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since the morning of August 21, ex
ceeded 21.I.HM).-'
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ll lii
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FarU, - Aug- "J. French troops ad
vanced toward Rove, this morning, af
ter repulsing several Counter attacks
in that region, the war t'uc announc
ed. The French advanced three quarters
of a mite east of Fagncux (t'ive miles
north nd west of Soiasons) yesterday
and repulsed a counter attack west of
Chavigny (oiid way between Baj;neux
and tnssons.)
Artillery fighting eontinued last
night between the Aisne nd the Ail
ette. The French took 1UH) prisoners
"South of the Avre, the French this
morning accentuated their progress in
the region of St. Mard (a mile and a
half west of Koye) after several Her
man counter attacks were repulsed,"
the communique said.
"In yesterday's fighting the French
took 1HH) prisoner including 36 offi
cers. "Between the Oise and the Aisne
late yesterday a German counter attack
west of Chavigny was repulsed and 30
prisoners taken. East of Hagneux, the
French carried their lines forward
1200 yards. Between the Aisno and the
Ailette artillery firing was active dur
ing the night"
lMlllHlllllllllIHMinillll!MIIIIIIIIIII1inilllllIlllllllHIIlllllllllllIllllHIIIinillllllIIlllllltho first of the week. Professor Morr
E " ' e l . 5 i is the head of tiro history at the Vuive
e UJar Summary of united Press ii.yfc,iifUmia.
- " - Miss L. Margaret Hall of Sulem, is en
1485th Day of the War, 41st Day of Counter Offensive
By Lowell Mellett
With the Hritish Armies in France
Aug. 7. (Noon) The Hritish launch- j
ed a new attack south of Hupunme at ;
4:45 this morning with the prospect of j
unking the situation below that city
as precarious as it is above, where the
lino is actually beyond the city.
The New Zeilnndors aro on the north' j
cm outskirts of Bnpanme, having tak- j
en Baugnatre (two miles northeast of j
the city) during the night. They cap- i
tured prisoners from three battalions,
including a battalion commander.
At the same time, Hritish troops aro i
moving eastward along the Scarpe,
Highlanders on the north and Can a-!
dians on the south, taking advantage j
of vestordav's important gains. 1
The British last night swept down
the slopes of tlenenil (three miles north
of Croiselles) and oes the advanced
trenches of the old Hindcnburg line.
These they captured easily, but they
found the 'Germans holding hard in the
support lines.
The fighting below linpmimp is un
usually violent in places. The Oerintins
threw tho Kighty Seventh division into
Iiongueval Inst night, counter attack
ing and driving back the Hritish just
after the latter had scived the town.
This makes more than twenty divisions
(omiroximatelv 210,000 men) identified
opposite Gonernl B.vnill wny so far-
As yet, little euiirt mis neon maun
there is patrol fighting constantly on
the outskirts,
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Picardy front British after repuls-last defense of Rove and wete repotted
ing a series of desperate counter at
tacks between the Scarpe and the Bom
me last night, resumed their advance
on a wide front today.
The principal British attack was di
rected south of Bopaumo, in an effort
to complete encirclement of the city.
Iiajiauiue already is passed to the north
and New Zealand troops re firmly
establihed in the outskirts.
Along the Scarpe, Scotch and Can
adian troops are reported nearing
Flpuvain, which lies a mile and a half
beyond the old lines.
Further progress is being made a
long the Sonime, Suzanne, two miles
east of Bray on the north bank, has
been passed and the British are ap
proaching Uompierre, five miles south
east of Bray and south of the river.
The French today broke down the
within less than a mile of the town
which also is being menaced from the
north by the British. French troops al
so are strongly attacking in tho Noyon
region and along the Ailette.
Spain Foreign Minister Dato an
nounced that Germany had conceded all
of Spain's demands regarding submar
ine warfare. -
Xurvray Germany has expressed her
willingness to compensate Norway for
any vessels sunk outside the danger
zojie, providing it is established they
lunk withi
were sunk
uout warning.
Russia The railway strike in Uk
raine has been resumed and 4l),W)0 arm
ed peasants are reported to be opposing
the Germans and Ukrainian troops.
Newport And Nye Beach Are
. More Popular Than Ever
This Summer.
Hofer was assisted in the flag raising
by several officers and soldiers from
Agali beach and Monterey camps.
The bi-monthly officers ball Wedres
day evening was as usual one of the
pleasantest social features of the week.
This probably will be the last function
of its kind this season.
Mrs, E. 1'. Mulkey of Salem, is num
bered among the latest guests at the
New Cliff house, at Nye beach.
