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Foch's System Of Widely Sep
arated Attacks May Find
Some Weak Spots.
- - - - V
1 IT'"
V1LLIAM S. HART iiC Shark. Monroe-
In His Latest Artcraft Picture
It's a Whale of a Picture
The Oregon
five Members Of Supreme
Court, Congressman Haw
ley, Governor in List.
court of Oregon, born at Stockton, Cul.,
July 6, 1831; iiiarrier Susie E. Dougher
ty of Walnut Creek, Cal., September 7,
1S7U; practiced law 1878 at San Jose,
Cal. j district attorney of 1st Oregon
district 1892 1)6; member of Oregon
house of representatives 1897; judge of
circuit court lt -judicial district of
Oregon 1898-1915; justice of supreme
court of Oregon 1915. He "is a Metho
dist and a republican.
OeorifO II. Burnett, supreme court of
'Oregon, wag born iu Vauihill county,
.Ore., May 9, 1853; graduate, of MeMiuu-
villo college and Christian college of
Monmouth; married Miriam licit ot ba
lem, Dec. 31, 1879; practiced law in 8a
lent; district attorney 3rd judicial dis
trict 1870-78: reporter supreme court of
"Who's Who in Salem" is quite easy ' Oreiron 1900-02; iudae circuit court
t0 answer now, since the biennial edi- Sni district 1892-1911; justice of su
..t iU7t,n. win in America" kas'preme court of Oregon 1911; present
, ... ... i,n i;. ; term .expires 1923; is a republican-and
been placed on file at the public b , rf 0'dJ Uuouic
brary. tuis volume is uiug. "" nn,i Klk lodges.
dictioncry of notable living men and . 'ari Gregg Doney, president of AVil-
women ot the United' States and con- lamette university was born July SI,
...;., . i.;ri.w nf mum than 22.300. lMi7. at Columbus. Ohio: crnduate of
-ri,. iQiK.iu rilitinn is ins out. !Ohio Statu university; post graduate in
Th.. author of "Who'a Who in Ameri- philosophy at Harvard university 1891
ca," figures that ten men in Salem aro 92; graduate of Ohio Wesleyan college
niiHtled tn be known to the world in 189U; married Jennie Anna A-Krans of
rcneral The preface to the volume sta-' Columbus, Ohio, September 6, 1393; eli
te, that onlv those who have aceom-.tered Methodist Episcopal ministry iu
ulished gome' educational work or have October, 1S93; pastor at Baiabridgc,
done something to make them of special Ohio, Oranvillo, Ohio, Delaware, Ohio,
inmnrt arc reoorted in the book and that Columbus. Ohio and Washington. D. C;
not a dollar has been paid by any whoso president West Virginia Wesleyan col
names have been included. lcge at Buckhai.non. W. Va., 1907-15;
The ten men in Salem regarded as en- president Willamette university, 8a em,
titled to be recognized as worthy of Oregon, since 1915; was president of the
mention ar Dean Geome H. Alden, District of Columbia Anti-Saloon Lea-
Henry J. Bean, Henry L. Benson, Ovu ' guo 1906-07; director of West Virginia
H. Burnett, Carl Gregg Doney, Lawren- state Y. M. C. A.; trustee West Virginia
Willamette university law school; pres
ident Salem Fruit Union; vice president
Gideon Stolz Co.; vice president Zoller
Hop Co.; director Mutual Savings &
Loan Assn.; of Western Laud Co., of
Kiverside Land Co., of Capital Invest
ment Co, trustee Salem Library Assn.;
president Salem Board of Trade; presi
dent Taft-Sherman club, 1912; chair-nan
Stato Kepublioan Central' committee
191B-17; member Baptist church. Odd
Fellow, Mason; member of Illihee, Elk
and Moose clubs.
Frank A. Moor0 of the supreme court
of Oregon was born at Ellsworth, Maine
Nov. 0, 1844; graduated from public
schools of Ellsworth and Normal Insti
tute of Iowa Falls; superintendent
schools of Hardin county, Iowa, 1872-
76; admitted to bar 1874; married Eia
ma Schintaffi'r of Ft. Pleasant, Iown,
April 15, IStSti; practiced law at St
Helena Ore., 18i7; county judge Colum
bia county 1882 8; member of Oregon
state senate 1888-92; member of supremo
court since 1892. He is a republican;
was Grand Master of Masong of Ore
gon 1892,93 and Grand Commander of
Knights Templar of Oregon 1900-01.
