Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 20, 1918, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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j Journal New Today Ads
V '
Bate per word New Today:
aca insertion J I ig
na week (6 insertions) . 5c
On month (26 insertions) 17e
Tie Capital Journal will not be re
sponsible for more than one insertion,
for errors in Classified Advertisements
Bead your advertisement the first day
it appear and notify us immediately
Minimum charge 15a.
IfOLTIGIlAPHING Phoaa 840. t!-Z5
IiOST 4'aeiige of Bed Cross band
age. Phone 86F22. 6-21
WANTED Twin baby cart. Phone
473J. 6-24
tOH 8AL-B 5 brood sows, one with
Jitter. Phone 50F4. 6 22.
FOR SALE 8 hens and 4 chickens.
1623 Oak St 6-22
FOB SALB-fiow and 7 pigs. Phone
36F11, E. R. Shank. 6 22
.WANTED Strained honey in bulk.
Cherry City Bakwy Co. tf
HAVE you wood sawingf Call phone
7. - tf
FURNISHED louse for rent, .close in.
Phone T.ZJ. tf
FRESH Jersey cow for sale. Phone
1073. ' 6-20
FOR SALE Good driving pony, $30.
Phone 8F22. - 6-24
OOL. W. F. WRIGHT, the auctioneer
Turner, Oregon. Phone 59. tf
FOR SALE 4-wheel trailer $10; 1
good organ, bicycle. 1483 N. Summer
St. after 6. 6-20
WANTED To hire a truck six or sev
en weeks, good care will be taken.
E. Wdlliams, phone 37F21. 6-21
WANTED Cherries, Royal Anne,
Bing, Lambert. Salem Fruit Union.
Phone 380. 6-29
liOST Navy silk glove In Salem Sat
urday. Finder leave at Journal of
fice. 6-20
COW to lot on shares, owners pay for
hali feed . for half milk delivered.
Phone 71. 6-20
WANTED To buy an 8x10 or 10x12
(tnit. Answer care Journal, A. H.
q ' 6-20
WANTED 20 cherry pickers Monday
morning, 1 cents and V cent bonus
Call 62F14. 6-21
WANTED Place for 11 year old boy
to board on ranch, during vacation.
Phono 821. 6-21
THOROUGHBRED Duroc sow and
pigs for sale. Rt. 6, box 103, R. L.
Gaines. ' 6-21
WANTED-rvA farm to rent, of seventy
five or more acres. A. E. Cameron,
Boseberg, Or, Rt- 1, box 167. 7-2
FOR SALE One single-horse wagon
and harness, will sell cheap. Phone
734, 2-71 N. Com'l. tf
HOUSEKEEPING apartments and
single rooms, nicely furnished, at
633 Ferry street. tf
BAY Do you wish to pick Loganber
ries in a No. 1 10 acre yard? If so
Phone 100F32. tf
TWO and three room furnished apart
ments. 491 N. Cottage. Phone 2203.
WANTED 5 men, steady work, good
wages, $3.36 per day. See J. A. Mills
320 State St. 6-20
WANTED Mohair at East Salem
Tannery, 25th and Oak St. Phone
16011. . tf
FOB 8ALB Some fresh milch cows
aad fsvnra horses, also want to buy a
second hand binder. Geo. Swegle. tf
WE PAY the highest cash prices for
aeCond hand furniture, stoves, rugs,
etc. Shipping carload lots to Port
laird. Phone 593. 6-21
FOR SALE Modern house, 6 room?,
grage, small garden, block from
car line and paved street. Price
$1500. $500 down, terms on balance.
Call Modern Bakery.' 6-26
33 A. all in cultivation and erop, on
Pacific highway, close to O. E. and
S. P. stations, a bargain at-$90 per
acre. Terms. W. H. Grabenhorst, 275
State St. tf
GOVERNMENT NEEDS 20,000 clerks
Examinations everywhere July 7. Ex
perienee unnecessary Men and wo
men desiring government positions
write for free particulars to X C.
