Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 16, 1918, Page TWO, Image 2

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""rR. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin has
U proved more satisfactory than
any other laxative I have ever used. The other
members of my family also use it and we re
commend it highly."
(From i letter to Dr. Caldwell written by
Mr. Cbarle Fenke, 5005 N.5th Street, 1
Philadelphia, Pa.
mm v rrri rt 1 I tl
; ibe tfomaa nno usasea ;
Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin
The Perfect Laxative
Sold by Druggists Everywhere
50 cts. (12) $1.00
A combination of simple laxative herbs with
pepsin that acts in an easy, natural way, and is
as safe for children as it is positively effective
on the strongest constitution. A trial bottle
can be obtained free of charge by writing to
Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 458, Washington Street,
Monticello, Illinois.
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Veen greatly lessened by the American
victory in tho Jnulgonne bend. It is
here that tho principal railway from
tho south runs into the alliod front. By
driving the Germans back in this area,
the Americana have saved tho line of
communications on which they and tho
French are now depending for thoir mu
nitions. This is a fact which must rank
u a major acoroplishmont.
Voa iiindonburjr is now apparently
concoutratlhg bis forcos at the south'
cast corner of tho Alsno-Marne wedgo.
His purpose is to try to. move eastward
along tUe Marne to Epornay. It is a
reckless adventure, without high strate
gical value. Tho affair of the fifth of
fensive, in fact increasingly seems to
have been planned in desperation.
Starting tho first offensives toward
the west tho German beast has been s
successfully headed off that he has de
scribed a half circle and is now blind!
trying to move eastward. Instead of
i Paris, the objective is now Epornay.
Kpcrnny, where tho champagno come
from I There aro thousands of bottles
in tho cciiarg of Epeinay. A drunkct
orgy as the objective of the main offen
sive! That seems to be the final ideal
for which the German people are being
slaughtered to satisfy Ton Ilindon
burg'g bloody command.
We had a delightful dinner together,
George and I. Then he proposed we go
to a play. I was charmed, and said o
bcintr careful however not to "gush'
over it. George hated too much fuss
made over anything. Tlist was another
thing iu which I should not again ol-
The plav was most interesting, a mu
sical comedy. It took my thoughts from
tho contretemps of the noon hour, and 1
thoroughly eiijoved myself. 1 knew
was looking w.ell, and that always gave
me a sense of security when with
After the play, he proposed that we
go to the hotel aud have a bite of. sup
per m the gnu:
"L'nles you would ptefer to go else
where?" he said with as much polite
ness as he would have shown a Strang
er. These little polite attentions of my
husband' always had rather amused
me. Now I was glad he was a bit old
seliool in his manners. It would b.'lp mo
to carry out my plan.
"No thank youl I should prefer tho
erill at tho hotel."
Wo were scarcely seated in the grill
before the same party George had tv?en
with the night before eaino in, Julia
Collins with them. George immediately
got up, and with a hasty:
"Excuse me, Helen." joiaod them.
I could nut hear what was said, but al
most immediately George returned and
told me. "
"We will have supper with thom.
Come Helen." As via walked across the
room to a large table where they were
being seated, ho said, very low: "Mr
Babcock is a business man whom I am
very anxious to interest in Bom.o busi
ness of mine. Be especially nice to him"
Helen Is flattered.
I nodded, to let Georgo know I un
derstood. I felt immensely flattered that
he bad spoken so to mo that flo even
deemed me capable of doing anything
to help him In a business way. It rais
ed my Bpiritg la a way that made mo
feel that I Bhould be obvious of any
thing that might happen. I. don't think
Nineteen Painless Parker
offices in the United States
repair the teeth of over
100,000 people annually.
Salem Office
State and Commercial
Til Mua will ba compUta only
when every jar doa its duty. Free
book of instructions oat canniiif and
drying may ba bad from that National
War Garden Commission, Washington,
D. C for two cents to pay postage.
The Outdoor Girl
Protects the skin and
complexion from all
weather conditions.
Soothing and healing
after exposure. Relieves
sunburn, tan and rough
or chapped skins. Try it
to-day. k
Oriental Cream
Send 10c. for Trial Siz
86H Fed'
ill - ' . - - .
now f
I '
'I ;:
ill ' . i
If! '
i M . '
"Before the war, a distinguished
French Officer, General Maitrot, wrote
a series of articles in the 'Echo de Paris'
to warn France, that in case of war, the
French meat industry would be unable
to supply the French army in the field
with fresh meat, owing especially, to
the' lack of modem refrigerating plants
and of refrigerating transportation, and
too, owing to the deficiency in the
national herd."
