Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 05, 1918, Page FIVE, Image 5

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' """""m iuijm f U.lNHtU housekeeping rooms, 694
Bate per word New Today: . X. Commercial. rhone 8-lU
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Head jour advertisement the first day
it appears and notify us immediately.
Mini mum charg.?, 13c.
3c WAITED to trade, registered sheep s
l'cj and goat buck for same. Phone ev
FOB SALE 40 good grain saeks,
or will exchange for hay. 8-7
WANTED Pasture for horses. Mrs.
Geo. Beiuoehl, 2199 Broadway, Sa
lem. . (j?
WANTED Veal calves. Phoue
FOB BENT Modern hon, close in. to
permanent renter, only flU. Wood,
Wayne bldg. gj
FURNISHED fiats for rent. Call 1737
W. . ' tf
JjOST DOG Fox terrier, name Francis
on collar: Phoue 3UF23. 8-3
WANTED Household furniture of all
kinds. Phone 519 Woodry, the auc
tioneer. " glQ
J FOB SALE Good Jersey cow, test 5.4
cox, Kt. 4, box 18A, Jefferson
FOB 8ALE-111F3.
Two good Jersey
H. G,
cows. L9ST Partv foud packages
8-5 in groceries please return silver to
FOB SALE L 9 ensilage cutter and
gas engine. Call 105F1S. S-C
FOB SALE Fresh Jersey
bargain. Phone 1073.
at a
M'LAUGIILIN-, utility ir.an, wants
6hort jobs of any kind. Phone 2444.
WANTED Straina honey in bulk.
Cherry City Bakery Co. tf.
FOBD UOADSTER Must sell at once.
Phone 1318J evenings. 8-6
300 ACHE farm for rent, about 7 miles
from Salem. Address Theo. Lengcle,
Salem. g.g
1U UhV Apartment house of 46
rooms, all furnished and full of good
tenants,. P. O. Box 333, Salem. 8-5
WANTED First class driving hors. FOB SALE Five passenger Boo.
1 . 1 1 ... , . ! . ' T.- .1 I 1
must be cheap for cash, will waut to
try thoroughly before actual purchase.
Boute 7, box 11
WANTED Woman for housework on
farm. No children. Treated as member
of the family. Apply 693 8. Commer
cial St. - . 8-10
new tires. Fine Bterhaniral conditio. '
Electric equipment, with starter. :
Thi ia A e.rifiiA Mil an.1 it Ma i
want a first class bur cheap, call 81 !
nu m iot juas, or eee car ai .oria
wester Garage. tf.
FURNISHED house wanted 6 or 'i
room niod,rn bungalow in good neigh
borhood. Will lease for a year, liana
ger Oregon theater. . 8-9
FOB SALE Men's, womens and boy's
second hand shoes at cheap prices.
Modern bhoe Kepair Shop, 464 Court
St. - g-7
FOB SALE 2 plows, 1 waeon with
rack, 1 horse, 2 mules and 3 harness,
200 sacks aiyl 5 tons of hay. Phone 26
t li. inquire for Gilhs. - 8-7
USED CABS Studebaker $450, Ford
$325, Maxwells $530, $373, $350, Stod
dard Davton, $230. Highway Garage,
1000 S. COml. tf.
FOR SALE, Or trade fine bowling al
ley and pool and billiard hall, a good
chance to make money. See me soon.
G. W. Laflar, 406 Hubbard bldg. tf
5 GOOD men wanted for factory work,
long job at good wages. Call at room
303, Salem Bank of Com. b., or
Phone 482, agent, W. D. Smith. 8-5
MUX WANTED who are not now en
gaged in essential war work. Apply
West Linn mills aerora river from
Oregon City. Can use three- men t-
;ry day, so come along. Strike on but
not bothering ns. Wages 42e hour,
eight hours work. Take Seathera
Pacific train to Oregon City. 8-4
GOVERNMENT needs 20,000 clerks at
Washington. Examinations every
where in August. Experience unneces
sary. Men and women desiring gov
ernment positions write for free par
ticulars to J. Leonard, (former civ
il service examiner,) 1059 Kenoia
bldg., Washington. JO. C. 8-12
from ear line, 4 blocks from school,
large lot and garage, terms if desir
ed. Act at once il' you "want a good
home cheap. Address J 24 care Jour
nal. . tf
USED CARS Ford $325, Stoddard-
Dayton $230, Maxwell $550, $375,
Studebaker $450, Ford roadster body
and top $13. Highway Garage, 1000
8. Com '1. " tf
WANTED Ford roadster body l'Jl
or 1916 model. Phone 53F11. 87
CURL wanted,
housework. Call
iu HAL,. .1 year old Jerfv-y cows,
fresh, $45 and $50. Phone 103F16. 8-7
COL. W. F. WRIGHT, the auctioneer!
