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Orc;oa: Tjaiglit
and Friday fait; .
warmer Friday,
southwest portion
ji-Bt' westerly
(23,r :) 2EADEKS) DAILY
Only CiruLaUja io Salem Guar
antee! by tij Audit Bureau oi
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ilC SEIZES lilt S AS
ftlffl FIERCra T
Nojon Outflanked From East Where French Are Only Few
Hundred Yards Away. German Counter Attack North
west of Soissons Quickly Smashed-British Pushing Dog
gedly Ahead On Ten Mile Front- American Bombing
Planes Doing Good Work.
By Joan D9 Gandt -
'United Pr.'w Staff Correspondent.)
Paris, Auj. 22. (4 p. m.) The
French have crossed the Ailette river on '
a mile front between Champa and Guny
ud ura puling toward Coucy Le Cha-
te8,!J.' . .. , .,
(Coucy Le Chateau is eleven miles di-
rtctiy north of Soissons and two mile
east of Guny.)
Lu the Coucy La Chateau region a
Oei man division prepared to counter at-
tack, but a lightning like French attack
forced them to retreat. They fled in a
panic, throwing the division immediately
in the rear into confusion.
Noyon is rapidly being enveloped. It
is now outflanked from the east. French
troopc aro ready to cross the Oise canal
whicii they have reached between V-
resnes and Marlincourt (a mile and a
half southeast of Noyon.)
"The Divette river is entirely in the
bands of th French.
Mangin'i men are near Manicamp
(at the juncUon of tha Oiae an.t Ailette
rivors, seven miles east of Noyon.) ,?''1 fe,v eapttired by us
Northwest of Soissons, the Germans l".r -0l'er8,u,n .vMterdav.
attempted a counter attack on Juvig-L rTKrf,i ha? b7,
ny ridge (four mile, northwest of Soiil a,1(1 nrth . Mj-rnlle.
m), but were quickly repulsed. jir tr.T "T ". V'f ",9k' f ,A'U,1"
. . , Berquin. Last night we attacked and
ruti l T, ZTl7 hMVT tanks,tonei-'aptured hostile strong points north of
point in the French advance, spread tv-jiii,,,,!. A stro locR, lr.untllr 8ttHek
ror among the Germans. I delivered by the enemy yesterday morn
' in( aa;ainst Lcvrehof farm, northwest
British Hold It ,f Dranontre, was repulsed after sharp
Loudon, Aug. 2-2.(4:20 p. m.)-Achiet-j lighting. Further fighting took place
L3 Grand, the high water mark of the during thi night in this sector."
jinusB auvar.es norm or tne Ancre, nasi
changed hands several tunes but is now i
firmly held by the British, according to!
reports received here this afternoon. !
(I'.'fi'ed Press staff correspondent)
Take 3000 Prisoners j With the British Armies in France,
London, Aug. 22 The' British at-'Aug. 22. (11:15 a. in.) The attack
tacked on the whole front between theiou the high ground between Albert and
Ancre and the rWime at 4:4." this i Bray this morning was reported as
morning. Field Marshal Haig annotinc "K;i g 1" when this dispat' h was
'd today. fi'ed
The Herman, after fruitlessly conn-
tMr attaefcir.jr the positions wen by the
Armed and Manned By Sub
marines, t She Attacks
Fishing Fleet
A Canadian Atlantic Port, Aug. 22.
The Canadian steam trawler Triumph v
turned into a pirate man-o war by Ger
man sailor, from a I'-boat was' still
prowling the fishing banks near here
early today an t is believed, to har
lied a filth tiny ship to the list of
"macks she ta s. nt to the bottom. The
Pasadena was in sight when the traw
ler's gun sunk the Lucille tv-hnare and
nhe is believed ti have been sunk, al
though no definite word has hten re
teivid. Crews of fnr trawlers have reached
tbi prt with tales "f the captive fish
iug vessel's attacks on the fleet of little
tmats. The submarine 'a captain is said
to have tol I th.j crew of one of his vis
tim that te int"ad-d to destroy the
fi-biug f!-et tbat oj crates aluiig this
Fast citu yti'.t are Ojicrating about
the waters near here, hoping to pick up
ie rrew whi'h mar have beca tut
a.irift bv t!.e ; -nss.
