Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 11, 1918, Page FIVE, Image 5

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X mm 4 V" P Ai L J iMf A '
ottfnal New Today Ads
' - i
i J
WANTED Girl for chamber work and
wait on taoie. um istis Hotel, Sii
verton. Ore. 6-11
WANTED By young lady, board and
rwui an private lamuy, eiose in. Au
drey h. S. care Journal. tf
SMALL pigs for ale, Phone 58F4. 612
FOB SALE Cheap, 1 one-ton Maxwell
irucn. i. t. ijoose, care capital (Jity
Transfer Co, 161 a Com! St. 0-12
COOSEBERRIES for sale, 25c per gal.
this week, at 1746 S. Liberty. 6-13
WE HAVE eggs for packing. Infer
tile, unwasuva ana strieuy iresn.
. Baker, tmone 0SF2. 6-12
WANTED Strained honey in bulk.
Cherry City Bakery Co- tf
WANTED Competent woman for gen
eral house work. Phone 1142M. tf
HAVE you wood sawing t Call phone
7. tf
FOR RENT Weber Grand piano.
Phone 62F13. tf
HORSE to trade for cow. Pigs for sale
Phono 71F22. 6-11
FOR SALE Good Hereford milk cow,
cheap. 761 Mill. 6-12
FOR SALE 6 doz. half gal. Mason
jars. Phone 1298. 6-11
WANTED Good cow or pigs in ex
change for wtood. Phone 84F4. 6-12
FOR SALE Oue Deerlng mower.
George Swegle. 6-12
WANTED To buy 13000 kale plants.
Phone 59F11. 6 12
1 U Bnrinff
wagon, will sell cheap. Phone 734,
Q -1 XT r ti . .
Kate per word New Today:
Esvtfc insert ioa . lc
One week (6 insertions) 5c
One month. (26 insertions) 17c
The Capitol Journal will not be re
sponsible for more than one insertion,
for errors in Classified Advertisements
Head your advertisement the first day
it appears and notify us immediately-
Minimum charge 15c.
WANTED Bookkeeping or clerical
wvrn. uuriii uMit two wee&s ox June.
Phone 11S6R, or write 5C, Salem. 6-11
YOUNG pigs for sale. A. W. Lathrop,
n . i . a , i
luruer, ur. v-aji
FOR RENT Furnished house, itrietly
modern, hot water heat. Address Box
373 Salem, Or. . tf
dred, bring sacks. T. Fitzpatnck, on
asylum farm road, first house couth
of Sehubinger cheese factory. 6-18
FOR SALE 23 acres, improved, plen
ty of water ami timber, 2 miles
. from Salem on Dallas read. Win- M.
Sohuett, Rt. 2, Salem. " ' 6-18
FOR SALE Cheap, two gray horses,
weigbt. llov, wagon, Harness, piow
and other tools. Valley Motor Co.,
State and Front Sts. 6-13
LOST On North Church. St. Monday
about 6 p. ul, package of merchan
dise purchased at Shipley's. Please
phone 803M. tf
FOR SALE One tent 14x20, good as
n t .... .....
in good repair. 27S6 Lee St., Sa
lem. 6-15
YOUNG jnan wishes position , am fa
miliar witn steam engines unu
pumps of! all kinds. Address H. M.
care Journal. 5-15
WANTED Man and wife to work on
farm or batchelor. Write ti. JS. Eoff,
Salem, Or., Rt. 6 box 44. or phone
38F14 evenings at 6:30. 6-12
HOME for sale or exchange for unin
cumbered property ana pari casn.
One acre ou car line and paved
street, fruit, garden and modem
house. Phono 2440. '6-11
FOR SALE 5 passenger Studebaker
in splendid condition, or trade vol
Ford and difference. Phone 1415.
FOR SALE Young team work horses
cheap; 1U acres, buildings, orcnara,
main road, close to small town near
Salem. B. M. Woods. 455 Court St.
FOR RENT A 7-room house 754 S.
