Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 27, 1918, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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(0)e Savlijmittal Itaurual
You should Not Fail to Come and See Our Fine
Supply of
And note the Remarkable low prices on such good
quality of waists. They are all new ones and THE
Fine Lawn and Voile Waists, .0 $1.49 JJg
Crepe de Chine Waists $2.98 and $3.98
Georgette Crepe Waists $4.98, $5.90
and $6.90
Fancy Striped Taffeta Waists . . ,$1.98 and $2.98
China Silk Waists $1 93
: personals :
V. C. Orson of Pondloton wa regis
tered at the llit;h yesterday.
Klmer Walwnrlh whs In the city
Monday from HurrUbiirg.
A. liurr Jtlai'k of C'orvallli wu
Hoicm visitor Monday.
J, W. 1 Xmilh, rural aehool super
visor is visiting in the Hublimity school
Jlonry Wavers , left lust evening In
V ear for Seattle whero he will meet
tin, Meyer.
-V, It. Holland and wife went to Tort
land thin morning for a nhort visit,
Ky H. Mill went to Newport yes
terday and relumed with hi wife and
two daughter,
Ali.s Lucy Hluton, Miss Margaret
I'arrott M.d Mi Bertha Jackson were
Portland visitor over Hunday return
ing yesterday.
BOIlEIITHON.--At the Hulem hospital
August Efl, IBIS, Mrs. Ads Dayton
Huborlsun, wife of tho Kev, Juhn
IMiortsoii of Dufur.
Besides her husband, (die Is survived
by her mother Mrs. C. K. Dayton of
Halciti; a sister Mr. Jumes Lewis of
Pslem and three brothers, Howard
Dayton, of Htockton, Calif,; Arthur .1,
Portland Furniture Deal
er wants all kinds of sec
ond hand furniture,
stoves, gas ranges, etc.
Best prices paid.
Phone 951
90c per Box
Early Crawford Peaches, Bushel $2.50
Ilartlett Pears, Bushel, $1.00 and $1.23
Utpe Tomatoes, basket 40c
Watermelons, guaranteed ripe, lb. 2c
Canteloupes, 3 for 23c
Phcne 431 - . 2393 Front St.
Jb fc . A ft J.
Itoyton a druggist of Astoria and Dr.
Floyd B., lnyton, an oceulist of Tort
land. A 1.(0 a ou two weeks old.
The funeral services will he held
Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock from
the homo of Mrs. C. E. Dayton, Center
and Capital streets. The services at the
cemetery will be only fur Immediate
relative and friends.
Mrs. Kubertsou was born in Lansing
Mich., and came to Hulem when girl.
She attended the public schools of
HhIciii and Willamette; University and
later was engaged in teaching. Two
and ona-italf years ago she married the
Iiev, Juhn Nuhertaon, the wedding tak
ing place at the homo of her mother in
Nalein, rilie was a member of llio Pres
byterian church.
MON. At the 'acone. hospital Mon
day, August 2(1, lttlK, Low Mon, at
the age of 75 year
Tho funeral serviees wcro held this
afternoon from the chapel of Wehh
Clough. Iluriul was in the Odd Fellows
Low Mon was one of the Chiiiumen
who live on High and Ferry streets and
was the special friend of turning King
who arranged for tho funeral services
and burial.
Trading Was Light
Price Trend Downward
New York, Aug. S7. Tbo New York
Evening Hun says financially:
lu a wny today's stock market re
flected numerous favorable factois uud
Ignored other factors less favorable.
Trading was broader, though smaller in
volume than in yesterday's session. This
was paitkularly Uu0 of ilu) industrial
Hteel advanced to a new too in ice fur
; thp year at 113 7 H. Murines were strong
There was a good demand for tho cop
per shares. The price level gradually re
ceded during tlij afternoon in mud, rate
dealings, except tho alcohol stocks, Ma
:riue preferred ami fv of (lie special
ties which held near the top. Hteel re
j Beted closed to ll.t. Canadian Faeific,
i which sold as hi.'h as 172, tlropd
back to M9 8. T,M early galu of a
point in I'uiou Faeii'ie was runeelU'd.
