Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 13, 1918, Page SIX, Image 6

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Nujol Affords Double Relief
How Nujol relieved Mr. Polk of pile trouble, as well
as establishing regular habits, is described
in the following letter:
Dear Sirs:
I have been using Nujol for several months and
am well pleased with it. A tablespoonful night and -morning
does away with constipation, with no per
ceptible bad result. In using it for constipation, it
has relieved me of trouble with the piles.
Yours truly,
Vicksburg.Miss., W. L. Polk.
Dec. 34, 1916.
If you have suffered from piles, you know the pain
and difficulty of bowel movements. You handicap their
healing if you do not keep your system clean and reg
ular. And salts and purges only make the pain more
Nujol covers the affected areas with a protective
film. It allays irritation, makes the food waste pass
easily over sore spots without friction, and helps the,
piles to heal.
Thousands who suffer from the double complaint
are finding relief in Nujol. Mr. Polk did, and is insur
ing his future health by the Nujol treatment, safe, gen
tle and sure. You can have the same health. Try it
There are no substitutes there is only NujoL
At toery drug $tor. Send 50o. and wa wilt ihip new kit
size to United Statu aoldieri and aailori anywhere.
'eqular as Clockwork
I 'J Tl'JililllPllllllfl
Tn bottle-onlv.lwftf
Inrr Nuinl tfiAttmirlr
never in bulk.
111 01 for constipation
State Highway Commission
Wi3 Receive Bids For Work
On June 25
The state highway commission will
receive sealed bids at the leon build
ing ia Portland, June 23 at 11 o'clock
in the morning, for the hard surfae
ing of 18 miles of, the road between
Salem and Aurora. The government
has given its consent end will pay half
the expense. Three types of pave
ment are to be bid On: Cement con
crete, asphalt concrete on gravel bit
uminous base and. asphalt concrete on
broken stone base. This being
federal aid project, contractors will be
allowed to secure Portland cement at
a price set by the industrial board,
which is $2 a barrel f. o. b. at Uswego.
A bond for fivo per cent of the amount
of the bids must accompany them. All
proposals must be delivered by the
bidder in person or his agent at the
time and place mentioned, inis as
sures tho building of at least 18 miles
of this road as the money is ready, and
it will leave only a gap of about five
or six miles unpaved. It was expected
the county court would perhaps com
plete the work, but this will not be
done at least this year. Work should
begin early" in July as everything is
prepared for it, and it only awaits the
awarding of the bids.
Holds False Teeth Firmly
It Prevents Sore Gums
Director " General McAdoo
Turns Complaints (her to
Proaty for Hearing
Tho public service commission this
morning received the following tele
gram from its representative in Wash
ington. It shows some good work has
been dono and the arbitrary Increase
of 25 per cent which hit the business
of the oast a hard blow will be modi
fied on account of it. Not only ha
come of its most objectionable features
been already eliminated, but the ques
tion ia loft open for furthor modifica
tion. This will prove good news to ev
ery industry on the coast, some of
which would have been put out of bus
iness had the original order stood. The
telegraim Is as follows:
"Comniiasrionis representing about
thirty stata conferred with MeAdoo
last woek. He authorized them to take
up questions of cooperation and modi
fications ofl order twenty eight with
Judge Prouty and specific recommen
dations covering Iboth. subjects were
made and approved by Prouty. Large
ly as result of our work order twenty
eight has today beon modified. All in
creases will apply to both states and
interstate class and commodity rates
and classificAtdons subject to minimum
on class rate provided in interstate
classification, as amended minimum
car charge fifteon dollars docs not ap
ply to Ibriek, cement, cool, coke, logs,
ore, sand, gravel, stone. Only one in
crease will apply to through or com
bination rates except as to grain and
grain products. Car minimum charge
not apply to switching movements
within terminals. Tariffs ore directed
to be sent to state commissions for
their information without a state num
ber. Your committee recommends these
tariffs bo filed iby you as war measure
subject to such right of roview as now
or hereafter may exist. Kxcept that a
definite plan of "cooperation will soon
lo agreed to. Jiuliotin will be issuou
Don't Be Cut Until You Try This
Wawor TTrvmsM l"itrt Ptia A mwama Pan
Us. Without Discomfort or Loss of ?'vttinR .arth the. uflTS
Time. Simply Chew no a Pleasant 1 loBS8 ,VB publicity." I HAHLKa K
Tasting Tablet Occasionally and Bid
(wurooir jronuiuicnuy oi rue
My Internal method for the treat
moat and permanent cure of piles is
the correct one. Thousands upon thou
Bands of cured oases testify to this,
and I want you to try this method at
my expense.
