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festern Lady pays sincere
From Arizona comes
th'"s cheerful letter
telling how Nujol
thoroughly relieves
constipation, and thus
restores health,
strength and better
In bottles only, bear
ing Nujol trademark
never in bulk.
READ every word of this letter, and then try Nujol. Nujol gives healing and
strengthening relief from constipation the kind of relief that is best and most
desirable. Pills and physics give the wrong kind of relief. They stimulate unnaturally,
. act and react violently, and leave the bowels seriously weaker after every dose. Free
yourself from the harmful laxative drug habit and from constipation, too.
Take Nujol the pure, sure and reliable remedy that gently and effectively restores
bowel-vitality and normal bowel-habits. It contains no drug; is not absorbed by the
system; and does not react. To be "regular as clockwork" use Nujol.
There are no substitutes
there is only Nujol
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Stein says O'Leary semcd restless and
wakeful and did not rotire until the
early morning hours. H.9 seemed always
to want a companion. Since Stein was
forced to got up at four a. m. to take
care of the little chickens, the hours
were almost too much for him. Stein did
not know, 0 'Leary 's identity.
O'Leary kept a shotgun oevolver
always near him.
On thB day of the arrest, 0 'Leary was
nder a Ford car, tinkering with the
taitirag Tha
Joyful S.i
Tl Wonderful Music that Bursts Forth
Whan the) Stork Arrive.
Who can foraret that little brossy cry that
echoes tha arrival of the new babyl
Before baby comes the mother should get
In condition to meet the crisis.
Thousands cf women have used the safe
and reliable application. Mother's Friend, dur
ing the waiting mohths, and they relate
. how they entirely escaped nausea, nervous
ness, bearing do n and stretching pains and
many other debilitating; and disheartening ex-
pcriencea which to illy fit the mother fcr tl:j
greatest time In a woman's life.
Mother's Friend Is a wonderful help ti
nature in relieving strain am distre i
brought about by expanding muscles. Th
jnerves, tco, will be crJm, making the period
one o cheerful days and restful nights,
Hie breasts are kept In rood condition and
the abdominal muscles relax wilb ease when
baby Is born.
Mother's Friend makes It possible for the
!expectunt mother herself to actually aid na.
t jro in the gicrlo- work to be performed,
find no woman sl"iild neglect or fail to
;rlve nature a. helping hand. It will mean
finitely less pains at the crisis.
1 Mother's Friend Is for external use only,
S nbsoViMy safe an-i wonderfully effective,
lit is prepared by the Bradfleld Regulator
X'o., Lamar Bhlg., Atlanta, Ga. Writs
ithem for their "Motherhood Book," so vai
Tjable to expectant mothers.
Procure a bottle of this famous remedy,
,which has been used by women with tl.s
greatest success for over half a centun'.
from the drnirglst tottnv, and thus fortif
yourself, against pain and discomfort
Nu j ol
I M a
tribute to
STANDARD OIL CO. (New Jersey),
BAYONNE, N. J. - -
Dear Sirs: "
l am pleased to send you a few words of
what Nujol has done for me.
It has given me new life, strength, hope
and comfort. It possesses a wonderfully soothing ef
fect upon the bowels, without any of the hot, burning,
weakening sensations that usually result from the use
of pills or other purgatives. . . .
Go on, and preach "the propaganda of
Nujol. It is all it is claimed to be by its makers, and
if more people knew of its efficacy there would be
less sickness and suffering in the world.
21, 1916.
At iverj drut
new kit iize
for constipation
' ' works. ' ' It was his means of final es
cape and with a shotgun resting near
the machine he was trying to niake-the
engine work.
Three men drove up to a nearby berry
patch and then quickly arrested u'-
Leary without trouble. They fired three
shots as a signal to men posted in the
timber about the ranch. These men were
stationed apparently to head off O'
Leary in caaa he eluded the throe won.
0' Leary is said to have ' remarked
that he guessed it .meant a hanging for
Government agents here believe Cor
bitt was O'Lftary's confidential agent
Arthur Lyons, who was arrested at
Tucson, Ariz., last week. One of the se
cret service men said when O'Leary
was arrested, "Now wo've got both of
Kleven men were in the squad that
took 0 'Leary, but several of these were
O 'Leary 's neighbors.
The little chickven rauch was three
miles from the nearest road. It was well
stocked with provisions. Two families
of 0 'Leary 's were near neighbors.
Examined In Portland.
Portland, Or., June 17.; Jeremiah A.
