Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 24, 1918, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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CLASSHTED ADVEBTISINQ SATES . p. X. WOODRY. the farmer, auctioneer
Bate per word New Today: Liberty and Ferry Sts, (Salens. Phone
Ikca lnserBea 1 51l). s 3tl
Om week (6 insertions) 5t '
It dollars." Inquire at eity fire de
partment. 8 2?
One bob to (2 insertions)
WANTED To rent 5 or 6 room hou,'
gy and harness
about 10J0, (state price.)
aeurv mem, Air he, Or.
-"4 "n eiose in, ty couple. Phone 8 28 POK SAT.R V... .l,rn.i,n ..i
sTWasthi fftr mat urn ana imakrtf(.n. . v . - -,
tie driving horse, bug- At Ulctfe? LlSt Nlg&t
medium price, weight I , it Tf
far errors in Classified Advartiseuienta.!rTT,Pl, ' , , .
ts. fi,.t (ilr PE?Pf,i near.y new, for sale. Thone
Bead your advertisement the first ay
it appears and notify us immediately.
Minimum charge 15e.
WOMAN wants work by hour. Phoni
104SJ. 8 25
HOUSE for sale cheap. I'hone 47F12
12x16 tent for saie. Enquire at 674
north Summer. S-26
DRAFT horses for sale. Phone 5&F4.
2107W or 117'J.
WANTED Tron pickers, and help in
dryer, raone 107FI1. 8-
FOB SALE Rye for seed, 4e lb., sacks
extra. C. C. Russell, Waeonda, Or.,
Fhone SF3. tf
MARRIED man wanted at once to work
on farm near Salem. Phone or
254. 824
BEDROOM with private bath for rent.
Enauire Vick's Garage. 8-27
j 23 'PLACE your order for cheat seed, Hub-
oara iann, uarjen roao. B-24
WANTED Prune pickers and shaker
to esniD. Phone 8SF13. - 8-27
FALL and winter pasture for horses and
cattle. Phote 2249. 8-26
WILL rent or buy modern bungalow
with garage. Phone 931. a it
GOOD motorcycle to trade for good cow
Inquire 420 S. Commercial. 8-26
FOG SALE 2 Shropshire bucks. C. C.
Russell, Wacoada. Or. Phone 31"3. tf
$800 TO LOAN on real estate securi
ty. Rt. C, Box 111. 8-24
FURNISHED fiats for rent. Call 1737
W. tf
WANTED Veal ealvves and fat cattle.
Phone 1576W. 8
GOOD driving horse for sale eheap. C.
E. Speaker, Rt. 4. 8-29
FOR SALE Tent 12x14, used very lit
tie. all. Phone 13G9. 8 24
FOR SALE A No. 1 work team, wagon
ana haraesa, $173. Rt. 6, box 113. 8-30
GIRL wanted for housework, no cock
ing. 41 N. High. Phone 1627. 8 26
1818 FORD for sale. Phone 43F11 morn
ings or evenings. Wm. A. Guerne,
Turner. 827
WANTED To rent S or 6 room modem
house, furnace not necessary, ruone
910J. ' 824
GIRLS and women wanted at the Glove
Factory, Ho3 Oak St. Steady work
the year around. " g-30
rake $40; also 100 feet, each 1 in. and A meeting held at the Commercial
3-4 in. flexible
19 aire, with
Kt. 2, box 36, Turner, Or.
steel cable, 7 strands, ;1 lat evening, the general opinion
clamps, 125. Address! of Us representative business men of
"urner, Or. 8-26 the rtiv ... (,.. j-. ; ...
SIX husky boys from 16 to 19 years
to pick pears. Wage $2.50 "day.
Lachmaud orchard jj miles north of
Salem in Kaiser bottom, t'se your bi
, cycle. H. W. Bow den foreman, phone
2SF3. tf
3S Years the Leader and Still on Top
PEACn bargains, overripe anj small
Crawfordg and Charlotts, also better
grades, tonight and Sunday only.
