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Keep Comfortable
on the Summer Washday
Use Fels-Naptha and you may
avoid boiling and hard rub
bing, save work and finish the
wash in far less time.
Summer washday Is so much more
comfortable when there's no boil
ins of hard rubbing. The clothes
wear longer, too. Continual boil
ing weakens any material and hard
rubbing puts more holes in skirts
and waists than daily wear. .
Foil drnctionm liuidt th
rest uf gnen wrapper
(Continued from page one)
iarkt by Gorman dead. I saw Ameri
can nl French, officers anil men alike,
lioidinp tip th.-ir "Chow Laities'' for
liot food.
W t' nied by Residents.
Aucrican soldiers entering Chateau
Thierry with tho French were over
whelmed by the greetings of the civil
lat.s. More than 200, mostly old men
bin women, had remained in the town
during the bvrman occupation. They
went lockid hi the cathedral when tins
ijoehes evacuated, but liberated them
selves. The boches ioolcd the town thoroughly
breaking into shops and private houses
and taking all valuables. There were
barricades in all the principal streets
lut apparently thetown had been lightly
leld during 'he Inst few hours' of Ger
man occupation. It was not greatly
damaged by the allied artillery.
Took few Prlsonersh.
' The French took five prisoners when
they uulcrcil. Due of tho bodies r, iu
had overslept and that other members
of his -o.'unuy failed to awaken him
when they withdrew. The other four
wore telephone operators who volun
Catarrh is a Real Enemy
and Requires Vigorous Treatment
Do Not Neglect It.
When you use medicated sprays,
atomizer and douches for your Ca
tarrh, you may succeed in unstopping
the clioked-up air passages for the
time being, but this annoying condi
tion returns, and you have to do the
tame thing- over and over again.
' Catarrh has never yet been cured
by theso local applications. Have
rou ever experienced any rual benefit
from such treatment?
MAX WANTED Eapcreneed in men's
furnishings and shoes. Permanent po
sition fur tho right man, References,
required. 1
Foulard Silks
This is another exceptional opportunity for
those of thrifty inclinations. Foulard is simply an
other word for softness, service, WEAR, when
speaking of Silks. Now here is our ENTIRE line
of these Foulards and they come in good patterns
tooout on our bargain table divided into two
Regular prices up to $2.00, now, per yard. .. .$1.35
Regular prices $2.25 to $2.95, now, per yard. . .$1.95
tarily romai.u.u to maintain conimuni-t-ariiu
wi'h their retreating comrades.
Some of the German steel pontoon
bridges are being used by the Americans
n:.d French, while all along th.3 line up
to hu'.isons German cannon have been
turned crouud and are firing at the bo-
Weakening of the German artillery
fire near rliu'cau-Thi.'rry was explained
by prisoners to be due to lack of am
munition. . AUiud artillery nlong the conimur.icut
iiijl mads pievcnted the enomy from
bringing up supplies. Tho French wero
the first to enter Chateau-Thierry, tho
American; later coming up and moving
through tue village to positions well to
the northward. One American unit, ad
vancing northwest of Chateau-Thierry,
encountered so little resistance, includ
ing artillery fire, that it marched
through one town in squad formation.
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estimate on your printing
needs yon get the benefit of
cash buying. Hione 81.
Throw these makeshift remedies to
the winds, and get on the right treat
ment. Go to your drug store to-day,
get a bottle of S. S. S.. and commence
a treatment that has been praised by
sufferers for nearly half a century.
S. S. S. gets right at the source of
Catarrh, and forces from the blood
the germs which cause the disease.
You can obtain special medical advice
regarding your own case without
charge by writing to Medical Direc
tor. 22 Swift Laboratory. Atlanta. Ga.
A collection of dainty new crea
tions has nmdo its appearance in
our Women's Neckwear Depart- '
ment. The fichues are prttty much
to the fore but closely pressed by
the ever-popular Organdies, Piques,
lovely Georgette Crepes and artit"
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assortment of UKLT lll'CKLES
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they come in a great variety of
skaues, sizes ami colors
Prices 35c. 50c, 75c, 950
The many Salem friends of Dr. and
Mrs. W. I. Northup, formerly a dentist
of Portland, will be interested to know
that since June lie has been stationed
as a dental surgeon at the United
states navy training taup at Great
Lakes, Illinois. Among the twenty
eight men in this department, he bears
the rank of lieutenant, junior grade.