No matter whether your case is of
Jong standing or receut development
-whether dt is chronic or acute
(whether it is occasional or permanent
you should (tend for this free trial
matter where you live no mat
ft ))t )(t ))c st jjc )t ijt jft sc ))c sfc
Court House News
ft ))c )$c ijc jft )t )(t fc sf st
John Too, a Chinaman, against Ha
tha n Son is a suit began this morning
it being in the nature of an accounting
Plaintiff alleges a contract with de
fiunlaiit undor which plaintiff was to
cultivate and care for W acres of hops
and defemtiinfe was to receive one
fourth of these for rent. He alloges
J .......
B. K. Page,
949 Page BMjJ., Marshall, Mich
Please scad free trial ot your
Method to.
sharo of the crop and that by reason
of .this there is now owing to plaintiff
the sum of $2000 for which sum bo
aska judgment.
ter what your age or occupation if tllt defendant secured more than his
you are troistned with, piles, my moth
eel Will relieve you promptly.
I cjqieeially want to send t to those
apparently hopeless cases where all
forms of ointments, aalves, and other
local applications have failed.
I want you to realize that my meth
od of treating pile is the one infalli
ble treatment.
This liberal offer of free treatment
is too important for you to neglect a
ing!e day. Write now. Send no money,
tihnplv mail the coupon but do this
now TODAY, .
In tho suit of N. A. Ifoffard against
Ktizabeth Berg, H. E. Noble and tho
Title and Trout company an amended
answer Vas filed.
In the matter of the guardianship of
Lillian Alberta Dixon, Lilian Cannon
was appoiuted guardian.
In the matter of the estate ot Avery
Winslow, deceased, the report of the
sale of 15 acre of land was filed by
W. K. Winslow, administrator. The
price sured was $800.
In the matter of the estate of Alex
ander H. Itoyle, deceased, administrat
or was authorised to sell personal property.
Marriage licenses were granted yes
terday afternoon and today as follows!
German U-Boat Sighted Two
Rundred Miles Off Amer
ican Coast
Now York, June 13, A big German
submarine carrying two deck guns was
sighted last Tuesday, 300 miles off the
American coast heading eastward, by
passengers arriving here today on the
noiiand-Amcrican liner JNieitw Amsterdam.
The submarine made no effort to halt
the liner. It Is now believed that this
U-boat is the one that held up the Nor
wegian steamer vindoggen off the Vir
ginia const and looted her copper car
go. The submarine is evidently sn route
back to Germany with the spoils.
Fired On Vessel.
Norfolk, Va., June 13. Captain Wade
of the American steamship Edward
Piorce reported "today that his vessel
was under shell fire for two hours and
was chased by a submarine until the
lights of Cape Honry were sighted early
today. Ho said that at least twelve
shells were fired and two torpadoes
munched at his ship as she outdis
tanced the U-boat.
Stack By Their Gtuu
Washington, June 13. Armed guards
men of the American steamer Tyler,
torpedoed May 1, stucK by their guns
until the ship w,nt down beneath them.
Today, Chief Boatswain's Mate Cnu
H. Ryan, n survivor, of Winchester, Va.;
Howard R. Smith, Pittsburgh nud Jesse
0. Pnmpson, Fletcher, Okln., victims
were honorably mentioned by the navy
Hugh George Rogers of Independence
and Flora Luella Patterson of Salem.
Hftiiry C. Gregg of Nehalem and Dora
Elisabeth Gray of Salem.
William R. Hiek of Forest Grove'
and Jennie Hurt of Salem. I
lon C. Hllahlmnm of Detroit and
Itctha M. Scliara of Woodbun.
