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tup inn mrviAi c mlci
Bate per word New Today:
Etch iutertios le
One week (S insertions) 5c
One month (26 insertions) 17
The Capital Journal will ot be re
sponsible for mora than one insertion,
for errors in Classified Advertisements.
Bead your advertisement the first day
it appears and notify us immediately.
Minimum eharga, 15e.
$600 TO LOAN ea tountry or eity
property. H. A. Johnson & Co. 813
WtU'aN wants work by the hour or
.iav. Cull 5 S. 17th St. 816
FOB SALE Heavy work team and
harness. Call 529 or 1421. a-i
WANTED Girl for general housework
State School for Deaf. J la.FOR SALE 25 three months Khode Is
FOB SALE Pigs and Holstein heifer
calf. State School for Deaf. 814
$1000 TO LOAN on farm property.
Phone 115 or 1201 evenings. 8-16
FURNISHED fiats for rent.
Call 1737
- tf
WANTED Straina honey in
Cherry City Bakery Co.
FOB RENT Strictly modern 3 room
furnished house. Phone 828M. 8-14
v j i vteti s nr fi mom house, close in
nr.o tf
WANTED Fresh eow, must be heavy
milker. Phone 12a4. - -J
WANTED Veal calves and fat cattle.
PhAn 1S78W. 9 8
WANT $1000 loan on good security for
3 years at 8 per cent.. Soeolofsny. b-i
fJfWTl nurture for ows ou the L. K.
Page estate. Phone 44F22. tf
PIGS for
W. Lathiop, Turner.
WANTED Second hand davenport in
good condition. Journal X Y Z. 8-14
WANTED A lady to make salads at
the Royale Cafeteria. ' - tf
HAVE your roof repaired and tarred,
estimates free. Phone" i07 '80
MATERNITY cases or nursing wanted.
Phone 2501J4. 8-19
SAW OUTFIT for sale cheap. Phone
2U22J evenings. 8-15
COL. W. F. WRIGHT, the auctioneer.
Turner, Oregon.' Phone 59. tf,
Mi-T.AUGHLIN. utility man, solicits
short iobs of any kind. Phone 2441.
LOST or strayed, black and white Hol
stein cow. Phone 103F22. Wm. Yar
nell. Bt. 7. 8-13
WALL PAPER 15 cents per double roll
npward. Buren's Furniture Store, 179
Commercial. tf.
WANTED Man arid team, can make
from $8 to $9.50 per day. Call phone
4X51 Turner. tf.
HOUSEKEEPING apartments and
single TGoms, nicely furnished, at
633 Ferry street. tf-
WANT to buy thirty to forty young
fihrnnshire ewes. Pliona 115 or 1204
TWO and three room furnished apart
ments. 491 N. Cottage. Phcne 2203-
WANTED Hop pickers on Browns Is
land, hons trood and yard clean. For
particulars phone 8F25, J. A. Kriel
WANTED Party wishes to lease a 5
or 10 acre place. Will buy crop on it
Leave description of place In letter to
B an Journal. 814
WANTED Furnished housekeeping
rooms in private home for family of
three. Must be clean and convenient
nd close in. Phone 361. tf
FOB SALE One cow. one hayrack
spring wagon, 2 plows, 200 sacks, 2
mules, one horse, 3 harness. Phone 26F
13. Gi ia mi
WANT Partner in wood business with
$500, have stumpage for ten thous
and cords, easy to get out liox 333.
FOR SALE Or trade fine bowling al
ley and pool and billiard hall, a good
chance to mako money. See me soon.
G. W. Laflar, 406 Hubbard bldg. tf
USED CARS Ford $325, Btoddard
- Dayton $230, Maxwell $550, $375,
Studcbaker $450, Ford roadster body
and top $15. Highway Garage, 1000
8. Com'l. tf
TOE SALE Reo, five passenger tour
ing ear. First elass mechanical shape.
All new tirs, good extra tire, tools,
etc. Cheap. Owner must sell. See car
at Great Western Garage. tf
LOST Ladies' gold wrist watch with
Elgin movement, somewhere on High
r (hemcketa street, last night after
band concert. Fender please return
same to Journal office or call Miss
Hinton, 1017. Reward. tf.
