Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 28, 1918, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1918.
All Around Town
You Can
J. C. Penney Co. Stores
Boudoir Caps
Just received a nice lot of Breakfast
Caps in a nice, collection of makes,
materials and colors.
Priced at . .23c, 39c, 49c, 69c, and 98c
Summer Wash Goods
Voiles 25c, 29c, 35c and 59c
Figured Lawns 15c, 18c, 21c and 25c
Waistings 25c, 29c, 35c and 45c
Motor Suitings 39c
j Incorporated & J
jjc May 28. Annual concert Wil-
lamette University at First M.
E. church. 8 p. in. Free.
May 28. A. H. Gille 'talk on
fire protection. Congregational
church. 8 p. m.
4c May 29. Senior High school 4c
play, "Man of the Hour." High 4c
4c School Auditorium. 4:
May 30. Memorial Day.
4c May 30. "The Kaiser," at 4c
4c the Liberty theatre. .
4c June 3. Patriotic mass meet- 4c
4c ing, First Baptist church, 8 p.ra, 4c
4c June 4-7. State Grange meet- 4c
4c ing in Salem. 4c
4c June 5-6. State Jewelers' 4c
4c Convention in Salem. 4c
4c June 8. Partial Eclipse of
4c the sun, 3:30 to 4:30 o'clock p. 4c
4c m. 4c
4c June 12. Commencement day $
4c Willamette University. 4c
4c June 14. High school gradua- 4c
4c tion. 4c
4c June 17. Election of two 4c
4c school directors in Salem. 4c
Dr. II P. Mendelsohn fits eyes cor
rectly. U. S. National Bank Bldg. tf.
Eoyal Highlanders musical entertain
ment at Union hall Tuesday evening.
Dance will follow. 5-28
curing the election of Miss Ethel Fletch
er as state warden of the Bebekahs.
Women, children do your bit. Help
pick the Logaiuberrit'a. You can regis
ter and get all particulars at 415 U.
8. Bank bldg. tf
. The Bov. George Eoehler pastor of
the Lutheran church will leave tomor
row morning to attend a Lutheran con
ference in Portland. He will be away
ntil next Tuesday.
. G. B. Ellis left this morning over
the Oregon EVjctric for Seaside,
. Miss Clara Albert is visiting in Port
land with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Thomas of New
port who have been guests at the home
of Mrs. H. A. Harris returned yester
day to their home,
Mr. and Mrs. John IT. Albert returned
yesterday from a visit in Astoria.
Miss Irene Snere of Baker , visited
Sunday at the home of Mr, and Mrs. W,
F. Campbell. She will spend the sum
mer at her home in Creswiell. For the
ast year Miss Snere has been teach
ig at Baker.
Miss Will Kurre of Independence, was
a Salem visitor Monday,
. A. Burr Black of Corvallis is in the
eily registered at the Bligh.
H. Savage of Colton, Oregon, was in
the city yesterday.
W. (J. Hill of Mill City was a Salem
vistor Monday.
; Mrs. J. F. Burleson 1042 Saginaw was
taken to tlio hospital yesterday and
there had a severe operation perform
ed. Bho is reported as doing nicely this
Mrs. J. D. Stahiakcr, of Portland and
Mrs. J. A.- wroten ol uaruen v auey,
Oregon, left yesterday for tholr homes
attar a visit iu the city with their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Salmon, of
North 18th street.
, Lieutenant Alfred W. Ostormnnn, for
merly a rcidont of Salem, but more re
cently a dentist with offices in the Sell
ing building, in l'ortlnud, passed
through Snlem last evening on the
Shasta Limited on his way to Camp Fre
mont where he has been assigned to
duty as a dental surgeon in the army.
A number of his friends were at the
station to bid him good bye.
Mth. II. E. Pickens left this afternoon
for Salem, where she will visit with her
ton, Kuat'flo Pickens. She will then
leave for Portland, where she will spend
several days with her daughter, Mrs.
Dale Taylor formerly Miss Jessie Pick-1
ens, of this city, who is now living in
that city. Boseburg Review.
