Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 25, 1918, Page FIVE, Image 5

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FOB KENT Steeping room, Cor work
ing men at boO N. Winter. 7-23
WANTED Body for Ford, a passenger
2645 ra.'ifitf highway. , 7-26
WANTED Girl for general housework
Apply 645 S. 12th. - 7-26
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms.
694 N. Com'l. l'hone 2454 W. 7-31
FORD, tiailer for sale. Inquire at 271
D St. 7-31
LADY wishes, work Oy day. Phone
1549J. 7-27
HOOFS reshiueled oi jmtvhed and tar
red. Phone- 1074, C. C Kay. 7-25
Veal calves. Phone 1570
WANTED Strained honey in bulk,
Cherry City Bakery Co. tf
OCL. W. F. WEIGHT, the auctioneer
Turner. Oregon. Phone 59. tf
FOR SALE1 Larue cow, heavy milr-
er. Rt. 4, box 19, Jefferson road. 7-26
FOR SALE Second hand Ford in fine
condition- Inquire E. E. Cooler, Wool
en Mills Store. 7-20
FOR SALE--9 stands of bees, one black
driving horse, sprayer, single buggy
harness. Phone 8F25. 7-25
FOR RENT The Ryan building, oppo
site Marion hotel. P. J. Kuntz, re
ceiver, 309 Bank of Commerce. 7-29
WALL PAPEE 15 cents per douMe roll
upw&vd. Buren'a Furniture Store, 179
Commercial. tf
WANTED Man and team, can make
from $8 to $9.50 per day. Call phone
4X51 Turner. tf
HOUSEKEEPING apartment and
single Tooms, nicely furnished, at
(133 Ferry street. tf
TWO and three room furnished apart
ments. 491 N. Cottage. Phone 2203-
GENERAL Repair work done, rugs
cleaned, 35c per rug. Phone 1022.
. Fixit Shop. 7-31
"FOR. SALE Fresh Jersey cow, heavy
milker; will sell reasonable. 1925
State. . 7-27
WANT to secure $3000 loan at 7 per
cent on first class security. Socolof-
akv. 341 State St. 7-27
TERSON who was seen picking tip a
purse on the 7.30 Dallas motor Wed
nesday evening, kindly return to S
P. depot. . 7-26
FOR SALE Logging outfit, teams,
wagons, harness, all complete; good
job; good money. lit. 3, Siddall and
1 Eaton, Salem, Or. 7-27
VLM lcarv'mg tQWn and will sell at
bargain OJdsmobilc, gooit a new.
Oau be seen at Great Western ga
PIGS FOR SALE Will sell at Wood
ry's auction Saturday six 6-weeks
old pigs, purebred cress, Duroc Jer
sey and Poland China. II. R. Jones.
Phone 49F2. . 7-26
WANTED 'A woman assistant to the
matron at the Old People's home.
A permanent position. Apply to Mrs.
J. H. Baker, 545 Court St. 7-26
WANTED To lease for 3 years, a
fruit farm near Salem, with machin
ery included; must have good build
ings; with, or near pasture. Write
Kt. 3, box 143. O. W. Brown. tf
WANT to sell half Interest in modern
apartment house to single lady or
gentleman, who can manage same, it
is full of good tenants, or will trade
half interest for real estate; 40
rooms, building and lot. Box 333, Sa
lem, Or. 7-23
FOR BENT Furnished house, for one
who wants a first class place, hot
water heat, two fire places and com
pletely furnished throughout. Ad
dress Box S73, Salem, Or. tf
men clerks at Washington. Examina
tion) everywhere in August. Experi
ence unnecessary. Women desiring
government positions, write for free
particulars to J. C. Leonard, (former
civil service examiner,) 1059 Keaois
bldg., Washington, D. C. 7-29
FOR RENT For cash, 73 acres, well
improved farm, 3-4 mile from Falls
City on main road to Dallas, or will
trade for a smaller place or timber
near Salem. Address box 182, Falls
City. Or. 7-27
FOR BALE Or trade, one acre land
with 5 room house, small barn with
other out buildings located in small
town with standard high school, flour
ing mill, sawmill, 2 stores and 2
' ehurcbes. Also 10 acres 1 mile out of
' same place with 4 room house, barn
' and other small buildings. Will sell
cheap for cash or will trade both
' for small farm, or will trade for
eity property. Address B. C. care
Journal -
50 CORDS first gro th fir,. K. 8, box
131. Cau Sunday. 7-26
LOGANBERRIES for canning. Will de
livered, rhone 34 13 after 6 p. m.