LGl for tale. 1320 . Front
FOR SALE or trado for eow, good
driving mare. Enquita 1120 Center
St. or phone 1074. 8-13J
FOB SALE 1 aeres at Quiuaby, good
Bouse, nam, wen, cic, near biuiuu.
O. H. Harold, Salem, St. 8. 8-16
BE PI TIFUL Persian kittens for sale,
Address C. Kirkpatrick, Falls City
Or. 8-17
LOST White and tan Fox terrier, $3
reward. License 1781. Phona 36F23.
FOK SALE Or lease, furnished or un
furnished 5 room cottage, terms: 1135
Waller street 8-19
land Red chicks for sale cheap. 10o7
south Liberty street, Salem. 8-13
WANTED Cattlo and hogs for this
weeks shipment. Pay highest price
Clifford White. Phone 8UF2. 8-13
FOK SALE Large Edison phonograph,
25 records for $15. 1412 N. Capitol.
LOST Old gold breast pin, set with
amethvst, Friday night at band con
cert. Phone 2179 or 642M. 8 13
WANTED For cash, 10 acre tract with
pond hnildinps. must be barcrain. C.
W. Nicmeyer, 544 State street. tf
PEACHES for short time only. Call at
orchard or phone 56F14. M. C. Pct
teys. tf
WANTED Seeond hand baby carriage
must be in good condition and reas
onable. Address B. C. care Journal.
FOK SALE 1914 Ford roadster or tour
ing ear $300; 1914 Studcbaker $373.
Highway Garage, 1000 S. Com'l.
Phone 355. tf
FOB BENT Well improved 30 acre
farm. One mile east of the asylum.
Inquire of T. K. Ford over Ladd and
Bush's bank. 8-13
FOR SALE 5 passenger ear, electric
lights and starter. Splendid condition
up to date in every way. Phone 2057
M. . 1 ..... ,. 8-17
FOB SALE 10 tons hay, $18 per ton,
1 Jersey eow $40, 2 mules with har
ness, 1 horse with harness, 1 hay wa
got., 1 spring wagon. Phone 2UF13.
LOST Near the North Falls at Silver
Creek a ladies wrist watch, -Waltham
movement, black leather wrist strap'.
Finder please leave at this office and
receive reward. 8-14
FOB 5Vj per cent farm loans, see the
Marion-Polk county national farm
loan association. W. D. Smith, 303
Salem Bank of Commerce bldg. tf
FVRNI8HED house wanted, 5, 6 or 7
room, completely furnished houao for
one year.. Prefer bungalow. Manager
Oregon theater, 221J. 8-11
FOR SALE One of the best new sev
?n room bungalows in Falls City at a
bargain. Ford or Dodgo considered as
part payment. Address box 2(15,
Va'ls City, Or. 8-17
FOB SALE Five passenger Reo.All
new tires. Fine mechanical condition.
Electric equipment, with starter.
This is a sacrifice sale and if you
want a first class buy cheap, call 81
and ask for Mills, or see car at North
western Garage. ' tf.
CRAWFORD canning peaches now
ready. Order immediately, crop light,
short season, quality fancy. Laeh
mund's orchard 5 miles north of Sa
lem, in Keizer bottom. I'htwe H. W.
Bowdcn, foreman, farmers 29F3. Bring
your boxes. tt
Black locust wood for making trenails
Thousands are nsed in every ship and
are absolutely needed to help along
the ship building program. If you can
spare any from your grove we can pay
you a good price tor them. Western
Ship Supply Co., E. C. Armstrong,
purchasing agent. Phone 1917B. tf
GOVERNMENT WILL hold civil serv
ice examinations in 8a!m in August.
20,000 women clerks to be appointed
at Washington. Experience unneces
sary. Wowen d;siring government
clerkships write for free particulars
to H. E. Terry, (former civil seivice
examiner), 315 Columbian building,
Washington. 8-23
FOB SALE Good Hall safe 1200 lbs.
good 130 raw. hide chairs, large lot
of dishes, knives, forks, spoons, trays,
etc., for restaurant at fair, some good
show cases for counters and display
of goods, small cook stove, 4 or 5
good heaters; for any of this phone
R. B. Ryan, 19F3, Salem. Or. 8-13
MEN WANTED Able bodied over
eighteen years for paper mill work
at West Linn, Oregon, near Portland.
