Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 29, 1918, Page FIVE, Image 5

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BU fr word New Today:
Ou week (8 insertions)
Om month, (26 insertions) .
Tig Capital Journal will not b re
sponsible tor man thaa ens insertion,
for emit ia Classified Advertisement
Bead four advertisement the first day
U appeal and notify us immediately
Minimum aaarga, 15e.
UUIiTlGRAPHINQ Phonj 340. 6-25
MONEY to loan, 744 N. Coma 5-31
FOR SALE Steven Duryea ear, suit
able for track, will tell cheap. Phone
734, 271 N. Commercial. V
WANTED By young man, work on a
farm. 1'hone 1224. 5-29
WOOD saw wanted, tutting cord wood.
Phone 8F23 evening. 5-29
WANTED A 'dishwasher (at Koynle
Cafeteria. tf
FOR SALE Or tent a 10 room house
with 2 acre. 1835 (.enter. 5-31
IXDIAN motorcycle for sale, a Wood
ry's auction Saturday. 5-30
$1250 LOAN wanted on close in prop
erty. Soeoiotfsky, 341 State St. 5-31
FOR SALE 1 pig, 5 months old. 2295
south Church fct. 5-30
FOR SALE Fresh, young Jersey eow.
Call at 1107 Fir street. 5-29
MOTORCYCLE and gasoline engine
for eale. 261 Court St. 6-1
FOB SALB-Thoroughbred Fox Ter
rier female. Phone 1296. 5-29
FORD trailer for tale. Inquire at 271
D street. 5-29
BUGS vacuum cleaned, 50c. L. L.
Buckner, Phone 1022. 5-31
WANTED Cook at state school for
deaf. Phone 646. 5-29
LADY Washington seed beana for sale.
Phone 8F2. 5-29
COL. W. F. WEIGHT, the auctioneer,
Turner, Oregon- Phone 52. 6-11
SWITCHES made from combings.
Phone 1041, Mrs. Boyce. tf
FOR SALE S. C. W. hens Tancred
and O. A. C. strain. 1541 D Bit. 5-30
FOR SALE Or rent, 5 room ' house,
erop, 4 miles out, buildings. Phone
270M. 5-30
VO RSALE Or rent, 5 room house,
hot and cold water, 2 lots, garden
nil in. Phone 270M. 5-30
WANTED Several nice appearing,
wideawake young ladies. Apply 209
U. S. Nat bank bldg. at 9 a. in. 5-30
WANTED Buggy and single harness,
in good condition. Must be cheap
Bt. 2, bo 36, Turner, Or. 5-30
WANTED Three tons enred clover
clippings, for cow feed. Phone 1204.
. 5-29
TWO and three room furnished apart
ments, 491 N. Cottage. Phone 2201
MONEY TO LOAN cn real estate- H.
M. Hawkins, 314 Masonic building,
Salem. f
X4NTED Mohair t East Salem
Tannery, 25th and Oak St. .Phone
FOB SALE Some fresh milch cows
and farm horses, also want to buy a
second hand binder. Geo. Swegle. tf
FOB BENT -4 front sleeping Tooms in
Hubbard bldg. W. H. Norris, receiv
'' er, room 304.
fOl BENT Good flvs room modem
house. Inquire 606 N. Commercial 8t
t phono 1549M. tf
FOR SALE Dresser, round dining ta
ble, carpets, stands, beds, springs,
mattress, dishes. Inquire 444 S. High
WANTED To buy light, five passen
ger automotoile, must be in good me
chanical eondition; state price, make.
condition1. Address Auto care Journal
WANTED Furnished house, will, take
heat ears of same; close in preferred,
Wiil rent for some time if suited.
Adda-ess B. J. Care Journal. - 5-31
WANTED Loganberry pickers at end
of car lino, Salem Heights; good
camp ground for those wanting to
camp; wall pay 1H ets. for those that
aftay through. Phone 99F12. 5 31
FOB SALE or exchange for smaller
place, close to Salem, 355 acres fine
stock or dairy ranch, good location,
good roads, fair improvements, 100
acres cuttivaited, $60 per acre. J. A.
