Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 25, 1918, Page TWO, Image 2

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Lift Off Corns!
Freezone"is Magic!' Lift any Corn or Callus right
f '" off with fingers No pain!
; society :
Drop a little Freezone on n aching
com, instantly that corn stops hurting,
then jou lift it right out. It doesn't
kurt one bit Yes, magic I
Why waitf Your druggist sells a
tiny bottle of I'reczone for ft few
cents, sufficient to rid your fret of
every bard corn, soft, corn, or corn
between the toes, and callutws, without
soreness or irritation. Freezone is the
much talked of ether discovery of ft
Cincinnati genius.
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L. M. Monien, Danoy, Wis.
S. Midline, Detroit, Mich.
P. Pqpplinsky, Milwaukee, Wis,
C. W. Poland, Long Beach, Cal.
1 O. Hatslaff, Harvard, 111.
i E. L. Sledge, Aahboro, N. G.
. H. W. Smith, Rochester, N. Y,
, S. Tunno, Pittsburg, Pa.
, P. E. Turner, Hephalbah, Ga,
j ,W. U Wear, Cisco, Ga.
D. M". Wright, Lincolnton, N. C.
Died of Wounds
Corporal H. P. Levin, Kenosha, Wis.
Privates K. C. ttetors, tit. Paris, 0.
A. A. Green, Bait Lake City, Utah
, P. P, Groswne-nii, New York
('. Ledford, Cincinnati
T. M. Slawkin, Pittsburg, Ttt.
H. H. Vonkcr, Muskegon, Mich.
, Med of Disease
Private E. L. Bughey, Malmo, Minn.
B. W. Lewis, Weems, Va.
L. W. Mtromiberg, Willington, Colo.
J. B. Whittle, Ozark, Ala. .
W. Woods, Pittsburg, Pa.
Died of Airplana Accident
Lieutenant B. G. Kuhing, Atmorc,
Pled from Accidents ana Other Causes
For Banting Eczema
Sergeant L. Knutson, Milwaukee,
Private P- George, Newark, N. J.
The wounded, degree undetermined,
Privates C. R. Johnson, Sioux City,
J. J. Jones. Greenfield, Iowa
Marin Casualties
Washington, June 25. Marine corps
casualties reported today numbered
19, a follows:
Killed in action 8; died of wounds
1; wounded in action 10.
The list follows:
Killed in Action
Corporals J. C. Geigor, Jasper, Pla.
8. A. Finger, Alston, Mass.
L. C- Whitman, Rochester, N. Y.
Privates L. W. Barry, Detroit, Mich.
G. ft Chapman, Troy, N. Y.
L. N. Jones, Blaiu'hard, Okla,
J. J. Patterson, Cool Springs, Fa.
J. C. Tate, Brilliant, Ohio
Died of Wounds
Private R. C. Bowyr, Cleveland, 0.
Beer and.Whiskey
Exhibited la Court
Greasy salves and ointments should not
tw applied if good clear akin is wanted.
From any druggist for 33c, or $1.00 for
vxtra large size, get bottle of semo.
When applied as directed it effectively
removes eczema, quickly stops itching, and
leals skin troubles, also sores, burns,
wounds and chafing. It penetrates, cleanses
and soothes. Zemo is a clean, dependable
sum! inexpensive, penetrating, antiseptic
liquid. Try it, as we believe nothing you
iave ever used Is as effective and satisfying.
The X. W. Rom Co.. Cleveland, a
Portland, Or., June 25. Suitcases and
trunks filled with beer and whiskey of
fered mute evidence in federal aourt to
day to sspport the government' rase
against Alex Davidson, Lambert White-
burnt and George Smith, charged with
H. K. (Tillamook Kid) Edmunds, in
dicted with the three othors and 16
others on the same charge, was to be
the star government witness. Davidson
nays he is the sole proprietor of the
Blue Ribbon Beer company of San
Francisco. Others of tha Indicted men
have pleaded guilty and aonie were not
Attorneys were completing their open
ing arguments today, having selected
the jury after a day and a half of ef-tlleir non,e
A delightful one o'clock luncheon
was given by Mia Florian Von Eavkea
Thursday afternoon, in honor f Miss
Lyda Bell, whose engagement to
Charles Hay of Sherwood was recently
announced. Miss Bell is a niece of Mrs.
B. E. Carrier on Court street, and has
been one of the popular Salem teachers
tot several years.
The home was profusely decorated
in bright summer flowers. In the liv
ing room were graceful bowls of tan
terberry bells which gave a romantic
touch to the affair. Covers were plac
ed for twelve on a table charmingly
decorated with gold-colored art. bask
ets filled with delicate roses and snap
dragons. The thot of happiness was
still further carried out in the place
cards decorated with tiny little blue
birds. Those enjoying the affair were Miss
Lyda Bell, Mis Ruth Paxton, Miss
Kmnta Moore, Miss Lyra Miles, Miss
Mabel Temple, Mis Mary Findley,
Miss Margaret Cospor. Miss Adella
Chapler, Mrs. Lulu B. Sheldon, Miss
Bells Dendson and the hostess.
