Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 10, 1918, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING KATES FUKXISHED housekeeping rooms, 694 WEALTHY young widow would marry
trustworthy, home-loving nun, eld as
60 considered, Mrs. 14. Box 3S4, v
Angeles, CaL.
Bate por word New Today:
Bach insertion
One week (6 insertions)
One month (26 insertions)
This Capital Journal will not 1 re
sponsible for autre than one insertion,
for errora in Classified Advertisements.
Bead your advertisement the first day
it appears and notify us immediately.
Minimum charge, 15c
WOOD for sole. Call 17F4.
600 TO LOAN on eountry or city
property. H. A. Johnson k Co. 8-1S
filRL wants housework. Phone 111F5.
WOAIaN wants work by the hour or
ilav. Call 475 8. 17th St. 8-16
TOR SALE Heavv work team nail
harness. Call 529 o"r 1423J. 8-13
N. Commercial. Phone 454 W. 8-10 j
WANTED Second hand
typewriter. Phona 340.
FOB 8ALE or .trade for cow, good
driving mare. Enquire 1120 Center
St. r phoae 1074. 8-13
FOB SALE 1 aerea at Quinaby, good
house, barn, well, etc., near station.
O. H. Harold, Salem, Kt. 8. 8 -16
BEAUTIFUL Persian kittens for sale,
Address C. Kirkpatrkk, Falls Citv,
Or, Si7
PATENTS obtained low as 17. Pat
ents for sale. Patent News-h, Wash'
iiigton, D. C.
j LOST White and tan Fax terrier, o
reward. License 1781. Phoivj 36F23.
"WANTED Girl for general housework.
State School for Deaf. 9-15
FOB SALE Pigs and Holstein heifer
calf. State School for Deaf. 8-14
$1000 TO LOAN on farm property.
Phone 115 or 1204 evenings. 8-16
FUBNISHED fiats for rent. Call 1737
W. tf
WANTED Straina honey in bulk.
Cherry City bakery Co. tf .
WOOD far sale. Seeond growth. Phone
58F4.. 810
FOB SALE Young calf,
after 7 p. .
Thone 1224
WANTED Veal ealws and fat cattle.
Phone 1576W. " 8-8
8TUMP puller for sale or
wood. Phone 1737W.
trade for
FOB TRADE House at, 1444 Ferry St.
for Portland property. 610
WANTED Teamster, married man pre
ferred, house to live in. Wage $3.50
per day. Phone 78F11. 8-12
FOB SALE Choice pansv plants, fine
for fall setting, 13 cents per dozen.
Phone 798W. 8-10
MAN with team wants to haul prunes
from orchard to dryer. Phone 2381
B. 812
HOP PICKERS wanted, will begin
picking Tuesday Aug. 20. Keizcr bot
tom. O. O. McOUan. Phone S4F13.
Many Important Questions Yet
Remain To Be Decided
38 Years the Leaders and Still On Top
GOATS FOB SALE 8 registered bucks Washington, Aug. 1. Whk only a!
12 to 20 high grade does, 12 ts 15 ; week remaining before the new icrenne
weathers. C C. McCorkle, Silverton, 1 bill is acheduled to fre reported to the
Or. J house the ways and means committee to'
jda? still had to etth on an excess
FUBNISHED house wanted, 5, 6 or 7 1 profits rate, frame a war profit tax and
room, completely furnished nous? tor gather the loose enas or luxury taxes.
oae year. Prefer bungalow.
Oregon theater, 221J.
FOB SALE One of the best new sev
,"n room bnngalows in Falls City at a
bargain. Ford or Dodge considered as
part pavment. Address box 285,
Falls City, Or. 8 17
LOST Ladies' gold rit watch with
Elgin movement, somewhere on High
or t'hemeketa street, last night after
band concert. Finder please return
same to Journal offiee or call Miss
Hinton, 1017. Reward, tf.
AGENTS WANTED Large manufac
turer wanta representatives to sell
shirts, underwear, hosiery, dresses,
waiatis, Bkirts, direct to homes. Write
for free samples. Madison Mills, 503
Broadway, New York City.
FOB BENT Well improved 30 acre
farm. One mile east of the asylum.
