Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 22, 1918, Page SIX, Image 6

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........ li I , t iiiiii.tiif
tif AMTM
wunoi 6 moh bwib ru
The new sbes arming
Women's new -hade brown, plain, all
kid, newest heel, blind eyelets $9.50
Women's new taupe shade kid vamp,
cloth top, Loim heel $3.50
Women's steel grey kid vamp, cloth
top, new mode last, extra good
value JfiSO
416 State St.
Salem, Ore.
A 4
Of tha Btstt of Oregon for Mirton
A. K. M.vk, plaiKtiff va. Willintn T
UstliK'k, d'lfetiilitn, Suinmons:
T0 Wilbiwn T. M:itlock, the bov j
WAaiod d"fondanrt: i
la tii nam f the stiite of Orogon;
Sou ar ritpilr!! aui sumuioni'd to p
Jxar aud auswur '.to ronipliiuit fUt'd
gslnst you lit the- ftliovs entitled a't
I" hi on or before mt weeks from the
data of the f i r it publication of tint
summons, and if you fall to answer
wUhin suid U u.-'.'l'. r want thereof the
plaintiff will tah judjfitietit ngttlmt
you for the tm of -H.ia aud in'craft
theN-on at t'ae rate of 10 per cent pr
a mi urn from My S, 11117, and for th
further unit of ti'i.W) aMorney fees
and fur p'.uiitfl"s col and disburse
ments herein expended.
This summons acrved on you by
publication in 4lm Capital Journal pur
itsnt to ait urdjr (Jiendor dutv made
and riitrd la tli above entitled act
ion by th Hon. 1'erey H. Kelly, jU'lgc
f the uhov etititlej court, on tts
lh day of July, IHIH, Tho order pro
vides that tin eMtiwnoim shnll be pub
lidhed ou eah week for sis wweks.
and the dutrt of thi firnt publlcH'Jil
is July 11, 1 Ml
The addresa of pint u tiff 'a nttrney
is K. K. M-k, !!i Brown llldg , K'J
Kone, Oregoi.
8 22 AU.iruey for t'lttmt.ff.
Notu e is hereby gln thnt the un
ilrrsigucd Las bcu ajipuiuted aJmiius at
(nutor of th et itt' of I'hillip t'arier.
deceased. All persons having v ! u tt. j
gainst n.id estatt sn hereby notified
t n pn'wiit Jinn', propcrlt vciifu-d in
flic manlier provided by law, at t'le- of '
fire of liiiuld f. Miles. adiulii!t'
i r ror tun e::e in ine city or ?a
Jem, Marion county. Oregon, within s'l
months from tlu data of the first ps'i j
Jo'ntion of this notice. i
The firs! publication of this notv it I
made this 5ih day of Jn'v, lull j
8 22 Adiuinlstrawr, 1). 8. Hank blda. '
Kotlce is h 'rebv given that (,he f na'
vcount of lM'Itma Itiirr as dniiunfr
tru of tha of Theron . Ititrr
iiivease-l, has been filed in the county
court tf .Virion county, state of Or j ,f Commerce building, Salem, Oregon
gun, that th Silth day of August, 1 say t U i tt mouths from the date of
JIUS, at the h ur of )il o'clock a m I tins to'ti.e
Jis beea duly a;.-oitit,s by tu.-B court Inte l and first published this iOnd
for the hearing of uhiivtion to auchidsy of Angmt,
Jinal aiwmuit aal the settlement thr I ' ,,v K Sill F.I Ds
of, at whica tim any person interest Administiatur of the estate "of
en in aucn wire may appear ana rn
iHi-iviions tliv'tj in writing and
t5l lha M'ii.
IH'I t nv X I11MIO
Attortiini fir esfate.
-v "
,.a p,uMa io. isngM.. m. ,.
m, iit"it-it-w, mi vi'(ii-ir,
Of tb S:.t of Oregon for Marios
A. K. M I-aiUff . WiUiam,4 entered in the fttwv entitled act-1
T. Matlu-k and Lml.wa A. U:iw-U ;,. I.v tha Hon. Vrrr B K..t V. i,nt.. ;
orienuania, m-i,
To WiltiMB T Matlock, tha tvt
nawiiad dtfnd3:
la tre nam w ti !! or ure-f n;
You r Wjuired and iiwimonea tu . ap-
t .a-.w -iiiii.i. -
svtul tou atinl li.teioa A, atauevt
in the alv euttileJ a-tioa i ot U
or ai wek from tJ dtUe f th
f irxt TtuoruatUoa ot thia siMuinou. aad
if jm tail to mm trithla MiJ time,
.11 i ii'ii r ii i i ill I I D I' !
