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$25,000 FOR PRISON
$5000 IE BOARD
Sato per word New Today:
etacfc insertion le
Ou week (6 insertions) Se
Om moot. (36 insertions) 17e
Tie Capital Journal will not be re
poaaible for more than one insertion,
far error in Classified Advertisement
Head your advertisement the first day
It appears and notify" ua immediately
Minimum charge 15c
WANTED Man to help log. Phone
2381 R. 7-5
FOR 8 ALB Binder, $75. Phone 96F
12. 7-6
FOB KENT Apartments and sleeping
rooms, 152 S- Church. Phone 248. 7-t
BOY, aged 15, wants work on farm.
Phono evenings, 1167W. 6-5
GRAIN hay for sale. M- H. Zenteinann
Kt. 2, box HI. 7-11
AUTO for sale or trade. Address A. A.
tare Journal. 7-6
FOR SALE Fresh cow and calf. Rt.
7. box 42. Phone 2500 W-t. 7-6
WANTED ' Strained honey in bulk.
Cherry City Bakery Co. tf
HATE you wood sawing t Call phone
T. tf
OCL. W. F. WRIGHT, the auctioneer
Tamer, Oregon. Phone 59. tf
FURNIBHED house for rent, close in,
during summer months, reasonable
to right party. Phone 1351. Address
695 N. Liberty, 7-6
FOR RENT Nicely furnistoed ono and
two room housekeeping apartments.
645 Forry St. tf
FOR SALE Gentle riding- pony and
saddle. II. O. Lovdand, Ht. 4, box
8A. 7-6
ELTON" canning cherries 6c per lb.
220i N. 5th. Mrs. Q. W. Thompson.
HOIKS for trade for Portland prop
erty: Address 82 Grand Ave, Order
lcisb. Apartments, Rooms 31, 7-6
FOR SALE Quart, pint and half gal
lon Mason fruit jars, and almost new
snirsery chair. Call 1136R. 6-5
WANTED Experienced sales lttdy for
dry goods, domestics, etc. 48 care
Journal 1
TRAY heifer came to my place, own
er can have same by paying expense.
Phone 3F4. 7-8
WANTED Man and team, can make
from $8 to $9.50 per day. Call phone
4X51 Tumor. tf
FOB SALE One single-horse wagon
and harness, will sell cheap. Phone
734, 271 N. Com'l. tf
HOUSEKEEPING apartments .and
single rooms, nicely furnished, at
633 Ferry street. tf
TWO and ihree room furnished apart
ments. 491 N. ' Cottage. Phone 2203.
WANTED Mohair at East Salem
Tannery, 25th and Oak Ht. Phone
160M. tf
FOB 8 ALB Some fresh milch cows
and farm horses," also want to buy a
second hand binder. Geo. Swegle.' tf
FOB SALE Studebaker 1 spring
wagon, will sell cheap. Phone 734)
271 N. Com'l. tf
IiOST On Jefftrson road of Judson
street, roll of automobile side cur
tains. Reward of $1 if returned to
Journal office. ( 7-5
9 ACRES cheat and 5 acres oat hay,
in the field for $23 and $25 an acre;
one mile east fairground. Phono 91
F32. 7-5
FOR RENT Furnished, house, for one
who wants a first class place, hot
-filter heat, two fire places and com
pletely furnished throughout. Ad-
' Jfixeaa Box 373, Salem, Or. tf
K A. all In cultivation and crop, on
Pacific highway, close to O. E. and
8 P. stations, a bargain at $90 per
aero. Terms. W. H. Grabenhorst, 275
Statt St - tf
PRUNE orchard, close in, sacrifice
sale, crop goes, trees loaded with
prunes; investigate this. Uerau. Pric
ed right. W. H. Grabenhorst ft Co.,
275 State St. tf
WANTED Loganberry pickers, wood
and camp close in, Salem Heights,
end of car line S. Com. St. M. F.