13th St., etettrie lights, bath, toilet,
10. See Win. Fleming, 341 State
St. 6-12
FOR SALE Or trade, 6 passenger
auto, good condition; also 25-foot
high pwer motor boat, best boat on
the river. Phone 2041R. 6-11
FOR SALE Trailer for cost of ma
terial. E. Horton, 1130 N. 17th. 6-12
TWO rooms with board, summer rates.
461 N. High. - 6-14
FOR SALE Or trade, team of horses,
will trade for most anything. Ao use
for horses as we have truck. Phone
. 706 or call 402 N. Commercial St.
COL. W. F. WEIGHT, the auctioneer
Turner, Oregon. Phone 59. tf
FARM FOR SALE 300 acres. First
class in every respect for home and
investment. Terms. Phone 2440. 6-12
WANTED Thirty Loganberry pickers
camp, wooa aim water end cur wie,
Salom Heiehts. Phone 112F4, N. F.
Woodward, Rt. 3, box 111. 6-11
FOR -SALE Strictly modern, 5 room
bungalow. Low price. Easy terms.
1675 a Church St. ' 5-17
FOR SALE Freeh cow giving over 4
gai,, o year oia coit. a. w. mesas,
Salem, Bt. 2, near McNary station.
VO ESALE Or trade on Fori; team,
harness and wagon, weight about
1400, Phone 9F24. 6-12
FOR SALE Young Jersey cow, or will
trade for horse. Rt. 1, box 4C, Tur
ner, Or. 612
WANTED Portable garage for Ford,
for cash. Address P. G. care Journal.
FOR SALE Ono single-horse wagon
and harness, will sell cheap. Phone
734, 271 N. Com'l. tf
HOUSEKEEPING apartments and
Bingle rooms, nicely furnished, at
633 Ferry street,
BAY Dol you wish to pick Loganber
ries in a No. 1 10 acre yardt If so
Phone 100F32. tf
FOR SALE Cheap, automobile -suit-tft'e
for a truck for hauling berries.
1146 Oak St., Salem, Or. 6-11
wn-wrrv to LOAN nn real estate. H
w "
M. Hawkins, 314 Masonic- ouuamg,
Salem. tf
TOR SALE By owner, new 8 room
house, stnctlv modern in every re
spect, 3 blocks from post office,
furnished if desired, terms can be
7TMimd. Phone 58. 6-13
FOR SALE Seven passenger Abbott
Detroit rar in line coniunon, nun
price, or take small car in exchange;
also 1918 Maxwell cneap. rnone ev
enings 2510J2. 611
" l 4 fV
"771 Al
Our matckless Stock of LADIES' and CHILDREN'S READY-TO-WEAR, more or less smoke and water
damaSSbeTold at REDUCED PRICES in this FIRE SALE. While the wearing value of the Stock
is unimpaired, it is our policy to only offer to our customers, perfectly dean and unblenushed Merchandise
Tnereiore we snail sen out au suxjas anetieu vy ouiuac cuiv "- j
Extra salespeople have been engaged that quick service. may be given all patrons.
FOR SALE Choice, large . Holstein
calf, male, 3 months old; also one
yearling heifer 3-4 Jersey V Hol
stein. L. S. Arnold, Rt. 4, phone 65
111. 6-la
LOST Between Brooks Ave- and S. P.
track oni Silverton road, suit case
belonging to young lady. Leave at
Journal office. 6-12
5 ROOM bungalow for sale, modern,
large garden eii in, n toocks irum
Bush 'a bank, 1 block from paved
street, 3 blocks from carline. . Will
sell entire property ror less than the
house alone can be built. Ivan C.
Beers, 1695 N. Liberty St. or Capital
Drug store. 6-13
WE PAY the highest cash prices for
second nand iurnituro, swvta, iuB,
etc. Shipping carload lots to Port
land. Phone 593. 6-21
WANTED By widower, no children,
middle aged! woman as nouseiteeper,
good homo for right party. Give
house or phone number: Address W.