Bernard, Salem, Or. 5-2S
"WANTED 60 Loganberry pickers,
' 11 acres good Berries, 8 miles
from Salem, good camp ground, new
shacks to camp in, wood, water; will
stove yom from Salem free. Hopmere
station, Oregon Electric. Address
Oerrais, Or, Bt. 2, box 49. , tf
FOB BENT One 6 room and one 5
room bungalow, on or before June
1st Phone 1644 Hubbard bldg. tf
FOB SALE Studebaker 1V4 spring
- wagon, will sell cheap. Pheae 734,
271 N. Com'l tf
BOY sixteen to twenty wanted at the
Olova Factory, 1453 Oak St. Steady
work. 5-29
BUGS for sale at 790 N. Cottage St.
fJOHB on wants your property and
yen would sell. We charge no eom
missioa for putting buyer and sell
er together. For further information
I Oregon Bealty Exchange Investment
' Ov, In., 14 Breyman bldg, Salem,
' Or, C amber of Commerce bldg., u
' gene, Or 25014 34 St. Portland,
; -Oregoa
WANTED 2000 tomato plants. In
quire G. W. Hamiller, 1527 Center.
FOB SALE Brass bed, springs and
mattress, almost new. 175 South
14th. 5-29
FOR BENT 5 room, modern flat,
furnished or unfurnished. Call 1737
W. 5-30
FOB SALE Hajley -Davidson motor
cycle, $75. C. E. care Capital Jour
nal. 5-31
FOR SALE Lead and linseed oil at
bargain prices. 310 Trade and Win
ter St., J. F. Latham. tf
WANTED By the Wesklake Lumber
Co., at westiaKe, ur., lour saw mm
men. . 5-31
NOTICE to the Public After June
1st all business must be conducted
on cash basis. QuackenbuBh Auto
Supplies and Vulcanizing. S-iJ
FOR SALE Gold Coin and Burbank
. unsprouted potatoes, suitable for
seed and feed, 50 cents per sacK.
Phono 50F14. 5-30
I HAVE several clients who want to
borrow money on good real estate se
curity. John H. Scot, 404 Hubbard
bldg. 5-29
FOB SALE One young Rod Pole bull,
well bred; and on red Durham, well
ibred. Phono 1251W or inquire 347
N. High. 6-4
FARM FOR RENT 140 acre farm,
near Turner, well improved, crop all
in; Iffirst class dairy farm, running
water. All ready to iove onto. Ap
ply at Turner State bank, 5-31
Painted As "Serpest Who
Caused Insane Grace Lcsk
to II His Wife"
Waukesha, Wis, May 29. Calling Dr.
David Roberts, a "serpent" who caus
ed "insane" Grace Lusk to kill his
wife, Attorney JJames Claneey finish
ed the defense argumnt in the murder
trial this afternoon.
The defense confidently hopes for a
verdict of not guilty because insane.
The jury may bring in its decision late
tonight. Prosecutor Corrigan planned
to conclude final argument and J Judge
Lueck was to instruct the jury by six
Dr. Roberts was saved the bitter at
tack of Claneey becaubo he absented
himself from the court room.
"This bird of fine feathers," said
Miss Lusk's attorney, ," who carried a
diamond ring the size of a cent, talked
of his love for children and the cold
ness of his home life. That was Eoberts '
way of getting around an innocent girl.
She eamo to Waukesha pure and undo
filed, but soon crossed the path of this
Taking up the insanity plea, Claneey
declared she was a victim of hereditary
paraonia. He pictured her as "an au
burn haired, bashful girl," who at
tracted statewide attention for her bril
liancy in her teaching. "Would such
a person be apt to destroy human life
unless there was some eood reason?"
he asked.