(iemral Motors suffered a shsip break
of over seven paint.
Itiuidt were relntlvolv Relive.
London. Aug. 7. Kermit House
velt has been awarded the military
cross for his services with the Itiitixh
army in Mesopotamia, it was suiiouuc
ed todar.
lioose -clt was major In the motor
aervle in Mesopotamia. Recently he
obtained a trauufcr to the American
army, receiving a raptain's commis
Journal Want Ads Pay
aJM 1 a 111 It Miifc safc
All Around Town
Coming Events
Aujj. 30. Battalion Benefit
Dance at Armory.
Jv-pt. 1 4 'To Hell With the
Kai?r,' at Liberty theatre.
Sept. 14. D. W. Griffith 'I
Heart of the World", Ore
gon theatre.
Oregon State Fair Sept 23
28. Tna funeral beautiful "Webt
Clough Co. tf
Dr. Mendelsohn, the eye specialist,
will return Sept. 1st. tf
ette farmer.
About a dozen school teachers are
now wanted in Marion county for the
one and two-room schools, Ssuperiutend
uit W. M. Smith. These schools will
pay from $00 to $90 a month.
Dance Moose ball tonight.
.We tell for cashCommencing Joly
lit we will conduct our business on a
ttrictly cash basis. Patton'a Book
Store. tf.
."Tha best'
death comes.
I'bone 120.
Is all yon can do when
Call Webb ft Clough Co
tf. Mrs. M. L. Fulkerson rural school su
pervisor, went to Vi'oodburn this morn
ing to nil k ft arrangements for tho lo
cal inilustiial school fuir to be held at
that place He,pt 19. The winners at the
local industrial school fairs to be held
this fu'l will be entitled to compete
at the stute fair.
Dr. Bcbenk'i offices will ts eod
from Aug 3rd to 8npt, 8, 1918. 9 3
Will trade for unincumbered city
property, my IJOOO equity in improved
5 acre suburban home, 1 acre, variety
fruit and berries. Rightly location. II.
A. Johnson, owner, phone 347. 9 3
Dance Moose ball tonight.
"Blown in by W draft" is the
title of one of the Into books at the
public libinry It is the story of one
uf tho eastern army cantiliunents and
was writ tt u by a reporter for the New
York Hun.
Ws have a modern bungalow for sale
or trade. Phone 313 or G. V. Kllis
M. I)., or Atty K. H. White. 8-28
Dr. Bcuenk'a offices will be closed
from Aug. 3rd to Hept. 8, 1918. 9 3
Mr. Josephine llockett, pa tor of the
North Hnleiii Friends church will leave
this evening to make her home in the
The Yorkshire) Inmtxsnca Co. ia an
old Knglish company, established away
back in 1H24 and now has over (:I3,
000,000 in assets. II, A. Johnson,
agent. 93
Big dance every Tuesday, lanijuay
and Saturday nights, Lakebrook hop
yard. 8 miles north. tf
Oeorg W. Vick went to the Deacon
ess hospital this afternoon fur a throat
operation to b performed by Dr, M.
('. Findley. Mr. Vb-k says he expects
to be out in a couple of ilnvt and ready
onee nuaiii to toll of the wonders of
the Ford-on tractor.
Blackberries. Cutumlngs, 94F13. 8 27 ,
A nurses' training class will soon!
start at the Hulem hospital. Any young
Woiiihii wishing to prepare herself as
nurse In civilian or army life is request
ed to send application to ('has. A. Park
secretary, Hulem, Oregon. 8 20
A marrlag license wa issued this
43,000 Sacks fur sale. We carry a
Jut of wicks fur wheat, oats, onions and
pot lues. We sell them below Port
land prices.
Center t Court
Phone 70fl
llopmere, Oregon.
Buy Gram And Hay
Sacks for Hals at Warehouse.
