Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 23, 1918, Page THREE, Image 3

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0 HELL With
Lieutenant Floyd Independ
ence Boy, Among Missing;
Stalnaker Is Wounded
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Independence, Aug. 23. Three mes
cages have been reieived here t his j not made, the supreme sacrifice.
told of making a pancake landing, but I
his speed was a trifle fast, his belt
broke and he landed about 30 feet from
his machine. He was unhurt but soak
ing wet. His machine had a split pro
peller, broken belt and smashed rudder.
Ho said he had been ordered to the;
aviation center to instruct new student,
with dual control-eondrons, French ,1,a"
chines. His mother received a cheerful
letter from him a few days ago in which
he said ho only had two students left
ad he thought he'd get to go to the
front, he hoped so. He added that he'd
have something good to tell her in his
next letter. He was very popular here
and has many friends who eagerly hope,
that later news may prove that he has
week of casualties among our boys on
the battle front in France. Mr. and AIis.
Floyd have been notified that their
Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. 8. Stalnaker
received a message that their bou, Har
ry, had been severely wounded in act
ion. He w as a member of Com inn v L.
Lieutenant Ealph W. Floyd, was which is composed mostly of Folk conn-
Will Be Camouflaged By Pro
testations of Loyalty To
United States.
missing in action. Lieutenant Floyd I ty boys. His parents have lived in North
was among the first Independence bovs ' Independence for '"any years ami his
to volunteer his services. He joined the I taihor hlind. His friends are hoping
aviation branch and went to San Lieguj,h-1' bo-v wi" re,ver and be sent home,
for training. Ho was at once recognis- Kc Imrd Gaines was notified today
ed ns Icing an expert in Ins line and ; tnn8 nephe w, Belden Owen, had been
was given a lieutenant commission bo-1 slilitly wounded. Tho lad fa an orphan
fore going overseas. In a letter publish-lnn1 has alwa' nia'e his home h"' with
ed in the Polk Count Pn.t n,n., hig uncle. He was a member of the
week nun. th v.i.iil,f,i u4r,,i !.! f i marines. He graduated from tiie Lulc
many thrilling "adventures, and much i P(,lul'uft high school two years ago and
war lore. He told about a forced Jand-iwa!1 vc ait'vo ln 811 ""l,"c sl,"rts-
5ng in a lake, that he was np 6000 feet
in the air when his gas gave out. Ke
iMuif.:i$fr J Safe
t frtzs-ryf Milk
IL---n Forlnfant.
f-wwv.it fan. rrH.-..I.1i
An Atlantic Port, Aug. 23. Her
bert C. Hoover, head of the I'nitcd
States food administration, arrived
here today aboard a British liner, on
Hlliill V. 'In l'.'lKl Kflti7lrM A I'lMllllt.UII V
1 i ------1 'V
ing him were lag secretary, Louis
Straus: Dr. Alexander Taylor and Aiox
t ander Smith.
i llonvir had nothing to say when he
landed but said a statement would be
issued from the offices of the Vuitod
Invalids ' s,a,,' gniin corporation.
Ns Cooking
Ballots for those who cannot fire
M. ..II...- .11 . II 11. .4 1... ll
A- .... . - , IMIIH-..1 uiu nil ini wen. mil it-i uu
NutnU0U3 Diet for All Ages. i,at firPr, tba"t they are all firing
Quick Lunch: Home or Office, at the Hun and not at those who arc
OTHERS arc IMITATIONS y ! firing bullets at him.
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Xew York. Aug. 23. That tlie riC'V
peace offensive "f Ocrniany will be
launched through Hungarian and Bul
garian ehunnels, was t lie opinion ex
pressed here today by Vojta Bones of
Chicago, buaretury of the Bohemian Na
tional Alliance of America.
"Hun leaders believe that the only
way left open to them after the Clcmcu
ceau disclosures, have destroyed the use
fulness of the AustroHungarian gov
ernment as a pcaee intermediary, is to
send out peace feelers through what will
be camouflaged as anti governmental
and auti-lierman parliamentary autiinri-
Children dry
County Rights
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your fuel bills.' Generate ordinary
kerosene oil to hydro carbon gas, as
it consumes it. Burn, fourteen ir
rent gas and eighty six pr cent air.
