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ALTHOCCU the ses .bore has allur
ed miny Salem, folk to its reclus
ive bewrkes where they night fur
grt work nd worry, few kav forgot
ten the big work that will be done for
patriotic purpses this fall. Committees io
all lines are quietly working and per-
rcung piaaa lor the vanon, war drives
and was assisted by the Hisses Ruth.kaow that so ia continuing her musical
I'arsoaa, insta w enger, Jennie Bobell, interests is the east.
Esther G reminds and Meryl Tracy. She was married this spring to B. G
Later is the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Chaney, a wealthy basiaess nti of Ann-
Uycrlee Kit to go directly to Eutne apolis, Maryland. A clipping from the
where they will make thir home. Thei Maryland Gazette describes laws sos-
bride'a traveling suit was a dark blue
tailored one and she wore wide brim
that will characterise the patriotic work'med bbv.k velvet hat which wssi bright
ef the fall and early winter. leued by a peseock blue faring.
The date for the annual meeting of I Mrs. Byerlce came here from Canada
the Oregon Federation of Woman V three years ago. for the past year she
t-iuos waiea was previously set for Oeto-lBM t" instructor of voice is the En
"ber first hat Wi changed on account geno Bible university. She Diana to eon
of the liberty loan campaign which will. turn her work there during the coming
" munenca ail over the United States year. Mie Is well knows in Saieni espe
Beptcmbcr 28. As many of tie prooii-, cmlly as soloist at th Christian
sent club women will he aetive in this church.
work at their various home towns, it I Mr. Byerlee has bees a student at
wa.1 thot a wiser plan to have the Ore- the University of Oregon and Eugene
fon Federation of Woman's eluls eon-) Bible university and is t present eni
vese September 17-20. It will be bold 'ployed by the Eugene (Juard newsiapir.
" s-oruanu. immediately preceding this I Iht out ol town guests included Mrs.
sneetlng will be a conference for the Byerlee, mother of the groom from
of the liberty loan
county chairman
The state president at the last a-ee'.-ing
of the executive board of the Ore
Itoa Federates of Woman 'i chilis ap
twisted Miss Mattie Iieatty as the chair
man of the committee to arrange the
program lor the. ruming meeting. Mrs,
Juhu M. Scott of J'or I 1h ml. and Mrs. A
Ji Ivnuhoe of La Grande are the other
saeuibers on the committee. The commit
lee is busy arranging a program that
win ne 01 siieeial and tiuiely interest,
The meeting this year will feature the
part the women will pluy in the nation
al liberty loan campaign.
Among the ieakcrs who will be an
tided attraction are President Camp
be.ll, who has been east this summer art
ing as secretary-treasury of the Ameri
cas Council of Education in Washing
ton, D. C.
la view of the great opportunity and
responsibility women will have In act
ivities thi) year, this meeting of women
jrora all over the state will be very ig
ificant anj important.
A pretty wedding was solemnized
Wednesday, August 21, at high noon
when David Allen llyerlee claimed Miss
Victoria Cave as liia bride at the home
sf I hn briile'a parents, Mr. and Mrs.
William 11. Cave, 1313 North Capitol
Street. The ring ceremony which wus
very impressive, was performed by Mrs.
V. T. Portor of the Christian church.
The bouse was beautifully dcroiuted
with artistic bowls of roses'and au im
jwovised bowr of delicate pink and
white roses with background of ferns
formed a pretty corner for the bridal
couple. Hydrangea were also used n the
quantities of summer flowers llisj were
tanked around in the rooms.
The bridesmaid, Miss Hotierta Mor
ton, led the bride, who was accompanied
by her father, to the altar, where tiny
were met by the groom and the brother
f the bride, Jr Cave, who acted as best
Lohengrin's wedding niarih was play
si by Miss l'carl Eyre, s friund of the
stride. Tho bride was pretty in a dress
of soft white silk, eluhorated with sil
ver luce and veil of embroidered tulle
1'ortland, Mr. Moore of Portland, who is
a brother in law of the groom, Miss Es
ther Reynolds from Eugene and Miss
Roberta Morton from I'asco, Washington.