FOUND 2 auto tires on McMinrivUlc
road. Owner may have same by call
ing L. B. Versteeg, E. 1, box 66. 7-26
FOR SALE 3 fresh Jersey cows, good
milkers; 3 big heifer calves, good
stock. 2011 Maple Ave. 7-25
3 HORSES, 2 wagons, set of harness
and Other tools, will sell cheap.
Phone 2273R or call at 595 Marion,
REWAED Lost bull pup about 3 bios
old, 1 brown ear, side head brown,
Answers ta name of "Jiggs." Phone
1341R, 143 Court street tf
FOR 8ALE -Studebaker 4, 1914, $450.
Studebaker 4, 1917 $800. Both of
these cars arc in the best of condi
tion. Highway Garage, 1000 S. Com
mercial, tf
MONEY WANTED I have several
good applications for loans, ranging
from $550 to $2500, these properties
are all good values, parties will pay
. 7 per cent for 3 years. W. A. Liston,
agout. , 7-27
MUOT SELL my modern 6 room house
at once, located on graveled street,
one block from paved street, 2 blocks
from car line. 4 blocks from school,
large lot and garage, terms if desir
ed. Act at once if you want a good
home cheap. Address J 24 care Jour
nal, tf
I WANT to lease for cash, 80to 160
acres of good land, good improve
ments, Sot a period of two to three
years, will purchase at Sxpiration of
lease if property is satisfactory. B.
A. S., Rt 7. box 11. 7-26
FOR SALE Or trade, 5 acres, new
buildings, 6 room house, good size
barn, hen house; all kinds fruit (sold
$60 Loganberries this year,) will
tirade for storo and pay difference.
E. V. Ferguson, Monroe, Or. Rt. 1.
'FOR SALE Chevrolet auto, 5 passen
ger, 1918 model, run about lzuu
miles, good as new exceptittla tire
wear, has extra' tire and other ex
tras. No- 7 Oliver typewriter good
as new and also 1 high grade Jer
sey milk cow, all for .salo cheap. See
flr write Ross Condit, Aumsville, Or.
Oregon National Guard
Company For Salem
A company of Oregon National
Guards will be organized in Salem at
once, and recruits who a d desirous of
becoming part of the federal organiza
tion may sign up any time at the ar
mory. Tin, wc-ik of organizing a company
of O. N. G. will be cared for largely
by the officers of the Oregon Guard.
Within a few days, or as soon as the
required number for the company have
signed, a captain will be elected and
before he is officially accepted, he
will be obliged to pass an examination
befon- the federal authorities.
Members of tlio Oregon Guard, as
new constituted in Suism, c.nnot be
called outside the state. The Oregon
Guaid is a ftate organization and is
cared fur and uniformed by the state.
The Oregon National Guard, of which
a company will soon be organized in
Salem, is organized under a federal act
and becomes part of the federal army,
in every respect similar to ine oiu
company M. It will be equipped by
the government, paid according to the
provisions of the federal act and niay
be called into service anywhere.
The Oregon Military Police uniform
ed in blue, is for police duty in the
state only and its duties are along the
lino of a general slate constabulary.
By using the ideas you will
find in The Advertising World
. magazine you can keep ahead -
of the other fellow.
Sample eopy 10 eents, in
Columbus, O. 7-31
Case of Dependency
Ttnnnnv na rtft.PTI C&USed bV in-
-v - ..
digestion and constipation, and quickly
disappears wnen Luamoermui s un
lets are taken. These tablets strength
en the digestion and move the bowels.