Inquire of T. K. Ford over Ladd and
Bush 'a bank. 8-13
FOB SALE At a bargain, a 4-cylinder
St.udcbaker car in good shape, model
17. Phone 88, B. J. Herschbach &
Son. 810
FOB SALE Bookcases and chairs at
1441 Ferry St. 810
LOST Near the North Falls at Silver
Cr.eek a ladies wrist watch, Waltham
movement, black leather wrist strap.
Finder please leave at this office and
receive reward. ' 8-14
WANT $1000 loan on good security for
3 years at 8 per cent. Socolof sky. 8-12
5 PASSENGER Ford, good as new, for
sale at 555 Ferry. f
LOOK! LOOKI My 5 room bungalow
for rent, entire quarter block in beans
and potatoes, 3 blocks fromJN. Com'l
St. car. Bent J0. Call 1C95 N. Liberty
St. or see I. C. Beers at Capitol drug
Store. 8-12
EESTAUBANT at fair grounds for sale
Phone 1737.W. ..., . t. 8 10
COL. W. F. WRIGHT, the auctioneer.
Turner, Oregon. Phone 59. . tf.
FOB 5'i p-r cent farm loans, see the
Marioa-Polk 'eoanty national farm
loan association. W. D. Smith, 303
.Salem Bank of Commerce bldg. tf
"WALL PA PEE 15 cents per double roll
upward. Buren'a Furniture Store, 179
1WANTED Man and team, can make
from $8 to $9.50 per day. Call phone
4X51 Turner. tf-
FINE business opportunity for mau and
wife, or a couple of ladies who know
the busiaess, to open restaurant in
live town now. Information by F.
Droege, Falls City, Or. 8-12
HOUSEKEEPING apartments and
single 'rooHns, nicely lurmsueu,
633 Ferry street.
WANTED Small automatic or good
,.,1iinn rnliher revolver. Addr.ws 53
Journal ' 6 10
FOB SALE Five passenger Eeo. All
new tires. Fine mechanical condition.
Electric equipment, with starter.
This is a sacrifice sale and if yon
want a first class buy cheap, call 81
and ask for Mills, or see car at North
western Garage. tf.
ivm SAr.Tr.fi acres blackberries on the
.vines. W. H Humphreys, Shaw, Or.,
Phone 22F5. -
WANT to buy thirty to forty young
Shropshire ewes. Phone 115 or 1204
Biintiinita 8"1 0
TWO and three room furnished apart
ments. 491 N. Cottage. Phcne 2203-
irr ATT.nT.TV ntilitv r.-.an. wants
" ULl. V L"-- , '
,,t nnv kind. Phone 2444
"""" ' 8-10
WANTED Furnished housekeeping
rooms in private home for family of
three. Must be clean and convenient
ni(v ;n. Phone 361. tf
FOB SALE One cow, one hayrack
2 nlows, 200 sacks, 2
.1p mm horse. 3 harness. Phone 26F
ii nm; 8-14
WANTED Household furniture of all
kinds. Phone 510 Woodry, tne aue
urvTEI. fnr tense, furnished, full, pays
$1000 per month, rent $80 month; log
ging camp. Powers, Coos Co. Address
h,it- A.n mri journal. " lv
WiMTKD-Three or four hundred bush
els of potatoes, old stock for table
use. Call K. B. Goodin, Secy Oregon
fitatn Hnnnl of Control, riione 510.
iW ANT Partner in wood business with
$500, have stumpage for tea tnous-
nr.l MET to Bit out- Box 333.
MARRY if lonely: for results, try me;
best and miost successful "Home
Maker;" hundreds rich wish mar
riage soon; strictly confidential;
moat reliable; years of experience;
danorlpttions free. "The Successful
Club," Mrs. Purdie, Box 556, Oak
land, Calif.
10 ACBES, 6 in brush pasture, 3 in
corn, beans, potatoes; 1 in young
fault 'v orchard, berries, house, out
buildings, shaded hen yard, well, near
church, store, school, K. B. station,
$Ui50. Horse, cow, laving hens, tools,
wood all go in. Four miles east of asy
lum. Salem, Rt. 6, box 79A. 8-io
GOVERNMENT WILL hold civil serv
ice examinations in Batem in August.