. ...
U'r JVrri
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&m mw
im i tt n It ' X' -'LJ
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Miiii n i ,Ti Mil
I ties in lluiignry and Itulgaria," he aid
"This should bo alftlm easier as lo-
litical corruption in both couiitries
wakes it customary for the. government
to utilize groups of the opponition u
disguised agencies.
"Also a peace mov directed from
Budapist and Hol'ia could lean for sup
port on the part of the friends in this
country of Hungary and Bulguriu, who
now dixglibe tlu-ir propaganda behind
protestations of unflinching loyalty tu
the L'nited Mates. "
! Concerning the activities of Mugya;
'propagandists, Bei.es expressed the opi
ion that the recognition of the (..echo
riloeak nation by lin-at Britain and oth
er ailies will compel them to change
their tactics. Instead of attacking the
Cze-ho Hlovak elaiins in their eutiri ly,
Hungarian agents he said, will now tiltodnv,
t0 stir tip distention between f zecbst "n tti
Rerce Air fighting Is Feature
Of Raid On Factories At
lilwuy sidings at !o!en at about 7:i0, little doubt that coiigrens will giv tha
. in, :md a hostile uirdn lit lliig-L ,r ,i, iiurlmeiit tt fn-e hand ill i-albeg
I into hi t w- 0 the lmv of IH and 1!) uniUr
the ti- w mini power loll. Convinced ti'at
tlu-e men am imperatively needed tu
in nil, with very good results. Ail
Ihrni loin hini-s returned safely."
(Continued from page one)
ii'tdineij in Knrope, a corns to her sub
jects and yighhors, piaguw spot
ami lireidcrs of war Her inasstn-res
iiitiH not luiiler any ptelen- lie con
'Umiti nor her iniquities revmrdi'd. l.et
Turky and Hularia share the fate of
their loUKttr Slid bo so treated that
,lhey will not bo ablo to again trouble
w-ers oI'M-rvrd. The railway junction nl ' (ju
rncves was also successfully attacai-ci.
statement said.
Sunday, It s BILL HART, in his Newest Picture "SHARK MONROr And Its a
Whale of a Picture. Fatty Arhuckle in "HE DID AND HE DIDNT. Also Pathe at
and Hlovak by approaching the f(niterr condition wer en-eptioiiully good
wit. promises to supJK'rt the plan of in Ui.d a Surge amount of work was ear-
dependent Bohemia state against Aui-Irjp, uuj ,y Clut nmitDn. Military oh
tria with ttie implication mat Hungary
should bo left alon,. to deal with "i as
firations of rilovak-Irredentists.
An articla publinlied hore was referred
to as indicative of tha Magyar s heme.
"The most intercut ing feature of this
artiele is tjiat it speak of Cierhs all
the time and does "t mention the Hlo
vaks," O. M. Milks, director of the
Czeeho Klovak press bureau said here
today. "Whether the omission was acci
dental or intentional, the inferenee i"
obvious. But w Cttf io Bloraks have
only a contemptuous smile for i minus
tions of this kirn).
"We may eonquer or we may parish,
hut whatever lapn, we shall stand
t get her in. tha struggle for world de
Children Cry
i nnri, mm ikies
lAUUls VUlLiniiJ i..:., ,iH. w..r j ,,e B,i,rtet i.osf.iblo
time, ci'iigri -is will ri f u to heed thii-.o
who iu-il Unit the young men be Kept
mi! of the fijjht until the last.
Ill the hoil'e, the vote oil this ipiCMioit
will be clime, Hi pri -sentativo Kiiho,
liil'liiig Bdl-oi'lltlt of tin! no ob'tiiclt' poli
cy, Kind tmlny lie lii-lleves (he im ml
ineiij di fi iring service of 1H un, ill yi ur
old, Bill bu ili-fratid. C li ii 1 1 in u n lt at,
of the military afufirs coiiiinitlee, whu
fntliiri-d the nmcndiiifiit, hopes it wilt
he adopt! d.