Advance Model for those who intend getting si full
Season's Service From Their Footwear
You will find complete stock? here, newest styles,,
good sen ice, best quality and perfect comfortable
lasts stocks that were purchased before whole
sale prices reached their present height, and that
we offer at lower prices than we think will be in
force for a year or perhaps more.
almost daily were contracted for
are unusually beneficial to you.
Women's all kid new brown military
heel, 8 1-2 inch top JgjJQ
Women's cloth top, grey, full mili
tary heel, 8 1-2 inch top $JQ
Bolshevik. Declares
War On Uniled States
Wellington, Aug. L'L'. - Ti i
i(l bol.lieviki governmeiit, Inning
d. eland n htnte of war to cxi-t
)( between the I'nitcJ Httc ami
V KiiKiiu, Vice Coimul Inilnic, at
I'c'rrigrud, lowered the Ameiicail
K I'lii on tiie coiiHiiltiic uud Imiiii 'I
tlie aiehives over to tli Norwe
ft gian represeiitntive, nccording to
( M'ute depiirl oieiil culili-grnniH Jut
ed A 1 1 u 1 1 h t
I This l the first specific tcf
.ceiice to " t atf of Wlir" exist
ing bcttvoen the Ciute, Hlntes
und the boUlun lki, the previous
report affecting Hie "allies"
mi I the boKhcvihi,
Wadiinglon, Aug. 22. A new
reflection pparenlly, of the re
cent Miinie drive chiiic todiiy in
Hie wnr ib' nrtuicut ' it u n imiiii -iiieiit
of the return of :t:i:i sick
iuss) wounded Holdiers to the
l ulled Sltitos 'or the week eu.l
lug August HI, , ng.iliist Mil
the previous week. 'I'hev have
been sent to reconstruction ho
Loudon. Aug. A iniiil of
'1'1-1,'HI tons of neiiliMl uud 1
lied s.hippiug un nunk during
July, nccurdiiig to an nnnininec
tuent by the adiuiialty- Of this
Itriti-li loininuft totalled i;n.l7!i.
t :
t'oonuire.l with building, thi.i
i h net ions ior the iiionth
of r.'...ll tons,
inoiithlv averaire
ns against a
of IMI.IIIMI fur
half year.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, by an order of the county
court of .Mariiiu county, state of tire
g in. duly made and entcrc I on the
If'th day of August. IIHv was dulv I
appointed administrator of the es'ale
of Mary 1 llensel. and that he has duly
jii;alified as such. All permits having
j -Uinn against snid estate are hereby
notified to present the same, duly ver
ified ns reottired bv law. In Hi.. in..t,.r
aimed at Ins office 4.i:i s..!..... n..,.i.
M - trv llensel dis eased U IK i
a nut thereof the pUuntiff will
tuU j Igmeut against you for th sum , ' " 1
of tl JI.ic" d a per cent per annum I ,h,v" """r,;',,,
1 invrt theron from U-toher 1J, lU!.Vir,"k a K"'"' "
i'ii s nr cent pi-ranaoir. interest on
..t.Md fr-nu Jill,,! j, 9iX until tn-to
ber IS. It5, and for thirtv dollars a! )'1" near t arson. Wash,
torney fe.vs aad for plaintiffs costs? Mis. J. I.. Nendel is here from east
an I disbursementa fcsrein xrendi,l !''ru ''' 'u. visiting at Win. Noudel's.
m PMiMtnoaa la aerved on tuu bv
P '.bli.atioB in h Csmtal Journal pur- (
sicm to an osImp ti.e-'..,. ..,tv Im !
of tt,e aiwv)1 entitle.! curt, on the
,v ,rf jv, ni. The order pro
h!s ihat the amumona shall Ve pub
(Miej ott,. each wck for six wes-ks.
htki e date f the first publication
w, ii, utj,
n. Ulrm of .alKttff a attoreey
ta A, K. Mvk, SOS Mroaa p.Ug . tu
gene, OreMB.