0 'Leary, wanted by the Now York fed
eral authorities on a treason charge, was
arrested about noon on June 12, and
was brought to Portland where he was
subjected to a four hour examination in
the office of the United States attor
ney, lie is now en route east in the cus
tody of three employes of W. fi. Byron,
local agent of the department of justice
whoiengineerod the arrest,
These facts were contained in the
first official statement on the arrest
The statement was made by United
States District Attorney Haney for the
Portland district.
Until Haney made his statement, By
ron, United States Marshal Alexander
and other federal official here had
consistently denied that they knjw any
thing of the arrest of O'Leary, and af
fected surprise when told of it. The
first announcement of the arrest came
from New York. '
"O'Leary had twice been in Port
land within a few days prior to his ar
rest," said Haney. "On both ocacsions
he narrowly escaped arrest,",
O'Leary is president of the American
Truth Society and was publisher of the
anti-British paper "Bull."
Beautiful Bust and Shoulders' C
are possible if you will wear a scientifically constructed
Bien Jolie Brassiere.
The dragging weight of an nneon fined bust so stretches the
supporting muscles that the contour of the figure is spoiled.
rat the bust back where it be
on, prevent the full bust from
having the appearance of flab-
xxJ nacw, ciimmaie me UHimrr ni
v, dragging muscles ana connne uia
' - enh of Iba shoulder irivinv a.
graceful line to the entire upper body.
They are the daintiest and most serviceable garments Imagi
nable come in all materials and styles: Cross Back, Hook
Front, Surplice, Bandeau, etc. Boned with " Waloho," the
rustless boning permitting washing without removal.
Have your dealer show job Bien Jolie Brassieres, if not stock
ed, we'will gladly seed him, prepaid, samples to show you,
BENJAMIN It JOHNES. 51 Warren Street, Newark, N. J,
Mary E. Childs.
ttart. Send 50o and we will ihip
to eoldieri or nilori anywhere.
Serious Disorders
Reported In Austria
sk Paris, June 17. Four tho'is-
and Austro-German troops are
$ repressing disorders in the L?m- sk
berg district, according to neu-
tral advices received here today.
sk Food rioting in Vienna, Buda-
pest aPd Prague is said to be sk
particularly serious in the latter sk
sk city. sk
Airplane Raid Over
England Is Defeated
Sk :
sk ondon, June 17. A hostile
sk airplane crossed the Kent coast sk
k at noon today, but turned back
over thP sea after being bom- sk
sk barded by anti-aircraft guns, it
sk was officially announce
Haney 's statement said:
"0 'Leary 's arrest was accomplished
on the date above mentioned by Mi
Byron and three employes of his office
without thr- use of force. 0 'Leary, upon
being arrested, was brought to the of
fice of the United States attorney in
Portland and subjected to a four-hour
examination the night of June 12, and
was further examined on Thursday Junc
13, and thereafter was immediately
started cast in the custody of three of
the employes of Agent Byron.
"The defendant is a lawyer, a man
of good education, has been and is tha
president of the American Truth Society
and the publisher of Bull, an ardent
Irish-American publication which has
Usen obnoxious to the government for
some time prior to its suppression. The
defendant is charged with a violation
of the espionage act and is the typical
well educated, clever and tempierumen
tal agitator.
"The arrest of O'Leary, in view of
his importance to the government and
his statement that he could not be tak
en alive, is an additional testimonial
to the hard working efficiency of
Agent uyron."
John O'Leary'f Trial.
New York, June 17. Trial of Johi
O'Leary for aiding his brother. Jew
miah to escape from the jurisdiction of
th,. iiew York federal court was resum
od today, despite the fact that Jeremiah
has been captured.
Jeremiah O'Leary charad with trea
son and conspiracy to obstruct the
draft, will probably arrive here tomor
row night from Portland, Oregon, guard
cd by federal agents. He was apprehend
ed on a chicken ranch in Washington
slat1, near Portland.
Keno, 12 miles south of Klamath Falls
is again to have daily mail service, af
ter tho lapse of nine years,, or since
the Southern Pacific built into Klamath
Falls and killed the stage liae that had
supplied Keno,
L. T. Cooper, Noted Ph2an-
thropst wyes Large Part
, of Incomel to Charity
Not la recent years, perhaps, hag
tie coming of any public character
aroused such, widespread interest as
haa the proposed visit to Portland and
other western cities of L, T. Cooper,
tne millionaire philanthropist.
Air. Cooper is described as one of
America's foremost leaders of advanc
er! thought, and sprang into, fame and
fortune through his new health theor
ies based on what is known as the Tan
lea treatment. He never ceases to sur
prise you with the infinite variety of
his nowledge, and its absolute correct
ness and thoroughness. In several of
the larger cities, he lias done a great
deal of relief work among the poor.
