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LLLLLUJJ h S M M M If -i.i.i-i.i 1 1 1 i.tj
Hard Washday
rubbing puts
clothes in tfte
rag bag quicker
than hard everyday
Add to the life of your
children's clothes by
using Fels-Naptha soap.
Little rubbing needed. The
combination of soap and
naptha does the work.
At your own grocer's
-iiiit3ii in 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' ii'i 1 1 in
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Jiad infiltrated and were in the rear.
"With this advantage, the Germain at
tempted to attack, but were held and
the Germans in the rear were wiped out.
even - machine guns being captured,
While tins fight wa liveliest torn
pan? of engineers came to the Amer
icans' aid and rnndercd spWdid ser
vice. The Germans scarcely ceased shelling.
They used high explosives, ga.s shells
and one pounders. The last nuaaed t."rm
d "quick dick" by the Americans
comes silently and explodes disastrously-
Airplanes dropping bombs from a Inn
tieight, contributed to the German fire.
Two days of this and the engineers
k4 tea M-mm
Om of StrUtot Informative ArHct
on Dentil HvolenoA: e)
Good Teeth
With Infancy
OOD teeth, Troll taken,'
care or, mtU a charm to
any far. A child with
a deformed mouth enters the
race of 111' o with a blu handi
cap. There Is nothing that
detracts more from a person's
appearance than unsightly or
Irregular teeth.
Straight, even teeth a per
fectly shaped mouth -rest
very largely with mother's
. care In infancy. Few realize
the danger likely to result
from allowing young children
to form the cubit of sucking
their thumbs or fingers. This
tends to force out the upper
front teeth and Jnw, and to
push back the lower front
teeth and Jaw. A deformed
ton Is the result.
This deformity causes the
teeth to come In Irregularly.
Informed jaws help to causa
adenoids and mouth-breathing,
and mental development
Is retarded by displacement of
the bones of the jaws and
Do not nealett the temptrart
teeth, 1 hey represent! tiie
structure on which the per
manent teeth are built. If
lost by decay before their
time, the jaws fall to expand
properly, and the Incoming
permanent teeth will be
crowded and Irregular. A
child's temporary molars are
Tot fully replaced by the per
manent teeth until the tenth
or twelfth year after birth.
!( IMnlal Aeeoctatton
of Oregon
fa .1 mm n sH "ff5
were withdrawn, Another battalion of
the same brigade came to relieve the
worn Americans. The newcomers were
only two companies strong,' having
themselves been compelled to give tip
two companies because of ga shelling.
The tired original battalion remained
with them two days longer, but at mid
night of Juno 14 wro. ordered back, a
regiment from another division coming
to relieve them.
A Ccrniau attack at, 2 a. m. and an
other at 4 a. in. threatened to prevent
the relief being made, but both attacks
were beaten off aud at 8 a. m. the bat
talionwhat there was left of it wa
on its way out of tho woods.
The capture of thes woods lias been
described, but if it is remembered that
they are filled with rocks, often the
size of boulders, furnishing the Germans
with natural nests for their machine
Buiia aud if advantages offered by fields
of wheat grown high and dense for ma
chine gun emplacements are considered
some idea will bo obtained of what is
meant by "we drove tho Germans out
and took th.'ir guns."
(Hero an entire paiagraph is deleted).
But Hie worst phase of the fighting
was tho numerical weakness 0f the Am
ericans. They wcr literally only a sin
gle line of men. There were no reserve
lines to which they could fall back and'
re-form when noewssary. There wero o
reserves to take care of feeding tho
men and bringing up ammunition. Tfc
men ate "monkey meat" as thoy call
the distasteful canned French meat and
bread and practically nothing, else for
two weens.
Higiinl men, ruiiuors and anybody mo
mentarily availablo, was used to bring
up ammunition.
When replacements came up the ab
sorption of tho now nwen had to be at-
teinpieu in me urst line, isew men
wore thus takon in In pitch dark. 177
of them at ono time. They didn't know
tho country. They couldn't be Identified
and little organization could be ot
tempted. Often as otherwiso replace
ments were mado in the midst of ahull.
