Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 22, 1918, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Coning Erects
Aug. 24. Nebraska A :
ti' n annual picnic t;e fair
Aug. 24. Registration of men
who have rearhrd the age of 21,
linte June 5. VMS.
Anjnst 23. Bi'ly Sunday t
armory 2 p- m. for fcalvation
j.t. 1 4. 1, W. Griffith 'a
Hearts of the World", Ore
gon theatre.
Oregon IStste Fair Kept. 23
2S. 4,
s 1
Another Reminder trfM!
We announce the arrival of a fine line of neV
Our eastern buyers have secured an exceptionally fine
line of these, and we have them priced so as
to satisfy all.
LADIES' COATS in the season's latest styles, materi
als and colors with a big stock to select from. You
will find them from $14.75 to $47.50
DRESSES in best silks and woolens $9,90 to $35.00
SUITS to suit at $22.50 to $35.00
SKIRTS in plain colors or plaids in best silk and wool
en materials $3.98 to $9.90
I All Around Town
"The funeral beautiful"..
dough Co.
Dr. Mendelsohn, th yi specialist,
will return Sept. 1st. tf
Th. auction sale of O. A. Boetticher
on thn Turner road yesterday was well
iteuilod and good price iuid. P. N.
.Woodry the auctioneer kept things
moving along at a lively pai-e and
gain proved his value to the Willam
ette farmer.
.-.We gU for cash Commencing July
1st w will conduct our business oa a
ht Hotly easlt basis, l'atton't Book
Store. tf.
w.."Tne bent" li all job can do when
Idcath eumei. Call Webb C'lough Co
1'lion 120. tf.
Editor Mi-Shane of Hubbard la now
dividing his time between his own home
town and Halent, he is now In
ehargn of the Hlmver I'rinling plant,
lie give two day a week to tho Ha-
1 the KAISER
S.V IVamit Buller loe
J.jO Palad Cooking Oil l.tS
Kks Barley rimir - , 7a
lit Outs Flour 7
fOe Coffea , ,'IOe
30c Mason Jar Caps , 24e
lt)e Mason Jar Robbers 3
Hull less than le lb.
It will pay you to trad t the
Oppoait Court Hutu
' on Uliia btreet
lent limit uud the remainder of his
time to lluhburd, ullhough it la uu
di'rstood he will eventually miiko Hu
lent hi home.
Dr. Bchenk'a offlcea will be closd
from Aug. 3rd to Hopt. 8, 11118. 0 3
Tha Vorkshlra Iuiuranco Co. It an
old English company, established away
buck iu 1S-4 and now has over fl'i,
OOD.OIK) In asset. 11. A. Johnson,
agont, 93
Tha nnxlntum tomperaturo at Okla
liiinia Cily and Abelino, Toihs yester
iliiy km 102 hihI at Nome Alaska, III). It
wn a happy mediuui lu Hit I cm with a
maximum of 7 'J and a minimum of .17.
Nome had a niiuimu of M.
Modern Woodmen attention I Regit
I it r mcctiutr this Thursilny evuiiug
Klectlon of clerk. 1'. J. Kuuta, acting
clcik. 8 Ti
Dr. Bchenk'a offlo will It e.wd
from Aug 3rd to Hept, S, 11I8. 9 3
What he claiuia as his greatest trt
umph is I). W. (Iriffilli's lotcst film
entitled 'il'eart of the World", n
romance of tho great war, to be ohown
at the Oregon theatre four days be
ginning HiMiday, September 1 This
lilm has been ehoning at the lleilig
I Inn I in in l'o 1 1 In ii il fur Hie past three
weeks with crowded houses each even
lug at $1 a seat on the lower floor.
Siilcin is one of the first citie in the
northwest where the famous film will
bo shown.
Will trade for unincumbered city
property, my -000 equity in improved
5 acre siibuiliiiii home, 1 acre, variety
fruit ami berries. Hightly location. If.
A. Johnson, owner, phone 347. 9 3
We have a modem bungalow for sale
or trade. Phone 313 or (i. V. KUis
M. H., or Alty K. H. White. tt 28
The brick work on the big pavilion
At tho t.liite fair grounds was complet
ed yesterday and today the carpenters
are on the job. (loorge Johnson who
was one of thn lirickmttsous on the pa
vilion 'eft today for Montana.
Lost black plush cap between Che-
mekita Ht. uud Hilverton rond. Heturn
to Midget Mi;rkct, Kcwnrd. t '
Dr. O. L. Scott, D. C. chiropractor,
offices closed ull Our Haturdav, Aug.
