Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 27, 1918, Page TWO, Image 2

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Last night American soldiers, sleeping in the desolation of France,
dreamed of victory of America safe, free and. happy. '
They have left the comforts of life to fight the Huns. To help stamp out of
the minds of the Huns forever their ideas of world dominion.
You must back them up. Loan your dollars to the government
Bay War Savings Stamps $4.17 during June.
4P I V
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Comer Court and
Com! Street, Salem
This is the second lnnuuumt of Pg
ler'i story of the heroic American Lo
fton of the Canadian army, with par
ticular reference to two leading spirits
of the legion, Lieut Col, stichard H,
Grimtbs and Maj. Alexander Batumii
en. TM third Instalment will appear
By W. J. Pegler
(United Prose staff correspondent)
The crowning disgrace awaited the
oldier of the American Canadian Le
gion in England, Soon after they ar
rived in & finishing camp their colonel
formerly an American officer, was ar
rested on charges of embezzlement.
Then the legion was pooled in a big mil
Itary reservoir and thereby lost alt
chance over to fight in the lino as nn
American unit. Drafts went out to re
inforce the Trineer Patricia's, the
38th 'battalion and the K. ('. lt.'s
Hassmussen und other brave men
Here la tho girl's own story: "For
years I had dyspepsia, sour stomach
and comsUimtion. 1 drank hot water
and olive oil toy tho gallon, Nothing
helped until I tried buckthorn Imrk,
glycerine, eti"., as mixed in Adler-S-ka.
ONE SrOOiNl'UL, helped me INSTANT
LY." Bnmiise Adler-i-ka flushes the
KNTTRK alimentary tract it relieves
ANY tIASB eoiintipnf.oti, sour Btom-,
Brh or pfs and prevents appendicitis,
it hse QimKKXT action of anything
we ever sold. J. C. l'erry,
who have since been killed wore will
ing to stake anything on tho honor of
the accused colonel. Ho was their
friend they believed in him, respected
him and were sure that his fall was
ituo -to the political jobbery and jeal
ousy of another American Canadian of
ficer of high rank who had left the
American army many years before.
A Dugout Officer
. To this day that other officer novsr
has been to the front except for an oc
casional "Cook's Tour" of inspection.
Hassmussen wag bitter when I told
him innocently ono day last winter
tli at tho other was still safe Sn his
dugout in London but claiming be had
been wouuded.
"Wounded hell!" exploded Rass.
"Do you know where he got that
wound? Tho old linrt
"I'll tell you. Ho was wounded in
the Battle of London showing off his
toy pistol to another ombusque. "
His Chaplin mustache bristled out
like a brunette tooth Ibrush.
Hassmussen finally got out to France
as a niachinegun officer in the Cana
dians. Tho "American legisn was only a
memory. Even the- name had gone into
the discard because President Wilson
hud muile quiet intimations to the Ca
nadian authorities regarding our Am
erican neutrality. All the Yank re
tained to distinguish them from other
Canadians was their modified Ameri
can legion cnpsliiwld with George Wash
ington's coat of arms worked imto a
design with the Nfcnrs and Ht.ipes, and
the .motto, in Latin,' eeds,Nit Words'
They dropped tho words "American
uegtion" from their insignia and the
old badges are extremely rare and com
mand a high price from souvenir hunt
era today.
Heroic Action
Within a few weeks Rnssmussen
jumped into notice on a dark night
when ho personally led a raiding hand
ful of American Canadians against a
German advanced post. His party was
discovered by the jloche sentries in the
front lane but they scurried back un
der a sprinkling of machine gun bul
lets, bringing the outpost gnrrison as
souvenirs. When they counted noses
one American was discovered to bo'
missing. Refusing volunteers, Rass
muBson crawled (back through the wire
alone and found him wounded.
Just as he picked up the fallen lad
a Gorman hand grenade plunked in his
sliollliole. In a flash Rass seized it and
throw it back, dropping flat in the
same instant, to escape somo of the
fragments if it should go off too close
by. The grenade blew up in midair,
tho explosion, burning one or his ear
drums and a fragment wounded him
in tho arm. Then ho picked up the
wounded boy again and carried him
b'aiek to the Canadian lines. The young
ster died just as the willing hands of
his comrades reached out to take him
from the nie.jor.
