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K by nar Wtraoaa aaal
There is No Economy
in Cheap Coffees
Dont figure your coffee cost by the
pound, but by the cup.
If MJ.B. Coffee costs you more
per pound than the coffee you are
using, we can guarantee MJ.B.
Coffee will cost you less per cup.
You can make more cups of good
coffee with MJ.tJ. than
any other coffee.
MJ.B. surpasses all other
fees m fragrance, flavor
Rtmambtr our Cuaranti
It Reaches You Fresh
with f
y Wl
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brought down and three driven down
out of control. Threa of our machine
are missing.
"Durlug tilie nijiht over 24 tons of
bombs were dropped by us on the rail
ways at Valenciennes, Berlin, ('ourtrai
nd Armentieros anil ou hostile billets
os diffiTent part of the. front. Twv
trains were hit with bombs and thous
ands of rounds fired from nmchine
guns at various ground targets, includ
ing active anti-aircraft guns, search
lights and transports. All out maAines
eeturned. One of the enemy's night
bombing machines was brought down"
Italian Planes Win
Borne, July 26. The first successful
iglit dual between airplanes has been
fought and victory won by an ftalinu
viator whoso name is withheld, it was
tated hero today, .
Tuesday night this Italian flyer at
tacked an AtiBtrian bombing squadron
ia thio moonlight One machine was
downed and fell in Treviao, both occu
pants Of the nmchine being wounded
nil niado prisoner. The Italian turned
his gun on another airplane, which also
crashed down near Oaposilo nud both
occupants were drowned.
General Pershing Eeports
Washington, July 26. Capture of
part or forest Uo rere by American
forces Thursday was reported today bv
General Pershing.
"JJbtween the Ourcq and Hie Marne
our troops continued to press the ene
my, ' the communique said. "Jn tho
advance fast ward they have taken the
sonthern half of Forest le Fare."
The workers in Portland, who sold
the dainty blossom sprays yesterday
for the relief of Belgian" babies were
delighted with the success of their ef
forts, for it was estimated that about
$10,000 wa raised. The Salem commit
tee of the Belgian relief organization,
who are planning the sale of favors
for tomorrow, hope that local people
wui realize- that the eause is worthy
and will respond graciously.
One of the distinctive feature of the
sale of tags tomorrow will be a booth
in Meyers store. This booth whieh will
be appropriately decorated in the Am
erican and Belgian national colors.
will seve as the headquarters for the
day. Many prominent maids and ma
trons will sell the little favors. The
committee in chargo requests that these
wonvn bring baskets, when they re
port at the booth. Those who' will be
in the booth tomorrow are Mrs. Walter
Spaulding, Mrs. John H. Albet, Mrs
Spaulding, Mrs. John H. Albert, Mrs.
.Mrs. Jack Henry. Mrs. Henry is from
Portland and. her husband is lieutenant
with the 102nd infantry.
Mrs. 0. P. Hoff, 296 North 14th, is
entertaining as her house guest, Mrs.
Anna head. Mrs. Head is a teacher in
the OVkley Green school in Portland.
She will remain in Salem for the sum
mer. Mrs. L. K. Beau and children.
Marganct and Lewis, Jr., have return
ed recently to their home in Eugene.
They have also been the guests of
Mrs. Hoff.
Miss Klma Wellcr, accompanied by
her sisfc.'r, Mrs Eose W. Chamberlain,
are spending the summer in Califor
nia. They will be in San Francisco most
of the time where they will visit with
Mrs. Chamberlain s son, Weller Cham
berlain. He is in the employ of Brad
street and Duun there.
Dr. Mary Staples of
yesterday in Salem.
Turner spent
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leave for the docks another truck
would accompany it, the indiictniients
cnargo. una second truck would con
tain the "embezzled beef."
Auiouk tbcwo indicted was Isadora
rraulf. a wealthy wholesale butcher.
who, the indictments charged, was able
to unilerBidl competitors fur the con-
traeU to supply beef to the Brooklyn
navy yard through his negotiation
with the other defendants.
Mrs. Charles Bier, accompanied by
her son, Charles, motored to Newport
toilay with Mrs. Bier's brother-in-law,
Mr. McCarthy. Mrs. McCarthy has
been at the coast a week and the par
ty will join her. Sunday Mrs. Bier and
her son will return.