Miss LurilU Emmons, daiiithter
Mrs. W. W. Emmons, 20 South 23rd
street, is planning to leave for Chicago
soon, where she expects to study muuic
at tne inifugu Musical college.
Xliss Emmons is au accomplished mil
sieiaa, having graduated from the col
lege of music of Willamette university
in the spring of 117. She ha, studied
vorul music some as well as pipe organ
music, which she studied for two years
from Jiean frank Wilbur Chace.
While in Chicago Miss Kmmon, plans
io specialise in and emphasize public,
school music, which she expects to teach
after finishing her work in the east.
lor the past year he has had s class
of pinno students in Salem and Scio.
She expects to leave Heptember 3.
Although the Chicago Musical college
does not open until September Id, she
will first visit friends in Chicago,
s s s
Thrusdiiy evening Mrs Mary L. Kel
log arrived in Salem sn, will be the
guest for some time of Mrs, E. Hnfer,
7li(i South ComAierclal street. Mrs. Kel
log is now from Seattle, although her
homo was formerly in Alaska. She is
now on her way to California where she
plans to spend the winter.
Mrs. Emma (!. Cornelius and dntish
ter, Miss Minnie Cornelius, of 1U1 South
I-tth street, left the first parf of the
week for Washington, 1, C, where they
Will make their home. Miss Cornelius
had taken tlu civil service cxaminatiiuis
and was recently appointed lor a nasi-
(ion in the war Insurance, department.
For niMny years she has been verv aoc-
cessful as a teacher in the Salem schools
After visiting a short time with
Mrs. Cornelius' dnuithter an.l husband.
iir. nu .wrs. John i-.niott of Portland,
ical that was given at ber home recent
ly for the benefit of Bed Cross work
'.'A scene that rivalled fairyland was
that ea the beautiful laws of the hand
some home of Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Chan
cy where they were the gracious hosts
last evening to the Bed Cross auxiliary
of the First Methodist church."
After speakiag of other participants
of the program the article says,
"The program closed witB song by
Mrs. Chancy, whose rendition of 11 Ba-
cio, by Aidittt, waa a masterpiece and
given as only s vocalist of rare attain
ment and exquisite voice knows how to
ding. Mrs. Chancy has bees beard in the
leading cities of this country and Eu
rope, and as professional vocalist has
won a high place in the musical world.
Her song last night was given an ova
tion, and she. was encored again and
I Mrs. Chancy is well known in Sa
jiora, especially among the musical set.
of, When she was a resident of Salem sev
eral years ago, she took leading parte in
many muncal programs and also direct
ed many that were given, besides a large
class oi students of music she taught.
M-ss Cornelia, Marvin, state librarian
left yetr.'ay uormsg for sa extended
vacation. She will visit the various li
braries in scut kens Oregon next wee
and will then journey on Ut California
where she will ecy a vacation natU
the middle of September.
A auutoring party retarned .recently
after speeding tws weeks ia Washing
ton state. The party included Mrs. C.
K. Spaulding, Mrs. Walter Spsnlaing,
Miss II Spaulding and Miss Pearl Mil
ler of Oregos City. They visited Seattle,
Taeoma, Citmp Lewis, Burner National
park, sad then west over to Aberdeen.
On retaining bosks they drove to Ore
gos City where Miss Miller stoprw
her home sad the rest of the party re
turned to Salcsx. .
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hofer are exoeet
ed today some time to spend the week
I Society WomcnJt
Anurnberaf the most f X. "
noted Bcaatics of j
Sodcry have ottsincc' j
their pure soft prl A
hue appearance thru 'y
As anstant use of '.I
Oriental Cream
sWiOc r Trial SiM
nm T. HOPKINS SOX New York j
tM !
ia Honololn where ber husband is tts-i
tioned as s sergeant .She recently re-
end with the Hofers. Thev see from :;.- i- i c..i. CL u. .v.
