Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 14, 1918, Page SIX, Image 6

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Bargain Day, Saturday, June 15
Special Auto Tire Bargains
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126 S. .Commercial 126 S. Commercial
North Howell Notes
(Capital Journal Special Service)
North Howell June 14. The county is
making extensive repairs on what is
known as the Wine bridge over Pud
ding river, thoso wishing to go to Mt.
Angel can do so by going around to
tbo Nusom bridgo.
E. G. Wiosner Is building a fine new
barn; Wm. Oddie and Burr Ash well are
the carpenters.
Among those who ate ice cream at
may lend to ehronlo lunr trouble, of
moan that the chronic tag already
reached. In either eaao try
This tonic fcnrl t!wufr-ropalrr MP
pllea the acknowladfretl benefits of Cal
cium treatment without ataturblug the
stomach. Contains no Alcohol. War
cotlo or Kablt-Formluic Drug.
$2 wit, low $1.S0. $1 tin, row Sue.
Price include, war tat All drugirtstl.
Kckman laboratory, PhilftdHphla.
B. C. Jefferson's Sunday, were Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Shaw and Mr. and Mists
Hackett of Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Bump and Mr. and Mrs. Thus. Bump
and family.
Miss (iLadys Oddie has returned
from a vuut with her aunt, Mrs. CI) lis.
Knggleson at Eddyville, Or.
A Mt Angel company is setting up
a sawmill on Hartley Craig b farm
they will aw the white fir which will
be hauled to Mt. Angel and finished
up for boxoa.
Born, Saturday June 8, to Mr. end
Mrs. Clyde Phillips of noar Gervais, a
10 pound boy: ho will be called Clyde
There is lots of hay down end more
being cut and now the farmers are
hoping that it doesn't rain for a week
or so.
The ball game at the school grounds
Runilay between tuinahy nnd North
Howell was won by the home team-
Eu&eno, Or., June 14. Mrs. W. T.
Gordon, wife of the assistant cashier
oif the First National tank of Eugene,
died yesterday morning after an ill
ness of four .months. Sho caught a se
vere cold while in California last win
ter and it finally terminated in cere
Dro spinal meningitis. She had been a
resilient of Eugene for many years.
, r rr. '-"Tor
Coal YOU
Sane Price
A Nutritious Diet for AH Ages.
Keep Horlick'a Always on Hand
Quick Lunch; Home or Office.
, - :'
Saturday, June 15
With the exception of eggs, butter, sugar and flour, we will give 5 cents off on
the dollar on all purchases. This reduction is in addition to the 5 cents off on the
dollar, which we have always given purchasers who take the oods with them.
Don't Forget Our Dry Goods Department
$3.50 Hats Bargain Day, $2.50
20c Coffee, reduced to . . . . . 15c
25c Coffee, reduced to 20c
30c Coffee, reduced to 25c
35c Coffee, reduced to "30c
Home Canned Fruits, quarts 25c; gallon 40c
Cedar Mop with 25 cent bottle of polish 50c
50c bottle Cedar Polish 35c 75c can Cedar Polish 50c
Ground Cocoa, Bargain Day . . . 28c per Pound
a.a.ihaa.la.aa.aa. .
ox Quality
tfohmteers For Special Senr-
lce Course Till Desired
- Quota In District
Among tho volunteers for a special
training eourse at the - Benson Poly
technic School, Portland, the following
seven and one alternate were chosen
ou account of their being the best qual
ified and will leave probablv the end
of the week, says the Woodburn Independent.
993 A. DeGuire. Silverton 38'J
743 F. C. Berhorst, Hubbard iV
2bO--J. Hendricks, Woodburn 474
308 E. H. Riches, Woodburn 485
799 B. H. Kuenstinir. Woodburn S03
302 J. W. Leonhardt, Woodburn 521
279 E. W. Stoner, Woodburn 749
100 G. N. J. Morton, St. Paul 422
. Registered for Service
Eighty-one young men, who became
of age sincj June 5, 1917, registered
before the local board at Woodburn and
the deputized board at Silverton on
June 5 as per orders of the government.
There are 58 at Woodburn and 23 at
Sihvrton and it is thought that some
have failed to comply with the gov
ernment's order. If so it will be im
prisonment for them. Those registering
lor service were:
1. Paul W. Coleman, Woodburn.
2. Ernest L. Dnun, Silverton.
2. Ernest L. Dunn, silverton
. Joseph B. Schwab, Mt. Angel.