W. care Journal. 6-12
WANTED Small furnished house, or
thren rnnim anartiment. om eround
floor, within walking distance of
uroson i-iecwic depot, Auoress v.
W. care Journal.
WANTED Loganbery pickers for
45 acres of berries located mile
from carline at Salem Heights. Fif
teen minute service. Five cent fare
ftnlom. Vine jHiirin crrove. free
wood, potato patch and straw for
bedding, water pipeu on Kumy
grounds. No tents or bunk nouses.
TolAnlwvnn nn nftmn irrounds and1 frOC
daily delivery of groceries, Pickers
can maKO irom ipa.ou xo o.uu jjci
ia.v. season will last flom 5 to 0
weeks. Pickina will start about
.Timn 17th. Tolauhone 21F2. B. Cun
ii rn irham. Bt. 3. box 121, Salem,
Or. 6-18
PICKERS, one and one half cents per
Bound will be Taid Loganberry pick
ers at Indian Hill farm, if you stay
thru xhe busy season; g'oed camp
grounds, wood and water; moved to
camp grounds free. Phone 516, three
blocks from end or 12th at. car nne.
T. L. Davidson. 6-11
ANTED - Mohair t East Salem
Tannery, 25th and Oak St. Phone
2160M. "
FOB SALBr-Some fresh milch eows
nd farm horses, also want to buy
eeond hand binder. Geo. Swegle. tf
two nl a lmlf mileo north of Mon
mlouthi on the West Side hignway, i
will sell at public auction, 10 a. m.
Saturday June 15, liorses, cattle and
complete outfit of fanning jmpie
imonta. imachinerv. binders, etc. Pos
sibly may sell large quantity of oats
and hay. Charlie O'Brien, owner.
' 6-14
.WANT To secure 1000 loan at 7 per
cent. Socokofsky, 341 State St. Phone
970. 6""
FOR SALE 3 fresh Jersey cows, ex
tra good milkers. 2011 Maple Ave.
LOGANBERRY pickers wanted; 30
nnn twrn mi CS OflSt OI UroOKS, KUUU
camp grounds, wood and water; we
move you out to yard and back to
town; picking win last- auuui, u
weeks. Mangis Bros., Salem., Or.
Phone 717- t
WANTED Good teamster. Capital
City Transfer Co., 161 S. Com, Phone
833. 611
FOR SALE A-l Jersoy cow, gives 3
i ,io au, 2305 Broadway.
JOB RENT A complete furnished
house with all modern improvements
Apply at 629 N. Winter. Phone 1532
J. ' tf
MendelDrucker Trunks
I Less Than Factory Cost
Look better, wear better, are
London Editor Calls Him
"Architect of World's
Futere In Cement
So TI ' "
This season's models.
Foulards, Taffetas, Georgette and Taffeta
Combinations, values to $35.00 ....$12.98
This assortment con
sists of Gaberdine.
Fancv Basket Weaves
feted$io . 98c-$4.98 1
All kinds and all styles.
"Jack Tar
Heavy white Twill Mid
dy Cloth, navy blue
Galatea and flannel col
lar and cuffs." Cannot
be duplicated at twice
the cost they are marked
in this sale.
est yard in the valley, uood camp
ing, good; water, provisions on the
ground. We move you out to yard
and back to town. Picking begins
about June 25th. Register now, we
pay one cent with 3-th cent bonus
per pound- L. H. Roberta, Bt. 7, Sa
lem, Or., Phone 41F24. tf
FOB EXCHANGE Nice i room bun
galow, almost new, all clear of in
cumbrance, for vacant lot well lo
cated. H. E. Bolinger, 406 Hubbard
bldg. tf
15 LOGANBERRY pickors wanted;
rrnnri TYIAKinff. CTOOO eamiMXlK Krvuuu,
can walk and Bve at home only 15
minutes walk from end oi nnoge.