Two More Candidates
for School Directors
Two more candidates have announc
ed themselves as willing to serve on
the m-boot board and to "come before
the voters of this district at the elec
tion next Monday. .Those filing today
witk W. 11. Hurghardt clerk of the
school board were the Rv. H. K. Fern
berton of the Htmth Salem Friends
church and Alfred T. Marcus formerly
a two foundry nsmes here.
A few dsy ago Frank Hughes with-1
drew fruin the race. Th't leaves the is-,
sue squarely np to the public with
Harlpy ). White and t'haimrey Bishop
ss candidates for school director, en-.
Gums shrink or swell and plates be
come loose, which is no- fault of the
Dentist. An application of COREGA
sifted evenly on the Dental Plate re
lieves these conditions. It noias tne
Plate firmly and comfortably in posi
tion. Also promotes mouth hygione.
25c at Drug Stores and ucntai cup-
ply Houses. Your Druggist can get it
from his wholesaler. Free sample
from Corega Chemical Co., Cleveland
Ohio.-Adv. V-
Little Change Noted
In Wall Street Today
No York, Juno 13. The Now York
Evening Sun financial review today
Conditions within tho securities mar
ket were much the game today as yes
terday, that, is to say trading was dull,
although in somewhat larger volume
than recently and prices were firm to
strong, despite intervals of consider
able uusettlement. Marine issues were
but fractionally changed as were the
motors. Tho alcohol and leather shares
were up 1 to 3 pokits. Butte-Superior,
National Enameling and Stamping and
Mexican Petroleum- were individual
stocks for which there was good de
mand. The rails, under the leadership
of Reading, which crossed 91, mado a
fair display of strength, although deal
ings were thin.
Steel ruled above ,par In the later
transactions and prices in general were
close to the day's high levels. Trad
ing was dull through the afternoon and
without special interest.
Wilson Asks Henry Ford
to Ron For Senator
. Washington, June 13. Presi-
dent Wilson late today askedi
Henry Ford, Detroit automobile
king, to run for United States
senator from Michigan to sue-
ceed Senator William AUlon
Smith, whose term expires next
Clackamas County
Farmer Is Tarred
Oregon City, Or., June 13. K. E.
Kellogg, a well to do fanne.r living
near here, was given a coat of tar
and feathers earlv today by a band of
citizens who declared his actions and
words had been unpatriotic -and of
fensive. Neighbors say Kellogg has opposed
every war movement, has refused to
Many Responses to Toasts
Are Made by Association
The annual banquet of Willamette
University Alumni Association was held
lat evening at the Masonic Temple
with an attendance of . 150 invited
guests beside members of the Associa
tion. Scats of honor - were ghven the
graduates of the University SO years
ago and the graduating class of this
For the special honor class of 1868,
toasts were responded to by J. L. Carter
of Hood River, Mrs. Ida Babcock of
Salem, William Galloway of Salem and
Miss Lllen Chamberlain of Berkeley
Officers elected for the coming year
are: President, Prof. J. T. Matthews;
first vice president, Merton DeLong;
second vic president, Charles A. Johns:
third vice president, P. H. D'Arcy; sec
tary, Genevieve Avison; executive
committee, Helen Pearce, J. 0. Goltra.
Of the graduates of the University
of 1868, the following are living. Mrs.
Ida M. Pratt, Joseph L. Carter, Hood
River; Miss Ellen J. Chamberlain, Ber
keley; Mrs. Emma Freeland Dashiells,
Berkeley: Mrs. Anna Grubbs Engle.
Ashland; William Galloway, Salem;
Mrs. Jo-sic Itavore Johnson, Portland;
Mrs. Dora Lamson Jtverett, Tacoma.
The folowiug was thfl program of the
Invocation, Mr. A. S. Mulligan 88.
Presentation of Class of 1918.
Response, Miss Blanche Baker, '18.
Song, Class of 1918.
Mr. J. T. Matthews, '89, toastmaster,
The Class of 1868, Miss Ellen J.
Chamberlain, '68.
"When lou and I Were Youug,
Maggie", Mr. J. L. Carter, '68.
Song, Miss Louise Benson, '18.