Notice To Hie Public
We wish to inform the public- that
we are running the Capital Garage
Repair Shop and we guarantee all
work to be satisfactory. We do all
kinds of auto' repairing and weldings-
Wa tighten and reset uto
wheels springs made and repaired.
We take care ott storage batteries.
We also carry s stock of aeceesor
ie. We have an expert from San
Francisco to look after ignition and
Ask for our service car. Fair and
courteous treatment at all times.
The Capital Garage
173 South Liberty Phone 88
Foreign Shipments Must
Cease Until Shipyards
Have Ample Supplies
Philadelphia, July 25. Charles M.
Schwab, director general of the Emer
gency Fleet Corporation, returned to
day after an inspection of Pacific
coast shipyards and declared there
should not be ''one ounce of American
steel sent to foreign countries until the
shipyards of America each have accu
mulated a reserve of at least 60,000
tons." Exportation of steel, he said, is
hampering the shipbuilding program.
While Schwab declined to comment
extensively on foreign steel shipments,
it is understood he has in mind agree
ments made with Japan and China
whereby shipbuilders in those countries
are allowed by the United States gov
ernment steel for their own ships for
every .one constructed by them for
this country. . .
fcehwab declared the railroad admin
istration is hamnerine speed up work
in the shipyards through its use of steel
in xne uuuuing ui ciira.
"If necessary," Schwab said, "we
will build our own plate mills to rush
steel to the shipyards. Ten million
tons of ships must leave the ways of
this country each year. We need the
enthusiastic help of every individual
in the country to make this possible.''
State House News
The Silverton Hospital association
filed articles of incorporation today-
The association has a capital stock of
$5000. The incorporators arc W. C.
Keene, P. A. Loar, F. E. Callister, U.
W. Hubbs, M. Digerness, Julius Aim,
P. L Brown, George Henriksen, Jonn
T. Hoblett, E. B. Ekman and G- B.
Articles wore filed by other corpora
tions as follows:
Dean Hill company, Portland; real
estate business: capital stock $10,000;
incorporators. Metta B. Evans, Mar
garet B. Graves and Anna L. Yates.
Dan JS. jsricKson uorporauun, rwr
land'; engineering; capital stock ,-
000; incorporators, nan i. cricnsuu,
H. G. Erickson and W. B. House.
Federal Building company, Marsh
field; constructing and handling build
ings; capital stock $8000; incorpora
tors, Arthur MeKeown, N- Oswald, and
John D. Goss.
Francis Motor Car company, Port
land; capital stock $25,000; incorpo
rators C. E. Francis, Esther Francis
and. James A. Bamford.
Home Mercantile company, St. Johns
Portland; capital stock $8000; incorpo
tors W. R, Hollenbeck, E. W. Godfrey
and J. E. Hall.
Siletz Fir and Spruee company, Si
letz; capital stock $5000; incorpora
tors M. H. Franklin, C. E. Franklin
di.,1 f S Collins.
Western Auto company, fortiano;
.capital etoek) $10,000; incorporators
Jas. M. MeNaughton, Tttaa Komnson
and Roy Hemphill.
The Port and seed company im-rcuo-
ed its capital stock from $250,000 to
The Elwood Logging company and
others have filed with the public ser
vice commission a complaint against
the Columbia, & Nehalem River Rail
rna.l nnmnanv. allezinc that the rail
road company refuses to furnish need
ed equipment for hauling logs offered
for shipment anu tnat us cuargi-v
L. W. Mctzzer, designing engineer
for the state highway bridge depart
ment, returned today trom an inspec
tion trip to Dillard, in Douglas coun
tv where a new bridge is being con
structed over the Umpqua. The bridge
lm. tliren 144-foot spans of wooa con
st.niftinn. It will be completed about
(September 1, at a cost of approximate
ly $2o,0U0.