Jameg Withycombe, governor of Ore
gon was born at Taxistock, Engltitid,
March 21, 1854; came to the United
States in 1871; attended public schools
and under.private tutor; married Isabel
Carpenter of Farmington, Oregon, June
6. 1S75; farmer and breeder of improved
live stock, cattle, borne and sheep;
state veterinarian of Oregon 1889 98;
director Oregon experimental station
1H98 1814; governor of Oregon since
1915; trustee Oregon academy of Sci
ence; secretary Pacific Wool Growers
Assn. 1885 90; president Northwest
T. Harris, Willi. C. Hawlcy, Charles State Society of Hygiene; memlr of j Stork Breeder, Assn. !!; niem wr
By J. W. T. Mason
' " (United Press war expert)
! New York, Aug. 23. There are indi
cation that tta0 Germans do not now
intend to halt their retreat prmancut-
Iv along th8 Hiudenburg line, but are
planning to move still farther eastward
for the purpose of shortening their front
and securing additional inea for their
new reserve armtes.
Marshal Foeh'a continual hammering
is sadlv interfering with vort lluiilen
burg's prearranged retirement. Yon
Hiudeuburg n.st send back his slow
moving, heavy artillery before the in
fantiv begins t. retreat, aud yet, by
doing so he rob his infantry of ade
quate artillery protection against the
allies attack. "This is one of the reasons
for the extremely small losses beiug suf
fered by the allies.
In reality von Hiudeuburg is now
fighting a gigantic rear guard action.
His retirement is a foregone conclusion
because there is no other way for Germain-
to concentrate her man power be
hind the Khine for America's fortkcoin
inn offensive.
But the paradox exist that by at
i tacking tho German through incessunt
i local drives, Marshal Foch is actually
I retarding the maximum speed of retire
'nwnt of which von lliudcnbuig ig ca
i nable.
i This action hv Marshal Foch, makes
!von Hiudeuburg 'a retreat a far more
perilous enterprise than it would have
been otherwise. Not only are extensive
stores of munitions and largo numbers
of prisoners falling int tho allies
hands, but also tho possibility is always
present that during th0 German, retire
ment Marshal Foch may be able at Some
I point to break through the German
lines. - - .
j The danger of a break through is nowj
i occupying the major attentiou or uioj
; Gorman general staff. It accounts largo-j
!lv for tho slow, faltering steps to the
jrear. and for the dogged, back-to the
wall fighting now characteristic of the
: German retirement. Von llihdenburg if
certainly losing more ufcii by these op
erations than the allies, but ho cannot
help himself. The war has seen many
kinds of retirements. None, however,
has been like the one now engaging von
Hiniienburir's attention.
Bv mean of it ho 1 nmiiieslionnbly
working out new tncrtfs of retreat to
be bromrht into pW'when the time
comes to defend German territory
against the vietoriotia Americans.
- . " t
..Don't Be jwl
i f
You perhaps have been to the homes of your friends quite often and to be frank
with yourself was envious, if not you wished you had nice furniture like they had.
Well it is possible. This store carries high grade furniture and this is sold at live
and let live prices. Come in and let us show you around. Our stock is the most
complete and up-to-date in Salem. We ask you to get prices at other stores be
fore coniin? to us. We will Sell You the Furniture.
JL.r-mmA .v
L. McNarv, Frank A. Moore and Jame I'M Beta Kappa, Beta Theta Pi and Phi
- It... ... : .. 1 J .f
VithycombC. ueita rni; a-u oegree aiason; auiuur
In alphabetical order, the short biog- of "The Throne Boom of the Suul,"
raphies a found in "Who's Who in 1906; also of "An Efficient Church"
America" are as follows: j 1907; contributor to Methodic Hevicw,
George Henry Alden, educator born American Magazine and other periodic-
Tunbridge, Vermont, Aug. 30, 1866. als.