This afternoon Mrs. Blanche How
ard, first anirtaat at the Salem pub
m irKrttrv wjlt ... i
"trip in the- central states. Mrs. How-
recent acUA at Corydoa,.. Iowa. As
corydon is the former home of Mrs.
Howard, she has many relatives and
friends whoa tin will visit whila ther
ifrs. Howard will be accompanied as
rar as uune, .Montana, by her daugh
ter, Mrs. Frances King, who has beta
visiting in Salem for seme time. Aa-
tnougn Mrs. Howard plans to m di
rectly to Iowa, oa her return trip she
win iop in uenver and Butte to visit
ITrs. Gerald Volk" i entertaining, as
Kuesw i or tne summer, aer niece, Mrs.
Kreikenbaura, and the BUter's little
naugnter, Martha Louise, from Wichita
Kansas. Mrs. H- B. Allen, a sisrtor of
Mrs. Volk, also from the east is spend
ing ma summer in saiem.
H. W. Dezallom from New York
tne guest Wednesday everun of Mr.
and Mrs. John Manrer of 317 North
liberty street. Mr. Dezallom has trav
eled a great deal over the world, but
ha always spend a part of his vaca
tion on the McKenzie river. He says
ne enjoys nis vacation taere more than
in any other place.
Dr. and Mrs. B. It Steeves have as
their guests for the week, Mrs Robert
Fowler and her son. Clinton. Fowler,
Both are relatives of Mr. Steeves and
are from Bakersfild. California. Mr.
lowler is a dentist there.
Tomorrow afternoon at two thirty,
the Woman's Alliance will hold their
regular meeting at the home of Mrs.
G. Steiner and Mrs. Walter Denton
on 148 North Twelfth street.
Mrs. James Elvin has -hist returned
from a ten days visit in Seattle. Rev,
Elvin was pastor of the Plymouth Con
gregational church there several years
ago, so Mrs. Elvin enjoyed meeting
and visiting many former friends
again. She spent Sunday at Camp
.low is, iacoma.
Yesterday afternoon the Willing
Hands Ked Cross auxiliary met at the
home of Mrs. A. J. Basey at 691 South
Capitol street. Mrs. Frank Needham
and Mrs. Usher, who has recently mov
ed to Salem from Seattle, were special
guest for the afternoon.
"I am writing you to ask if you will
send me a white graduating dress and
ribbon as soon as possible." A postal
card posted on the bulletin board at
the....postoffice gives this interesting in
formation and is posted In th,s hope that
possibly the writer might notice it and
not feel aggrieved that her graduating
dross did not come. The trouble was that
the card was addressed 'Miss Gladys
Salem, Oregon," and that was too much
for tho "nixie" man.
Mis Prudence Goodhue lias been the
guest of Miss Emma Godfrey, 405
North Liberty street for a week.. Dur
ing Miss uoocinutrs visit here, Aliss
Godfrey took her' on many delightful
motoring trips. Miss Goodhue loft yes
terday for Portland where she is em
ployed in stenographic work for th
(Continued jfrotn jiage one).
Oregon is once moro well on her way
"over tho top."
if . j,
is easier
To spend hours on wash
day, boiling and rubbing
dirt out of clothes?
Or to let Fels-Naptha wash them
in water of comfortable temper
ature, while you attend to some
thing else? No boiling, no hard
rubbing is necessary.
Wash the Fels-Naptha way. It's
At your owl trocar's
in tna rod and tree
Faifr-Naptaa Imps
whit cloth
applause and insistent calls for an en
core indicated that the Apollo chib
was singinjr to an audience that not
only appreciated their efforts, but was
more than willing to snow their appreciation.
"The Kilties' March" another mili
tary rousing chorus touched the spirit
of the large audience, and for tome
thing in the way of a novelty "The
Spectre" was most pleasing.
Lulu JJahl Auller. the rortland solo
ist, received an ovation and besides
her encores to which she graciously re
sponded, was called before the foot
lights several times in response to con
tinued applause.