Leonard, (former civil service ex
aminer,) 1059 Kenois bldg.. Wash
ington, D. C. 6 21
FOR SALE 5 acres, ell cultivated,
new 5 room plastered cottage, new
barn, chicken house, garage, drilled
well, macadam road, 4 miles from
Salem. Price $1800. $600 down, bal
ance 4 years 6 per cent interest. W.
H. Gnsbenhoreb t Co., 275 State
treet. "0
POMS one wants your property and
yea woald sell. We eharge no war
ljskn for putting buyer and teU
pt together. Fox further information
Oregon Realty Exc&ange Investment
Osl, Im., 14 Breyman bldg., Salem,
Or, Cbamber of Commerce bldg., Ea
rns. Or.. S50U 34 6L Portland,
WANTED Cultivating - and general
work in the ety. Phone 136a 6 20
FOR RENT Piano in good condition
526 N. 20th. 622
WASTED Work on track or anto
Phone evenings 8F3. 6-21
COW for sale cheap giving 13 quarts
daily. Address D. W. care Journal.
FOR SALE Studebaker 1 , spring
wagon, will sell cheap. Phone 734,
71 N. ComX tf
FOR RENT Furnished house, strictly
modern, hot water heat. Address Box
373 Salem, Or. tf
POTATOES for sale 50o and 80c per
ewt. Call before 8 a. m. or after 7
p. m. Phone 50F14. 6 20
WANTED Boy 16, to wo about two
honrs each afternoon at Journal of
fice, tf
FOUND Fifrse containing bill and
cbsck. iwner can get, ea-me uy can
ing at Journal and paying for this
ad. tf
FOR SALE Beautiful 4 room bunga
low for almost half the cost of the
house. Terms. H. E. Bolinger, Hub
bard bldg. . tf
competent grocer clerk, good wagos
to right man. Apply H. Stumberg &
Son, Vancouver, Wash, 6-20
FOR SALE Jersey milk cow, in good
condition, giving gallon of milk
a day. Enquire A. 8. Chase, Rt. 4,
Box 12. 6-20
FOR SALE Small hand press suitable
for cards and envelopes, ten fonts of
metat type. Also small tent. Phone
1676. ' 6-20
NOTICE We are unloading nice grub
oak wood. If you need any let us
have your order, it is scarce. Salem
Fuel yards. 6-20
FOR SALE 4 room house, lot 60x100,
price $550, easy terms- Would con
sider light automobile. Rt. 4, box 5,
Salem. 6-24
FOR SALE I have several mortgages
for sale, from $600 to $3000, first
class farm security. H. M. Hawkins,
314 Masonic bldg. tf
WILL TRADE 320 acre homestead re
linquishment and pay difference on
improved acreage closo in, or city
property. Phone lozzn. on
FOR .SALE Fine farm near Salem;
would accept new, modern residenco
1st payment, time on balance. Ad
dress Owner care Journal. 6-20
PRUNE orchard, close in, sacrifice
sale, crop goes, trees loaded with
.prunes: investigate this, terms. Pric
ed right. W. H. fjrabenborst & Co.,
275 State St. tf
WANTED Loganberry pickers, wood
and camp close in, Salem-Heignts,
end of car line S. Com. St. M. F.
Woodiward. Rt. 3, box 111. Phone 112
F4. tf
GARDEN hose, milk bottles, pans,
pails and crates, cord wood telephone
gasoline tank, gardening tools. Mrs.
F. E. Prickey, Salem Heights Ave
Phone 62F13. 6-24
CHERRY pickers, 30 wanted Friday
morning, free transportation, orch
ard exta full, oppotunity to make
big wages; further information
phone 474 or 58F12. R. W. Clark. 6-20
have had exporience in timber work
we can use you getting out ship
knees, $5 per day for eight hours
work. Call at our office, 542 State
St. or phone 717. Mangis Bros. tf
FOR SALE A modern improved house
of seven rooms, two lots, garden.
lawn, garage, two blocks from Gar
field school, five 1oc.ks worn ntaie
house and high school, all improve
ments and assessments paid. Cheap
if taken this week,, or will trade for
Seattle property. Terms, $650 cash,
balance $25 per month contract sale.