Turner, Oregon. Phone 50. tf.
"WANTED Small potatoes, for stock
feed. Cull 14F13. 8-7
WHEELBARROW for sale, cheap. Mc
Laughlin, 116 X. Commercial. 8-6
BOY wanted, over 16, for steady work.
The Glovp Factory, 1455 Oak St. 8-7
3 HORSES, 3 wagons and 2 sets har
ness for sale. Phone 377J. 2005 Trade
St. 8-5
FOB RENT (Furnished house, for one
who wants a first class place, hot
water heat, two fire places and com
pletely furnished throughout. Ad
dress Box 373, Salem, Or. tf.
WALL PAPER 15 centB per double roll
upward. Buren's Furniture Store, 179
Commercial. tf.
WANTED Men and team, can make
from $8 to $9.50 per day. Call phono
4X51 Turner. tf.
HOUSEKEEPING apartments and
single rooms, nicely furnished, as
633 Ferry street. tf.
TWO and threo room furnished apart
ments. 491 N. Cottage. Phone 2203
. tf.
WANT Partner in wood business with
$300, have stnmpago for ten thous
and cords, easy to get out. Box 333.
WANTED To trade five acres veil
improved land near Munroe, Or., fot
house and lot in Salem. Address 1092
Broadway. 8-6
WANT a modern bungalow, for
which I will pay up to $2500 all cash.
-Give full particulars In "writing. Box
13, Capital Journal. ... tf
FOR SALE Or trade for liirht car.
team, 1300 lbs. each, double and sin
gle set hanvess, platform spring hack,
two good Jersey cows, 5 and 6 years
old. A. O. Hrowuley, lit. 7, Kilvciton
FOR SALE Reo, five passenger tour
ing ear. First class mechanical shape.
All "how tines, good extra tire, tools,
etc. Cheap. Owner must sell. See car
at Great Western Garage. tf
TO EXCHANGE Equity in $25,000
apartment house in Portland for ranch
near Salem and Salem residence, tho
two not to exceed $18,000. My client
means business, what have you to of
fer? Soeolofsky, 341 State St. 8-5
FOR SALE Whito Leghorn chickens,
130 pullets 4V& months old from hens
that made a net profit of $3.30 each
in ono year. 100 pullets 4 months old
from 2U8 and 219 egg hens. 100 2-
ycar obi hens that made
of $3.30 each in one year. 115 i-year
old hens, some are from the Holly-
wood farm and some from 200-egg
stock. 1 Buckeye 600egg incubator
and two Buckeye colony brooders
that have only been used one season,
also ono McClanahan incubator 160
egg size. It is not the high price of
feed that is causing me to sell. Write
soon for they will not last long. Paul
.Turfite t. Rt. 3. Silverton, Or. 8-2-B
Walked One Hundred And Sixty-Two
MUes On Vaca
tion Trip x
Mr. and Mrs W M Hamilton are lnm
from a two weeks hiking tour in which
they covered 162 miles Th.? greater part
of the time their line of travel took,
them away from the regular lines of
traffic, through rough country with
nothing but horse trails or blazes to
guide theai..
Beginning near Willamina tleir line
of walk was as follows: Over the ranee
MUST SELL my modern 6 room house, by Saddle mountain, one dav in the
at once, located on graveled str.?et, mountains, then down Salmon river fol-
one block from paved street, 2 blocks! lowing the horse trail, and then again
a i: a Li. L- a i i : ..... . .
over faume mountain. Uver night at Pit
ner, then on to Otis about 14 miles.1
From this point they walked to ro-j
win and back, then south down the coast !
to Newport. Then back to Otter Rock,
thence over the mountains to SileU by
way of thfl Spencer ereek trail. Thence
down th? Siletx river to Euchre creek.