Wages $3.36 iglit honrs. No experi
ence necessary. Permanent positions
and advancement for steady men.
Striko declaied eight months ago do.es
not affect peaceful and normal oper
ation of this plant. Free transporta
tion. 141 North High St. Phone 340.
Trr a v t
Call at 1005
Liberty street, or
phone 2017R.
WANTED Boys of 16 or over to tany j
paper routes for winter. High school
nors preferred. Jbuquire at Journal oi
fie'e. tf
UABBIED man with wife and one ehild
wants place oa farm for year. Ad
dress 1109 Monroe St., Oregon City.
Ore. 8-19
5 GOOD men wanted for factory work
long job at god wages. Call at room
303 Salem Bank of Com. bldg., or
phone 482, agent, W. D. Smith. tf
FOB SALE At bargain, 6 room modern
bungalow, large log, garage, one block
from paved street, 2 blocks to car line
An ideal home for little money. Ad-
drts A. J. 20 care Journal. tf
Murderer Spends Pleasant
Two-Week Vacation In
Western Oregon His
After a two weeks' outing in the
hills, Bennett Thompson is back home
again. He is busy sawing wood today.
. Bennett Thompson is the man who
murdered Mrs. Helen Jennings and
l"ea iustman, rortiand jitney driver,
near Tualatin two years ago. He waa
sentenced to life imprisonment in the
state penitentiary.
But two weeks ago he and Fred Thur-
ber left for a short outing. They took
their departure by night by cutting a
bole through the bars in the flume
which runs through the prison yards.
Ihompson was icaptured yesterday
afternoon near Rainier, in Columbia
county, as he was taking a drink from
the Columbia river. While he had his
face down to the water, Deputy Sheriff
James Jesse slipped up behind him.
When Ibompson turned to se who was
there he looked into tho barrels of a
brace of revolvers, and had no choice
but to quietly surrender.
Warden Murphy, who was in Port
land with his automobile, was notified
and he went to St. Helens, where depu
ty Sheriff Jesse, took Thompson, to
get the prisoner. The warden, with
Prison ! GSiard MJoreloek, Tdturned
Thompson to the prison last night
And his vacation is over.
Thompson told his captors that if
he had been given five minutes more
time ho would have crossed the river
and caught a freight train for Seattle,
from where ho expected to beat bif
way into Canada, where he intended
to join the Canadian army.
"And then I would like to have seen
you fellows try to get me back," he
said. "You sure would have had some
time trying it, belieVe me."
He said he and Thurber, when they
left the prison, hiked along the Oregon
Electric to Malloy, and tnen to uswego.
Next they went to Milwauki iand
Lents, where they separated. Thomp
son made his way to St. Johns, where
he got a row boat and crossed to Linn
ton, from where he made his way over
mpuntain trails to Rainier.
Use Commission Funds
For Hospital Beckwith
Harvey Beckwith, chairman of the
state iudustial accident commission, is
in favor of using funds of the commis
sion to build a special hospital for the
commission on the grounds of the Uni
versity of Oregon Medical school in
He says the business of the commis
sion is grown until a hospital is badly
needed to give the best attention to the
men injured in industrial accidents
throughout the 'state. The revenues of
the commission are now so large, he
points out, that one month's income
would bo sufficient to build the hospital-
It is his idea that in connec
tion with .the hospital should be1 an
administrative building for housing the
commission and its large force of em
ployes. But before any such plan takes def
inite shape, he says the employrs and
employes who are the chief contribu
tors to the industrial accident fund
should be consulted and should give
their approval,
"The money really belongs to them,"
said Chairman Beckwith, ".and if they
approved the plan for building a hos
Dital I do not believe there would be
jany objection from oher sources, as
the hospital wouiu De uum wuu meir
money and would not cost the general
taxpayer a cent."
Mr. Beckwith is going to take the
matter up with some of the biggest
employers, who contribute the largest
sums to the fund, and if they approve
the proposition would be put up to the
next legislature.
State House Notes
The Great Northern Railway Com
,pany cleaned up a net income last
vear of 2-'J,021.7gl, which is 16(i,0:J
ile?s than the company's net income the
previous year, according to the com
pany's annual statement filed with the
public service commission.