"Since the war began, xthe French
army has never been short of fresh meat,
thanks mainly to the prosperous condi
tion of the American meat industry,
and too, to the American live stock
The foregoing statement was made
by. a representative of the Allies now
in the United States.
Another representative of the Allies
said recently:
"that the American packers have been
of th3 greatest possible assistance to the
Allies and have, by their efficient co
operation, contributed in the utmost
degree to the successful prosecution of
the war."
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
there is anything makes a woman, es
pecially a young woman, prouder than
to feel that h.2r husband consults her
upon his business affairs.
'JIrs. Babcock, my wife and Mr.
Babcock," George said, then presented
an uninteresting looking young man,
and a fluffy ruffles sort of a girl a
niece of Mrs. Babcock. "Mrs. Collins.
you and Mrs. Howard are too well ac
quainted to stand on formality," he
addod, then, to- the rest: "I was dis-i
appointed that Mrs. Howard was not
well enough to join ug last nieht. after
her long journey. Had I known she was
reading, I should have insisted that she
come in and have suppor with us."
I trembled, for a moment, for fear
Julia Lollnis might say something about
my wing down stairs and that she had
seen me. But, although she looked vol
umes, Blie said nothing. "She is prob
ably afraid of offending George," 1
thought. :
Mr. and Mrs. Babcock were charming
people. She was a real motherly sort,
ami no a plain business man. They were
middle aged, almost as old as father
and mother, so I didn't feel they would
criticise me. I talked freely with Mr.
Babcock, and Gebreo devoted himself
almost entirely to- his wife, although
occasionally Julia Collins would draw
his attention to herself, aud also that
of Mr. Babcock.
Mrs. Colling A Brilliant Conversation
In a way, no one could blame them.
Mrs. Collins fairly shone. At all times
when she chose to exort herself a bril
liant conversationalist, slue fairly out
did herself. 8he tossed her scintillating
remnrks back and forth, as easily as
most women talked of the common af
fairs of thoir own lives. She talked
business, polities, war; and Bhe talked
clew.-rlv. That she. interested the men
of the party, was a proof of that.
I think thnt night showed mo moro
of the attraction Julia Collins had for
my huuband, thnn I ever before had
suspected she possessed. No one could
bo dull or bored where she was. She
might be eatty and unpleasantly sar
castic with women, but she certainly
could also charm when she chose. I re
called something George Had once said:
"it is the poise, tUe charm, of these
women X have known so long, that I
sisU you to possess." t'ntil now, I had
not conceded tliat Julia (Jolting posses
sed charm. JNow 1 saw how mistaken
had been. My heart sank, a little, as
realized how much she knew, how hard
if would be for nw to meet her on her
own ground in that respect.
Hard on the heels of this thought
came the determination:
l am young: l can study, l can
know as much as she. And I WILL
learn to express myself as-charmingly
I realized that many people who ware
well informed failed to know how to
talk wore not good conversationalists.
I would have a talk with Mrs. Sexton as
soon as I returned.
it was srange tnat whenever 1 was
anxious - over anything, I at onc.o
thought of her as a refuge.
Tomorrow George Is 1'leased With
Children Cry for Fletcher's
ju, ; . r "... . 4 . ...S
The Kind Ton Eave Always Bought, and which has been
la use for over over 30 years, has borne the signature of
J ' - and has been made under his per
sAffl-f-fh,. 80na supervision since its infancy.
Wvtfyy, S-CUCUIZ AUow no one t0 deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
aeen in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
fBears the Signature of
All Hands Point
to Our Want Ads as
the Result Producers
Everybody watches them
rtej .bring timely result
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Rippling Rhymes J
by Walt Mason
In times like these keep out of debt; your solvency's
your one best bet. So long as you don't owe a cent to
any swaybacked human gent, you have the right to look
ahead without a bit of fear or dread. The times are
weird, uncertain, tense; no man has such prophetic sense
that he can say what greifs in stock tomorrow morn at
10. o clock. We only know that prices rise until they
scratch along the skies; we only know they won't go down
while Mars still wears his bughouse frown. Today's
you're husky, sound and hale, and fit to gather in kale.
Tomorrow you may have disease, or break your legs off
at the knees. Today .you have a job that's good, you
whistle as you saw your wood; tomorrow you may be
informed you've lost the place you long have warmed.
If hard luck hands you, thus, a poke, what will you do
if you are broke? YYou cannot borrow fifty cents from
any easy going gents, for in these times of grief and
groans each guy requires his stock of bones. Be prudent
now and put away some guilders for the rainy day! And
size up debt for what it is a monster with a genial phiz,
a thing that hides deceit and guile behind a bland, alluring
smile. ..