Throughout Claneey 's plea that, she
was insane, Miss Lusk sat calm, despite
the certainty that a verdict of not
guilty because of insanity would mean
her detention in a mad hense. The de
fense is believed to be planning a fight
like Harry Thaw made after he was de
clared not guilty because insane. Miss
Lnsk's attorneys are expected to try
to free her from an asylum if tha jury's
verdict places her there.
Judge Lueck, following Prosecutor
Corrigan 's address, instructed the jury
that one of five verdicts was posible.
Tha five are:
Not iruiltv because insane, not guilty
guilty of murder in the first degree,
guilty of murder in the second degree,
guilty of manslaughter in the third de-
8ree- ' -
Multnomah County Alone Un
official and No Change
Is Expected
The official returns from Columbia
and Clackamas eounties were received
at the secretary of state's office to
day. They are the same as the un
official returns printed ia the Capital
Journal Heff is bow 123 ahead of
Kyan for state treasurer, with only
Multnomah to report officially, and it
is not expected that there will bt ail
change ia the vote of that county as
unofficially reported.
The returns are as follows to date
Official Returns.
Baker .. 300
Bentoa . 161
Clatsop . 553
Coos - 776
Columbia .". ..301
Clackamas 675
Crook 66
Curry . 116
Douglas 490
Deschutes 126
WANTED 6 to 10 Loganberry pick-
ers, women or experienced family
preferred, good camping ground,
well, potato patch and wood, 7 miles
south; transportation furnished. lc
if stay through. X ear Journal. 6-3
est yard in the valley. Good camp
ing, good water, provisions on the
ground. We move you out to yard
and back to town. Picking begins
about June 25th. Register now, we
pay one ceirft with 3-Sth cent Ibonus
- per pound. L. H. Roberts, Rt. 7, Sa
lem, Or, Phone 4124. tf
I MEAN BUSINESS Have real pur
chaser for both an improved and an
unimproved faa-m, but unless you are
the owner .and have a good buy, do
not waste time answering, as I mean
bnsiness. State price, terms, and par
ticulars in your first letter. H. C.
Irwi'n, 316 "eijosk Exchange blilijr,
Portland, Or. 5-31
15 LOGANBERRY pickers wanted;
good picking, good camping ground,
can walk and live at home only 15
minutes walk from ond of bridge.
Wallace road, Polk eounty; would
also like to register eamo crew for
picking beans. W. C. Franklin. Phone
52F14. tf
WANTED Loganberry pickers for
45 acres of berries located mile
from carline at Salem Heights. Fif
teen minute service. Five sent fare
to Salem. Fine camp grove, free
wood, potato pateh and straw fot
-bedding. Water piped on camp
grounds. No tents or bunk houses
Telephone on camp grounds and free
daily delivery of groceries. Pickers
can make' from $2.50 to $3.50 per
day; season will last from 5 to 6
weeks Piickiing will start about
June 17th. Telephone 21F2. B. Cun
lun.;liam, Bt. 3, box 121, aalem,
Or. . 6-6
Salem Friends' Chm'ches
In Joint Memorial Program
Tli Triflnils phurrh of Hishland ill
North. Salem, the Friends church of
South Sitem and the Friends ehnreh of
Rosedale will unite in a Memorial day
program to be held at the church -in
South Salem, May 80.
The special services will begin at
2;30 o'clock in the afternoon with
music especially prepared for the oc
casion. Addresses will be delivered by
the pastor of the three churches and
a report of the civilian work done by
the Friends church in Franee will be
read by tho Rev. C. D. Hadley, pastor
of the Friends church at Rosedale.
Reports will also be read of the work
being done by tho three churches. '
Following the afternoon's program,
the remainder of ths afternoon will be
given to a social hour by the young
people of tha churches.
On the evening, the 'three ehurehe
will continue their program which will
include an address by Secretary Fox of
the General Board of the Friends
ehurch of Oregon. The evening win
close with a session of prayer.