Mrs. K. llofer, Mrs. A. A. By nun and
joying a short vacation at Xyo bcaen at
tho now Cliff house.
Miss LeVcine Gibson of Salem, arriv
ed recently and is a guest at the Uu
mon. "
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Byerley 'of Sulem
arc passing tho remainder of the month
at tho Nicolui.
Mrs. W, H. Fitts of Salem, came in a
few days ago and is at the Xew Cliff
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Will of Salem,
are among the latest, guests to arrive at
tho beach.
3. K. Currie of Sulem, is enjoying a
short outing at Newport this week,
Mr. and Mrs. M. 1.. Hulbert and fam
ily and Mrs. H. B. Fear of Independmce
are encamped at Yhittens this wetk.
Judge and Mrs. H. F. Khodcs of lit
Miunvillc arrived during the week audi"
are domiciled at ozy camp.
Mrs. W. U. Alien of Halcm came in
a few days ago for a short visit.
Mrs. J. 1). Guffrier of McMinnville,
is enjoying a brief vacation at "'ye
bearh at Rose city campground.
Mr. and Mrs. I'. 8. l'uge of Salem, are
numbered among the latest arrivals at
Nye Beach at Sunny side lodge,
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Marshall of Mc
Minnville, are enjoying the season, es
tablished at Cozy camp,
Mr. and Mrs,
arrived during the week and will pass
the balance of the month here. .
Miss Helen Pierce of Salem, fame in
Sunday to pass the rest of the month
with her sister, Dorothy, who is at the
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Prindle and sun
Aug. 2i. (Night.) Onc more surprise
today lengthened the list the British
are visiting upon tho ilermnns on tho
old .Sonime battle field.
At 3 a. m. another six miles were
added to tho battle line in tho region
of tho Hcarpe. Hut this wns not a
surprise, as the Germans apparently hud
been expecting it.
The surprise camo when the moon
suddenly broke trough tho clouds a
bovo Grange hill, Chapel hill and tlio
landers surging to the attack.
Save when the moon appeared at
this moment, illuminating the earth,
the early morning advance was mndo
in the densest tlurkuss. The British
plans wero kept eipiully dark, One
prisoner testified to tho Binazement
felt by the bodies when they discover
ed the identify of the on coming troops.
Tho Cnuadiuiia only recently wero
known to be near Amiens, where they
participated gloriously in the opening
of Iho present offensive, while tho
Highlanders were lust heard from har
assing tho Gorman lino fur to tho south
ward. Passing through Arras today I saw
a column of a thousand prisoners, head
ed by a dozen officers. Their general
physique was poor, in contrast to the
prisoners taken farther north.
By Webb Mill
Paris, Aug. 27 (10 a. m ) General
Mangin hus won possession of high
ground south of Crecy-Au-Mont, from
where the German positions north and
east of Soissons are being heavily shell
ed. These positions are now subjected
to a double fire, as they are also be
ing shelled from the French line along
the Aisne, east of Hoissons.
Along the whole active front the
French continue to soeuro "jumping
off" places for further operations.
By Frank J. Tylor.
With the American Armies in France,
Aug. 20. (Night.) American patrols
ha I the best of some encounters in
the Tool and Woevre regions today.
In the Tool area, nn American patrol
killed and wounded four boi'hes. lur-
intr a iiatrol encounter in the Woevre,
an American doughboy was wounded in
1 en
A Mmty Cnlelum compound iht f"
SmiiOs u uu I n it vhrnntfl Iiimk sua tlinmt
lr"i!hli, A tiilil'-ri"toi-Hllvt tri:.iil
limit harmful Vr huUH-Ioriulns Uinta,
t ry lliuu luduy,
SO cents a box, including war tax
f lijr alt lrnlst
b'huiuil Labui-HluJ-jr, i'li.lu. lochia
By Fred S. Ferguson,
(Fiiited Press staff correspondent)
With the American Annies in Fiance,
Aug. 27 American patrols continue to
maintain contact with the Germans
and there is no i-liiim-e of the enemy
, , i t...u..t
jo piaces nyii.aci.ii.cK.... .......... j slipping off and withdrawing from the
struck h in between the. knee and the v M . . ... . ......... .
lieved to eontitute a record number o?
wounds received during a minutes' skir
mishing without causing death. .
Another American soldier despite a
torn face and a stomach wound from
three entered his calf and three ; " " ? " ''"'
his arm- Ho will recover. I his is be-, -.,, .,. .,, ,,, ,,,.
.......... , , ,.
combed Dm river front lust night and
early tuduy.
