),io0,-
If , Angint ' Hppioxiination
proves finally accurate, this will
be the mnt expensive war
mouth aiiu-e America got into
the strugglo, the next largest
beinjr June, when I.MU.OOii,-
OUO was poured into the war
maw. And the Mime figure
show Hint Hie. cost today is
just double that of a year ago
nvu mmi tiii
n Ti.V..i.' :
j.;o( prfidujuiioj
il'-.S Atr. t.Uftp q-
jnoq Hmqi poo ii( 'Xep, 1 'jetuiii '
tO spietedn "ij,j iu,l Iib ,,'a
u j ujq ,!u (uia'; .uissia fiotj
111 'i'ul-t "ll li
ft e i
1 -
Jill mmm
aw mm mm mm b. m -m Kr-Baf-.iBiafciifcJiiii
With Fourteen Other Leaders Must Serve 20 Years In Fed
eral Prison And Each Pay a Fine of $2O.O0O.Others Draw
Sentences As Low As Ten Days In Jail
Chicago. Aug. .'10 Fifteen leaders of
the Industrial Workers of the World,
including lltg Hill" lUvwoo.l, today
were sentenced to twenty vears in fed-
eral prison and to pay fines of 20.000.
They had boon convicted e,n four
counts charging sedition ami obstruc
tion of America's war program. Others
of the t7 defendants drew lighter sen
tences. (Federal Judge K. M. Lsndis pro
nounced sentence's ranging from ten
days iu the Cook county jnil for minor
defendants to the twenty year $-0,000
punishment for the more prominent
leaders, ,
French And Americans Have
Big Contract . To Break
Through Aisne Front
By Fred S. rerguson.
(T'liited Pre Htttff Correnpeindcnt.)
With The American Armies In Prune;
Aug. 30, The German are fighting do
perulely and doggedly to hold tho Hue
of the AUne height north of Soiiisont
which have been assailed by the French
Tenth army, in which Americans are
brignged. If these a ro driven back any
coitHilcriihltt distance It will bo by the
superior fighting qualities of the i'reiicli
mill Americans and their greater gun
In yesterday' attack there was no in
dication that the linn would be found1
soft behind th,'. usual rear guard mncn -
iuc trim nests. The eloiiieue of surprise
luuiffit enter thin fighting as the tier
ii. .in tuff obviously recognizi- the liu
poitance of the liu tinder attain and
undoubtedly has exacted the ftMtuJt tut
son!'; time.
The fighting 1 over ground uliicli ban
been buttb-field rime lull.
In contain a aerie of great plateaus,
with an extensive cave and Ii iiciAitrk
of old trench ytcui. Wc are fighting,
lit roimequence, a curious inixluru uf
open and old trench vurfiirc. Thn lat-
r rcipiuiiig sl.oiig artillery piopura-
' Yesterday 'a operation carried the
French ami American forwanl, but the
fighting is of a fur different uiitum
Munition Manufacturing City;,
Tlioroughly Shot Up
By Airmen
j of the muehiiies bieiiking in pot ai:J
London, Aug. 30. Describing for Ihehhc air whittling and huiiiiiiing as tlto
I'nited pres. today the bouse to house ! "I'ccl indicatof ' han, crept from !d
, , , ,, ,ito hM and then 1-0 and ! mil's an
air raid over Mannheim, th mijM of jhwir Wj Wffl ((wn , ,hu (aitll
A-gost and of foer of the royal In w Rt,(e ,ari.v .ni, f,.rt tt,ov8 tie
deiienibiit air force, today ik-clared Uu-itv. Thousand of feet above u tht
an "cxtraoliliiinry una unj arjiieieu i ui -
of war." I
It struck terror in the heart ut ev I
cry citie n," I declared. " According,
t doruiiietutary and other eviuenc ,
I hava S'Tiiniiil'iti-d iu other ruid !