Mrs. John Ferguson, Sr.; has return
ed to Newport after visiting with her
son and his wife, Mr. add Mrs, Johr
Ferguson for some time,
Miss Grace Fnwk, accompanied by
her sister, Gertrude Fawk, motored to
Portland Tuesday.
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In almost any community there it a mud.
pa who knows Mother's Friend. oi ah
"f"?"' of her ertaSi
w It wa throw h her reeommhitiiu. k.i
to Dsny expectant mothers derived tha Cora
Mothers Friend fat ait vtmal .HiJ.u
KSffji ?ct?"r r -rpectD uothert
Jfler the Mi of note family pbr
''"Jr bs a wonderful et
m rellerlnt tension brought about by e
konteownt to the woman awalUnT mo5
The action of Mother's friend makes tbt
Busdes free, pliant and respond wS
7,rt' they opand eiily, d pS
and danger at the crisis is natuiillywiT
,J?5 W. th " and ligament, b
lewened mod la place of s periad of diatom
fort and consequent dread. It Is a seuoaot
ttm otherwl.- .c,VahIea .uch a TSeSSS
When nature Is unaided. q
i'bm" V? Rnralator Ce,.
.f aWa to expectant motb.
Priend to.K1!'L,lbot,I nt
viuSelf ITi IT rais "d thus fortify;
In with tha utmost rerularltv.
If there is any truth in "the tor
tures of the damned." Von llinden-
burjtK, Von Bissing, ct al have an In
teresting but hitthly uncomfortablo fu
Hardly a Drugstore in the Land
That Does Not Sell This Remedy
On the Market Half a Century.
When you ara in perfect health,
nd are enjoying- strong and vigor
ous vitality, it ia then that your blood
ia free from all impurities.
I You should be very careful and
give heed to the slightest indication
of impure blood. A sluggish circula
tion ia often indicated by an impaired
appetite, a feeling of lassitude and a1
general weakening of the system. II
ia then that you should promptly taki
a few bottles of 8. S. & the great
blood purifier and strengthener. It
will cleanse the blood thoroughly and
build up and strengthen the whole
system. S. S. 8. is sold by all drug
gists. Valuable information about the
blood supply can be had free) by writ.,
ing to the Swift Specific Co, 24
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta. Ga.
How shall we commend democracy to
the acceptance of other peoples if we
disgrace our own by proving that it
is. after all, no protection to the weak?
Every mob contributes to German lies
foreign fields stand ready also to il
lustrate to all mankind their loyalty
to the things at home which they wish
to see established 89 a blessing and
protection to the peoples who have
never known the privileges of libety
and self government. I can liever ac
cept any man as a champion of lib
erty cither for ourselves or for the
man who does sot reverence and obey
the laws of our own beloved land,
whose laws, we ourselves, have made.
He has adopted . the standards of the
enemies of this country, whom he af
fects to despise."
Examinations Were Success
fully Passed By Appli
cants Last June
The following list contains the names
of teachers who have applied for cer
tificates at the office of the etate su
perintendent of schools. The eiamina-
tions were passed m June and the
teachers are permitted to apply for
muir certnicaies witnin one year af
ter the examination.
But one life certificate was granted.
to James H. Colling of Woedburn,
two live year certificates were called
"Where Shopping Is a Pleasure"
where crui5ew,
5 aim piego waS
'o ao
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gitted liars cannot improve upon by
ino way or calumny. They can at
least say that such things cannot hap
pen in Germany except in times of
revolution when law is swept away.
"1 therefore very earnestly aud
solemnly beg that the eovernors of
all the states, the law officers of every
community and, above jiu, the men
and women of every community in the
United Mates, all who revere America
and wish to keep her name without
not passively, merely, but aetivcly and
watchfully to make an end to this
Jisgraeeful evil. It cannot live where
the community does not countenance it,
1 have called upon the nation to
put its energy into this war and it
naa responded responded with a smnt
and a (tenius for action that has
thrilled tho world. I now call upon it,
upon its nien and women everywhere
tu see to it that its laws are kept in
violate, its fame untarnished let
us show our utter contempt for the
things that have made this war hid
eous among the wars of history by
showing how those who love liberty
and rijjht and justice and are willing
to lay dowu their lives for them upon
The Parents' Test
Tou want your child's foot to be
stron,, sturdy, healthy free fro
eorns, bunions mid broken arches,
Jt is your place to see that tit
child wears shoes tliRt properly
train tha growing feet ou Na
ture's own lines.
for fay
JT" of ire IS
are nit do expressly to support the
foot j;d shape it properly, yeiir af
ter year. The Brown Mia'ping Lasts
are the only lasts that reproduce
Nature's linet at the toe, ball, arch
and heel and thus givo a perfect
shape to the shoe and the foot that
wears it.
