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FOB SALE Hogs. Phone 33F14. 6-29
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms, 694
N. Com'l Phone 2454 W. 7-3
FOR SALE 6 weeks old Duroe pigs.
1353 south 12th St. E. B. Shank- 6-29
CHOICE mikh cows for sale. 1000 N.
' 14th St. 6-28
BELGIAN hares from 50 cts. to $2.50.
H. 2, Box 81. 7-1
1 WJESH tja buy about 2 tons of good
rlover hay. Phone 1410. 6-2
I WANT a job- to work on a farm, am
15 years old. Phono 1416. 6-29
FOR RENT 5 room bungalow, with
tarn if desired. Phone 1204. 7-4
OOW FOR SALE 5 years old, fresh
in July. J. H. Day, Kt. 7, box 200. 7-1
FOR RENT 6 room furnished house.
Phone 1758. 6-29
FOR SALE-nFreSh cow and calf. Kt
7. box 42. Phone 250OW4. 7-6
MAY DUKE cherries 4c per lb on the
trees. Phone 14F13. 6-23
WOOD for sale for $5 and up, per cord.
Phone 234 or 622. 6-23
GOOD, heavy, yonng mare, 3 or 4
years old. P. O. Box 158, Salem. 6-29
'VACUUM cleaning 50c per rug. Phone
1022. L. I. Buckner. 6 29
FOB RENT Five room furnished
house. Phone 1979. tf
WANTED Strained honey in bulk.
Cherry City Bakery Co. tf
HAVE yon wood sawing! Call phone
7. ' tf
OOL. W. r. WEIGHT, tho auctioneer
Turner, Oregon. Phone 59. tf
FOR SALE Registered Jersey ibull,
age 2 yers,,$6 ii takenv at once.
Royal Condit, Turner, Or, 6-28
FOR EXCHANGE 17 acres i miles
east of Salera, for unincumbered Sa
lem property. Plione 2440. f - 7-1
BED, white and black currants deliv
ered to any plart of eity. Phone
2500J2. 7-4
WANTED Ten cords good, ash wood,
August or September ' delivery. D.
Webster, phones 22 and 1891M. 7-1
HAY in the field for sale, to be re
moved at once. State Fair Board.
Phono 489. 6-29
F)R SALE Mare and yearling colt;
also fine 3 year old driving horse,
i'hone 7F31. , - 6-29
FOR SALE 1916 Ford touring car;
call after 5 p. m. 705 south 19th St.
FOR SALE A nice driving mare and
rubber tired buggy. Phone 12F23.
LOST Dark bay horse, with halter, on
Wallace road. Finder notify 302 N.
Church. tf
WANTED Man and team, can make
from $8 to $9.50 per day. Call phone
4X51 Turner. tf
WANTED Boy 16-, to work about two
hours each afternoon at Journal of
fice. , tf
FOB BENT Furnished house, strictly
modern, hot water heat. Address Box
373 Salem, Or. tf
SAVE your old carpets and clothing,
have them made into rugs. Salem
Fluff Bug Co., 2075 Mill St. 6-28
WANTED Cherries, Royal Anne,
Bing, Lambert. Salem Fruit Union.
Phon 380. 6-29
WANTED A farm' to rent, of seventy
fiv or raor acres. A. E. Cameron,
ftoseberg, Or-, Kt. 1, box 167. 7-2
FORSALE One single-horse wagon
an3iarness, will sell cheap. Phone
73T 271 N. ComX tf
HOUSEKEEPING apartments and
single rooms, nicely furnished, at
833 Ferry street. tf
TWO and three room furnished apart
ments, 4S1 N. Cottage. Phone 2203.
WANTED Mohair kt East Salem
Tannery, SSth and Oak St. Phone
ilfiOM, tf
TOR 8ALB Soma fresh miles cows
and farm horses, also want to boy a
eeoni kaad Under. Geo. Swegle. tf
LOGANBERRY pickers should eome
Monday morning, fine picking. East
D street near Powers dryer. N. E.