. . - i"6a ?riiir. cue jcii me,
it but ara anvinf BIM tn v..vti-MJ ' i 1 1 . . , . . ,
iiuiuv vi me weea lor can wose wnere
thir way they will visit with Mr and
Mrs. Sam Siebert In Denvfr. Mrs. Bie
bert la a daughter of Mrs. Coraelhis and
aught In corouet fashion with orangcl's well known in Salem, as she and her
they left there Wednesday rv..l... .H(m"
route to their eastern destination On r"'"h w transferred to Fort Bcnja-
A group of Salem people who have
been enjoying a motoring trip of ten
days to some of the beaches and sum
mer resorts returned home Thursday
evening. They first drove to Tillamook
from there to Seaside and on to Astor
ia. At Astoria they took the boat to
lng Beach, Washington, where they
remained a short time before return
ing to Astoria, from where they motor
ed bai'k to Salem by way of Portland.
Those who enjoyed thia trip were Mr.
and Mrs. P. K. Fullertun and Mr. and
Mrs. Lester Pavis and daughter, Lo
lits. sea1
A very quiet wedding was solemn
ixed Monday afternoon at tho parson
age of the First MethoiMst church with
Uev. R. N. Avison officiating, when
C. E. ,l(i rie claimed Miss Hose Mason
as his bride.
Mrs. Jones who la a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. 0. V. Mason of Jefferson.
Krsdiiut.nl from (h-egon Agricultural
college with the class of 1U14. Since
that time she has been pharmacist in
the Posh ay and Mason drug store of
Jefferson. She is s sister of Miss Vir
ginia Mason who attended Willamette
university last yeor.
Mr. Jones, who is also a Jefferson
man graduated from O. A. ('. in 1918
snd was s Phi felta Theta member.
Fur the past two years he has been in
engineering work in a large steel plant
in i oungstown, Unio.
Ihe wedding which came a sur
prise tu their friends was a week ear
lier than had been planned because Mr
blossoms. She carried a bomiuet of
bride i roses which was afterwards
caught by Miss Buth Parsons.
The bridesmaid wore pale blue silk
sad cairied a dainty bouquet of Cecil
lirunner roses.
After thn ceremony an elaborate wed
diug breakfast was served to the guests.
Mrs. YVeiiger bad charge of the sorvinj
husband are graduates of Willsmetta
ue.'verwity.Mr.-Hle.bcrt is now pastor of
one of the important Presbyterian
churches there. From lcnvcr, Mrs. Cor
nelius a n,l her daughter will continue
their Juuiney directly to Washington,
s s s
The many friends of Miss Florence
HulKday llalght will be interested to
High Class Ladles' Tailoring
474 Court Strce!
Shoddy Only
The wool administrator at Washington has just
announced that not one pound of wool will be al-
; : lotted to civilian use until the army and navy are
:: supplied. Can you read between the lines? Nothing
I but shoddy and cotton for us. But I have been very
: : fortunate by having an extra large stock of wool
: : ens bought some time agoeven before the big ad-
vances in woolen goock-Thls, stock I am making
up into suits at original cost. Come in today and
talk It over. I can save you money on genuine all
wool clothes.
nun Harrison, Indians.
Mrs. Joues expects to join him soon
in In. liana, where she will remain un
til he is sent overseas.
Miss Lena Belle Tartar and Miss
Elisabeth Levy, two prominent Salem
musicians, returned Saturday from s
weeks stay st Newport, where they
were engaged to furnish entertainment
for the boy of the Spruce division,
who are stationed at Agate beach. They
appeared several times in various mus
ical entertainments. Once at s formal
concert in Newport and later st sol
dier camps. Both soloists were enthus
iastically received and responded to
numerous encores.
Preceding their eoncert Wednesday
evening, Miss Lvy and Miss Tartar
were dinner guests of Lieutenant Hot
kins and Lioutcnaat Barthon, who are
commanding officers at the largest
camp. An iuformal musical was arrang
ed Thursday for the musicians by Mrs.
Lucia Helen Pratt and a luncheon fol
After their progam Friday evening
thev were gnests of bmior at a four
Idaho but are moving now to Turtlsnd,
where they will auks their home.
a a
A merry crowd of people motored out
to Spoug'a landing Thursday evening
where the Ls Ares club bad plsnsed s
jolly picnie. The evening wss character
ized by all of the informal gaiety in
keeping with s successful picnie.