Mr. Cooper is a firm believer m
practical philanthropy and his relief
work is familiar to charity workers
over the entire country. His southern
representative while in Houston, Tex
as, recently distributed, under the per
sonal direction of leading charity
workers, one thousand dresses of excel
lent quality to poor women and chil
dren. In San Antonio, the following
week he donated another thousand
dresses to the poor of that city, and a
few days later four hundred of the
garments wcro provided by him for
the poor women and children or lial
veston. Ladies prominent in social life
and many prominent citizens of these
places assisted- and cooperated with
Mr. cooper a representative in tnis
worthy cause.
Gives 60,000 Loaves of Bread
Similar service was also performed
by Mr.- Cooper m Memphis, .Birming
ham, Atlanta, Little Bock, Shreve-
port, Vicksburg, Jackson, JNashviUe,
Kuoxville, Chattanooga, Macon, Sav
annah. Montgomery, Mobile and Agus-
ta. and his establishment of the fa
mous free bread line at Louisville,
where he distributed 50,000 loaves of
bread absolutely free and without
question to those in want, proved a
revelation to charity workers there. In
fact, in practically, every city Mr.
Cooper haig visited he has always shown
his erreat sympathy for the poor and
unfortunate by performing some unl
cniB act of charity.
Mr. Cooper intends that nine" tenths
of the diseases and ill health of the
nresent day American is due to faulty
digestion and improper assimilation of
the food, wnictt iiumny prouuees a
stuffed up condition of tha vital Or
gans. It has been said that .Tanlac, his
celebrated medicine which is now ac
complishing such, remarkable results
throughout the country, not only quick
ly overcomes all catarrhal inflamma
tions of the mucous membrane, but
acts directly in the in the correction of
stomaJch, liver, kidney; and intestinal
Tanlac as has been so convincingly
proven by tho thousands upon thous
ands who have endorsed it, it is also
a reconstructive tonic of great power,
and has been known to entirely relieve
the most obstinate cases of rheumatism
and blood disorders in a very short
Tanlac Sales Phenomenal
It is, indeed doubtful if anything
ever placed on the market in the way
of a medicine has sprung into such
popular favor in so short a time. Peo
ple everywhere have uccn quick to
recognize its wonderful merit. The
demand for it has been nothing short
of phenomenal.
InSeattlo , Washington, over 50,000
bottles were sold and distributed by
jobber and retailer in eight weeks time
which established a new record there,
and is unprecedented in the history of
the drug business. Jn Denver over C5,
000 bottles wcro sold in six months, in
Ft. Worth, Texas, 122,204 bottles were
sold in twelve months, in Atlanta, Ga.,
ovor 100,000 bottles were sold in
twelve months time, in Dallas, Tex.,
120,000 bottles were sol.' m twelve
months time, in Knoxville, Tenn-, the
Kuhhnan-Chaiubliss o. sold and dis
tributed 48,320 bottles in nine months,
in Louisville, Ky., the Taylor-Isaacs
Company, who oporato eight retail
stores in that city, sold 32,000 bottles
in less than 90 days. In fact every
where Tanlac has been introduced its
sale has likewise been phenomenal and
tho demand for it is continually in
creasing. A total of moro than two
and a half million bottles of tne medi
cine has been sold through the Atlanta
office alone during the past eighteen
months, and it is without doubt the
most widely tamed oi mvumniu
When asked to explain this record
breaking demand, Mr. O. F. Willis, In
ternational Distributor of Tanlac said:
"There can bo only one possiblo ex
planation, and it can be told in one
word 'merit.' That tells the whole
story. No preparation no matter how
extensively advertised, ran possibly
meet with such puenomenai success un
less it possesses extraordinary cura
tive power."
Thousands upon thousands are testi
fying dailv that they have been re
lieved of 'disease after years of suf
fering by its use.
Tanlac is sold in Mt. Angel by Ben
Gooch, in Oervais by John Kelly, in
Turner by H. P. Cornelius, in Wood
burn by Lyman H. Shorey, in Salem
by Dr. 8. C Stone ana in ouverwu. vj
Geo. A. Steelhammcr.
(Advertisement) '
Those who are planning incursions In
fn thA broken country of Oregon might
take this tip from the Eugene Eegister
"The nation is calling ior enrome vm,
orl thfTsi are laree and as yet undis
covered deposits of it in the mountains
of Oregon. Everyone who plans to go to
the mountains lor any purpose wnm
ever this summer should learn at once
recognize this valuable ore."