Getter. 6 27
15 A. all ia cultivation and erop, on
Pacifto highway, clos to O. E. and
8 P. stations, a bargain at $90 per
acre. Terms. W. H. Grabenhorst, 275
Btato 8U tf
FOR RENT Boom on Commercial, suit
able for office or small business. In
quire 144 N. Commercial 6-2S
WANTED -Rooms, kalso mining, walls
neatly tinted, $2.50 and up, plaster
repairing. Phone 933. 6 23
FOB SALE Studebker 1 spring
wagon, will sell cheap. Phono, 734.
271 . Com! . tf
FOR -RENT-Building for garage, good
ui-auun, ai ssuverion, feter xierr.
phone Green 1557. . 7-1
LOST Traveling bag on Silverton
road. Return to Lloyd Ramsden bi
cycle shop and receive reward. 6-26
WANTED By a widower, a house
keeper not over 35. Address W. W
care Journal. 6-23
WANTED To buy 2d hand, rubber
tired -buggy. H. M. Eaker, phone
1806W. .7-1
FOUND Purse containing bilt and
check. Owner can get same by call
ing at Journal and paying for this
ad. tf
FOB SALE I have several mortgages
for tale, from 4600 to $3000, first
c ass farm security. H. M. Hawkins,
314 Masonic bldg. tf
FOR SALE 40 acre farm, some of
best land in Oregon, stock and crop
included, must be sold. B- F. D.
box 42. Scio, Or. 7-21
WANT singlo lady or gentleman, with
$40U, will give good position and se
curity fkw your money. Box 333, Sa
lem. 6-29
WANTED" Capable woman as chanv
bermaid, salary $35 and meals, while
on duty. Apply at oOce to manager
Hotel Marion. U
WANTED Girl for general heusewor.k
good wages, small family going to
Portland tin .liv iijbraiA JiiTt Inf. Tn.
auira mornings Boom 10, Opera
nous e-iia
LOGANBERRY pickera wanted, seven
miles south of Salem; good camp
ground; will provide transportation
Whelaa Bros. Phone 12F25. 7-1
FOR SALE 6 good ehoats, 4 months
old, weighing 75 lbs. each, $8 each.
Bt. 7, box 93. 2 nnlea east of fair
grounds on Silverton road. 7-1
m i - - - - - -
CONGENIAL young-lady wishes to
rent a rurnisned rooms, suitable for
light housekeeping, must be central
ly located.. C. Y. care Journal. 6-28
PBUNE orchard, close in, sacrifice
sale, crop goes, trees loaded with
prunes; investigate this, larms. Pric
ed right. W. H. Oraiienhorst & Co,,
275 State St. tf
WANTED Loganberry pickers, wood
and camp close in, Salem Heights,
end of car line S. Com. St. M. F.
Woodward, Bt. S, box 111. Phone 112
. F4. tf
FOB BENT July 1st, modern, five
. room flat, furnished or unfurnished
256 N. Cottage street. Inquire at
Capital National bank, Phone 71.
FOR SALE cheap, or will trade for
oar, my $750 equity in 5 room bun
galow, 335 S. 15th. See B. R. Nichol
son at Valley Motor Co. Phone 412.
HELP WANTED Latho hand, increas
ing machino shop crow. Strike on
West Linn mills. Wages 65Vii for
eight hours. Can work ten hours if
desired. Address B. T. McBain, West
Linn. Advancement assured right
man. 7-2
est yard in the valley. Good camp
i good water, provisions on the
ground. We move yon out to yard
and back to town. Picking begins
about June 25th. Register now. we
pay one cent with cent bonus
er pound- L. H. Roberts. Rt. 7, Sa
lem, Or., Phone 41F24. tf
OLD FALSE TEETH wanted; doesn't
matter if brokon. We pay yon actual
value. W pay cash for old gold,
silver and platinum. Send to us and
receive cash by1 return mail. If price
is? not satisfactory, we will return
teeth promptly upon request. Inter
national Teeth Co., 305 West 42nd
St., New York. , tf
Notice i herebygiven that I have
impounded the following described
aogs in compliance with ordinance No.