Woodward, Rt. 3, box 111- Phone 112
F4. - ' tf
est yard in the valley. Good camp
ing, good water, provisions on the
ground. We move yon out to yard
and back to town. Pieking begins
about June 25tii. Register now, we
pay one cent with eent bonus
per pound. L. H. Roberts, Rt. 7, Sa
lem, Or., Phone, 41F24- tf
OLD FALSE TEETH wanted; doesn 't
scatter if broken. We pay you actual
value. We pay cash for old gold,
silver and platinum. Send to n and
receive cash by return mail. If price
if not satisfactory, we will return
tseth promptly upon request. Inter
national Teeth Co., 30. West 42nd
t, New York. tf
rOR SALE 6 room house and lot,
$150. Inquire at 404 S. 16th St., fca
lem. 7-8
RED, white, and Mack currants deliv
ered to any part of the city. Phone
250OJ2. 7-H
FOB SALE 40 aero farm, some of
best land in Oregon, stock and crop
included, must be sold. R. F. D. 1,
box 42. Scio. Or. 7-21
ABOUT DO or 60 tons of loose oat !iay
cheat hay. Price $18 in field. Phone
26F12 before 7 a. m. or after 6 p.
m. ' 7 4
FOR SALE or exchange, a beautiful
summer home at Newport, Oregon.
Valley Real Estate Co., Carlton,
Ore. 7-15
FARMERS RE WAKE 200 grain sacks
stolen from my barn last Monday
nighit. $15 reward for conviction of
thieves. W. Schuott, Rt. 2. 7-5
WANTED To relnt, by responsible
couple, a modern house, furnished
or unfurnished. Must bo reasonable.
Address R. S. care Journal. 7-5
WANTED Experienced farm hand, $3
per day and beard steady work. In
quire at Avenue l,arber shop 17th
and Center St. Saturday or Phone
5HF24. ' 7-5
WANTED General experienced black
smith helper. Strike on. Eight hours
53 hour. Continuous . employment
right man. Address B. T. McBain,
West Linn, Or. 7-5
FOR SALE 44 acre tnuot, 30 acres un
der cultivation, balance timber .and
pasture, spring water to house and
barn, family orchard, 8 acres of four
year old prune orchard, 5 miles from
Salem. Price $3500. W. H. Graben
horat & Co., 275 State street. 6-5
FOR SALE 5 acres all under cultiva
tion, new 5 room, plastered cottage;
good barn, chicken house, garage,
drilled well, macadam road, 3
miles from Salem. Price $1800. $000
dotwn, balance 6 per cent interest
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co., 275 State
street. 6-6
FOR SALE 10 stores all jn bearing
fruit, house, bam, well; located 2
miles from Salem street earline on
main marad&m road, east frontage.
This land is below value and must
be sold in the next few days. If yon
are looking for 10 acres you cannot
beat it. Price $2200. $1000 down, bal-
ance to suit at 7 per cent interest.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co. 275 State
street. 6-5
On and after AUGUST 1st the RE
Store will be conducted on a CASH
BASIS. The scarcity of help, extra
work required dn keeping accounts and
collecting same makes this change
necessary. We will continue to give a
5 per cent REBATE FOR CASH on all
goods handled by us, except PAINTS
and OILS.
eod-tf 280 N. Commercial St.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will receive bids up till 5
o'clock p. m. July 15, 1918, for the con
struction of a cement sidewalk to be
laid in front of the east 120 ft. of lot
4, block 54, Salem, Oregon, on Divis
ion istrecit.
Plans and specifications may be had
at recorder's office.
7-10 City Recorder.
.Allowance of Meat
Is Being Considered
A limit on the amount of meat serv
ed is one of the possibilities within the
coming few months, according to in
formation issued by the fool adminis
tration. Already hotels have been re
quested not to place on their menus
or serve boiled beef more than two
meats weekly afid Ibeef steak more
than one meal weekly and roast beef
more than one meal weekly. The food
administration asks housekeepers to
buy under no circumstances more than
one and one fourth pound of dear
beef weekly or one and one half pounds
including the bouo, weekly per person
in the household. The iood administra
tion asks for economy in meat con
sumption until at least September 15.