The Original
Malted Milk
For Infant and Invalids
Substitute Cost YOU Same Prica
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
refund money if it fails. 25c
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them. I had misjudged the soldier. In
reference to addresses, I supposed he
would want them short and humorous.
Now I apeak for nearly an hour and
make the speech as thoughtful as 1
can. The soldier wants to know why he
is here and what is to come of it all.
A bit tired tonight, I feel like ramb
ling in the letter, if you do not mind.
Monday afternoon I went out about fif
teen miles over a perfect highway,
bordered by tall trees, through a coun
try bewitchingly beautiful- At the end
of the journey I found a host of north
west men and some of our own boys
who have just been ealled in Kandall,
Minton, Jones, Sowland, Lts. Alvord
and Spaulding, some former Willam
ette men and others known back home.
The meeting was held in the eity
squaro with the regimental band as
an attraction. We were Oregonians and
to make us feel fully comfortable it
rained. Perched on a box, I declaimed
for an hour and the "Oregon mist"
was so pleasing to the people that they
remained. The colonel, however, wore
a raincoat, a fact that he will probab
ly have to explain. But since he sent
me .back to town in his car the next
day, after a real Oregon dinner, I can
not introduce the charges.
Last evening I had dinner with Lt.
Wallwe and his fellow officers. It is
an unmixed joy to be with this royal
soul and an added pleasure to send to
you his tender greetings- An hour re
mained before tho lecture, we went to
see "the virgin" a noteworthy monu
ment near his village. The road winds
for some distance along the bottom
and sido of a hill which is honey comb
ed with caves that are used for grow
ing mushrooms, large quantities of
which are hore produced, one cave nail
been serving as the gunrd house, but
a portion of the roof hod just fallen
and the ten prisoners were being
guarded outside until instructions as
to their disposition were received. On
the top of tho hill stands a statue of
the Virgin Mary ten feet nign resting
on a pedestal eight feet above the
earth. Tho statue itself seems to be
partially of metal, is a really beautiful
work of art and represents the Virgin
with clasped hands in the attitude of
prayer. Her face is strong yet tender,
with an expression that holds attention
No other monument or structure is
near: this stands alone in a tiny en
closure of well-trimmed hedge. In tho
background is a forest, but from tho
front and sides the statue looks over a
wonderful valley dotted with villages.
with a river like a line of silver in tho
midst. The view extends for twenty
miles up and down the enchanting val
ley, a view which literally thrills you
with a kind of exaltation. Tho Virgin
is asked to be the guardian of the vil
lage at her feet and the valley of the
-, to pray for all ot tne tannines,
the vineyards and the peoplo there
abouts. Tho monument was erected in
1880 to tho memory of So and So by
his widow.
To me the conception is beautiful
and whatever one may think of miscon
ceived devotion, one must see in this
work something of faith and confi
dence and trust and bono which is pro
foundly touching.
I have a friend ill town, a most win
ning lad, happy and dirty always. He
is probably six years old, has ruddy
choekg and the blackest of eyes. Ho
wears wooden shoes which clatter, a
black shirt whieh starts at his neck
and opcins in the back. On his head,
set a bit to one side, is a cap peaked
in front and behind. Ho will not talk
to mo but whenever I pass ho stands
at attention and salutes. To do so he ol
ways has benn obliged quickly to pass
a piece of bread from his right hand
to the lett. As l return tne saiuto ne
stands motionless with unblinking eyo
with one check distended by a por
tion of his interrupted meal. When 1
'stop beside him ho either scurries off
or remains as motionless ns niaiuic. l
think he is joking with me. I found
some istick candy, ed-striped, andr
prepared for him today. But before
finding him, two little girls (real lit
tie. girls) took the candy from mo. To
morrow I shall hide from those little
girls (very young they are, too) and
wave stiriped candy before tho tiny
poilu until he surrenders his tongue to
I have another friend, of that I am
certain. The old lady who constructs
the fat French bed in my room must
have seen the red candy. 8he 'confided
to mo that gho could not oven get su
gar, lt was the war, tho boche, "mnl
heurcusement; " and what Vas coffee
without a tiny lump of sugar She has
sugar now, and my bod is puffed up
and tucked in and patted and cuddled.
I am ashamed to spoil it.
Kunday in "Mother's Day" and the
soldiers are very busy writing long,
tender and, I doubt not, loving letters
to that deaf ono so far from them.