The eompany 's operating revenues for
the year were $SS,534.163. Its operat
ing expnses were $59,243,785.
Fire losses in the state outside of
olliAlLlil ui ruin
Only limited Objectives Were
Sought In Recent
By J. W. T. Mason,
(Vaited Press Wfir expert)
New York, Aug. 13. The allies' ad
vance is slowing down in conformity
with Marshal Fuch's settled policy of
not wasting the lives of his troops
when time i working so powerfully
on the side of the allied cause.
In substitution for direct assaultt
with their heavy casualties to the at
tacking troops, Marshal Foes is again
reverting to his squeeze plays Pres
sure at strategical points is now the
dominant feature in plans now being
formed at Foch's headquarters. The
Germans must eventually fall back to
the old Hindenbnrg- line and beyond
the Cheniin-Des-Dames, as well, and
Marshal Fork is showing that he will
not force this retirement within any
given number of days.
Neither the Marne attack nor the
present drive in Picardy constitutes a
true major offensive. Marshal Focn,
issued a firm veto in each series of
operations against any extension of the
assaults beyond strictly limited object
ives. The enemy was caught in traps
on both occasions and outguessed and
During the Marne engagements, as
well as now, Marshal Foch has revealed
that it is useless for von iliudenburg
to seek to entrap the allies. At the
point where Von UindenDurg sets out
to "lure the allies on," Marshal Foch
immediately brings his commands to
a 'standstill. This display of caution
and or regard for the lives of his men
is in full conformity with Marshal
Foch 's ultimate strategy.
Neither Picardy aor the Chenim-Des-
Dames, nor even, the Belgian border
contains the allies' main objective.
That objective is the River Rhine and
beyond. It would be short sighted
policy for Marshal Foch to use up his
man power driving Von .tiindcnDiirg
back to Belgium by direct assaults
through French territory, in preference
to use this same men power for an
invasion of Germany- Once the ab
lies, led by America's millions, are well
into Germany, the rest will folow.
Bat. in the meantime, whenever Von
Hindenburg commits gross errors of
strategy, Marshal Foch's purpose is to
take full advantage of these mistakes
Thus the allies' casualties will be kept
down for the great drive to the Rhine,
but meanwhile German morale will be
subjected to steady deterioration.
Professor Matthews' Report
Was Considered at Secret
Session This Morning
When the state consolidation commis
sion met today, its first official action
was to adopt a motion in favor of hold
ing a secret session, and the newspaper
men present were invited to leave.
The motion for a secret session was
made by Herman Von Burstel, secretary
of the commission, at the request of Pro
feasor J. M. Matthews, the consolidation
expert employed by the commission. No
one seconded the motion, but Chairman
Johnson put it to a vote. Von Borstcl
voted aye; no one voted no, so the mo
tion was declared carried.
It was stated that the commission
wanted to talk over a few things, and
probably this afternoon an open session
would be held when the newspaper rep
resentatives could be present. .
The plan, as outlined, is to abolish all
elective state offices, except those 'of
the governor, secretary of state and
state treasurer, which arc constitutional
and cannot be abolished without an
amendment to the constitution. In place
of the elective offices the governor will
be given authority to appoint practical
ly all the state officials, the same as
the kaiser now does in Germany.
It is proposed-to divide tho state gov
ernment into eight or nine departments
and provide for a chief or a commis
sioner to head each department. In
most cases, these commissionerships will
be new and extra officeg, while the pres
ent officials might be retained as bureau
chiefs under the commissioners,
One of the changes proposed in to
take all ilie state institutions from the
Portland during the month of July
totaled $273,835, according to figures
compiled by Slate Fire Marshal Wells.
These figures include the $170,000 loss
sustained by the big Heppmer fire.
There were 55 fires in the state, of
which nine were eaused by defective
That the passage of senate bill 313.
now pending before congress, will be
a big, boost for inland cities as it will
give them, a lower freight rate from
eastern points, is the declaration of
Public Service Commissioner Corey in
a letter to C. K. Cranston, secretary of
the Commercial Association of Peudle
The purpose of the bill is to render
the interstate commerce commission
powerless to grant lower rates from the
east to Pacific coast terminals than
is granted to inland points .having a
shorter haul.