5. David A. Dryden, Woodburn, B. 'i
0. Bruno Hessel, Mt. Angel.
7. Roman J. Lais, Mt. Angel.
8. Sidney II. Peterson, Mt. Angel.
9. Earl J. Adams, Silverton.
10. Francis M. Miller, Silverton.
11. Carl B. Moser, Silverton.
12. Albort L. Davenport, Silverton.
13. Sofus Torkstad, Silverton,
14. Glenn Mahler, Woodburn.
15. Henry B. Lamb, Waconda.
10. Boyd M. Yergen, Hubbard.
17. Earl Cone, Donald.
18. Peter Brossell, Gervals.
19. William A. Kilian, Silverton.
20. Ludwig E. Moc, Silverton-
21. Jamics C. Duffy, St. Benedict.
22. Samuel G. Gottenberg, Mt. Angel.
za narold ijatern, Silverton.
24. Gordon G. Ooble, Woodburn.
25. Jacob C. Scollard, Gervais.
ao, Joseph H. Weigel, Mt. Angel.
a. Arviu liagstrom, Silverton.
28. John Tamminger, Mt. Angel.
29. Ferdinand F. Paulsen, Woodburn.
30. Leo D. Bloom, Aurora, Route 5.
31. Alviu T. Earl, Hubbard.
32. Jameg W. O'Connor, Donald.
33. Frank Hettwer, Scotts Mills.
34. John Griescnauer, Mt. Angel.
35. John ,We8tendorf, Mt. Angel.
30. Clias.i A. Hamilton, Hubbard.
37. Jesso 0; Eininett, Hubbard.
38. MclviaV'A. Johnson, Mcli.ee.
39. Verne L Sandberg, Aurora'
40. A. G. 11, Lettenmuier, Silverton.
41. Linus D. Martin, Donald.
42.7-Sam Ei Stuller, Woodburn.
43. James T. Moore, Aurora.
i4. Fraiik Neznodu, Hubbard.
4o. Joseph Ortwerth, Woodburn.
iti. James B. Moore, Woodburn,
47. Robert Zurliuden, Wood bum.
8. Oscar D. Olson, Woodburn.
49. Jesse E. Huberts. Woodburn.
oO. Joseph W. Kirk, Woodburn.
51. Gerald P. Connor, St. Paul.
o2, Hubert S. Moisan. Brooks.
o3. Oliver J. Brun, vVoodourn,' B I
54. John L. Vanderbeck, Gervais.
oo. llelbort L. Biggs, Gervais, B. 2.
oo. William M. Bhvcn, Gervais, B. 3.
57. Albert J. McKay, Donald.
68. Dwight H. Bchaap. Gervais. B. 1.
69. Dean Bchaap, Gervais.
00. Olof Moon, Woodburn.
01. Peter J. Kuss, Gervais, B. 1.
02. Buscao J. Beese, Woodburn. '
03. Joseph Pcnsker, Woodburn, B. if
. Gerhard T. Plas, Scotts Mills.
0o. Henry F. Hage, Silverton, B. 3.
00, Howard M. Malancy, Silverton.
07. Stonewall J. Moser, Silverton; B 4.
o. ural v. Jfigan, wiivertou.
69. Wiley W. Scott, Silverton.
70. Philip E. Williams, Silverton.
71. Louis J. Vearrier, Silverton
72. Clarenco Moore, Silverton.
73. Dewey B. Allen, Silverton.
74. Clarence L. Nicol, Silverton.
75. Wren E. Mathony, Silverton.
70. Frank M. Moores, Silverton.
77. Ronald M. Goodwin, Silv.erton,
78. Aubrey David, Silverton.
79. Bryce H. Melville, Woodburn.
80. Herbert Miller, Aurora.
81. Arthur Moon, Woodburn.
United States Tires
Grind Tires .
r 4 yv i i m1
A . ----- -F - - J" j f e .. . 411 1 I 'I 1 t ... la' K Ct -
iton Hm
-- 6wJrVV jl ! - ,
' a t
gPTf- 1''
War Has Multiplied the
Value of Good Tires
Never were cars so necessary
both in business and domestic life.
Never was their continuous and
economical use so imperative..
Never was freedom from tire trou
ble and tire expense so absolutely
The rapidly growing demand for
United States Tires prove their war
time worth.
Thousands of motorists each week
are turning to United States Tires to
get dependability and economy.
United States Tires last longest and
carry you farthest at least cost.
They enable you to make the most
of your car passenger or com-j
mercial noiv, when it is more than J
ever a vital war-time necessity. j
There is a United States Tire for j
every possible need.