U'ailaia mad. Polk eounty; would
also like to register same crew for
picking bean. W. U. JUTaiutlin. rnone
sppia. tf
AUTO MECHANIC and driver wants
position in shop, or prefer driving
track or private. Best of references,
experienced. Do own repairing. Have
wa tools. H. F. uakee, P. O. box
85. Phone 1802. 6-7
OLD FALSE TEETH wanted; doesn't
matter if broken, we pay yon acimu
value. We pay easn ior oia. gum,
silver and platinum. Send to ns and
receive cash by Tetura mail. If price
is not satisfactory, we will return
teeth promptly upon request. Inter
national Teeth Co., 305 West 42nd
St.," New York.
Jf ANTED 60 Loganberry pick en,
11 acres good perries, 8 miles
from Salem, good? camp ground, new
hacks to camp in, wood, water; will
Day 1 e per pound; will move
Von from Salem free. Hopmere
station, Oregon Electric. Address
Oervais, Or, Bt. 2, box 49. ,
OKB one wants your property and
Wa har?e no eonv
dsrtm for putting buyer and sell
mt together. For further informabon
Oregon Bealty Exchange Inveatment
Co- Ie., 14 Breymaa bldg.. Salem,
Or, dumber of Commerce bldg., Zn-Or-
850V4 M Bt. Portland,
MAMMOTH pviblic auction sale, to be
held at W. J. Turnidge farm June 18,
located l'i miles east of Buena Vis
ta in Marion county, near Talbot
station on Oregon Electrie car line,
8 miles west of Jefferson. I will of
fer for sale over 80 head of cattle
Jersey, Holstein and Durham grades,
consisting of cows, stock cattle and
otipT 2A0 head Aneora goats,
mostly nannies; 5 head horsos, some
registered Duroc hogs, 2 farm wa
gons and other larm impirauems.
eTa ;:i onmmene 10 o'clock a. m.
rni v V Wnodrv. auctioneer. W.
T TntuMltfA. nwner. 614
w. 0 ,
T,nnilnn. .Tnnn 11 Thn I.nnilon mrees
unnniim'ously approves President Wil
son's speech, to Mexican Journalists.
"rresiuent wnson nas reveaicu mm
self as the architect of the world's
future," the Daily News said. "The
from which it has nothing to gain, is
one of the redeeming episodes of the
war. wnen History 19 written vvuson
wilt shine line a .Deacon ngni in tue
"President Wilson s international
ism is so far away Itotii .mutual joal
nii3ie n ti ,1 rlistrust that it seems like
jan unattainalble dreamland," said the
Daily JSxpreue. jiowever, 11 is a image
that can ibe entered with faith. It is
something that Wilson 'g creed has been
accmrted bv the most viaorous and
hnn nut headed tieaolB on eartn.
"r.rno. Britain nn.T the United
States together can exert an equalled
economic- pressure on xne enemy unu
compel the enemy ,ti come around to
our ideas of culture, peace and world
liberty," the Chronicle said.
"It n the on v basis upon wnicn an
enilnrino' Tcace can be rouftded," the
Graphic declared.
President's AdOress
Whtnutim. June 11. Pan-Ainerl
icanism, a pact of all the Americas for
selfproteetive purposes, is euvoeaieu
by President Wilson.
TViia Avolmv.l inrlnv with the flll
thnriirA r.ublii-ation of President Wil
son's recent address w a. group oi
fpvnpAn ftflitnra viHitin? nere.
the Monroe doctrine to
be a case of telling Central America
"wo are going to be a uig oroiner i"
you whether you want tw to be or
not, tne presiocni aaiu m jrjutjr
eontaineii nothing that protects Mexi
"sKTOTPwnriTi from ns."
As a result the president declared,
ha had observed some sister republics
th .nuth xrere nneasv lest "our
self appointed protection (Monroe doe
" T
wp. DKSTB.E the services of a few
vnnnrr ladiefl. f8 a week vald be (tin
ners, with extra pay for Sunday and
feniMav work. Sefular and frequent
increase. Apply Chief Operator The
Pac Tel. tm. vo. u-iJ
Made of the finest materials by expert workmen.