Portia;.'!, Ot.. Aug. 22. Jame Lots-,
itJ "6, f.nreuer hea, of the repiibtican
;wr?y fa.ti.,a of this state which birt
.f.i.. is -i'a 1 at his home here. L-
tfiini wii-fr knew a duriaj hit
term a toil-ctof of enstoiaa.
(British iu yes'erday's attack north of
tne Ancre, again launched ncavy as
sault in that sector this morning.
Between 2000 aud 3000 prisoners
IL'om ..L-An in t h a f i I-.. ll
were ndo Vf v am
last aifM the wu-ra and northern
portion of the Flanders salient.
. At iM tllis mornin 0llr trwps at.
ta, ked the enemy's positions between
the Sjuuue and the Autre." the ante-
ment said. " Bv nightfall vesterdav
our patrols had 'made progress on the
left lank of the Ancre south and south
east of Heancourt. North of the Anci.
our positions gained yesterday Ttie
maintained against strong hostile conn-
ter attacks' delivered during the after-
noon and evening on the Miraumont
and Aehict-Le-tirande front,
"Hostile artillery has been very
avtive throughout the night on the
battle front and this morning fresh hos
tilf" counter attacks arc reported to
ttave developed opposite Miraumont
ami ,rle9-
' H"t'1'1'" -m ni1. J,m? prisoners
By Lowell Mellett
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uumtimiinn in irrT
nimDUnb to LIT I
Has S: Many Pomts Attack
ed He Cannot Arrange
Fcr An Offensive.
By J. W. T Mason,
(failed Press war exert.)
New Yurk. Aug. 22. .Marshal IVh'i
olows are now falling so fast and so
lefinitely at o many places along the
western front that Von Hindenburg is
'wing entangled in a network of li cal
;t ration. any one of which threatens
t bring about a major disa-ter to tb
German army.
Yesterday fleneral ft rag started
work on a salient in the direction of
P.apaume. Last night sixty mi'rs a-
s ay
the western side of ese salient
praetteally completed: today the
Bri'isa have begun a new wvJge-l:ke
drive m-rth of the Homme not far
from the tafanme. and all the while' Xj navy b-rtment today was aai
the French are conducting nar-ze op-ji(,u.!y awailiiig word front the pursuit
era-ions at the Ijis-igny anjle, mic-;i,,Jt 'n0 ietiniie information had been
way between the Kinime and the Ve!e ; an.i'iiiri-ed early today,
fr-jn's. ! m .'
At tut time ine the war bean '
mv l-val operations in tR' west l-en j
arr-ed on m eoatiauously and w ts ;
fh prsitent success as bow. j
Tie deeiopmeat of the western , 1
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Is With Marines and Was
Slightly Wounded- Likes
Paris but Oregon Best
Somewhere in France, Aug. 1, '13
Pear Colonel: Whenever I find a
typewriter and paper 1 am tempted to
write sinu:hiug and will pour into
your spacious ear the story of my wan
derings since 1 wrote, you last, which
was soon after we got out of the last
fight in which we assisted in stopping
the great Uerman advance. This time
we went oift after the Heinies and to
date the squareheads are still immi
giating toward Berlin. Some of the
boys got mussed up a bit, however, and
there were many Huns who missed roll
call aft-r the battle because the ma
riues got real rough with them in some
instances- At the start when we weut
over the top it reminded me of a grouse
hunt in the tall timber except
in the tall timber except that no
one shot in his turn and 1 had many
good shots spoiled by the boys rushing
ahead in a vain attempt to tickle one
with a bayonet. The Huns refused to
wait, however, aud the only ones we
got up close to were slated for the cor
oner except those who were unusually
prompt in reaching for the sky with
both hands and offering to be our
"kamerads.'' .
The Huns had their liues infested
with bullet machines w hich sowed the
fertile fields of Franco with lead and
we immediately went "back to the
land'' with a vengence, in fact 1 have
never been so closely identified with
the soil before or since. 1 nosed my
wav forward among those clods while
the" bullets clipped the tops off of those
short coats und if 1 could have thinned
ihwn to a shadow I would have shadow
ed the Huns fur the remainder of the
day. 1 threw away my pack which eon
tained my reserve ratiens so that I
would be even smaller and for one time
in my life J thanked the fates that 1
was not ft barrel chested si footer.