There has been a clean hp ia our arn .Section with the result
that hundreds of (Skeins lue now on the bargain table. These are
SUOHTIvY FADED AT THE FOI.DM, but are good for many
purposescomfort ties, for c sample. There is a great vario'y of
shades and colors.
About the high price of Shoe Leather f There are hundreds of
Men's, Women's and Children 'n Mioe to be had here at GREAT
WEAK. See them in our window. Of course, if you are looking
for the last model just out of the factory why dou't complain
of the tax.
H. Col
lins, both tf Salem,
The following were given one year
Jane Morley, Salem
Josephine Gilbet, Salem
Olive Porter, Salem
Olennie McBain, Culver
Adeline Dietrich, Terrebonne
Vaidee Putnam, Eickreall
Gladys Lorett, McMinnville
iSnima Kirkpotrick, Portland
Laura E. Bernard, Salem
Clara VanMatre, Albany
Lulu Clark, Scio
Jessie Leep, Junction City
Maude Beatty, C'anby
Martha Denny, Salem.
Leta Janz, Silverton
Amanda Kuntg, Salem
Mrs. L. B. Wilson, Salem
Adda J. Hart, S'llex
Lois Miles, Salen
Ethel Craig, Turn--Leota
Humphrey, S".l'n
Martha Gehrmann, Sanu
Merle Tracy, Salem
Grace Hottinger, Staytai
Mrs. Louella J. Wal-j i, Woodbnrn
H. C. Todd, Salem
Mary, Voder, Moliv'la
Esther M. Nelson, Portland
John M. Miller, Salem
Mrs. L. B. Stinson, Salem
Mrs. Chloe Seymour, .-soiem
James McDonald, Sale n
Ethel McCoy, Salem
Madge Walker, iSalem
Maude Johnson, Salein
Ora Tucker, Salem
Ada E. Vest, Salem
Avilla Beckwit I, Salem
Katherine Lynch, Salein
Lottie McAfee, Salem ,
Helen Hedine, Salein
Edna Buchner, Jefferson
Clara Larson, Silverton
Nellie Mnrthaler, Gorviia
Verna Lamb, Donald
Frances Kirsvh, Stayton
Sylva Jones, Gervais
Marion Allen, Jefferson
Mrs. Viile, Bennett, Jefferson
Arlyn Wolfe, Silverton
Mabelle Funriie, Silverton
Myrtle Taylor, Staytoa
Alice Wilkins, Weodburn
Marguerite Tacleerson, Gresham
Guy Larkine, Silverton
Tlta Lindenian, Hufus
Margaret Hnmberg, Mt. Angel.
has been practically wiped out. The
bodies' losses in this region are stag
gering. Pocket is Tightened.
The tightening of the pocket about
the crown prince 's armies is increasing.
While French, British and Italians are
driving at the wings in the Soissons and
Bliiems regions French and Americans
are jamming in the sides, rendering the
avenue of withdrawal narrower, the
transport confusion greater and placing
an additional expanse of roads and rial-
roads under artillery fire.
Ihe increasing number of fires in
Fer-ne-En-Tardienois and nearby villages
apparently are from ammunition dumps
and supply depots which the Germans
are destroying because of their inability
to remove them.
Meantime, refugees are beginning to
return to the wrecked villages alona the
Marno, old men and children walking
in the wake of advancing Americans.
High, two-wheeled carts and baby car
riages, filled with bedding and house
hold goods, are mingling with the war
Kefugees Return.
Some refugees find their homes wiped
out. Other houses are mere shells, with
roofs torn off and walls pierced: with
shell holes. Crops laid in waste. Wheat
fields are dotted with dead men and
horses and wreckage. In two months
the Marne vaUcy-has been transformed
from a beautiful,peaclf ul spot of wealth j
and plenty into a scene of desolation,
but here and there the old beauty is
bravely standing out, where harvesting
is beino resumed.
Thrilling scenes of open warfare are
constantly increasing. All the old ideas
of trench fighting are demolished. Ev
orything is now on the move. Mounted
troops, armored cars, automobiles, gaus,
wagons and marching men fill the reads.