After the supper was served in picnic
siyie, me party gathered around s Blow
ing bonfire and enjoyed the evening in
those ho were present were, the
Misses Thelins Blessing, Marion Miller,
Mable Brassficld, Emma Waldorf, Echo
Hunt, Leah Ewing, Stania and Dors
Andrcsen, airs. F. Bay, Mr. aud Mrs.
Claire Vtbbert, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gueff
roy and Claudine t.ueffroy, Mr. Urteu
baum, Air. Whirl and Mr. Andresen.
The relatives of Rev- and Mrs. 8. S
Jiumey, 4W Morth 24th street, who
have been visiting in Salem for some
time left this week. Mrs. (Jilmore anH
her children, Uorothy and Euthemis,
wha bsve been here during the month
of August, left the first part- of the
week for Portland, jlrs. Oilmore is s
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Mumey and
s punning to visit her sister, Mrs
Jamea FriUwatcr. for some time in
Portland before returning to her home
in Monmouth,
Mrs. Ross Yeager, a sister of Bev.
Mumey, has been spending the year
on the coast. After visitisir in Salem
fur Bonis time she accompanied ker
daughter, Mrs. W. II. Morris, and
daughter, Doris, who have bees here
for s week ts their home in Portland.
She plans to return to her home in Pitts
ourg, rennsylvaiwa, about ths first sf
September. Rev. Mumey will accom
pany her as he expects to attend the
general conference of the United Evan
gelical church to be held in September
in York, Ps,
Although durinjr the past months
many speakers have discmrsed the many
important patriotic and relief causes
which should be supported, the Ameri
can committee for devastated France
has not yet officially introduced any
speakers to Oregon people. Because of
tlu i, greet internet has been felt in the
sppenrsnce of Countess Madeline de
Hryao, who will be in Portland next
Thursday and Friday to explain the
neea for help in those districts in
France, which have been the scene of
war. In her writings, tho eountem hat
described the conditions of the devas
tated sress in a most graphic and real
The American commit tee for devas
tated France is working for rehef for
this suffering and it is in behalf of
this activity that the Countess Made
line ds Brya will speak.
Many of the most prominent Oregon
women are members ef the executive
committee and board of directors.
Following is s list of the officers
of this psrt of ths northwest:
Northwest chairman, Mrs. Robert
Treat Piatt; state chairman. Mrs. Wil
liam II. Skene; first vice chairman,
Mrs. J. D. Farrrll; second vice chair
man, Miss Cornells Marvin; secretary,
Mrs. W. B. Maekay; acting secretary,
Miss Katherine Cook; treasurer, Bob
ert Treat Piatt
Executive committee Mrs. Willism
H. Skene, cbsirmsn-, Van W. Ander
son, Mrs J. 1. Fairell, Miss Cornelia
Marvin, Robert Treat Plstt.
Directors Mrs John C. Ainswortk,
Van W. Anderson, Mrs Alice Benson
Beach, Mi. Charles P. Beebe, Mrs.
Margaret Piddle. Mrs. P. L. Campbell,
Mrs. Helen Lsdd Corbett, Mrs. Charles
K Curry, Mis, J. IX Fsrrell, Miss lien
rietts E. Failing, Miss May Failing,
her former kome is. Bhe does not plan
to return to Hawaii but will teach
school is Nevada during the winter.
Mrs Robert L. Lanikin visited in
Salem a psrt of the week as s guest of
her mother, Mrs. 8. K, Oliver. 334
South Winter street. She wss married
recently and will be remembered ss
Miss Mignoa Oliver, who graduated
from Salem high school with the class
of 1911.