20,000 women clerks to be appointed
at Washington. Experience unneces
sary. Wowen desiring government
clerkships write for free particulars
to B. E. Terry, (former civil seivice
examiner), 313 Columbian building,
Washington. 8-23
l'he committee has. tentatively decided
to adopt the recommendation of its sub-'
committee for a ten per cent retail gales
tax on all things commonly recognized
as luxuries.
fha sub-committee's recommendation
on the other things such as clothes,
which become luxuries when they com
mand a very high price, have no v
acted upon finally. On thesa things the
recommendation is for a 20 per cent
tax above certain prices, such as men's
suits and overcoats above $s0.
leu per cent tax en leased wires and
news phone circuits, adopted after a
hard fight in committee yesterday, will
laise only $1,000,000, Chairman Ivicbin
said today.
Tiie committee turr.?d down the final
iecommandation of the treasury de
partment to tax leased wires 25 per
cent and the 10 per cent rate was
adopted by a very close vote.
Mrs. John Von Eyth
Files Suit For Divorce
THOUSANDS MEN, women, girls, 18
or over, wanted immediately by U.
H. government. Easy office positions
at Washington and in every large
city. Experience unnecessary. 100
month and up. 7 hour day. Your
country needs you. Help her. Write
immediately for free list positions
open. Franklin institute Dep't 379 G,
Rochester, N. Y.
FOB EXCHANGE A choice 279 acre
stock ranch. 130 acres plow land, 60
acres timber, balance pastuve. Good
water, buildings in fine condition, in
cluding two large barns, 24 head good
cattle, team of good mares, filly, colt,
brood sow, registered Jersey bull, 41
sheep, 60 goats, full set of imple
ments and machinery. Owner will take
good house in Salem, Dallas, Inde
pendence or Albany with some cash.
C. V!. Niemeyer, 544 State street. 8-10
After less than one year of married
life with John A. Von Eyth, Mrs. Hazel
M. Von Eyth has filed a suit for di
vorce in the circuit court of Marion
county. Before her marriage, Mrs.
Von Eyth was the "widow of A. G.
Newsome, well known in Salem and
Howell Prairie.
She alleges cruel and inhumane treat
ment. In her petition for divorce she
alleges that "she had good financial
and social standing in the community
and that he represented himself to be a
man of high social and financial stand
ing and possessed of large financial
interests." That very soon after her
marriage with Von Eyth she found that1
what he had told her was false and
that he had no money or social stand
ing. She also alleges that he found
fault with her on account of her love
and fondness for her mother and other
relative and that he treated her rela
tives in a disrespectful manner.
She asks for tbe-(reetoration of her
name Hazel Newsome -and other - re
lief. It will be remeaibered that Mrs.
Von Eyth was for a time cashier for
the Oregon theatre and that later she
waa married to A. G. Newsome. He
lived but a few mqnths after their
marriage. About a yeat or so after
Mr. Newsome 's death, she married Von
Eyth on a short acquaintance.
GOVERNMENT needs 20,000 clerks at
Washington. Examinations every
where iu August. Experience Unneces
sary. Men and women desiring gov
ernment positions write for freo par
ticulars to J. C. Leonard, (former civ
il service examiner,) 1039 Kenois
bldg., Washington. D. C. , 8-12
383 ACBES all cultivated except suffi
cient standing timber for fuel, fully
modern 10-room house, large barn, 85
tous hay, 125 tons ensilug.'!, 50 acres
corn, two new silos, milk house, etc.,
60 head of Guernsey cows, 8 horses,
Oo P. I. C. hogs, machinery and im
plements. This farm is located fairly
close to Salem, and is about as good a
uiurv ranch as can be found in the
Willamette valley. Of the cattle, 35
cows are averaging 8000 pounds of
milk a year. Price $31,000. No lwum
branie. C. W. Nienuver, 544 State
street. 8-10
High School Athletics
May Be Discontinued
MUST SELL my modern 6 room house
at once, located on graveled street,
one block from paved street, 2 blocks
from car lino, 4 blocks from school,
largo lot and garage, terms if desir
ed. Act at once if you want a good
home cheap. Address J 24 care Jour
nal, tf
FOB EXCHANGE Good new seven
room house aud large lot, on paved
street and car line, with modern con
veniences, near school and church, for
horses, harness, wagon, farm machiu
crv and cows. W. A. LiBton, agent.