The now meat program has been issued
to Fred W. Seusloff, county food ad
ministrator. -
Hive the Journal Job Dept. .
estimate on your printing
needs yoa get the benefit of
cash baying. Phone 8I
Emergency Board Makes Ap-
propnahons at Todays
The state emergency board, which
met here today, authorized a deficiency
appropriation of $35,000 for the state
penitentiary and $5,000 for the state
lime board.
These appropriations are just one
half of the amounts requested, and in
both instances they were cut down as
a result of the opposition of Senator
Gus C. Moser, president of the senate,
who refused to vote for the full sums
asked for without the presence of Sen
ator W. D. Wood of Washington coun
ty, chairman of the senate ways and
means committee, and who was absent
from today 's meeting.
R. N. Stanfield, speaker of the house
of representatives, was also absent, so
the members present besides Senator
Moser were Governor Withycombe,
Scretary of State Olcott, State Treas
urer Kay and Representative K. K.
Kubli of Portland, chairman of the
house ways and means committee.
When the $35,000 expenditure by the
penitentiary was authoriied, it was
understood that this sum would tako
care of the institution for three months
and by that time it probably would be
necessary to eall a meeting of the
emergency board again to consider the
needs of other institutions. The peni
tentiary will then ask for more funds
to run it the balance of the year. An
effort will be made to have a full at
tendance of the board members at that
Warden Murphy asked for $70,000 at
this time for six months' maintenance.
This is about $10,000 more than it cost
to maintain the prison during the last
six months, but the warden pointed out
that everything was costing more now.
He also said he had told his guards he
would ask the governor for another
raise in salaries for them, which would
add about $3,000 to his payroll during
the next six months.
Frank Davey, bookkeeper at. the pen
itentiary, read a financial statement,
showing that the operation of the
prison wood cutting camp, the main
tenance of a gang of prisoners at the
state lime plant, the increase in cost of
supplies, and the increase in wages,
all had contributed to exhausting the
$180,000 appropriated by the last legis
lature for the maintenance' of the in
stitution. He said only $900 was left
in the maintenance fund.
After Chairman Cordley of the limo
board asked for a deficiency appropria
tion of $10,000, Governor Withycombe
made a motion that this sum be al
lowed. All the members present voted
for the motion, except Moser.. As it
requires five votes to authorize an ap
propriation, the motion lost.
The ailure of this motion, provoked
some heated remarks from the gover
nor, who declared that the money
should be allowed or patriotic reasons,
as the farms are badly in need of lime
and the state should complete its pro,
ject to provide it for them.
Senator Moser then made a motion
to allow $5,000, and later if - is shown
that the farmers really want the limo
and will purchase it and use it more
funds can be allowed. This motion
Chairman Cordley' said the $10,000 he
requested was needed to build termin
als, elevators and bunkers. With but
$5,000 he said the bunkers could not
bo built.
He said the lime plant is nearly com
pleted, end that it could not be dunli-
cated under present war conditions for
$35,000, while it has cost $20,000. The
plant will be ready to deliver lime by
neptcmoer l at l.3U a ton f. o. b.
Gold Hill, he said. The plant still has
a capacity of 100 tons daily, running
an eight-hour shift, and he estimated
that the demand will consume all the
plant can turn out. The state will pay
8 cents a ton royalty for the lime, and
beginning with June (he minimum
amount of royalty is $100 a month.
Governor Withycombe, replying to a
question from Representative Kubli
told the board members that he was
considering the advisability of calling
a special session of the legislature t'
navo an emergoncy war tax bill sub
mitted to the people at the November
election. The measure of this naturo
council of dof itm v.us not ilod in time
which was being initiated by the sttitt
to go on the ballot.
Middle West Cheers
Secretary of War
Chicago, July 5. The middle west to
day had a message of cheer from Sec
retary of War Baker. Reiteration of fig
urcs showing the growth of America 'i
army in Europe, assurance that all waj
going wtu in supplying ana transport
ing Vns.ce fighters and confidence that
final victory will rest with the allies
were contained in the secretary 'g speech
neru today.
Secretary Baker's address here wai
the climax of Chicago's greatest holiday
whun sesnty five nationalities cele
brated independence Day under one
w rr Wy. J
tiwViTv. ySafe
J Milk
( X iFor Infant.