Married Dora Hall I'age, at Anoka, Lawrence T. Harris, member of the
Minn., June 23 1898; superintendent of nipreme court of Oregon wa, born Sept.
schools at Tracy, Minn., 1896 97; pro- 1,1, 1873, at Albany, Oregon; graduate
fessor at University of Washington; University of Oregon 1893; graduate
dean and acting president Willamette University of Michigan 1896; married
University 1914 15; dean of American Jennie B. Beatie of Oregon Ci!y April
Historical association; belongs to .the 28, 1904; admitted to the bar 1896;
Methodist ehurr, and ig a republican; practiced in Eugene; member Oregon
author of the "New Governments West house of representatives 1901-03; speak
of the Alieuhanies" published 1897; pr of the hoiie 19"S; judge 2d judicial
oatributor of articles on the American district of Oregon 1905-12; elevated to
revolution, political and social cicnee. i the supreme court of Oregon Jan. 4,
Henry J. Bcn, supreme court of Ore-' 115. He is republican and a member
gnn; born Bethel, Maine, November 13,! of the Masonic lodge.
1853: read law at Bethel; married Mat j Willis C. Hawlcy, congressman, was
tie E. Maeshey of Pendleton, Oregon, born near Monroe, Oregon. May 5, Wt;
June 8, 1876; city attorney of Pcnrtte-' graduate or Willamette university JSS4;
ton 1884 94; member of Oregon house of married Anna M. Gerwndorfer of Al
represeutativo 1889; district attorney ' bany Aug. 19, 1885; admitted to bar
of 6th judicial district, Oregon, 1896-j 1894; principal Umpjuah academy, JV11
1300; county judge Umatilla county' bur, Oregon, 1884-86; president Oregon
HNM06: judge circni, court sixth dist-i State Normal school at Drain, Ure..
rict, 1907-10; elected to the supreme 1 188S 91; professor of mathematics Wil
eonrt of Oregon 1911; present term ex-jiamctte univirsity 1891-93; professor of
pirirg 1921; is a republican and member history, economics and constitutional
of the Masonic lodge. law at W'i!!amett university 1833 19)6;
Benrr L. Benson, of th soprr me member of eorgres since 1907.
CT.arles L. Mc.Vary, V. 8. senator
- fTom Ofcj-on, was bora on a farm near
Salrm Jul 12, 1874, graduate Lc!anl
Gamma Sigma Delta and Sigma Chi; is
an Elk an Moose and member of the
Corvallis Commercial club.
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Extracts From Diary
Kept By Late Czar
Rotterdam, Aug. 24. German newspa
pers publish additional abstracts from
the crnr's diary written immediately
after his abdication.
, Under date of March 3, 1917, the
former ruler of Bussia, wrote s
"Slept long nnd well, Awakened far
from Dvinsls. It Is a sunny, frosty day.
Discussed with my people yesterdny's
events and road much of Julius Cneser.
At S o'clock arrived Mogouff, where
the entire staff awaited me at tho sta
tion. Alexieff came with the latest news
from Hoilianko. So Michael has resign
ed. His manifesto closes with a wag of
the tail for the, constituent assembly,
which is to bo elected within three
"To avoid violence one must adnpt
one's scy.
( March 17. Slept Well until 10
o'clock. Alexander (one of the grand
dukes) arrived fur a conference at noon.
I went (o the station to receive mamma
(the dowager ex Empress Marin fedor
ovna) coming from Kieff. Took her to
breakfast. Finally received two tele
grams from Alice (the former czarina).
The weather is horrible. A cold snow
storm is raging.
"After tea received Alcxief and Fred
eri.'ks (the former Russian chief of
staff and chamberlain of the court, re
spoctivelv.) Dined
sat w'ti her.
Go to Church Sunday
Subjects of Sermons and Where They
Will Be Delivered in Salem Houses
of Worship, Tomorrow
Tirst Presbyterian.
Kev. Ewing Thompson of ritlsburg,
Peon., will prench both morning and
evening. Morning servico at 11, even
ing service at 8. Sun lny school at 9:4 '.
Christian Endeavor at 7. Midweek pin
cr service .Thursday at 8. Ht ranger cor
dially welcome to ull services.
United Evangelical.
Cottage a"d Center streets. l!ev. 0, L.
I.uw II, pastor. Sunday school at 10 a.
m. Worship and pnurhing service at 11
a. in. "A God for Today. " Evening
worship and sermon by the pastor at 8
p. m. Prayer meeting on Thiirit'liiy ev
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Sunday services are held at 410 Che
meketa street at 1 1 a. m. Subject Bible
with mamma nnd j lesson, " Mind.'' Sunday school nt Vi'
a. iu. Resiling room in Masonic Temple
the meeting at the armory, 7:15 p. in.