. . 8-10
LOl for sale. 1520 N. Front. 813
t Court House Notes
233 ACBES, five hundred yards of sta
tion for sale, good 5 room house, barn
88x70, 20 steel stanchions, 10 horse
stalls, 1 call pen, 1U loot aucy way,
In the circuit court Eachel A. Pat-
ton filed suit for a divcrce from Alvin
U Patton. They were married at
Aumsvillo Sept. 15, 188 and after
living with hit family for 28 years he
deserted and has not been heard from
since, lhat is, lie left Ins tamily on
Sept. 14, 1914. There are no minor
children nor any property rights in
volved. In the suit for separation from her
husband, Nellie E. Wol'lery asks an
order of the court that he pay her
$75 for her Rupport and children dur
ing the ponding of the suit. She al
leges that had it not been for thj
generosity of her friends, that she
would have been obliged to call for
help from the public authorities. She
states that she has been unable t
work as her youngest child is two
months old. Also that her husband has
been employed since January 1, 1918
and that he has contributed only about
The state board of high school ath
letic Ov'd'ijded aj. Ihe meeting hold
yesterday to ascertain from the seventy
high schools in the state whether it
was their wish to continue athletics
the coming year. A letter will be sent
to each school to get an expression
of opinion. Should there be a feeling
that the coining school year is unfavor
able for athletics, the board may dis
continue the organization, at least for
the year.
A suspension of the rule whereby a
pupil must have finished in three sub
jects to be eligible to any game was
favored bv the board. So many boys
were unable to complete the spring
term of school this year, that it was
thought best to suspend the three sub
ject rule.
The nile requiring that a boy must
be in s: hool bv October in was also bus-
ueiided as it was felt that on account
of the scarcity of labor many a high
school boy would not be able to enter
school even at this date.
pig pasture, hen house, granary; fenc-1 j.jg towards her support and that of
her children since the first of the year.
ed in four fields, lots water, f4wm
cash, balance 15 years. $35 per acr!.
Owner W. D. Clark, box 12, Airdrie,
Aha. 810
WANTED Woman for housework on
' farm. No children. Treated as member
. of the family. Aprly 69o is. Loniiner-
cial St.
FOB SALHOr trade fine bowling al
ley and pool and billiard hall, a good
! chance to make money. See me soon.
G. W. Laflar, 406 Hubbard bldg. tf
USED CABS Ford $325, Stoddard
Dayton $230, Maxwell $550, $375,
8tudcbaker $450, Ford roadster body
nd ton 15. Hiehwar Garage, 1000
a c't tf
FOB SALE Keo, five passenger tour
ing car. First class mechanical shape.
All new tines, eood extra tire, tools,
t. rheao. Owner must sell. See car.
At Great Western Garage. tfl 'CITY,
MEN WANTED Able bodied over
eighteen years for paper mill work
Tacit Fletcher filed a suit, against
A. F. Lange for $106.50, balance due
on a note, asking this amount and $30
attornev's fees- He also filed another
suit against Lange for $300 due on a
Rogers Wants Convicts
For Shipyard Work
Geo. F. Dodgers, formerly of this city
now in the shipbuilding business at AS'
toria, has written secretary Uoodin, ot
th.-i Board of Control, requesting tliat
prison convicts be put to work in the
shipyards. The letter has not been made
public yet, but has been referred to
the eovv;rnor for his action upon the
Wages $3.36 eight hours. No experi
ence necessary. Permanent positions
and advancement for steady men.
Strike declared eight months ago decs
not affect peaceful and normal oper
ation of thia plant. Free transporta
tion. 141 North High St. Phone 340.
9 6
with $50 attorney ' fees.
A marriage license was issued yes
terday to Dennis A. . Miller, 34, of
Wood'burn, a laborer, and Elizabeth
Driscoll, 33, of Salem, a stenographer.