140 tewit: Two- Collie does, weigh
70 pounds each. One dark Shepherd
dog weighs 65 pound Two Spitz dogs,
weigh 40 pounds each. The above de
scribed dogs will be killed if not re
deemed by owners, em Of before July
1, 1918, as provided ia said ordinance.
' June 25, 1918.
W. S. LOW,
6-29 Street Commissioner.
War Sayings Stamps Cam
paign Is Not Meeting With
Expected Success
A loyalty card index of every man
and woman in Salem was ordered at
the meeting held yesterday aftciuaoa
of the captains of the War Savings
Stamps campaign at a meeting held ct
the Commercial etub to consider ways
and means of continuing the prasmt
W. S. S. campaign.
For the fact- is, Salem has pledged
barely $100,000 of the quota ef $250,-
000 and unless there is seme means of
reaching people and knowing what they
have done, the prospects of Salem rais
ing its quota is not very encouraging.
The loyalty index will show just
what every man and woman in SaTem
has subscribed for the Three Liberty
Loans, the Bed Cross and the Y. M. C.
A. campaigns and what they have
don ia the present War Savings
Stamps campaign.
There is just a suspicion as expressed
by the eaptains that quite a number cf
people are not living up to their loyal
ty in supporting the government and
the general opinion was that where a
maa or woman was not in favor of
helping, they were against this coun
try and pro-German. The captain also
favored publicity for those who were
not doing their part.
Members of the 30 teams reported
that on account of the small denomin
ation, many who should have bought
$50 in stamps had merely pledged $5
or $10. Unless some radical steps are
taken, Salem will fall dowq badly in
this campaign-
Disloyal remarks were ' heard by
many workers. Men who had boys in
the war refused to subscribe for
stamps. Many who wers called on
were most uncivil to the solicitors.
One prominent maa in Salem, would not
buy as he said he wanted, interest
every year on his investments. An
other said that he would go to the pen
before he would siihucrih. Aaother
didn't believe in wsr. Another prom
inent maa had no Red Cross cards in
Mb home windows.
It is such reports as these that the
workers bring to the captains and
which the captains reported at tho
meeting yesterday afternoon. The
opinion was freely expressed that re,
gardless of a man's standing in the
community, if be was against the W,
8. S. or failed to support by subscrib
ing to Liberty loans, the public should
know i& t
The espionage law was - quoted
"Who cvfir by word or act' opposes the
cause of;, the United States' has ample
law to reach the unpatriotic. Others
thought publicity would have the prop
er effect. ' : ,
As a result of the meeting a motion
was carried by which the people of
Salem will be indexed as to theii
loyalty, this list to be in charge of the
officers' and directors of the Salem
Commercial Club. - '
vuuu iiuudc ncwa,
j)c sjc sjt it s(c sc s)t (' )t fc s(c sjc sjc
Tho estate of Ferdinand Mantie was
appraised at, $8406.89. This includes
the farm of 94 acres valued at $tnyj.
50. The appraisers were Dan Steiher,
V. K. Krehbiel audi 8. S. Baumgart
ner. Elizabeth Savage filed bond for
$15000 as guardian for the minor heirs
of Ferdinand Mantie. There are three
children under 15 years old.
The claim was allowed of O. B. Dar
ling for $296 against the estate of
John Hnlferty. The claim wa3 for
board and lodging for 74 weeks at $4
per week, for tho care of John Hnlfer
ty previous to his death.