Dt. Xorthup is taking this training as
preparation for his work on the sea
He left in June while Mrs. N'orthup
joined him several weeks ago. They are
living at Waukegan, Illinois, which Is
several miles from the eamp. Mrs.
N'orthup is a distinguished tennis play
er having won in the past the honor
of state championship.
Dr. and Mrs. Xorthup are well known
in Salem and have been the guests or
Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Olinger many times.
Prof, and Mrs- T. 8. Roberts (Ethel
Harding) have returned from a two
weeks wedding trip to the coast and
1'ortland. For the present they will live
at the former residence of Mr- and
Mrs. Georgo Gray, 1381 Mate street
while the A. L. Johnson family, who
have leased the home are at the coast.
Among the campers who left this
week were a group, who are going near
SileU for a fortnights vacation. The
party included Dr. Willis Morse, Mrs.
Myrtle Lawrence, Miss Jessie Holcoinb
and Allen A. Hail.
Mrs. B. Munroe Gilbert went to Port
land over the week end in order to be
with her husband, who is employed in
the shipyards there.
Friday Miss Muriel Grant motored
to Albany to visit friends there, while
she spent Sunday with her parents at
. Miss Meryle Whitney left this week
end to visit friends in Portland. She
plans to be gone about a month on her
Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Lytle left last
week for a motoring trip thru Oregon
and Washington. They are plunning to
be gone about a mouth and to visit
among other places Camp Lewis and
Lumber Trade Recovers
From Slight Depression
Tacoma, Wash., July 22. Lumber
trade already has begun tp recover
from the temporary depression that
followed the recent advairca in freight
Commercial buying, as reflected by
the weekly barometor of the West
Coast Lumbermen's association, again
is normal, the aggregate volume of new
business) last week being 65,989,247
feet. This figure represents a large vol
ume pf orders placed by retail yards
and indicates that the nulls will ex
perience a healthy demand for their
products through the remainder of the
summer and early fall.
The now government business now
ia being distributed and will keep the
manufacturers busy for several months
to come. Orders for 83,000,001) feet of
cantonment stock, 3,600,000 feet of
lumfoor far the navy and 45,000,000 for
eastern shipyards already have been
awarded the west coast mills. Advices
of tho last few days indicate that va
rious government departments will re
quire; immediately large additional
Quantities of Douglas fir.
A number of important mills in both
Oregon and Washington have beeu idle
or running on jrtirt time since the
Fourth, of July holiday for tho purpose
of making their annual -mid-summer re
pairs, but. urgent government require
ments will cause them to resume oper
ationa as soon as tliis work is com
Inactivity at these plants reflects it
self in the production for tho week,
which wa fl7.955,42 feet, or 20.11 per
cent below normal.
Although car supply ia weaker than
it was a mouth ago, the mills shipped,
for the week, an aggregate of 71,939,
170 feet, which was 5,97S,9i;:i feet
more than they produced. This excess
of shipments over production served
further to accentuate the shortage of
stocks which has been apparent for
thn last six weeks and which must be
replenished to satisfy the needs of
tho fall buyers. The threatened stoci;
shortage and diminishing car supply
have coniibincd to oring the commercial
market up to a basis of tho maximum
level fixed by the government a fow
weeks ago. .
San Francisco, July 22. The body
of au American soldier, his hands tied
behind his back and a rug knotted
floating in Han "Francisco 'bay today.
filiating ila fan Francisco buy today.
rVino of his clothing bore tho initials
S. I. 8. II." and a laundry mark.
Otherwise there was no mark of iden
tification. The soldier evidently had
been dead more than a week. About
six dollars was found in his pocket,
indicating that ho was not murdered
bv rubbers.
Ihe army intelligence .bureau is co
operating with the police in probing !
the mvsterv.
1 ne mjsierj.
Gives yon satisfaction and at
Sates yon can afford to pay
Children dry
HI fniifi '
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists!::
refund money if it fails. 25c
(Cos tinned front page one
British Troop Active
London, July 22. British traces
gained more ground yesterday seuth-
" xieourtene, north of Albert;
Field Marshal Haig reported today.