This is your opportunity to buy a Trunk that will last Our entire stock of WAISTS will sell at :
a f tirae Fire Sale Price
wj i II In the latest models your choice.
Underwear and Hose 9o.
& v r 1 ... a,
SJA Of ci !
trine) might be for our own benefit
and our own interest and not for the
interest of our neighbors."
He then revealed tnat. ne nau projws
e,l to the countries "a common guaran
tee that all of ns will sign a declara
tion of political independence and ter
ritorial integrity.'
Such an arrangement, he said, "will
have to be the fonnoation of the fu
ture life of the nations of the world.
The wholo family of nations will have
to guarantee to each nation that no
nation Bhall violate its politlcnl inde
pendence or its territorial integrity.
That is the only conceivable basis for
. . .1 1 1 T
the future peace or tne woria ami 1
must admit I was anxious to have the
states of the two continents of Ameri
ca ehow the wey to the rest of the
world as to how to make a basis of
"Peace can only come by troBt. If
you ean once get a situation of trust,
"then you have got situation of per
manent peace. Therefore, everyone of
it i.rna la me. nwds it as ft DStriot-
lie duty to hi own eonntry to plant
'the seeds of confidence and trust, in
stead of suspicion- -
The president declared America's
attitude toward Mexico is "not mere
ly the sort of friendship which prompts
one not to do bin neighbor sny harm,
but the sort of irientibflip wnii n earn
estly desires to do his neighbor
He declared the administration's
policy was that "the international set
tlement of internal atiairs or juexicu
was none of our business." He then
discussed the punitive expenditioi
after the bandit Viila saying:
"When we sent troops into Mexico
onr s'neero desire was nothing else
than to awist you to get rid of a man
who was making the settlement of yout
affairs for tho time being impossible.
Wa ,aA nn f1pire to ne our troons for
any other purpose and I was in hopes
that by assisting in max way inu men
immediately withdrawing I might givo
Piiliotant'nil nroof of the truth of tts
assurances that I had given your gov
ernment througn president iarruncii.
"And at the present time it dis
tresses me to learn that eertain in
fluences which I hssume to be German
in their origin, are trying to make a
wrong impression through Mexico as
to the purpose of the United States
and not only a wrong impression but
I'v.give absolutely untrue aecount of
things that happen. You Know ino
distressing things that have been hap
pening just off our coasts. Year know
of the vessels that have been sunk. I
voatenlav received a nnntiitiou from a
paper in Guadalajara which stated that
thirteen of our battleships naa been
dunk off tho capes of the Chesapeake.
Ynn ufia hoar dreadful it is to have
neonle so radically misinformed. It
was added that our navy department
was withholding the truth with regard
to tlvso .sinkings. I have no doubt that
the publisher of tho paper published
H.af in nprf.'ct innocence without in
tending to convey wrong impressions,
but it is evident that allegations of
that sort proceed from those who wisn
to make trouble between Mexico and
the United Btates.
'Now, for the time being at any
rate, I hope it will not be a short time,
of the United States is
somewhat pervasive in the affairs of
the world and I believe that it is per-1
vasive because tho nations of the world,
which are less powerful than some of
the greatest nations are coming to be
lieve our sincere desire is to do disin
terested service. We are the cham
pions of thone nations which have not
bad a militury standing which wouM
enablo them to -ompcte with tho
strongest nations in the world and I
look forward with pride to the time
which I hope will soon come, when we
.mi rinj miliHiiintiiil evideneo not only
that wo do not want anything out of
this war, but that wo would not ac
cept anything out of it, that it is ab
solutely a case of disinterested action.
If you will wutch the attitude of our
people you will see that nothing stirs,
them so deeply as assurances that thi
war, bo fur as we are concerned, is for
idealistic objects. One of the dif
ficulties that I experienced during the
first three years of the war, the yearn
when the United States was not in thu
war, was in getting tho foreign offico
,.e f, w n.t'inm 4n. Hf'linvM that the
United Slates was wvkijig nothing for