Also my brevity comes in handy when
I have to dig a temporary trench with
my bayonet or my tin hat.
The 'second day of the attack I go!
hiton the foot and the finger when
some Hun artilleryman got my address
and when our outfit was relieved the
next day I went to the hospital. One
goid night's sleep anil a pack of Hull
iMirhum cured me and when 1 read all
of the bonks in the library of the hos
Vital T hunted up a job. 1 am ni w the
hauffcur on-a second rate typewriter
In the headquarters office at the hos
pital where 1 will remain during my
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With Chase After Her Hot,
Crew Will Soon Return
To U-Boat
Washitigton, Aug. 22. That the tier
mans who are raiding the mirth Atlan
tic ci,at with the rap'urcd Canadian
trawler Triumph will soon leave the
vessel, blow- it lip and take refuge in
itlie C-I)caf which made the capture,
lis the belief of naval authorities here.
The pursuit of the trawler is under
way. but little hope exit that it
will be recovered itita-t.
The Germans, it is believed, know
there is I ttle ebane of their esaapiog
in the trawler, pursued by fast allicl
naval vessels. For that reason it it
believed the r-hat which eaotured the
. Triumph i remaiiiing near at hand to
j take off tho-e now operating the raider
when ti allied chase begins to lok
New York. Aug.
21. 1 nitcd S'atcs
' wnu "-'"
lvnds rea hi d
liiU mark ot lo2 on ths stork ci-'i;i.j trtui;li( a teiv !Hit-rolor-ei tablc
ag to lay. cb?h t May.
PI. I. Wt D..J A..U J ,
cue is UUl ivcduv iu yuii nmi
When She is WiB Make
Fact Known.
By Carl D. Groat.
(I'nited Press Staff Corespjnd.nl.)
Washington, jug. 22. Auiei uaa of
ficials today characterized as "bosh"
various underground,'' reiorts that
v-eru.any is nuua a wrm s-r ;
Th0 state department disposed of the
yaru with the statement that nothing.
o. .o.ai uas come nerc n-K.ru.nK i.rr.
In o her higher '"Y""1' J1' 11U1 '
propaganda of an old, familiar type. Its
purpose, officials said, was to cause
let dowu in American effort. The lo-
che would have t"is nation reiax uiuier;
the thought that recent victories .spell '
the end quickly aud that the Oermau is
ready to quit.
"That is no, the case, ' said
prominent official. "If iieruiany
ore j
oftinsive. But Oermauv, or rathei the:
i people who run her aren't ready to'" '"I1""' inc imyer company,
quit. If thy qui without a victouous
peace, it would mean tho Hoheusollern
bosses would be out of a job.
"And, as fur America and her allies,'
, , , , . . ... , '
wliv should we want to evcu listen to,
a pc'acetaik? Wc havtf thctu on the run
and victory is within sight. It wou'd
bo absurd. You can mark up this peaco,
chatter as,eniittn propaganda."
American Masonic leaders today spur
ned the idea thnt Masonry iu this coun
try will lend itself to what is believed
to be a peace propaganda move within
the ticrmnn Masonry,
A recent Masonic conference in Oer-
niaiiy was thought to Ue uacKeu ny tne
kaiser, who wanted American Masons to
G. A. R. Select Columbus;
Adams Is Commander
Portland, Ore., Aug. 22.
Claire B.. Adams, o.f Omaha.
Neb., was today elected commander-in-chief
of the 0 rami
Army of the' Republic.
J.' 0. Chambers, Portland,
was elected senior vice com
mander, and Charles H. Haber
of Hampton, Va-, junior vice
commander. Adams was elected by an
overwhelming vote over F. H.
llurd of Seattle. Adams drew
the middle western and eastern
vote and Hurd was given a com
plimentary wet.crn vote.
Dr. C. M. Fairin, F.sscx, Yt.,
was elected sergeant general,
l'hiiip A. N.irdell of Massadiu
setts was elected rhapluiu iu
('oUiiubus, Ohio has been
chosen as the meeting place for
the G. A. K. in 11!. ,
w Lois of Things
He Liked it Front
' I saw lots of things w I, i I nil
!the front but one thing 1 liked most ol
I all wis the way tit fiermnns were run
ining and the sped of our boys. It sure
was great, "
I It is this cheerful new that dri-or
i nl it F. Young write, his mother. Mm.
j Henry Voting of ruisl routo o. s-alem.