Our nearest Sales and Service De- j
pot will tell you which ones you '
should have.
Company at Bligh
Tho Bligh Itast night featureil the
J. Y. Lewis Musical Comedy Co. in
"Uncle Seth at ithe Races." The hit
of the show was easily J. Y. Lewis as
Uncle Scth the rube. He was ably as
sisted 'by his brother Al Lewis, who is
one of tho youngest and best come
dians on the Pacifio coast, and a chor
us of really pretty girls who can sing,
dance end are well costumed.
iiie musical nuniDerg were "penny"
There will be an excellent quality as
there is no rain to damage the crop,
and too it is being cut before it be
comes dried and bleached 'by too long
standing. This has been a fault in the
past which has lessened the value.
This is good corn weathcT and it is
making a good growth.
Remember tho school meeting Mon
day at 1 p. m. Election of officers.
Falls City News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Falls OHy, June 14. The 10 year
old son of C. B. Rickett cut his foot
Quite (badlv on & wirA. lftat. Anr.nrriiair
' - ' n .
Mrs. Matthew and daughter moved f;.i,-.i i i.
to Salem Tuesday. rube aDl, took ,ern, lhfwa . .
.Oscar Sampson and wife came un audience would let him on
from Portland Tuesday to visit O. Aur- The show for tonight will be Mur
'aud. ray and Mack's Irish cnniAilv. n
S. G. -Wood and wife left last Sat-. Brion s Nieht Out ' Th nrAM a trail f
llflnV rthAl. -1,1 i. . iL.i. al . "
uiitvtw iV1 1u.uLa uu 11 U III O ill UHSIUIU IIFU IH I I1ILTJ LBO gOlX fTfl Wl l fiatnilia.
Oklahoma. ical, the trirls orAttv. fltlif tha ina.
Doc Nelson of AfuMinnville was here tumea nrnttior than Vnf ni,.r.t Tk
mst oaturiiay to adjust tne tire Joss or teaturo of tonight 'g bill will bo a bur
w. in. wiacK. we represents the Ore- lesque baseball game that has been
gon Fire Relief association. l"toiiiiiiig tho how" nil alonir the
ixiiss veima uooaapeed is socndine coast from Iv Anm-lea Tlmra nriii
the week in Philomath. ,be a matinee this afternoon and t.wn
Mrs. Hurry Deuilisey and son are vis shows toniulrf.
iting tho Aurliand's this week. I
Mrs. Chloo Seymour of West Salem fi, t it ' i
isited here last Saturday and Sunday. UUZeilS 01 fteUual
mrs. ava Jtouny etf Monroe is visit-
State House News
Director of Railroads McAdoo has J
sued a supplemental order modifyiii
the arbitrary 25 per cent increase J
ireigni rates, it maKe3 conditions ffl
some things such as lumber and fine
Fruitland News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Fruitland, Juuo 14. Keep the cul
tivator and dust uiub hcr going these
da vs.
Two of tlio .small children of Mrs.
Annie Oirod have been quite ill with
iieuinoiiia, but are now better.
I do not recollect ever having seen
the foliago thicker and looking more
healthy ou the fruit trees than now.
The leaves being tho lungs of the
lungs of the trees show a high grade
of vitality.
I understand that, vie Kerscher of
the Bethel district, having his growing
rop oi nay aoout ruined ov apbis, is
about deciding to sell otf some of his
stock on account of fodder shortage.
With hay at 25 now and later on at
perhaps $40 or more a ton. and butter
aud butter fat at preeut prices, old
bossy is liable to prove a boarder. .
A neighbor tells uie that a few days
ago at Salem .they purchased 45 pounds
of flour which cost $14.25, Tho flour
was 2.00 and the 111.05 went for "sub
stitutes " Now don't that jar yon, fel
low consumer i Where are our food com
missiouer? Are they uposed to know
about such condltii h or are they
s a.iiling in with the private sane of
1 fool-. t o.i;ccrsf.
i K.u.t aiid lii'd t'nis will be reorgan
ise ea.ly in July. Work will be plan
u at a i-niled meeting and it is hop
el a hew energy iU characterize our"
Hay is rapidly going into the mow
ing the Harringtons this week
Airs. Mary Hammond Stelzer went
to Salem Wednesday mornine to at
tend the graduating exercises at the
vifillametto university.
Tho Falls City Lumber Co. has its
second stack of logs well under way.
They have room for three decks.
Ira DeWitt and family left Thurs
day for Vancouver, Wash., where he
will be employed a guard.