Mary L. Boeschcn, administrator of
tho estate of Arthur C. Boeschen was
authorized by the court to sell at pri
vate sale itlie W . of the W- of
section 6, T. 10, range 10 W, in, Lin
coln county. As administrator she has
filed a bond for $11,000 with Naomi
Saloman and Victoria Boeschen as
The appraisers of the guardianship
estate of Andrew, Ida, William, Lena,
Walter and iildon H. ircy as appoint
ed by the court are Bernard Wolf, Se-
LOST Friday, May 21st, on Salem
Dallas road, a demwintaWe automo
bile rian. I'lease leave at Capital
Journal office, or notify A. W. Bart
lett, Bt. 2. 6 29
HELP WANTED1 Government needs
20,000 elerks at Washington. Exam
inations everywhere in July. Exper
ience unnecessary. Men and women
desiring government positions write
for free particulars to J. C. Leonard,
(former civil service examiner,)
1059 Ke no-is Bldg-, Washington. -7-3
ern, five room bungalow, gas, elec
tricity, half cement basement, sta
tionary tubs, roomy lot, paved street,
all paid, and garage. Oft block from
street car Ene. Price $1600; $800
will handle it. Square -Deal Realty
Co., U. 8. Nat Bank bldg. Phone
YOUR property will seB quicker or
trade easier through our non-commission
system of placing buyer and
seller together. Listings for our July
booklet will be received np to June
30tb. Prompt action, -effective ser
vice, maximum results. Investigate
Oregon Realty Exchange Investment
Co., Inc, 28 Breymaa bldg., Salem,
Or., Engene, Portland, San Francis
co. 6-29
aya glass of hot water with
phosphate before breakfast
wash out poisons. -
To see tiie tinge of healthv bloom
in your face, to see your skin getj
clearer and clearer, to wake up with
out headache, backache, coated
tongas- er a nasty breath, in fact to
feel your best, day in and day out,
jnst Itry inside bathing evry rooming
for one week.
Before breakfast each day, drink a
glass of real hot Rater .with a teaspoon
ful of limestone phosphate in it as a
harmless means of washing from the
stomach, liver, kidneys- and bowelg the
previous day's indigestible waste, sour
bile and toxins; thus cleansing, sweet
ening and purifying the entire alimen
tary canal before putting more food
into the stomach. The action of hot
water and limestone phosphate on an
empty stomach is wonderfully invig
orating. It cleans on all the sour fer
mentations, gases- and acidity and gives
one a splendid appetite for breakfast.
A quarter pound of limestone phos
phato will cost very little at the drug"
stor but is sufficient to demonstrate
that just as ssap and hot- water cleans
es, sweetens and freshens the skin,
s hot water and limestone phosphate
act on the, blood and internal organs
Those who are subject to constipation,
bilious attacks, acid stomach, rheumat
ic twinges, also, those -whose skin is
sallow and complexion- pallid, are as
sured that one week of inside bathing
will have them both looking and feel
ing better in avery way. -
vie Managne and J. F. Wchum.
As guardian of Irence C. Sanders
and Margaret A. Sanders, the court
has authorized Elizabeth Sanders, in
conjunction with Lizzie Uppendahl,
Herman Urpem-vhl, Pruwrlla Bdge
ley and Samuel Ridgeley to execute
mortgage of $1000 for three years on
the 48 acres in the- donation land claim
of Jarius Bonney to purcbase the in
terest of O. A. Sanders.
Marriage licensee were issued yester
day to Arthur Leslie, Salem, 25, car
penter, and Elsie Daiy, 27, of Silver
ton. They will be married tomorrow.
Also to Edgar E. Ownbey, 33, of Im
naha, Oregon, laborer, and Eunice M.
Simmons, 16, of Silverton.
As n0-lera license was issued yes
terday to W. E. Park, of Salem and T-
H. Taylor on Btayton at we raw oi
$1.50 per license. Combination pio
neer's and Civil war veteran licenses
were issued on the 26th to Bentley T.
George of Niagara, Oregon. He is 72
years old. Also to Majus-L, Latham,
76 years old.
w J? v
ORDERS. Frank L. Baylesj of New
Bedford, Mass., who has distinguished
himst'lf as an aviator with the French
flying forces has been cited in French
army orders as follows: "Frank L. Bay
less, an excellent pursuit pilot, refused
to enter the American aviation service
as an officer in order not to quit the
French eseadrille in which he daily en
gages in combat." Bay Hob has brought
down a total of nine aeroplanes.