It was in this section that the paths to
homesteader's cabins took them off the
right trail several times. The walking
n,vre was over windfalls and heavy un
derbrush. Traveling up Euchre creek brought
them to the Siletz river again at the
outlet of Brush enek. Thence up Sun
shine creek to the- Falls City-Newport
wagon road and t hence into the Siletz
basin to Frink'B farm near the big log
ging camp and thence to Black Bock,
where they took tho train for Salem.
They were compelled to sleen out in
the open only five niirhts. On account
of not being on the usual line of traffic
Mr. Hamilton was obliged to carry 60
pounds in his knapsack.
For those who are ambitious to spend
their summer outing on a hiking trip,
the expenses may be figured a? tna cost
of food while camping out. Tho farm
houses and small hotels charge on an av
erage 50 cents a meal and 50 cents fo1
lodging. As to the necessary equipment
to carry for a. two weeks ''hike, Mr.
Hamilton says he will be glad to give
details fo those interested. As this is his
sixth annual walking tour, he has the
,?(iiipnicnt figured down to the least
amount that is necessary.
Marriage Of Silverton
Man Was Annulled
The marriage between Walter H.
Ruble and Cynthia Gilbert Ruble of
Silverton was dissolved and declared
void by tho circuit court last week.
According to the evidence introduced,
they were married in April of 1916
It was shown that she had been ad
judged insane in February of 1000 and
had been .committed to the Illinois
233 ACRES, five hundred yards of sta
tion for sale, good a room house, barn
38x70, 20 steel stanchions, 10 horse
stalls, 1 calf pen, 10 foot alley way,
pig pasture, hen house, granary; fenc
ed iu four fields, lots water, $4000
cash, balance 15 years. $35 per acr,?.
Owner W. D. Clark, box 12, Airdrie,
Alta. ' 810
Notice is hereby given that tho under
signed was duly appoiuted administra
tor of the estate of Pauline Neugebuutfr
deceased, by order of the county court
of the state of Oregon, for Marion coun-
g.5;ty, on the 11th day of July, 1918, and
lie has duly qualified as such adminis
trator, and that all persons having
claims against said estate arc requested
to present their respective claims, duly
verified, with proper, vouchers, to the
undersigned administrator at Patton
Bros., 340 State street, Salem, Oregon,
within six months from the date of this
Dated August 5, 1918.
Administrator of the estate of Paulino
Xeugebaucr, deceased. Sept, 2.
New York, Aug. 5. The federal grand
jury today handed down an indictment
against tlw Pennsylvania railroad, Ar-
net profiti niour and company, Swift and company
and tlio Jersey City Stock Yards com
pany. The Pennsylvania railroad is charged
with having granted rebates on ship
ments of livestock and dressed meats.
The"" charges cover a period beginning
in 1912 and continuing until last December.
Journal Want Ads Pav
Aiil iiiaAiAiii
AUGUSTS, 9, 10
'Following the Flag to France'
Released by the Committee ea Public
Information, Geo, CreeL chairman.
Taken by U. S. Signal Corps and Navy
Photographers and French Gen. Staff
"The Truth About The War"
Uncle Sam's Answer to the Lies of
The Hun
Admission 25c, All Performances
If Possible Arrange to Attend
The Matinee
In One of the Biggest Features of the Yjear
Northern Itusuital as nn insane per- j nothing of her previous history as an
son suffering with chronic melunchiloa.
Sho was in the hospital until August of
1904 when removed to the Watertown
hospital for the insane of Illinois where
she remained until Sept. 21, 1905. She
was then declared mentally improved
and discharged as cured,
At the time of the marring1, ac
cording to tho evidence, Ruble knew
nisRiie woman. However, in October
of 1917 she was committed to the
Oregon Stato hospital by reason ot
rhronic melancholia and is now an
inmate of that institution.
Journal Want Ms Pay
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