Thedo Harris and wife are visiting
with theiT daughter near Nortons.
The. woman 's council of defense held
an interesting meeting here Monday
Robert Bradley returned Wednesday
evening from a trip to Oklahoma. He
says that the crops generally are good
iu that state.
Weekly Report of
State Accident Commission
Durnig the weel ending June 13th.
inclusive, there were reported to the
state industrial accident commission
574 accidents, of which number 4 were
Following is shown the names, ad
dresses and occupations ot the, fatally
injured workmen:
C. B. Mason, Portland, Oregon; ship
Lybeck. Kerry, Oregon, railroad-
Portland, Oregon,
h. Birnshoner,
J. E. Cannon, Baker, Oregon
power company.
Of the total numb(r reported. 521
were subject to the provision of the
compensation law," 43 were from firm
and corporations which have rejected
the provisions of the compensation law,
and 10 were from publie utility cor
porations not subject to the provisions
of the compensation law, two of whom
were passengers being injured.
Countries To Be Exempted
Washington, June 14. Immcdiato
amendment of ithe draft laws specific
ally exempting citizens of neutral
countries is necessarj Senate leaders
announced today. They disclosed tho
fact that a serious situation has aris
en over the drafting of neutrals.
The war department has construed
tho draft law to mean that unless a
neutral claims exemption when he reg
ister he ia not exempt afterwards.
Many neutrals have been drafted and
some have been killed. In some eases
they protested vigorously after they
had 'been called into the service. Some
of these protests have found their way
to their home governments. The result
has been conteuition between this gov
ernment and certain neutrals, partic
ularly Sweden. Preparation of an
amendment is in progress. It may be
a rider to the army appropriation bill.
Henry Ford Will Run
As Senate Candidate
better, but is so long, so classified an.
in such shape that it requires cloj
study to get any kind of an idea
what it means. The commission ma
be able to get it sorted out in time, s
the average man can understand it bti
just now it is like giving a Greel'
manuscript to a Digger Indian to pai
it over to a layman for interpretation
The Boise commission is making I
vigorous kick against tho freighi
ratings., bringing up the old, old que
tion of terminal rates being lowet
than those along the line. For instanc
it points out that the rate on wool front
Portland to Boston is $1.00 a hundred
while from Boise to Boston, a 500 mile
shorter haul, the rate is $1.71 and with
tho 25 per cent added $2.14. At the
same time the addition to th! dollar
rate makes tho new rate but $1.25. It
increases tho lower rate 25 cents and
the higher rate 33 cents.
The end of the fiscal year being '
near accounts for the number of in
corporations filing notice of dissolu
tion. By doing so they avoid paying
a year's license fee. Today one in
corporation filed! one increased its)
capital stock and two filed notice ofj
dissolution. The filings were as follows:?
oiilphur Springs Cheese Factory, of
Dolph, Tillamook county, capital stock;
000 and object to manufacture, and)
deal in cheese, butter and all dairy
Lovell Auto Company, of Astoria. in4
creased its capital stock from $25,00
10 5(0,000.
North Portland Box Company filed
notice of dissolution. f
Friedman's Market, of Portland.!
filed notice of dissolution.
Assistant State Engineer C. Ej
Stricland, who has been in Tygh vallcyf
ior several niontns surveying ia now
in the office here finishing up his re
port on worn aone at Hood River,
Ccun House News
T .L. ..... w -
'I iu me sun oi isaociia May Harden-!
I union against livron l.eriov Harden
Detroit, Mich, June 14 Henry Ford's
announcement for the Uaited Statics
senatorship in Washington last night
came as a big surprise to his associates
here. While politicians have been after
Ford for some weeks past to get into
the race, it was thought he would con
tmue to remain away from politics. brook the sheriff of Klamath County
Ford's decision was the result of the! returns tho execution issued in the
action of the democratic state confer-j ense, his return showing no property
ence in Lansing Wednesday in extend-, belonging to defendant was found in
ing his name to the republicans as a that county.
candidate upon whom to combine. Judge
W. F. Connolly, who headed the move-j. A marriage license ws issued Wed
ment, had just returned from Wash-' nesday afternoon to Michael Amos Gal-
mgton and it is be!ievd it was made low and Mabel Watson, both of Salem
at the request of government leaders.' and this morning permission to wed
While republicans have taken no actios-was given Otto Theodore Bontler of '
on th, democratic offer, Ford is re- Maeleay, and Hulda A. Larson of;
garded as a sure winner. jsaleih. )