Sarah Elisabeth Sumpter today filed
her complaint in an action to nullify
nor marriage to Lmngstono Buuipter.
ihe parties were married at Independ
ence, Polk county, January 8, 1912, and
moved to Marion county soon after that
time. She alleges defendant deserted her
in November 1915, and asks that the
name of Sarah Elizabeth Creson be re
stored to her, that being her name be
fore she married, defendant, and she
having six living children bearing that
Boy scouts of Salem, as well as those
from Turner, Marion and from Polk
county will hear an address this even
ing' at the First Congregational church,
to be delivered by Albert Oille, of tine
state Forestry service. The lecture will
be illustrated and will be mostly on
methods of forest fire prevention and
the care of forests. Boy scouts are ask
ed to bring a friend. The address will
begin at 8 o'clock and there will be
no admission charge.
o -i
. Running for the Job of serving the
city as alderman 1b not so awfully ex
pensive after all if one happens to know
how. For instance, Paul V. Johnson
got through on an expense of 15 cents,
but A. 11. Moure had bad no experience
in the ganifl and it cost him 20 cents.
Rutph Thompson spent 20 cents for a
blank application but to nuike sure of
his job, spent $2 more on card! to pass
around to his friends. It cost Earl Race
just 4.40 to make his race for city re
corder. This sum wus Itemized In his
report as blanks, 5. cents, petition blanks
35 cents and i for the circulating of
his petition. Other candidates, whether
winners or losers, are obliged to file a
statement of money expended by June
Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock,
memorial exercises will be held at the
high school in the auditorium. The girls
of the school will give a patriotic pa
geant for thfl occasion and address will
be made by Mrs. Sadie McFadden, Mrs!
E. Adair and Mrs. Jennie Stewart, rep
resenting the Ladies of the G. A. R.
and the Woman's Belief Corps.
, o
For rant Leonard hotel at 264 N.
Front, almost completely furnished
Good opportunity for man and wife to
go into business. Phone or call on
C. S. Hamilton. 5-30
Members of the Grand Army of the
I;, public will be given an entertainment
Memorial day just a little different
from that of former years. Frank D.
Bligh, manager of the Liberty theatre
has ,nvitcd all members of the post tc
become his guests at the Liberty theatre
Thursday afternoon immediately fol
lowing the program In Willson park. The
occasion is the showing of thie now fa
mous movie "The Kaiser."
Cherriang Notice All Cherriani to
meet at Commercial club 1:15 p. m.
Thursday May 30, in full uniform. To
take part in decoration day parade.
Hal D. Patton, King Bing.
Donald W. Miles and Walter E.
Kcyet have moved their law offices to
410 U. S. Bank ibldg. o-
The Polk-Yamhill-Marion Medical So
ciety will meet in Dallas Wednesday
evening of this week. The program in
cludes an address by Dr. L. A. Bollman
on "Proctitis in the Aged and Radical
Removal." Dr. M. C Findley of Salem
will speak on "Complications Following
Middle Ear Infections."
Stop at
"A Heme Away from Homo."
Strictly Modern $1 per Day
100 Booms of Solid Comfort
Only Hotel in Business District
A N e E
TflHliflW MI!C
Benefit for Home Guard
Companies emergency fund; good
0 music: good floor: good crowd:
good cause.
The Retail Grocers at their meeting
held last evening passed resolutions to
close all day Thursday, Memorial day,
The day is'a legal holiday and on ac
count of tlio elaborate preparations to
properly observe the day, tine grocers de
cided not to open at all. It is probable
the maiority of merchants will do like
wise, although as yet no official action
has been taken.
.. Ml O
The closing exercises of the school
venr for the Oregon State school for
the Blind will bo held June 12 or 13.