Mother means much moro to the boys
over hero than when they waro with
her and for many a lad Bhe is the
magical tio which holds him true and
steady. A man said to mo yesterday,
"No, I am not married, but I have a
sweetheart. She is older than I by thir
ty years and her hair is white. I am
going home to her unashamed or un
ashamed die here in France."
Monday I am to go to another bae
headquarters and aftcT ten doys re
turn to Paris for another assignment.
Two more trips out of Paris and then
the long journey home. I should like
to be with you for commencement; you
do not know how much I want to be
with you. The thought of it somehow
affects my throat and it hurts. But
the men here want someone to talk to
them about homo and why they are
here and whether anyone cares for
them. Children, homesick children, we
all are. We huddle together under the
impending storm and we want some
body to tell us that the ntqgm will
clear. We are not afraid, we are not
sorry; we are just confused by the
strangeness of it all and we need to
have the path made plain. We are
rough and loud; we need a still voice
to break in upon n which wilfmake
vs calm.
- sk
By Jan O'Pyan,
4c cf tha Vigilantes.
'..- . sk
A stands for Anger. How dare the
wurld fight
Against our triumphant and beauti
ful might.
B stands for Boastfulness, in which we
Wa'll own one earth merely, but
neaven ana sell.
C stands for Carnage. Blood-drench
evry rod
Of our enemies' soil and onward
with God.
D for Destruction, our chief oecupation
waen invading the land of an
enemy nation.
E stands for Envy, our national trait,
Anu rirotiier-iu-arms of Anger and
P stands for Frightfulness, needful we
To" make the world honor the great
German mind.
O stands for Greed. Had we owned
what we sought,
This war for uf aims need net have
bien fought.
H is for Hats irc've instilled in the
Of our gullible people,' and you know
tne rest.
I stands for Infamy, our prime stock-
Without it such prcgrcss wo could
not have mado.
J stands for Junkers, sans conscience
and heart.
And thus well equipped to play their
great part.
K stands foi Kultur, the world's erying
inougn inougnt, Dy the Jngratcs a
poisonous weed.
L for Lust: moro beautiful far
Than nil the vast treasures of genius
M for our Madness the loveliest thing
jw norrors to our eyes each
can bring, .
N is for Noxiousness. We symbolize
In a war of extinction we can't be
O is fair Opresaion. It's success is so
Just see what our subjects are mado
to endure.
P is for PniAsinnism; our hope for the
In Belgium, seel the proof of Its
Q is for Quarrels we try to incite
Amongst friendly nations to get them
to iignt.
B is for Rape; 'the partner of Lust.
Our policy; quite undeniably just.
S is for Sneers, which daily we've
To show our contempt for the civiliz
ed world. .
T is for Terrorism, loosed at top-speed.
But our block-headed enemies fail to
take heed,
U for our U-boats, sublimo in th?Ir
To Bink all they can is their absoluto
V stands for Vulture, our national blrii,
As an emblem of Frightfiilncss, the
very lost word,
W is for Williclm, in crime without
Only Satan from Holl could compote
with him here.
Epilogue, by Humanity,
X for the exit, by firo and steel,
Tho DEAR Potsdam gang will goon
keonly feel.
It is announced that owing to tho
Hliortnfjo of paper in Germany, tho of
ficial war bulletins wil be discontinued.
Wouldn't Ive surprised but what a short
age of victories also has a Htlo bit to
do with it.
That's the woman's dread when sho
gets up in tho morning to start tho
day's work. "Oh I how my back aches'
iUl,U MKUAIj ilaarlon Oil Capsules
taken today ease the backache of to
morrow taken every day ends the
backacho for all time. Don't delay.
What's the use of suffering! Begii
taking GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules today and be relieved tomor
row. Take three or four every day and
be permanently free from wrenching,
distressing back pain. But be sure to
get GOLD MKDAL. Since 1698 GOLD
MEDAL Haarlem Oil has been the na
tional remedy of Holland, tho govern
ment of the Netherlands having grant
ed a special charter authorizing its
preparation for sale. The housewife of
Holland would almost as soon bo with
out bread as she would without her
"Real Dutch Drops," as she quaintly
calls GOLD MKDAL Maarlem Oil Cap
sules. This is the one reason why you
will find the women and children of
Holland so sturdy and robust. 1
GOLD MEDAL are the puro, origin
al Haarlem Oil Capsules imported di
rect from the laboratories in Haar
lem, Hdlland- But be sure to get GOLD
MEDAL. Look for the name on every
box. Hold by reliablce druggists in seal
ed packages, three sizes. Money re
funded if they do not help you. Accept
only the GOLD MEDAL, All others aro
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