She motored down from Portland
Sunday and returned later to Seattle
where she has bees for the past three
years About the first of the year she
plans to leave for South America where
she will join her husband, who is now
on his wsy. He is a mining engineer
and expects to take up that line of
work there.
a a
William 0. Prunk of 333 South
Church street is enjoying a visit from
his cousin, Mrs. Sammie Mottar and
her sister, Mrs. Deiiah Tags, both of
Springfield, Illinois. They have been
in Portland attending the Grand Array
of the Republic encampment. On their
way west they visited many plaees of
interest, but sre enjoying Salem's cli
mate immensely. Mrs. Effie Prunk of i
Turner, who is a sister of Mrs. Mottar
and Mrs. Tass, is visiting with her son
and family, W. G. Prunk.
a a t
A party of Salem men, who have bcea
spending- their vacation in bunting on
the Umpqus riveT for the past two
weeks, are expected home Tuesday. They
have found a delightful camping ground
and are enjoying their vacation immense
ly. The party included Dr. M. C. Find
ley and sun, Bayard, Oscar B. Gingrich,
H. 11. Vaudcrvort, William Trindln, W.
C. Hinslow and Judge Bingham.
Miss Alice SMv of Portland na
been spending the week with Miss
Florence Elgin, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Elgin, 674 South Capitol
street. Miss 8eely, who is a cousin of
Miss Elgin, will return the first of the
a a
Clarence Burnett, who is here from
the east spending the summer with his
sisters, expects to return to his home
Ottumwa, Iowa, a week from to-morrow.
The sisters whom he has been visiting
are Mrs. P. E. Fullcrton and Mrs. Ada
Mme. Schubach Arrived Today And Will Be At
125 North High Street
Saturday and Monday, With the Best
Selection of
ansian liresses
Refreshingly Youthful, Original and Vastly Inter
esting. Fashioned in Serge, Georgette, Wool, Jer
sey, Novelty Silk and Tricotine.
loll of imw
"From Over There"
General Pershing's Official Report
Casualties To Date. "
Killed in action (including 291 at
e 4121
Died of wounds 1260
Died of disease 1594
Died of accident and. other causes 715
Wounded in action 10,476
Missing in action (Including pri
oners) .. .. 2.187
Total to Date .20,444
The following casualties are reported
by the commanding general of the Am
erican expeditionary forces:
Killed in action ." .... 9
Missing In action 17
Wounded severely 73
Died of wounds .... 12
Died from accident and other
causes 6
Died of disease
Wounded, degree undetermined.... 5
Prisoners 1
course dinner party given by Captain " K'ber, Mrs. a Frauk, Mrs
Nesbit, adujant of the entire spruce corge llerlmger, Mrs Thomas Kerr,
division, stationed in Lincoln county. Miss Saras Uwis. Mrs W. B. Maekay,
Th. .(inner wa. served at Ihe ixiimlar Miss (.toruelia Marvin, . Salem; Mrs
a Cabin Inn an.l covers were laid 1 Robert Treat Piatt, Robert Treat
Tailor To Men and Women
Court Street Salem, Oregon.
vtvTvv4-4 t
latt, Mrs. Andrew R. Porter, Mrs
Lewis HnaaeU, Mrs Willism M- Ekeso.
Mrs. W. T. Sumner, Mrs Joseps H.
Teal, Miss Todd, Monmouth, sad Mrs
Morris II. Whitehouee.
a a
The home of Mr. sad Mrs. Msxolof,
4rio North Commercial street waa the
scene of s happy birthday party Sun
day when they entertained some of
their friends in honor f the sixteenth
oirthdsy of their daughter, Miss lius
sie Solof.
After the guests enjoyed music and
the interesting games which had bees
planned, dainty rvfreshawnts were scrv
j Thou prearat were Misses Rebecca
Ssittuei, Frances I-avroa, Annette Feki
I'ticn of Portland, Miss Levy, Kathleen
i Wslah. Basel, Lilv and Florence Blake,
Elsie Hop lee, Blanche Kawley, Mr.
and Mrs. Blake, Mr. ssd Mrs Ssainels,
Mr. and Mrs. Volrkok, Mr. aad Mrs.