It may be to your Advantage to
jet cur Prices. '
jt j
Va4 AU Kinds of tsx Hand
FttU Mark rricea Special
rrtcea paid for Sacks.
0t tar price k-or yc rlL
ST1 R. Com'l St nM T54
morning at 9 o'clock to Leland MeClel
jlaad ilulkey. age 21, of filvcrton,
I farmer, ar,d Edith Marie Cox, age 21,
also cf Hilverton. At 1:33 o'clock this
' afternoon Mrs. llulkey hii farewell
! to her bui-band of but a few hour as
he wss ore of the men who entrained
for Camp Lewi.
Dance Moose ball tonight.
vV M'L-, Special meeting of De
NO-Vj Moiay Comuiandry So. 5
in the K. C. degree. Vir
iting Kir Knighte welcome. .
Dance Moose ball tonight.
The honey-dew melon is now on the
market. It comes from the famous
Turloek section of California end is de-
sernVd as about a half eousin to the
cantelou;e and a half cousin to the
easaba end the other relationship just
plain honey-dew melon. Thefruit is
much like a easuba in appearance but
with a finer flavor with a taste very
suggestive of honey dew.
Wanted Men and women, apply at
once. Salein Kings Products Co., Front
and Market Sts.
Tonight big dance, Lakebrook bop
yard, eight miles north.
After two attempts at imitating the
rural hot summer weather of the east
ern and central state, the weather
man gave it up and yesterday allowed
the thermometer to reach the 84 mark
as the maximum. And in order that
sleeping conditions might again seem
normal, the mercury was permitted to
drop to 50 last night. The river is
getting down to a pretty low level with
a stage now of one foot and eight
inchcB below the low water mark.
Big dance every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday 'nights, Lakebrook hop
yard, 8 miles north. tf
Although it wu mentioned in yes
terday's Capital Journal that invita
tions had been sent Out for the battal
ion dunce for Friday evening of this
week, tho boys wish It understood the
dance is not an invitation one. It is
for everybody and tho proceeds from
the dance will go into the general bat
talion trrtisury which just now is at
a pretty low ebb. Invitations to some
extent aro a matter of form and will
be issued only to the governor and
the generul staff at Portland.
T. A. Livesley donated a flag 6 by
10 feet to tho boys leaving Livesley
who go into the service, it was flung
to the breeao from '(he livesley sta
tion last evening and. i a gift to the
station in honor of the boys who are
now in tho service from Livesley and
for those who will o inducted. Nobel
llenningson of Livesley was ono of
the boys who left for Camp Lewis this
afternoon. He enlisted in the engineers
lant .Inly but he and others wore rc
clasMt'ied and called in the present
On account of the scarcity of matar-
inls, tho ladies of the First Congrega
tional Hod Cross Auxiliary will not
meet again until further otice. How
ever if the ludies of this auxiliary are
disposed to continue in some latriotic
w ork, luinouiieenient ia made timt work
ers are very badly needed at the sur
gical dressing department of the Red
Cross worhing every day excepting Sat
urdays it the postoffioe building, up
stairs. En'i"tmenU for the Oregon National
tuar(l ar' gradually coming in anil it
is now hoped that the enniny of 100
w ill be organized by September 1. From
now on enlistments may bo made with
' nptmn A. It. ilson at tho Postal
Telegraph office en Miate street, with
Lieutenant Utov Hewlett at the post-
office, with Lieutenant Colonel A. T.
Woolpert at the Central Pharmacy or
with Major A. A. Hal at.his office in
the Snle.n Bank of Commerce building.