That, minus tlw heroics, is the stnrv
of tho fight the thousand American boys
mane, utner uoys to their right and left
went through a similar experiens;.
San Froneisco, July 11. Charles M
Schwab, president of tho Emergency
rieet Corporation and Charles Piez, vice
president, arrived iu San Francisco
from southern California today to bo
the guests of tho United States war ex
position. A special army mess dinner has been
arranged for Schwob on the exposition
grounds, and a particularly large storm
ing party will cross "No Man's Land"
behind tho tank Britannia.
Friday's Program
at Turner Conyention
Tonight, the address ot the Taber
nacle at Turner for the convention of
the Church of Christ will be defivered
by the Eev. H. O. Breedon on "The
Gospel of This Age." The program for
i riuay is u follow:
8:30 Devotional, H. H. Griffis, Tort
9:00 Bible Studv, "The Bible and
Poverty," S. G. Buckner.
9:M Kecesa
10:00 "Missionary." W. F. Turner
Spokane. -
10:50 Beeeac.
11:00 Lecture, "The Minister for
this Age," H. O. Breedon.
12 : 00 Adjonrnment.
1:30 Song service.
1:40 Devotional, F. C. Stephens,
Falls City.
1:50 Short Addresses and Business
Session of the Educational Union.
2:10 Special song, Victoria Cave,
2:13 Parliament, "Eugene Bible Un
iversity," led by Josepn P. Doyd, Tort-
2:53 Special Music.
3:00- -xVddwss, ' ' Christian 'Education
and the Program of tho Church," Wal
ter Is. .Myers, Eugene.
4:00 Adjournment.
Night - v
7:30 Devotional, C. B. DrakeGrants
8:00 Sermon, "Moral Insanity," a
O. Buckner.
8:43 Stereopticon Exhibit.
In the early days of our country
grandmother was " the druggist, and
her drugs (consisted mostly of roots
and heris gathered from the fields and
forests. There was peppermint for in
digestion, nuillen for coughs, skullcap
for nervousness, thoroughwart for
colds, wormwood for bruises and
sprains and so on. They were success
ful remedies, too. it was from a com
bination of such roots and herbs that
Mrs. Lydia K. Pinkham of Lynn, Mass.
more than forty years ago, originated
her now famous Vegetable Compound:
and during all these long years no oth
er remedy has ever been discovered to
restore health ito ailing women so suc
cessfully as this good old fashioned
root and herb miedicine.
Harking bak to the days when well
wishing but rather over-enthusiastic
friends pelted our ears full of rice, we
ure rather, glad of the conservation of
food aud the redurtion in the high sost
of marriage
Don't BaCat-Uata YoaTr Tots Nw Horn
(.lira lhat Aaron Can Un Without Dla.
comfort or Loss of Tuna. Simply Chew ap
a Pleasant Tastta TabWt Occasionally
and Rid Yoursalf PsraMaantly of Pilot,
Let Ma Prove This Freo.
Mt Internal! metu. 4 for the treatment and
armanant curs ot piles Is ths crrmt one.
Tnimi)il upon tlionmnds of mired oanea teatlfv
to una, and I want you to try this awtaod at my
No matter whether your cue Is of long ittnd-
Mrt. W. H. Cook of 168 Xorth 12th
street and her daughter, Mrs Ivan,
Bellinger, and the latter' httle chil
dren, Jane EKsabeth and Taa Bellin-
ge, J spent the week ecd in Eugene.
While there- they were- the jrae&t of
Air. and Air. JLloyd Jianser. Air iiaua
er is tho eon of Mrs Coo!: aJ is man
ager of the branch store 'n Eugene of
Houser Brothers company in balem.
Professor Ruben Thompson and his
tittle son and daughter, Uruce and
Doris, are srvendine a few dav vis-t
ing at the home of Dr. aud Mrs. Fred
Thompson. Professor Thompson, who is
a brother ot Dr. Thompson, lives in
Reno, Nevada, where he is professor
of Greek and Latin in the state univer
sity there.