Among the motoring parties of the
week is the one composed of Mrs. W.
H. Dancy, Mrs. W. H. Eldridge, Mrs.
William Brown and little grandson,
Chandler. The party is planning a de
lightful week's trip through Rainier
Park, Camp Lewis, Tacoina and Seat
tle. A happy evening was spent last ev
ening iby the members of the La Area
club, when they wore entertained by
Miss Ada Zasel at tho home of Mrs.
J. A. Bernard! on South High street.
The time was pleasantly spent in a
social way, interspersed with music.
Mrs. Ceorge Hurley and Mrs. J. A.
Barnardi asaated during the evening
Thoso who were present were Miss
Ruby Baker, Mrs. Leah Armstrong,
Misg Joy Tumor, Mise Mabel Brass
field, Miss Echo Hunt, Mrs. George
Hurley, Mrs. J. A. Bernardi and the
Misses Dora and Stasis Andreeen.
Norman Purbrick of Camp Lewis
was in the city over the week end vis
iting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nor
man H. rurDrick of So JNonn uom
morrial. Mr. Purbrick has recently been
promoted to the rank of sergeant ma
jor. The Ladies Aid society of the Unit
ed Presbyterian church will meet with
Mrs. F. ii. Ness Wednesday afternoon
at two o'clock. The afternoon will bs
spent in sewing.
Among the out-of-town guests are
Mrs. Slierrill Fleming and her two
children, Elizabeth and Richard, who
are visiting friends here. Tneir florae
is in Chehalis.
Miss Fern Wells h left Salem for
Monmouth where she will attend the
summer session of tho Normal school
there. .
Contralto singer, who will assist on the program of the Apollo club concert
t ine u-rana opera house torn orr row night.
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Yenna of Ko
komo, Indiana, are tho guests of Rev,
Mrs. Josephine Hockett at 915 High'
Oand avenue. Mrs. Yenna is a niece of
Mrs. Hockett. About the first of Sep
tember, Mr. and Mrs. Hockett plan to
leavo Salem to return ta their former
homo at Kokomo, as Mrs. Hockett has
resigned her position as pastor of the
lliighlilnd Friends church. Mr. . and
Mrs- Yertrea expect to mafke eaiom
. Loving Rivals
They share the secrets that help the younger
to add to her youthful charm and the older
to keep hen. Tonight it is the secret of
Pompeian BEAUTY Powder, the powder
that adheres so smoothly to the face and
neck, imparting an exquisite pearly luster
and fragrance to the skin.
Thcthree new Pompeian preparations shown
here have met with great success in New
York. They can be used separately, or to
gether a a "Complete Complexion Toilette."
They are guaranteed pure and safe by the
makers of J'onipeian MASSAGE Cream.
Beauty powder
Adds s pearly clearness
Stays on unusually ln
Pomptian BEAUTY Powder
imparts s pearly clrarnnt to the ekln. Stave on annu
ally lung. Hu a delighting Iragranca. White, fleah, and
Imintlie. In a beautiful purple and gold Dux. Wc at the
Pompeian BLOOM
A ros that addj the final touch of youthful bloom. Im.
Krcrptible when piuprrly applied, bo you know that a
jcli o( color in the clierke beautinea the evee, making
them darker and mora luttroiu? Cuu in thr BhaM.
light, djik. and medium (the popular ehade), and exqut
eitrty nei tumt. Mmiem a enke that won't bre)1r. Snd in
a vanity box with FreiKh puff and mirror.SOc at the atona.
Pompeian DA Y Cream
(vanlahingl keepe the ekln smooth and velvety. Pli'teeta
It min ihe weather anrlduit. Daintily fragrant. Can he
vuwd ae a foundation before apolyuis fompaiao BEAUTY
Powder. &0c Jaie at the atore.
1130 Sunuos AvsClsvslamd, Otue
v 1
I ... v TJfeIr)5fr ar . "Mt
Unrest Spread? From Austria
. Into Germany Report of
Czar's Death
Br Joseph Shaplen
(United Press Staff Correspondent)
Stockholm, June 25. Three thousand
German troops, accompanied by a cruis
er, two destroyers and a submarine,
have landed at Porti, near Batum, it
was learned todut. -They probably seek
to effect eomplce occupation of tht
Caucasus, thus threatening the British
in Persia and Mesopotamia. It is be
lieved they will immediately extend
their occupation to the provinces of Ku
ban and Kutais.
A serious disturbance occurred in
Moscow when the bolshevik! arrested all
of the 58 members of the workmen's
conference who demanded a constituent
assembly. Those arrested included ten
mensheviki. .