I He is with the Ii2d Infantry in France.
! He writ 's in sirt as follows:
I was up at the front the ether
I day and was gone a week altogether.
, I J-oiild hsve nicke l mi a lot of tier-
I man relies but did tint want to carry
I them out. I brought a flash light out
Rut back to our compuny yester
day and found tne ooys rrom nome an
getting along fine."
What' Uscn-.' th' l titwe mh
ler tiiat used t' ehew a piece o meat be-,
;t f.h-babvf Mr.. Lafc
l-c influenced by the Teuton orgaui
I "The tfue Free Masons of the I'm ted
I States do Uiit desire to aid in bringing
about ay kiuj of peace except i'U as
shall meet the full approval of the gov
ernment of the I'nited States," said
licorgtf, F. Moore, aoverign grand torn
mander of the supreme council, southern
jurisdiction, Scottish Rites Masons. He
added the Americans will not be propa
gandists. It may le said ther is a general ag-
,,,. mi(L ..teiet of ;
m d
A Wr M
, k , a,lH)lllllliN,lfs lhc
ambitious war power schedule nlready
lroJc , , ,
fff f f
UlllCerS Ot uCmian
Company Arrested.
Charge Conspiracy
New York, Aug. 22. Charging that
1 ....
concern recently seizeu oy tne enemy
uHen pvoperty custodian, to the benefit
f Ovrmmiv, federal officials here have
, . ' ... , ,,
arrested five officers of the Haver com
l'a.V huv wer in wparate jails
todav, placed there to make certain
there would be no" eoinniuiiicalion bet-
ween them
It is declared that the Bayer company
fearinur seizure bv the government, eon-
trived before seizure came to enter a
'contract with a Providence company,
I which it made it obligatory on the part
of the Buyer company to buy the entire
out put of the Providence firm, ensuring
it an enormous income. This money it
is charged, wn to be used to piirehai-e
land iu New Jersey through which it
was hoped to ru-es!ablish Germany's
drug and chemical business nt the (ltd
of the war.
Company was Violating
All Rules of Board
Washington, Aug. 22. Recommen
rlation that the individual contract sy.
tern be abolished was made today by
I tk. I..1 I 1 A 1.
nir war moor ooiimi innci in I uv 1-011
troversy between the Umitli Wesson
company and its employes at Spring
field, Mnss. The board
ordered that
of union af
men discharged because
filiations be reinstated
and paid forj
all time lott.
Collectiv e bargaining through c in
mittecs selected from the workmen will
be used to adjust further disputes be
tween tho employes and the company
All wag's and conditions of employ
ment are to be regulated by commit
tees of workmen und in case of a dis
agreement, they are to be referred to
the beard.
An examiner appointed by the board
will hear the differences which may
arise as s result of tlii anard.
Chairman Walsh commenting on the
decision nid it was one of the mi .jt
important cases yet decided because
. - the company was flagrantly violating
"'I.I..- ..;...'..l..- 1 1
I in- mir imir t 1 11 ' "i i u i.nii'i.)
I Hull ijf ijmuir jif
I 1 '? r" M
m . i j i if
4 1 From Over There
General Pershing'$ Official Report
.The following casualties are reported
bv the coinuiandiiig general f the Am-
ernai! expeditionary forces:
Killed iu action
Missing in action
Wounded severely
I i f 1 1 of accident and other can
lied of disease
Wounded, degretj und Mt rniiiied
Total H"j
Killed in Action
l,t. Orvnic P. Johnson, Albany, .vi.' heriteani, ( larence h. Miller. f)-h
Lt. Elmer liurdettc Nelson, urc,j kosli. Vi it; Claieiiee A. Pierce, Hurling
MX,. j'"'i, Iowa; Ig'iat Rajskl, Milwuiiket,
Kcrgeant Samuel A. (ioMeiiherg.i W is; (ieorge W. lioodmaii, Hulisbiiry, N.
