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down several large orders.
Oiavouetoin apples are now being
Children Cry
now has a largo force at work on both
the day and night shifts making boxes
in such number that the tw0 nailing
A I 1 . 1 - 1 ,i i ... I
....en u, iuc uinon ana in, marset it-4macllincs rJ kept congtautly busJ.
a iuv.iug gouu. iwo ar iuis win, with ptar market f()r No j top.
o slapped within tha next tea iiny.Linl. thfl ,.:.,. knwB in
There it a good erop of Oravenstims in i this community, prunes looking good
this section this Tear, much more than
the local coast markets eon care for and
this surplus as it comes into the union
is being cared for by shipping to other
As the shipping of apples involves
the box question, the Salem Fruit union Loganberry grower.
and no trouble to sell and tho apple
situation being cared fov, the opinion
has been expressed that the fruit grow
er of tins section should Lo pretty well
satisfied with what has been handed to
him this year. This also includes the
Hardly a Drugstore in the Land
That Does Not Sell This Remedy
On the Market Half a Century.
When you are in perfect health,
and are enjoying a strong and vigor
ut vitality, it is then that your blood
ts free from all impurities,
i You should be very careful and
five heed to the slightest indication
of impure blood. A sluggish circula
tion is often indicated by an impaired
appetite, feeling of lassitude and a
general weakening- of the system. II
is then that you should promptly takfl
a few bottle3 of S. S. S the great
blood purifier and strengthener. It
will cleanse the blood thoroughly and
build up and strengthen the whole
system. S. S. S. i3 sold by all drug
gists. Valuable information about the
blood supply can be had free by writ,
ing to the Swift Specific Co, 24
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.
MM -
I Ladies Can AHHave Beautiful Waists
and Dresses At These Prices
It's your last chance to get such Foulards and Tub
t Silks at such Bargains. These are reallv Snlendid
Qualities and the Patterns are all cood. Everv
1 woman should take advantage of this last chance
anticipate ner Future Needs and Buy Liberally.
The price figures on such Silks will look quite dif
ferent in another season.
TUB SILKS, formerly priced at $1.25 and
$1.45, now, per yard 95c
TUB CREPES, formerly priced at $1.65 and
$1.95 now, per yard $1.35
FOULARD SILKS, former values up to
2.00, now, yard $1.35
FOULARD SILKS, formerly priced at
$2.25 to $2.95, now, per yard $1.95
000 to $230,000, nine per cent. 2o0,000
to y65C,000, 14 per ent. 6oO,0 to $1,-
000,000, 15 per ent $1,00,000 to $2,000,
000, lii per cent. $2,000,000 to $3,000,-
000, 21 per ecnt. $3,iM)0,000 to $4,000,-
000, 2-1 per cent. $4,C00,000, to $5,000,-
000, 27 per cent. $-3,000,000 to $8,000,
000, 30 ir cent. $f ,000,000 to $10,000,-
000 35 per cent. Above $10,000 000, 40
per cent.
Life insurance policies above $40,000
are included in the inheritane tax for
the first time at $12.
Luxury Taxes Heavy.
Next come luxury taxes, hitting prac
tically everything of every dav life ex
ecpt uiiniuiunij of food and clothing.
Oa seventeen articles, including jew
elry, phonographs, pianos, eletric fans
thermos bottles, tapestries, athletic
goods, brass ornaments and paintings re
garded by the committee as "out and
out luxuries," a tax of 10 per cent is,
levied, i'latinuin jewelry is taxed 10
per cent extra.
On perfumes, cosmetics and practical
ly all other toilet articles there is levied
a tax of one cent for each ten cents in
sale price or fraction thereof. The same
tax applies to proprietary medicines.
Carpets and Good Clothes.
On semi luxuries tho committee levi
ed a 20 per cent tax on the sale price
over a certain figure. Partial list of
these follows:
Fibre carpets and rugs costing aiore
than $ a square yard, trunks over $50
and valises, traveling bags and other
lugjjago over $25; men's and boya'
suits, exclusive of uniforms, $50; wo
men 's ready made cloaks and suits more
than $40 and the same articles tailor
made, over $-30; men's hats over $5 and
caps over $2, all shoes over $10; men's
and boy's silk stockings above $1 and
women s $2, and pajamas over $3.
The joy rider will have to pay his bit
to Uncle Sam whether he travels on land
or water.
Autos and Gasoline.
Gasoline is taxed two cents a gallon.
A ten per cut tax ig levied on automo
biles and motorycles; motorcycles in the
hands of the owner are assessed $5 as
a license tax ana automobile owners
must pay on tho following schedule
Cars of 23 horsepower or less, $10; 24
to 30 horsepower, $20; 31 to 40 horse
power, $30. Over 40 horsepower, $o0.
