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His troops have worked their way to
within 2,100 vards (less than a mile and
half of Lassigny, and arc now push 1
ing down the northern slopes of the!
Barton Suffered 20 Years
Before fining the Right
' -: Medidne.
The enemy's position from Bray to
Lasaigny is most unfavorable. His rail
ways are not available and transport is
geatly congested: Chaulnes is under
heavy British fire.
.... I Itltt IINfcTM
Iu speaking of the marvelous way in
uliih Taalac has relieved him of a long
standing case of rheumatism, B. . Bur
ton, head salesman in the wholesale
fruit and vegetablo department at Lu
tey Bros.. Butte, Mont., living at 602
(South Montana street," recently said:
"It is simply astonishing that just a
few bottles of Tanlac should fix me up
in almost no time, after I had spent al
most every dollar I earned in the last
twenty years trying to get relief from
that awful rheumatism."
Before coming to Butte Mr. Burton
lived fur ten years in Spokane, Wash.,
where he was salesman for the Imper
ial Trading company of that city.
"I tell you what," he continued, "I
have gone through all stages of rheu
matism, and the agonies I have had to
endure simply cannot be described. The
trouble first came on me about twenty
years ago. My shoulders, knees and
ankles gave me the most worry and
ached so at times that I hardly had
any use for myself. About thice years
ago it got so bad that I was laid up in
bed for six long months, and when I
got up again I had to .go about on
crutches'for three months, and till re
cently I never did get it out ' my
system, although I have spent hundreds
of djllars in trying to get straightened
out. I went to Hot Sprinks, ArtCHnoUS,
but without result and then I tried the
mud baths nearer home, but got no ben
efit from,that treatment either. A lit
tho while ago I felt it coming on pretty
bad again. My appetite left me, noth
ing tasted right. 1 was constipated and
suffered from awful headaches every
few days. Tho pain in my shoulders
and knees was so ugonizing that I could
hardly sleep and I would wake up six
or seven times during the night rack
ed with pain. Why, at the time I started
taking Tanlac I couldn't raise my arma
as high as my shoulders to save my
life and was unable to put on my coat
without somebody helping me, and my
ki;ces were so stiff and hurt so bad I
could hardly walk.
' "After reading s0 much about Tanlac
I decided to try it and I hadn't fin
ished my first bottle before the stiff
ness began to leave niy joints, and now
I never suffer a bit of pain or incon
venience. My second bottle gave me a
whacking big appetite, that constipation
is relieved and I never have a headache
I sleep like a log all night, and am
lucky if I wako up in time for break
fast before going to work., I certainly
am glad to endorse Tanlac, and . only
liopo my experience with this wonder
ful medicine will help someone else
who may bo going through what I did.
Tanlac is. sold in Hubbard by Hub
bard Drug Co., in Mt. Angel Ty Ben
Oooch, in Geryais by John Kelly, in
Tumor by H. P. Cornelius, in Wood
burn by Lyman H. Shorey. in Salem
by Dr. S. C. Stone, in Silverton by Geo.
A. Steelhammer, in Gates by Mrs. J.
I'. McCurdy and in Stayton by C. A.
Beauchamp. (Adv.)
By William Philip Simms
(United Press Staff Corespondent.)
With the British. Armies in France,
Aug. 15.--(Xight) Amiens is no longer
silent and deserted. In one of the most
dramatic ceremonies of the war, while
the famous cathedral resounded with
speech and "ft for the first tinio in
nearly five months, the relief of Pi
cardy's capital was consecrated today,
simultaneously with reconsecration of
the tdifiee,which has been battered and
profaned by German shell and bomb
since March.
Today the Germans are seventeen
miles away at the nearest point. The
cathedral was reopened at mass attend
ed by overy soldier who could arrange
the journey. They came from miles
arouud. Tho choir was composed entire
ly of soldiers in dusty, rusty, horizon
blue. .The organist and violinist were
attired the same way. Only tho pastor
was garbed for the occasion. His assist
ant, like the choir, wore the ordinary
uniform of tho trenches.
Over tho high altar the Stars and
Stripes fluttered among the flags of the
allies, tho wind blowing freely through
tiro shattered windows from many of
which the last splinter of ancient, su
perb glass is gone.
High in the nave and transept aston
ished pigeons, used only to crashing of
shells, fluttered about. In this setting
tho pastor told the ....story of the athed
ral. Listening were American, British,
French. Belgian, Italian and other al
lied officers and soldiers, standing or
sitting between columns protected by
sand bags.A few civilians wandered iu
to give thanks.