No unit has an established hcadqua'
ters. Billeting places are camps be
side the road,' vitii the men sleeping on
their arms. Ambulance and supp.y
wagon drivers are working tirelessly day
and night. Boiling kitchens rushed to
supply hot food t any men appearing.
dude all casualties which put men hors
de combat.
German propaganda has claimed first
that "hundreds of thousands' of Ameri
cans were killed and later "tens of
thousands." This line of information
is seenhere as a double attempt to
cover defeat at home and to endeavor
to dismay the timorous in this country.!
Hoerctary Baker declared that the
Amoriean losses have not been out of
proportion to the numbers engaged or
to the extent of the operations involv
The suggestion has been made to. tho
secretary that th. censors abroad could
well exercise their perogative of killing
copy when German propaganda cables as
to exaggerated losses or disasters ap
var. The secretary is understood to
teel that the American people as a whole
England's support. But the chief argu
ment was that the reGraan advance was
inv?sistable. that PariB would soon be
taken and that Fiance should not delay
peace by continuing to fight.
By William Philip Simmg.
(T'uired Press, Staff Correspondent.)
With Tiie British Armies In Fianee,
July L'6. Every British raid seems to
start something like a panic in tho sec
tor where the kidnapping expedition oc
curs. As the Tommies are busy man steal
ing, the Germans are kept on ncedlus.
and pins. Since the allied counter of-,
fcnsivc turned the crown prince's
march on Paris into a harrasslnir roar
take little or no stock in anything the;ual(1 at'tioll it is known that the enemy
Germans say. But a certain element, in
cluding pacifists, pro-Germans and the
timid, used German tales to their owa
As-for German losses, the Americans
are in good position to get reliable da
ta, for they are on the advance end.
therefore, according to Bakr, have su
perior opportunities tor observation.
By Lowell Mellett.
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
With The French Armies In The Field
July 23. (Night.) "If all the Am.?ri
can army has the same temper,, the
German cause is lost," a German offiesr
prisoner told his captors today.
The officer said a German attack
planned late in June, in tha region of
the Ourcq, was called off because of the
manner in which the Americans there
previously fought.
Further cvidetica that the crown
prince's offensives was held out to the
German as a peace offensive was found
on a placard in an evacuated trench,
and signed by a German infantry cor
poral. It declared that England in ns
ih France to portoct herself while Am
erica, fearing Japan, fought to cam
has spent mauy anxious moments.
Captured documents show the Ger
man high command is issuing order afi
ter ordor in an effort to stir its under
lings to guard against surprise opera
tions. Further evidence ha been obtained
indicating the propose offensive again
the British may come soon, as Luden
dorff is known to be nnd.?r pressure
from home to do something- beforo his
initiative is lost completely.
i. tV V n,' v-
Btir:.-tfc4l Ulllcar.nr,.1aiu "T -ift
Simple tray for sun drying. It ia
made of wire mesh with light frame
work and resta on bricks placed in
pans of water. This arrangement
protects the material from creeping
insects. This and many other sug
gestions wilt be found in the tree
drying book which the National War
Garden Commission ol Washington
will send to any one for a two-cent
stamp to pay postage.
By Carl Ek Groat.
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, July 28. German luisscs
the past two weeks have bfl?n 150,000
or more, according to a high general es
timate today.
He doubted that American casualties
weuld surpass 23,000 or that Americans
plus British, French and Italian, would
exceed 100.000.
Thfsc figures, presentod as an offset
LW ' , '1,1 V , 1 1! 1 1. .1 .i ,.ru(BJlUMt VIHUd V V .
enormous slaughter of Americans, in-1
SPRINGTEX is the underwear
with a million little springs in its
fabric which "jiva and take"
with every movement of the
body, and preierve the.shape of
the garment despite long wear
and bard washings.
It is the year-around underwear, light,
medium or heavy weight, at you like.
"Remember to Buy It
Yao'U Forct You Hava It Ob"
A Yarn DmaLn
Salta Roaau 450 Irssswsy, Ksv York
i .
Ht, oca of vou.
SmKriMif-a .
' 5 M ft ?6f
...1 L MkJlL-
bll 'ittmf toots on top kho
To be successful in home canning
b sure jars and tops fit perfectly.
This ia one of the many useful sug
gestions in the free canning and dry.
ing book issued by the National Wat
Garden Commission, Washington,
D. C Send two ctau for postage.
or the End of Tur-key-the
End of the
World War.
BIG TENT on Court Street
Hiiii "'' initttittti in
TT T 'ft t e v f v t tttttttttt