1 "?r,'T v.-a ?
Cort YOU
A Nutritious Diet for All Ages.
Keep Horlick's Always on Hand
Quick Lunch; Home or Office,
Lands Oregon Tractor Agen
cy by Personal Inteniew
with Henry Ford
Georg F. Vick is home from his bus
iness trij to Detroit, Mich., and a call
on Henry Ford and he now is more
than ever convinced that business is
for the maa who goes after it
When he arrived in Detroit he scat
his card to Henry Ford, but was po
litely told by the secretary in the front
office that he could not see Ford and
anyhow, they had derided not to ship
any Ford tractors to Oregon this year.
Mr. Vick, having made a trip more
than half way aeross the continent es
pecially to talk tractors to Mr. Ford,
was nonplussed when this bit of infor
mation was placidly handed him by the
cold blooded clerk in the front office.
However, before leaving, he handed in
his references and credentials.
Just as he had returned to his hotel,
he received a telephone call from Mr.
Ford's private secretary asking him to
come back to the plant. There he met
Mr. Ford wro inquired as to business
conditions in Oregon. Ford said he had
changed his mind about cutting out
Oregon, especially bs Mr. Vick had
como so far to sce'hiiu and said, that
a man on the ground was entitled to
some consideration. Mr. Ford said he
had received hundreds of letters from
Oregon men asking for the agency of
the Fordson tractor, but he made the
deal with Mr. vick just the same.
It was the day for launching ships
at Detroit and Mr. Vifk saw Secretary
Daniols and other Washington naval of
ficials, a French Ace 'with several not
ed American airplane men, and other
war officials.
Vick Bros, are now the only authorJ
ized agents of the Ford tractors in
Oregon and will soon begin establish
ing agenMios. Three carloads of sam
pica are now on the way and after
September 1. the ono thousand order
will be filled at the rate of one car
every other day.
Ford touring car? will be scarce this
winter, Mr. Vick says.
i American
R. H. E.
Boston 4 7-1
Philadelphia . 3 7 2
Ruth and Agnew; Geary and Me
Avoy. (10 innings.)
Now York 1 6 1
Washington 2 9 4
Mogridga and Walters; Shaw and
Moderately Firm
Quick Market Today
New York, July 5 The New Tork
Evening Sun financial review today
In a moderately firm but dull and
uninteresting session, the market in
the New York stock exchange contin
ued to refliect an attitude of waiting.
The declaration of a large cash divi
dend ou Royal Dutch MKk, together
witih the recommendlati'xn of a 25 per
cent stock dividend as a bonus caused
a wide adtvance in the American shares
representing Royal Dutch stock. The
opening was fractionally higher.
In the later trading, which was in
active, the tone was firm and United
States Steel anado its best price for
tihe day. The motor issues shared in
the display of strength. The rails were
Non-Partisan League
In Idaho Politics
Boise, Idaho, July 5. After demand
ing interment for the period of the
war of the chairman and vice chair
man of the Idaho county council of de
fense who wore active in preventing
A. C. Towulcy from speaking here, the
Idaho convention of the Non-Partisan
League adjourned last night. They
charged the chairman and members of
the defense council with attempts to
stir up class hatred. The league de
cided to enter the democratic primaries
and indorsed a full state ticket, includ
ing Borah (Rep.) and Nugent (dem.),
for United States senators.
Chicago, July 5. Horsemen
here today credited Lillian T.,
2:02 3-4 with equalling the
world's record for pacing marcs '
over a half mile track In an
Independence Day meet here,
Lillian T. circled the oval twice
in 2:04l. The record was
made by Alcyfraa at Terre
Haute, 1ml., in 1911.
St. Paul, Minn., July 5. The state
Bupreme court today held that the in
dictments brought in Martin county
against A. C. Townley, president, and
Joseph Gilbert, manager of the Nation
al Non-Partisan league, did not con
stitute a cause for action. The state
supreme court holds that the demurrers
entered in the Martin county court by
the defendants against the indictments
should have been sustained and the su
preme eourt sends the case baok tc
Martin county for action accordingly.
iRonie, July 5. Twenty American
veterans who had boen wounded and ,
doeoratcd in fighting on the French
front participated in the Fourth of I
July celebration here. They were under ,
command of Captain Brothers. Most J
at them were of Italian origin and j
brief speeches by them in tha Italian ,
language delighted the people.