Reminiscences, Mrs. Ida M. Babcock,
When I Was 50 Years Younger, Mr.
Wiliam Galloway, '68.
Song, Miss Ruth Johns.
Our Boys "Orar There", Mr. H. H.
Hewitt, '70.
The Boys and Girls of the 70 s, Mr.
A. Johns, '78.
Song, "Hail Willamette My Willam
College Men iu Politics, Mr. Edgar B.
Piper, '86.
Our Duty in this Crisis, Mr. Jierfon
R. DeLong, '12.
Song, "Farew,"U to Willamette" Mr.
Harold Jory, '15.
GET acquainted
with Alpha today
you will say it is great
Alpha makes thirst a pleasure
and satisfying it a delight
Order a case of Alpha for your
home drink it with your meals
give it to your friends.
Alpha is a beverage of quality 7
sold wherever soft drinks are
T. W. Jeokias ft Ce. Luf Joaet A C
9 Portland. Oregon
SEvcoio . t
LjlWlCDHOllcl 1
1 urvtonnATiNa o'J
V.' mcitvs . e
Ath Your Dealt
Besi Remedy for Whooping Cough
"Last winter when my little boy
had tho whooping cough. I gave him
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy." writes
Mrs. J. B. Bolbete, East St. Louis, 111-
'It kept his cough loose and relieved
hiimi if those dreadful coughing spells.
It is the only cough medicine I keep
m the house Because I have the most
confidence in it." This remedy is also
good for colds and croup.
to federal authorities several times but
became disgusted with Kellogg when
ho loedamle hinsolent land decided to
take direct action.
Probably with grasshoppers in mind,
tlie Crane Amorican remarks that there
'one thing about an oil producing
field it is not necessary to worry about
weather conditions or bugs."
Proper Food for Weak Stomachs
The proper food for one man may be
all wrong for another. Every sue should
adopt a diet suitable to im age and
occupation. Those who have weak stom
achs need to bo ospceially careful and
should eat slowly and masticate thoir
food thoroughly. It is also important
that they keep their bowels regular.
When they become constipated or when
they fcol dull and stupid after eating,
they should take Chamberlain's Tab
lots to strengthen the stomach and
move the bowels. They are easy to
take and pleasant in effect.
Scotts Mills Items 1
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Scotts Mills, Juno 13. News items
are very" scarce. Everybody and his
family are very busy. It ia almost im
possible to get the needed hired help.
Sarah Hammer who has been visit
ing her son, Kmerson, near Indeiicnd-
- t vii, v. una rt'i ill urn ill iitrr iinnii, iiitr.
arise wnen tne tar sspangieu oanner , T -. ... , . . .
is played, has refused to buy liberty . "' ' .rk.ng m a
bonls or' war saving stamps sub.!! Z '
. i, , utt i iiiuiiiiut: w itiiii xau
their new
l i ! 1 i TT
',- i inf-
"You wretnh! Yon forutel To think that you would ask mo, your wife, to
do such e thingl You may degrado wives in ench manner in your country,
but American women are not their husband's chatties. This is the end ;
I would die rather than submit."
A powsriul scene in "Daughter of Destiny coming to the Liberty theater
3 Days starting today
of the Friendls church Sunday morning
and Eev. Allen of MeMinnville preach
ed at the evening service.
C. U. Thomas has oen called to tase
hargo of the church work at Middlo-
ton, Oregon.
The aphis are destroying the grain
and hay fields around here. Bam js
needed very badly.
Resolutions Ask for
New Trial for Mooney
St. Paul, Minn. June 13. Resolutions
requesting a new trial for Thomas J.
Mooney, convicted of murder in cornice
tion with a bomb explosion during a
preparedness parado in San Francisco
were brought before the American Fed
eration of Labor convention here today
Seattle, Wash., June 12. The gov
ernment has requested the Western
Union Telegraph company to reinstate
its locked out telegraphers and pay
them for the time they have lost, ac
cording to advices received In Seattle
today by officials of the local union.
An answer has been asked by Saturday.