'knew that Mannheim was one of thi '
lu st defended Hhiiie cities and thi time ,
we deriiled upon a frei0 R'thd of at
" We approaebed the city over a large
stretch of hostile tirritor? attaining the
u.-.nul high sit it (nil The night was
clear. The black mas of the city was swinging our noses around we flew to
ien far below silhouetted ia the moon-! ward the apxiintud military objective
j tight, astride the curving Khine railw.-.j .
'T!irt (leruian signalled our npproaCi
ud here and there the archies
put up tpasmodie: shell. At soon a we'
jW - 're over the outskirts of the city the
(jfrinan gunner got .to work in earnest.
Theie w a tin. tic outbreak of bauage
Other I. W. W. lender sentenced to
twenty years and I.O.OtKr fines with
Haywood were!
Curl Ahlteen. Minnspo?is, Miinn.:
Oorge A.lreychine, Chicago; Forres
r.dward, Minneapolis; (l. L Lambert,
Minneapolis; Charles Rothfitner, Chi
cago;Jam Scarlett, Akron, Ohio; Man
uel Hay, Huffalo, N. V.j Ralph 11.
Chaplin, Chicago; 10 IuKki, Ihduth.
Minn.; Aurelio V, Axaarn, Kcranton,
Pa.; Hichnrd Hraaier, Chicago; Walter
T. Nef, Philadelphia; Jines Rowan,
Spokane, Wash.; V, Iosioff, Chicago.
than that encountered in the recent rush
from the M urn t. when the American
Hunched for mill without encountering
a (lerman, ,
" Kvery foot of the, Chavlgny-Juvlgny
region Is contested, Tha ftiniou Prus
sian si venttt regiment Is opposing ttto
Ainericiiiiii. Prisoner taken r typb-ab
lv Prussian, Koine sr,, tinnsiiully artu
gnnt. .
When one officer was ankod where ha
ennie from, he dime to attcntlnn, pulled
himself (o his full height and answered
defiantly "Prussia." There r instan
ce of a lone American picking up seV
enil Prussians, All surrenderee!, the
sergeant uiurrlied t'lem to the rear. Ono
of them said the (Ionium soldier am
belnjr fairly well fed, the physical con
dition of boy receiving nia atten
tion. They are given extra bread r-
ti ms.
j It wes an Idi-nl day for a battle ye,
! 'erilny. It was clear and cool but '
ground ha. obs-urcd movement in the
in e ly uioiHiiig. I.nlcr the mm pen'dratr
ed the mist, unfiilding a remarkable pic
turea vant field of mining men nnd
war equipment. These pluteaus art !
uiarkiilile fur a constant silhouette U'vr
yiven to moving men, guns ami homes.
Hfmrp dips and rises here and thera
i ii iuc the groups ti bo thiown into slurp
rein f, iig(etliig a w-rli s of living Rem
ington drawings,
The Americans enthusiastically prais
llie work of the tuukg In cleuning up
trenches and mncliiiie gun nests and in
breaking tliroug), wire entanglements, 1
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whicli burst at the height 0 hnd
iimiiituini'il on pievloiii raid
"After a earuful urvey of our ner
lugs, taking in the military objective
tin began nerve rending two unlet
dive. IJov.n we went on our uosca, wire
enemy liui rugc ca liuisiiiig in mini o.
fierv light.
"Wh,in diving the city seemed to ba
flying toward u in a black mas which
diswdved as the wider treet became
visible. Thi split the city into small
masses. It .ecine,! . (bough we could
almost tou. (, the spires and chimney
of I lie buildings. F.ach brick and cre
vice sn visiihic, in the moonlight.
"Moon we were skiinming over thn
'housetops, steeply hanking eow and tlicn
io avoid the taih-r buildings. Quickly
- no hospitals, o nursing homes, l
iliscrimiiiate bouibing for the Hrttisb
and rel'a-ed our bomb.
"The (ierman gunners depressed their
gun,, at the lowest jtossible angle, but
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