Berry Tickets. Journal Oice
Berry Tickets, Journal Office
Harney ....
Hood Biver 130
Jackson .... ............... 400
Jefferson 109
Josephine 163
Klamath 153
Lincoln 158
Lane - 1206
Lake 58
Linn . 304
Malheur ...... 153
Marion 961
Morrow , 123
Polk 361
Sherman . ...... 114
. 237
State House News
Aw ftonprrnl ftrnwn is confined
to his home wSith an attack of pneumo
nia. He had' been complaining for a
day or two of leemng 'Dauiy u
dav and today was unable to be at his
office. .
mi, &,,,tWn Pacific todav reports
a surplus of 1114 cars on its lines in
i..:,,. At ini-nYnmifttioin were filed
Jll UllVO V. j
today as follows: San Sang Chong K.ee
eoanpany or roruanu, mro
dissolution. .
Kwong Man Yuon Goon company of
Portland, f'ilad nolie of dissolution.
Hing Lung Keo company filed no
tice of its dilution.
Gabriel Bad Contraction company
filed notice of dissolution.
Margaret Shipping company filed
notice of its dissolution.
Rickey Rural Telephone company,
,t:n with irineinal place of
business at Salem, capital stock 1Z4,
aind object to maiuxajin a iik
phone line.
The Paquelt Concrete. Shipbuilding
- PnrMnnd. capital Stock
$50,000 and object to build sihips of ev
ery kind aim cnaiacwr.
The German language will bo strick
en from the high schools (rt the state
. ,.r nf Mtunlv. This
action was taken yes.erday by the
fJlate board of education, rompr.Ku
- w,;Wirimh Secrctarv Ol-
cctt and Superintendent Churchill. In
its place course win oe iuciuubu -French
and Span'ish. Those who are
taking the course thlis year will be 0.1
. . !. lu uuin,a their
lowed to compieio a w -vm.- -----
credits. German is now .taught in tout
year courses. It will fee optional with
the schools as to. whether they place a
. .An.a in icVmvch or Spanish,
or whether they give two years' 'French
. t ii !i-.V All m nrt. a AT
and two years' pnin.
..l .i. itihimn in Poitlandi are
affected by the order, and German
already has wen rrawvtu imm
courses there. .
Session Ooens Strong
In WaHStreet Today
M-o-, Vnrlr. Mav 29. The New
York Evening Sun financial review to
day said:
ti iinTi nnened strone. There
was a momentary setback at the end
of the first fifteen minutes, a re
newed advance carried prices steadily
forward one to nearly three points,
CASCO'2Vlin. CLYDE-2'7i
Wallowa .
Wheeler ........
Washington M 393
Yamhill 337
10fG3 14,019
Unofficial County Returns,
Multnomah . 7134 3626
Grand totals: Hoff 17,773; Ryan
Mooney Death Sentence .
Will Not Be Signed
San Francisco, May 29. The death
sentence pronounced yesterday on
Thomas J. Uooneyj will not be signed
by Superior Judge . Griffin until the
supreme court has had an opportunity
to act on tho defense's writ of prob
able eause. .
This was decided today following a
conference between the judge, defense
attorneys and prosecuting attorneys.
The decision acts as a temporary stay
of the death sentence, under which
Mooney was to be hanged within '90
The writ of probable cause is in ap
peal from Judge Griffin's decision that
he has no authority to grant a new
trial on the defense's allegation of
fraud on the part of prosecution.
London, May 29. The transport
Leasowe Castle wa torpedoed anil
sunk Sunday, the admiralty announc
ed tonight, with a less of 101 lives.
The Leasowe Castle was a British
transport with a net weight of 5381
Through a most fortunate purchase by our
New York Representative, we are in receipt of
a most beautiful line of
The product of one of the leading Ladies' Tailor
ing establishments. There ' are TAFFETAS,
CREPE DE CHINE, in Navy, Black and
colored combinations.