A. K, 5f Kv'K,
Attorney fof I niatiff.
i-irp in i Tina
vs. --
some time ao so prices
Women's all kid, dark grey, military
heel, 8 1-2 inch top JftJO
Industry Of Much Importance!"' '
Lm ui mount nngei is
I.' I III Hfl 1 IV I
l( npi'al Jioitnul Special Hclvi.c.)
Wlaytou, Aug. L'l:,--tin u tract of land
owned by the Itenedictino fathers, lo Agent l.okke and family will occupy the j
teiiieil sootlieiut o Mt i...,..i ii iJUickli rcsi.b e ami lust back of the
I. posit of rock called lufu. lls tat
rock is o soft thai it cull be cut Willi a
I. ii it',, when taken from the ground, but
on bcn.(f exposed to the air, becomes
I hard as limestone Several months ago
' A. W. (iould of Henll'e, beclllo, ..ire
A of the locntioii of this ruck uud seeing
ithe possibilities of. its Use, organize,! a
coiiipimv known as the National Five
I'roof Lumber Co. to place it on the
market. As tie rock is located buck in
the iitmuitnins several miles from u wag
on I mid, it became ticcessiuy to get a
road into the quarries. The county court
as culled upon to help, nnd an exci I
; lent road lias been built to the place. To
I properly cehbnile tl.e coinplet ion of
jthe rond, and to give thos.. Interested
jau I'pportunlty to see the rock und its
location, a numbc. of oomi. wni lno-ml
- i n w
thcr, Tuesday, there being none tliuii n
hundred in the luirtv. luuelv from Ml
I Angel, An excellent dinner was ertsi
ufti i which short speeches were made bv
: Hev. Fr. l'lacidus, nbbot of Mt. Angel,
!Kev. Fr. lireg.uv of dorfland, dudge
I if .... it,..i,v i-;
j Hunt and others. Two very Interesting
; poems were given by M.S. (iould, wife
'of tie manager of the company. K.el
; lent music as furnished by the Mt. An
g.'l batrd, and a Hag was raised. TI.
j new lead winds up the Almpia . isr
: pies, uting soon veiy beituliful Sienery,
, Au Interesting feature of the visit to
j this place was a view of an old s'oiie
Choi,-;, that four of the IViieilietine
father, erected on the top of the inoiin
itiliti ou the side of which the ipiauies
I are located. Twenty eight veins ago
four li. uedictiiics homcstended four ipiar
ter sections of laud, and where them see
tioin cornered, built this building, Pur
' ing the time of proving up, each re
I si. led in his particular comer of the
building, living on his own laud
building is about lMx:Ul feet, and is built
from the tufa rock, cut by hand, and
carried about half a mile up the moon
tain from the ipuirries by hand. This
old hmlling, which is iu an excellent
state of preservation, demonstrates the
lasting qualities of the stone from which
it is built. Among those who had the
picas, ,re of being present from Stayton,
a mis iiiteiesiing event were Mr. and
Mr. I.. S. Lambert and Mr, and Mrs.
K. D Alexander. Mr. Lambert was es
pecial!,. Interested in attending th-i
the fact that he was one ot party
;i s.uv.-ve.t the new rond in to the
purr es, Mr, licr.U, the lit.l.iagi r of tl.e
s a live busieess man and if Bp
d iu this tufa
profit en their
inv est meut
, P. Kirsct, and wife ae t St. Mr
"" - i''-oc or nmsiimn ia a
th of her daughter, Mrs,
V. A. G--od.
Mt. 1-jr r l,H-d and aon "iValter. of
Portlsnd are vlsttiu-r her lvrents. Jsts
U-ffK-r and wife.
There are men in Portland todar who
tittl- l.Ln .,.l..rj frum ............ .V.
had commanded tro..p in the war of
u,; And these eld men in
Maud are hobnobbing with bovs who will
k, as.co,'..ie,l In their aationat ta-j
canumcut in 1S.J. Ami nil Iks. .!,... I
,,,, in !.ree lives, Jjingevitv Is aa tnt.r
Jc.tieg vontemplation it it uotf
Eighteen la AL-Fart Go To
Camp Lewis Cihers To
Fort McDowell
('dl'ial Journa' M-fi-ial Nervire.'i
l.ailas. Or., Aug. --The Polk o.i -
local board having received wordB .,..., ' . ... t
from Hie -War department for a number
of men tj fill vacancies in past draft
n out word lt week to eighteen
men to appear in Italian on August 22,
in readineMi to depart for Camp Lewis
ami tort llei'owei;. Those railed to be
aent to Camp Lewis are: Kasper E.