Arisen from, the dead, the city of
Amicus is today alive.
( Capital Journal Special Service.)
Falls City, Or., Aug. 16 Mrs. Chas.
Coonrad and her daughtor, Mrs. Clcniont
went to Portland Saturday. Mrs. Cle
ment will make her lio'me in Portland.
Henry I Smith was considerably
shaken up last Friday by feeing thrown
from a load of straw he was hauling for
Alex Courtcr, Ho did not properly bal
ance his load and when near tho barn
by chronic or acute throat and lung
trotibUs which often decrease elHciency
and menaon lift itself, try
This is a Calcium TrTaratIon pnaspsw
ed of marked tonic value in addition to
Ita remedial qualities. Contains no Al
cohol, Narcotic or Kaoit-Forming Druir.
$2 size, now $1.50. $1 size, now 80c.
.frlco includes war tax. All drusglf
"Eclrma-n laboratory. Philadelphia.
Under the Direction of
the Sisters of the Holy
Names, Salem, Oregon
Boarding and Day School.
Most approved methods.
Primary, Grammar, High
School and Normal De
partments. Complete cour
ses in Harp, Piano, Voice,
Culture, Violin and Har
mony. Elocution and Phy
sical Culture Classes. No
interference with religion
of pupils.
Scholastic Year Begins
September 9th
Sister Superior
Albert is Encircled
London, Aug. IS. British troops are
slowly encircling Albert, the official re
port of iTield Marshal Haig indicated
In addition to monacing the city from
the west and south, the British have
crossed tho Ancre on a wide front to
the northward. Further progress south
of Albert also was reported.
"During tho nighj; we advanced
slightly northeast of Morlancourt
(three miles south of Albert,)" tho
statement said.
"A hostilo attack on one post "was re
pulsod after sharp fighting.
"Local fighting also occurred along
the northeastern outskirts' of Thicfjval
wood (three miles north and east of Al
bert,) where our patrols crossed to tho
left bank of tho Aucro.
Further north, our patrols progressed
between Beaucourt-Sur-Auero (five
miles north of Albert) and Puiaieux
(three Jnilos north and east of Beau-coui'tSur-Aucre.)
' ' Hostilo artillery increased its act
ivity south of the Soninie and between
the LaBassee canal and Ypres."
(The latter area includes tho whole
Flanders salient.)
Haig Reports Successes
London, Aug. 10. Successful local op
erations which resulted in advantes
bothon tho Picardy and Flanders
fronts were reported by the Britisli war
office last night.
"By a successful operation carried
out by us on the battle front Canadian
troops niado progress in the neighbor
hood of Damery, three miles northwest
of Koye, and Parviller (a mile north of
Damery), capturing both villages," the
statement said.
"Our line southeast of Proyart (six
miles northwest of Chaulnes,) also has
been puhed forward a short distance.
Prisoner were captured by u in these
''.North of Albert patrols have main
tained close touch with the enemy thru
out the day and local fighting has tak
en place at a number of points.
"Our patrols have been active all
.day also in the Vieux-Berquin sector
and have made further progress to the
southeast of the village, taking a few
"A successful raid was carried out by
us today northwest f Locon. Casualties
were inflicted on tho enemy and two
machine guns were brought back to our
"Hostile machine gun activity has in
creased on tho Kommel front." .
I the road was lower tin tho heavy side
causing it to tip over, throwing him on
' his head and shoulders. Ho was con
siderably dazed at first but appears to
' bo littlo worse from his fall. Ho is very
: larg3 and is about 75 years old.
! D. L. Wood, Sr., made a business trip
to Portland Saturday returning Sunday.
I The Adventists are holding n camp
meeting at the grove near the Christian
; church.
" Guy Lewis, an enployo at Powell's
; logging camp was painfully injured on
i Monday by a chain striking him on the
head, cutting quite a gash in his scalp,
j L. C. Taylor waa in Salem last Mon
1 dav..
G. D. Treat, who has been working
in the depot at Powers, in Coos county
came Jiome last Saturday.
Ralph Harrington was in Dallas Wed
nesday. M. L. Thompson and- H. H. Lowe
ver, in Dallas Tuesday in the interest
of the Chautauqua to be given in this
city soon.
Children Cry
i t
1 m$
l mil
ijr v
Women's Coats, Suits, Millinery, Etc.
at the
Portland Cloak & Suit
Company's Store
Saturday, August 17, beginning at 9 A. M.