Notable Convention of Yester
day Is Gren to News
1 papers Today
London, July 5. A telephone con
versation between General Pershing
and Premier Lloyd-George, which took
piace y-swruay rei-u ve io oeservance
of American Independence Day was
made public today by the official press
"I have learned with great pleasure
of the people of England joining our
soldiers and sailors in celebrating the
Fourth in an unprecedented manner,
making together a demonstration of
international sympathy and union of
spirit and marking a memorable place
in the history of the two nations,'
Pershing said.
Lloyd George replied:
'"We joined with our whole heart in
your Fourth of July celebration. Once
a bitter memory we now know that the
event which you dedicate this rejoic
ing forced the British empire hack intf
the path of freedom from which, in a
moment of evil counsel, it departed.
"The entry of the United States
army into the great struggle for human
liberty, side by side with the allies, is
a sure proof that the mistakes and un
derstandings which formerly estranged
the two countries, are being trans
formed into a genuine friendship in the
fiery furnace of common sacrifice."
Portland, Or., July 5. The one
great drawback to army life in
France is lack of bathing facili-
ties, wrote Major G. A. White
who is on the Marne front, in
a letter received here today.
"I bad my first bath in a
month in the Marne last night,"
wrote the major, who formerly
was a Portland newspaperman.
Total Fourth of July
Launchings Ninety-Five
Washington July 5. Total Fourth
of July launchings were ninety .five,
the Emergency Fleet Corporation an
nounced this afternoon. Tho total ton'
naff- was 474,464.
Fifty three wooden ship were launch
ei 12 in the Atlantic coast, 27 on
the Pacific and 14 on tho Gulf. Steel
ships: Atlantic) coast, 12; Pacific, 18;
Great Lakes, 11, and Gulf, 1, a total
of 42 steel ships.
Oregon Stands Third
In War Stamp Drive
Portland, Or., July 5. Oregon's of,
ficial ranking in the war saving stamp
campaign is third, according to a mes
sage received hera today. Oregon, how
ever, was second of the states which
competed in the campaign started last
week, being beaten only by Utah.
Nebraska was the first state ovel
the top, but this state comploted its
quota some time before the general cam
paign started. It was Nebraska 'r
achievement which awakened the other
states and resulted in the general cam
paign to gain the W, S. S. quotas in
short period.
Casper, Wyo., July 5. Sergeant Earl
Caddock, world champion wrestler, left
today for Camp Dodge, Iowa, victor in,
his Independence Day match here with
Yussif Hussano. Caddock who two
straight falls with a head lock in one
hour and two minutes and a head scis
sors m 18 minutes.
Colorado Springs, Co',o., July 5. Jim
Barnes and Jock Hutchinson defeated
Chick Evans and Warren Wood,, two
up in the dedicator match on the new
Broadmoor hotel golf courso here yes
terday. The Red frost netted $12,230.
Keokuk, Iowt , July 5. Alva L. Ford,
one of the contestants in a Fourth of
July motor race a. Carthage, III., was
instantly killed when the steering
knuckle on his cjr broke. Ferd was
thrown against a fence post and his
life crushed out, only a few feet from
hi wife, son and daughter.
Rome, July 5 Cardinal Martinclli,
former apostolic delegate to the Unit
ed! States, 1 dead.
Saturday Special
The Versatile Scot
One of the original
Just returned from
See Him, Here Him
In Person
Listen for the
RBD envoi
Miss Inez Goltra Will Have
Charge at Garfield Begin;
ning Next Week
Mixx Inez Goltra has returned from
Portland and beginning next Wednes
day the kindergarten school will once
again be organized for women who
have chiidrep betwleen tho ages of
four and eigiht years and who would
like to help tho Red Cross surgical
dressing work.
Many women have given as their
icuso for not working-the fact that
the children cannot be properly taken
Care of during their absence, and to
care for the children, this kindergarten
has been established.