Kcigtr, Clarence ('. Kinser, John D.
Ldiger, Jumea W. Md'tall, Victor Olson.
Jesse A!. Peebles, Eddie Van Satten,
ohuui M. Keller, Jr., Harvey C. Brown,
i.uy iliinnieiitt, Virgil lirock, Clyde E.
Tillery, Delebert Kpr;ngteen, Leo t!or
don and Herman I. Van Wall. The fol
lowing will be sent to Kurt McDowell:
Albin X. IWknii:, Hani -I Freeman and
Floyd M. Harris. The Dallas Home
guard band will escort the drafted nien
from the court hou-c to the demt where
a far. will will lie given them by loral
Clasa in Clothing Conservation.
I'nder the directum of Miss IMna
Mill, home driiioii-ti ation airent for
county j, class in the conservation
of clothing has her,, formed p,.- meet-1
mgs are being hel, (.m h Mondav nights
in Miss Mill's office en Mill street. The!
class is not verv larire at imw r.ut a '
n. ii.., i .ii'l
kiiou-ii the t,,,.i.,l...r.i,;.. ,.v.!L...u.i .',
grow by leap, and bound,. At the meet -
i i ;..i,4 .:....
remodeling of wool- n garments was ta -
ken up and the altering of patterns wa
ok,, '....ii.il,. i :.. i . .
, ; "" '"" "" -
- " " i.i in' miiik utv iiiriu
eight tu ten o'clock.
Pallas O. A.
T!ir uienibcr-
R Attends Reunion.
or i .- Line, t-ost u.
A. H. of this city r,. in IVrtland this
U'OOL tilt. Ii.linnr ......i;.... ..f lL.1
""""""s ' i nun ur-.iich Us are coutaim'd in the report of
tf.unatM.n. Tin- JN.si h ft Ihtltu M ki I the committee on m'hool ci.Mlit for pri
,;ty in-. niiii.r nn.l will aMinl tin-nesMnns! vate ntusir tuJv. a adopted lr the
, a i"t. r i ii i 11 ( tpi v.llif.u I 1111 IlluK
!li:i-. in lit.. In.r i.t.i .J.. T, ..,!...- Tl.n!
lnh'& auxiliai'
conipiiiiied the I'ost
II plirticipute iu the bit events
reck. TI.- headquarter, of the
I'ost urc at the Perkins hod
. -V
, Dallas Exprass Office Moved.
The local office of tlie Wells Fjro
Kxpies.. coiupiiny ns moved the lust of.
the 'cok from th Williams block oil!
Ifour. street to the Kickll building lustitiike dinner iu Salem net Toes.l.iv on
opposite tlui depot on t hurci, street. !
oiuce. ii. orricc is more moinv ttian
the old Muai'ters and afford, n ' better :
place for the storage of express pack
Mr. and Mrs. J. Itart of Portland,
wer I'allas visitors Mondav night aad
Tnesdsiv with relatives.
('. It, Kutidhorg, manuger of the Dallas
Tel"plioiie eompaiiy was a t'npitiil 'ity
business visitor the first of the week,
Circuit Jii.ig,. Kerry II. Holt, O. I..
( rider. 1., D. lirowti nn,l K. K. I'iasecki
spent Sunday at the head of Mill fret k
on a hunting expedi! ion. They lctuiiu 1
without any guit'o.
Mr. nad Mrs. Floyd Sears of Portland
:ue the guests of relatives and frie,,-. in
Dallas this week.
F. II. Morrison returned the first of
llie week from ;) short business trip to
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy J'iuselh nnd baby
are visiting relatives this week. Mr
Fin set Ii is employed in the Portland
ills, li, r. I'atteison was a visitor at
the homo of her parent in Hillsboro the
first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs .1. R. Craven and Mr.
an 1 Mrs. F. J. Craven returned Mnuitar
fnoti au extended outing at tint Tilla
niook coiiiilv beaches.