Justmce George 11. Burnett, honorary
president, spoke briefly of the inten
tions of the Apollo club, stating that
it was hoped that within a short time
tho membership would be at least 40
and that the club was to become one
of Salom's permanent Institutions, not
only in the musical but in the social
world and that all the club asked was
the cooperation of the music loving
people of Salem.
As an aid to the. careful Directing of
John W. Todd, iliss Beruice Clark as
piano accompanist did good work, as
sisted by Miss Lillian Stege on the
violin and Miss Ecatrico Shelton at,
the organ.
Tho members of the chorus of the
lApollo club for its first appearance be
fore a Salem aiwien.'e was as follows.
First tenors: John V. Todd, J. Frank
Hughes, Framk K. DeAVitt, Howard C.
Stover, John D. Humphrey.
First Nsw.is: Dan Langenbcrg, Al
bert H. Gille, Ralph K. Jones.
Second 'tenors: Albert R. Miller, Hor
ace N. AldrU-h, Hiram W. Bross, Wal
ter T. Jenks, Ivan O. Martin. . .
Second bassos: Claude H. Stevenson,
Edward Boas, Fiank U. Deckabach.
(Continned from page one)
Nujol receives this tribute from a Doctor
In bottles only.bear
ing Nujol trademark
r in bulk.
In this case constipation had continued for years, when
Dr. E. Z. Page prescribed the use of Nujol with most
pleasing results. His letter follows:
STANDARD OIL CO. (New Jersey), .
Dear Sirs:
I gave Nujol to a' patient who had been troubled
for years with intestinal trouble and constipation. The one
bottle worked wonders, and she now keeps Nujol on hand
and uses it at the least feeling of unrest. I have recom
mended Nujol many tunes and results are always most
Queens, L I., Sincerely,
Dec.24, 1916. E. Z. Page, M. D.
IT makes no difference how long you have suffered from
constipation, Nujol relieves stubborn as well as occasional
cases with equally sure and pleasant results. Start now to
use this safe and effective remedy which Dr. Page and other
eminent physicians so highly recommend and prescribe.
Nujol restores healthy bowel habits in a gentle, natural way,
without the least griping or dangerous reaction. That's be
cause Nujol contains no drug, and so causes no artificial
stimulation. Avoid harmful pills and salts that sap bowel
strength with weakening reaction. Nujol is a pure, unmixed
remedy; and pleasant to take. Perfectly safe for all. Be
"regular as clockwork " use Nujol.
There arc no substitutes
there is only Nujol
At retry Jrug star. Send SOo. and wa will ship
ms kit size to soldiers and tailors anywhara.
Nllj Ol for constipation
(vouunued from page one)
oiurs, wag reported by the French war
office today.
Vienna Official Report
Vienna, via London. Jiine 27. "The
hotly fontpjrted Col Del Rosso, held
by ua giiK-e June 13, wag again attas'k
eil, rotily hut vninly, yt-oterdBy
morniint," the war office announced
'Near Pont 1M Piave, the Italians
attempted to reach our bank but were
shot to piecea."
Expect New Move
Loudon, Juue 27. "Important
events ar developine- on the west
front," the Chronicle declared today.
"ticrman reserves are cunningly
maneuverinR into position for a re
sumption of the offensive. It i"impo
sibls to say, however, in which set'tor
the blow will be etrnck."
at headquarters in an ancient farm
yard,, early this morning following a
long motor trip. After he was intro
duced to the officers, he said:
"I admire very nnvch tne work of
this unit. 1 icame especially to felici
tate it.
"The French general tells me these
operations were peculiarly American
in conception, planning and execution;
that they have been extremely success
ful and that they resulted in import
ant gains, with only slight losses."
Tu American general remarked on
Clemeneau's sympathy and knowl
edge of America.
" J(es, I haver long admired United
States institutions,'' the premier re
plied. "I entered Richmond five min
utes alter Uenerat Urant dad, in 18j5.
Tne Americans showed great fighting
qualities in that war,"
The, total number of prisoners in
I'avu aj u.ai. ii-'iit is uuw oftiicial
iy placed at 809. Tea heavy and five
-Hi., liuwmiie nUU4 wie captured,
ttne many others were destroyed.