Llectrie ears are taxed to for each
horsepower and 50 cents for eah 100
pounds iu weight, aud wagons and trail
ers must pay five per cent. Motor
boats must pay $10 and yahts up to SO
feet must pay $1 per foot; 50 and 100,
$2 for -eah foot, and over 100 feet, $4 a
Prtsont tobao rateccs rates are more
than doubled. Tobacco and snuff must
pay 30 cents a pound; cigars weighing
less than three pounds per thousand are
taxed $2 a thousand. Those weighing
more are taxed from $5 to $30 per 1000,
according to price.
Tobacco Products.
Cigarettes weighing not more than
three pounds per thousand and retailing
at less thau two cents each are taxed
$4.10 a thousand and those at more
than two cents each $.3.10. Those weigh
ing more than three pounds per 1000
must bear n tax of $9.00 per 1000. -Movies
and ice cream sodas are al
so hit. The present 10 per cent tax on
nil admissions to amusements is doubled
and any other admission less than seven
cents must pay a pne eent tax.
Movies and Soft Drinks.
In addition to this, there is a five per
cent tux on rentals of movie films.
Manufacturers of soft drinks must pay
ten per ent and there is a further retail
sale tux of two eouts for each ten cents
of price or fraction thereof.
A vast horde of speciul taxes, inelud
ing circuses, pawn brokers, and filled
cheese arc doubled. The committee in
tends following the samo procedure with
stumps taxes.
Miscellaneous Levies.
The recent business license tax levies
$10 annuully 0n ull retail establishments
doing business of more than $2,000
year and on professional men and $25
on wholesale esy.blishments doing more
man .i'u,uoo a year in business.
Corporations must pay $1 for each
$100 and other kinds of insurance poK
cies one cent on each $1. "
Leased wires, exept new wires, must
The coast has aa untiring appeal to.
Salem people this summer. Many peo
ple who can not spend several weeds are
motoring over for just a few days
Among those having today are Mr. and
.Mrs. 1 nomas C. Smith and Mr. and Mrs.
John Uoberts aud two children, Helen
and Mildred. They are planning to mo
tor over to Tillamook beach sometime
today and will remain for a short vaca
tion of sevetal days.
Mrs. R. A. Giover and little daughter.
Maxinc, of 1694 court street, re
turned yesterday from Newport, where
they have t-i.cn for sonie time.
Included among the many Salem peo
ple who arc enjoying Newport arc Mr.
at;d Mrs. Hoy Mills of 1384 Court street.
lliey lett several days ago and arc
planning Jo spend several weeks at the
A group of Salem people who motor
ed over to Newport for an outing of
several weeks returned-the first part
uf the week. The party included, Mr.
and M.S. Will T. Neill of 130 North 17th
sweet and Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Hardin
of -ortn Summer street. .
Dr. and Mrs. E. Sherwood of 787
Cross street left the middle of tho week
Mrs. Sherwood was on her way to Kim
ball, Ohio, to be with her father, W. U
Sargcint, who is quite ill. Dr. Sherwood
accompanied her as far as Havre.Mon
tana. He plans to visit the Methodist on-
ferenecs held la Montana and Idaho be
fore returning and will be gont about
three weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fitts of West Sa
lem are entertaining as theis house
guests, relatives from Alabama and
Washington. Mrs. Mulkey and Miss
Ross from Alabama have been in the
west visiting for two months.
Vp until several days ago when they
came'to Salem, they have been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. litts m Suanysido
Washington. Wednesday D. L. 1'itts, Mr
and Mrs. Brower Fitts, Mrs. Mulkey and
Miss Hoss motored from Sunnyside to
Salem. The Fitts will remain for only a
few days, while Mrs. Mulkey and Miss
Ross, who are cousins of Mrs. W. S
Fitts expet to stay about ten days.
fnbd, RD ! SHIPLEY'S
refund money if it fails. 25c
The flealih Test
i'aretttt now realistvtlui importance
of enveloping strong, sturdy feet in
their childreu.
Tho soft bores and tender muwle
of the child's feet must be support
ed and trained during tho growing
5 fltoi$
girt this needed support and the
shoe shape the growiag feet vrop-
erly oa nature's own lines. .
Tb ailil who wears them will never
suffer from orns, bunions, broken
aihes and" other foot ailments.
Suitable for
Many Useful
At Greatly
pay 10 per cent and oil pipe lines 0
per cent.
lire arms must pay 23 per cent and
bowio knives and brass knuckles 100
per eent. Liquor taxes have not been
definitely settled but they will bo more
than doubled.