About 50 man and the dogs from the
state pu itentinry were engaged yes
terday in searching for Father OtV
mayor, a priest of Mt. Angel College
who has been missing for the past)
wih'k lie was last
t seen at the opening
rrv near Mt. Angel
of the tufa qua
about a week ago. The eountrv is such
that anyone might become lost and the
gravest fenrs are entertained for his
The Star Spangled Banner and other
patriotic song w ill bo aung this even
ing at 6 o'clock from, the band stand
in Will son park. This is in accordance
with President Wilsu' proclamation
i'""" pamone i'g at me same
'" On the basis of eastern time,
Philsdclohia and rition on the Atlantic
! ci-ast will mux ' 9 oVKx-k this eea
-r. . uo-tij; ami cuios in inc rcnu;u
states at S o'clock. Drnver and cities
with motti.taiu time, at 7 o'clock and
cities with l'scific eoaat time at 6
oVIoek. Kvery singer ia the rity is in
vited to be prevnt at the band stand
at oVUtek this eeuing to join in
the singing.
Nothtaf eould be laarnad definitely!
this afternoon to what progress had
been made in swnring the neeeswary 4K
members for the supiort fit the Corn
men iaj flub the coming year. It is un
derstood that a dorr a er or workers
were out this mornin and that they
wer mwtlng with gHJ success.
To 54 wen who entrained this af
ternoon for Camp Lewis from the South ,
ern I scific itei-ot had aanua.t time i
to bid good bye to tbi friends and !
relative. Every a f them were
r-rnmntW a hn,l at it, detwt a. 1:.VV
o'clock but the train did not pull iatojT
the depot until along towards 3:30,
No More Sunday
In East
Washington, Aug. "7. The T"nited
States fuel administration today ban-1
ned the nse of pleasure automobiles. mo-
toreyclet and niotorboats east of the
Mississippi river on Sunday, to permit,
replenishment of diminished gasoline
stores. I
It will remain in effect until stocks
are built up. !
Fuel officials say the shortage of,
gasoline is not serious but that demand? 1
for overseas shipments and for domestic.
use are bow at their highest point and
some precautionary measure must be
taken to assure a continuous flow for
war purpose.
Tractor and motor trucks engaged in
the actual transportation of freight arc
exempted also physicians autouobiles
ambulances, fir and police patrols and
machines used for repair work by pub
lic utilities.
Persons living in rural districts where
other transportation is not available,
may use automobiles.
In issuing the order fuel officials
refrained from making it mandatory
which would invoke the the penalties
of tne Lever bill for violation, but rath
er appealed to the patriotism of the
people of the country to see that the
order is obeyed.
If desired results are not obtained
through voluntary submission, the gaso
line curtailment plan will be backed by
a flat official order. Fuel officials said
they counted on the patriotism of the
people of the country to save the desir
ed amount of gasoline.
Four Reform School
Boys Take French Leave
Sneaking from the school into the
brush, four Portland boys made their
escape yesterday afternoon from the
state training school for boys. They
have not yet been captured, and it is
believed that they are the ones who
stole D. II. Upjohn 's automobile last
night and are traveling south. As the
automobile ia of a light blue color the
officers expect to soon locate it. The
machine had license number 20,000.
The boys are Vernon Bradford, 17
years old; Frank DePiuto, 15; Alfred
Twigger, 14, and Charles Davis, 14.
Bradford and DePinto are termed "bad
eggs, "-by Superintendent Gilbert. They
were out on parole until six week's ago
when they were arrested at Astoria f o
burglary and wore returned to the
school. They and Twigger also have
been in a number of scrapes for stealing
Court House News
O. J. Hawkinson yesterday filed a
.suit in tho circuit court against W. S.
,1 to won asking the court for judgment
for NOO on an unpaid promissory note
dated Dec. 20, 1010 and for $75 at
torney 's fees. The complaint " recites
that Bowen gave his note for S00 to
the Scandinavian-American bank of
Portland and that the note had been
aligned to O, J. Hawkinson. That
the note had not been paid nor the
interest thereon.
Two resident hunter's licenses were
issued this morning. One was to W.
L. Copenlmven of Heppner end the
other to T. M. Scott of Salem.
Men who have enlisted in tho Oregon
National Guard aro asked to meet at
tho armory Wednesday evening to be
given a pliysicat t examination- mosc
who have already been given tne ex
amination ar also asked to attend
tho meeting as there are several sub
jects to come up lor discussion, ii
is also announced that enlistments for
the Oregon National Guard will bo tak
en tomorrow evening at the armory.