Further ground was made b'v oar
troops yesterday southeast ef Hebu
trne and a hostile bombing attack in
thie neighborhood was repulsed," the
statement said. "We eaDturert fw
'In conjunction with IVeaeh trooos.
we carried out a successful minor en
terprise last night south of Villers-
Bretonneux, oaiiturins a few nrisnnnr
and machine guns.
Uur raiding parties entered the ene
my's trenches during the night at Neu-ville-Vitasse,
at Calonne-Sur-La Lys
arid north of Bailleul and hrnmrht
back prisoners.
"A hostile raid in the last mentioned
sector was repulsed.
"Hostile artillery was active in the
Lochre sector."
Hard Counter Attacks
Paris, July 22 (Xoon) Desperate
German counter attacks on a five mile
front north of Chateau-Thierry were
completely repulsed, the war office an
nounced today. Elsewhere on the front
the German resistance consisted only
vi anuiery nre.
"North of the Ourcq and between
the Maine and Rheims, especially in the
Courton and Roi woods, the Germans
simply employed artillery fire," the
communique said.
' ' Between the Maine and the Ourcf
in the Grisollcs and Bezu-St.Germain
regions German counter attacks were
Broken up.
(Bezu St Germniii is four miles di
rectly north of Chateau-Thierry. Oris
oiks is five miles northwest of Bezu-
St. Germain.)
"On the whole front our positions
wvru juuiuiaineu.
Hold Manie at Places
London, July 22. (1:56 v. m. The
Germans are heavily counter attacking
niong una Aiarne iront, but tneir as
saults are unsuccessful, it was leavned
authoritatively today.
French and American forces are ex
perieneing great difficulty in crossing
tho Marne in the Dormans region, as
the Germans- are shelling the bridges
ana using immense- quantities of gas.
American troops have completely
ciearea uaromon wood of the enemy
and have driven the Germans five
miles north of Chateau Thierry.
(Barbillon wood extends from Cha
teau-Thierry eastward aloiis the north
bank of the Marne and extends about
five miles northward.)
Fourteen Planes Downed
Lonuion, July Z'i. Fourteen enemy
airplanes were brought down Friday by
British aviators and in addition three
others were driven down out of con
trol and three observation balloons
were destroyed, the British air minis
try stated today in its communique,
Seven British machines are missing
The statement said.
" Eighteen tons of boiubs were drop
ped by us on different targets, includ
ing Courtrai and Lille railways, the
Bruges docks, three largo ammunition
dumps and 'hostile billets on various
parts of the front.
"Slightly more fighting took place
on tne previous day and lourteen ene
my machines were brought down. Three
other hostile machines were driven
down out of control and threa German
I'lbservation balloons were destroyed.
,3even of our airplanes are missing.
"As a result or a photographic re
connaissance carried out on the twen
tieth instance, extensive damage is re
vealed at the hostile areodrome at Mor
hange, attacked on the night of the
19th. One huge shed and three hang
ars wt're destroyed." '
German Withdrawal
Paris, July 22. The Germans have
withdrawn through Epiede to Beau
vardes, La Liibertre- declared today.
Epieds is four miles northeast
Chateau-Thierrv, while- Beauvardes is
seven nii'es northeast of Chateau-Thier
ry and six miles north of the Marne
and Fossoy. This indicates a withdraw
al north of Chateau-Thierry of nearly
three miles more than previously, re
Hie Joy Of
Coding Hifcrhso j
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Aid end Reiiavoe the Totuioo.
The expectant mcther revolves In her mln.l
r," T " .,' cu 07 anlnT Ba " " 01
!. utmost Importance that her physical con-
rort 01U, . .
There fs a mort splendid remedy for ttili
purpose, known u Mother's Friend. It li
applied over the muscles of the stomach,
rentljr rubbed in, and at once penetrates tc
rviicio rom on nerves, cords and Hr
menti. t mkct the muaclc so pliant thai
tliey expand eeslly when babr arrives and
w!a and danger at the criais Is naturaJli
Mother's Friend Is for external nse cnlr,
is abeo!ute:r aa.'e and wonderfully effective.