Some people are young at 60 red
cheeked, ruddy and vigorous. Others
are old at 40 joints beginning to stif
fen up a bit; step beginning to lag
and lose its springiness; occasional
touches of pain in the back, feel tired
without cause, and possibly a twinge
of rheumatic pain.
In most cases these are the danger
signals to warn you that the kidneys
Other resolutions considered todav
iwcd the eovcriim.?nt to aid in cstab-,ore not promptly doing thoir work of
lishing an independent Bohemia and en-i lurotvl" ." ,,ne poisons mat are ai-
dorsed a proposed trip to Italy by Pre
sident Samuel Gompers to explain Am
erica's war aims to" workers there.
Recognizing tho increased demand for
womeu workers, th0 federation expected
late today to diseuss plans for unioniz-
ng them. A union of women steno
graphers and bookkeepers probably will
bo the first step in this direction.
Addressing St. Paul business men last
ways forming in the body. To neclect
these natural warnings is a crime
against yourself. If you have those
symptoms you can find prompt relief
in GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Cap
sules. For more than 200 years this has
been the recognized remedy for kid
ney and bladder ailments.
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Cap
sules are imported direct from the lab
oratories at Haarlem, Holland. Get
Wheat to hisi stock.
Members of the band who disciplined
A.ellogg were not identified. They took
him threo miles froirt his -home and
forced him to walk -hack. When they
...1 h 1.-..ll... .UtM l.A 1,A,..VA,1 4.1
vui, nnwgK in. .. "ss hnn,n Inst u-.x.k Slw unv tlm ,nian ,n
be release,, saying he, would support t (ho . l.hurt.hBthe -f.
Sellwood, have moved
heme t this place.
Miss Sarah Graves who has been at
tending the Huntington Park training
Si-hool for Christian workers, returned
the war,
Kellogg, who is between oO and t!0,
has lived in this section sll his life.
Ho now lives alone- His wife recently
obtained a divorce.
Neighbors said they had complained
ter her return.
David Delano came up from Portland
last. Saturday. He is making arrange
ments to build a prune dryer at his
orchard south of town.
Mrs. Rich and daughter, Lnvcnie,
left here last Sunday for Rosholt,
dorsing the action of the board the jSouth Dakota, where they will remain
past year. The new candidates it is during the summer. Mr. Rich returned
thooght nre opposed to tho present jh"e im "P0- They have large
school situation. jfarming interests there and go back
pvery summe to neip bavest and thresh
their grain.
Harry Kellis, who has been in Cali
fornia for several years, visited his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kellis. last
week. He and his family are moving
back to Portland.
Dan Lawrence and Charley Logue,
two of L'ncle Sam's tooys at lamp
Lewis, visited relatives here last Sat
urday, returning Sunday evening.
J. E. Coulson attended quarterly
meeting of the Friends cliureh in Port
land last Saturday.
Four out of eight o(! the 8th grade
pupils passed examinations. The others
with ono exception, passed in all but
M Saves Cooking
mum. uoinwTi ioiu incm uusiness uas tnem ai your Druggists. Do not take a
an equal right with labor to organize, substitute. In boxes, throe sizes.
The Ford automo
bile .engine, illus
trated here, like all
internal combustion
tnginea, requires an
oil that holds its
full lubricating;
qualities at cylinder
heat, burns clean ia
the- combustion
chambers and goes
out with exhaust.
thetc requirements
IMTfecllT. tram H im
wiwfr rvArwd from
tecKJ California a-ohtlt-bat
"Zerolene is the Best"
Say leading motor car distributors,
because the records of their service
departments show that ZEROLENE,
correctly refined from selected Cali
fornia asphalt-base crude, gives per
fect lubrication with less wear and
less carbon deposit. '
Most cars are now lubricated with
ZEROLENE because their owners
have learned through experience that
there is no better ou.
..ZEROLENE ii the correct oil for all type of
automobile engine. It i the correct oil for
yor automobile. Get oar lubrication chart
howtnf the correct comuteacr for your car.
At deer mnrfwhtn end Standard OU
SerVfoe Station.
lie Standard Oil
for Motor Cars
two and will probably pass yet in a j
Eev. c o. Thomas filled the puipit' . AMi'iitLL, Spcaal Agt, Standard Oil Co., Salem