"It looks like 2,500,000 bushels of
grain will be handled in Astoria this
season," says R. R- Bartlctt, manager
of the Port of Astoria, in a letter re
ceived toilay by the public service com
Mr. Bartlett asks for the1 appoint
ment of a chief deputy grain inspect
or, with the necessary weighers and
for Astoria, and offers to
provide rooms and laboratory equip
monf for them.
He savs the bulk grain handling
r,lnt. built bv the port, will be ready
within 30 davs. It has a maxi
mum storage of bulk grain for V
000.000 bushels, while in addition there
is 500,000 bushels of storage space,
which has been already contracted.
The Oregon Insurance Rating bu
reau has issued a new schedule show
inn' a 20 -per eent decrease in fire in
surance rates on warehouses used ex
clusively for the storage of gram. The
decrease has been approved by the in
..m ripimrtmcnt. It is due to the
hAtter police Tirotection now .being
eiven such warehouses, and the fact
that owners are using greater precau
tion in guarding against fires.
Washington, July 25. Bela
tives of men lost in the war
may wear a black band with a
gold star for eath son sacrific
ed. President Wilson today en
dorsed adoption of the insignia
to be worn on the left arm.
The band will be three inches
wide end the stars nrnde of
either gold metal or eloth- The
badge will not be patented nor
eommeneiaKzed, the eonneil of
national defense announced today.
Opportunity Will Be Given
Everybody To Take Part
In Celebration
The business houses of Salem will
close for the dedication of the Marion
Polk county bridge next Tuesday.
A canvass was made Of the city this
morning and 40 of the leading business
houses signed the agreement fo close
all day Tuesday. This includes the four
banks in the city.
It is probable that the grocery stores
and meii markets will remain open
until JO o'clock Tuesday niorping. The
druggists of the city did not sign the
agreement to close, although all were
willing to properly observe the day
excepting one.
With the town practically closed
from a business standpoint, opportun
ity to take part and enjoy the day
will be offered to thousands.
To correct a Misunderstanding as to
a charge to be made for crossing the
new bridge, it may be said that for
the official parade to be held in the
morning, .every one must have a souve
nir flag. At other times it is under
stood there will be no conditions put
on for those going over the bridge. For
th early mornpig travelers before the
official procession, the old bridge will
be open. Iu other words, there are no
conditions or expense In going on the
bridge, except during the official open
ing procession, to be led by the man
who will bid the highest for the priv
ilege of being the first man officially
Souvenir flaes, the small silk flag
to retail at 25 eents, are now being
distributed by A. B. Wallace, chairman
of the flag committee. Last evening
Mr. Wallace left flags with the Silver
ton auxiliary and "this evening the In
dependence, Monmouth and Dallas aux
iliaries will be given flags to sell, This
25 cent flag entitles one to take part
in the official crossing of the bridge
about 9:30 o'clock Tuesday morning.
The executive committee will meet
this evening, to complete arrangements
in every detail for the biggest cele
bration ever observed in Salem.
The speakers of the day will include
Justice George H. Burnett who will
deliver the dedicatory address in the
morning, Dr. Carl Gregg Doncy, pres
ident of Willamette university for the
patriotic address and Mrs. Dr. -Love joy
of Portland for the Red Cross address.
Mrs. Lovejoy ha, cen active service
as a Bed Cross nurse in France and is
regarded as one of the'tmost interest
ing speak erf on the" const.
The following officers were install:
ed by the Maccabee lodge last evening:
George C. Nugent, commander. .
J. O. Luper, lieutenant commander.
G. W. Wood, chaplain. .
H. C. Marvin, keeper -of the seals.
Joe H. Albert, finance keeper.
S. H. Schultz, sergeant.
S. H. Cashman, first master of the
guards. ,
W. R. Derby, second master or tnc
A- E. Huckestein, sontinai.
R. Harr. picket.
After serving as keeper of the seals
for eight years, W. B. Gilson retires
in favor of H. C. Alarvin of the Opera
House drug store. Deputy state Com
mander Christy was the installing oi-
Court House News
In the circuit court, a -divorce was
granted in the case of Pearl Parker vs
w. H. i'arker. me cecree gave me
mother the custody of the younger
boy, Delbert Paker, age five, and to
the father the care and custody' of the
older boy, Edward i'arker, age 12
years. The father is to pay the mother
$25 a month for her maintenance anu
$10 a month for the support of the
younger son.