Voting People's Alliance led by Dean
Cooper, 8 p. in. Divino service nn,) ser
mon, Court Street Church.
Seventeenth and Court streets, Frank
K. Jones, pnsior. Bible school at 10 a. in.
Preaching at It. Our Prescribed li'tty.
8 p. m. Divine service. Y. P. H. (, K. at
7 p. in. Junior 11.20 n. m. All invited.
Swedish Tabernacle M. E. Church.
Corner Suiilh 15th and Mill streets,
John Ovull, minister. Sunday school at
'i p. in. filing Anderson, mpei inteiuleiiet.
Mih I l i ii null ( hriti list n, uHsistniit. Sor-
mon by t in- Kev. A. E. Eind, at H p. m
Al! are most cordially invited to attend
Katarene Church.
.Mnetccnlli aiii) Mnrlon slreels, one
block noil III of Chemeketa trect far Ihe
on Nineteenth. Services as follows: Hun
even p. m.,
March 18. From 10j "it '!" op n every day except Sunday ( day school at 0:43. Prcm long at 11 and
o'clock to noon mass.
came and we breakfasted. After tea re
ceived General lvanoff (commander in
chief on the Galieian front) who came
T...I..R.1 wt.or. t.,MW Aiieo"
gerous part vl tne uuv.
We still miss them terribly, but a j , i
very few day, has shown us that there, HjUlS JteW fllOiOpiay
are prosfCiive oig uroiners- rvcry
where. W had scarcely moved into our
new quarters when the most fatherly
gray-haired old colonel you ever saw
came in to we us. He offered Ui any Venlii-t on William 8. Hart's splendid
help at his command, and comes in twice . hotiplar. "His k Monroe, whi, h
Then mamma ""1 holtduya from 1 1:4.j to 5 p. in. All
Coming To Oregon
There is little doubt that the popular
are cordially invited to our service and
to visit our reading room.
rtnrt M. E. Church.
State and fhdrch streets. 0:11 a. m.
class meeting. 9:4.1 a. m. Sunday school.
11 a m. Sermon '.'The Prophet Nation
al Ideal." 1:30 p. m. Evangelist Billy
Sunday in tho armory. 7: p. rn. The Un
even day to see that all is going well.
He is almost too fatherly in the way he
Anderson as leader.
8 p." m. the follow ing pipe organ num
bers will be given by Prof. Kub'rU:
"Cnro Grandiosso", Vincent; "Twi
light," Friml; "Even Song" Johnson:
Anthems by the quartette, "The Son of
ou where we can go. But they are for Mrij,n has as yet Iwn seen. la this Gd Goes Forth to War," Geibel; "O
our good, and we appreciate his interest. I j,r.MpJetim y,. Hart discards the chaps For a Closer Walk With God," Gcibd."
A sergeant soon turned np with a tfj0f the frontiersman and is seen as a ' Sermon, "The Credentials of a True H-
.- Vivpliai SKlpper OI a Scaling cowwner u
n.1 l.rr.ttAr.' ..a frin.intf in'.. ...
i to be displayed at the Oregon theatre
next Hundav. Mondar and Tuewlajr will
hovers over us, for he puts restriction j a.1(lini ' f , finvat pictures iu
8. Pruyermceting at 8 on Wednesday
evening. W. H. Hardy superintendent
of Sunday school. A, Wells, pastor,
Castle Chapel, United Brethren.
Corner I7lh and Nebraska streets, E,i
glewood. Bible school at 10 8, ni. Kev.
W. A. Hosebraugli, siiieriiitendent. 11 a.
in. preaching by Ihe pastor. V. P. H. C.
!!. iit 7 K n in. I'mvcrinccttni eni'lt
worm league win meei wi.u miss wvvia j Tlsiirwlay night at 8 o'clock, Rev. W. W
A IIOrEI'UL message'
All Atlantic Port, Aug. 23.
Cyril Brown, former correspond-
nt in Berlin for the New York
World, arrived hero today
ubonrd a British liner, his first
visit to tho I it it ml States in five
Biowu declared i( hi belief
that the peaco party In Germany
will gain the upper huml in the
November reichMiig session nnd
overthrow the junkers, or war
Momentous cvcntu am pending
hi Germany, he declared and will
break tvheu thd tcklmtug meets.
Kosi 'bruugh class bnder. All meeting
iipcn to the general public. F. II. Niff,
Tirst Baptist Church.