Bring boxes. 14 miles from bridge
on Wallace road. M. C. Pettevs. 8 24
FOl'ND On N. Cottage a part of a
t remo camera, C. loung written
thereon, owner may have same by caD
ing at Journal office and paving for
! 814
WANTED 3 or 4 room furnished
apartment in vicinity of Washington
school. Phone 806M. 8-27
FOR SALE Or trade, good driving or
saddle mare for cow. Phone 2300W5
or address box 162, Salem. 8-30
BICYCLE, new clincher tires, electric
light, for sale. Phone 1179 or 2107
8 27
GOOD pasture for tows on the L.
Page estate. Phone 44F22.
COL. W. F. WRIGHT, the auctioneer.
Tumor, Oregon. Phone 59. tf.
FOR SALE Good bulldog, very cheap
m taken t once. Phone 125. 8-24
WANTED A farm hand at Oregon
state tuberculosis hospital. Phone
433.--- , . -8-24
WANTED Purebred Cotswold ram. F.
M. Chittenden, C42 N. Water St., Sa
lem. Or. 8-26
TO EXCHANGE A Belgian buck for
another, must be good. C. E. Bayes,
1196 8. 13th. 8-21
WANTED A man to work on farm. Ad
dress Gervais, Rt. 2, box 43. Phone
3F11. 824
NOTICE I will pny no bills contract
ed by any one excepting myself. Ar
thur Marshall. 8-30
FOR RENT Equipped meat market,
good location. P. O. Box 157. Mc
Minnvillc, Or. 8 31
30 HEAD ewes for sale, or might put
on shares with right party. Phone 115
or 1204 evening5- 8 24
SALESMAN, collector wanted for Ma
riou and Yamhill cuunties. Call 333
State. 97
FOR SALE One 2 horse, 2 row bean
puller with extra knives, good as new,
cut 60 acres onlv; price f'ilJ. Plume
835. ' 824
HANDSOME French lady, 21. worth
$125,0(10. Anxious to marry honorable
gentleman. L. Bryant, Sill 6 Va Temple
St., Los Angeles, ( al.
WANTED Six wide awake young fel
lows who want to learn a good trade.
Permanent job. Apply at 268 S. Com
mercial, Phez Northwest Prod. Co. 8 24
WANTED To trade good lot on paved
street for Ford, must be in good con
dition. Address 11. W. care Journ
al. 826
tC ACIJlX all in cultivation, house,
barn, ii. prune district, 7 miies south
of. Salem, on Pacific highway. Price
$I."W. lei'ms. fail Modern Bakerv.
MAXAj PAPER 15 cents per dnnble roll
op ward. Bursa's Furniture Store, 179
Commercial. tf.
WANTED Man and team, can make
from $8 to $9.50 per day. Call phone
4X51 Turner. tf.
HOl'SEKEEPING apartments and
single rbems, nicely furnished, at
633 Ferry street tf.
LOST Between Salem au,l Tillamook
hunting coat containing hunting li
cense belonging t Howard Rex. Leave
at Ladd & Bush. 8 24
FOR SALE 1914 Ford roadster or tour
ing car $300; 1914 Studebaker $373.
Highway Garage, 1000 8. Com'l
Phone 355. tf
WANTED Twenty bean pickers Mon
day morning; will meet them at tT. S.
labor bureau at 7 to 7:30, Phone 2503
W2, T. J. Clark. 8 24
WANTED Girl 11 f0 16 (orphan pre
ferred) permanent home, and go to
Rchool, small refined family. Mrs. A.
care Journal. 8-26
LOST On route 6, green leather pocket
book, paperg valuable to owner only;
hand mail carrier or leave at P. O.
Phone 762R. 8 24
WEALTHY yciing widow would mar
ry trustworthy, nome-kmng man, old
as 60 considered. Mrs. M., Box 584,
Los Angeles, (al.
