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ing received from nearly every section
of this and adjacent counties.
Get ready for the big day for big
business and big bargains. It is sure
to be a hummer.
In keeping with the spirit of the
event Bargain Day we are putting on
social salo 240 ladies' waists at 98c
each. Ladies' hats at greatly reduced
prie.es and hose at 15c and" 29c a pair.
2000 yards our best quality 36-inch silk
poplins in all colors at $1.00 per yard.
Gala & Co.
Our Goods are all Bargains considering; the present
wholesale price of merchandise
" BICYCLES ," ' -b ''-
GOLF GOODS ' " i ; r
CUTLERY n i ; ;
ilauser Brothers
yG first L toaaltfi is fxaciltfl "
Your Costliest Sacrifice
Modern comforts and luxuries de
mand a heavy tax. Today's way
of living slows down and clo&s
the human machine.
Over-eating, irregular habits, insuffi
cient exercise, highly concentrated
foods have produced Constipation,
a basic weakness, from which most
ills originate.
Before you realize it, intestinal
accumulations poison the system.
Then come Headaches, Anemia,
Hardened Arteries, Dyspepsia,
Gastritis, Piles and other tearing
down ailments.
To end constipation, the uninformed
turn to dru-laden purgatives
many habit-forming.
Drafcs are violent. They end consti
pation unnaturally. They stunt the
muscular movements of intestines.
Until the coming of Stanclax the
fcreat corrective the average per-
' son has faced a choice of evils:
Constipation or harsh dru&s.
REG. U.S. PAT. off.
STANOLAX is for sale in Salem by
The opportunity will never be of
fered again. We can't believe that you
need urging to come and buy these bar
gains. Wholesale prices are going up.
Many lines of merchandise are steadily
getting more expensive. Prices are low
er now than you can expect to find them
for many months, perhaps, years.
Kafoury Bros.
The following is a list of the Bargain
Day stores:.
We are making, an unusual display
o)S dishes special for bargain day.
?m, Gahlsdorf,
You will-find bargains galore at our
i i H
1 lis : 'f
Stanolax is not a cathartic not a
drufc. It is a lubricant for the '
bowels. It cannot irritate. : It en
courages normal muscular action.
Stanolax is tasteless. It is colorless.
: It is neither digested nor absorbed
by the system. - ;
Stanolax rvoes not act hastily, causing
undue strains. It relieves gently,
but surely, in a natural way,
carrying off intestinal poisons.
Free yourself and keep freed from
constipation, and all its hurtful
effects, by using Stanolax sold
by progressive druggists. One
bottle is convincing.
Manufactured Only by
Standard Oil Company ... '
' (Indiana)
Chicago, U.S.A.
G. W. Johnson & Co.
We will offer our full line of shoes
at greatly reduced prices on Bargain
Day. Price Bhoe Co.
Ten per cent off on all stamped ar
ticles and larger reductions on all fin
ished articles,
Needlecraft Shop. .
With the exception of eggs, butter,
flour and Bugar, we will give 5 cents
off on tha dollar on all purchases. This
reduction is in addition to the 5 cents
off on the dollar which we have always
given to purchasers who take their pur
chases with them.
The Farmers Store of Quality. .
The management of the Oregon
Theatre has made special arrangements
for Bargain Day and wlil put on a
double show, featuring Douglas Fair
banks in "Flirting With Fate," and
Wrights' Hawaiians will be an addition
al feature,
Oregon Theatre.
We will hava a discount on our line
of draperies, crockery and trunks, for
Bargain Day. Other specials will also be
offered. .
C. S. Hamilton.
Bargain Day is sure to be a grand
success with us, for in addition to our
already extraordinarily low cut prices in
our "change of lines shoe sale," we
are giving a lot of special reductions
for. the day. Our pumps especially will
be eut to 75 per cent, 50 per cent and
as low as 25 per cent of .present cost
of manufacture. We intend to make
Bargain Day worth while 'to our cus
tomers. The Bootery.
J. B. Littler, Mgr.
Large assortment of popular music
Bargain Day only, 10e and 10 per cent
discount on all musical instruments, ex
eepting contract goods.
Myrtle Knowland.
Saturday, Salem's second annual Bar
gain Day, finds this stow offering un
usual values. Trunks, nigs, wall paper
suit cases, pictures, etc. Yon ean always
save money here. Visit the store and
sse for yourself,
Buren's Furniture Store.