Oxtdberg, Mrs lyy, Mrs Maraukits,
William Welch, Saaittel Solof sad St
una Yelehok.
s a
Hsmo Conger baa bees is Kshraa S
Jiart of ths week visiting friends. Ut
onocrly rived hers ssd was s student
al the Kales high school, but for the
pt two vsr, he hst bees employed is
s printing office is Portias A. Hsvisg
Wstne. V. W. Elgin is is Enterprise! visited is southern Oregos be was en
snd Charles Els in is is Grants Pases his way hoase to Portland. Re plans te
for twelve.
a a
Miss Margaret Garrison will return
bume thia afternoon after spending the
summer at Newport, While there she ap
peared many timea as s reader at vari
ous entertainments and patriotic meet
Miss Garrison, who graduated from
Willamette university in June, will
leave iwn for Portland where she will
teach English is one of the Portland
high schools
A very pretty tliuner party is to be
given tomorrow by Mrs Charles El
gin at her home, 7t South Catol
street. The dinner is a family reunion
affair. Mrs Elgis has planned to serve
dinner in sa utiuriual manner is her
beairtiful outdoor grape arbor, which
will be decorated with yellow flowers
for the occasion.
Those who will participate are Mr.
aad Mrs H. 11, Hcwst of Albaay, Mr.
and Mrs Clyde Laughead and children
Kutael and Clyde, Jr., of Spokane, she
have been visiting is Albsnv for sev
ers! months, Mr. sad Mrs. George El
gin and daughter, llelene, and Mrs, C.
. Elgin and children. KstkeHae and
Clifford, Mr snd Mrs. II. W. Elgin
a,d sou, Harriain. aad Mrs. Charles
Eigia snd children, Florence and.
Tomorrow Mrs. H. X. Styles and
laughter, Maureen, are expected by
friends in the city. Mrs Sty lea ia from
Pullman, Washington, but Is making
her home permanently ia Salem. Mr.
Styles came in May snd is now engaged
n business here. Until the Styles fam
ily are located, Mrs Styles and daugh
ter wiU be gnests of Mrs. P- E. Ful
lcrton, 1533 Stste street.
A very quiet wedding occurred yes
terday morning at ten o'clock in the
Catholic church when Miss Elizabeth
Drisroll of Los Angeles became the
bride of Nennis Miller of Portland. The
couple wcre attended by Mr. and Mrs
Ssmuel Wise of -Portland snd the cere
mony was performed by Kev. Berth.
The couple left soon after the wedding
for Portland where they wraU make
their home.
s a a
Mrs Ivsn Bellinger snd children, Jane
Elixabeth and Ivan Ellsworth, Jr., have
returned front s several weeks visit 1
with fricuds in Scotts Mills snd 811-
Mr. and Mrs. B. E Carrier of 1065
Court street, returned Thursday evening
from s motoring trip to Mount Hood
where they were the guests at their
eousin'a kome, J. D. Smullin. They were
gone three weeks and were accompanied
by Miss Floy Button, s teacher of Sa
lem. Mr. and Mrs B. C Miles aad daugh
t.rs, Lyrs and Eva, also motored np to
Mount Hood with the Carriers snd re
turned with them as far as Portland,
where they will remsis for a few days
a a a
Mrs. Amelia Cossslman will leave to
Burrow to mske ker home In Portland,
where she has been transferred by ttc
Woolworth company. For the pust four
tenths she baa bees assistant manager
f the store here and in Portland will
secure a better position. She will be
second assistant Manager in charge of
the office department, with several
girls ttajer ker direetios.
Total 53
Ki'led Ih Action
Lieutenant Ewing Boone, Kansas
City, Kas;
t'orporal William F. Ruth, Emaus,
Mike Bsbchack, Auburn, N. Y; Paul
E. Bills, Somerset. Pa; David E, Ben
nett, Milan Mo; John J. Colliim, New
York; George P. McKeon, Brooklyn, N.
Y; Emmett, J. Newcomer, Piiiecreek
Texas; Frederick J. Reuter. Monkton.
Diew of Wounds.
Sergeant William O'Neill, New
Thomas B. Summers, Lawreneehurp.
Corporals Buff E. Melton, Northbend
Neb; Floyd J. Simmons. Bethlehem,
Fa; Andrew F. Wagner, Elhurst 111.
Joseph C. Gaudin, Ascension. La:
Gray Hanrahan, Bridgeport, Conn;
Harry C Holmes Syracuse, Kas; Jesse
Hudson, Chattanooga. Tenn: Frederick
D. Jones, Ekford, Mich; HcKinley
noDinroa, nanson, unio; Luigi Salin
etti, Rome, Italy.
Died of Disesss.