Miss Edtaa Simonton has -been spend
ing a few days visiting in Dallas as
the guet of Mr. and Mrs.- Oscar Hay
ter there.
- .
One of the .parties whreh motored
to Portland today included Mr. and
Mrs. Z. J. Rigge- They were accom
panied by Mrs. Ida Siiifuioirs, who has
been the house gueat of Hazel Downing
and Mrs, James Wilson, .While there
the party will see Margaret Anglin at
the Hei-Kg. Mr. Riggs plans t attend
the annual eession of the Oregon State
Pharmaceultktil association" which is
being held this week at the Multnomah
hatch v
This grocer's story surprises local
people: "I had bad rteni&ch trouble.
All food seemed to sour and form gas.
Was always constipated. Xotthing help
ed until I tried buckthorn bark, glyc
erine, cite., as miied in Adler-i-ka.
ONE STOOXFUI. astonished me with
it's INSTANT action." Because Adler-i-ka
flushes the ENTIRE alimentary
trsxtt H relieves ANY CASE constipa
tion, sour stomach or gas- and prevents
appendicitis. It has QUICKEST action
of anything we ever sold. J. C. Perry.
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lag or recent development whether It Is ehronlo
or .cute wnetoer it is oeoasloaal or permanent
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i ocoulonal or
this fre. trial
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plies, nty method win relieve you promptly,
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.-i--""" nu.io mi roriua 01 ointments,
aalves, and other local application! have tailed.
I want you to realize that my method ot treat
ing pllea la the one Infallible treatment,
Tlila liberal offer of free treatment Is too Im
portant for you to neglect aalngie day. Write
now. Send no money. Simply inaU the conoon
-but do this now-IODAV. ' upo11
. Freo Pile Remedy
R. R. Page,
949 rags Bldfe, Marshall. Mich.
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itlAn Economical, Delightful, Ught Place to Trade
Send "us Your
' Mail Orders '
We Pay
. THE JULY SALE Merchandise in many in
stances cost more wholesale today than we are
selling it for! And wholesale prices are going
higher almost BY THE DAY! The following
offerings are conclusive argument in favor of
your buying NOW all of your summer and your
32-in. IMPORTED SILK PONGEE ...... 7gc
State Street,
After a fortnight's Visit with" Mrs.
A. J. HLbler, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence
Hatley and their on, Max, are spend
ing a vucation. at the Paulus ranch
near Rosedal-e. They are recently from
Mrs. Irene St. Helens left yesterday
afternoon for a fortnight stay at
Shepherd Springs, Carson, Washington.
Mrs. Harry Mason of Mill City has
left Salem, after visiting for some
time her pamrts, Dr. and Mrs. E. Sher
wood of 787 Crcso street. She was
graduated from Willamette university
several years ago and will be remem
bered as Edith.- Bnerwooa Deiore ner
Bov. A. S. Mulligan, accompanied
by his daughter, Vesta Mulligan, have
returned from a visit of several days
in Falls City.
Are You One of Them?
There are 'a great many people who
would be very much benefited by tak
ing Chamberlain's Tablet for a weak
or disordered stomach. Are you one of
them! Mns. M. B. Searl, Baldwinsville,
N. Y., reiaites her experience in the use
of these tablets: "I had a bad spell
with my stomach about six months ago,
and waa "troubled for two or three
weeks with iras and severe pains in Wie
pit of my etomiach. Our druggist advis
ed me to take Ltiamioeriain s J aiwets.
I rtook a bottle home and the first
dro relieved me wonderfully, and I
kept on taking them until I was cur
ed." Thew tabl'cita do nat relieve
pain, but after the .pain has been, re
lieved may prevent its recurrence.
acter, but is due chiefly to the sur
render of land by the Germane back
to the landlords. Homestead sections
fifty versts (33 miles) square have
been wiped out completely.