179 Commercial Street,
J m. tN o t
f i "Ajiwi. L - ail
" ' J ' (4'9
I am going to allow a 15 per cent
discount on my entire line of house fur
nishings The prices you will find to be
the lowest in Sakm and every article
W. W. Moore Furniture Store.
We are ofering a special discount
throughout our stock. Still greater re
ductions on our $1 window from whicl
you may select any articjo for $1.
Hartman Bros. Co.,
Jiowelcrs and Opticians.
It is contrary to the policy of this
company to offer special prices for any
special occasion, but we will have many
economical buys of which you may take
advantage on Bargain Day, You will
always find our prices lower than
others. "
J. C. Penny Co.
Everything goes on sale Saturday,'
nothing reserved. Entire millinery
stock with many new modols. Milans re
duced 10 to 20 per cent;, all others from
23 to 50 per cent less than regular
prices. The French Shop.
Bargain Day should not be a profit
day. This will be our policy tomorrow
On our shoes, priced from $5 to $9, you
ean make a saving of from $1 to $2.50.
We are going to save you money. We
are not going to make you profit, so
please try to save us time.
Paris Shoe Shop,
Ecduetions that will fairly stagger
you on Bargain Day. A carnival of bar
gains that will sparkle with real value.
Will serve friends and customers coffee
and cookies prepared on their Univer
sal ranges,
E. L. Stiff Son.
On Bargain Day we will sell tires,
tubes and bumpers at a discount of 5
per cent from our regular prices.
Salem Automobile Co,
We will give a Bargain Day club
lunch between 11 and 2 o'clock besides
w will have bargain specials on ean
dfiis which will be on display.
: . The Gray Belle.
We are busy ehosing Items from offl
large stock that will be worth your
while on Bargain Day. They will b
real values.
Imperial Furniture Co.
The German war office announced
that "repeated enemy attacks north
west of Chateau-Thierry (where Amer
icans are engaged) broke down with
heavy losses."
The French counter attack which
threw the Germans back across the
Mats was declared by Berlin to have
"broken down with the heaviest losses"
The enemy claimed a total of 13,000
prisoners in the Dew drive, with 150 cap
tured cannon.
Only Local Actions Now.
Paris, June 14. Fighting on the en
tire Oise-Marne battle front has sim
mered down to local actions, tha French
war office reported today.
. A German attack failed is the center
of the Oias area. There was active can
nonading on the twenty mile front be
tween Villers-Cotterets forest and Chat
eau-Thierry. Elsewhere only raiding op
orations were reported.
"Only local actions oeeurred last
night north of Grivesnes (four miles
northwest of Montdidier) " the com
munique said.
"A French raid in the Courcelles re
gion resulted in the eaptura of thirty
"At the Ferme Dcs Loges tho French
"A German attack failed in the An
theuil sector.
"Between Villers-Cotterets forest and
Chateau-Thierry there was active M.
tillery- fighting.
"French patrols took prisoners at
Bussiares, west of Rbjeims, and in the
Champagne region."
Balds Are Reported
London, June 14. Kaldlng operations
and artillery fire were reported by Field
Marshal Haig today,
"A strong enemy party was com
pletely repulsed southwest of Merris
early this morning and a few prisoners
were taken," the statement said.
"Our raids wera successful in the
neighborhood ' of Neuvillo-V itassc, Gi
venchy and LaBasaeo.
"Several prisoners and two machine
guns were taken in advantageous pat
rol encounters southwest of Uavrelle
and northwest of Merville."
"There was hostile artillery firinfl
in the Villcrs-Bretonncaux sector and
the Scarpe valley."
Get Twenty-One Airplanes.
, London, June 14. Twenty-one Ger
man airplanes and a balloon- wore de
stioyed and four., enemy machines were
driven down out of control in day and
night fighting by the British airman
Wednesday and Thursday, the war of
fice announced today. Four British
planes are missing. Several tons of
bombs wore droped on enemy objcc'
French Aviators Eileld.
ondon, June 14. Captain Pearson and
Lieutenant Bousseau, French aviators
flying from France to Hounslow, Eng
land, were killed when their machine
collapsed within two hundred yards of
the landing station, it was announced
today. '.