F. E. Waldorf of Bheridan and Ed
Whittjakcr of Stockton, Calif., were
bovs together about 40 years ago and
lr't week was their first meeting since
those- days of 178. They were both
in Salem yesterday visiting relatives of
Mr. Waldorf.
Amsterdam, Aug. 27. A German bat
talion ordered to the front unanimous
ly refused to go, according to a dis
hum the frontier, published in
i (he jejrgf, Thoreuon, every tenth
I B W4J Tlie rcmainder yielded
"Presage" may be defined as
word from which press agent is
Skin and Scalp Specialist
Treats all eruptions and
blemishes of skin and scalp.
Latest appliances for treat
ing the feet. Satisfaction
; - , .
i gUai"Hr teeu.
Lady Assistant
BIS U. S. Natl Bank Bldg.
Fcr Appointments
Phone 416.
art l
Yick So Tcnz
Chiaesa Vedieia aad Tea (V
Has snedieiaa which wiU awra
aey known disoaaa.
Op a 8ody frwa 10 a, m.
aaui t p. m. -
lil &uti High St.
Salasa, Oregon. Pkoa tSl
Our Prices Always the Lowest
PHONE 1072
Commercial and Court
Kalph W. Southwiek, son of Mr. and
Mrs. P. B. Southwick of this city,
has done considerable traveling since
he went into the service, finally finding
himself with the Salem Company M
in Fiance. He was inducted into the
service in Arizona, sent to Kansas for
three weeks' preliminary training and j
then ordered to Fort Kearney in south- ;
ern California. From this point he was j
ordered to France and after a time)
found himself attached to the 102d '
State House Notes
Employes at the state printing of
fice are preparing1 to ask for an in
crease in wages from a minimum of
$4.50 a day to $0 a day, according to
a new wage scale adopted by tho Salem
Typographical Union. The new scale
calls for $60 for tho first night shift
and (7 for the second night shift. Of
the employes in the state printing of
fice, two now receivo $4.50 a day,
one if3.50 and the rest ti.75.
The Socialist party has filed with
Secretary of State Olcott certificates
of nomination and acceptances for the
following offices: II. M. Wicks, for
representative in Coneress from Mult
nomah county; Henry Weber, for state
senator for tho thirteenth district;
.Dan Small, for state senator for the
fourteenth district; W. C. Aylsworth,
for state representative for the seven
teenth district, and Alvina Hagen, C.
B. Davidson, W. A. Tucker, Peter Kah
konen, Michael Kleiner, O, H. Stern-
Stop at
"A Hem Away from Home."
Strictly Modern tl oer Day
100 Booms of Solid Comfort
Only Hotel in Business District
Early Crawford Canning
Mr. Lachmund Arranged Wit:i Our Store to Fill His
City Orders for His Best Grade Peaches on the Same
Bads That He Charges at His Orchaid. SAVE
YOUR GAS. Buy Them Here
BARTLETT PEARS-Good Ones $1 and Up
PLUMS, per box 50c and 75c
ITALIAN PRUNES, per bushel $1.75
EATING PEARS, per dozen 15c
CASSABA'S 25c and 35c
WATERMELON 25c to 60c
6 to 17 years
$4.50 to $5.75
-& CO.
Sts., formerly Chicago Store
berg, H. 8., Warren, Julia Jackson,
Hendt Pederson, Math Schlegel and
Claude Hurst, for state representatives
from Multnomah county.
The Commercial Cider
Phone 2J94
Salem, Ore.
Manufacturers of cider
to drink. Bring in your
ripe apples
Your Junk and give yon
a square business deal
I always pay the highest
cash prices.
I buy all kinds of used
goods, 2nd hand furni
ture, rubber and junk.
Get my prices before
you seiL
The Square Deal House
271 Chemeketa Street
Phone 398