It e-iablM the expectant mother to preserve
Her health aid ttres-tA and ah remain
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erl.it nd d-nfer which would otherwise
iccompa-r such as occasion. Every neire,
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Mrfherls friend Is prepared by the Brad,
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Merchandise for Vaca
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U. G. Shipley Company
Army And Navy Officials Is
sue Instruction on This
The two Stayton boys who were told
by the recruiting officer to put on a
fewi pounds before they would be ac
cepted for servi-ce, are not the only
ones by any means, according to in
formation at hand from both navy and
army recruiting stations in the city.
It has been such a usual thing for
men under weight to go into special
training to put on a few extra pounds
that the navy and army-officials have
taken note of the fact and have issued
instructions how to gain weight, part
of them on a formula given the gov
ernment by Mayo Bros, of Rochester,
Now if the young man is six or ten
pounds short of the required weight
for enlistment, there is hope for him if
he will follow carefully instructions as
given. While it is recognized that each
man is a -case by himself, there are
general rules that the army and navy
: Ths first general rule is: Drink large
quantities of milk or buttermilk, eat
plenty of tender steak, drink cream
with the milk or buttermilk and drink
a plenty. This treatment -has put on as
much as six pounds within 48 hours
where the aspiring recruit has also
eaten largely of tender steaks, and did
no work.
Xaw to avoid getting thin or losine
weight, the prospective soldier boy
advised to keep away from all sorts of
-cathartics, alcohol, food with bran,
seeds, skins, hulls, to use but little cof
fee and the least amount of salt.
For the youth who has but a few
da to put on extra weiyht and will
devote all his time to the job, the army
and navy officials suggest the follow
7 a. m. Drink one half pint of hot
7:30 a. 111. Take table spoonful of bis
muth mixture in little water or milk.
8 a. m. Breakfast eat plain foods
well cooked, such as eggs, plain cereals
porridges, plenty of cooked fruit, pud-
iings, coolied vegetables and -plain
breads, but none made of whole wheat
or tlrahain flour, drink half a pint of
milk and cream, buttermilk and cream
or malted milk and cream.
10 a. m. Drink half a pint of milk
and cream with a cracker or two.
11.30 a. m. Same as at 7:30 a. ni.
Noon: Dinner Follow the same plan
as that of breakfast, drinking plenty
of milk and cream.
3 p. in. Half a pint of milk and
cream with cracker.
5:30 p. m. Same as 7:30 a. m., table
spoonful of bismuth.
8 p. m. snipper: f ellow out the gen
eral lino of bill of fare as recommend
ed for breakfast and dinner. Eat es
pecially large quantities of cooked
vegetables, and do not forget the
cream and milk.
9 o'clock p. m. Drink half a pint of
hot water. Go to bed and apply hot I
compresses to the stomach for one and
one half hour.
Weiah carefully three times a week.
If there is no gain in weight, double
the amount of cream and milk.
The youth 1 years old who- applys
for enlistment must weijh at least 115
pounds and be five feet four inches
tall. If 19 years old. he must weigh 120
pounds to get in the navy and not less
than five feet four inches. If 20 years
old, he must fcish not less than 123
pounds and be of the required five feet
four inches.
If the applicant for service in the
navy is over 21 year old, with a
height of 64 inche h must weigh at
least 12S pounds; wi'h ti.j inches. 130
pounds;; with titi inches in height, ths
weight mnt be at least !3-J pounds;
with 67 implies, 134 ponnds; 6S inches. !
141 pounds; i9 inches in height, not j
less then 14S pounds; with 70 inches.
1 -t j
lo3 Pound;
1 inches, lb. pounds; i2
Members of Boys And Girls
Industrial Clubs Will
Compete For Prizes
More than 1500 boys and girls in the
state of Oregon aro in the industrial
clubs and will compete for prizes to
be given at the coming state fair. One
of the awards for a certain number of
winners will be a free trip next year
to tho Oregon Agricultural college sum
mer school of two weeks.
One of the boys who was fortunute
a year ago and who attended tho col
lege summer school was Frank Egglcr,
age 14 years. He won a prize for the.
exhibition of a pork hog at the last
fair. He is the gon of Mr, end Mrs.