FOR SALE 3 tons of hay $18 a ton; 2
mules with harness $150; horse with
harness $75; 1 spring wagon, 1 wagon
with rack. Phonc 26F13. 8-30
..WOMEN and girls wanted at nunt
Bros, company cannery, long season
canning pears. Apply B'r once, 145 Di
vision St. 8 26
FOR 5'i pr cent farm loans, gee the
Marion-Polk county national farm
loan association. W. D. Smith, 303
Salem Bank of Commerce bldg. tf
5 GOOD men wanted for factory work
long job at gd wages, ( all at ro.m
3o3 fealem Bank of Com. bldg., or
phon 482, agent, W. I). Smith. tf
AGENTS WANTED Large manufac
turer wants representatives to sell
shirts, underwear, hosiery, dresses,
waists, skirts, direct to homes. Write
for free'samples. Madigon Mills, 503
Broadway, New York Citv.
THOUSANDS men, women, girls, 18 or
over, wanted immediately by U. S.
government. Easy office "positions at
Washington and in every large titv.
experience unnecessary, $100 month
and nn. 7 hour day. Your country
needs rou. Help her. Write immedi
ately for free list positions open.
Franklin Institute Dep't 379 G, Ro
chester, N. Y.
MAKRY if lonely; for results, try me;
best and most sireeessful "Home
Maker;" hundreds rich wish mar
riaje soon; strictly confidential;
most reliable; years of experience;
dewriptiions free. "The Successful
Club," Mrs. Purdie, Box 556, Oak
land, Calif.
To whom it may concern: Ton arc
hereby notified that Jehn W. Schwa
baner and Mary Anna Sehwabsuer
hare made application to the county
eourt of Marion county, Oregon, to
have their names changed to John Bow
ers and Mary Ann8 Bowers; Also to
have the names of their two
ed from Oliver John Schwabauer to
Oliver John Bowers and from Clarence
John Schwabauer to Clarence John
Bowers and you are further notified
that tllis notice i onrv.,1 r,,,r.,,n..i
an order of sail county court. 9 11
.Mipomou uavis,
Attorney for Petitioners.
Mrs. Mildred R. Brnnlm i,r.
morning for Portland to visit with
friends over Sunday.
J. H. Heady cf"st. Helens, Oregon,
is in the city on. business matters.
Henry Shoemaker left this tnoring
for Springfield, Oregon, for a week s
visit with his daughter.
Miss Grotto Richmond, secretary of
the Business Men's league went to
Portland this fornimr for fin nvD, Slim.
day visit.
rWe-aif Shelley. of Camp Lewis is
rcgiMervl at the liligh.
Mis A. M. GarriM.n and daughter,
Mildred, who spent the summer at
Newport, returned home this afternoon.
iae my was that andc-r no eirenmataa
ee should there be even the thought
of Salem, the capital eity of the state.
gwiag before the northwest as unable Iff
' support Commercial club.
Dr. B, K. Le Steiner expressed the
nnanisteua opinion of all He said:
"I cannot imagine bow aay prosper
ous tows can get along without a
tVmmerciU club. It is one of the
most important features of the eity.
It hss been well said that the Cm
mereial elub is the forum or center ef
the city. There is no publie activities
but that depends on the club. We have
got to have some sort of a center club
for the city and this community would
wske up to find that it had made a
sad mistake if the doors of the Com
mercial club were closed."
W. SC. Hamilton spoke referring to
the necessity for the elub as a cen
ter for the activities of the city and
the government's work. Hal D. 1'atton
was most optimistic as to the future of
the club but he could not understand
why so many professional men and
stat politicians as well aid not take
an active interest in it along with the
business men,
GeWifce a WBl was (surprised to
hear that some of the busiuess men
were not sending in their subscrip
tions. He felt the elub was so neces
sary that he could not even imagine
any business man not supporting it
with at least one membership,
E. T. Barnes wis in favor of a short
ana quica eamjlugn and was most
willing to do his share of the work
besides tuking out several memberships.
