Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 20, 1918, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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    (The aUn .VpittU Ifoumat
We announce the arrival of a fine line of new j JJJ JJ'Olindl ToWIl
Our eastern buyers have secured an exceptionally fine
line of these, and we have them priced so as
to satisfy all.
LADIES' COATS in the season's latest styles, materi
als and colors with a big stock to select from. You
will find them from $14.75 to $47.50
DRESSES in best silks and woolens $9,90 to $35.Q0
SUITS to suit at $22.50 to $35.00
SKIRTS in plain colors or plaids in best silk and wool
en materials $3.98 to $9.90
Coming Eyents
August 20. Final Cherrian
Band concert of season Also
Belgian let.
Aug. 24. Nebraska Associa
tion annual picnic state (air
Aug. 24. Registration of men
who have reached the age of 21,
since June 5, 1918.
August 25. BUly Sunday at
armory 2 p m. for Salvation
"The funeral beautiful.'
Clough Co.
Dr. Mendelsohn, .the ey specialist,
will return Sept. 1st. tf
About 30 mora members of the O.
A. K. and affiliating bodies left this
morning over the Oregon Kloctrie for
Portland, making a total of about 130
who have left over this road,
....We sell for cash.....Corninenclng July
1st we will conduct our business on a
strictly cash basis. I'atton't Book
Store. tf.
50, according to" the official thermom
eter. The river is rising with a guage
this morning of one foot and one
tenth below low water mark,
Dr. Sc heck's office will t eoed
from Auz 3rd to S.Tt. , 191S7 9 3 !
United Spanish War Veterans and
members of their immediate families
and members of the Ladies' Auxiliary
and their families will be granted a
rate of one cent per mile by the rail
roads of the tountry for the purpose of
attending the national encampment to
be held at Baltimore on September 3.
This information has been received by
Harvey Wells, commander for Oregon.
W. will start hop picking Aug. 26
All trains will lie met Aug. 23 and Dl at
Brooks and Hupruere for pickers com
ing that way. Jeruian Bros. 8-20
1 Al A
i 1J
a II n h y ii
: personals :
H. N. Hterling of , Jndupomlouco
was in the city today.
" Uuliih Brudwny of Dullus register
ed at tho Illigh yesterday,
Mrs. Mury Hlmtn left this morning
over the Oregon Kleelrie for Millers
burg, Mich,
rVod N. Mailer and wife nf TbicvTiis
Ohio, aro registered at the Bilgh. They
will be in the city neve ml days.
Mr. and Mrs, A, M. ('laugh are home
from a ten day auto tour of Washing
ton, Columbia Highway and points on
the Sound.
Miss Nrllle Ornlinm of Portland with
Miss Murgurot Oruhnui of BuUni left
today fur a two weeks outing at CW
CJ, R, Murdough and wife (topped
over In the city this morning. They
are from Sun Kranciseo ud have rela
tive, nt Independence.
Cun rad Dillmnnn and wifo left tills
morning to visit their son, Com nil
JMllmaiui, Jr., who 1 In the spruco
ili vision and who expects soon to be
culled east,
II, M. Welib, a prominent prune
grower of the Diillua section wan In
the city yesterday, He ssvs there Is a
big crop in the Polk county hills and
that picking will begin a week or two
later than in this section.
Explosion Kills Many,
Paris, Aug 20 -Six thousand per
sona were lulled or injured In an ex
plosion at the Krtipp works hi June,
according to Ivttes taken from prison
era captured ou the Picardy front, it
was learned here tnduv.
The hunting season is on. There's H
spei iul lioiiuty on lluus.
Surplus ' Permits
Month's Exemption
Because of the big surplus which
has been accumulated in the industrial
accident fund, the stnto industrial oc
I'iilrnt commission has declared an ex
eniptiun for tho iiionth of Ncploinbcr.
This exemption will relievo employers
and employes I'ruiu paying uny fees or
preiiilinus fur next month.