Write owner at Box 974, Seattle,
Wash. 6-21
VfkW. HAT.F 44 hcts farm. 30 acTes un
der cultivation, bataiwe timber and
pasture, 8 acres-or Italian prune or
chard, house and good barn, family
orchard, spring water to house, i5
miles from Salem. Price $3500. W.
H. Grabenhorst & Cc, 275 State
street. 6-20
LOGANBERRY pickers wanted. Best
picking ever, ten minutes walk from
end asylum car line, live at home;
men, women and children, register
with Dick Simpson, east D St. near
Powers dryer. Highest price paid,
begin picking Monday morning,
June 24. M. E. Getter, 333 Mission
St. Salem. ' 6-22
est yard in the valley. Good camp
ing, good water, provisions on the
ground. We move you out to yard
and back to town. Pieking begins
about June 25tii. Register now, we
pay one cent with eent bonus
per pound. L. H. Roberta, Rt. 7, Sa
lem, Or., Phone 41F24. tf
15 LOGANBERRY pickers wanted;
good picking, good camping ground,
can walk and live at home only 15
minutes walk from end of bridge.
Wallace road, Polk eonnty; would
also like to register same crew for
picking bean. W. C. Franklin. Phone
52F14. tf
FOR SALE Crescent combination
wood working machine, 5 a. p. motor,
veneer press, sander. grinder, grind
stone and many other shop tools;
must eeB, am leaving town, terms if
desired. Call at 1435 Hinea St. tf
DO YOU want a bargain, a 5 . acre
prune orchard, with the crop' esti
mated at 700 bushels, besides 50
bushels of Barletts. I must sell im
mediately, caa't take care of the
erop or place. Write P. O. Box 355.
. 6 21
OLD FALSE TEETH wanted; doesnt
matter if broken. We pay yon actual
value. We pay cash for eld gold,
silver and platinum. Send to M and
receive cash by return mail If prise
is not satisfactory, we will return
teeth promptly upon reqnest. Inter
national Teeth Co., 305 West 42nd
St, New York. tt
The Oregon State Highway commis
sion will receive proposals at 1301
Ycon Building, Portland, Oregon, at
11 a- m. Tuesday, June 25th, 1918, for
eighteen miles of hardsurfacing on the
Pacific highway between Salem and
Aurora, in Marion county.
The work will be let in two units of
7.35 miles and 10.65 miles, respective
ly. Bids will be received on all types
of pavement.
For full particulars, kindly call at
room 303 Capitol building, office of
the state highway engineer, Salem
where specifications and all details
may be seen. -
No guarantee of workmanship, ma
terial or maintenance bonds will be
required and a special price of $2 per
bbl. f. o. b. Oswego will ibe made on
the purchasing of cement.
State Highway Commission of Oregon
S. Benson, Chairman,
,W. L. Thompson, Commissioner.
R. A. Booth, Commissioner.
Attest: Herbert Nunn,
Starts Highway Engineer.
Salem, Oregon, June 13, 1918. 6-25
Appolloians Will Give
Musical Entertainment
When the Appolloians line up back of
the footlights next Wednesday night in
their initial appearance at the Grand
Opera House, they Will greet their
audience with the harmonious saluta
tion: "Ecce quam bonmn, quamque
juc u nlum habitare fratres in Unura"
which, in plain United States means
something like ''What is so good a
brothern dwelling together in unity."
Mr. John W. Todd, the club's musical
director, has a reputation for prompx
ness In attendance upon rehearsals, but
when he wasn't present last evening
after all of the members had assem
bled, one of the unusually bright song
birds hastily contrived a substitute for
the salutatory strains as follows:
"Why are you so late, Mr. Conductor
Have you any excuse to offcrf " which
contrivance, sung with much gusto,
distinct'' and harmoniously greeted
the ears of the director when he shortly
appeared on the scene. His excuse
c insihtid of two handsome ladies whom
ho immediately introduced to the boys
as tho critics for their evoning's ef
forts. Only 25 Pounds Suar
Per Family for Canning
Portland, Or., June 20. The Oregon
food administration announced today
that sugar tor canning and preserving
purposes is now limited to a maximum
of 25 pounds per family unless special
permit is obtained from the county
rood administration.