"I believe that now that the rail
roads are under federal control it is
the opportune time to secure this legis
lation," says Commissioner Corey.
Torpedoing of Two Spanish
Steamers Has Caused j
Sericss Rapture
London, Aug. 13. That a break be-1
twea tyai- and Germany is likely i
was reported here this afternoon.
The sinking of two Spanisb steamers i
by German submarines fed to con- j
sidersble unrest in Madrid. This was,
followed by the internment of the crew
of a U-tat that sought refuge iu a !
Spanish port. I spite of 'his, the
Spanish cabinet, following a special j
meetiag Sunday, issued statement i
declaring that it was vital for Spain
to maintain its neutrality.
Rumor Creates Interest.
Washington. Aug. 13. Reports that
Spain may bo, about to break with
Germany were received here with un
disguised' interest today.
Confidential reports here have long
ndicated that Aluhonso's has been "ou
the fence" awaiting developments.
There is a strong Germanophile elem
ent in the country, particularly in the
army, but reports show this element
has been greatly tempered by the thiuK-
ng classes in Spain.
Curtailments of raw materials to that
country, hampering its great manu
factures, also had a contributing in
fluence toward changing public opinion
and enthusiasm over German prowess.
The crudity of German diplomacy,
combined with the Teuton U-boat
activity against Spanish ships, shortago
of food and raw materials, and the
growing strength of the allies in the
west, all tended to win favor for the
aJliea. Recjentiv, reports here show,
even former Ipro-German newspapers
have exclaimed over the great wrk
of the American army and have ceased
to prate of German military prowess.
Spain is understood to have about
2,000,000 men who could be put fully
equipped, into military service.
control of the state board of control
and appoint a commissioner to run
them. This commissioner wouia De ap
pointed by the governor.
It is proposed to put an ine uepan
meuts having "to do with labor under
una head, with an advisory committee
to represent what is now the industrial
nnmrnlcinn Tll'lB Hfllll 11 IKStOMl 1
1VCUMH I .u mi . '"
will be chairman of the state industrial
accident commission and will havo two
denutv commissioners o serve with nim
while the commission as now organized
will be abolished.
No .-ecommendations are being made
as to the salaries which should be paid
these new commissionersbut Mr. Von
Borstel, secretary of tho consolidation
commission, said the idea was to get
bigger men than now fill the stale of
fices. All the members of the commission,
who were appointed by the governor, are
oresunl, as follows: A. J. Johnson, t or
valhs; Herman Von Brostel, Portland;
lames Fullerton. Roseburg: Frank Pat
ton, Astoria; T.'J. Scroggin, La Grande;
John Carkin, Medford; Charles Kudeen,
"Fair Price Board''
. For Marion County
A "Fair Prico Board" will bo es
tablished in Marion county within s
short time and a meeting of members of
this board has been called for August
lb'. The Federal Food administration
has deemed it advisable to establish in
each county nnd state a "Fair Price
Hoard" to bo composed of eight mem
bers who are to meet once a week fof
the purpose of fixing tho wholesale and
retail price on all staple food stuffs-
The Hoard is to be composed or
the following: The county food ad
ministrator as chairman of the board;
a wholesaler, a credit and delivery re
tailor, a cash and cany retailer.
member of tho arange, a member to
represent the rural communities, a
sniiill town merchant flnd a woman re-
, AT
38 Years the Leaders
v HooodIgoods
Of Silk Underskirts.-!-This is a very choice selec
tion of Silk Underskirts in Various Colors. An extra
special offer at ...... . .$2.98
(See Court Street Window)
Beacon Blankets
This beautiful i stock of
f Beacon blankets goes in
with the other bargains
f to be found at our store.
You need one or more for
t the auto only
The Thrifty Buyer will
lines, we are closing out.
bargain tables.
Members of this board will be ap
pointed in a day or so for the first
meeting to be hold next Friday and to
perfect the organization.lt is probable
that from week to week, the findings of
tthis Board may be published whereby
the housekeeper my Know Just about
what is the right price for any article
on the market.Not necessarily the
urice that may be askd, but what is to
be considcrd a lair retail iiirice. mere
is nothinjj to prevent a grocer or meat
market from selling at a price he may
think best, but the "Fair Price Board"
will establish what the eight members
decide ft a fair retail price considering
the wholesale or market price. Several
coiiuties (ii the Istate talreddy have
this board.