Profit Taxes Are Unsettled.
Profit taxes and income taxes of cor
porations are unsettled.
The committee once decided on a 30
to 80 per cent excess urofit tax with
uu 18 per cent tax on net incomes of
corporation s. This was thrown into tlm
air by the treasury demand for an i0
per cent war protit tax and present ex
cess profit taxes In force.
New administrative features of the
bill are a coniinitteo of five to form a
national equalisation board, muking lib
erty bonds security for government
contracts and making payments of taxes
in three installments couipulory.
This last provision was at firnl op
tional mid wus made compulsory at tho
request of the treasury. The installment
must oe paid between Mar.-h 1.3 u,i,l
June J J.
If Women are Anuels
Why May Hey Not Fly?
t . ... .
nonuoii, Aug. in. Lots of women
have lu en told they are aneels. but Entr
tish-wouien want to make a step in that
mrei-uou oy nceoming experts at flv
The flying temperament is a combina
turn of "pualities' as likeiy to belong
iu me teniaio sex as to the male, and
many women are asking "Can we or can
we not provo useful for air workf"
They are told by mere men that good
eyesight and good nerves are essential
Most wouien have both. And combined
with those qualifications women have al
so tho intense desir to da something.
How to Avoid That Pains and Distress
Whkh.My Mothers !; Suf fared.
Too much cannot be said for a wonderful
rcprntlon, familiar to uu; womea si
Mother's Friend.
. It If more effective in Its action than all
hs health ru!cs ever laid down for tin
.otdance of expectant Bothers. It Is an
ntenul application that spnsda It laSuencs
ipon the cords, tendons and muscles of ths
Utdomen, rendering- them pliant, and tbey
sipaod (micefiilljr without that peculiar
vrenchlnj strain.
Ths occasion b, therefore, ens of un
bounded Joyful anticipation and too much
traw cannot be laid upon tha remarkable
nguencs which a mother's happy prenatal
llupmltlon has npon tha health and fortune
' ths generations to come.
The psln st ths crista Is Infinitely less
hen Motliar' Friend is used during- the
"uu m expectancy lor tna atuarlee ex
" easier aoa wuu lees strain when
!S born.
, Mother's Friend Is ter external am
IS ent rely safe unH .nu k K...I e
lriMit a It 1 prepared br the Bradfleld
Rf.iI.tor Co., Lamar Bid-., AHantT.
Ja. Write them to Ball you their Interest.
!n Motherhood Book." They will mmI tt nt
once, without charge, and you will And it
fy. helpful. Do not neejert for a elnat
nltiit and moinlnf to apply Mother's Friend
,cr?!n jo directions around the bottle,
!l ,hf"Jt,ortl'" yourself acalort pain and
Miss Margarita Fisher wears a gown
that eoat 20,000 in her latest Americau-
Mutual play, " Impossible Susan." It is
one of tte gowns called for by ths
seript wherewith Bernard Marshall, Su-
n s self-appointed mililonaiie guar liai
tries to prove his contention that elotuc
make the woman.
The story calls for 'a heap o' dressiii,'
to quote Eugene Field and Miss Fisher
undoubtedly adorns the duds she wears.
All the costumes worn iu the play were
maue in America, a fact on wbich the
young star dilates with pride.
"I have always contended that Am
encan designers of women's clothe-j!
equal to the best foreign designers, "re
marked Miss Fisher a few days age
"In this picture I have had a chance to
prove my contention."
" Impossible Susan" will be shown at
the Bligh theatre Friday and Saturday.
Ladies! Why
. Keep Corns?
Lift a corn or callus right off
without one bit of pain.
Yes! You truly can lift
off every hard corn, soft
corn or corn between the
toes, as well as hardened
ca'uses on bottom of feet,
without one bit of pain.
A genius in Cincinnati
discovered fieezone. It is
an ether compound and
tiny bottles of this niagia
fluid can now be had at
any drug store for a few
Apply several drops of
this freezone upon a ten
der, aching corn or a cal
lus. Instantly all soreness
disappears and shortly you
will find the corn or cal
lus so shriveled and loose
that you lift it off with
the fingers. You feel no
pain while applying freez
one or afterwards.
Just think! No more
corns or calluses to torture
you and they go without
causing one twinge oi
pain or soreness. Keep a
tiny bottle on the dresser - and never
let a corn or callus ache twice.