24. " 8 23
The (Superintendent of the Red Croea
auxiliary of the First Mulhodist church
is anxious that all women of the aux
iliary lioulil go to the surgical dress
ing rooms at the posloffice Friday and
assist iu tho making of sphagnum
first aid bug for hospital use in
France, tin account of the lint, it is
asked that only wshablo dresses be
worn with nny kind of an apron, the
longer tho belter. The regular meeting
of the l'nl Melhoilint lied Cross aux
iliary will not be held tomorrow and
as there is great need of workers at
the surgical dressing department, it is
thought by 1lie superintendent that the
members will b glad to give their
time Friday to the making of sphag
num moss pads.
A ntca drive to th. dance at Lake
brook hop yard tonight. Fight miles
north of Nnlcm.
t "
t We Now Have
Fancy Early
Per Box
Pears for Canning
Fancy Bartletts, $1.25
For Seasonable Fruit See
Ihe Court Street Grocer
Mrs. Ida Duvia of West Stayton it
visiting at the home of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Latham on South
Winter street.
Krnest ('. Ki-hanls, e-retury of edu
cation of Willamette l'iiiver.ity left
yesterday for Wenatrhee to deliver an
address. Hi will later visit Yakima in
the interetts of the diivi-rsity.
Niel G. Duncan, secretary of the
Marhficld Chamber of Coniuierce was
in the city yesterday, lie sa.VB things
are booming down on the count.
I). II. Vo.-litr the tailor is spending
his vacation assisting in the wheat har
vest on his much uar Oregon City.
Cha. II. lick now of 1'ortland was
in the city thi morning.
) A. B. I'age left this morning over
the Oregon Klectrie for Bow Jslund,
Alberta, Canada.
I Misi A. U. (iearhart left this morn
j ing for a short vacation at Seaside. .
Miss M'linie Buird left over the Oro
Igon Klectrie this morning for Kelso,
Tonight, first big dance of the season,
I.aki brook hop yard. Kiglit miles north.
Chicken a la Maryland at tha res
taurants is now climbing into the ter
rapin clus, according to the bill of
fare. A hulf chicken served a la Mary
land will set one back Ull cents and if
a whole chicken is ordered the figure
is $1.73.
Mrs. Chaa. Roblln and two children
have arrived in the city uud will make
their home at the Koblin place. 737
Center strict- Mr. Roblin has rucently
been called from Taconm for army ser
vice in the east and while he is away
Mrs. Itoliliu decided to make Suleni her
home. With her two children she drove
in her car from Tncoma.
o -
Walt 8. Low, city street commission
er, is home from two weeks spent at
the llreitciiliush. He sins that ut the
Murk Hkiff springs, 11 people were
camping and all having a fine time
with tho excellent fishing and huckle
berries to be found on tho top of
Hipiaw . iintaiii.
Men stenographers who have had le
gal training aro wanted by tho local
exemption board, (limited service men
or special military service men will
bo accepted and w ill be assigned to the
departments of either the j'!go advo
cate general or the provost marshal
general. Those who feel qualified
should apply to tho local exemption
board at once.
There is a possibility that Calico
dresses will liccomo quite the thing
next spring since the federal, adminis
tration ha taken over all tho woolen
goods iu the country, it is pretty well
understood that the biggest drygoods
wholesale houses in the country have no
woolen goods to offer for next year
and that no wwl can be hnd for the
manufacture of iwoolens. There Jjiny
be a few left over or hoarded by spec
ulators but to the world in general it
looks very much like a cotton season
for dross goods next spring.
In addition to selling tractors of sev
ernl kinds including the now famous
Fordmii, Vick Bros., through the VhI
lev Motor compttiiy has 'taken the
agency for the Beciniiii garden tractor,
used an a cultivator by truck garden
ers. It will do away with hand cultiva
tion or that of the one horse style. As
a general farm proposition it will cul
tivate any crop now cultivated by a
Phones 256 and 257
, '
As-sn'ilsu 1
hand wheel or one-horse cultivator. The
Beeman garden tractor is the little bro
ther of tho big farm tractor. With it,
all that is necessary wsMl be to just
walk behind to guide and let the trac
tor do tho work.
Bids are wanted at Uia postoffice
fni men who feel competent to han
dle all the mail received and delivered
in the city by the iiutUorn I'acific
railroad. A bid for this service was
handed in some time ago but was not
satisfactory to the Washington offi
cials. Hence the call for another bid.