Masonic Grand Lodge
Elects Its Officers
Portland, Or., Jnn 14. The follow
ing grand officers were selected by
tho Masonic grand lodge in session in
Portland yesterday afternoon: Frank
W. Hettlewieiier of Woodmirn, grand
maistcr; Earl C. Bronaujjh of Portland,
deputy grand master; J. w. Kerr of
Oorvallis, senior grand warden; F. S
Bnillio of Baiter, junior grand warden;
James B. Cleland of Portland, grand
treasurer; James Fuller ton Uobinson
of Portland, grand neerctary. Tho ap
pointive officers will be announced by
the incoming grand master upon hii
'installation this afternoon.
We have special prices on bieyclel
and fifes, gymnasium shoes, tennis racl
ets, baseball goods.
Ilauser BroJ,
Will give bargains on suits, shoes,
hats, etc. Schei's.
Will pass my last year's record for
real reductions. Those taking advantag."
or uargain uay last year in my store
will do better this year.
Win. Kahlsdorf.
We will offer special reductions in
tiros, bicycles and bathing suitB. Also
other articles which we will advertise.
Watt Shipp Co.
Big reductions on shingles, lumber,
roofing, paints, hardware, windows, etc
See our ad with prices in this issuo
of the Capital Journm.
Falls C'ity-Salem Lbr. Co,
The following is a list of stores who
by their generosity have made Bargain
Day possible.
Twenty percent off on Goodrich,
Michelin, United States, and Marathon
tires; 10 per cent off on all auto sup
plies, 10 per cent off on oils and greas
es. $10 Badger bumpers at $3 while they
last. Hpscial bargains on broken lines.
Ford owners arc invited to make our
garage their home while in the city.
Vick Bros.
We will give the following specials
on Bargain Day only. California Fig
Sundae, regular 40c, special 25c; all 60c
candies, 50c,
Thn Spa.
When you think of
Post thinkof
Cltar ttie .'Slcin
A beautiful complexion is the outward mark of
good blood and a healthy body. When the stomach, .
liver and blood are in good order, the skin is clear and
lovely. Unsightly blotches, pimples, eruptions and
sallowness show the need f Beecham's Pills to stimulate
and regulate the vital organs and improve the circula
tion. Good health and better looks soon follow the use of
DirectieM of Special Va1u to Woman on with Emy Box.
Sold by drugfUtt throofhout the would, la beset, 10c, 25c
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'fight between !th Keemun and the
Forced to Polish Torpedoes
New York, vJune 14. Americans
captured off this coast by German
submarine pirates were forced to pol
ish torpedoes intended for use against
United States transport This came to
light today with the arrival of more
scameji who had been taken off their
sinking ships by the Germans and held
prisoner aboard the U-boat number 151
Th U-lol varried, IS torpedoes ana
a crewt cf 75 officers and men. It is
commanded by Cartaln Neustidt, for-
"merly o the Haimbug-Ameican line,
fo five ycara a chief gunner in tne
Unilted States navy.
The -151 waa built at Kiel in 1915.
s 210 feet Jong, 29 feet wide, has a
three fourth inch hull which, it was
"(boasted, a submarine chaser shot
could not pierce, carries two o. wen
guns, four stationary rapid fire guns,
100 rapid fire rifles ana is equippea
with doublei periscopes.
Liner Has Gone Ashore
St. John. N. F June 14 With 182
persons aiboard, th nine 'thousand ton
uunarrt liner Aseania is asnore near
Hose Blanche, 20 miles east of Port
Aitbesaues. There w no demniate woro
yet as to her exact location or condi
tion. Rescue veesels nave started oui
from several ports- Those on board in
clude eight passengers and 174 crew.
The Ascaiua. is a steel, twin screw
steamer, built in 1911.
Women! Here Is
, A Dandy -Thing
Few drops on corn or callus
' stop pain, then they lift off.
our high heels have put
ieorns on your toes and
calluses on the bottom of
your feet, but why care
This tiny bottle holds
an almost magic fluid. A
genius in Cincinnati dis
covered this ether com-
,,pound and named it free
zono. Small bottles of
freezone can be had at
any drug store for a few
ccuts. Don't limp or
twist your face in agony
and spoil your beauty, but
get a iittio bottle of free4
zone and apply a f ew
w-N tlropB on your tender, ach-
I I P I com or callus' la"
I Si II stantly the soreness dis
appears and shortly you
will find the corn or cal
lus so- shriveled and loose
that you can lift it off
with the fingers.