Style, Quality, Durability, Popular Prices
The Fell Line of Fashion is Covered by These
Smart New Fall Coats
$14.75 to $85.00
Materials are Serges, Broadcloths, Kerseys, Yelour,
Cut Yelour, Panne Vekur and Mixed Meltons
Plain Tailored, Fur Trimmed and Belted Models
It may seem a bit common-place to assert that these
t NEW FALL COATS are lovelier and more becoming
than Those of Previous. Seasons
, But It Is Quite True
Your Once (h er Will Prove It
U. G. Shipley Co.
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much they could do. Naturally they do
not expect to serve over the firing line;
but theie is a variety of ways in which
a woman with a flying temperament
could make herself useful.
Airplanes could be used for locating
and removhip wounded from the field,
and for carrying certain cases from the
clearing stations to hospitals surely a;
sphere in whir, women would run no
risk of becoming unsexed.
English women have no lust for blood.
They don't want to kill, but they do
wunt t help their men. The wish, is so
fervent that it becomes almost an ache.
Thus they ore already an integral part
of the Britis), army. They cannot be
excluded from aviation on logical
grounds. It is no use putting forward
the sentimental argument, because that
is all in .their favor.
There is a great probability that wo
men will be needed, and they are willing.
All they asK is to be trained so that
they would ho ready should the emer
gency arise. j
Here is a way in which women run
ho'p their menfolk, ml to want a thing
oaiuy enough is to get itl
tho British, French and American
fronts in France.
A few weeks ago, the eentrnl work
rooms received an urgent appeal from
the American army for 200,000 first aid
packages to be suplied to American sol
diers. Each of these packages was, to
contain 12 articles, the whole order
thus involving tho manufacture of 2,
400,000 separate dressings, together
with an enormous amount of labor in
connection with the careful packing
and shipment of the packages. This
work, moreover, was to be carried on
without interfering with the regular
duties of the wokroouis in supplying
their usual hospital supplies. It wa a
big order; but the executive commit
tee telegraphed its answer immediate
ly: "We will deliver first aid packages
as requested, at rae of 1",000 per week
beeinnincf immediately." From the
firRt week, this rate has been exceeded !
and the entire order has now been fill- i
d and is in the bands of the American I
army authorities!.
Some time ago, the workrooms made
grnngements with Mine: Caton de
Wiat of the Belgian relief committee
for a large number of hospital garments
to be made by Belgian women refugees
in Great Britain. These garments are
made iu their homes in various parts
of Great Britain, the cutout garments
being sent in hampers to Madame de
Wiart snd returned finished to the
workrooms. Payments for the work is
made-.to Madame de Wiart in bulk and
distributed by her to the individual
Grown By George Weeks
Extra Large Fancy Crawfords, per bushel. . . .$3.00
We have 1-2 bushel boxes, Crawfords $1.50
BLUE DAMSEN plums for preserving, basket .25c
COLUMBIA PRUNES These are equal to Italians.
Price lower, per bushel $1.50
Table Peaches
FREESTONES, per basket .......... .35c and 50c
CANTELOUPE 3 for 25c
BLACKBERRIES, per crate ...,.$1.75
Increases weleht and errangtli of tfcta.
delicate, nervous people. It is tile
only digestible form of Dbaanhate tent
rards tne nerves direct. Ina eliemlrall;
para form of Dfeeeuhaaa aaturaily
found In brum and aerr sella.
So'a ey drairxhits ender a iraaraa
tea of satisfaction ar mints? aaek. lia
nand the genuine BITRo-Phoenhate.
tha kind tbat phyalctans prescribe!
For Thin
When depressed by the heat and you
want to freshen .ip for the afternoon or
evening, just bathe the face in a lo
tion made by dissolving an ounce of
pure powdered saxolite in a half pint
of witch hazel. You will fiad this more
refreshing than an hour'? rest.
As a wrinkle remover the saxolite
lotion is remarkably -successful. Its
action is almost magical. The deepest
furrows, as well as the finest lines
whether due to age. illness, weather or
worry are immediately affected. En
larged pores are reduced, flabby skin is
'drawn in," facial contour is improved
wonderfully. The simple ingredients of
course can. be had at any drug store,
and you need not hesitate to try the
lotion, as it will not harm any skin in
tha least.
Bring Your Tire Work to a Man
Who Knows
Let us look over your tires
Vtdcamzing . Retreading
Goodyear Tires i
Phcse 363 126 Soatb Commercial
Children Cry
and they are now set upaa proving howl e a4 , wU,t Wiult titem m
Journal Want Ads Pay
SEPTEMBER 5, 6, 7, 1918
For Detailed Information write
Portland Implement & Tractor Association
340-34$ East Morrison Street, PORTLAND, OREGON X
;rrr;:: 'journal want ads pay
'MM MtMt ,MM,M,