The job is one that begins ut 2;.'!0
o'clock in tha morning and continues
until 10 oVliK-k at night. At twelve
time in ths -t hours must mail be
carried from the postoffice to the
i Southern I'acific depot and the job is
j good for seven days in tho week und
j steady for 3lio ila.vs in tho year. And
there' is no such thing as failure to be
ion time as the I". S. mail must be sent
.out regardless of what else may hap
Recruiting for a company of lnfan
try for the Oregon National Hoard is
'now actively on, with a station estao
jlished nt 414 State street in the store
building formerly occupied by the Ited
I'rosa pharmacy. It i the inUntion
to' organize the" first coniny hero by
Sept. 1. Lieut. A.T. Wuolpert who is
'senior officer in Oregon outside of
j 1'ortland for the Oregon Guard, has
;been appointed officer in charge fo
the recruiting of the infantry company
of the Oregon National liuard.
I Tha family of W. Al Jonea aw glad
' to announce there has been a decided
' : . ..... 1m Vim ,-in.lil inn the im-d
P IHtJ'IVl Vim HI " ...a ........ ,
r day or two. He has so far convalesced
that he s now able to ran in nirniorrs
of the family and take an interest in
, .affairs.
Justic Gorg H. Burnett presented
chevrons to Company K. Oregon Ouard
aad in appreciation of his thoughtful
net last evening, the company gave
him a vote of thanks. At the meeting
last evening Lerny Hewlett was tn
auimously elected second lieutenant.
The officer of the company no ware.
I A. K. Wkisun, captain; r rea x. juangis.
(first lieutenant; and Leroy llewletj,
i second licutraant.
Ttt chairman of all Liberty Loan)
Icommitteci ia Marion county will meet i
jat the Salem Commercial club Saturday j
'Aug. 31. to discusa the coming tXmrthi
I liberty loan campaign, to begin Sept.
iS- As the quota for this fourth hnu'.
.ill be about diHtble that ef the Third j
(Liberty on. it was thought best t!
; hold several conference before the ac i
tual work of tonrawng began.
Tha U. 8. Labor Bttreaa. en Stat j
etrwt h.is plenty of work for the,
man K eaa take a short time jb. The J
" -V I
Display of
Fall - Winter
They're here in endless variety
the advance styles of every con
ceivable model and this is our in
itial showing. A store full of- au
tumn's smartest millinery bought
direct from the producers which
accounts for, our low prices.
Chadren's Hals 98c to $3.45
ladies' Hats $1.49 to $6.50
Own Work Rooms
Remember we have our own work
rooms where vou can have vour hat
trimmed to suit vour individual fancy
Our Prices Always the Lowest
Court & Com'l Sts., Salem, Ore.
canneries, are now calling for help as
they aro approaching the biggest peur
canning coason evi'r ikrrown in this
valley. Then there is tho call for the
picking of evergreen blackberries and
on top of all of this thoro is the big
gest greon prune picking season ever
known to Po'k and Marion counties. j
The little old shabby raincoat comes
iu rather handy these days. I
It is never too late to buy War Sav
ings Stamps.
Hopmere, Oregon.
Buy Grain And Hay $
backs for Solo at Warehouse.
Jt niny be to your Advantage to
get our Price
And All Kind of 2nd Hand
41 -rfOOds,
roll Market Price Special
Prlcea paid for Back.
OH cur prices beor yoa tell, j
271 H. Com'l St Phone 7J4
Used Furniture Wanted
Highest Cash Price Paid for
taed Furniture
c ii. snrr BOH
rhoaa 041 ar SOS
Tee Commercial Cider
. "Phone 2m
Salem, Ore.
Manufcocturers of cider
to drink. Bring in your
, ripe apples
--- -'C
t; wip" gi J
Your Junk and give you
a 6quare business deal
I always pay the highest
cash prices.
I buy all kinds of used
goods, 2nd hand furni
ture, rubber and junk.
Get my prices before
you sell.
The Square Deal House
271 Cheraeketa Street
Phone 398
Chilblains and All Diseases of tLe
Feet Cured
Derma thologi st
Foot Specialist
Corn. Bnniona, IngTowing Toe Naili
EemoTtd without Blood or Pais or
Causing Soreness or Other In
convenience Special Attention to Antiseptics There.
ty PTOTenting Infection.
Appointments by Phone
Phone 416
Lady Attendant
518 TJ. S Nat. Bank Bldg. Salem, O.
AAavaav A A A A aAa aAAAAA
t ear of
Yick So Toe?
Chiaese Medicine aid Tee, Ce.
Has Bsediciae which will care
y kaowa diieaee,
Cpti guadnji from 10 , a.
ubl 8 p. H.
153 South High St.
Falesa, Orefom. Phoo KM