This revolution in Ukraine, together
with the increasing iKwer of the
Czech-Slovaks in the east necessitating
diversion of considerable German forc
es may account in some measure for
delay in resumption of the west front
London, July 11. Premier Lloyd-
George, speaking ait a dinner given by
the house of common in nouor or j
H. Jowett, declared he is more confi
dent rig vidtorv than ever.
"One of the latest reasons for this
confidence i the impression made up
on me by the American troops I saw
in France.". h BStd. "They are su-
Trb. both a regards material and
training and th way they have borne
themselves in buttle. "
Chamberlain's Oolic an Diarrhoea
Now is the time to buy a bottle of
this remedy so as to be prepared in
case that any one of your family should
have an attack of colic or diarrhoea
during the summer months. It is worth
a hundred times it cost when needed.
People of Argentina
Fnendly to United Mates
Washington, July 11. Assurances of
the war reaard of the w of Argen
tina for the United States and of their
sympathy for her ideals were voiced
to the United I'ress yesterday dj- nr.
Roumlo 8. Kaon, Argentine ambassa
dor and high financial commissioner
Dr. Naon assented thalt he had been
highly plcawed" with conditions as he
had found thorn in Argentine during
his recent visit there aud that he was
equally pleased with Ithe kindly spirit
with which his return ito Washington
was greetied- He stalled that it was his
desire to work for the improvement of
the already cordial relations between
the two republics.
The antinawador called cn Secretary
Lansing and presented his credentials
as hiah financial commissioner. .Rec
ognition of the rank gives the United
States four commissioners' from for
eign countties. Mr. Ntaon's position ns
high couimissioner frcan a country not
in the war is uuique.
Dr. Naon 's chief task as high finan
cial commissioner i not to float a loan
for Argentina In this country, as has
been reported from various sources, but
rather to cooperate with the United
States in working: out problems of
trade and monetary exchange between
the -two countries.
By Joseph Shaplen
(United Press staff correspondent)
Stockholm, July 11. Stirring scenes
were enacted during the pan-soviet con
gross at Moscow, according to Petro
grad newspapers which have just been
received here. With German Ambassa
dor Mil bach, occupying one box and
with representatives of the entente al
lies in another sedtion, a delegate from
the Ukraine, M. Alexandroff, precipi
tated a lively scene by denouncing
German imperialism and its influence
in toe LHraine.
"I greet the pan-soviots in the name
of the secret peasant congress in the ;
Ukraine where rCign a Geman dicta
torship and where the bolshcviki con
tinue negotiations with the marionette
Skoropadsk.y, imultancously tolerat
ing the presence of German imperial
ism in the person ox lonnt AiirDsen.
Two hundred and fifty members of
the Left cheered his statements wildly
while Mirbach and his suite sat stiff
ly erect.
"The Germans are employing imprisonments-and
executions .without trials
to suppress a revolt of workmen and
peasants buit we know how to fight
even if yo-u don't," the speaker con
tinued. "The German have come to the
Ukraine to obtain bread, but they
won't get it. Wherever the Germans
have loaded trains, we have blown
thcMi up and have treated likewise all
artillery and magazines in the Ukraine.
"The Germans sought to transfer
huge avHffltion machinery from Odessa
and Nikolai etff to the .Krwpp woiks,
but we blew it up.
"The Germans will be wiped out in
the Ukraine. They already have paid
thousands of lives, for their tyranny.
"Yon have concluded the Brest-Ii-tovsk
peace at the price of the Ukraines
Iibenty. Wo now call upon ywn to aid
Members, of the Left and of the
Right irosa crying "dowta with the
Brcet-Litovsk treaty."
liiirbach excitedly whispered to a
German officer. Members cf the Left
mourn beean shouting: ".Dona with
Mirbach; (town with the lackeys o;
Mirbach the bolheviki."
Leon Trotsky then told the delegates
that the government was opposed, to
the offensive of the red guaru.
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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, July 11. Be
cause hif is alleged to have viid the
war wV for the rich man and the lib
erty lonn and Red Cross funds were
"grafts", Watlaea Stout, farmer
from Belleplain, is held by federal auth
orities here.