Private James Clarence Brown, Kan
napolis. N. C.
Died From Accident And Other Causes
Corporsl Clarence E. Knnub, Redlion,
Herbert S. Evails. Mc A tester. Okla.,
Arthur Hargrove, New Glasgow, Am
herst Co., Va; Joseph S. Ostrowski,
Winnipeg, Can; Jack Whitten. Carters
ville. Mo; Anthonev Wilken, Lafayette
Wounded Severely.
Lieutenant Howard J. Cummings.
Clinton, Mass; Carl A. Foss, Buffalo.
New York.
Sergeant Stewart Donald Graham.
Mesdvlle. Pa; Carl Leroy Peterson,
Krsdford, Pa.
Cummings, Cfiicago; Edward J. Foley,
Newton Center, Mass; Michael Get
tings, New York; James E. Howard,
New York; Alger Russell Hunter,
Clemens, Micb;. Edward J. McEnnis.
Littleton, Mass; Kenneth A. McKonz.it),
Burlington. Mass; Thomas Mauley,
Maiden. Mass; Cook John F. McKeon,
Cherry Valley, Mass.
Boy H. Ackermsn, Chicago; Jamets
J. Bevau, Fort Chester, N. Y; . Paul
Borders, Mount Hermon, Ky; Jno. J
Brondbrook. Bridgeport Conn; James
A. Brown, Barre, Vt.; Stanford W.
Burke, Scranton Pa; William Hammer,
Scranton, Pa; Bonaga 0, Rowan. Low
land, N. ('.; Patrick J. Corrigan New
York; Charlton Monroe Cow her, Map
leton Depot, Pa; Michael James Cud
more, BiiiKhauipton, N. Y; George
Cypher, Worcester, Mass; John Joseph.
Dempsey, Philadelphia; George A De
void," Bristol, Vt; Geroge Dougherty,
Mt. Hollysprings, P; Francis W. Eaton,
North Resiling Mass; John Fay, Brook
lyn, X. Y; Raymond Flaherty, South
Boston, Mass; Wm. Arthur Fraker,
New Ville, Ps; James F. Garrett, Mt.
Holly. N. J.; Edward A Ginna, Brook
lyn, X. Y; Bornhead Goldmonz, Brook
lyn, N. Y; Charley M. Grogans. La
fayette, Ga; Rufns Guffey, Cabe Ky;
Victor Hamel, Willimantie, Conn; Hu
bert H. Harris, Winnsmucca, Nev; Jo
seph P. Hennessey, New .Roche'le, N.
Y; William Komok Stroudsburg, Paj
Frank J. Keys, Dorchester, Mass; Char
les E. Kittredge, Framingham, Mass;
Merle John Lipoid. Bradford Pa; Thad
deus 8. I.cwaudowski, Chicago; Ed. Mc
Donald, Wohurn, Mass; Arthur H. Mc
Mann, Bath, Mo; John McSparran.
Brooklyn N. Y; Reigh A. Marietta,
Brownsville, Pa; Edward Martin North
abington, Mass; Amtr'fw .'Nbdulaztig,
Fairfield, Conn; Lewis G. Renn Fred
crick. Md; Basil H. Rice, Natick, Mass;
Domick Rogers, Danville, Pa; JJames
J. Rooney, Maiden, Mass; William T.
Ropp, Middletown, Md; George L.
Rushforth. Mass; Oscar Lonsrd Sand
bridge, Kane. Ps; John E. Seifried.
Brooklyn. N. Y; Willy G. Sheets, Ed
elewild, N. C; Edward Smith, Burand
Mich; Mike Sushok, Alexander, Pa;
.lames B. Vartensniscn, Manchester,
Conn; Frank Vennrxio, Plymouth.
Mass; Charles Wardell, Ladd. HI; Ir
vin R. Webb, Norfolk, Mass; John F.
Whalen, Watertown Mass; George F.
Wicken Maiden, Mass.
Wounded, Degree Undetermined
Thomas J. Burgee, Wsynesboro,
Miss; Thomas S. Catetehi, San Fran
cisco, Cal; Arthur R. Hardy, Surrey,
N- D; Steve Lampas, Washington, D.