Nciv loik; IMdie Lee, Narrow. K)
I biiiles Keardon, Sharpsvillc, Pa, Corporal Hlwell )ti Cook, Kalamazoo
Coiporait 1'lovd Ibbotson, )owngiac,:; Mich; Friink P. Raymond, Ki utuck,
Mich; Morris j.yncbirk, Brooklyn, X.jMieli; Claire A. Wallace, Dunbar, W.
y. ' ' A'"' Zopanric, llaekett, Pa; hen-
Private Isaac Allen lUy Shore,: neth H. Mackloed, Rice Lake, Wis;
Mich; Andrew Anrzea j. zk, Chicago; Un ! Raymond J. Meagau, NoMlihamptou,
dolph W. IJerg.,iist, Kockfofd, HI; nar iMa.s; Joe K. A. Miles, Oxford, Mich;
. i . u:..,.i.Ub,.. f,t- lir.iit f.ljou-ttli S'iedifiita. Turtiersfalls. Muss:
Coltoii Medina. V V: Arrh II. V unite!
i..,. ll,... rk- Mfr.l J Ciiiris I.ew'liest F. S. Iiioith. Soul liinif tun. ConntiJ. Mooncy, latior
iston Me; Maik Ira lJuane, Meili n,'
Wis: Kdwafd J. (ialaska, Milwaikee.
Wis: Coy (iconic. IW,ton. Mas; Paul:
Whet, West Franklin, HI; HylveaK
M, Sander, fclsii-K, N. b; Helmet Stc
er, Melb n, Wis; Darnel J. Wai
. r,
rs.j f
Julian W. liahlwin. Fast Orang', N.J.
Jobi! L. Bowi-r, 'itigt,n, t;a.
..-fie H. W wards, Ug Md, N.V.
Red Cross And Allied Armies
To Gve Aid To People of
Kind Treatment Expected To
Solidify Russians In Fa
vor Of Allies.
Washington, Aug. 22. The allied na
tions with Russian cooperation are rap
idly formulating the ground work for
the direct aid-to-Russiii program. Crea
tion of an "entente council" at Arch
angel with American Ambassador Fruit-
ci as its president, lias been completed,
A similar "council" is to be created at
Vladivostok, and these two points for
the time being will be the directing con
tC4; for military and economic aid In
northern and eastern Russia.
The diplomats and Russian command
era will constitute the council at Arch
angel. At ludivoatok, Uenernl liraves
will represent tho I'nited States! ('has.
F.lliot will represent (ireat Britain, M.
Malhudulra, will represent Japan, and
M. Kegnaull, former French ambassador
to Japan, will care for French interists
.Military commanders of the allies,
Rtis.da and Czechoslovaks will lnd
scats In the council.
These agencies will coordinate and di
rect th work of nid which daily is in
creasing In magnitude. The Red Cross
will be the body through which distri
tuition is carried on because throuul
this body perhaps more than any other,
can thr respect nnd confidence of the
populace be commended.
Ailititlonal troops are being sent to
Vladivostok and the. French cruiicr
Iversaint arrived to augment the allied
naval forces.
By Robert J. Bender
(I'nited Press staff correspondent)
Washington, Aug. 22. The American
(Red Cross and allied armies In Siberia
I will glvn the f irst economic assistance
to the tienolc of Hiisilla.
After Hie Brrival of (lenernl flraves,
leader or the American forces at Vlad
ivostok, the initial s!ep is to provide
food and clothing to the ( Vecho Slovuk
troops and to the Russian people who
are in the territory to be puliced by
the allied armies.
The oii cniiiing bitter Siberian winter
coupled with the chaotic financial sit
nation in Itiissia, is temporarily hold
(i;ig ii actual dispatch of the allied
economic mission that eventually w ill
assist Hiissian business to Its feet,
Hence, f.rst aiilfoml and supplies
will be distributed for the time being
by the Red Cross. Vast stores of thise
supplies are beginning to arrive iu
- , . ,
. ,.....,! I t ...i
i ion I ii on pil(e imii
l" k Ilos, Hoiiiuii, Aik.
Died from Accident and Other Causes
! Alphus C. Holey, Aluandrja, Vu.
Nicholas Hijigiii", New haven, Conn,
S j Severely wounded
1 Lieiileniiiits John F. Craft, Hull
t 'Springs, Miss; C, K
,, , , , .,,
Ihr.e, Kemlulv c,
e, (,reen Itat.'Sis
2J. I nd. f'l'iienci. H. N..I.I.'. lireen Hal. Wis
I ,, . , - , .,
1. Henry A. Itu-cke. Merlden. Conn: I hai.
- F (ilusgow, Shenandoah, Iowa; Vein i,'
Mi him, Viola, Wis; William (1. Moll,
! t'lianipaig'i, I'l;
Hugh Mmith T!ionipson,iftlll mtt ,et,.ied bv a narrow margin
' MitlUMoogu, Teiin.