Court House Notes
Clara Smiley was granted a divorce
yesterday from Frank Hmiley on the
grounds of desertion. Ttiey worn mar
ried October 10, 112 and he deserted
Jan 15, 1910.
In the case of J. F. Morris against
tho Gates Mill Co., as receiver, Y . L
Needliain was ordered by Ihe court, to
sell at Diivatc salo for cash the logs.
timber, slab wood and other materials
at the mill iu controversy in the pres-
nt. law suit. The mill is at Schroder's
An affidavit opposing the appniu!
ment of a receiver in the ease of W. t .
Hubbard against L. II. McMahon and
others was filed yesterday in tho circuit
court by Mr. McMahon. In his affidavit
opposing the appointment of the re-
ctivorsiiip, Mr, Mi-ftiaiion unigcs mm
he entered into an agreement in writing
with Mr. Hubbard, dated July 10, 1W1U,
whereby the time for payment was ex
tended three years and mat au ereuas
iluc him have not been made on the
note. That 1M a('r"s 01 ,ne
had beoii sold to different parties eight
or nine yiuirs ago in orchard tracts and
that the owners had neglected , their
tracts, causing decrease in the orchards.
That lie (McMahon) had pulled and
cleaned 80 aeres last year at an expense
of $1200 and that 16,800 trees were still
on the property and that it would coat
$2000 to remove them, mat ue nau uy
plowed most of the 80 acres and will
soon have all'in fall seeding and ttmt
it will cost $900 for the seed and $1500
to clear the land, lie alleges that his
son, bugene n. McAianon. uvn m mv,
service, lias property valued at i
tu;,l.. ,f I lie tract ill ciuestion. That
the 2O0 acres has had no crop for eight;
or nine veurs and that it should produce
from $15,000 to $20,000 in wheat the
coming year. That his sun expected to
dear up "the 80 acre thact with bis cater
pillar engine but could get no furlough
to do th work, although $600 had been
spent in fixing the engine. That no en
gineers could be found who eould run
the caterpillar, and that he is agent in
charge of the trai t for his son, Kugene
H. McMahon.
Mamie Blam-hanl filed suit for di
vorce airainst C. n. Blanehard. They
were married a Independence May 11,
1000, and have four children, ages 10,
8, 6 and 4 years. Khe alleges that he has
harrassed asd embarrassed her Ttnd ac
ciised her of all sorts of things, even
striking her. fche asks for the custody
of the four children.
A supplemental complaint was filed
by the Pacific Mutual Life Insurance
company, against R. H. Ryan in their
suit of foreclosure against the Bynn
building, opposite the Marion hotel. The
and Still On Top
n on
We must close out all
mens hats at once. All
men's stiff hats in new
est shapes
Our soft hats were bought ; ;
for this fall.-All new;
shades and shapes to clean : ;
up from
$1 to $2.50
find many bargains in the
It will pay you to see our
original suit was for $15,000 and the
company asks for an addition of $258
as it had paid out this amount for in
surance on the building.
H. H. Chance 1ms filed suit for divorce
against Hattie 3. Cbanee. He alleges
that she deserted him. They were mar
ried May 15, 190, and he asks for tho
custody of the throe ehildreu.
The matter of the estate of Martha
S. Morton, deceased, the executor Chas.
a. Morton reported that at private mi In
ho gold lo Matilda J. Hauwnan for $50,
subject to incumbrance, lots 3 and 4,
block 79, Woodstock additioa to Port
land. Fred J. Sicwerr, executor of the es
tate of Daniel A. Siewert petitioned
Judge Busbvy for permission to loan
$M)0 funds of the estate to E, B. ami
Mary E. Palmer, on Salem reul estale
security, for one year iu seven per cent.
The petition was granted.
eNe - ft-
m. Xn
2 Reel Comedy Feature
You may b fortunate and see
some one you know In pic
tures taken over there
in her second screen pUy
itxa story of tht yrratni
decision in a woman is.
"Ii't J Goldwyn Ptciur,.'
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