Just thdnkl You get rid
of a hard corn, soft corn
or a corn between the toes
as well as hardelied calluses, without
suffering one particle. Millions of wo
men keep a tiny bottle on tho ilressor
and never let corns ache twice.
Drink Lots of Water and Stop
bating Meat for a While
If Your Bladder Troubles
When you wake up with backache
and dull misery in the kidney region
it generally means you have been eat
ing too much meat, says a well known
authority. Moat forms uric acid which
overworks the kidneys in their effort
to filter it from the blood and they
become sort of paralysed and loggy.
When your kidneys get sluggish and
clog you must relieve them, like you
relieve your bowels; removing all the
body's urinous waste, else you have
backache, sick headache, dizzy spells;
your stomach sours, tougue is coated,
and when the weather is bad you have
rheumatic twinges, me urine is cloudy
full of sediment, channels often get
sore, water scalds and yon are obliged
to seek relief two or three times dur
ing the night.
Either consult a good, reliable phy
sician at once or get from your phar
macist about four ounces of Jad fialts;
take a tablespoonful in a glass of wa
ter before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts is mado from the
acid of grape and lemon juice, eom
uined with litliia, and has been used
for generations to clean and stimulate
sluwaish kidnevs. also to neutralize
acids in the urine so it no longer irri
tates, thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Bait is a life saver for regular
meat caters. It i inexpensive, cannot
injure and makes a delightful, effer
vescent lithia water drink, , 1
8Up la Attacked
An Atlanta Tort, June 14. An Am
erican steamship arriving here today
from a Cuban port reported that she
received iSOS call from a ship be
ing attacked by a submarine on Tues
day. Tne call camo from a point nearer
shore than she was traveling. She
carried over 100 passengers and was
eaconted to this port by destroyers and
Grcsdha Ms
it hf Hr Wisdom and Exporienco.
... .mm, a.., v.' iii.ii.y Mie, o ,3 B gl ailll-
Ss who knows Mother's Friend. Not onli
ho reminiscent of ber own experience
but It was through her recommendation tlml
to many expectant mothers derived the couv
fort and bleslng' of this famoi-s reireilv.
Mother's Frltnd la an external application
prepared especially for expectant mother!
after the formula of a noted fnmlly physlt
clan. It certainly baa a wonderful effect
In relieving tension brought about by ex)
pandlng muscles, and la moot grateful eiW
ruuraijemeut to tha woman awaiting motlal
The "action of Mother's Eriend makes tha
pusclea free, pliant and responsive. Whei
baby arrives they expand easily, and paid
and danger at the crleia la naturally less. I
btraln upon the nerves and ligaments I
lessened and In place of a period of dlwoniJ
fort and consequent dread, it Is a season o
calm repose i and happy anticipation, -
Mother a Friend enables the mother to pros
serve her health and natural grace and slij
remains a pretty mother by having avoldcJ
the pain and .suffering; which mora oftei
than otherwise accompanies such an occoslcj
when nature la unaided. ,
Write tho Bradlleld Regulator Co.,
Lamar Bldg., Atlanta, Go., for their "Mot!
erhood Book," so valuable to expectant Kwlh
hJ In the meantime do not by ani
chance fall to purchase a bottle of Mother i
FrleiidVrom tha druggist and thua fortlfj
i" !J?nA uo"ld be applied night and morm
lug with the utmort regularity.
And All Kinds of 2nd Hand
Tull Markot Prices Special
Prices paid for Sacks.
Get' our prices before yon sell.
271 N. Com'l St, Phone 731
care of -
Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine and Tea C. '
Has medicine which will enre
any known disease. ; ;
Open Sundays from 10 a, m. -
nntil 8 p. m. "
153 South High St -
Salem, Oregon. Phone 83 ; '.
i. i i j
Used Furniture Wanted !
Highest Cash Prices Paid fot
Used Furniture
Phone 041 or 508
Your Junk and give yea
a square business deal.
I always pay the highest
cash prices.
I buy all kinds of used
goods, 2nd hand furni
ture, rubber and junk.
Get my prices before
you sell.
The Square Deal House
271 Chemeketa Street
Phone 398