Henry John Kh, Mar.hfield, Wis; Kr.'of the state supreme court denying I hos.
Kavmoml Stirk, Marlboro, Mas.
liugler Roman Hadowki, Milwaukce.jbing a rehearing, l-4 to Moon.-y his last
r - Mebaeie I nis -ucie, Windsor f,ck.
. f onit.
, P'ivale. Frank W. A linns, We.t Min
; .1.. Ulnlii.r, Vt, VViliiBm V fit.
f(,:,!.o.r,.,r! V ,ori IioiuviiiA Ci rio ( U
la-id, ihi; Ar tlior.y I week, lhomaston,
) 1
'Contiaiifd on .aj two)
'Town of Tyler Wiped off Map
By Storm Sweeping Up
From Dakotas.
Business Men at Meeting la
Bank Building Buried ?n
The Ruins.
Florence, Minn., Aug. 22. Thirty on
bodies recovered from the ruins of cy
clone-swept Tyler, a small town in west
ern Minnesota, had been identified
shortly after noon today. The death
toll, it is believed, will run higher.
The evclone struck-before 10 o'clock
lust night, cutting a w'h slightly mora
than a block wide down the main street
of th town east and west. It wricked
cciy Important building there, accord
ing to eye witnesses.
IVatlm variously reported from 20 to
'M and Hie destruction of the cntira
buslines, district of Tyler, Miuu., wi
reported here today, following a tornado
there lust night at about ulne o'clock,!!
there last night at about 9:30 o'clock:.
All wire communications with thc city
was severed. Railroad officials, em I un
voting to send in relief parties, had re
ports that 2" were killed and nearly 11)0
A heavy casualty list was expected
because the storm occuned at a timo
nlicn the business streets were crowded.
Most of the wrecked buildings wine of
brick, Increasing the liklihimd of many
Injuries. " '
Relief parties liy train and automobile)
were rushed from Pipestone and Flor
ence, Miim," Hundreds of farmers hnr
ried to the rescue,
Mauy Killed In Bank
Three hank buildings, five genera!
stores, tho fire barn and many residenc
e were reported destroyed. K. Anderson,
reluming early today from a relief ex
pedition, suiit 2i bodies had bee, recov
ered from the debris in tho business sre
tirtn of Tyler,
The storm first struck two miles east
of Klkton, K. p., pruccding in a north
easterly direction,
Anderson, after working all tilg'it la
the ruins of Hie wrecked village esti
mated that the death loss would bp mora
than fifty.
Kleveu patients of the Tyler hospital
were killed when th? storm completely
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Has Received More Than 900
Letters . Asking Hint To
Be Candidate.
"I suit! that when I received luO't
Ii Iters urging me to be an independent
i iiiidolatii fir state tiia-iiier against
Mr. Il'ilf that I would aunomico mv
jcaudiducy," aaid Judge Thomas Y.
'llynn, assistant state tieasiiref, today
('Will, the number of letters kava
Ipasu'd the 900 mark and it is a for-
. I...; L.t I .ill I... . ....Ii.
lUtflll' ,,!-llin.MI Llllll .11. . .......
kl BMUBrt.
- . .. . i.
.meiil and iiiw iir.i iu"ii.o.
. , . . . . i..i..- ... k.
. Republican nomination for ataU trcas
iurer in the rei-ent urimarv election
i,v o. P. Huff, the present Inhor com-
nii.sioner. Judge Ryan said that Da
vid Mason of Albany, who received the
D' lnoi rtaic nomina'.ion f' r stute treav
orer, had agreed not to accept tha
nomination but instead throw bis up
port to him.
Supreme Court Refuses
. New Trial To Mocney
Sau Francisco, Aug. 2.'. The rullii
.Mooncy. labor leader convicted ot
emmJieitv la the preparedness day bow-'
I chance for a new trial In i anror-
aia courts.
I Afle, reading yesterday of an elabor
ate brief bv Attorney McVutt, in whieh
he tated reaxins for the rehearing, tha
e Cour. rule, I ilcuial of a new trial.
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