Corner of Eiberty and Million street
In the absence of the pastor, Rev, S. K,
bkiniier il speak in the morning, sub
ject. "() Vision of God arid lis Re
sults." Itev. Moiewood will have r hinge,
of Ihe evening service. Sliniluy school
st;4.". Preaching 1 1 a 'clock. . P. meet,
ing .7 Evening preaching at 8 p. iu.
Highland Friend Church
,,r. of North Church and Highland Ave.
Kiindny school 10 a. in., Nuthan SclmabU
Supt, Meetings for worship, 11 a. m.
and 8 fi, m. Christian Endeavor fl:4," p,
m. Tomorrow will be the present ptt-.-tor's
Inst sermon in Salem. She leaves
Tuesday for Kokomo, Indiana, New
pastor will arrive Fiiduy. Josephiua
llockett, pastor, phoim 14113.
Rural Congrsjationai Church
C, H. Stover, minister. Sunday school
at 10 a. nt. Monijng service at 11 a. in.
Central Congregational Church
Corner south 1!M) and Ferry street,
II. C, Stover, mtmstcr. Smiduy Jihool
at 10 a. in., Mr. Burten Edwards, sit
perinlendciit. Evening service ttt 8 p. ,
and big brotLers ' are growing
numbers. Americans are pretty gener
ally of the "big brother" type, we have
Monroe is a savage man whose repu
tation for cruelty extends far and wide.
Leedle Methodist Episcopal
Corner South Commercial and Miyers
South Salem Friends.
Corner of South Commercial and
Washington streets. II, E. Pemberton,
pastor. Bible school at 10 a. in. Classes
for all air's. Albert Miller, siiirinten-
dent. C. E. meeting at 7 p. in. Prayerj
mec I in if Thursday at 8 ti. m. Study iu
I Ii.. u 9. vtiantpr Meutinif fi.r wurnlilrl
avxjits Bturvxr
"Btfia Trcsusent NOW
Stanford Jr. university; stuid with
private tutor; married Jessie Breyman
f Sal. ni Not. 11 19'2: admitted to
bar 1993; deputr district attorney with
Kr'i... s,l .,!;. 1 diitzlt 19-jU:
He meets a beautiful young woman in! streets. Horace N. Aldri. h, pastor. 9.43
strange eircumstanc. s one night and
takrs her dissipated brother to Aiasna.
He learns to love her with passionate
fervor and when she goes to Balsam City
and falls into the hands of notorious
. ! -i nil jir-acliin'; tomorrow at It a. rn. a"d
a. m. Sunday school with clasws for all
K. A .Rliotcn superintendent, 11 a m.
public worship with sermon by th pas
r. Tlieme "The Pull of the Down
most Men, l.'i.ward," 7 p. in. Devotional
trafficker in women Monroe follows and meeting or tl.s r.pwortn lesgoe iuyo-,
...... t... ii.. im,....;t " Remedies for Intemperance." 8 n. m.
situation evr disclosed in any motioe
It wouldn't bt amis for our yonr.g
Wijdicr boys to r-t all the tip they can
from oor old soldier boys eoncerning
hand ft hand fmhting. the civil war
was fuil of prodigies in that line.
Kong service and address by th. pator.
Evangelical Association.
Seventeenth and Chemeketa streets.
Js'ob Stoker, pastor. 10 a. m. Cueday
chixd. actine superintendent, C. T.
D..fy. 11 a. m. Preaching service. In
the aft'-rnoon this ehureh wiil join In
p. m.
rirst Christian Chnrch.
Bibl,. s' lioiil assembly at 9:4.1, lessons p,i!rlin.
from the book that rit lor present ilayj
taske and opportiinity. Orchestra and1
special music. Mrs. Porter will speak j
at the eleven o'clock services, subject,
"Expansion in Vision and Service," (.'.
K. at 1. Patriotic services at eight
with Hiesnagr( from our boys at the
battle frcnt and ste reepticon slides of
th boys who have filled our flag with
stars, aiul of things of general itiret
to U. A cordial welcome is extended
to all.
Catholic Church
Corner Cottage and Chemeketa Sts.
Ma.ses at 7:30 and 10:30. Benediction
following mas. Sermon at lute maps,
"The Cause of the War." Everybody
One of the great day of th war
will be that on which the allied troor
capture Essen and destroy utterly Re
great Krupp gun works there. And
F.ssen la right in tha direct ros.l to