Apoplexy, or cerebral
rluiKo, is commonly known as para
lysin, or stroke, aud is one ot tho
liiost sevlouB ot tho acute diseases.
It may come to the newborn
baby in his efforts to get into tho
world, it may come occasionally to
children, but rather more frequent
ly to those in middle lifo and very
often to the aged.
Babies often recover, it the hem
orrhage has not been extensive, but
they may carry a palsied arm or leg
through life; children also seldom
recover completely from it.
Those who are attacked in middle
lifo aro most likely to got entirely
over it, while the aged almost never
recover and death very frequently
results quickly.
The hemorrhage is upon, or Into,
some portion ot ihat most complex
organ, the brain, which is made up
ot nerve fibers and cells, is very
soft and yielding and is abundantly
supplied with blood-vessels.
The quantity of blood lost in an
apoplexy, depends upon tho size ot
the vessel which breaks, and tho
amount of resistance it meets.
if the hemorrhage is upon the
nurfnoo of the brain, it will usual
ly l copious and cause death in a
few hours by its pressure upon, and
uo.uniction' of, vital parts.
If the vessel is within the brain,
the blood escapes more slowly,
compresses and dostroys the tis
sues which gets in its way, and
my continue to flow for days, un
til death results, or until it is
slopped from some other cause.
Tho loss ot blood may be so
slight that It causes no trouble
some symptoms; the patient may
not even know that anything seri
ous alls him.
A loss of four or five tablespoon
tula nny be serious, and the great-
Apoplexy No. 1.
cr the outflow, the more serious the
condition and the more quickly fa
tal. There may be nothing to indicate
the approach of such an accident,
or it may be preceded by high blood
pressure, headache, noBe-bleed.
dizziness, flushing or pallor of the
face, or a feeling ot fulness in the
In some instances, there are
floating bodies before the eyes,
ringing in the ears, restless sleep,
thickness ot speech, dulnvss of tho
intellect, slow or intermittent
pulse, and constipation.
As the hemorrhage continues, -headache
becomes more severe,
there is yawning and sighing, and
when certain nerve centers have
been compressed by the escaping
blood, there will be profuse vomit
ing, profuse perspiration aud then
unconsciousness accompanied with,
loud snoring.
This unconsciousness may last a
few hours, or several days, may
gradually disappear, or end in
There may be twitching In one
or more of the limbs, and there may
be more or .less extensive convul
siSns. Questions and Answers
M. D. Will yo please direct, for
tic, a diet and exercise that trill re
move some of my inperfluous fatt
Amcct I am sorry I cannot do
as you request; that is not a por
tion of the work of this department
and, furthermore, I do not know
what the requirements are in your
case. I might say, however, that
hard work and avoidance, largely,
of sugar and fat in your food will
probably accomplish what you desire.
I'r Currier -w ill only answer suitable, lienfed letters accompanied with Btampa
and ! tressed envelope. As the rorrcsptmdfMt-e is very Urg, letters must in no
ense et'tt fifty wH anil irnia be on matters which are of (tenersl interest. Ttia
an.tr t to eilupsto and Inform the reader and not to take the plsee of tha
fh, i n. For disimovis and prescriptions, you should consult your iaauly physician.
Pr. rtier may be ad'lrested ia rare of this nowKnaner.
Gives yon satisfaction and at
Bates you tan afford to pay
A' hflndy raieium compound that anf
grjanla against chronic inner and throat
troubles. A tontc-rostorailvo prepared
without harmful or hublt-forming drugs.
Try them today.
50 cents a box, Including war tax
For ante hy nil TrnffirUt
Uckuiaa Laboratory, l'hiludolpllla
Built up to a standard, not down to a
weight Strong pull Superior
"pull" instead
Automatic Traction by
of dead weteht
Stunda up to hard service with mini
mum expenae.
Nilaon Senior, 24-38 II. P.j Nllson
Junior, 15-25 H. P.
Bee our local agent, or send for catalog.
East Morrison and East Third Sts.
Portland, Oresron.
Apples peeled and sliced for dry
ing will taste very nice next Decem
ber, says the National War Garden
Commission of Washington, which
will send you a free drying book fof
a two-cent stamp to pay postage. -
It means full-powered,
high -quality gasoline,
every drop I Be sure it's
Red Crown before you fill.
m -w,.tM i-Ms, w ajM. an lane? aa 61 iiiiniil fj
' B. H. CAMPBELL, Special Agt, Standard Gil Co., Salem