- -a. t-n f .
is all ri$ht-
is better. ra
is an economy
drink absolutely
no waste. BcsioLvs
it is convenient,
sows fuel and
suan and leaves
nothing to be
desired in the
way of flavor .
isi- ij
j War Summary of United Press I
I iiiH!U!!;iiiu!u!iiiiauiiiiiiuiiiinii!iii!!;:!:iiiiiiiiiiiuiiiitnii!i:iiiiii!Hiii I
j 14S0ih Day of iBe Virar; 36lli Day of Ccaiier Cffensive
I'i. ardy-front The British opened a
iiib- t r i-k on a front cf fh or s i
miles between the Ancre and the S.jm-
mc, this morninz.
ine Oernian apparently have taken
the initiative on the ten mile front
.or,h of ,h,- A,.
r k L.ru i 1 .........
ter attacks. rcDnlse.' vester.l.r fr..r.
noon and last night were renewed this
morning. -
The front of vvaterdav's attack evi -
deafly ha. been partia.lv linked up
with that of today s cperation. by pa -
trol activities southeast of Beam ourt.
ueneral Humberts army, after tak-
ing l.a.iigny, has advanced on the
whole front between that town aud the
Oise and haa reached the Divette river
south and southwest of Xoyon.
The French are now reported within
a few hundred vards of -No von
Oise-Aisne front General Mangin's
men fought all through the night on
the front between the Oise and the
Superintendent Issues
Synopsis cf Course
A synopsis of the regular rmtr-e of1
studv for the public schools of the
state has been issued bv J. A. Church-1
sul,Prillteml,nt of ' blie in,tnK..
. . . ' . !
' ' U'Ve ,,U lUre f thf lamP I
","!iil,,K the full course the supplyj
'f ahic'i ha., become
rxhauafLMl. Mi.
jChun-hi'l pnnounces thut he is not re
I t0at?. ,h' sta,e
Itexf hook commission will meet in
!J'T -Vf" t0 'l0l" ,t Aelr rnv.w.l T
""j' ",'' ".' 'lASK tjOVemment 10
iim'ir . iu-v li'Hiurt oi Tne course or
Istudy is the i.rovision that
a pupil may;
j '"in i iit- in iiin-e i iriiu.1 lur
I graduation, iu either vocal or iustru
I mental music, where the instruction is
.earn from die to three
..1 . . B
given by a teacher not connected with
.ho .,.h,,i. ,.,.;.i...i ,k, .......i. ..
alll pul,i ' llu,et the' requirements for
! . 1
I ir.iitAii Kt.it.. T. V
llf I t I .
To Tour The Valley
Will Dine Here Tuesday
The Western Wiiliiitt usiu.niti.i.. tlil
its automobile trip of the Williitiic tto
valley. The a -isociat ion tor its aniiiiiil
meet has tdanned an auto trio ot in-i
sprciing waluiir groves beginning uextr uisn-ii
Mondav mormnu' in Porilnn.l u-ii I. it,.. ! iMigiiii cr. reports that a stUHibling
first visit at (ironei's grove in Wash
ingti u couiitv nnd. during the .lav stops
at Ncwbcg I.,,-.! Dundee will, the even
ing spent at McMinnvilie. Tucdav
nioriiing will I given to visits at F.ola
, , , .' , r i.
grove un, n short stop at Salem, lues-
t i i. .,,.! i m.v ...i.....
ilay ntti'rnoon the party will drive to
t lie Skyline orchard, thence to Jeft'ir
son and Albany spending the evenii g
at Eugene. The third day of tit tour
will ! given to inspecting orchards at
Corvallis, Independence, Monmouth and
Dallas. Those who B.yinteresto,i in wal
nuts are invited to join the party. The
West.'ru Walnut association is organized
to mpplv the d. iiinnd for information
rcbtivo to the. walnut industry in the
I'ucifie and western states.
I.us Angeles, Cal., Aug. 22.
The entire capacity of all Pa
cific coast woolen mills here
after will be used in turning
out blankets for the govern
ment, aei'orling to announce
ment made here by Lewis Pen
well, chief of the wool division,
war industries board. At the
siiiue time orders were issued
directing mills to discontinue
manufacture of all Navajo and
o: her fancy blankets.
I'nder the plan the mills will
turn out blankets for the army
and also for the emergency
fleet corporation and for the
sptu.-e production division.