Tho Amentum are now established
along the embankment of the main
Hoissons liti. ims railway. Between the
v eaini) . i . u railway ami me river is a sireien oi
il. M W'ebb of Dl.llaJ',;"lr,,P;' Ii'f ',' linf Z ion " varying in width from 100 to
he week and will VlJ'Z Con- "''!
Kr.?nale fragments, pri ced forwar4 anJ j
flan, Sunday, bombing railway track,, ' "'?"' "' I"'
1. 1..-.: . ammiinilinll ... ft .1 il ' I '
miming u' ni. --
rorty bomns
lushes between
of McMinnville, are numbered among! j,iBn,.(
lamasinir a round house,
were dropped. All our machines re
turned safely despite a terrific artillery
barrage and an encounter with German
Mrs. A. F. llofer and family of Balers, j the latest cottagers to arrive at ')'
returned home 'the last of the week af , beach,
ter a short outing at Agite beach. The Misses -Grace Thrapp and Jasse
Only outposts are maintained by the
hoe he south of the Vesle. Their main
lino is along the north bank and the
outpost are withdraw n to that posi
tion at night.
His Automobile
"Two years ago my stomach trouble
Cross nindenburg Lin.
Lnndon. Am?. 27. Progress along the
By Ethel Too, e. j. Barnes of Salem, motored to mine of Halcm, came in last week end 'whole British front with further ad-
(Capital Journal Special Service.) Newport Saturday, to pass the week-end to e joy a few days visit at Hc Fern, nances in important sectors of the
Xewoort. Or- Auz. 27. In spite of with his familv. who are sumnicrinel The Misses Jessie and Ma Gibson of. French front, was shown in the official
h fa.- that the last weet in i:r'Jst . here. .Mi Huth Barnes ha, been siif-iHulem. arrived the last of tl. week lor , statements lsucI r-y J"c war oi t jj((t ,ttj that I almost
v . i .... ifering from an acute attack of bron-ia short outing at the beach. ,lst night. The British have passed tne,r f,r wj.h s, TM, tnnd' me very
i, af hand, there u at present no Ci- s . ,. v,..xt,n,,vHU i-'ol.l H.ad. nb..r line east of Arras and I,!;,., .;,.. I.t fall I ... al..i
listed visiting with friends at Nyc beach. ihave added materially to their gains overcome by one of these dizy spells
j Mrs. Welsh and daughters, Mildred .around Croisclles and slong the nortniwn;e driving my car, and ran it into a
and Alice of fcialem, are pasting th.!,l"" of the Homme. (telephone pole, badly wrecking the car.
!balne of the sf-iion at Re.l Fern. Confirmation of the capture of t res- A fri,.n, rernmniende-1 Msyr's Wonder-
tini.hiug of the popularity of this re- ,. M..Kinn: 0, ,.. u
sort. Last week end larger crowd ; mnr.g the retent capital city visitors
than ever before this summer, thronged at this beach. ,
the sandv beach and with the continu-j Miss Inez Filtr of alem, is cajoying
ng balmr weather there is no doubt's short vacation at this beach. j Mrs. Achal Bush and sons, Htewartln"." Ky " onUincd in the I ans ,f, kemrdy for my trouble. Hinre tak-
that manv tourists will prolong their! T. W. Jenks of ISalem, motored to'and Ashael. who have been ummi-rii.g!mn'M. ..... ling the frt . lose 1 have steadily irn-
Newport last week end to visit with bisjat Agate beach, went home last week,
famitv Ka ... tt.iA..rnin7 mi va heachi lr. sn.l Ira. Care, farttn. tit Isiiletn.
tl,l. mminer Mr. Jenki made a record i arrived here recently and will remain i-' Stf
drive, making the trip in a little CT,the balance of the month.
Mrs. . Mints and daughter have re
that many tourists will prolong their
stay into (September.
A very impressive flag raising occur
red Saturday evening at the summer
home. Madianr jof Colonel E. Hofer,
ia honor of five men of the Hofer fant-jfuur hours.
ilr, who have volunteered their
to their eountrv. Those konored
demonstration were Mr. Hofer
Laurence, who is attending
chaser school on th Kcottisk eoast, Lt.i William Anderson of Salem, are domi
AHea Byaon, s son in-law. who is at Siei'.ed at Bonnyside lodge for the balance
motor trurk bas in the quartermasters of the season.
denartceot in France. Lt. Armin rVhrei-l Ms. John McNary, Mrs. W. T. fito.tr
0,-r. a sephew, who is in the e.igvwr kan4 children, Margaret and Richard, of j enjoying S brief vacation here, returned
corps at Petershf.rongh, Vs.. mi, i-ow, Hsiem, esme in recently ana a gucn;r.onio me iat c,r tne wee.
s former O. A. C. foo'.t all star, who is ia of ta lamo.
the submarine chaser service at Paul Mr. snd Mrs. Edward Weill
Pcdrn aad Lt. Everett Mav. the fiane icm nd Profemr snd Mrs.