C. IL Roberts said he felt he was like
a good many business men, that while
he had signed his membership card, had
neglected to send it in. He said he
liked the idea of onee a member, al
ways a member.
i W. Steusloff said it would re
quire about $8000 to finance tho club
for the coming year aud this would
require a membership of 400, The
feeling in general was that the business
aud professional men would rally to
the support of the club and that the
solicitors next Monday and Tuesday
morning should have no difficulty in
securing the required niembe rship. The
captains are W. M. Hamilton, John H.
Scott, U. G. Shipley; , Theodore Roth
and Wm. Gahlsdorf.
F .L.Lis
son, that he make tho board a propo
sition 'which will leave the project free
f f all entanglements and thus give the
board an opportunity to seek new cap
ital for financing the undertaking.
Murjon ! proposition was for tna
board to get behind a program wnich
called for national and state legisla
tion to authorize the. completion of
the protest 'through cooperation tie
tween the federal and state govern
ments. This was not considered leas
able by the board during war times.
Governor Withveombe announced to
day that he will 'npiKiiut General
Charles V- Beebe of Portland as act
in? general to succeed Colonel John
M. William, who will submit his res
ignation within a day or two to accept
a commission as a major in the regular
Colonel Williams has been aifting ad
jutant general for about a year, as he
was appointed to fill the vacancy when
Adjutant General George A. White
was commission?, I in the regular army.
FOR RENT My handsomely furnish
ed six room apartment, Moore build
ing, Court street. Application must
be made this week. Minnetta Ma
gers. 8-24
Tho publii service commission re
ceived iuformalion to, lav that a supple
mental hearing on diversion end re-
consignment riile on freh fruits and
1.1... ;il h... ...A I ... I .... .4
" t'"n'.'
- it ommissioner ('. H. Aitchisun, The
JJjgjj original hearing il! be held in Chie-
-T-,KO vm -'jif'7uiirr
CARL. At the home of his son, A. ft
Carl. 4:!4 North-! Sth street, August
23, l&lx, Fred Car at the ace of 75
WANTED 25 pickers for green prune 3,
start immediately; will meet pifkers Giff(,
m ruu ox canine st
auto truck. B. Cunni
He is survived ir ti:
Sabon Prices
mi Go Higher
Portland, Or., Aug. 24, One srtielc
FOR SALE At bargain. 6 room modern
bungalow, large log, garage, ine block
from paved street, 2 blocks to car line
A ideal home for little money. Ad
drtsi A. J. 20 care Journal. tf
ii eniinren: Mrs. -in ... u . n.-
salmon. The food ail
i exactly the same
pack of canned
. .1. . . i i
Auff'isf tl rl 1 1 u i -.saimon as imti whu-d iirKvanea in jwk
nu meet plf Rers j G,if.y Winkler of el Mo Mr. " . " ' 1
t 7 o'clock with enry 'Mnrsh of Vol,,. Vb" W 1 w m1J
ngham. Phone 21 Var, of U,aha; ?e,j--
hfl H'".r.r ot J'-rtland and Li !. .. ,h ;,.h
Awai'ine- tleBr,. t " was annunnce i. i ..p pr
the .r , (dominates the salmon business,
rne eat, no funeral arrmnements Lwre . . ,
been n:ade. 8 ej However, the eon.nmer may not be
, m , jabln to buy any salmon, for tho govern-
. . . j merit has requisitioned 10 per eenj of
jre(, me,um rei' and tiinks. to be
GOVERNMENT needs 20.000 clerks at
Washington. Eiaminations every
where in August. Experience nnnec
essary. Men and women desiring gov
ernment positions write for free par
ticulars to J. C. Leonard, (former
civil service eiaminerr) 1U59- Kenoii
Bldg., Washington, V- C. 8-24
sWO and three room furnished apsrt
menta. 491 N. Cottage. Phcne 2203-
FOB SALE 8 room modern house lo
cated on Fairmount Hill, large lot,
east front, paved street, sightly loen
tioa, bearing fruit, garage. Tbs is a
bargain. Pric $3000, W. H. GraV,ca
horst A Co., 275 State (tret. 8 -26
FOB RENT rK) acre farra 24 miles
west of Dallas; stock goes with
' p'sce; 133 seres in enltivation, bsr
: anee pasture, large dairy bars, tilo
as.l gwd improvemcsts throughout.