Us Angeles, Cal-, Aug. 22. Police
Ivtivtive K. Ki.o was passing number
:i,'n) North Soto street, on his way to
report for dutv. cemg a man strug
gnng to move a piano irom me aouse
he gave assistanre and after the piano
was safely 111 a waiting truck accepted
When he
ire..l..,.l h...,l,.rter .
. ... ,. .
ron n 1 this assignment aaaitiug nun:
"Piano stolen from 30 North Soto
street. Caretaker auiected."
hicago, Aug. 22. Ihstrict Attorney
V. V. Clviie announced today that he
will ask Judge faults to fn an im
mediate date f r the trial of Victor
U IWrg r. socialist randidate for the
I'uitcd States senate from Wisconsin
at the last election, aad four others
indicted early this ear under the e
pbinage act. The four are Adolph
tiermer, national secretary of th St
eialists; J- Louis Kndahl. publisher;
Irwm St, John Tucker and William
r. Krose. head of "The Liberty De
fers Leigue. "
T ,.heaiV?r : .......... M T HELL Wilh I
I theKAlSER,:::;;;;:;:;:;:; the KAISER I
fmimmt nTTiiinTMii-iii 11
Aisne. captrring several impoant v;l
Sages and r. aching tie AiSe- ? -rw:
iwrta of St. Paul A us-Bo's. This rep
resents a total advanrv of B mile on
this frott.
Tht Frni new hold tiie
f the Oise a far east as
ift t,.L
I . :
. lan,er front Hntish troops have
made fur:her advances in to sectors,
t Ther have progressed east and no'rth-
' , . . . ,i . , .
vf " ' ' '
oi Neuf "m, and also rapture.!
' strong positions north cf Bailleul. Gor-
man atta.-ks northwest of Dranoutre
weie repulsed.
Alsace frnt A hostile a tack on au
Ameriran trench, following a heavy
bombardment was easily repulsed Tues
day night. The Germans continue to
shell Frapelle, recently captured by the
Americans. ,
Geneva. Aug. 2-. The Ber
lin correspondent of a Sfadrid
newspaper understands that
Germany refuses to accept the
Spanish ultimatum, regarding
requisition of interned German
tonnage equivalent to future
submarine sinkings, according
to information received here to
day. IT
Improve Road Over
Which Chrome Hauled
An effort is being made to get the
and the government to rush
through a post road project for the
improvement of 10 niiles of bad road
between I'rairie City and John Day.
in (irant county, over which chronic
ore is bciim hauled bv auto trucl.s.
Trucks are in w hauling S4 houis a
.day and tini.-ss the road i improved j
jit will liecome impassiible as soon as
I winter begins. I.. I. Uewes, govern
in e.nt higlnvay engincr in this dis
Itrict. has rccnnimende 1 to his chief
(that the government cooperate with the
istnte and rush the project to agree-
I . Another eastern Oiegon post road
: pro ji-et which is now beini considered
i is ,n' Hnker-Middle Uridge section ot
1 ho Hiiker-Cortmcopin highway. Man-
"lm k V' """ rroeeeiiings
' ,u,? f'1,iri '',,ure 8 "vorab.e
j'""'""'"' the postmaster at
u 1,u, "h- ,,h?
MUir. i v tnisil uu 'ruiiyu sminu
i by lotll) citizens who will be served by
' ,., , , ,lw ,,. .,,,,
to the governmeut.
State House Notes
Th,. board of child labor inspectors,
of which Mrs. Millie R. Trumbull of
Portland is secretary, has exhausted its
appropriation and Mrs. Trumbull has
written to Secretary of State Olcott
that she must look to the stnte emer-
genev board for the UhtO which the
board agreed to allow her when her
funds ran out. Mr, Olcott has suggested
that she delay a-kmg for a meeting of
the board for a few weeks, if lyissihte,
as by that time the board likely will
be called into session to consider other
requests. I
The Oregon Cedar company of iVrt
land fiicd articles of incorporation to
day. The company has a capital ftockj
of f' VH'1'. The incorporators are J. 0.1
Arnoid, L. R. Kdinundson and L. J.'