(Copyright, L.nderwood Underwood)
London. June 28. Merchant ton
nage losses for the month of May due j
to enemy action and marine risk, the i
British admiralty's monthly statement
shows, were as follows: British 244,
735 tons; allied and neutral M,vM
This asreregate for May of 535,694
tons compares with an adjusted ag
gregate for April of 311,456 tons, and
a total of 630,336 tons in May of last
The losses from marine risa are
stated to have been unduly heavy last
The shipping ministry announces that
steamships of 500 gross tons or more
entering and clearing in United King
dom ports during May. exclusive of
coastal and channel trailic, loiauci
7,777,843 tons. j
Have the Journal Job Dept.
stimato o your printing
needs yen get tho benefit of
cask buying. Phono 81.
ib ar-" - uf wtk-..i
. . T
long List cf FaiaHdes Given
(rat by War Department
Washington, June 28. Following is
the Kst of names ef soldiers having died
in the United States during the Week
ending June 21, 1918. (Included in this
list are the names of soldiers not Pr
vioutly published who died in the Un
ited States prior to the week mentioned
and subsequent to March 8,1918. Thess
names are indicated by an asterisk ).
Camp Cody, N. M.;
H. W. Hall, Urieh, Mo.
W A. Taylor, Woodville, Okla.
F. Wenetschlager, Btanford, Texa
Camp Dodge, Iowa;
O. M. Bigs-, Adrian, Mich.
A. B. Ranger, Chicago.
M. 0. Zimmerman, Neillsville, Wis.
Camp Douglas, Ariz.: .
E. C. Sigger, Bay, Ark.
Camp Fremont, Cal.: '
J. A. Tysdal, Chicago. . .
Camp Grant, III.:
B. W .Smith, Odessa, Texas.
Camp Kearny, California:
Second Lieutenant Eugene D. Ander
son, San Diego, Cal.'
Captain G. Tupper, Long Beach, Cal.
Camp Laurel, Md.:
F. K, Roberts, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Camp Lee, Va.:
3. P. Donohue, Donora, Pa.
Camp Lewis, Wash.:
W. E. Blaisdell, Payasville, Minn.
M. Donohue, Bellfield, N. D.
Louis Hayes, Madison, 111.
D. L. McNeill, St. George, Utah.
Camp MeArthur, Texas.:
Corporal A. H. Handschumacher, Phil
adelphia, Pa.
Ole Stein, Deeorah, Iowa. '
A. Ward, Paris, Texas.
Camp M,errit, N. J.t
W. C. Fowler, Jasper, Ark.
Camp Mills, New York:
W. O. Bloys, Temps, Aria,
W. ImmeL Middlcbranch, Ohio.
Camp Pike, Ark. !"
L, E. James, West Helena, Ark.
P. Thomas, Bolton, Miss.
3. Tyner, Little Hock, Ark.
Camp Taylor, Ky.:
John GaiJafl, Gary, Ind.
Camp Travis, Texas i
Viinlia Mattivi. Fresno. Tevsa
I Fort Foote, Maryland:
r Joseoh Jonnanstone. Chicago.
Camp Wheeler, Ga.:
A. M. Hendricksan, Hubbell, Mich.
. Fort Lawten, Washington!
; A. Ellison, 2828 Wst 68th street,
Seattle, Wash. . s .
I'ort McPherson, tfa.r. '
How War Effects Steel
In the battle of Verdun, lasting more than half a year the
French fired 60,000,000 jshells containing 1,800,000 tons of steel.
To produce these shells and transport them required the con
sumption of nearly 9,000,000 tons of coal more fuel than was
produced last year in Utah, Oklahoma and Michigan combined.
This illustrates the effect of war on the steel industry.
The Government is now taking over all output of the steel
mills regardless of orders that may be ahead. Manufacturers
of agricultural implements have about enough material for a
normal output this season and contract? for products far in
excess of ability to manufacture.