Chairman Hock with of tko Industrial
nue.iilent commission cstimutes that the
exemption will save the emplovers and
employes about $373,0110, and with the
two previous exemptions which have
I been declared this year, ono in r'obru
ary and the other in July, a total of
about ..10,0tl0 has been saved to the
contributors to the fund.
As it has been clearly ileinonst rated
that tho commission Is now self sup
porting, the coimiiisHiou has recom
mended that "tutu aid bo withdrawn
by an amendment to tho law to bo
passed by tho next legislature. The
commission is asking that the stnto
ay only enough to cover administra
tion expenses.
The ulxle mau of the Salem postof
fice is now struggling with another
batch of letters mis directed and somo
almost not directed at all. For In
stance ono letter is addressed to 'W.
W, liotigmire, naval aviation.'' An
other letter i addressed to Thar
Iom Aiiilerson, route 1, 11. Monsun,"
This combination was too much fur the
nixie man and he posted the letter
on the public bulletin board. A postal
curd wilii no addrowt at all reads in
part ns follows: " lcnr Nellie. Will
writ) you a few lines to lot you know
you still have a mother. lt me know
how tho baby is." Post office ottfi
rinW sny that if people would only
lake the trouble to place on the en
velope return address, a lot of poo
pie who ure looking for a letter would
nut bo disappointed, A mi. directed let
ter is at once returned to tho sender
if there is a return address on tho envelope.
Court House Notes
In the county court, Chester 0. Baker
administrator of the estate of Lewis
M, lUtker "filed bunds for t00 which
wore npproved by tho court.
M. (1. 0 undersoil, administrator of
the estate of Moos M. Holland, do
ceased, reports to the county court
receipts of !,.il.0S and disbursements
of !I77..'iO, with a baluuee on hand of
$K,5NUN. According to the provisions
of tho will, this sum should be dis-.
tributed as follows: Mons O. Holland,
l.22.t)i Martha J. Moe, $l,430l;
Malle J. Fulir, $l,4:i0.mt; Dortha At.
Ame, $l,4,'m.(iSI. The reports state
thnt tho widow Murthn Holland died
a few dnys after the demise of Mons
M. Holland. The county court decreed
that Monday, September 23 should be
the tlulu for tho final hearing and
discharge of the administrator,
...."The be3t" Is all yon can do when
death comes. Call Webb & Clough Co
Phone 120. tf.
There Is to be a two weeks' revival
meeting held at Central Howell church
commencing Aug. 18 held by Rev. At
chison, of Salem and Kev. Nicholl of
Central Howell church. All are invited
to attend.
Big dance Thursday night Lakebrook
hop yard. Eight miles north of Salem
Save all your cull apples, Uncle Sam
needs tho vinegar. We pay highost cash
price. Fruit tuken after. August 20th.
Gideon Stolz Co., near corner Mill and
Summer streets. Phone 20. P-12
Dr. Schenk'a offices will be closed
from Aug. 3rd to Sept. 8, 1918. 9 3
Judge W. M. Husluy ordered that in
the matter of the estate of Louisa
Porstuur that tho devisees should join
in a partition suit to partition tho
real estate in Salem.
A romhimitioii resident hunter's and
angler's license vs issued to K. Withy
combe, A. II. Kmbtat of (iates. Ore. and
It. ! llulsey of Snlini, rural route 4
A ninrringe license was grunted yes
terday to Edward iVIta Jones, ,), a
iiu'cliuniciil engineer of Jefferson and
Hose t'offman M ilium Uri, a pharuiacist i
of Jefferson. They were married nt
the parsonage of the First Methodist (
church, the Kev, H. M. Avisun ol'Cu iut-1
ing. A license sits nlso grunted to
Truman Henry lde, ti.1, a laborer of
Salem and Kva II. Kohl, do of Salem.
Tr.ick driver wanted. Gidoon Stolz
Co., near corner Bummer and Mill.