(Continued from page one)
Von Hertling's speech explaining that
of Foreign Secretary Von Euchlmann,
was the result of orders from the kais
er, it was reported here today. The kais
er is said to be furious at Von Kuehl-mann.
Kuehlmann Must Quit.
Copenhagen, June 27. The general
opinion prevails among the members of
the German reichstag that Foieign
Minister Kuehlmann will be compelled
to resign, according to advices receiv-
is attacking mm violently and asking
his removal.
Chancellor Von Hertling's speech is
received by the press with satisfaction.
fensive is barren of gains, and that
America's war effort has surprised Rnd
dismayed Germany,
Great Naval Barracks
Will Be Constructed
Washington, June 27. Barracks to
accommodate. 12,000 additional men at
the Great Lakes naval training station,
10,000 more at Norfolk and 10,000 at
Nowport, R. I., will be constructed,
ed hero today. The conservative prcjsi Secretary Daniels announced today, to
UKe care ot tne autnomca increase
of the nuval enlisted personnttf.
Construction of additional barracks
at Pelhiim Bay HtRtion is now under
way. The cost of the improvements at
the Great Lakes station will be about
$1,000,000, including an extension of
the water supply system. When com
pleted !ho big naval station near Chi-
Hughes' Opinion.
London, June 27. W. M, Ilughes, pre
mier of Australia, speaking before tho
chamber of commerce today, declared
that Von Kuehlmann 's speech is a clear jtago will have facilities for training
admission that tlw vaunted German of-pearly 10,000 men.
nificanco of Von Kuehlmann 's declara
tion. Their attention doubtless was cen
tered upon enticing the allies into
peace conference, with the cards stack
ed. Like most conspirators, they used
the most plausible argument for their
purpose .forgetting the reserve conse
quences of inadvertantly blurting out
the truth. This is probably tlw explana
tiou of Von Kuehlmann 'a revelation.
Fighting is Normal
Rome- June 27. fighting was nor
mal oa the whole freat yesterday, the
war ofifiee said today.'
' Wo extended Snir bridgehead at
Cposile and took 509 prisoners."
Herr Naumann Agreon
Amsterdam, June 27. Speaking in
the reichstag Tuesday regarding For
eign Minister Von Kuehlmann 's asser
tion that peace is militarily impossible,
Herr Naumann said that "thousands of
soldiers think the same," according to
a Berlin dispatch. .
"An absolute victory over the hordes
of Xorth and South Americans and Chi
nese is not completely attaiuable,"
continued Naumann, "even if we sac
rifice our last man."
Hertling Obeyed Orders.
Amsterdam, June 27 Chancellor
Food V
I has always
. been a' E333I
The Standard Oil for Motor Cars
The Popular Motor Oil
More ZEROLENE ia used for au
tomobiles on the Pacific Coast than
all other oils combined.
Leading motor car distributors
praise ZEROLENE, correctly re
lined from selected California asphalt-base
crude, because it main
tains its lubricating body at cylin
der heat and gives perfect lubrica
tion with less wear and less carbon
deposit. Get our lubrication chart
showing the correct consistency for
your car.
En (inn irt cither water
cooled or air-cooled. This,
the air-cooled type, like all
intmrnalcombuatian endnee,
requirea an oil that holde
ita full lubricating qoalhiea
at cylinder beat, burnt
clean in the combustion
chamber! and iroet out
with exhauat ZEROLENE
fiila thee requirements per
fectly. Senanae it ia correct If
reSnerf from eefecfeo' Call
fonum phmM-bmm crude.
R. H. CAMPBELL, Special Agt, Standard Oil Co.. Salem
Your Summer Outing
Tor health resort and mountain outings; Brcitenbush Hot Springs,'
jdt. Jefferson, Marion and Pamelia Lakes.
We have now established a daily pack train ana saddle horses. Also
have a mountain outfitting and general merchandise store, at Detroit,
Oregon. '
For further Information, Roy Newport, S. P. Lunch Counter. Albany,
Oregon; or Detroit, Oregon. j