15a. ber. Victoria. H. C. Aug. 22. hip nias-
.Viticles wore filed a!o by the Liii-;t,' are turning in th.ir resignations
coin Coal Mining company of Portland.' giving 4"t hours' notice to companies
eamtal stock ."n,0rtii. The incorporators bating from midnight Tuesday. "riday
ire 1". 1. McBridc, Roscoe C. Jv'elson 'H eaptaina and mutes will have quit
and Pen C. Per. iwork and coasting yc-sels will be tied .
j up. The captains have wage and other
Coal screenings or sla -k. which are ; grievanet-s. Yesterday they wired the
now largely wasted, could be atiippfd ' poveruui.nt a request that the govern
to the Port Und market from the Coos ment take over all British Columbia
Pay districts and utilized during this steamers and operate them during the
time of coal and oil shortage if the 'peril i of the war
railroads woul allow a freight ra:e! 1
T. cents a ton eheaner than the rte RAIDERS TtTATrw Pirw
on iump (.ai aecording to a letter re-j
',...ived bv the public servi, e eommis-'
sillll friM11 , Portland coal dealer and
inun u uss ..- lornnrtieo ov me cool-
...:,... .. ., . , ,1
luiwmn iu ii. .. iiitisiiaiv. general
freight Blent irf the Southern Pacific. '
Aug. 22. Surround-
CotKOld. X. H..
ed by the battle torn fbas f another
li,v trie lo.tr or svna'or Jacob tl. (ial-
linger lav in state tn tha upttel res 1
ler.iay. me mnerai services ere held
ur..i. ti,. ...i.. i . .
S,-nator H.nry Cabot lxdge.
Tlse Journal Job Department
ill print you anything in the
ttationery hoe do it right aad
sav you real money.
May Be Taken As Hint At
What Will Be Done In
Country Generally.
Washington, Aug. 22. Industries de
clared to be non essential in the Dis
trict of Columbia which may be given
simitar designation elsewhere in tha
country, have Iren announced by the
community bureau o the I'nited Statea
employment service under direction of
lepartnient of labor.
The following industries were classi
fied as non-essential to war work:
Automobile industries accessories
Drivers of pleasure ears cleaning,
repairing and delivery of same.
Sight seeing ears.
Automobile trucks engaged in work
other than fuel or government work.
Teaming other than delivery of p.-o-lucts
for war work.
Bith and barber shop attendants.
Bowling alleys, billiard and pool
Bottlers aud bottle supplies.
Candy manufacturers, cigars and to
bacco. Cleaners and dyers.
Confectioners and delicatessen estab
Builders and contractors not eneacei
in the erection of structures for war
work. j
Dancing academies.
Mercantile stores. 1
Florists ' "1
Fruit stands
Junk dealers
Livery and sales staldes
Fawn brokers
Peanut venders and establishments.
Shoe shining shops.
Window cleaners
Kofi drink establishments.
Soda fountain supplies.
Veteran Marries
His Early Sweetheart
Portland, Or., Aug. 22 Two sweet
hearts cf long ngo were married here
today. One was a veteran of the civil
war and the other a lady of the ti. A. R.
H. J. Hall, Seattle, and Mrs. Shana
Hoover, a cousin of Herbert Hoover,
met during the G. A. R. encampment.
The meeting was the first in many
years. They quickly decided to guard
against future separations. Both are
aged seventy.
New- York, Aug. 22. Seven persons
are believed to have been drowned
when a gasoline launch, towi,; 15
camxs on Sheepshead Fay, lost its
I t'iw. experienced engine trouble and
then went adrift. The ho,U- M,.
ii.oaias .viucatl.ev
one , f the launch's
occupants, hvis been , washed ashore.
Her husband and Jolyi Rogan of the
Brooklyn fit i .on were in the boat with
Her and are among the missing. Oc
uipnnts of the tiiteen canoes were
1 rescued.
Washington, Avy;. 22. S'ee
retary liakrr favor the playing
of tiie world's series He "ti Id
the press this afternoon he
would be glad if this could bo
arranged and believed either
the local boards could grant an
extension of time to players on
the work or fight order or pos
sibly he himself would do i.
He .siigges'.ivl the army abroad
was gre-itly interested' in the
Paris. Ac. 22 n attempted air
raid on Prns this moruins was fnrs-
iraren or hrem-h n .n..
, " ' I""'"- " "'
cratt oartcnes.
it was officially
nouneed todar.
i The
Oeriuan plai'.s flew rver tha
j.mtikirts ot the city at a high altitude.
'iney were Tiolenttr barracd and
.French aeroplane rUced then.
ar.l. The alarm was sounded shortly
before 10 o'clock.
IWII I i I naJnJ - ..