He is charged with violation of the
espionage act. It is said that when a
citizen took him to task for his remarks
Stout beat him.
By Eobert J. Bender
. Washington, July 11. A sudden
awakening ctf Eu6sians thus far iso
lated! to itliei dangers of German in
vasion, is adding zest to the American-
allied plans for aid to Kn?-ia.
It is admitted rtnat mucn cr xue sue
ess of the economic niUsit n plus a
'DoMce Dropaganda" force of soldiers
depends upon hew the Russians rally
to its standard. Successes of tho
(-jech Slnvnks in Siberia and tho wel
come tendered' them by the populace
there, the revolt of Ukraine against
German o.raresion, reported tociaj
and the cooperation of Russians on the
M unman coast with tie allies are re
garded as most encouraging by offi-
inls here.
Should the Cieeho-Slovaks forces
meet with defeat, however, the whole
problems would be seriously affected.
lor upon that torce tne aiues are
dinting for "emergency ail.'
Thwi chaiurinar events with their
possibilities merely emphasize the aif
ficubties confronting the a'iies in car
rying out a definite course of nation.
" In his recenit conferences with Lord
Readinc. Viscount Ishii and other al
lied statesmen, the president discussed
the general progtam.
The president, it is said, is boiling
up discussion of the niil'tary feature
until a decision has been reached with
American military exT'Crts. After this
country has determined the part it will
take, that phase of the question will
be laid before the allies.
Late Bulletins
Amsterdam, July 11. The social
revolutionary coumiittee is still barri
caded in the municipal theater at
Moscow anl is de-spc r.itily (f ending
the place, a Berua dispatch said tod-iy.
The sccial revolutionaries, ninny of
whom were arrested t-umcdiatsly after
the assassination of German Ambegsa-
1 1' S-fi
A Pure
As The lily
"Her complexion is
Eke a Lily the
beautiful velvety soft
nest of her sfcm with
its radiant pearly
white appearance is obtained thru
Couraud's A
(Orisnlal Cream
dor Mii'bach started a revolt in Mos
cow against the IboJskeviki. The latter
recently issued an official statement
saying the social revolutionaries had
been defeated, that hundreds were un
der arrest and (that the remai.ider had
fled fom the city.
Copenhagen, July 11 Kenewcd re
ports were received here today that
Grand Duke Alexis, the former Uussien
czarevitch, has 'been murdered. These
reports' said he was killed by a bomb
thrown by a bolshevik ij'.dier, '
Stockholm, July V. Tba Finnish
government has ordered all Jews ei
pelled froan that country before Sep
tember 30, after which local communi
ties are ordered to refuse tne:n food,
the Jewish Press bureau aununnccd to
day. Tent Meeting Interest
Increasing Nightly
. r
Last night the Hayward-Dickson
meetings were the center of attraction
in the city as Evangelist Dickson spoke
on the subject of ' ' Heaven, Hell, Purga
tory Where are the Deadf" He said
that the whole plan of redemption thru
Jesus Christ disprove yie wn marte
theory of the immortality of the soul.
Jesus came to give men something that
no uul not have, lie came to givs him
life, and His comiiig was not in vain.
"I would a great deal rather have my
mother resting peacefully in tho grave
if I were going the broad way that leads
to destruction," said the speaker, "than
to know that she was up in heaven
looking down upon my waywardness
and sin, impotent, to help and -to speak
to me, her Lcloved son. Why that would
be a liell in heavenl" Mr. Dickson as
soiled in a vigorous way many of the
popular teachings npon the grav and
hell showing from the scriptures that
tney are opposed to many, many of the
ideas held before the world at the pre
sent time regarding the future life.
Die large interest which is being man
ifested in these meetings testify to the
appreciation of the people of Salem for
the clear gospel of the Bible. Evan
gelists. Hayward and Dickson show
themselves .to be deep students of the
One special feature of interest h- the
meetings from night to night -is the
opening of the questions which are
handed in with the offerinsr before
each address. Thesfl questions are writ
ten out liy those who are troubled over
some point or points of doctrine and'
the speaker of the evening opens them
and answers them before the regular
study cf the eening is opened up. In
this way the doubts in many minds
are takoa away and they are ready for
continued study..