A conclusion of the law in the mat
ter of the estate of Francis Xavicr
Matthieu, is that H. A. Matthieu is en
titled to a decree, to the extent that
certain objectors in the county court
are not entitled to the relief demand
ed and that their objections should be
dismissed and that the decree of the
court, from which an appeal had been
taken, should be reversed- Also that
the case be remanded to the county
court and that the executor should be
discharged from further trust.
In the ounty court, . stipulation,
was filed in the estate of Robert Eakin
deceased, between the widow, Mrs.
Mary Eakin and the three childrea
by which a certain promissory note of
M. C. Jory, secured by ' real estate i
mortnaee. valued at $1080.53 is to be
received by Mrs. Eakin as cash as part
of her share of the estate. Also an
agreement that the third liberty loan
bonds purchased by the estate be ac
cepted and considered by any of the
heirs as cash.
A marriage license was issued yes
terday to Charles E. Kramer, 54, a
baker of Stayton and Mrs. Katherine
Lonsway, 53 of Btaytoo. This is the
second marriage for eax-h.
Doing Gooi
Few medicines have met with more
favor or accomplished more good than
Chamberlain ' Oobe and Diarrhoea
Remedy. John F. Jantzen, Delmany,
Sask., says of it, "I have used Cham-
mvnf,lf and in mv family, and can rec-
ommend it a being an exceptionally
'fine preparation.
Organize Guard At
Armory Friday Night
A company of the Oregon Guard is
now being organized in Salem, one
that -will fill the needs of the man
whn would lik tome sort of military
instruction, yet not able to do the ad
vanced work of the three Salem com
panies of the Oregon Guard.
The new company is to be organized
by A. B. Poole and others and mem
bers are called to meet Friday evening j
at the armory for the official organ-1
ization. To officially organize a com-i
pany of Oregon Oaara, there must be
65 recruits and it is understood fully
two-thirds of this number have already
As soon as the new company is or
ganized, which it is expected will be
tomorrow evening, uniforms will be is
sued in order that it may appear in
the parade of the bridge ceremonies
next Tuesday,
Several of the men who have -signed j
Blue serges-fast colors
Hart Schaffner & Marx
Bishop All Wool Suits
Blue Serges are favorites for summer ;they ought to te; blue serge
has lots of character and style.
But blue serge isn't worth much unless it's
good the fabrics should be all-wool, the
colors must be fast, the tailoring must be
right. ' ,
Those are the things we offer you here at this store; you can have
a bhie serge suit in a sport model or business suit .a military style,
all made bv Hart Schaffner & Marx.
Sizes for Stout Men, Slender Men, Very ' ;
! Tall Men, Very Short Men.
The Prices Are Right for Good Value
$20 $25 $30 . $40
$3 to $5
An Economical, Delightful, Light Plate . to Trade
Are Especially Priced
Women seeking style and quality at an under
price will surely be pleased with this group
o fspeciaDy priced dresses. . Even our pret
tiest models have been specially priced.
Plain and fancy silk dresses. S14.90
416 Sate Street, Salem, Or. Phon877
up for this new Oregon Guard company!
are esperienced military men and the
recruit who knows nothiiip at all
about drilling or military matters, will
recruit who knows nothing at all
men who have seen service. . !
All whomay be interested in join
ing thts new company are requested to ,
be at the armory Friday evening.
Planters take advantage of the rain. We can supply
turnip seed and seed rye. Also, cabbage and broc
coli plants. Buy vetch seed now, while we still have
251-261 State Street
There's a best time to buy everything; it's when
prices are as low as they can be and are sure to be
higher later on. That's the clothing situation; we'll
have plenty of good clothes -this time next year, but
they'll cost a little more. If you need clothes, you
can save by getting yours now.
The Kaiser s Shadow
Is Coming
Salem, Ore.
$5 to $9