The State Institution for the Feeble
Minded for its closing exorcises will
give a play "A Rose Dream" on Fri
day evening of this week. The Oregon
Stnto School for the Deaf will hold its
closing exercises on the evening of
June 7. ,
Men who are inteiiee. In Navy ser-
vlte may receive information at the for
mer headquarters of the Red Cross on
Sl'uue street where a party or naval or
ficcrs and .yeomenettes are stationed
for a day or so accepting recruits for
tho naval reserve. Yesterday Robert
Clyde Dent and Ira Jackson Fitts sign
ed up for servics as second class fire
men. Ira Tripp of Eugene aud Herman
W. Wolcott of Corvallis also enlisted
here yesterday. Only a limited number
besides being able to take dictation at
they must stand a physical examination
b"ide being able to take dictation at
the rate of 100 words a minute and also
bi pietty rapid operators on the type
It on really wants to tempt fat and
the speed cop, it is cheaper to be ar
rested within the eity limits than out
n the 'country' fresh air. When the eity
cop arrests a speeder, said speed maniac
is set back only (5. But out in the
country where the speed limit is only
A I ' - - 11 I - -
o nine an nunr, mings rtiuiv iimr
higher and the man who is found hitting
it up beyond the legal limit is subject
to arrest and a conference before Judge
Webster. The Judge evidently figures
out that a man who wants to travel
more than 25 miles an hour either has
plenty of money to distribute or a dis
regard for the law and the fine is $10.
Walter DeLong is now speed eop for the
country having been appointed by the
Mayor Walter E Eeyes ifi today mov
ing his office from the Salem Bank of
Commerce building to the fourth floor
of the U. S. National Bank building.
Highest price for Loganberry pick-
ing. Register now at 415 U. S. Bank
bldg. tf
The 60 or more Odd Fellows and Re-
bekalis attending the state convention
at Seaside succeeded in bringing the
next state meeting to Salem and also se-
Reglster for Loganberry picking at
415 U. S. Bank bldg. tf
If an alien happens to have reached
the age of 21 years since June 5, 1917
he must not only register at the court
house June 5, but if he wants to come
within half a mile t the armory in Sa
lem he must register June 7 or 8 at the
police station. '
Patton Plumbing Co., 385 Chemeketa
Phone 1096. We do repair work. Stoves
and furnaces coiled.' tf.
"The best" is all yon can do when
death comes. Call Webb & Clough Co.
Phone 120. tf.
o "
Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock
Rev. Thomas Acheson will give his grad
uation thesis in the assembly room of
Kimball School of Theology. Every one
interested is invited to be present.
"The funeral beautiful." Webb &
Clough Co. tf.
Mount Crest Abbey Mausoleum,
which is the handsomest burial idaec
in Oregon, will be open to the public
all day on Memorial Day. 5-29
The Hi Y club of the Salem high
school will enjoy a banquet this even
ing in the rooms of the domestic science
department to be served by the girls of
the domestic science course. About 30
will be present. Addresses will be made
by leading instructors.
Mount Crest Abbey Mausoleum will
be open to the public all day Memorial
Day. It is more beautiful than ever
this year. . 5-29
The taxi drivers, and those with cars
to hiro haven't decided yet what to do
about paying the $15 annual license fee.
Ladies Hat Special
A wonderful collection of Hats at prices made
possible only by our direct buying methods.
See windowdisplay and prices
$1.98, $2.75, and $2.98
Our Prices Always the Lowest
PHONE 1072
They expected to call on the council last
night and talk it over, but the coun
cil did not meet. A few have paid the
license and are operating in the city,
Those who have not jaju are giving
t'aer'r time to country t-;pe.
Walter E. Keyes and Donald W.
Miles have moved their law offiees t
410 U. S. Bank bldg. 6 4
You'll get a glimpse of his innermost
. personal life from authentic incidents
in this film and it will make you
hope to heaven that tne "Mad Dog of
Euifi'.'' meets jus. the finish that
the photoplay portrays.
Even a dyed-in-the-wool pacifist will
como out of the theater a boiling,
fighting, red-blooded American when
h" has seen :
Three Days Only Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
Matinee and Eyening
Beast of Berlin
1 You'll Go
Daily Mat 25c; Eyen'gs 50c
Children 25c
county emrt,