Showing the finest lines of Wearing Apparel at Lowest Prices in
cluding Coats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts, Waists and Millinery.
Rare 0
A cordial invitation extended to all to
visit this store Saturday and view at
your leisure the magnificent exposition
of newest ideas in women's wearing
We-Now Occupy the Entire Main and Mezzanine floors
of the corner building with about one hundred and for
ty feet front, and 11 large show windows, making this
one of the lagrest day-light and exclusive Women's Ap
parel stores in Oregon.
uoaK m. mil L
Court and Commercial Streets
Stockton's Corner
fof the wonen of Salem and vicinity to procure hteh grade merchandise
f at prices less than elsewhere because we operate many large stores in
other cities. Our buying power is greater than others and because nf
our policy of selling for cash only, we can offer better values. And
remember that the garments included in this exhibition are the very latest 1918 Fall and
Winter models direct rrom the factory.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Central Howell, Or., Aug. 16. -Central
Howell Bed Cross entertainment was a
howling success in every wav, according
to the members view of it, socially, fi
nanially and wo hope entertainingly
The house was packed to overflowing.
Car after ear went away because ney
Railroad Man Gives Good
"Several years ago I was under
treatment of a stomach specialist for
5 months. 3 weeks of which were spent
in a hospital. Another stomach special
ist told me I had gall stones and that
an operation was necessary. I did not
want to have this. I lost 43 lbs. in
weight. Talking with a brakeman one
day he told me of Mayr' Wonderful
Remedy and since taking it I have
gained 16 lb, and am feeling fine. I
am advising others to try .'. It is a
simple, harmless preparation that re
moves the catarrhal mucun from the in
testinal tract and allays the inflamma
tion which causes practically all stom
ach ,liver and intestinal ailments, in
cluding apendicitis. One dose will con
vince or money refunded. J. C. Perry,
Capital Drug Store and druggists everywhere.
could not pet in. Ninety dollars and ten
cents was cleared above expenses
Thanks to each ono that helped in tho
good cause. '
Central Howell lted Cross booth at tho
bridge opening was well patronized and
the committee reports forty-one dollars
Wednesday, Mr. Kinzic Cahill took a
load of furniture to Silverton for Mrs.
John Park3, as they are moving to east
ern Oregon.
Miss Valentine Christenson was vis
iting Miss Ginn Bergsing recently.
Mrs. Fred Purbin was calling on Mrs.
J. W. Baggett Monday afternoon.
Abe Steffen and family and Miss
Audrey Baggett took 8 trip over intc
Polk county Sunday. They visited at
Mr. and Mrs. Moll's home and kodaked
on the Willamette. Tb.y also visitcl
at the Sutter home in Swcgal.
Mrs. llay Hamsden and children spent
a few days in Silverton recently.
Miss Letha Moorcs assisted her siator
Mrs. Frank Simmons in ihrehing.
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Steffen and dangh
ters Goldic and Agnes and Miss Audrey
Baggett spent Sunday afternoon with
Mrs. Steffen 'i brother and family of
Silverton, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Dapp.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Durbin spent sev
eral days recently visiting Mr. Dur
bin 's parents at Vancouver, Wash.
Mrs. B. C. Binegar is visiting her son
Arthur, who is working jn the ship yard
at St. Helens.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ooffin and dau
glitcr Miss Constance was visiting I'rtd
Durlins Tuebday.
Mrs. J. W. Baggett and daughter Mibs
Audrey was calling on Mrs. Uolivor
Alikuelgon Vednesduy evening.
Fred Bassett had his le broken Mon
Mrs. OolivCfMikkclson ' sinter wae
visiting her Sunday.
Karl Adams of Silverton was visiting
in the home of Albert Jam and family
Saturday night and Sunday.
Xotice is hereby .given, to all whom
it may concern, that the county court
of Marion county, Oregon, has duly ap
pointed J. S. Coomlcr, executor-of the
estate of Mrs. George E. Hatch, deceas
ed, and all persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to pre
sent such claims, duly verified, to the
undersigned executor at room 30 Unit
ed States National bank building, at
Salem, Oregon, within ix months from
tho date of the first publication of this
Dated this 9th day of August, 1918.
Executor of the estate of Mrs. George
E. Hatch, deceased. 96
MeXary, McNary k Kcycs,
Attorneys for executor, "
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fj 'J Kpnr loonl. raarli opportunity lor workln on,'a wr.
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with a million little springs in its
fabric which "give and (alee"
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body, and preserve the shape of
the garment despite long wear
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