I'li-Bidi-iit WiNnn has bi en working
fiiictlv w ith houiit' .i u.l" is fuvonoK
peact, let it be known to all tho world !' by voting for it they will be fall
thai tins i what w mnii. iK ' back up thii men "over there"
"It is idle to talk about W want h' an; d' lending on emigre lo (iru-
-. 1. I. ... 11 ..I. ui.l.i Ik 1.1m...,.,. i f.. , ..
jective, gt Irankfurt and Cologne N,,w,y ,)f tm,m ,ia , rru.li tiie fiermu.i line,
heavily tta.ked. ery goo-l reM.ltS:,t tlM(ij n(il fce f anUlJ t() Wll(itcv,.r , , w,
W kr inI t;uuatf-tl in tin ruuii to nuptHir any mt,rinliiMM(t
mtr in trv tit arrftnL'ft a iovernrtii-nt limlim f limit ihd ..t th.-, asw
All our machines relumed safely," ti.;(llf ,,-. ti, -Herman Kople, iiow-ihh-. tlui senate would eiopower
imiist do that themselves and they will Hie president to gi't inori. men. If ths
Lindori, Aug. !. Hureesnful
ing or rive important iiernian luwm u worm.
Wednesday uitrlit and Thursday morn! .' ,'. '" f" ",..,,,M l-r . i .s. 1 condition.
iuir. whs renorted by the air ministry '" i give us a vn-tory worm
fl, pe l!' iifitcu aim
nisht of A'tgut 21-22, '
we Lu Ii slMitit a eoin-
a just and lijjhteous,'1"' HiiKiidmcn, i an effort to
" Kour hostile air'lroinc, were heavily .t piiy th, government that they ! ,i gw, it ciiference with the horn
bombed and many hangar hit. Ma. Inn !,(,.,, ,. ,csrr j.t as they now ! am,.(lu(.(lt in t, enat eonfi-ree. will
n Kijf u ! ou iin.iK".!., M'"-:nsve tne giiveriiioeni nicy preier, w nimo . ,,Jtructed never to ai'cepl It
searchlights and auti aircraft guns. One, pi,ri,,M, and ambition and barbarism , (.lre , gl.t xttl bill through with
of our machine, is ""t- Y share and austain. Our part and',,,,, (liy lttil u j,,,
"Oa th. morning of the 22n1 one f buW, to put Uermany in a post- j ( h(,ui, wj, y(jM (m th. V.rtt-are ti
our squadron, attacked the ehemical'tion wher. sh. can do no mor. harm , H &f , Hatuy. Kvery effort
factories at Mannheim. During heavy in th futurs to the rest of the world. .n i ,. i . .. ... , ... , u. .
fighting on the outward journey two f fr,Us we ch,.-v this wo shall have ! Jj ,0 ' vol. fli
our machine, were brought down. The j fought in vain." j h WM ?(,,i(.j mUh ,
remainder reached and iucees.f ully i j 't'enio nut ! I,M.U f l.
Umbed the objectives. Very fierce fight By L. O. Martin. ! ...arable outline of peace terms, but
l"g a(il!ri iiiuh ymrw, on ri'iurii jwuiiii-
si a remilt ot wLn-h more or our ma
chines are Biisiing. Three hostile ma
i-hinef were destroyed. Two of these
mere seen to eraih and one went down
in flames.
Washington, Aug 23. There now
boettn Lodge, is slated to become re
t. otihi-&A lidiier of the seniitf!. socceefl
ing the lato Henalor Oallinger. What
Athletic director are at work in ea'h.he ss.ii! today was aceented In the
of the 32 national army and Rational sertat,, as expressing that party's viewe
guftr, camp and at number of avai;otf rae terms thus placina the re-
Two o'her W ia lroR at'.ai ked t? ej training stations. I publicans on record " bitter eadrrs."