These Suits run in values to $50.00 while they last, gO C QQ
your selection pKJJJ
See display in Court street window.
5 3E2lGC0lI S.
mmmmm ttttttttitittittiititiiitir
tons. She was built In 1916.
until mid-day, when they again eased
away from the top. New Haven sold
to a new high for the year. Reading,
Union Pacific, Erie first preferred and
others gained more than two points.
St. Paul common and preferred were in
excellent form.
The steel group made a good showing.
Exceptionally strong spots among the
Industrials were distillers securities,
American Linseed, Central Leather,
Utah Copper, Marine preferred Bald
win Locomotive and Studebaker.
Covering operations were apparently
finished in mid-afternoon and prices
receded close to the Tuesday closing
level. Trading throughout was on a
smaller scale in both stocks and bonds
than for a week or more back. Liberty
loan bonds were i heavy. Both the
second 4's and the 4V4's were at new
low figures, the former at 94 and the
latter at 97.10.
London, May 29 The British gov
ernment, in. response to the appeal of
the, archbishop of Cologne, made thru
the. pope, today consented to make no
daylight air raids on German cities out
sidie the battle zone during the feaut
of . Corpus Christ!, May 30.
London, May 29. lf'orty thousand
Finnish red guard soldiers are fighting
for Russian, as well as Finnish exist
ence, it was stated in an Exchange
Telegraph dispatch received from Mos
cow today.
The dispatch said that the situation
is grave, owing to the food shortage,
but that they would be able to hold
out for several weeks depending upon
Russia to send supplies in the mean
time. , .
T-milnn. Mav 29. The United States
anny today th over a two thousand
bed hospital for American wounded. It
is to be operated by an American med
ical staff oif 150 nurses, fifty doctors
and threo numlred owriics.
Rome, May 29. "Two violent at
tacks ou the positions recently cap
tured (from the Austrians on the Cap-
What Every Dyspeptic
Wants to Know
If vou are a dyspeptic, if food sours,
and ferments after eating eansing
such terrible pain that you are afraid
to eat t;the great qnostion continuous
ly before you is: "How can I prevent
itt How can I get relief?"
The answer is easy. Take a teaipon
ful nt mim Bl-nesla in half a elas of
hot water right after eating or when
ever pain is felt. This win p'eyeni or
iTwlio'iaHnn trouble ouicker
and more positively than anything else
and best or alt is anmnweiy narnuew,
Go to any good druggist today and get
a package of Bl-nesla, either powder
or tablet form and forget yon ever
had stomach trouble. Every package
contains a binding guarantee of satis
factiton or money back; nd your
druggist, a man you personally know,
stands back of that guarantee.
osile front were broken up Monday
night," the Italian war office an
nounced oday.
It is to be hoped that higher-up rail
road officials have put by a litile
against tho rainy day that seems to be
headed their way,
Appeal Is Uurgent.
San Francisco, May 29. An urgent
call for 300 telegraph operators ami
telephone men for tho United States
signal corps was received today at re
cruiting headquarters oy Lieutenant
Colonel Gardner.
Decoration Day
It is both fitting and proper that tomor
row be given over to the memory of
those who have died for the Freedom
we enjoy; and to those brave hearts
now rallying to the defense of Old
Glory and to make the "World fit to live
in," May the day be dedicated.
Where Bishop's All Wool Clothes Are Sold
Buy for Victory
If you buy intelligently it naturally follows
that you save and saving is going to help
win this war.
However, intelligent buying doesn't mean
getting a cheap article because of the low
price. On the other hand it doesn't mean
buying the highest priced article you can
It means striking a happy
medium ; paying just enough
to get real quality.
That's what you do when you buy clothes
of us. They're made of the best all-wool
fabrics by Hart Schaffner & Marx; they're
priced right and they're real quality.
You get the long wear and style that go
with real quality and consequently you buy
less. That's how you save.
$20 TO $35
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