C; James Murtha, New York.
Missing In, Action
Corporal Leo F. Harvey, Philadelphia
Artie C. Bell Brookeland, Sabine Co
Texas; Johnr L. Berpoust, Nnties,
Mont; William F. Boethin, Phillips
burg, Ksns; A nee I Brown, Rdge Fsros
lit: t.iloert Burns Xihaaov fitv. Fa:
" two '', rf- Omaha. Xeb; Joan M.tteo Calletti. New York; Joseph
k Snn-j8- """ vi Tfcowaa J- Carroll. New Britsis, Cosn; Psrifis
so that they will sot be able te be
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Mrs George I.uuberk of Kansas Citv
is the guest of Dr. and Mrs M. C. Find
ley, North SOth street. She it
enlist sens altha k is nt,yt positive
is s sat deportment.
Mrs Asguat Ilurkesteis, st ber kosse
1173 Nrfk h street, entertained dur
ing a psrt ef the week br stats r-is Is w.
.IMM l.r Up. I IM.f iafW . M .1 .. . . MM IU V, L St , ' . . .
..... ' .- - - - - - - - ..j Mara tivn-Tima, mV r i ,
areount ef the illness of Mrs Fisdley s Mr. J. K. Bcid. Mrs Hsckesteis wss
u-jtaer. Mis Usir.
j Clarence A Baxter. Pittsburgh, Pa;
I - - -. .-., v i m ti ' 1 1,. .men
L. N. Myers, baritone, will sin
solos at the birst Baptist rknrck
day. Ia the morning the offertory will " Dillendik. Highpark, Mass; Willism
be. "The Plsin, of Pesee," Barnard,' lasftionea ss attrsexae! F. llayes. New Leades. Conn; Edwsrrl
and in the evening, "Lend Me sll the'b ics was dceorsled with bright; JJukes, Rochester. Ps; WUIiam W.
Way," by Brigs. 'colored flowers and flags and placed itiKeeler Clearfield, Pa; Witlism a Low-
- - j'- ;n i mt 01 ine giri sier, irwisourg. t"s; Alvs r. McUimsey.
Miss Eva Scott, 1090 Leslie street-! peirests. From the csndy, psp-eors snd Boos ville, Cnlif; Willara E. Myers,
wss hsstess to the members of the J.1'""" wn,ra neT solU there they made Uryndg.. Ky; Esrl K. Smith, Punxss-
O. elnb Wednesday evening wbenlr,ve aoiinrs lor tae sted tress. tswney. Is; Edward Tmppe, Elizabeth
thev enievsd s iollv time. The evvniad J-
- - . - I i .. 1 !, . A
ws happily spent with knitting snd I -1 mrnos ii ise
Ister rcfressBests were served. swscts street is enjoying s vacation
Tsose who were present were the M Marie Sehuldersssa at 8c
Misss H.lds snd PeUs Armslev, Father ew, Wsabiagtos.
and Delht Esglebsrt, Evelvs Deles, M. tteraoa snd daughters, Misses
owns ana 1 ru.icnce r at tenon, sre
guests sf Mrs. Edward Gray Patterson,
IVm Cbesnrketa street. They drove ever
the high wsy from The Dslle ssd were
accompanied by Miss Dorothy Patter
son, wise was retnrning basse after
spending tbe summer with them. Vpon
their return Mrs. E. G. Patterson will
join the party who will stotor to Ass
Alsss Lee per, Ursce Fngate sad Evs
Assong the vsrloas patriotic setirities
tbst bsve been prngressing this week
wss s very uaique owe carried en by
lhrt little girK Harriet Austin, Boa
had Van Winkle and Myrtle Page. The
Lieutenant Edwsrd R- Taylor, Betle
fonte, 1.
Previotulr Missing In Action, How B
tcni KUled la Actios
PrivnU Charles E. Keller, Mayers
vale. Vs.
tittM. sir Is are only tes vesr aid bat
thev Biassed snd surcsfulv saanied ''"" lk. Seattle snd Taessss. While
msmed this mmmtt and haa uses t-fas m sekesse Is raise mosey for the Bed ""H tBy be the guests ef W.;
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