CALL FOB 100,000.
Washington, Aug. 10. Provost Mar
shal General Crowder issued a call for
100,000 white registrants for general
military service for entrapment August
26 to 30, and s call for 30,207 colored
registrants for entrapment August 22
to 24. '
Journal Want Ads Pay
t - . nr--,f
mi i i i ill III rfai I n i i rmil-T n mm - i r i -- -' ' n j
in our
Ready-to- Wear Department
The Season's latest in Coats, Fur-Trimmed Collar and Cuffs, Plush Trimmed
Collars and Cuffs. Black Plush Coats. Don't delay but come in at once and
see the choice ones. WE HAVE A FEW VERY NIFTY SUITS ALSO.
Those new waists are beauties. Geor
gette Crepe in flesh and white; some
with the new slip over effects. .
We are closing out all summer dres
ses, sold as high as $10; all go at
Yes those new wool sweaters have
arrived and they are stunning. Your
style and color is here.
silk- "'v-""".
Clean-up sale of Silk Foulards, Mes
saline and Taffetas, 06 inches wide,
per yard
' h
1 P
mi kjiiix uiiuf ami ia
See Window Display on Court street. Be there early Wednesday morning as
these pretty silk skirts will go Quick at This Price.
Shower Leaflets Down Upcn
Upon City Instead of Ex
plosive Bombs.
ed of the enemy, tli.
announced totluv.
Iniliun war office
Diver Losses Light
Rome, Aug. 10 Franklin I). Room
velt, ati(ttant mc.rvtary of the Aiitcr-
Itomc, An?. lO.-Admind Delhonn, iniu-" n:lv?. arrived here late yesterday
.... . an. I win received by Admirul Ucllioiio
u..r nf inni'iiKi ill an iTitei'V'lPW lwr til. - J
1 ' iiiiiiiiHlcr of murine.
day d. 'dared that shipping ie HK the
rcHiilt of U-boat operations in tin' Med
iterranean and Adriatic waters are only
a tenth of wliaj 1,u7 Wl'10 ,rlRt ycar-
Journal Want Ads Pay
Our Want Ads
are the Bait that
catch the Big Fish
ReiulU-Try one fa
to-morrovt paper
Rome, Aug. 10. "We Italians do not
make wur. on wumeu, children Hiid old
men only on your blind, obxtinute
cruel Government. "
This statement was contained in the
million manifestos showered on Vienna
by Italian airmen yesterday. The. mani
(estos said in part:
"To the people of Vienna: We could
drop tons of bombs but we Italians do
not make war on women, children and
old men; only on your blind, obstinate,J
criv;l government, which cannot (rive
you either peace or bread, but feeds
you on hatred and illusions.
"You have the reputation of intel
ligence. Why have you domi.'d the Prus
sian uniform I It Is suicnie ror you to
continue the war. The decisive victory
promised you by the Prussians is liko
the bread from Ukraine. 0m dies
whiln waiting for It.
' "People of Vienna, think of your
selves. Awake! Eight aeroplanes under
command of Captain Gabriel D'Annun
zio, the famous pot, left the war rone
at 5:50 yesterday morning and arrived
over Vienna at 9:20. The planes were
not molested, but one of them was forc
ed to alight by engine trouble. When
the others returned they were given a
great ovation." .
Vienna Is about 275 miles from the
nearest point n the Italian front.
Cleat out Austria!! '
Rome, Aug. lO.-'-Guidicara and Asai
go plateaus have been tompRTely clear-
is 'it- ; ? - - , ? j
oi - f 1 ." - . " - -fi
t-f m 1 w 'im-'.-,. . "v'.fc'M-
(- ' u " i ' l
tu Vrf . a , ,'".(;
.- ,..: . S ' :
i f"" , 6 ft:. y- .y. - -V 4 c
t-;iiv, .--if
photograph shows the M'cbanical Bug, a locomotive made by Canadian corps
tramway officers with the help Of a corporal. The engine is from a motorcy
cle, the flue from a once famous sugar r finery and th.? bolt from a niino
head now smashed bv artillery power. Opyrigt, Undewood I'mb-wood.