Second-hand machinery will sell next year in advance of
present prices for new goods. Why not prepare now both for
this summer and next year.
I do not think you will have a chance for years; to fill your
wants at the price I can make you on the following ever y
machine ready for the field and in good condition.
28x48 rebuilt thresher with hand feed and plain stacker.
27x46 rebuilt thresher with wind stacker, feeder and Peoria
Cleveland tractor, plowed less than 200 acres, is in good con
dition and for sale at a bargain.
Big Bull tractor worked about 30 days- owner needed more
power, is in good shape.
8 IIP Russell tractor engine, fully rebuilt.
10 IIP Advance tractor engine in extra good condition.
18 HP Advance wood burning tractor, all rebuilt and in good
20 HP Advance traction engine in good condition, jacketed
boiler and canopy top. ,
8 HP portable engine, burns straw, coal or wood, used 60
days. .. j
16 HP Gaar Scott traction engine in good condition;
40 HP Russell Automatic Engine on iron sub-base, in A-l
Prices Right-Can Ship on Sight ' ; ' "l-Tr'Tf
' 415 Oregonian Bldg.
Portland, Oregon
Bear in
1 iiooon
first Lieutenant W. S. Nichols, Guth
rie, Okla.
Fort Riley, Kansas:
B. Slatser, Lone Wolf, Okla.
J. Stepher, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Fort Stevens, Ga.:
G. E. Seldan, Reiedsburg, Wis.
Fort Wo-th, Texas:
Second Lieutenant H. C. Kdley,
Omaha, Neb.
J. F. Stanfiold, Milvid, Txas.
Co'umbus Barracks, Ohio:
L. E. Wilson, Fostoria, Ohio.
Barron Field, Texas:
Second Lieutenant J. E. Rose, Coates
ville, Pa.
Elington Field, Texas:
E. O. Probst, Northpo'rt, Mich.
PaynesviUs, Miss.:
Seeond Lieutenant L. M. llincs, El
lenwood, Kan.
Byron, 111.:
P. 8. Wram, Chicago.
Belleville, 111.:
Seeond Jjieutenant J. R. Wheeler, St.
Louis, Mo.
Clarksdate, Miss.:
Second Lieutenant F. W. Kelclr, San
Diego, Cal.:
Dayton, Ohio:
First Lieutenant F. 8. Patterson, Day
ton, Ohio.
Deniing, N. M.:
O. T. Wardlow, Silver City, N. M.
Douglas, Ariz.:
H. C. Holdworth, Denver, Colo.
Hoboken, N. J.:
L. R. Ransome, Reno, Nev.
Indianapolis, Ind.:
L. B. Carter, Dodge City, Kan.
Jeff arson villc, Ind.:
First, Lleutonant B. E, Schlecher,
Nilcs, Mich. A
Madero, Texas!
Mind Oar
R. B. Skalak, Cleveland, Ohio.
Millington, T.sun.:
H. H. McLenahan, El Paso, Texas.
Mississippi Agricultural and Mechani
cal College, Mississippi:
L. 9. Nixon, Stanford, Miss.
New Haven, Conn.:
W. C. Shields, Kansas City, Mo.
Pittsburgh, Ja..t
C. L. Nelson, Wolverton, Minn.
Sua Diego, Cal.:
W II Glass, Afton, Okla
San Franciseo:
C Batiuigartner, Dulnth, Minn.
C. A. Chacles, 823 D street, Sacra
mento, CaL
I. Doyle, Reading, Pa.
A. A. Ilinning, Pineville, Ore.
C. R. McClain, Palo Alto, Cal.
J. J. McNess, San Francisco.
F. K. N'Riitz, Chanute, Ka.
C. E. Wood, Marengo, Ohio.
Valparaiso, Ind.:
W. Kenyon, Athers, 111.
Waco, Texas:
L. N. Harrcll, Brownsville, Tcxa?.
Washington, D. C.
B. H. C. Goodman, Holly, Colo.
ftf.. til .. :7U mtt.n jm-4t.