Families not needing this amount
must -,ti!l further reduce their sugar
purchases to cover only their absolute
Shippipng difficulties made the sugai
situation acute.
All meat restrictions have been
temporarily removed in Oregon.
Willamette Woolgrowers
Receiving High Prices
Wool growers of the Willamette val
ley are about the most fortunate men
in tho United States in that lirve of busi
ness, according to Clifford Brown, who
keeps well posted on wool conditions
in the country. On account of the com
petition between the mills in and ad
jacent to the Willamette valley there
has been considerable competition and
the prices paid have been ranging from
55 to 65 cents a pound according to
the government regulations.
The first ruling of the government
was that a mill could only buy within
a radius of 50 miles but now they are
permitted to buy anywhere in the val
ley. If the government buys the wool,
there is first the Vj cents profits to
the local dealer, then 4 per cent ot the
distributing center dealer and then the
government's eharge of three per cent
covering expenses. When the mills buy
direct, they avoid this expense. Th
nearest fleece market to this section is
Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota,
and Nebraska and as there are no mills
to any extent in those sections, all fleed
wools are shipped ot the government
distributing centers.
Earl Simmer ,cf .Company N
la Hospital Will. Shat- .
, tered Leg
Earl Sumner, a relative of the W. C.
George family aad a member of Com
pany M, has been severely wounded in
thm trenches in France. He had spent
two periods in the trenches and when
doing hie third was struck, evidently
by piece of shell as the bones of on
leg are smashed from the hip to the
knee. He is in the hospital and the
surgeons ate evidently making a strong
rum to save nis leg for him. The
first intimation of his being wounded
came in a letter from his nurse. Since
klwn another letter has been received
t which Earl added a line or two. As
Company M has so far as is known, not
been in the fighting, it is supposed that
Summer vsas not sent to his company,
as he dia not eross with it. When Com
pany M sailed he was. in the hospital
and it was two or three weeks later
that he was sent across. Earl is a
bright ycung fellow and will be remem
bered by many Salem folks, especially
those patronizing the White House
Restaur in t, where he worked occasion
ally. While reports as to his condition
are meager, it is presumed he will pull
through, and come home all together,
as amputation has not been resorted to.
The nature of-his wound however will
require a lone eonvalesceing period.
and he will no doubt be sent home as
soon as he is able to stand the trip.
first Methodist Church
Condemns Sunday Work
At the meeting of the Sunday school
board! of the First Methodist church
held last evening, resolutions were
passed condemning Sunday work, but
favoring co-opera,tiHa !n ejvery way
with those willing to assist in saving
the berry crops working week days.
The board composed of 50 teachers
and superintendents especially urged
its members and those in the Sunday
schools to help in saving the crops. -
At the services next Sunday morn
ing Dr. K. pr. Avison, pastor ef the
First Methodist church will speak es
pecially on this euhject, urging cooper
ation, but taking the stand that it is
not necessary for people to go into the
fields on Sunday, t. ..
Toe resolutions adopted by the Sun
day school board last evening are as
"In view of the urgent necessity for
more workers to save the fruit and
berry crop of the Willamette valley,
we, the Sunday school board of the
First Methodist church urge as many
of our people as possible to give the
fullest cooperation in helping harvest
the crops. ; . '
"We do not 'believe, however, that
the time has" come when it is necessary
to work on Sunday and wish to record
ourselves as opposed to making this
use of the Sabbath day." .
Stocks Are Dull
In Wall Street Today
. I. . ,
New York, June 20. The New York
Evening Sun finaiLlaT. review today
said: . , " . -
Today's securities market bore all
the aspects of a dull mid summer ses
sion. In the first three hours of trad
ing transactions aipproxrmatekl only
300,000 shares. The tobacco group was
distinctly strong. United Cigar Stores
advanced more than three points.
Marine preferred .was highly irregu
lar in a sluggish sort of way, The sug
ars and motors were fairly strong.