All the kindergarten materials of
Miss Goltra will be taken to the Gar
field school, including sand tables, and
knitting machines and Wednesday
morning everything will be in readi
ness. Mothers who would really like to
put in a few hours each week in pa
triotic work are asked to bring their
children to the post office between 9
and 10 o'clock and in the afternoon be
tween 1:30 and '2 o'clock. A convey
ance will take tha children to the Gar
field (school.
The schedula for teachers is as fol
low Wednesday mornings, Mrs. A. T
Woolipert and afternoons, Miss Lena
Dotson. Thursday in mornings, Mrs.
A. R. Wallace land afternoon, Miss
Beryl Holt. Friday for mornings, Miss
Etta White and afternoons, Miss Inez
Goltra. Mliss Goltra as an experienced
kindergarten teacher, will be in gen
eral charge.
There is need of much more help at
the surgical dressing department at
tihe post office and it is hoped by this
arrangement, many mothers will offer
their assistance.
Washington July 5. The sen
ate today gave offiiiial sana-
tion to tho 4'ungelus" Ameri-
ca's noon prayer for victory,
by adojHinig a resolution intro-
duced by Senator Myers, Mon-
tana, asking the, president id
announce hy proHuimnltiun tho
setting aside ot one minute at
noon for prayer.
.Tul v 5. Tom Winir
Ciiiaca?, returned from his Fourth of
July celebration to find his wife, Mrs
Daisy Wing, catching cockroaches and
gassing them over a burner in tho gas
rango. The room was full of gas,
Wing lighted a cigarette to waicn tno
Ni.itlmr Tviia spriouslv ill 'lured, but till
kitchen was damaged by explosion a'd
Amsterdam, July 5.-Twenty five
thousand Armenians have occupied Er
Vian, according to a Vienna dispatch
received today.
Ervian, a city of about 25,000 popu
lation is situated in Russian Armenia
about 100 miles south of Tiflis.
Washington, July 5. npresntativc
Jeanrtte Rankin, Montana, today an
nounced she will make the race for
United States senator this fall. Her
announcement read:
"I shall run for the United States
senate Jeanctte Rankin."
?! -11
1 1 lai 1
1 4,
Complete instructions for bom canning and drying will be sent to tha
readers of this paper upon application to the National War Garden Comaut
ion, Washington, D. C, aclosing a two-cent stamp for pottage.
It means more mSeageThey give
better service You will he better
363 - 126 South Commercial
Prominent Conti-: jicr to Papers and
Magazines -Ort Summer Tour.
Nad Woodman.
Ned Woodman first cause Into public
prominence as a cartoonist through his
many contributions to "life," "Judge,"
f'Cbicngo Inter-Ocean," "Chicago Bec
ord Herald" and other papers and mog
azlnes ot national reputation. How
lever, Ned Woodman was more than n,
cartoonist. He was a born lecturer,'
humorist and entertainer as well, and
from the moment of his first sppeur-!
'ance before Chautauqua audiences lie
was a decided "hit." Now he Is one!
of the most sought-after men of the
1 His ability to present the humor ot
every day events or of public incidents
Is remarkable, doing It all with fresh-j
ness, vigor end a splendid touch of artj
Not la any sense Is Woodman a corj-f
1st his pictures and speech are charac-j
tcrlzed by originality,
Loudon, July 5 Field Marshal Haig
today telcgrtiphcd congratulations to
tho Fourth army, including American,
troops, for their "skill and gallant
ry" in conducting yesterday' ad
vance wlong tho Poiimie.
Washington, July 3. Provost Mar
shal General Crowdcr today declined
promotion to lieutenant general which
tho senate recommended.
Your winter stipply of vegetable!
and fruits will (ill hungry moutht.
Get the book of instructions iuued
by the National War Garden Com
mission, Washington, D. C, by tend,
in 2 cents for BOitaare.
irt AH
! 551
V ..wwz. &. 4 ,..c 3
f A
lt , I
"1 iB ....... jt. j-j. ;
I 1, t Igobs
i f
ft , Stum
waiHinlilOK, CC Vr