The bolsheviki are reported to be
planning to expel the entire right and
inensheviki faction of the pan-executive
a mountainous sector southeast of St.
Die, where the battle line erosses from
Lorraine into German territory, if Is
now permissible to announce.
Our men have been in the tranches
here since tlw first of June, but no int;
mat ion of their presence was allowed
until the Germans made the discovery
themselves. This occurred Sunday, when
an enemy raid on this sector resulted in
two Americans being captured. Another
boehe raid near Baccarat, between St.
Die and Luneville resulted in the cap
ture of other American prisoners. .'
German artillery was quite active
north of Toul last bight, probably in
retaliation for the shelling our gunners
itave their rear areas a few hours be
An air battle occurred over Thiei
c.ourt (behind the German lines on ths
Toul front) without losses by either
St. Pie is 15 miles south of Baden-
viller and is about seven miles from th
soarest point of the German frontier.
It is three miles behind the allied lines.
Tk battle front crosses the border ap-
committc. The bolsheviki are .getting' proximately ten miles southeast of St.
rlireci aid from fiermnnv for hBir fiali nd &- "lilc northwest of Diedols-
nuainat thn Hiherion. and rh.Rinvnka hauser. The nearest important German
. 1 if i '-.,1, i . l. ,
The wave of protest against the bol- """" uw'utu, oi auues uunueB
sheviki and against the Brest-Litovsk "VV. """"""" ., ..
tr?aty Is spreading. Tnl BeBo is about 40 miles directly
,' , j north of thfl American positions east ot
Batum is an important seaport on the, J3C1Iorl e ule !fl3g ooraer-
southeastern shores of tH Black .sea. WAllDO HrtjL P1QNEEES
It is connected by railroad with Baku, hoi.tj awwtjat. prrwTf!
the great oil center on tho wste.nl
shores of the Caspian. Porti is about 25 w Downin(? an(1 j. T Hllnt were
miles north of Batum. ,..it n.,i.nt. .a .rte r.
Kuban province lies north of Batum, , .v. win p;no
while Kutais borders Kuban on tho Associatioil at the annual picnic of
north, extending along the eastern aswH-iation on the Hunt farm in
Bhores of the sea of Azov and reaching tle Waldo Hills Saturdav. Because en
nearly to the Don riv?r. 'lUtmeirt for the war have depopulated
the conunuudty of many of its youug
O.N Oil EM AN BOKDEB. mcn a ..rease in atteSdance at the
, ; picEic, eoinpared with former years,
By Prank J. Taylor WR9 noticeable. Ordinarily attendance
With the American Annies in Prance, at the annual event runs from 1000 to
People of Fmland
Tuiio 23. American troops are holding 2000, but Saturday's attendance was
- llm.ta.! ot m.,a than STifl Thfk
address of the day wa given by Wal
ter I Toozo of Solera. Shorter talks
fnllvM TL C.,. n f were given by Frank Bowers, fornier
Ueinilg inCll CyeS Upeil W cartoonist on the Indianapolis Star.
out now larmer m tne vvamo muisj
County Judge W. M. Bushey, P. H. D'
Arcy, Sej-iuour Jones and E. A. Dawn
tnn,r.im T,i, os Thnr.iw.ll "ift. me xicstc w cuiK'iiiuea nun a
Hayne, American consul at lWsing-M? dam turday night, .the pre
fers, today notified Ambassador Morris 9 ef h,A the Red Cros'
..? 4i.- v. i..,- fund.
Germany's real intuitions toward their
By Joseph Shaplen
(United Press Staff Correspondent) -
25. -
Dallas, June 23. First Lieutenant
'I'util May 15 the Finns believed
n ii.,n.iin..j v;,.i.i
sympathy for" them," Haynes teid. , Roy Pmsoth, of the Dallas company
... h Pinna nr rrflivin that "I Home uuaras, liai resigneu as iu-
has accepted employment in a shipyard
at St. Johns. His successor will bs elect-
Now, the Finns are rcaiziug that
the Uorinans' motives are not o unsel
fish. "Large German foteeg are moving
northward from Helsingfors, evidently
toward Murman. German propaganda is
endeavoring to persuade the Finns that
Great Britain is arranging to seisse Mm
man and Carol ia. At the sanio time, Ger
many is icncouraging a breach between
the Finnish and Swedish Rpeaking
classes, in order eventually to dominate
Finland." v
Acceding to Stadsbladct, Russian
military leaders asktd the bolsheviki for
instructions regarding the Finn expedi
tion into Murman. Moseow replied that
no action would be taken, in view of tha
Finns' intention to occupy only what
territory Russia had promised already
to them.
Discontent is rapidly griwing ia Fin
land. The government is entirely in the
hands of the Germans. The aoeii lists are
refusing to parturiate in governmental
affairs, owing to this tierutaa influence.