Phono 2fi, 8-20
On September 3 the public service
commission will hear the application
of the Portland Railway Light and
Power Company to increase its gas
rntes in Salem. Tho hearing will be
held in this city. ' Formal notices of
tho hearing were sent out by tho com
mission today.
The Yorkshire Insurance Co. is an
old English company, established ewsy
back in 1N24 and now has over $35,
000,000 in assets- H. A. Johnson,
ageiit. 9-3
First big dance of the season, Lake
brook hop yard. Eight miles north of
SaK in.
Modem Woodmen attention! Regu- i
lac inectin,, this Thursday evening j
Elect ion of clerk. P. J. Kuntz, acting,
clerk. 8 22 1
For the sanuner day of August 10, In '
this part of the Willnmetto valley, the'
thermometer registered C9 as the max-1
iiiium with a minimum Inst night of
i Hogs are hogs and are property
worth having according to the present
market price in tfalein which is 18Va
cents for top. Many records are being
broken this year besides that of the
unusual August weather and one of
these is the price of hogs on foot.
Never in the history of the valley has
there been a price equal to that of
today's quotation.
I The actual cost of improving Church
street frcm the north ride of Jiorth
Mill creek to the south' line of D
street was declared to be $2795.32 at
tho session last evening of the city
council. A price of $1000 for the lot
20 by "0 feet facing on thn alley back
of the fire house looked too high to
the counielmen and they declined to
accept the offer of Mrs. Feidt to sell
to the city at that price.
Inquiries for farm lands and as to the
general situation in the valley continue
to come in daily at the Commercial
club. Yesterday fro mten parts of the
central states end west. Letters were
received asking for information. Two
were from soldiers who expressed a de
sire to locate in the valley after the
war, About tho only literature th club
now has to send to the many inquiries
is a pamphlet written several years
ago, hardly up to the high class ad
vertising of the present day.
Tor th benefit of the young men
who aro thinkinjf of enlisting in the
army or nnvy and selecting some spec
ial branch of the service to which they
aro adapted, Sergeant Davis of the
army recruiting station hero and J.
E. Adams of flie navy station both say
that until announcement is made thru
the war deprtmont, no recruits will be
accepted for any service whatever.
However both recruiting officers are
still on the job awaiting the time when
recruits may once again lje accepted.
Washington postofflce officials have
notified Postmaster Huckestein at Sa
lem that in the competitive examina
tion fur rural carriers held in Raleni
May 25 tho two euceessful ones are
Bernard Kretcher, applying for rural
route 1 out of Halem and Mrs. Thos.
Noot for route 3. Their appointment to
become effective pieptember 1, The
vacancies were caused by two of the
carriers being called into tho service,
E. M. Branson and Lyman MeDonald.
The postof t'ico regulations provide
that when carriers are called into the
service, their jobs are ready for them
at the close of the war and all who
take up rural carrier work do it with
this understanding. Routes 1 and 3 are
Best Quality, Red Fern Make, Colors White, Black,
Mahogany, Khaki, Grey, per pair $2.25
Our Prices Always the Lowest.
PHONE 1072
Commercial and Court Sts., formerly Chicago Store if
And All Kinds of 2nd Hand
Foil Market Prices Special
Price paid for Sacks,
Get our prices before you sell.
271 R. Com'l St, Phone 734
Hopmere, Oregon.
Buy Grain And Hay
hacks for Sale at Warehouse
It may be to your Advantage to
Jet our Prices.
Your Junk and give you
a square business deal.
I always pay the highest
cash prices.
I buy all kinds of used
goods, 2nd hand furni
ture, rubber and junk.
Get my prices before
you selL
The Square Deal House
271 Chemeketa Street
Phone 393
Used Furniture Wanted
Highest Cash Prices Paid for 41
Used Furniture
C. Ik STIFF ft SON -
Phone 941 or 608
Fancy Early Crawfords
Per Box $2.50
Pears for Canning
Fancy Bartietts, JUS
For Seasonable Fruit See
The Court Street Grocer
nones 256 and 257
Want Aitchison
To Conduct Hearing
The public service cum mission today
neut to the interstate commerce com-mit-sion
a request that when O, It.