.ef Mis Marie Hofer, wk is serving Morris of Berkeley, who have bea mra-S where they will remsia a month. I)W0 mt.,, rcturaed kome feut!y,
i!k tk srtUlery ia Trance. Coloatl' mcrisg st Seal. Bocks, ssotorcd sods Mrs. E. E. McAckes, Mrs. Taosaas
The Berlin n'mht statement reported , nr,lVfili ,., 1..,.. now than ever
British attacks extending north of the ia m, jjfe. Jt is s simple, harmless
which "mainly failed. ' tiret,aration that removes the catarrhal
stated that counter attacks are l'f' mucus from the intestinal tract and al
gressing in some pla'-cs and claimed the svi tne Inflammation which causes
.!.. ..n r.nTiii.vttl And Mont - A u ban. t ,t.iK, .fi i. H,1 ln.,.
seme Mr. and Mrs. trans: Pmith of iNilew, tumea to tneir Borne HMlca, aner s . . . "mUl. reported re- t.l...i .,,li,iHt
by tMs are numbere.1 smong th, latest eotts-j fortnight 's jurn at this res..rt. . , . .tt.eks In the regios",.. .hi . ,...
s son, gers to arrive at Cherry City. Miss Charlotte ( roisan of Kalem, who ' v.k, ...i iAaet.emarca. north r n i'.r wt.i ttr..v iHtr.r
s submsrir.el ; Mr. sad Mrs. P. J. Johnms snd Mis. has been the house guest of Muriel Hte-I , ,. M . .,-,i,.
res at Nye beseh for ten dayi returned
home the lat of the week,
Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Endicott snd dan
ghter Gertrude, of Kalem, who have been
By Lowell Mellett,
With the British Armies ia France
Mr. snd Mrs. W. P. Lord snd dang.it. r Roberts, Mrs. Eddie Wllon and Miss forval
Her, of Ba-;F.iiia.th of Halcm, paww-d thro ?wP"rKunane Craig, of Kab m ho have beenls.lye in
s. Wiiiiam reeently on thir wsy to K.al R'k" .nf0ttag'-d at W'hittene tampground for! ting ordl
A mast meeting in the Interest of lo
cal church federation a held at En
gen last Wednesday night, but DO
definit action was taken.
forvallis' eottnell has taken the re-
enforce the city's weed eot-
.2... V . w.Il I . ( IaI I . '
.11.11 mq au-.n u'.w .-...-v. v.,
California Holding
Primary Election
Hn Francisco, Aug. 27. California
went to the polls today to nominate s
war time governor.
With eight cnndiilutes In tho field
tho warmest race was conceded to be
.between Governor WilliBin I). Htophens,
ii-liosen successor of Henutor Hiram W.
Johnson and Mayor Jumes ltolpli of
snn Francisco.
Both Kolph nod Htephens rusted
their case largely on a platform of
t'enrrying out ilirum Johnson's pol
For tho ileinocrntlc nomlnstion Fran
cis J, lleney win opposml to Thomas
J.eo Woolwino of Iw.s Angeles, Itorph
flso was on Aim dennferntie. ticket,
And on thn progressive, ticket as well,
Charles ,M. Fiekert, the district at
torney who prosecuted the preparedness
pnra'le bomb cases, J. G - Hays. Hnn
rlose publisher, ('. A. McGee of Han
illiego and Judge. Walter M. Hordwell
iwero other candidates for tho republl-
sun numiiiation. '
11 1 ' ' 1 r .
WS AH I Too Old
sisvica ih CAHNma
So utl irt nowi
AfieitHfrt SHimsiii whjkii or Tmsmi t
I5THM reofLf vmnwnrw iMSOtRtHKl I
tTOlM STll OB VlllVrtJ Vfc,(t6lJ!V
I Aiist wmuis binniiligN"
1 . 1 WM.IUM,0.(n .
Horn cannert must not expect
stale or wilted vegetables to be good
when canned. Everything must be
fresh. See the free book, sent for,
two cents to pay postage, by the
National War Garden Commission,
Washington. D. C.
.. 1 ! 1 J
... -I . . .'iF
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