Med Guard prisoners are being titrat
ed brutally. They are starved by the
buudreds and shot without trial.
ed at the next meeting.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which lias bees
la use for over over 30 years, has borne the signature of
- and has been made ander his per
t&ty-f-jhp. sonal supervision since its infancy. .
2T iUctAZ uow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, InitarJons and Just-as-good" are but
- Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and ChUdjan Experience against Experiment.
What is CASTOR. A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant It contains
neither Opium, Morphine aor other narcotic substance. Its
cge is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
een in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Mr. Business Man
As a matter of economy you
should consult the Journal's
Job Department before placing
your printing-we are satisfying
Salem's leading firms put us
on your calling list. Phone 81
Offensive Will Be Staged
Ag&Mst Austnans In
Mountain Section
Washington, June 25.-Italian forces
are preparing for a ureat drive against
the Austnans in the Trentino and ex
pect to repeat the disaster inflicted on
the enemy along the Piave, official
Rome cables declared today.
General Diaz is caution sly pursuing
the battered Austrian armies because
the Italians leaves their left flank open
to an attack by the Aust.ro-Gcrinan
reserves in the dominating hills of the
upper Piave. Officers here stated that
the Austrian disorder will permit the
Italians to strongly fortify tluemsclves
on the east bank of the Piave.
Dispatches to the embassy today an
nounced the co-operation of the ltalias
navy in the counter offensive that pM
cipitated the Austrian retreat. Destroy
ers battered .the Austrian positions
along the Taghainento river and north
of Castellazzo, while marine battalions
from the warships advanced across tht
Piave and took hundreds of prisoners.
Austrian aviators attacked Emails:
during the battle, but wene driven off
with the loss of several planes. Italian
and British aviators bombed Cattaro
and Dnrazzo, acros tht Adriatic sea, In
Czecho-Slovaks, Jugo- Slavs, Ruman
ians, eermans ana otuer nationalities
oppressed by Austria were represented
at a demonstration to the victorious It
alian forces, given bv the British am
bassador at Rome yesterday.
Italian cables today also announced
verification from three sources of dis
patches given out at the embassy yes
terday that 45,000 Austrian prisoners
had been taken in the, Austrian retreat
across the Piave.
aaaaa a .
Washington, June 25. The house late
yesterday passed thp five billion dol
lar fortifications bill after less than
four hours debate without a rec
ord vote. ' '
If ta weaiaer inta falls down, jov
should worry. Now tell Jchnay's
BMtaar to arnal a two-cant araaip to
ti National War Cardaa Conamuaioa
at Waaiinftoa for frea cauniag
Rtmlar to the skin a oeHcaMy ck-ar,
pearly whitecmptcxMMI. briaabckth
aut wnooth appvaranca oi ywiii. Re&ulls
are iastant tad impravemeat connlant,
(Oriental Cream;
1 Snd 10c lor Trial Sin "
On a rainy day the National War
garden Commission, of Washington,
urges that you get out the jars and
see they are in ship-shape for the
crop that rain is producing. Send a
two-cent stamp for the free canning
State Police Enforce
Prohibition Law In
Federal Spruce Camps
(Capital .Journal Special Service)
Newport, Or., June 25. George An
derson, chief plumber of the Warren
Spruce company, was arrested here late
Saturday night by state polios officers
for being intoxicated and fined $25.
The arrest anticipated involves promin
ent citizens. Several gallons of wine
were captured. . .
Tufi recreation hours of soldiers in
the spruce camps tributary jo this vicin
ity have been plnced In thc hands of
Professor Robert Krohn, physical direc
tor of thc Portland schools, by the gov
ernment. A series of ball games is being ar
ranged between various companies.
Many National league players are to
take part and interesting games are
looki?d for.
Mount Angel, Or., Juno 23. The Mt.
Angel committee on the war saving
stanijp drive started out yesterday morn
ing on their house to house canvass for
pledpeg and expect to have this school
district covered by Wednesday night.
The committee undertaking the work
is as follows: G. D. Ebner. chairman:
B. h. Young, A. Bothenfluch, B. I,.
Schmidt John Butsch, Dr. E. W. Barr
num, A. ii. thwald; Joseph Eberle, Dr
E. 8. Donnelly, Ben Gooch, Peter iiet
meyer.. Joseph Orth, A. J. Sknnetzni.
Jacob Bcrchtold and N. O. Miekel.
Washington. Juno 25. The senate
yesterday ratified the Briti?h-Canadian
draft treaty under which Englishmen
and Canadians in the United States
between the ages at 20 and 44 awl
Americana in Eugland and Canada be
tween the ages of 21 and 31 are snb
ject to military service.
The senate also ratified extension for
five years of the arbitration treaty
between the United States and Great