In th late trading there was mater
ial accession of strength throughout
tho list, although business continued
light. The steels , made an especially
good showing, also the equipment and
Teachers' Examination
Dates Have Been fixed
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Churchill has issued instructions to the
county gnperinteudents concerning
teachers' examinations which will be
held in all the counties beginning Wed
nesday, June 26, at 9 o'clock a. m., and
ending' Saturday, Juno 29, at 4 o'clock
p. m. The program shows the number of
studies and subjects teachers must be
familiar with, and subjects that the
salaries are generally none too high.
The examination dates folow:
Wednesday forenoon U. S. history,
writing (penmanship) music drawing.
Wednesday Afternoon Physiology,
reading, manual training, .composition,
domestic science, methlg in reading,
course of study for drawing, methods in
Thursday Forenoon Arithmetic, his-
H!1tl'Tftl11lll '''
As before stated we are condensing our stocks to make possible having all
cur business on one floor. This change demands giving up certain lines and
cleaning out all broken stocks Shoes we have already closed out.--TRUNKS,
sold; and no wonder at the prices.
This will be your last call on some stocks, therefore don't delay, but take
advantage and make one dollar do the part of two which is what the savings
. amount to in many instances.
11 Get Enough Corsets to Last
tory of education, physiology, methods
in geography, mechanical drawing, do
mestic art, course of study in domes
tic art.
Thursday Afternoon Grammar, geog
raphy, stenography, American literature,
physics, typewriting, methods in lan
guage, thesis for primary certificate.
Friday I'orenooiij Theory and prac
tice, orthography (spelling)phyHical geo
graphy, Knglish literature, chemistry
physical culture.
Friday Afternoon School law, geol
ogy, algebra eivil government.
Saturday Forenoon Geometry, bot
any. Saturday Afternoon General history,
ijc j(( ic )(( s8 )(( )jc
State House News
The Clackamas Driving and Rafting
company was granted a franchise to
day by tho Public, service commission,
under the terms of which it is permit
ted to improve Coal and Butte creeks
in Clackamas county for the purpose
of driving logs And wood on them.
The Public service commifsion was
I XX If S- ... -
i vr
x . i
fiM MTm M ttttttM MMM it M M M
In Her First New Picture with HER OWN COMPANY
A T A W "The Most Forceful Emotional Role
lvl JTA JLl jFk She Has Yet Appeared In
Also a Special Added Comedy Feature
Ittttllt -----ttt
Nemo Corsets
Ten days more before the prices advance
Buy Nemo Corsets Now
The growing scarcity of materials and labor
threatens to make it impossible, in the near
future to secure an adequate supply of corsets
of standard quality at any price.
These unwelcome facts warrant us in earnest
ly advising every .Nemo wearer to 1
Before Prices Are Further
models, will be Monday, July
notified this morning that a man nam
ed Neweli in attempting to board a
moving freight train at trrogon City
last night fell and his left foot was
ground off at 'the ankle.
Articles of incorporation wore filed
today us follows:
Tho Lassen Logging company of
Grants Pass, capital stock $25,000 and
object to manufacture lumber and con
duct a general log&?ng Tausinees.
Rosclburg Canning company, of Port
hind, capital stock $")0,000 and object
to conduct a general fruit and vege
table canning business.
Tho Lewis and Clarke Hallway com
pany of Portland, capital stock $100,
000 and object to construct and oper
ata a railway system in the valley of
the Lewis and Clarke river.
New York, June 20. JJofomiah
O'Leary, Irish agitator, indicted fjr
treason, went on the witness stand to
day in the trial of his brother John
O'Leary charged with aiding him to
escape. JeTcmiah was captured list
week in Washington state. Ho testi
fied his brother did not conspire to aid
his flight.
jJifH, Mil
msT tX
M44 4
Advanced, which on cer
1st "
Chicago, June 20. Another auturacvi
was upset today when the National
to tlisp.ns.i with tho -innito-. Tcnar.ln
Puilding Managers association decided
will be asked to assume joint responsi
bility with new janitrcsscs for office
cleanliness. Klevator men will deport
with tho janitor according to conven
tion plans.
to sea the way tha family is (citing
that garden ready for the beam and
pea, it means an extra bone for him.
"Help Yourself and Your Country,"
ays the National War Cardon Com.
minion, of Washington.
l'P VlV r Wl TMllllsfclMal