' water froaa mountain streaa pipsl
t buildisirs, a!e ssed for irritratioa
BfTences required See R. P.
; X2 Breymut block. U
field for WMiMe orfrnnicat tetfuire-
1 nuni .
! -
j ye-S-etty--f
NASH. To Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Xash.j
of Zens, Pi-ik county, August 24. j . '
W18. a daughter. Jisn I rmsrlv FilllKi
She im l-r, named Wilms f;rf,.l """" vumivui imwu
1A - .
II " '
1 mm
1 i. .
I 1 o
This season has given us the most uncommon mater
ial made into Ladies wear That of Mannish Wor
steds. We have been extremely fortunate in procur
ing some Ladies' Tailored Suits in High Grade Wor
steds, which we are very pleased to show.
forWomen, Misses, Children
In beautiful styles and the very latest and newest
fabrics, at prices that are most reasonable consid
ering the market conditions.
We have put on sale for Wednesday
special choice, embroidered voiles at
the following extra special prices. 18
inch at, yard 39c
42-inch, at, yard 75c
Many different colors and designs to
choose from.
Broken and
Odd Lots
We continue to sell broken and
odd lots at radical reductions.
Katoerin Heart Trouble. j nervous strain, according tu a bulletin
! issued by her physician at WillieliiK-
Anutterdam, Aug. 24. Kaiserin Au- Jmhe, a .lispuich from that city snid
gusta Victoria is suffering from heart j today. Tho Imllelin added that she
nroiible, aggravate.! temporarily by must' have complete quiet.
Amslnliun, Aug". 24Aln official
slulrmriit from liorlin dec lams thus
two enemy torpedo beat, were sunk
during nil engagement ff Dunkirk
Thursday night.
? Would you like to be
come a boy for one
0 day of your life ? ? ?
Before you decide see VIOLA DANA in
i If 01 1
ft p"74
n ft
FOR RENT l"O0 aerF river ttom
land, or any portion thereof, for one' . a
or more years. Terms cash. W would ;
prefer renters who wish t0 grow vrg ! p n '
ss? nz te,rt! . c Notes :
dress E. Clemeng Horst Co., Inde-J .
p'cience, ur. 8 31. T -r t T i- -r
Frth Fanny Situations
Ha Hamilton of 'C.t Kirh uirk
Walhegford'' fawie and Edward A'x-lcs
who created hrer's ilillions",
Frank Currier and hally Crure are the
i .... if
FOB 8AL Five pea'Mg-r Eeo. All . R-rt land board today re- j Cpanr A. s attraetio. "tipportun-
new tires tlE meehan eal eoRdit on. I F'"r" ni riii . - " f
E'.eetrie equipmeat, with starter. ? - Morsoa lor saivsg-
Tki is t acr;fice a!e sad if roa : "rie,M Oook
want a first esss buy cfcesp, call 81 !fn Klamatk eotie. and suggettcd,
and ask for Mills, or see car at North-11 Uu" b", w,iJ Mnt Mt,r'
western Garage.
tf. ,
CRAWFORD canning r-aches new
tvady. Order immediate'r, crop ligiit,
short sts-son, quality fancy. Lrh
Bjnd's orchsrj 5 miles north ef Ka
lera. ia Keiaer bottota. Plme ff. W.
Bnwdtn, furer.an, fanaera 29F3, Bring
yo-Jr Uixe. tf
packed as it is with g'Md, wholesome
Ian. advrtiture, Hi.v.tery, and romance.
It'll suke per,.U forge( ha heat.
At yfMJf favorite theatre, tomorrow
sad MtB.iy. t
Heart-appealing and absorbing thoroughly human,
bubbling with laughter, tingling with suspence,
all combined.
Tomorrow and Monday
Liberty Theatre
Only First Run Pictures