Aitchison. n member of the interstate
commerce commission, comes to Port
land rieptemher "i to hear the express
rule case that he Ire permitted also to
i hold a supplementary heatiii); on re
: consignment and diversion rules. New
' ruhsj have been adopted, imposing a
cliri!e of to t3 for the nvonsiun- 1
j ment or diversion of carload freights,
whereas heretofore no charge has been
made for this service. A hearitiif on
'the protest against the charge will
be held in Chicago September 4. but
the Oregon cotaous,ion points out that
; many interested shippers "from the
northwest will be unable to attend and
a supplementary hearing in Portland
will give (hem a chance to present their
Offical Remembered
j By Wealthy Relative
! Assistant Attorney , (ieneral ,T, O.
ltaiUY h been advised that hs uncle.
; Uton. ht'oueutlicl him a substantial
annuity onrmif h' life amt provided
j for a neat sum to oc given to in
clul Iron upon hit death
j Jason K liailev was th founder of
a string of t v and ten cent stores,
havinj; ethtihed the first of siica
stre in Koston in ls?S, an l acrvinu- ;
.lated fortune of several million dol-1
Isrs. ldid renieiiibcncif his relatives
in his wilt, he Aisde liberal Vequest to
3,iiHFnru i uoriMtT nun ouirr insuiir.
tious and tharhsl'. CTjjau.tstior.t. '
j ii ni -it ii 14 ii
Li Usa 11 U
Your Door, bushel $2.50
Phone or Send Your Orders a Once
GOOD CANNING STOCK, bushel $125 and $1.50
CRAR APPLES, per peck ......ISc
GREEN GAGE PLUMS, per basket ?$c
The finest in the land, per box $1,50 10 $2
Be Sure You See Our Peaches Before Buying:
Stop at
"A Heme Away from Home."
Strictly Modern $1 per Day
100 Eoonis of Solid CTmfort
Only Hotel in Business District
The Commercial Cider
Phone 2194
Salem, Ore.
Manufacturers of cider
to drink. Bring in your
ripe apples
Chilblains and All Diseases of the
Feet Cured
Foot Specialist
Corns, Bunions, Ingrowing Toe Nails
Eemoved without Blood or Pain or
Causing Soreness or Other Inconvenience
Spedul Attention to Antiseptics There
by Preventing Infection,
Appointments ty Phone
Phone 418
Lady Attendant
518 U. S Nat. Bank Bldg. Salem, O.
two cf the hardest routes to travel
of tlie nine, route one going into Polk
county to Hopewell and Spring Valley
and route 3 towards Liberty, through
the Prospect district and return by the
Slough road-
There are two registration days com
ing but it is only for the one in Sep
tumber that the exemption lwird will
need a lurge number of volunteers to
aid jn tho work, four registrars being
needed for each voting precinct. Thote
who are willing to (tivo one day to
this patriotic work are asked to write
their intentions to Sheriff W. I. Need
ham and not to telephone. For the reg
istration day next Saturday, no help
is needed at the force at the court
house can properly care for the 20 or 2,1
who will be called on to register that
day. But when the big registration
day is finally decided, about the mid
dle of September, the volunteers will
be needed as it is thought fully 3.000
will be required to register on that
Halvoline Tractor Oil
High and Ferry Street
- ---
care of
I Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine and Tea Cfc. X
. i has uicaicinc wmcD mux ears 7
T . t j:
j uptn oanaays from 10 a, sa.
2 until 8 p. m.
f 153 South High 8t.
X Balsw, Oregon. Phoaa 181
We offer j-ou optical service complete
in every detail, unexcelled for its thorough
ness and accuracy in determining eye de
fects and for its care and skill in fitting
glasses. v.
DR. A. McCULLOCH (Wnmpfritf
201-5 Salem Bank nf TommM-re P,!r!r.