The stirring song srvlees which are
held each evening before the regular
service i creating a great and new in
terest in tne singing of the gospel. It is
hard to sit in tlwpse meetings and not
Yankee Colonel and
French Kg Neighbors
By Frank J. Taylor
(United l'ress Staff Correspondent)
With tut American Army in France,
June TS.-(Ey Mail). " Antoinette"
is a family oig of a French household,
livi'ig iu n liiiltMown close to the front
where is lo.;!; WU a certain regiment.
"Antonctii'' is more trouble than a
whole ' '1'iiian division.
! -a the. .viilaa, tho. boys, decided ,to
elcun tip the street in front f their
colonel's buiet. 'Ihey made it the most
spu'-lcss street in Fiance, and then nam
6d it Proadw,-.j .
An tonette' neither likes ah Ameri
can ciosued meet, or else she likes the
bright light of Bioadway, which is good
Fi'cuch sunlight and nothiDg more. "An
Uiiatte'' brought her .brood, and the
entire tUinuo insists in living not on
but in broadway, right in tho middle.
Coaxing, shoving, prodding, beating
and pleading have failed to remove
"An tonettc J' from Broadway, and the
French family, true to democratic ideals
says the pigs have as much right on
Bioadway as ths colonel.
Case of 3pondency
Despondency is often caused by in
digestion and constipation, and quickly
disappears when Chamberlain's Tab-
lots are taken. These ta:blcits strength
en the digestion and move the bowels.
With him were ethers of renown. Jr.
seph P. Tumulty, secretary to President
Wilson, was in liu8 as was Lieutenant
General Bridges of tho British army.
Then came sailors, soldicis, polico and
the fire department of the city. Fiienda
of the former mayor followed all afoot.
Three carriages were- in line, in addi
l on to the vehicle, vhich carried the
lhe aviator who had been wheoling
overhead while preparations were made
to start tho cortege, followed the line
up Fifth avenue, scattering flowers as
ho went.
The body was taken to St. Patrick's
cathcdrol, where a huge requiem mass
was said. The services were not private,
tho church with the exception of a
small space which was reserved for
friends, being thrown open to the pub
lic. At Woodlawn cemtery where inter
ment was made, the services were pri
vate. A squad of soldiers were formed
i lie only body of men there who werfl
nut personal friends of tho fornieV may
or. Military custom required that, they
be, present to perform certain duties
contingent upon a military funeral.
Soldiers' Bridge Tell
Fixed at One Cent
Portland, Or., July 11. With the at'
torncy general of Washington stato
open ones nienth In praise. The soiigs,ma'11,a'n'n.? n'8 C8'm silence on the lc
ninst of them new, are set to tunes ' B"Hty of allowing soldiers free passage
wbich one can easily whistle while at i atrrosa the interstate bridge at van-
work, and are naturally catchy.
Tonight Evangelist Hayward will sive
his great lecture on tin "Coming World
Ruler." The public la general are in
vited and arrangement are being made
to seat a largo crowd of people. The
prophecies of the Hible are clcarlv ex
plained on These g.-eat themes and the
Bible seems like ' new book to many
who have not heretofore made them a
(Continued from page one)
the historic edifice.
Former President Roosevelt fell Into
line as the first man to follow the black
caparisoned horse of the dead aviator.
couver, a move was begun hore to pass
the soldiers over for a nominal one
eent charge.
The .county commissioners adopted
such a resolution and put the matter
up to Clark county, Washington.
Since the move to obtain free pass
age for tho soldiers was started bf
Colonel Disque, commander of the spruce
division, it is unexplained why the at
torney general of Washington should
delay giving his opinion. Colonel Disqne
explained that such a step would nia
teriolly aid the smooth operation of bis
division headquarters in conjunction
with activities in Vancouver.
John Philip Sousa is working on a
new wedding march, but we have no do
ire to give it a personal tryout.