Peter Eggler, living on rural route i),
Salem. While atteudinfr the school he
hvrote the following letter:
" hen 1 lett Salem for Corvallis I
ii quite anu proua oi ocmg ao e
1 fu iT".-
at the college know when I would ar-
iivb mui so mere was u man at me sta
tion with a Ford to meet me.
"At college thev have
houses where we boys lived and soror-!
ity houses for the girls. These
are big with many rooms and are like
real homes. The first week I was there
we spent most of our time in studying
live stock and the different breeds.
The second and last week we studied
all about fruits and "garden products.
Our study hours were from eight to
to three in the afternoon. After that
had lots of fun playing tenuis,
basket ball, playing in the gymnasium
island in swimming
The members of the faculty look
us a'l to a show one night and we had
parties on several other nights. VVhila
there I heard some excellent speeches
'by men from all parts of the country.
Une of them was Mr. JVewbill, assist
ant United istates club leader from
Washington, D. C.
"I enjoyed every moment of my stay
there and shall surely eo back there
again when I get through high school
Red Cross Supplies
Are Sent Into Russia
Ava;fliinittcm, July i22. American
Red Cross supplies are being sent into
Vladivostok, the state- department re
vealed today.
Later it may ibe found desirable to
ship there some nfle9 made on Russian
account before the Slavs emit the war.
On this subject however officials are
maintaining silence.
Kmnors said Germany and Finland
had reached an agreement. This is
doubted here.
The Germans ere said to, have eighty
thousand troops in Finland in antici
pation that the Finns sooner or later
will make demands upon Russia in
volving the Murmansk railway and
perhaps give Germany a chance to
move up to the line.
in-hes, li!) pounds and the limit of
height for the navy, 73 inches, not less
than 17ti pounds in weight.
Carter's Little liver Pills
You Cannot be AlRemedy That
Constipated f jrglf Makes Life
and Happy A Worth Living
Small Pill
Small Dom
A BSENCE of Iron in the
many coioriea face
:. lit
Sergeant Benjamin
Now On West Front
Sergeant Harold Benjamin is especial
ly known to the people living at rja
lein Heights, as for a time he was
principal of their schools. After attend
ing a special course in training at the
Presidio, he enlisted in the army and
ia now in France. To Howard Sanders
and James Wagner of rural route 3,
Salem, he writes in part:
"I am sorry to disappoint you as to
my rank. I am not a captain nor ever
liuble to le one. I am a sergeant, chief
of a gun swtion of field artillery.
"It is a great life if you do not
weaken. I am in tho regular army. The
days I spent in the national guard anil
iu the Mexican affair ajid in the offi
cers' training camp at San Francigco
are fast .becoming dim and shadowy
"I am sorry I cannot tell you iC
wonderful narrative of artillery duels
and dashing advances and of hair rais
ing episodes wherein a Colt's auto
matio aiid nine inch shells mijjht fig
ure prominently. But alas, there arn
censors as you know and this is a time
of war, as the French say.
"We need young men. I am rather
old, you know, but I carry my years
lgntly. This war is a fight between
:riffht tllinK8 nIld wrollg y0 arc y0llnK
chaps and perhaps in years to come
ono wiI1 te you that this was
i a rich man 's war
a poor man s
tight, and that it was brought on by
'moneyed interests. If some one tries to
s"""tell you that, stand up and tell
;se houses i, - w0i, kg.nJ
I ,We are fiifhting tliat' me pll
lIi)t9 SalelIl Heights may be safe pli
tor men and for women
to rear their
sons and daughters.
Said Mrs. Jaynes, Speaking
of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Anderson, S. C "I got into an bw
ful condition with what the doctors said
was an organic dis
placement I would
have pains so badly
that they would hav
to put hot clothes cn
me and give me .
morphine. The doc
tor caid I would
never be any better
without an opera
tion and 1 would
never have any
children without it.
A neighbor who
knew what vour
medicine would do
advised me to giv
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vep-etahle Prim.
(Mrs pound a trial. I did
' v bo and it made me
well woman and the next September 1
gave birth to a healthy baby boy."
Mrs. Sallib Jaynes, 37 Lyon St,
Anderson, S. C.
The letters which we are eonatj111t.lv
publishing from women in every section
of this country prove beyond question
the merit of this famous root and herb
medicine, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound.
1 r$
bat VwUl greatly help mort sale-text Moota